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20th Feb, 5:58pm
wujekcity:   sternshow anyone?
20th Feb, 5:40pm
ricktunes:   ello ello
20th Feb, 3:13pm
ricktunes:   is it the same as here?
20th Feb, 3:12pm
ricktunes:   what do you mean you don't have a (User) name on tk?
20th Feb, 3:03pm
natewitt:   says 403 forbidden
20th Feb, 3:03pm
natewitt:   i dont have a name on tk
20th Feb, 2:59pm
deadluvva:   Yep, Plant looks like he is made of wax and melting As much as I love Zep I do not wish a reunion. Anything after the '07 show would be sad. Go out on that show boys. You guys killed it one last time. I hope they know when to pack it in unlike some tired, bored radio personalit..........
20th Feb, 2:41pm
ricktunes:   what's your user name on tk?
20th Feb, 2:38pm
ricktunes:   no
20th Feb, 2:29pm
natewitt:   tk site down?
20th Feb, 8:06am
ping12:   I can't believe that Howard spent about an hour talking to some random lady from some random real housewives show. why would he think any of his listeners who know who she was or would even care?
20th Feb, 5:57am
SaCo:   David spade hit it on the head Howard is so analytical now.
20th Feb, 12:13am
anticonhaiku:   where's the 2007-2011 full years?
19th Feb, 7:46pm
bratwurst:   God, hope they don't do it...they all sound worse than they look.
19th Feb, 5:21pm
rvotyrtsym:   Sad pic of Robert Plant.Dude looks really elderly.>>>
19th Feb, 4:12pm
jaycee0673:   any stern shows uploads yet?
19th Feb, 7:09am
LeechBot:   great ep of Seinfeld! the one with the cock in his ass is definitely howard.
19th Feb, 7:00am
Seeker:   Elisa singing Silver Nickels -
19th Feb, 6:13am
thericochet:   In this clip guess which of the two is Howard and which is Bradley Cooper.
19th Feb, 2:17am
LeechBot:   Silver Linings Playbook is snowballing box office, and Bradley Cooper is now looking very possible for the Oscar. I think it moved.
18th Feb, 10:42pm
jpolz:   nick got kicked off the show for being a right wing douche he has his own show now....his approval rating was very low lol
18th Feb, 10:39pm
Allaxul:   whats this artie show i keep hearing it about? is it the nic and artie show? or is artie doing something on his own now?
18th Feb, 8:21pm
bratwurst:   just now listening to the Jewel interview...hasn't it pretty much been established that much of her history of homelessness was greatly exaggerated? She also has that hot chick mentality of saying shit like "I am sure EVERY woman has been propositioned for a lot of money before"
18th Feb, 7:04pm
TheRyche:   great thanks
18th Feb, 5:49pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ping,the show is back live tuesday.
18th Feb, 4:06pm
thericochet:   Could be bullshit.
18th Feb, 4:06pm
thericochet:   I read on another board that these weren't planned vacation weeks and that he's taking his sick days because of the latest developments in his lawsuit.
18th Feb, 4:00pm
ping12:   Is dis dude on vacation again this week?
18th Feb, 3:03pm
mer218:   at least we got artie still doin real radio
18th Feb, 2:50pm
TheRyche:   well its the end of an era, the man will retire. lets enjoy all the stern we can get, some of us have only been listening for a decade or less
18th Feb, 12:09pm
outsideshot:   that lisa g picture has enough make up and air brushing to make a pig look like kate upton
18th Feb, 11:44am
BrianDamage:   I still enjoy the new shows, hate how less and less they are, but ill take what I can get. I have very boring mornings. Or if i havent heard the show and I think it is worth it ill DL it.
18th Feb, 11:36am
deadluvva:   What tokesalot said............
18th Feb, 11:36am
BrianDamage:    I assume we are going to get less and less shows until AGT wraps up then return to every week towards the end of the year like last year. When are the new shows?
18th Feb, 4:04am
Sirtokesalot:   Makes me sad to think how much I looked forward to every new show and the enjoyment it gave me. There are good shows on tv now but nothing has ever made me laugh as hard or long as 90's-00's stern
18th Feb, 4:02am
Sirtokesalot:   The last time I was listening to the show on a daily basis was Nov 2009
17th Feb, 9:16pm
thericochet:   I didn't even realize they still do Superfan Roundtable. What do they discuss when nothing interesting ever happens anymore on the show? I'm guessing glory years or complimenting Howard on his bababooey teeth. I'm curious but not curious enough to download and listen.
17th Feb, 8:48pm
17th Feb, 6:40pm
ricktunes:   wud
17th Feb, 6:39pm
ricktunes:   0_o
17th Feb, 3:11pm
thericochet:   wat
17th Feb, 5:15am
TYCOON:   HEY tim sabean go fuck your self on a motocycle you fat clueless fuck!
17th Feb, 5:11am
TYCOON:   i mean cmon now howards giving his phone picker uppers a show now?
17th Feb, 5:10am
TYCOON:   ahh hell, you mean back office radio..
17th Feb, 5:07am
TYCOON:   whts bor
17th Feb, 5:06am
TYCOON:   dats illuminati
17th Feb, 5:01am
ha4dcore:   yes, BOR cuts off at 121 and missing last segment. i was bummed
17th Feb, 4:57am
TYCOON:   whats your avatar from.. kubrick?
17th Feb, 4:48am
LeechBot:   Are you ready for Magic?
16th Feb, 11:55pm
ernielogman:   I remember Robin's book was on sale for $4.99 like 3 months after it came out. That's when I bought it - I figured, hey five bucks, why not? It was terrible. I predict Lisa's book will be $3.99 a month after release.
16th Feb, 7:10pm
wujekcity:   anyone else's BOR cut off at 1:21 or something close to that and missed last segment of the show?
16th Feb, 3:49am
thericochet:   If Lisa G gets a book then all is lost.
16th Feb, 1:13am
SDOT:   Lisa G sucks
15th Feb, 12:54pm
nap:   Me n Sal been readin that book 'SeCreT'
15th Feb, 12:47pm
Shalimar:   lmfao @ tvmogull nice find.. not a particularly great pic though
15th Feb, 12:10pm
kindbud:   anyone posting BOR?
15th Feb, 12:04pm
tvmogull:   wow - just found the Lisa G amazon pic - its relatively horrible.
15th Feb, 12:01pm
tvmogull:   thanx rnr. i thought he or somebody tweeted a sample picture of the cover weeks ago? am i wrong?
15th Feb, 6:48am
wujekcity:   someone catch back office radio?
15th Feb, 5:57am
torrentman:   You are ear delicious
14th Feb, 5:19pm
rnranimal:   Search Lisa G at amazon. It shows the book cover he shot & photoshopped. It's ridiculous.
14th Feb, 3:25pm
jhames34:   Hey lady you got nipples on dose? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
14th Feb, 3:24pm
jhames34:   no I was being sarcastic usiphi, I'm listening to the Kinison 5 part special they did late last year (I think it was 'late last year,' and am too lazy to confirm my possible misinformation :P
14th Feb, 1:20pm
tvmogull:   hey were any of the Stern-shot photos of Lisa G and her "big boobs" ever released?
14th Feb, 9:39am
usiphi203:   no sam love? I loved all his stuff. Granted I've only heard them in collections but they were all great. The whole Bon Jovi thing was great.
14th Feb, 8:44am
deadluvva:   Hickory Dickory Dock!
13th Feb, 7:23pm
jhames34:   No Sam Kinison always played it straight on Stern, keeping things intentionally serious.
13th Feb, 6:09pm
rnranimal:   LeechBot: Worked great. Thanks a ton!
13th Feb, 3:10pm
jdigz:   Has Sam Kineson ever said anything funny on Stern?
13th Feb, 4:18am
TYCOON:   dice is the epitome of man hood, if you havent seen his recent special "Indestructible" you might be a faggot!
13th Feb, 4:11am
LeechBot:   December, 2009:!LcQChIRB!Y2N6bCd3U4AloWrkkcVGOCDI_stdXINrGJDb3YqSdK4
13th Feb, 1:01am
LeechBot:   November, 2009:!KRRjSAQR!Ekm_jTxfEC5cZDaZNGLNTUEop5Ztni4jN1-cuCulgcc
12th Feb, 11:57pm
ricktunes:   ohh...
12th Feb, 10:31pm
thizzelle:   dice clay is gonna be on the artie show in a min
12th Feb, 2:54pm
rnranimal:   Got it, worked great.
11th Feb, 11:29pm
rnranimal:   Thanks LeechBot! I'm grabbin it now, but am going to bed. I'll let you know tomorrow if it worked.
11th Feb, 11:05pm
Seeker:   Cameltoe, we speak your name!
11th Feb, 6:51pm
LeechBot:   let me know how well this works. It's my first time using MEGA
11th Feb, 6:50pm
LeechBot:   rnranimal: here's a link to October, 2009:!OcxnRJqS!ProQTSW6eniVttwJXKfGlXAaNB80Hxjtt_rXbHz24Bs
11th Feb, 4:33pm
NewLee:   I remember in the Clarence Clemons part, when they are trying to guess who he is and Billy says "Are you a person of color?" in the Jackie voice... I damn near died laughing.
11th Feb, 4:30pm
Yucko69:   hell at this point Artie shows up more than Stern...too bad Artie's show ain't as funny
11th Feb, 4:13pm
NewLee:   hope someone does put this week's "Whole Lotta Love" specials up, there are some moments in them I'd love to have that I don't
11th Feb, 2:15pm
mhand:   why is no one doing the "barebones" edits anymore they where great and very popular
11th Feb, 11:02am
ha4dcore:   I guess no live Howard this week?
11th Feb, 8:08am
Seeker:   I don't want to go to work!
9th Feb, 11:54am
rnranimal:   LeechBot, if you're still up for uploading months, I could really use 2009 Oct, Nov, Dec. Been listening to the year and can't find these. Thanks in advance.
9th Feb, 1:49am
Abudiwa:   Can I invite? How do I do that?
8th Feb, 1:13pm
ha4dcore:   No Problem. I hope it is good. That is my first rip and encode in a long time and I didn't have time to listen to the entire show before I upped it so...
8th Feb, 12:54pm
hangemhigh:   thank u 4 BOR
8th Feb, 12:41pm
RickyLsmalls:   Thanks
8th Feb, 11:44am
ha4dcore:   yea, that worked whatever I did
8th Feb, 11:42am
ha4dcore:   sorry about that, try that one
8th Feb, 11:37am
ha4dcore:   IDK it doesn't seem to be downloading, I might have to re do it or something
8th Feb, 5:58am
ROEU812:   Billy doing the Marge Schott stuff STILL has me spitting my coffee !! Classic Stern !
8th Feb, 12:10am
hangemhigh:   BOR?
7th Feb, 11:07pm
thericochet:   Totally, I dug their flashy disco era, but not as much as their early 70s jam band style that the Allman Brothers stole.
7th Feb, 9:28pm
rvotyrtsym:   thericochet,The disco era beatles were the best.Remember their hit song disco duck.
7th Feb, 8:03pm
wujekcity:   someone catch back office radio?
7th Feb, 8:03pm
Seeker:   Lol, The Beatles broke up in 69. I do agree, old Howard is amazing! I treat myself to some old stuff sometimes. Billy and Jackie are so fucking funny.
7th Feb, 7:17pm
thericochet:   90s Stern is like the 60s Beatles (as opposed to the 80s Beatles?). "Heyyyyy I hate to break up the Beatles of radio! HAW HAW HAW!"
7th Feb, 6:14pm
Seeker:   Howard was right, she does have a great ass! Bam's new video -
7th Feb, 4:08pm
deadluvva:   @paladyr; RUN to listen to Stern in the 90s. There was nor will there ever be anyone better.
7th Feb, 3:24pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ ha4 GOOOOOOOD FOR YOU!
7th Feb, 11:52am
Shalimar:   lmfao @ tvmogull
6th Feb, 10:43pm
ha4dcore:   its like anything on the internet, if you don't know what you are doing and you are afraid you are going to get a virus you are better off waiting and getting it here. i scan and test everything i put up here and gaurentee it to be virus and spyware free.
6th Feb, 6:42pm
tvmogull:   just heard Benji trying to explain his trainwreck gf on 1/30 TWUS .... I think I hate him more than Jon Hein...(take that rvot!)
6th Feb, 5:19pm
paladyr:   @deadluvva I haven't tried listening to stern from the 90s, maybe I'll do that when he's off the air. I do listen to pandora but I'm very picky about my music so that gets repetitive.
6th Feb, 3:49pm
thericochet:   BeeeeeeWARE
6th Feb, 1:25pm
cheez:   you've just been hitting the wrong links, rvotyrtsym. ha4dcore is right. if you know the right links to click you'll be fine. the actual mp3's don't have viruses.
6th Feb, 11:39am
ha4dcore:   I'm surprized the cat didn't get a disease from scratching Underdog lady
6th Feb, 10:45am
LeechBot:   cat scratch fever
6th Feb, 3:04am
thericochet:   Did they ever update what happened to Underdog Lady? I know she had her finger amputated or something but don't remember hearing anything else.
6th Feb, 2:50am
TYCOON:   coooont
5th Feb, 10:36pm
ha4dcore:   i guess that would be like saying if you keep downloading stuff from torrent sites you will get a virus
5th Feb, 8:36pm
Seeker:   I miss Artie on the show.
5th Feb, 8:29pm
ha4dcore:   It doesn't seem like anyone else has a problem with SternGeek uploads, 150+ downloads and no complaints and nobody has gotten a virus.
5th Feb, 8:09pm
ha4dcore:   now if you are not savy enough to follow the proper links you will end up downloading something else like ilivid or some other bs that you didnt want.
5th Feb, 8:05pm
ha4dcore:   so you have downloaded an mp3 file from SG and it contained a virus and spyware? i have been downloading from there and scanning every file and never had any problems
5th Feb, 7:20pm
rvotyrtsym:    @ ha4dcore,I'f you keep downloading from sterngeek,it will become very obvious how and why.BEWARE OF SPYWARE & VIRUSES ON STERNGEEK.
5th Feb, 7:05pm
ha4dcore:   @rvotyrtsm, how does sterngeek blow?
5th Feb, 6:53pm
deadluvva:   @ NE169;
5th Feb, 6:52pm
deadluvva:   @paladyr; what else to listen to??? First of all Stern in the 90s when he was the absolute BEST. And how about good music. There are not enough hours in the day to listen to great music. Please do not settle for today's Stern. Life is too short
5th Feb, 5:10pm
rvotyrtsym:    >>>>sterngeek blows<<<<
5th Feb, 5:00pm
NE169:   I appreciate it, even though I wait for Cameltoe's rip. I listen to a whole bunch of other shit, and barely have time to listen to concerts I grab as well, so I'm almost never anxious to grab Stern ASAP
5th Feb, 3:18pm
bratwurst:   some people obviously appreciate it...I am about 10 days behind myself, so I will gladly wait for the smaller single file. decide yourself if it is too much of a pain in the ass for you ha4. personally, I would think the more uplaods the better.
5th Feb, 3:01pm
ha4dcore:   well 95 people downloaded it so maybe it is good to have right away. No comments, thanks or ratings but half the people that downloaded it continued to seed so I guess that's OK
5th Feb, 1:39pm
paladyr:   For me it has more to do with where I'm at in terms of listening, I'm still listening to yesterday's show. On Mondays I would be anxious to get the first file uploaded
5th Feb, 1:08pm
ha4dcore:   thanks brat, you can have 2 files as soon as the show is over or wait a couple hours for one file, idk i guess i will stop putting them up.
5th Feb, 1:02pm
bratwurst:   I know I am spoiled by the 1 file format...looks like some folks are into them though
5th Feb, 12:50pm
ha4dcore:   you guys seem to not like these sterngeek CF 80K uploads. is it that they are 2 files or what? i wonder if it is a waste of time for me to up them here?
5th Feb, 11:35am
ha4dcore:   Youtube clip from today
5th Feb, 11:31am
ha4dcore:   I upped the stern show from today from sterngeek for those who want it now, No wrap up yet. I always keep the original file name and credit the original person, so thanks to sterngeek for this rip. Please comment, rate, seed, and enjoy!
5th Feb, 10:29am
LeechBot:   I guess a full month could work, too.
5th Feb, 10:29am
LeechBot:   That means I'll have to rar and upload a 6GB full-year file.
5th Feb, 10:28am
LeechBot:   I wouldn't mind testing my account at Kim Dotcom's MEGA. If anyone has a request for a full year, just PM me. It could take a while though, because it appears you can't share folders, only files.
5th Feb, 8:04am
Seeker:   brussell rand is a floody timey no lalent bagala.
4th Feb, 9:01pm
engrey:    russell brand IS a bloody limey no talent fagala.
4th Feb, 6:41pm
rvotyrtsym:   russell brand is a bloody limey no talent fagala.
4th Feb, 4:34pm
ha4dcore:   I still think he could go out on a high note but not at Sirius. i think he needs to do his own thing
4th Feb, 4:04pm
paladyr:   For as much money as he is making, I don't blame him for continuing. I also don't have an alternative to listen to, so even if it is going downhill, it's still better than anything else lol.
4th Feb, 4:02pm
thericochet:   Well I think he should quit too because he's embarrassing himself, but it's understandable why he's so tired. A 60 year old with hundreds of millions in the bank has no reason to be peppy at his job anymore. But yeah, he should just quit. Just 3 years ago I would have probably punched anyone who would have said that.
4th Feb, 3:11pm
deadluvva:   Have you seen the music Robert Plant is making now? How about Rod Stewart? They have almost zero credibility. And I was a HUGE Plant, Stern and Stewart fan.
4th Feb, 3:09pm
deadluvva:   @ ricochet; "He's almost 60, so it's understandable". No it f'ing isn't. If and when an artist realizes they can no longer make art of a standard they were used to then they call it quits. You stay on too long and it all becomes embarrasing and sad. Noone will ever be able to say Howard went out on top..
4th Feb, 2:01pm
bratwurst:   was kinda expecting this to be a vacation...6th week in a row of new shows
4th Feb, 1:39pm
ha4dcore:   noodles=tycoon= actually jay himself, haha
4th Feb, 4:39am
TYCOON:   underdog radio 4 life ya thunderfucks!
4th Feb, 4:33am
TYCOON:   jay thomas show # 1
4th Feb, 4:32am
TYCOON:   mean while, jay thomas is flying the plane upside down like denzel. mad skillz!
4th Feb, 4:30am
TYCOON:   howard on autopilot : LOL
3rd Feb, 11:57pm
LeechBot:   Someone free me from Vampire Diaries, then I can contemplate losing Howard.
3rd Feb, 11:57pm
LeechBot:   I can't quit--I always have to see how it turns out. I watched that last Star Trek tv show and Smallville to the bitter end,
3rd Feb, 11:51pm
thericochet:   He actually had some energy during the 50 Cent interview. Every other time he just sounds so fucking tired and on autopilot. He's almost 60, so it's understandable. Doesn't make it any more entertaining though.
3rd Feb, 11:50pm
thericochet:   I'm almost to that point Hank. Now I just fast forward through 1/3 of the show. It actually helps now when he does those stupid pre-written Leno jokes because I know when to start fast forwarding.
3rd Feb, 7:59pm
hangemhigh:   goo for you hank..bub bye ;(
3rd Feb, 7:43pm
rvotyrtsym:    @HanKHiLL GOOOOOOOD FOR YOU!
3rd Feb, 4:52pm
HanKHiLL:   well after 20 years of listening to the stern show i'm finally giving up on it. i just can't seem to care about the show anymore, just want to say bye everybody(<--- said like dr nick)
3rd Feb, 12:33pm
jhames34:   Anyone know where I can get the Sabean Sewing Sircle Show? K5 carried the first couple but I can't find this weeks show
3rd Feb, 12:33am
Seeker:   I download all the John Hein shows from K5, it;s awesome.
1st Feb, 5:43pm
rvotyrtsym:   Yes tvmogull we understand.You are definitely obsessed with hein.
1st Feb, 3:11pm
tvmogull:   its also sad that Stern actually seems to think Hein is a good broadcaster...
1st Feb, 3:11pm
tvmogull:   he just gives it all to fat, lazy Tim Sabean who clearly has ZERO eye for talent
1st Feb, 3:10pm
tvmogull:   LOL@DEAD actually what's sad is that Stern probably has access to tons of unknown talent but is too lazy to spend the time/dough to promote
1st Feb, 2:03pm
deadluvva:   Isn't it sad that Stern has dropped so low that he has made Jon Hein a radio personality? F'ing brutal.
1st Feb, 11:38am
paladyr:   yea Jon is fairly smart but terrible at hosting the show, I've definitely noticed how uncomfortable he is if he's waiting on Gary to come in. I hate that screaming intro he does.
1st Feb, 9:12am
tvmogull:   Classic "Jon Hein continually tossing the attention away from himself"
1st Feb, 9:11am
tvmogull:   a good recent example is the Wrap Up show from 1/21/13. Classic
1st Feb, 8:52am
tvmogull:   *second
1st Feb, 8:51am
tvmogull:   then the 2nd Gary (or anybody else joins him) it's INSTANTLY some incredibly mundane and obvious question just to get the attention off of his lack of ability to be even remotely interesting
1st Feb, 8:50am
tvmogull:   *doesn't have much talent (from 2 lines down lol)
1st Feb, 8:49am
tvmogull:   just pay attention to those times where Gary can't join him for the first few minutes of the Wrap-up show. You can hear the desperation of him looking at the door, BEGGING Gary to come in to actually be interesting
1st Feb, 8:48am
tvmogull:   to realize he really does have much talent at all so he simply brings in the idiots and lets them talk, only to keep the attention off of his own lack of talent
1st Feb, 8:47am
tvmogull:   @SaCo-you're completely overestimating the "talents" of Jon Hein. I work in reality tv & see guys like him constantly. He's not really so smart-he's merely smart enough
1st Feb, 1:09am
wujekcity:   back office radio
31st Jan, 10:47pm
weed89:   wow...fred came off looking gay...he better keep his day job
31st Jan, 10:30pm
JohnDalton:   Could someone post today's back office radio? thanks!
31st Jan, 7:42pm
Seeker:   Fred on Law and Order -
31st Jan, 11:23am
LeechBot:   That ah-aah sound effect from the gay guy looking at KC's butt sounds exactly like Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons.
31st Jan, 2:53am
LeechBot:   and Hein was in that college comedy troupe with people who turned out to be heavy hitters. It's hard to picture him anything but a corporate exec--I mean, he's not even low-key funny. Maybe he was the Margaret Dumont.
30th Jan, 11:58pm
outsideshot:   Hein annoys me with how fucking droll he is...the one thing in life he gets excited and energized about is to bash on Burger King. He's also not as smart as he thinks he is and is on way too many HS channel shows.
30th Jan, 8:57pm
rvotyrtsym:   At least you could laugh at jackie and nancy.benjy and elissa are so lame and unfunny.
30th Jan, 8:27pm
Abudiwa:   Benjy and Elissa seem a lot like Jackie and Nancy, no? History repeats itself.
30th Jan, 8:26pm
Abudiwa:   l-i-v-i-n
30th Jan, 7:55pm
ricktunes:   hey now Abudiwa, how goes it..
30th Jan, 7:31pm
Abudiwa:   Hey now.
30th Jan, 5:13pm
bratwurst:   So people are puzzled to learn Artie Lange was not able to maintain a professional relationship? Really?
30th Jan, 4:49pm
rvotyrtsym:    jon hein sucks the turds out of Stern's ass.
30th Jan, 4:43pm
thericochet:   The whole 'good old days' horseshit that he and Adam Carolla constantly cling to make them sound so goddam stupid.
30th Jan, 4:42pm
thericochet:   I think everyone knew Nick was a right winger but he used to bring the shit up at any turn..jumping on a single word to bring up his hatred of Obama or feminists. It got fucking old and it would have been old if it was bagging on Bush as often as he was doing it.
30th Jan, 3:27pm
SaCo:   John H is smarter than the rest of the crew and loves setting people up to fall hard. Like Sal is a good example he knows Sal is stupid and does not need help making a fool of himself so he eggs him on for good radio
30th Jan, 1:38pm
usiphi203:   Stern Fan DVR Alert... Fred Norris will be on Law & Order SVU tonight on NBC at 9pm
30th Jan, 1:15pm
tvmogull:   i agree Nick was certainly the weaker of the 2 but I still think Nick brought a great anger to the show. I haven't listened since the show came to TV anyway-was just wondering
30th Jan, 12:59pm
Yucko69:   F nick and his right wing bullshit. He was less than funny on N&A, I dont miss him.
30th Jan, 12:43pm
tvmogull:   im sure im way behind in the times here but did anybody ever figure out why Nick Dip left the Nick and Artie show?
30th Jan, 12:01am
weed89:   Will the " that fred soundbite show!" get posted here?? or somewhere else? thnx
29th Jan, 4:49pm
bratwurst:   looking forward to that fred soundbite show!
29th Jan, 2:32pm
tvmogull:   I actually sorta disagree ric - I actually think Hein sucks just as much stern-cock as everybody else - he's just far more subtle about it
28th Jan, 10:11pm
CaseOne:   looking for the meet the sexxxtons porn..anyone?
28th Jan, 10:06pm
NWsterngirl:   Eh WHO diss?! If a lawyer call, it muss be baaad. Go'on and suck on a cock!!!
28th Jan, 9:54pm
thericochet:   And while he doesn't really ever say anything controversial he doesn't kiss Howard's ass overtly. Or at least not nearly as much as everyone else.
28th Jan, 9:52pm
thericochet:   I like Kaplan in small doses when he comes into the studio, but haven't heard BOR yet. Hein I could give or take. He's not entertaining but he's not annoying as shit, and since he's not one to do shit just to get on the air I don't hate him.
28th Jan, 8:39pm
rvotyrtsym:   have truer words ever been spoken?
28th Jan, 8:38pm
rvotyrtsym:    jon hein,jason kaplan and ryan secrest sucks cock and eats ass.
28th Jan, 6:04pm
tvmogull:   I loved the quote from fatty on BOR......Jon Hein is the Ryan Secrest of the Stern show. Honestly, have truer words ever been spoken?
28th Jan, 5:07pm
Linsk:   I told you not to use the tape. OUTTA HERE!
28th Jan, 7:54am
Seeker:   Pameler Anderson!
27th Jan, 11:40pm
NWsterngirl:   .....annnnnnd Niggerlas Cage!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27th Jan, 10:40pm
thericochet:   NO FUCKIN WAY GANGE
27th Jan, 10:40pm
LeechBot:   Get that camera outta here! OUTTA HERE! NOW!!
27th Jan, 6:52pm
alyssitk:   anyone have this weeks jon heins tv show?
26th Jan, 9:23pm
HanKHiLL:   itdojoe: do you really think BOR has the content for a daily show
26th Jan, 7:49am
deadluvva:   Thanks seeker
26th Jan, 2:20am
MacGyver:   the porn or the howard tv?
25th Jan, 11:36pm
CaseOne:   anyone have the meet the sexxxtons video that was talked about
25th Jan, 8:09pm
sainto:   Yes, BOR is hardcore.
25th Jan, 5:10pm
Seeker:   "deadluvva: What is Back Office Radio all about?" - Jason and Will ratting other emplyees out. It's fun!
25th Jan, 2:54pm
deadluvva:   What is Back Office Radio all about?
25th Jan, 3:53am
itdojoe:   BOR rules they need to be on 5 days a week
24th Jan, 11:22pm
thericochet:   The whole 'revolution' promo they sometimes play right before the show starts is embarrassing. It's like Snoop Dogg pretending he still hangs out in the hood.
23rd Jan, 11:40pm
Seeker:   Sorry rvotyrtsym, I will amend my previous statement: I once saw rvotyrtsym "make sweet consenual love to" 7 white women...and didn't spill one drop of his grape kool-aid...true story!
23rd Jan, 8:42pm
NewLee:   thanks ricktunes!
23rd Jan, 2:27pm
usiphi203:   whoo
23rd Jan, 2:03pm
ricktunes:   Popped a Molly, now I'm sweatin!
22nd Jan, 9:25pm
hangemhigh:   cool move rick..
22nd Jan, 5:57pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ seeker, I keep my grape kool-aid in a 40 oz.colt 45 bottle.As for the rape accusation,it was completely consensual.
22nd Jan, 5:15pm
ricktunes:   @NewLee, I will give you a tk account. Check ur pm box.
22nd Jan, 4:28pm
NewLee:   I guess that's a no on finding last week's BOR
22nd Jan, 1:49pm
stuey868:   hey all - i'm still looking for the mother and father's day specials from 2007 I believe - maybe earlier or later - if anyone has it <3
22nd Jan, 9:58am
usiphi203:   any of you guys have an android phone and play ingress? Just got my invite, wondering if any of my fellow stern fans are playing.
22nd Jan, 9:50am
usiphi203:   wow
22nd Jan, 7:29am
Seeker:    I once saw rvotyrtsym rape 7 white women...and didn't spill one drop of his grape kool-aid...true story!
22nd Jan, 7:07am
LeechBot:   Time to put the ebony statuary out on the front lawn.
21st Jan, 10:52pm
rvotyrtsym:   thet ams b som fighting wods,rit ther.
21st Jan, 9:56pm
v1ru5:   Happy MLK day to you rvotyrtsym, Hope your entire family dies a horrible death so your bloodline will cease.
21st Jan, 9:24pm
thericochet:   thanks dead
21st Jan, 9:23pm
Seeker:   Gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see!
21st Jan, 7:45pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ rick,me ams gots me a big 'ol buckets o chickin an am old emglish 800 foorty.
21st Jan, 6:15pm
ricktunes:   I haz a grape soda.
21st Jan, 5:38pm
rvotyrtsym:   Wake up white people.Happy Martin Luther Coon Day. a.k.a. fried chicken and grape soda day or watermelon biscuit lips day.
21st Jan, 3:10pm
deadluvva:   He used to be my hero as well ricochet. Well said.
21st Jan, 3:03pm
hangemhigh:   quality control cost money...ain't gonna happen
21st Jan, 1:13pm
MFizzel:   @29pK0dmk7p1 they talked on BOR about the site getting a makeover maybe that's what's going on
21st Jan, 1:04pm
MFizzel:   Gary produces the show, Tim fills time slots with shit shows nobody cares about (other than BOR and a few others here and there)...who oversees the Howard Stern company as a whole? The dude should either retire 100% or be in this 100%
21st Jan, 1:02pm
MFizzel:   Have directv so I can't get howardTV, and even if you pirate it it's still in standard def w/ stereo....who the fuck releases SD content in 2013? Sorry to bitch but where else would I be understood as much as here. Nobody is leading the Howard Stern corporation, he needs someone to oversee his company and heighten the quality of his brand, it's really a joke.
21st Jan, 12:59pm
MFizzel:   getting so god damn sick of this shit
21st Jan, 12:59pm
MFizzel:   twice today the sirius app fucked up for me and I can't listen to the show, lost my spot and the app doesn't let you zero in where you were....and it won't be available here for a few hours probably, this is the hardest show I'm a paying fan of to obtain
21st Jan, 11:22am
29pK0dmk7p1: been down for at least a couple days. I've never seen a website down as frequently as that one. Very amateurish.
21st Jan, 4:45am
thericochet:   Howard's content to having the show be a male 'View' by himself now, with the occasional sex question during interviews. That and canned Leno jokes he gets Benjy to write the night before so he can read them off a piece of paper poorly. Fuckin' A. This guy used to be my hero?
21st Jan, 2:03am
NewLee:   dammit I can't register for torrentkeeper, it's full... anyone wanna upload Back Office Radio to a mediafire or something for me? I'd appreciate it big time
20th Jan, 11:31pm
CanuckzColtz:   for some odd reason ESPN's Sunday Countdown did not air today here, in Canada, TSN (our version of ESPN) carry the feed every wknd tho did not for some reason that I can't understand
20th Jan, 11:28pm
CanuckzColtz:   anyone have Stern Show Shuffle December 17, 2012 or know wjere I can locate it?
20th Jan, 2:53pm
usiphi203:   Was Pat Cooper the voice on ESPN's NFL countdown this morning? Anyone catch that?
20th Jan, 8:36am
ping12:   Last week's show were atrocious. Boring interview after boring interview.
19th Jan, 10:32pm
19th Jan, 10:19pm
tlb54:   I don't have an account on TK and can't get one(registration closed). Had to convert a youtube video of bor to audio file last time so I could listen to BOR. Why can't it be posted it here?
19th Jan, 9:51pm
Seeker:   I'm about meeting girls..I'm about meeting guys..I'm scores man, goddammit. And everybody else can go fuck themselves!
19th Jan, 5:38pm
19th Jan, 10:52am
petenicely:   Can you link to the Back Office Radio torrent?
19th Jan, 7:23am
hangemhigh:   thanks fooseman I was looking for that
19th Jan, 6:54am
Fooseman:   Back Office Radio was posted to the newsgroup, I've uploaded a torrent fo over at TK for those who still want it.
19th Jan, 2:01am
thericochet:   yeah remember to never talk about the show in the shoutbox, brat & tv
18th Jan, 9:46pm
tvmogull:   OH EM GEE!!! How could nobody have notified me that there is a new Frank and Dom show on TK!!! My weekend is saved!!!
18th Jan, 9:40pm
18th Jan, 9:39pm
tvmogull:   as to the salary of Bubba, Id guess it was at least 200-300k per year, which is about 400k too much in my book.
18th Jan, 9:37pm
tvmogull:   lol@myself & ricochet - yes we may be over analyzing this a bit but I think we are both on the right track (except I still really enjoy the show lol)
18th Jan, 9:29pm
ha4dcore:   I hope back office was on. I love that show. I'm going to look around and see if i can find it some where
18th Jan, 9:22pm
TheRyche:   was back office radio on today?
18th Jan, 9:05pm
bratwurst:   You might have noticed, some people like to talk about the show here from time to time
18th Jan, 8:13pm
TheRyche:   thanks for sharing brat
18th Jan, 7:57pm
bratwurst:   just now listening to the JB Smoove segment...really bored with Howard's fetish for Saturday Night Live stories
18th Jan, 6:08pm
wujekcity:   its not rvo! was hoping osmeone might see it here and post it somewhere
18th Jan, 5:43pm
bratwurst:   BOR is not on TK either
18th Jan, 4:38pm
rvotyrtsym:   wuj,I think it's on tk.
18th Jan, 4:35pm
wujekcity:   someone catch back office radio?
18th Jan, 2:56pm
MFizzel:   i would suck a cock for BOR no homo
18th Jan, 12:56pm
petenicely:   Here's another wish from Back Office Radio.
18th Jan, 11:03am
kindbud:   anyone posting BOR?
18th Jan, 3:41am
thizzelle:   apparently it was howards candle that he had given her as a christmas gift that was left lit and caused the fire in her living room
18th Jan, 3:39am
17th Jan, 8:16pm
thericochet:   well Howard did plant a bug in my desk..
17th Jan, 8:01pm
LeechBot:   Kevin Bacon is the poor man's Bradley Cooper.
17th Jan, 6:46pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ thericochet You are over analyzing the show.Your comments resemble those of
17th Jan, 6:32pm
pulpo:   lol @ thericochet. man people are ridiculous.
17th Jan, 6:13pm
Fooseman:   definitely is new today, listening to the replay on a live 101 stream myself right now
17th Jan, 4:47pm
wujekcity:   was back office radio on today?
17th Jan, 4:00pm
thericochet:   Howard has to have high 'ratings' with the executives every 5 years instead of every ratings quarter like on terrestrial.
17th Jan, 3:59pm
thericochet:   Of course she still has to answer to ratings too while Howard doesn't, so that's another reason.
17th Jan, 3:52pm
thericochet:   Howard couldn't give a shit about subscriber numbers now and making the best channel possible, especially after his lawsuits. He's in it to pocket as much as he can while they still want to pay him to work 12 hours a week. Listeners be damned. Say what you want about Oprah (and I've said a lot) but at least when her channel is tanking she'll set up specials and bring back her dumb show and actually try to make it worthwhile for someone to watch because she seems to have a little bit of pride in something with her own name on it.
17th Jan, 3:52pm
rvotyrtsym:   Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
17th Jan, 3:50pm
thericochet:   I really dislike Bubba and I wasn't into Ferrall that much, I'm strictly talking salaries. If letting them go was a case of them not bringing in subscriptions and not strictly a money thing then why haven't any new 'big name' personalities been hired to replace them? I've never even heard of Abe Kanan before and just found out he was a former anyone can fill in the blanks there money wise.
17th Jan, 2:58pm
deadluvva:   Is that what it's come to, Gary and John Hein sitting in???? No, Stern's still on top of his game..........
17th Jan, 2:45pm
tvmogull:   BTW, just heard the few days Robin was out so Stern had Gary and Jon sit in ... more scintillating contributions I've never heard ...
17th Jan, 2:41pm
tvmogull:   I used to think Stuttering Jon was the luckiest man in the history of show business but Hein is majorly gaining...
17th Jan, 2:40pm
tvmogull:   Why Stern has such a ball-slathering-love of Hein has ALWAYS baffled me.
17th Jan, 2:40pm
tvmogull:   Everything else is either a re-hash of boring Jon Hein or cheap labor Sabean has plucked from unknowns
17th Jan, 2:39pm
tvmogull:   BoR is fun on sheer accident
17th Jan, 2:38pm
tvmogull:   Originally BoB was terrific, but it seems as though they've given the boys a talking-to and recently the show is simply boring
17th Jan, 2:38pm
tvmogull:   It really all comes down to the lack of talent from the ballpark of Tim Sabean. I mean honestly, are ANY of those ancillary 101 shows even remotely listenable?
17th Jan, 2:34pm
tvmogull:   And Bubba brought in a total of -33 subscribers to Sirius so re-hiring him (let alone giving him a raise) would have been absurd
17th Jan, 2:33pm
tvmogull:   My guess is that Ferrall got a much better offer (since sports talk is nothing but flash-in-the-pan loudmouths)
17th Jan, 2:32pm
tvmogull:   Bubba was and still is a no-talent hack and Ferrall isn't too far behind
17th Jan, 2:31pm
tvmogull:   @ricochet while I completely agree that Stern is cheap as hell when it comes to paying talent, you're way off on Bubba and Ferrall.
17th Jan, 10:24am
yelram4life:   Anybody else been receiving 'connection error timeout' or 'connection error no data received from tracker' the last week or so? Thanks in advance...
16th Jan, 11:23pm
thericochet:   The fact that Howard didn't think Riley was worth more than a couple hundred dollars per week of original programming goes to show why Bubba and Ferrall left. And anyone else I can't think of. Imagine how Howard felt paying them more than 6 figures a year out of the 'budget' when he can just roll the same old tapes for free. Imagine if he actually did 3 channels like originally was announced 8|. Glad I canceled years ago.
16th Jan, 10:45pm
NWsterngirl:   Everybody sing along! This is Riley Martin. Lemme tell ya'bout cheap fucks. Howard is a cheap fuck. Why don't you son-of-a-bitches pay me what I'm worth? You inconsiderate bastards. Comin' down the road, seen a duck...and the duck said, "Howard is a golden Jew. You know I bring in listeners." You and Tim Sabean can please go fuck yourselves, because you are a bunch of cheap fucks. Tim can go fuck that duck...with that bitch, Robin, too (still love you though, babe). Hope you all get raped by the Skreed.
16th Jan, 1:32pm
bratwurst:   Just now hearing Robin's first show back. Wow, she has been high on meds for a while...but never this high! I am catching a contact buzz.
16th Jan, 6:04am
nap:   Old man ronnie style~
16th Jan, 2:47am
bratwurst:   I dunno...his "Simon Buckingham" is a delight!
16th Jan, 1:43am
bellet:   Richard and characters = Fail
15th Jan, 11:35pm
thericochet:   It's usually Richard that does it. His Ethel bit got tired a long time ago.
15th Jan, 11:34pm
thericochet:   Yeah the calls where they use tapes of other people are almost always really good or great, but it's embarrassingly bad when you can tell they're trying to get themselves over as personalities. Trying to make themselves the star instead of trying to make the bit actually funny.
15th Jan, 7:05pm
feelmybrain:   confused book interview: and tradio:
15th Jan, 6:59pm
feelmybrain:   my recent favorites have been the Dr. Joseph A. Williams arguing with himself call and the Tradio bit where Sal & Richard call in with clips of Rick, one of the frequent Tradio callers.
15th Jan, 6:55pm
feelmybrain:   If they have done any calls they haven't been out of the park hilarious.
15th Jan, 5:42pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Have Sal and Richard made any new prank calls lately?
15th Jan, 5:22pm
tvmogull:   Id bet, at this point, it's more of a mercy job than anything. The producers probably want to can them but Artie won't let it happen
15th Jan, 5:20pm
tvmogull:   lol@richochet-I had completely forgotten about how awful those 2 blondes were. Never ever funny once.
15th Jan, 4:59pm
rvotyrtsym:   Hanzi is a loony ass mofo.
15th Jan, 4:31pm
ha4dcore:   there is a Hanzi out the but IDK if it's really him. It's Dusty Loads ‏ @Hanzi83 and if it's not Hanzi he is much funnier.
15th Jan, 4:14pm
wujekcity:   anyone know hanzi s twitter account?
15th Jan, 4:06pm
ha4dcore:   OK, I upped the shows from today, Please comment and seed or I won't do it again. Thanks
15th Jan, 3:31pm
paesan:   no show today?
15th Jan, 1:18pm
melanon:   Why no This Date In Howard History????!!!!
15th Jan, 1:17pm
melanon:   Why no more stern show shuffles????!!!!!!!
15th Jan, 1:09pm
ha4dcore:   you guys are right that would be great if someone would call in and tell howard his math isng funny and ever since he got the new system mildrid or whatever that hus show sounds like a Leno opening monologue of crappy one liners. when you watch him read them on Howard TV its like he has said fuck this place, im just gonna sit here a do cheesey one liners. maybe Bobo will tell him?
15th Jan, 12:21pm
bratwurst:   Glad I am not alone ping and is pretty much just about killing time.
15th Jan, 11:47am
bellet:   Ya the math bit is annoying as fuck now
15th Jan, 11:47am
sotie99:   Can someone please seed the "Beetlejuice Blitz" compilation or one of the other Beetlejuice collections?
15th Jan, 5:36am
ping12:   Yeah, someone needs to call in and tell Howard that the simple arithmetic bit is not fun or funny. It's actually painful to listen to at this point.
15th Jan, 2:07am
thericochet:   but Artie's wit during the regular part of the show was super sharp, and he seemed to be in a decent place..not angry and aggressive like he was during the last few years on Stern. he's still majorly messed up, but maybe a 2 and not a noine.
15th Jan, 2:06am
thericochet:   those dumb blonde twins they have on the show are insufferable. it was funny the first few times i heard Artie make fun of how dumb and entitled they are, but it's really boring now.
14th Jan, 7:45pm
bratwurst:   Gosh...Artie has such a history of maintaining professional relationships, it really is a mystery!
14th Jan, 6:57pm
tvmogull:   anybody know what happened?
14th Jan, 6:57pm
tvmogull:   wow i used to listen to nick and artie but gave up pretty much as soon as it hit tv - the show really suffered once the cameras came in
14th Jan, 5:42pm
rvotyrtsym:   @derk Here is Ronnie's new limo
14th Jan, 5:40pm
deadluvva:   I know there are Levy haters out there but I would love to see him sit in with Artie.
14th Jan, 3:50pm
Shalimar:   prophecy500: F'it We'll Do It Live!! <-- sorry can't.. have to do evil work today ;p
14th Jan, 3:20pm
derkschultz:   what kind is howards new limo. really wondering what car looks like the batmobile
14th Jan, 2:38pm
prophecy500:   F'it We'll Do It Live!!
14th Jan, 2:36pm
MikeMoscow:   when is someone going to post today's show?
14th Jan, 1:27pm
usiphi203:   yep
14th Jan, 1:23pm
common:   New Howard today?
14th Jan, 8:47am
itdojoe:   hanzi lost his mind lol
13th Jan, 10:56pm
rvotyrtsym:   @zack ricktunes will hook you up at tk.
13th Jan, 8:59pm
thericochet:   i totally fell for that ralph domain
13th Jan, 8:20pm
bratwurst:   Can someone put together a pack of the most awesomely hilarious "Howard can't do simple arithmetic" moments during the Sirius years? Several hours of material to choose from!
13th Jan, 7:42pm
zachemery:   I feed the skunk pretty often, how do I get a TK password? Says it's all filled up right now.
13th Jan, 7:37pm
zachemery:   Thanks!
13th Jan, 7:31pm
rvotyrtsym:   @zach It's on tk,or you can get it at
13th Jan, 7:22pm
zachemery:   Does anyone know where I can download geek time?
13th Jan, 5:10pm
mdr1013:   whatever happened to EOS?
13th Jan, 4:31pm
thericochet:   i think it's still
13th Jan, 4:23pm
BrianDamage:   so what is the email to the howard stern show, for shitz and giggles? artie's gonna be fine
13th Jan, 4:01pm
BrianDamage:   oh shit good luck to artie man, fuck my stupid material i guess
13th Jan, 3:59pm
BrianDamage:   whats the email to the show if you think you have "worthy" material for it?
13th Jan, 1:13pm
bratwurst:   how in the world does artie carry a show on his own? also, whatever happened to his second book?
13th Jan, 5:39am
13th Jan, 1:54am
thericochet:   Dunno how long that will last before he implodes. He needs a straight man to keep him in line. I watched a bunch of their shows over the past couple of days and Artie is hilarious as usual, but it gets tiring after a while because he steamrolls over everyone with his one liners.
13th Jan, 1:53am
thericochet:   Weird, Nick's leaving the show and now it's just going to be The Artie Lange Show.
13th Jan, 12:00am
thericochet:   same goes for music. i think Howard's ideal show would be Bradley Cooper, Breuer and a 2 hour Train/Staind duet.
12th Jan, 11:59pm
thericochet:   i agree brat..this time i just skipped through the entire interview. it feels like the same interview again and again, meanwhile there are a hundred great comedians Howard could get on the show but he doesn't care enough to learn what's actually good these days.
12th Jan, 11:53pm
bratwurst:   Loved Breuer's first appearance, but every time since has gotten less and less interesting for me.
12th Jan, 10:48pm
ping12:   Medicated Pete segment was great. Jim Brewer was so boring.
12th Jan, 10:39pm
divjak:   Seeker: Got it! See you there!
12th Jan, 6:55pm
darkloud:   bubba army on alabubba
12th Jan, 1:32am
Seeker:   I want to tug on those dreads and have you lick my asshole! You gotta lick me you fucking coon! ~
11th Jan, 10:11pm
ROEU812:   "I wanna take out my trouser trout and shove it in your NIGGER YAP!!" Indeed dead DOUBLE Ooooof !!
11th Jan, 5:04pm
deadluvva:   @ seeker - lollllllll. I love Hateman. He was brutal. Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger! Didn't he also call her an Aunt Jemima lookin mother fucker? Ooooof.
11th Jan, 3:30pm
jschmigga:   So do we know wtf is wrong with Robin or what? First it was something is wrong, and then it seemed she got some procedure and she has just been working from home since. Does anyone have a clue what is actually going on?
11th Jan, 1:59pm
Seeker:   My fine looking orangutan bitch! How you doin baby?
11th Jan, 1:07pm
LeechBot:   I admit it: BC is Robin to my Hate Man.
10th Jan, 11:44pm
Seeker:   سوف نتحدث عن K5 تحصل على قتل، اللعنة!
10th Jan, 7:02pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ leech You are definitely obsessed with bradley cooper.Sad indeed.
10th Jan, 1:50pm
usiphi203:   haha
10th Jan, 12:31pm
bratwurst:   He isn't even close to being a good actor, much less BEST ACTOR...but if winning would keep him off the show, I am all for it.
10th Jan, 11:50am
LeechBot:   Bradley Cooper newsflash: BC nominated for best actor oscar. If he wins, is he (sadly) too big to do another Stern show?
10th Jan, 2:14am
TYCOON:   tell me how you really feel
10th Jan, 12:06am
NWsterngirl:   Chicken-bone neck, cock-sucking jew
9th Jan, 9:15pm
HanKHiLL:   tickle my tits
9th Jan, 6:31pm
bellet:   I think barebone has no bits either just the new live show parts.
9th Jan, 5:05pm
weed89:   Most uploads now are Comercial free..Isn't that Barebones?
9th Jan, 1:02pm
GASHWOUND:   Does any one do a barebones edit of the Stern show?
8th Jan, 12:42pm
LeechBot:   i forgot there were times when you couldn't wait to wake up to see how things were going to turn out.
8th Jan, 12:42pm
LeechBot:   oh yeah, Howard's E! show started up in the middle of all that, right? most of that year was high energy
8th Jan, 12:40pm
LeechBot:   he should get his own show on 101
8th Jan, 12:39pm
LeechBot:   that Ludwig guy was great too, the Libertarians' speaker of the house, or whatever.
8th Jan, 11:57am
usiphi203:   haha, that's it. Funny name too
8th Jan, 11:39am
bratwurst:   Stan Dworkin was the running mate
8th Jan, 9:45am
usiphi203:   Didn;t Howard say he would pave the potholes with deathrow inmates ashes?
8th Jan, 9:43am
usiphi203:   I can't remember his running mates name but he was funny. He seemed very straight but could roll with it.
8th Jan, 2:13am
thericochet:   and i wasn't even talking to you to begin with. we posted at the exact same time when i posted that.
8th Jan, 2:12am
thericochet:   OK i GUESS you are RIGHT about the CONNECTABLE status which i HAD never noticed. but dude said his ratio is suffering, so it's possible he really does have a port forwarding PROBLEM.
7th Jan, 11:28pm
weed89:   my ports are set up fine...This site "YOU TOO" show as Not connectable on the site..BY your ALWAYS has for EVERYONE including YOU Theriochet...LOOK at it...but like I said..It is a known thing..but ratios still work..its a programming bug that affects nothing
7th Jan, 11:05pm
thericochet:   sounds like a port forwarding problem with your router and utorrent or whichever client you use. this site helped me a lot a few years back. , just close the initial ad that comes up, the help on the site is free
7th Jan, 11:05pm
weed89:   the "CONNECTABLE" shows NO for everyone...but it all still works..since years ago it has been this way
7th Jan, 9:58pm
bluedevils:   seeding over 4 months, but none are registered
7th Jan, 9:58pm
bluedevils:   ratio is suffering as a result
7th Jan, 9:57pm
bluedevils:   can dl no problem, but never connectable
7th Jan, 9:57pm
bluedevils:   anyone help me get connectable?
7th Jan, 8:16pm
rvotyrtsym:   ⒽⒺⓎ ⓃⓄⓌ
7th Jan, 8:07pm
thericochet:   If I didn't know any better, Howard's close friendships with Bradley Cooper and John Stamos would be suspect. Perhaps I don't know better and it actually is suspect.
7th Jan, 7:57pm
LeechBot:   In Bradley Cooper news, BC's first 2013 mention on the Stern show at 6:15am on 1/7. (source: LeechBot's Friggin)
7th Jan, 6:59pm
deadluvva:   Thanks Hank. Loved the first 2.
7th Jan, 5:57pm
bellet:   Didn't even know they where live last week.
7th Jan, 5:38pm
HanKHiLL:   dead: the dark knight rises is worth the watch it completes the series
7th Jan, 1:37pm
weed89:   Billy West was the BEST...Damm good stuff from him
7th Jan, 12:57pm
duke9555:   cool story bro
7th Jan, 12:08pm
bratwurst:   1994 is my favorite year of the show, LB. I had just become a listener in 1993, but then moved overseas, so it was all new to me. The nominating convention is hilarious. Do have to admit the the OJ stuff becomes tiresome for me by a year in though!
7th Jan, 11:23am
LeechBot:   The run for governor has just too many surreal and hilarious angles, especially the Libertarians' nominating convention.
7th Jan, 11:22am
LeechBot:   And add Billy West into that 1995 mix. I recently re-did 1994. About May-August is classic: the run for governor, O.J., etc.
6th Jan, 11:25pm
bratwurst:   I am slowly going thru the archives during long breaks like we just had, spent a few days in June 1995. Funny how the interactions with Scott the Engineer are EXACTLY the same. Aside from the goofing on Jackie I find I also miss the relentless attacks on other radio personalities...always tickled me, still does.
6th Jan, 5:21pm
thericochet:   Yeah I think I'll have to do that Dead. I'll definitely do it once he finally retires. Or when he's down to just 2 hours a month or something. Listening to the old news will make me feel really old, but hearing them constantly goof on Jackie will make up for it tenfold.
6th Jan, 11:39am
deadluvva:   Was the latest one any good? How can you follow that Joker???
6th Jan, 11:38am
deadluvva:   Finally got around to seein Batman - The Dark Night. Holy Christ was that a great film. Heath Ledger was soooooooo creepy. Licking his lips. And the story of his Dad tellin him "You should smile more" Oooof. What a killer film.
6th Jan, 11:35am
deadluvva:   But ricochet, have you gone back and listened to all the 90s shows? If you haven't then you owe it, you ALL do, to go back and hear when Stern was on fire. Full years are out there for the taking. I am finishing '99 and then will go back to the first show of 1990.
6th Jan, 8:42am
RickyLsmalls:   The fucking monologue every day is killing the show. It's unbelievable that Howard doesn't realize how lame that shit is.
6th Jan, 2:52am
thericochet:   @dead , he's definitely given up. i listen now only out of habit, and i tune most of it out as i work.
6th Jan, 2:50am
thericochet:   @ping , bizarre is probably the perfect word for it. it's just really weird that the one broadcaster you'd think would never have to resort to that...has resorted to that. it's the epitome of hack.
5th Jan, 9:45pm
ping12:   @thericochet yes, I have also noticed that new schtick he does where he reads about current events and then gives a punch line. It's bizarre. Not sure what to think of it. I would rather he just give his opinion on it instead of reading lines someone wrote. I'm guessing some of the crew are preparing for when Howard leaves and are trying to get an audio reel ready for a talk show or something
5th Jan, 9:39pm
ping12:   Oh I realized he's given up. It's basically white noise for me at this point while I'm doing important things on the internet, like searching for porn
5th Jan, 6:48pm
ROEU812:   I hear ya dead...It's kinda sad, but if you listen to Howchie, the show has EVOLVED. We have to evolve with it..LOL which means, He's given up. But after 35 years of the Greatest Radio Show in history, I guess he's due his way to ride off into the sunset any way he wants
5th Jan, 6:23pm
deadluvva:   Is it only me or does anyone f'ing realize that Stern has given up?????? He is the opposite of what he was. Next up, Kathy Lee comes in the studio. F'ing pathetic. At least Zeppelin realized that 2007 at the O2 was the best they can do. No more. No more.
5th Jan, 5:22pm
rvotyrtsym:   Jason is a annoying talentless in the closet sissy boy.
5th Jan, 5:07pm
TheRyche:   thanks brat, was wondering what was up with bor
5th Jan, 4:15pm
SaCo:   guys you realize they were hired cause they sound like someone else and not because they are funny? This is why when howard cringed at a joke bigfoot counterd with "i didnt write it I just read it" and he chuckled. they are there cause they sound like someone not because they are funny. Evil dave can barely read let alone make a joke
5th Jan, 3:01pm
sp0r:   is back office radio still on, and if so is it going to be uploaded?
5th Jan, 2:44pm
bratwurst:   no BOR this week (as there was a regular Stern show on Thurs) and Jason said in a tweet there is no BOR next week either for some reason.
5th Jan, 2:38pm
sp0r:   is back office radio still on, and if so is it going to be uploaded?
5th Jan, 11:29am
5th Jan, 11:26am
Seeker:   I enjoy Bigfoot JR, it is. So now I am a "hack" because of it?
5th Jan, 10:43am
pulpo:   btw "ruining the jay thomas show?" what the fuck does that even mean? you think the jay thomas show had the capacity to be ruined? ive never heard the show as i dont listen to horrible shit. maybe you can enlighten me.
5th Jan, 10:40am
pulpo:   id rather hear a d level comic tell a real story that have a z level nobody help bring the show towards manufactured mediocte jokes with his d rate wack packer impression.
5th Jan, 10:37am
pulpo:   it's a fucking tonight show monologue. hacks like you love this hackey set piece shit.
5th Jan, 10:36am
pulpo:   another example: howard used have people sit in on the news and it would drive organically funny moments. now he reads a headline and has a joke ready behind it.
5th Jan, 10:34am
pulpo:   regardless of whether or not i think everything shuli says is funny at least its fucking organic and not some lame forced "let go to bigfoot every few minutes with a setup for him to knock down.
5th Jan, 10:32am
pulpo:   "you got me i'm shuli. shalom bitch it is." if you read this in bigfoot jr's voice youll probably think it's the funniest thing ever.
5th Jan, 10:29am
pulpo:   my reaction is the shock that you hacks think these hack bits are funny.
5th Jan, 4:05am
thericochet:   Butthurt d-level 'comedian' with no sense of timing. Ruining the fucking Jay Thomas show. Luckily Howard has a little bit of sense in that regard and has kept him out of the studio the past few weeks.
5th Jan, 4:04am
thericochet:   That's the only thing that would make any sense out of a dumb fucking reaction like that.
5th Jan, 4:03am
thericochet:   Shuli, I mean pulpo, shouldn't you be able to get recordings of the show through your work and not from a torrent site?
5th Jan, 3:58am
LeechBot:   She certainly doesn't sound like she's dying off from a malignancy, or is worn down by chemo.
5th Jan, 3:57am
LeechBot:   I think it's possible it could take months to heal enough internally to sit in the studio long term with no risk of bleeding, or hemorrhaging.
5th Jan, 3:56am
LeechBot:   That's why she can do some kinds of limited traveling and appearances, but can't be in the studio for the show.
5th Jan, 3:55am
LeechBot:    I've been thinking all this time that maybe due to the size and location of Robin's tumor (and the internal damage from cutting it out), maybe the studio simply doesn't have the sitting/lying equipment she'd need over a 5-hour period.
5th Jan, 1:45am
bastage:   *shrug* .. like I said I haven't heard todays yet but I've liked all the Bigfoot Jr. stuff in the past. Are you not getting that part of the bit is that some of those sit-ins are better than others ..?
5th Jan, 1:41am
pulpo:   jesus, i pray you take me off this earth along with robin.
5th Jan, 1:41am
pulpo:   you want some pretend .... bigfoot? a pretend bigfoot who reads lines. thats what you want?
5th Jan, 1:40am
pulpo:   you want some knockoff hack that gets fed lines. and not even like evil dave letterman who sounds EXACTLY like dave letterman but is a complete idiot.
5th Jan, 1:40am
pulpo:   and youd rather have some fake jerkoff imitating a wack packer than a guy just being funny, like artie, or jackie, or greg fitsimmonds, or yes, shuli?
5th Jan, 1:39am
pulpo:   bastage the monologue thing has been going on through the entirety of december.
5th Jan, 1:37am
bastage:   RE: the scripted guests, duh. Some work better than others and the Wanda stuff is generally awful but it's a long show .. not every moment is a gem.
5th Jan, 1:37am
bastage:   I haven't listened to todays yet but have liked Bigfoot Jr. the past few times. I do agree that the flow of the show on Wednesday was kind of weird since Stern really came across like he was reading a bunch of jokes but other than that it was fine.
5th Jan, 1:30am
pulpo:   honestly cant fathom that anyone likes that shitty scripted comedy.
5th Jan, 1:29am
pulpo:   the only thing less funny than bigfoot jr is wanda sykes jr.
5th Jan, 1:29am
pulpo:   if you want canned lines, and this new weird monologue thing howard does during the news now... why don't you just watch leno.
5th Jan, 1:28am
pulpo:   you guys fucking serious?
5th Jan, 1:28am
pulpo:   bigfoot jr and sour shoes are the fucking least funny most contrived things ever.
5th Jan, 1:26am
thericochet:   Yeah Bigfoot jr. is one of the biggest surprises in a long time. Something like that could easily be shitty and annoying but the dude has good timing and flows well with the show. Can't say the same for Shuli
5th Jan, 1:22am
bastage:   Facing death is the hardest thing anyone ever has to face. As a listener her not being in the studio hasn't changed the dynamic at all, and as the show winds down I'm loving that they're having funny sit-ins like Bigfoot Jr./Sour Shoes/etc.
5th Jan, 1:20am
thericochet:   Yeah I wish we knew more. Howard said a few weeks ago in passing that he cried about Robin after the show one day, so I'm thinking it's gotta be some type of cancer. I don't know what else involves a tumor that would keep someone out like that.
5th Jan, 12:51am
bratwurst:   Would agree that her being outside of the studio has not been a real distraction...and that she has a record of showing up for work. On one hand, I respect her desire to keep the specifics of her condition private...I just think it seems a bit odd coming from someone known for brutal honesty on a show known for brutal honesty.
5th Jan, 12:28am
5th Jan, 12:26am
Seeker:   Well put ricochet! I wholeheartedly agree. I think robin has had an amazing work ethic (think terrestrial radio days). I do not mind her at home.
4th Jan, 11:52pm
thericochet:   If it's chemo then it's excusable. In her defense the body doesn't know it's traveling for work or for a party, so it's not like a party is any easier. And that's once a year vs 2-3 times a week. I'd give her the benefit of the doubt considering her solid work ethic in the past. Unless something comes out that it was some bullshit like a thyroid problem. But tumor stuff can be tricky.
4th Jan, 7:48pm
bratwurst:   well I know she is recovering...but we are talking like 4-5 months at this point.
4th Jan, 4:16pm
ROEU812:   anyone have an invite for elbitz to trade? I have a TorrentLeech invite to swap ? Thanks
4th Jan, 4:15pm
ROEU812:   by "In" I meant on air, sorry for the confusion
4th Jan, 4:06pm
SaCo:   I love how Robin was allll about alternative healing and shit like that and knocking medicine in america but once something maybe life threatening is going to happen its back to high technology and modern medicine to the rescue
4th Jan, 4:05pm
SaCo:   Why are you amazed. The only person she listens to is howard and Howard is not going to tell her say bitch get back in the office. He will show he is upset with her not being in the studio but wont confront her about it. Plus she is recovering from what ever the fuck surgery she had that eastern medicine or Dr Ronny could not fix with green drinks
4th Jan, 3:01pm
bratwurst:   honesty do wish Robin well...but continue to be amazed how she can go to the Christmas party and other places, but not show up for work 3x per week.
4th Jan, 2:41pm
SaCo:   Hansi is literally crazy. Listen to that retard stammer his mind is going so fast his mouth cant keep up
4th Jan, 2:37pm
ha4dcore:   robin hasnt been in for months
4th Jan, 2:28pm
ROEU812:   Howard was live, Robin was not in today...
4th Jan, 2:05pm
bratwurst:   I know they were supposed to...just wondering if Howard was in studio on a Friday for the first time in at least 5-6 years
4th Jan, 1:46pm
ha4dcore:   they were supposed too. I have not seen it anywhere to download yet but hopefully it will be around soon.
4th Jan, 12:45pm
bratwurst:   did they REALLY do a show today?
4th Jan, 11:59am
thericochet:   Probably Robin since she's the one laughing all the time. Fred would be the announcer guy maybe. Holy shit I hate all this mental imagery I'm getting. Stern fan douche chills.
4th Jan, 9:19am
HanKHiLL:   thericochet: would fred be the black guy with the guitar on leno, or maybe robin?
3rd Jan, 9:31pm
LeechBot:   I wonder if Ronnie has ever had an accident in the sink.
3rd Jan, 6:03pm
rvotyrtsym:   Hanzi is a loony ass mofo.
3rd Jan, 4:01pm
thericochet:   Nevermind this Hanzi call is making up for it. Love crazy callers.
3rd Jan, 3:59pm
thericochet:   Clearly just wants to fill time.
3rd Jan, 3:58pm
thericochet:   Was so glad there was a new show and then 90 minutes in on 1/02 he starts in with that bullshit pre-written Leno one-liner crap. Does he understand how fucking un-Stern this sounds? He might as well be standing in front of a curtain with a band leader. Except he's bad at it.
3rd Jan, 11:47am
desert420:   Hank - Hes going to be in on Friday? WHAAAATTTTTT!!?!?!?!?! You have to be joking!
3rd Jan, 11:17am
HanKHiLL:   desert: i still can't believe he'll be in on friday
3rd Jan, 11:13am
TheRyche:   hey now
3rd Jan, 11:10am
bratwurst:   so many weeks off for AGT coming up in the next few months, guess that had to come back now. hearing him next monday after only a 2 day weekend for the first time in YEARS will be fun.
3rd Jan, 11:03am
desert420:   Cant believe howard came back in the middle of the week.... Crazy!
3rd Jan, 6:38am
poper:   skilit keep up the good work i love the 24k edition
2nd Jan, 7:22pm
FrankZappa:   Does anyone have January 1997? thanks for any help
2nd Jan, 1:59pm
arcterex:   Awesome, thanks cameltoe!
2nd Jan, 12:53pm
NewLee:   so... impatient... for new.... Howard....
2nd Jan, 10:20am
TheRyche:   the man is back!
2nd Jan, 7:28am
Seeker:   Back to work
1st Jan, 5:21pm
deadluvva:   What ROEU said............ All the best to the good people here. Y'all know who you are
1st Jan, 10:57am
usiphi203:   I was listening to the best of 2012. Gary and the whooping cough was brutal. One of the best beatdowns ever handed out. Silly Gary.
1st Jan, 12:56am
ROEU812:   To EVERYONE in my skunker family I say "Happy New Year!!!" Thanks for making this place one of the VERY BEST places on the net !! May Your Best Day Of 2012 Be Your Worst Day of 2013 !
31st Dec, 10:34pm
HanKHiLL:   ping i don't think there will be a live howard stern show in 2014 agt is swelling his head too much
31st Dec, 9:42pm
weed89:   Kiss Detroit Rock City (Howard Stern Show Unplugged audio) Thanks Seeker this is it...but looking for the video..if there was 1...for some reason I Love this version and would like to See it being played..again Thanks for the help folks
31st Dec, 9:26pm
Seeker:   Chicken bone-neck cocksucker Jew...
31st Dec, 7:10pm
bratwurst:   3 years left on contract. I am not a Robin hater, wish her good health...but if some other show had handled the illness of a major cast member this way, Howard would definitely be goofing on them...even in his current pussified state.
31st Dec, 6:40pm
ping12:   Only two or three years left on the contract; there's really no sense for Robin to come in at this point.
31st Dec, 6:27pm
HanKHiLL:   brat: i think robin got used to doing the show from home and it is the start to the end of the show
31st Dec, 3:21pm
linnyb:   How??? Same way she can have no discenable talent and yet still be an "integral" part of the greatest radio show in history I guess
31st Dec, 1:40pm
bratwurst:   Anyone care to wager if Robin is back in studio this week? How could she be able to come to Christmas party but not show up in studio?
31st Dec, 1:30pm
usiphi203:   haha, thanks, I will give it a shot. could be my vpn too, it just seems so slow.
31st Dec, 12:48pm
linnyb:   now to wait for the standard flood of comments trashing
31st Dec, 12:47pm
linnyb:   have always used Azureus/Vuze and been very happy...It love me long time
31st Dec, 11:38am
usiphi203:   utorrent has been unreliable lately. It's the only one I have used, do you guys recommend any other?
31st Dec, 11:04am
usiphi203:   marksfriggin always starts his rundown with show opening songs and bits. Next time you hear, check out his site and see if he posts about it. Or email him, I have a few times and he always responds back.
31st Dec, 6:35am
30th Dec, 10:55pm
ping12:   Just got the poison out of my system. To call that stuff poison is by no means an exaggeration. I write some really offensive text messages to women with that stuff still in my system
30th Dec, 8:56pm
jhames34:   I think it was Peter Kriss or Ace Frehley solo or something, an acoustic version of Detroit Rock City...couldn't swear by it obviously as my memory is swiss cheese and I only vaguely remember the clip
30th Dec, 4:47pm
thericochet:   "I'm gonna sell my watch, buy your apartment and evict you"
30th Dec, 4:46pm
thericochet:   One thing I forgot was fucking hilarious was Artie purposely picking fights with Crazy Alice because it was so easy. And then sometimes making up really quickly at the end.
30th Dec, 4:14pm
deadluvva:   I agree brat, that Kiss tune does not ring a bell.
30th Dec, 12:34pm
bratwurst:   you don't know what song? I always listen to the open and can honestly say I do not recall ever hearing kiss there
30th Dec, 1:09am
weed89:   Going to ask again- Hey...does anyone know if there is a video of the song kiss plays on MANY of howards opening show spots....sound like it was perhaps from 1 of howards birthday shows.......i would LOVE to see it...not just it howard says look at dice dance..andrew dice clay
30th Dec, 1:05am
weed89:   what stuff is on a NZB site?
29th Dec, 9:21pm
LeechBot:   who won: Dude or Man?
29th Dec, 4:08pm
downtown:   Sauce on Side Bitch!!!!
29th Dec, 3:04pm
jheaman:   i've been dying to find a new nzb site myself. i loved nzbmatrix
29th Dec, 2:50pm
bratwurst:   Ok, just now getting around to the tan mom. This was quite a get!
29th Dec, 12:47pm
BrianDamage:   thanks sainto
29th Dec, 12:22pm
BrownCoat:   @cbeale - sent you a NZB PM.
29th Dec, 10:15am
HanKHiLL:   tickle my tits
29th Dec, 12:54am
cbeale:   anyone have any invites to a private nzb site now that nzbmatrix is gone?
28th Dec, 2:39pm
ricktunes:   check you inbox, I will pm you an account at tk
28th Dec, 11:50am
bratwurst:   no tk account...can anyone help me out?
28th Dec, 8:02am
sainto:   On BOR Jason said Howard is back Wed, and will work Thurs and Fri.
28th Dec, 5:25am
BrianDamage:   that mitt romney impersonater was freaking funny over the election lol
28th Dec, 4:57am
BrianDamage:   so when does howard come back? Tuesday the 1st?
28th Dec, 12:24am
ricktunes:   Bratwurst, do you not have a tk account? BOR is uploaded there.
27th Dec, 10:31am
bratwurst:   thanks milly!
27th Dec, 2:40am
millymojo:   back office from the 20th... it's not the file, but better than nothing
26th Dec, 10:04pm
locura247:   Many Thanks for the tv cast specials
26th Dec, 9:45pm
weed89:   Thanks Poopdeck for the TV Cast specials
26th Dec, 8:48pm
jmmclls:   guys my s2 bricked and I lost one file that means alot to me....its the tradio files upped by zapper562 using the great eos recordings. The torrent has no seeds and I'm wondering if anyone still has it? Fuck Everyone and happy holidays to all
26th Dec, 8:15pm
duff3389:   Christmas is a time for I am giving thanks to everyone that keeps this site running!!!!!!!
26th Dec, 8:01pm
georgeanton:   Feature Movie, starring Peter McHeffey (Med. Pete) premieres 02.02.2013 search on Youtube Dead on Arrival 2013 movie
26th Dec, 7:25pm
jabriel:   Jeff rense
26th Dec, 5:58pm
26th Dec, 5:22pm
bratwurst:   Anyone know if there was a Back Office Radio on Dec 20?
26th Dec, 3:23pm
Shalimar:   rvotyrtsym: Back atcha,Biggy.Merry Christmas to the good people at Redskunk.You know who you are. <-- I don't know about the rest of you but i'm an "innocent angel" :P
26th Dec, 1:27pm
v1ru5:   +1 sp0r
26th Dec, 10:26am
sp0r:   someone please post a show preferably one with Artie. a best of Artie Lange would be amazing!
26th Dec, 10:02am
HanKHiLL:   tickle my tits
26th Dec, 8:23am
ROEU812:   Happy Boxing Day to deadluvva and my brethern up North !!
26th Dec, 12:28am
locura247:   does anyone know whr i can find Best of 2012....
25th Dec, 7:59pm
green:   Anyone have the BEST OF 2012 Special? With Maria Menuos?
25th Dec, 9:02am
ROEU812:   Merry Christmas All
24th Dec, 7:36pm
kindbud:   Can anyone upload Back Office Radio from last week?
24th Dec, 6:55pm
SpaceEdge:   sorry about the wait , iv'e been busy but if you sent me a PM about joining BMT you are good to go.
24th Dec, 3:24pm
rvotyrtsym:   Back atcha,Biggy.Merry Christmas to the good people at Redskunk.You know who you are.
24th Dec, 12:29pm
Shalimar:   You too prop! >
24th Dec, 9:56am
prophecy500:   Happy Holidays everyone!!Thanks for the uploads!!
24th Dec, 9:28am
ROEU812:   Thanks Big ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too !!
24th Dec, 8:05am
deadluvva:   Back at ya Audio. Nice group you listed there. Merry Christmas y'all. Much love indeed
24th Dec, 12:21am
bigaudio:   I just wanted to take a moment and wish all my friends here at Redskunk a very happy holiday ... miss you guys very much ... dead, ROEU, camel, EOS, rvoty, ricktunes, Streaks, so many more to name, have a safe and happy holiday all you people ... much love ... bigaudio
23rd Dec, 6:03pm
ROEU812:   Anyone (with a GOOD RATIO) wanna trade invites? I have 2 for Torrent Leech....whadaya got???
23rd Dec, 5:28pm
weed89:   Wow..i know people that eat pig feet too...we call them "SAVAGES"
23rd Dec, 3:25pm
ROEU812:   Wow dead, sounds like a FEAST !! I actually like pigs feet as well, but it's a mexican dish called Carnitas...ENJOY !
23rd Dec, 2:36pm
deadluvva:   Prime rib ROEU? Nice. I am going to my inlaws for a traditional Quebec Christmas dinner. Homemade tortieres (killer meat pies), ragout which is meatballs and pig's feet in an amazing gravy, ham, etc etc. I freakin love it. The pig's feet have little pieces of pure heaven in them. Enjoy the Prime rib. Mmmmmmmm
23rd Dec, 1:45pm
weed89:   i wish when howard is on vacation...for them to put out shows consisting of all the live music from his show.....I like the versions MUCH better than their albums.....
23rd Dec, 1:43pm
weed89:   Hey...does anyone know if there is a video of the song kiss plays on MANY of howards opening show spots....sound like it was perhaps from 1 of howards birthday shows.......i would LOVE to see it...not just it howard says look at dice dance..andrew dice clay
23rd Dec, 10:33am
Seeker:   Jon Hein is amazing, I'd blow him! Blow him hard!
23rd Dec, 6:03am
ping12:   @ tvmogull Jon Hein is about as vanilla and boring as it gets. Gary sounds like an arrogant prick on the wrap up show. Jason seems to be trying to do the Stuttering John shtick and just comes off as a jerk. Will is just a boring average guy. The only two moderately compelling guys on TWUS are Ronnie and J.D.
23rd Dec, 5:59am
ping12:   I wonder what Howard's IQ is. He seems pretty perceptive about certain things, but completely retarded about others.
22nd Dec, 8:02pm
ROEU812:   Just picked up the Prime Rib roast for Christmas dinner......Oh My !!
22nd Dec, 10:52am
MFizzel:   BOR on the other site
22nd Dec, 10:31am
LeechBot:   On the Bradley Cooper front, it turns out that Hit and Run was a decent movie, and BC was good in yet another supporting role, even if he can't carry a movie.
22nd Dec, 10:23am
tjames3878:    No Back office radio?
22nd Dec, 10:22am
petenicely:   Back office radio?
22nd Dec, 12:24am
weed89:   will there be any "this date"...or anything?? till they return?
21st Dec, 7:51pm
rvotyrtsym:   Have they ever gave high pitch a I.Q. test on the show? Him and the midget are probably about the same intellectually.ack ack
21st Dec, 6:07pm
tvmogull:   funny High Pitch Eric gif:
21st Dec, 5:56pm
bmbr:   aww no back office radio is up from this week?
21st Dec, 1:47pm
HanKHiLL:   holy shit howard's comming in on a friday???
21st Dec, 12:35pm
MFizzel:   Back Office Radio anyone?
21st Dec, 12:16pm
Fooseman:   Announced on Back Office Radio from 12/20, Stern show will be live Wednesday Jan. 2nd and will do shows that Thursday and Friday.
21st Dec, 10:30am
tvmogull:   its been years now and i still cant comprehend why Jon Hein is considered such a "talent" to Stern. He is by far the most boring host, yet he hosts almost everything.
20th Dec, 9:41pm
Qubichi:   tv cast specials are so fail...painful to listen to
20th Dec, 7:39pm
bratwurst:   no doubt about that, linny
20th Dec, 3:28pm
linnyb:   Would i be correct in assuming that new shows are done for the year oh wisest of wise?
20th Dec, 3:00pm
pulpo:   id rather listen to scott the engineer's playlist.
20th Dec, 2:59pm
pulpo:   if i wanted to listen to lame overproduced radio i would download the history of howard stern.
20th Dec, 2:58pm
pulpo:   wow fuck this tv cast special in jon hines fat ass.
20th Dec, 1:27pm
rvotyrtsym:   Yeah bratwurst.That's what mutt said on the roundtable.It's probably just a rumor.
20th Dec, 11:06am
Shalimar:   @ leechbot.. actually it didn't and wasn't.
20th Dec, 11:02am
bratwurst:   I doubt it as well, Hank...but MA from Brklyn tweeted this yesterday...not sure how she would know. Considering the wacky AGT schedule ahead, it is not totally implausible
20th Dec, 8:10am
HanKHiLL:   brat i doubt that howard would come in on a thurs and fri unless the whole schedule gets changed to thursdays and fridays
20th Dec, 4:39am
LeechBot:   so that's two things, mf.
20th Dec, 4:37am
LeechBot:   you're a liar: when I said that Fred's bad Michael Caine impression was extremely funny, that also made quite a bit of sense.
20th Dec, 12:29am
Shalimar:   @ leechbot.. the 1st thing you have said so far that actually makes sense (though I prefer my 9mm)
19th Dec, 11:32pm
LeechBot:   sensible or not, I'd still rather protect my home with a 20 gauge than with a knife.
19th Dec, 9:39pm
bratwurst:   Rumors that the show will return on Wed. Jan 2 and have live shows that Thurs and Friday as well? I'll believe it when I hear it!
19th Dec, 6:30pm
19th Dec, 5:28pm
Shalimar:   @ leechbot. your entire arguement is as nonsensical as the BS spewed by piers morgan and wendy culkier
19th Dec, 5:26pm
Shalimar:   @ bellet exactly.. and @ leechbot.. a knife is just as deadly as a gun.. is easier to conceal as a rule.. is legal to carry almost anywhere etc etc.. you again are missing the point the object is not the problem. the lunatic using it is.
19th Dec, 4:34pm
HanKHiLL:   just cut up interviews with the casts of different shows
19th Dec, 1:36pm
weed89:   what are the TVcast specials???? melrose place????? wtf?
19th Dec, 9:22am
LeechBot:   yeah, but the argument is that when shit happens with a knife, the damage is a lot less. everyone survived that recent psychotic attack in China.
19th Dec, 1:56am
bellet:   Shit happens guns or no guns
18th Dec, 8:11pm
SpaceEdge:   BiteMyTorrent is now open for registration again. If you want in just go there create a account then PM the username and I will approve it.
18th Dec, 6:26pm
Shalimar:   @rvotyrtsymn if not.. then stfu since w/o actual details and facts.. well u are nothing different than wendy culkier (and intentionally skewed facts are not accepted..same as wendy spews)
18th Dec, 5:51pm
Shalimar:   rvotyrtsym: @ shalibullshit <-- care to elaborate? or would vague BS comments prove your point.....
18th Dec, 5:50pm
Shalimar:   @bratwurst no news there
18th Dec, 5:50pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ shalibullshit
18th Dec, 3:45pm
bratwurst:   It's official...there is no place on the internet where one is safe from hearing about guns (pro or con)
18th Dec, 2:53pm
Shalimar:   and yes I am at this point a resident expert on this subject (I'm even one of the few to take the CDN gov to court over it)
18th Dec, 2:30pm
Shalimar:   Oh and yes I'm a Canuck.. but I'm also ex-USAF
18th Dec, 2:23pm
Shalimar:   personally my taurus 92 in 9mm is very nice.. and if i ever need higher FP I have access to FA's (in the US that is sadly..)
18th Dec, 2:22pm
Shalimar:   "gun control".. it has direct correcaltion to the age of the population and there being less young males under 30 etc etc
18th Dec, 2:21pm
Shalimar:   @ LeechBot: actually we hvae more than the stats since more than half were never registered (registration does sfa for safety btw) and on both sides of the border the rate or murders involving any firearm have been steadily dropping since the 50s... which has nothing to do with any '
18th Dec, 6:57am
HanKHiLL:   if you have axxs to it then watch the wire
18th Dec, 2:12am
LeechBot:   dealuva: you have a golden opportunity to catch up on Vampire Diaries.
18th Dec, 2:10am
LeechBot:   and you can't beat a shotgun for home protection.
18th Dec, 2:10am
LeechBot:   on second thought, I'm keeping the greeter. Why? I'm thinking that, yeah, a maniac could blow 7 people to smithereens, but the thing is so slow to reload that there's far less damage in the long run. It's about saving lives.
18th Dec, 2:03am
LeechBot:   OK, of course I'm kidding about the Glock. It's just too sweet, and reliable.
18th Dec, 2:01am
LeechBot:   and my Mossberg 500.
18th Dec, 2:00am
LeechBot:   and my Taurus 66.
18th Dec, 1:59am
LeechBot:   As Michael Moore points out in Bowling for Columbine, Canada has as many guns (per capita) as the U.S., but nowhere near the rate of shootings. For sure it's basically a social issue about how children are treated and provided for. But as long as there are Scott Depaces out there raising children, then maybe putting a band-aid on it with gun control would save a lot more grief than it would cause. Maybe it would be worth it to sell back my Glock 37.
17th Dec, 7:30pm
Seeker:   SoA is amazing!
17th Dec, 7:22pm
ROEU812:   dead, are you watching The Walking Dead? that's one to look into !
17th Dec, 5:50pm
deadluvva:   But meth=Breaking Bad = freakin genius. Best show ever.
17th Dec, 4:52pm
outsideshot:   so many people say it's a great show. i've never seen it. meth abuse is just not up my alley
17th Dec, 4:31pm
Qubichi:   sons of anarchy is good
17th Dec, 4:07pm
deadluvva:   Lookin for a tv show to get into fir the holidays? Anyone seen Sons of Anarchy? Any good?
17th Dec, 3:11pm
Shalimar:   sorry Nalco.. can't say.. my reciever isn't hooked up atm
17th Dec, 2:50pm
Nalco:   So I take it they are on vacation. Marks shows nothing...
17th Dec, 1:55pm
Shalimar:   if you want to save kids from death.. ban swimming pools.. since they are the #1 cause of death for kids. (sounds absurd right? but it's true.)
17th Dec, 1:54pm
Shalimar:   @ neilfarted: technically you are inncorrect since there is no requirement for licensing/registration or insurance if the vehicle is only used on private property (same in Canada). Why ppl keep trying to equate firearms to automobiles is funny though.. esp since they neglect to add that far far far more ppl are killed every yr by cars than all guns together.
17th Dec, 1:51pm
Shalimar:   oh and for those that pity the lunatic etc.. I say the same to you as I did to a friend here. If it was one of my sons that did this I'd shoot him myself.
17th Dec, 1:50pm
Shalimar:   be very happy you do have the 2nd on your side of the border... since other than "gun free zones" there could be someone with a CCW permit there to stop the asshole when they try this crap. We on this side of the border are far far worse off in that regard sadly.
17th Dec, 1:48pm
Shalimar:   @ thericochet: go to youtube.. look for Susanna Hupp's 4 part video about her surviving a lunatic.. and then look at why no Israili school is ever attacked now by such. (They are ARMED). Anyone believing in BS like a "gun free zone" is not only delusion but only helps the lunatics to pull off this sort of crime.
17th Dec, 1:44pm
Shalimar:   @ thericochet: seriously.. you need a reality check badly.
17th Dec, 1:44pm
Shalimar:   @thericochet: oh please...
17th Dec, 12:11pm
neilfarted:   we do, however, regulate who drives automobiles, and require you have insurance in order to use your automobile
17th Dec, 7:21am
Seeker:   My two cents: When a person dies (or is killed by another), in a car crash... We do not say, "Get rid of automobiles". - Love you guys, no homo!
17th Dec, 12:05am
green:   You say a dumb fuck prayer, - Go be an asshole somewhere else, let the people mourn the way they want .... As for the other stufff..I got No Trailer, No Rifle or Small Dick either. I got a Big House, Big Cock, and a Wilson Combat Elite Pro .45
16th Dec, 11:06pm
thericochet:   Maybe put a face to the little kids who fucking died so you can take that NRA cock out of your mouth for a second. Pussy.
16th Dec, 11:06pm
16th Dec, 10:54pm
thericochet:   Small dick fuck.
16th Dec, 10:54pm
thericochet:   'I wants mah assault rifles, who gives a fuk how many toddlers die"
16th Dec, 10:54pm
thericochet:   Green, the blood is on your hands, motherfucker. Trailer trash piece of shit.
16th Dec, 10:03pm
TheRyche:   and its effin great lol
16th Dec, 9:58pm
bellet:   The problem with Robin is she sits at home all day. She does the show high on pain meds. Nobody on the show will call her on it. She is loud and shot out of a cannon.
16th Dec, 1:12pm
bratwurst:   I am not a serious Robin hater like so many online, but her bogus laughter during the Tarantino interview was beyond obnoxious.
16th Dec, 11:39am
16th Dec, 9:21am
green:   who gives a shit what you're tired of.
16th Dec, 9:20am
green:   thericochet go fuck yourself asshole!
15th Dec, 11:06am
deadluvva:   @ ricochet ; WOW! "Dear God, why didn't you stop the shooting after the first dead kid. Amen'"
15th Dec, 8:31am
HanKHiLL:   yea bor and the fat guy show are the only live content next week
15th Dec, 2:37am
thericochet:   that's the best kind of typing, brat
15th Dec, 1:49am
bratwurst:   apologies for drunk typing!
15th Dec, 1:48am
bratwurst:   I am assuming it is a 3 week break, but OTOH, the crazy off time of AGT might mean shows night week. I swear I saw a tweet from Jason today referring to something coming up on BOR next week, not sure if that means Stern shows as well or not
15th Dec, 12:50am
HanKHiLL:   so ne1 else think 3 week vacation
14th Dec, 11:43pm
thericochet:   Sorry, just sick of reading the flood of "praying for _____" on facebook and elsewhere. Meanwhile nothing actually gets done to prevent bullshit like this due to the NRA having a stranglehold on congress. I even read one psycho parent saying ALL teachers should have guns in the classroom with gun training. Ho-ly-fuck. The backwards mentality of so-called gun culture truly sickens me.
14th Dec, 11:39pm
thericochet:   That'll help a lot. Actual action works better though.
14th Dec, 11:39pm
thericochet:   'Dear God, why didn't you stop the shooting after the first dead kid. Amen'
14th Dec, 11:35pm
ROEU812:   Say a prayer for the victims and their families of the sensless horror in CT. I'm at a loss for words....
14th Dec, 12:13pm
HanKHiLL:   *half
14th Dec, 12:07pm
HanKHiLL:   SaCo, i think tan mon ate like a haft pan of hash brownies before she went in
13th Dec, 8:13pm
bratwurst:   Was the Tan Mom really in there for well over an hour?
13th Dec, 6:59pm
liquid2000:   what show did tim sabien confess to shitting up the bathroom?
13th Dec, 5:27pm
SaCo:   holy shit this Tan Mom segment is nuts. She is she slow? she sounds drugged up or somethin
13th Dec, 9:56am
usiphi203:   And Jackie wouldn't wash his hand after going dooting. Why? Because he had on finger cots. What a nut.
13th Dec, 9:50am
quaffcravat:   I noticed that " reading of the stories" right when it started. He is just phoning it in. Its not fun or funny
12th Dec, 10:21pm
bratwurst:   I think Timmy was first announced as missing on the same day in early 1996 that John announced he had knocked up his then about epic ballbusting!
12th Dec, 9:26pm
Seeker:   Remember Jackie's finger cots? I did not like Jackie, but the ribbing on him was radio GOLD!
12th Dec, 7:39pm
rvotyrtsym:   12 12 12
12th Dec, 5:37pm
usiphi203:   and when Nancy called in about the F timmy stuff. How fitting, they buried him in their garden in a champagne box.
12th Dec, 2:51pm
deadluvva:   Let's not forget Timmy the cat. They were brutal about it. Funny as hell.
12th Dec, 2:37pm
nap:   Let Your Tongue Roll Over My Bunghole
12th Dec, 12:06pm
W00dyW00d:   @ROEU812: Yes, I've noticed that for a while. He gets abnormally loud and fake with his laugh
12th Dec, 6:49am
ROEU812:   Anyone else notice Fred is doing what Jackie used to do, You KNOW just by the way he laughs at a joke Howie tells, it's one Fred fed him?
11th Dec, 6:33pm
thericochet:   Totally brat. It's embarrassing.
11th Dec, 6:31pm
thericochet:   Off Hour Rockers!! Hee hee hee haw haw haw haw haw
11th Dec, 6:30pm
rvotyrtsym:   Yesterdays show sucked ass!
11th Dec, 12:01pm
bratwurst:   Ok, listening to the 12/3 the second hour, I did hear his Leno-esque take on "news stories". It IS totally hacky. I hope Benji is not writing that stuff.
11th Dec, 11:59am
usiphi203:   I still read marksfriggin everyday, Howard was fired up right off the bat.
11th Dec, 11:57am
LeechBot:   Funniest ad lib joke ever: 1998-99, Robin's doing a story about Michael Caine trying his hand at singing. Yet another famous actor making a douchebag out of himself by thinking he's a singer. Without missing a beat, Fred in his best bad British accent goes "Another glass of fool's gold..." Howard loses it. Maybe you had to be there, but it's about the hardest I've ever laughed at something on the show.
11th Dec, 10:08am
HanKHiLL:    i loved howards old rap about jackies shanty houses
11th Dec, 9:24am
usiphi203:   Cold gold makes you old, way before your time, Cold gold makes you sleep right through your prime, I said that... Whiskey is for celebratin', Beer just gives you body weight, n', Comes out of your ears before you're drunk.
11th Dec, 9:19am
usiphi203:   Jackie ball busting was and still is the funniest stuff ever on the show. All those damn songs and Billy singing them.
10th Dec, 9:20pm
bratwurst:   I love George, but next time he is in studio, remind me to fast forward through the first hour of that is THE SAME discussion about his sex life EVERY DAMN TIME
10th Dec, 8:43pm
thericochet:   Fuck I miss the Jackie stuff so much. They spent like 3 hours on the hotel plug (probably more) and it never, ever dragged. I'll never, ever get tired of Jackie impressions. I really wish Howard would lose all his money or something and had to really try and would bring back Jackie to sit in the chair to bust on. Even if Jackie's 80.
10th Dec, 8:10pm
ROEU812:   Best line of the 90's Howie.."Jackie , Where Did You Go For Vacation?" Jackie " I Stayed At The Cordoza Hotel"...LOL
10th Dec, 8:04pm
tvmogull:   My only real complaint is that he has become too lazy or insecure to actually hire a real person to replace Artie. Hell, with the $ Artie was getting he could hire several writers and a 2nd mic personality
10th Dec, 8:03pm
tvmogull:   he's got a hot wife, several castle-like homes and an entirely new "life" in the fast lane of the greatest city in the world.
10th Dec, 8:02pm
tvmogull:   @dead - yes, you are 100% correct, the show was the best thing out there. I concur completely, but you just gotta look at it logically - the man is a near billionaire and nearing 60 years old.
10th Dec, 6:48pm
Seeker:   Computers are EVIL!
10th Dec, 6:47pm
Seeker:   All this talk about his new written monologues .... I blame the new "Muldrid" system -
10th Dec, 6:47pm
monkeydrunk:   wow I'm glad other people have noticed how lame the show has been. I've been listening to the history of howard and it's been amazing. Much better than the daily show.
10th Dec, 5:19pm
deadluvva:   @ tvmogull - No it isn't just a radio show. It was the Mozart of radio. The Michelangelo of radio. Howard was that good. He changed how we see entertainment today. He was the true King and a genius. Damn rights I take it seriously. I take the show to heart. Back when it had heart anyway.
10th Dec, 5:18pm
deadluvva:   Love the old stuff too usiphi. The 90s were brilliant. The best radio ever.
10th Dec, 3:54pm
ernielogman:   are they on vacation already?
10th Dec, 3:46pm
thericochet:   i'm glad i'm not the only one who noticed it. normally lately i tune the show out mentally while doing other work because most shows are like Groundhog Day, unless a really good guest like Tarantino comes in, or Howard stops being lazy and does an interesting bit..but the dumb Leno-esque news bits snapped me out of it and made me think he was doing some elaborate April fools thing.
10th Dec, 2:04pm
poopdeck:   thericochet:I noticed it the first day he started doing those 1 liner jokes a few weeks ago. I really don't like it. Pretty lame IMHO
10th Dec, 1:04pm
usiphi203:   Love the old stuff and collections.
10th Dec, 1:03pm
usiphi203:   I gave up after his 1st contract a sirius expired. The whole playing like no one new he was resigning was annoying. Howard, Robin, Fred and Gary all have the same agent. It was very lame how they all carried on about not knowing. So, I said f-it and stopped listening to new shows. Never looked back.
10th Dec, 1:03pm
Sbkap1:   inglorious Basterds was a great movie
10th Dec, 12:16pm
bellet: link to just the show today'
10th Dec, 10:07am
tvmogull:   Yes it's waned in recent years but it's still by far the best thing out there. Hell even the great show Black on Black has suffered in recent weeks lol
10th Dec, 10:06am
tvmogull:   lol@sdot & dead - guys you really gotta stop taking the show so seriously - it's just a radio show? Yes it
9th Dec, 1:49pm
deadluvva:   That's why I finally bagged it SDOT. I found myself listening and getting angry. It was the exact opposite of the feeling he gave me years ago. He would make my everyday boring chores actually fun.
9th Dec, 11:00am
SDOT:   @therichochet i know what you're saying about howard doing his little "stand up" routine (reading a headline, then telling some awkard/terrible joke) toward the end of the first hour. he's done it the past couple of weeks at least, it's rarely funny. the show is really starting to get on my nerves.
9th Dec, 9:59am
HanKHiLL:   i still think true romace or reservoir dogs are his best work but i do hope that django unchained is pre'd early
9th Dec, 6:39am
LeechBot:   Pacquiao-Marquez--zOMG! grab the torrent before you get hit with a spoiler
9th Dec, 2:22am
LeechBot:   hank: yeah, I've seen that (based on QT's promotions). I like QT's also, just not as much as his earlier movies.
9th Dec, 1:30am
thericochet:   At the 53 min mark "A new study suggests men find women who look like them more this explains why I jerk off to pictures of the wicked witch of the west". That's actually one of the funnier lines, but still it's just weird how he's doing it from a piece of paper. Subtle thing that probably not a lot of people pick up on.
9th Dec, 1:29am
thericochet:   He's been doing it for the past couple of weeks sporadically but specifically on 12/05 at about the 52 minute mark he just rattles off news stories he's reading off a piece of paper, using them as a set up and then a lame punchline about what he thinks of the news story. It's just super awkward and unlike what he's good at. That's not the best example, but on 12/4 he did several of them in a row.
8th Dec, 10:01pm
bratwurst:   Can you give an example? Honest inquiry, not sure what you mean.
8th Dec, 4:03pm
thericochet:   I.E. unfunny
8th Dec, 4:02pm
thericochet:   Not to mention the jokes are actual things Leno would eagerly rattle off.
8th Dec, 4:02pm
thericochet:   Anyone else notice Howard's been doing obviously pre-written Leno monologue type stories about stuff in the news? I think he told Benjy to do that for him in order to fill up more time. I wouldn't care normally, it just sounds so stilted and unfunny since Howard is at his best when he's improvising, saying funny shit off the cuff.
8th Dec, 3:12pm
HanKHiLL:   leech i liked this inglourious bastards more --->
8th Dec, 12:07am
LeechBot:   QT is also good in his supporting roles, in other people's movies, too. If he didn't have high school or college theater experience, I'm curious how he developed his acting skills.
8th Dec, 12:02am
LeechBot:    bratwurst: I still thought Jackie Brown was great (watch it again and see), but after that, yeah, QT wasn't so special. Kill Bill and Deathproof were fun, but I also don't get all the hoopla about Inglorious Basterds. But I'm looking forward to Django.
7th Dec, 9:31pm
Seeker:   I am more of an Eegles fan, but Lead "Zeppelin" is also great!
7th Dec, 3:45pm
usiphi203:   haha, it was early.
7th Dec, 3:05pm
deadluvva:   Seriously usiphi, "zeplin"? Ooooof. I am personally insulted. Let's try it again. Z-E-P-P-E-L-I-N. Their guitarist Johhny Page was amazing.
7th Dec, 3:03pm
deadluvva:   I blew a guy once. I needed the money. Nah, I didn't really need the money
7th Dec, 3:03pm
deadluvva:   You blew it!
7th Dec, 1:51pm
Sbkap1:   Ricktunes: yes I blew it then thanks
7th Dec, 1:29pm
bratwurst:   I know many disagree, but I have found every single project QT has been involved with since Pulp Fiction to be sub par.
7th Dec, 10:43am
usiphi203:   I love the guy but his "homage" to all of these movies is wearing a little thin. He's the led zeplin of the movie biz.
7th Dec, 10:39am
usiphi203:   He was or maybe still is a member at k5. I would guess the powers that be at k5 had a hand in it.
7th Dec, 3:38am
LeechBot:   wikipedia mentions QT's contact with Lawrence Bender. I'd like to hear how he gets from 1987 to Reservoir Dogs. The video store to director's chair is a simplified myth that people repeat endlessly. But QT was a maniac for making films. I'd like to hear how he worked his way into the business.
6th Dec, 9:07pm
HanKHiLL:   my guess is that he sucked the "right dick in hollywood" to give hime a chance. but true romance is a awesome movie
6th Dec, 8:42pm
LeechBot:   and riddle me this, shoutbox: how does QT go from a video store to directing Harvey Keitel? They never talk about how he makes the transition from 1990-1992.
6th Dec, 8:23pm
LeechBot:   I'd allow Fred's pronunciation of "silicon." But only an old fart like Fred would guess the Dallas Cowboys. I would think a young fart like the Jeopardy guy could easily guess Pittsburgh, or at least Giants or 49'ers.
6th Dec, 7:57pm
asg:   back office radio today?
6th Dec, 7:19pm
ROEU812:   greentea123 - Via Con Dios ! But right now, with what I'm going through in my life, I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'D DO without Howie and the Gang right now....
6th Dec, 5:41pm
jaycee0673:   can anyone upload a best of goofing on gary moments? That would be very fucking awesome.
6th Dec, 5:34pm
SaCo:   also fred said silicone not silica there is a difference he lost the first game imo.
6th Dec, 5:32pm
SaCo:   What is wrong with you nerds that LISTENING to a show takes up so much of your life?
6th Dec, 5:07pm
deadluvva:   I gave up probably 3 years ago and focused on listening to the 90's shows. Best decision I have ever made.
6th Dec, 3:27pm
bratwurst:   Happy trails.
6th Dec, 2:42pm
greentea123:   Kind of like eos said awhile back when he left, I'm looking forward to getting some of my life back
6th Dec, 2:40pm
greentea123:   Been through a lot with Stern and his gang over the years, but I simply can't take it anymore
6th Dec, 2:37pm
greentea123:   So long to my Redskunk buddies and thanks for the many years
6th Dec, 2:36pm
greentea123:   I'm sure nobody really cares, but once Stern announced he was returning to AGT I announced to my wife that I was done listening to him after 14 years
6th Dec, 12:15pm
usiphi203:   anyone have the IQ results show? It was on 7-29-2010.
6th Dec, 12:03am
downtown:   @ping, he kinda looks like a normal person with all plastic surgery
5th Dec, 10:41pm
Seeker:   If you think Redskunk does'nt answer questions, try asking a question in the K5 shoutbox... Jeez!
5th Dec, 10:06pm
weed89:   @ TVMOGULL- my reply to your a doubt............."Perhaps"....I hope that was helpful
5th Dec, 6:30pm
ricktunes:   Sbkap1, I told you regys were open last week. You blew it
5th Dec, 6:22pm
tvmogull:   lol@rvot & dead. i guess i just suck then?
5th Dec, 6:21pm
tvmogull:   lol@ping i love how stern purposely doesnt smile in pictures, as though that makes him look cooler or something
5th Dec, 6:08pm
rvotyrtsym:   Me too deadluvva.I find the good people here at redskunk to be very helpful.
5th Dec, 3:03pm
deadluvva:   Unlike you mogul everytime I have asked a question here some kind person has helped me out.
5th Dec, 12:32pm
5th Dec, 9:16am
5th Dec, 9:13am
ping12:   Stern was once again complaining about his looks on Tuesday's show, pondering why he doesn't look like Brad Pitt. Stern actually used to be a good looking guy. The problem is that Stern is old and now looks even older than his age. In his most recent pics, he has more wrinkles than most people in their 70's or 80's
5th Dec, 8:01am
tvmogull:   lol ya know whats funny about this site - i think Ive asked 4-5 "stern related" questions over the years and not one time has anybody ever been helpful lol.
5th Dec, 12:05am
4th Dec, 7:42pm
bratwurst:   Just got through the Tom Kotter on the wrap up show...what a baby. "WAAAAH Howard asked my wife about our sex life".
4th Dec, 7:05pm
weed89:   was it Blue Iris??
4th Dec, 6:30pm
rvotyrtsym:   tv,That was Dr.Ruth Westheimer.
4th Dec, 5:23pm
tvmogull:   ok old time HTVOD request here but does anybody remember the really short girl who came in to have her boobs checked for breast cancer who had like FF boobs or something? NO idea what her name was but it was probably early 90s.
4th Dec, 4:12pm
Shalimar:   Seeker: EOS, Check you inbox.... I sent you some PORN! <-- evil keepin that all to yourselves :P
4th Dec, 1:06pm
ping12:   Howard is much wittier and sounds far more energized with George in the studio. Monday's show was great!
4th Dec, 12:35am
bratwurst:   even though I am generally a week or two behind, I don't mind getting breaking news ahead of time like this. No problem avoiding anything having to do with Bradley Snoozer at all
3rd Dec, 11:23pm
LeechBot:   That tidbit's all over the Bradley Cooper newsfeed, so you better avoid that, too.
3rd Dec, 11:20pm
LeechBot:   spoiler (if you haven't listened to the 12/3 show yet): Howie signed up for another hitch at AGT.
3rd Dec, 10:07pm
eos:   Speaking of, Mia Malkova is a FOX. Holy Shit.
3rd Dec, 9:40pm
jerseydope:   aboogly yadda da to all the uploaders!!!
3rd Dec, 7:25pm
Seeker:   EOS, Check you inbox.... I sent you some PORN!
3rd Dec, 5:10pm
rvotyrtsym:   SternGeek blows.
3rd Dec, 3:10pm
bellet:   Ps I didn't have to dl anything, but the show. It was a bit hard to navigate though.
3rd Dec, 3:09pm
bellet:   the last linnk dled for me I think it's just the show because it is only about 3 1/2 hours. I am guess toe will post soon
3rd Dec, 2:07pm
jpolz:   someone post it here
3rd Dec, 2:07pm
jpolz:   neither of those work for me all pop up BS trying to get me to download 3rd party programs
3rd Dec, 2:01pm
arcterex:   Thanks Bellet. Show only or also WUS?
3rd Dec, 1:34pm
bellet: seems faster
3rd Dec, 1:32pm
bellet: I used that link a lot of popup, but seems to be working.
3rd Dec, 1:27pm
bellet:   No show links yet?
3rd Dec, 1:24pm
ha4dcore:   why is it dam near impossible for me to download from sterngeek? maybe because i use a droid instead of a pc but its endless link after BS link
3rd Dec, 12:49pm
greentea123:   What has happened to our King
3rd Dec, 12:47pm
greentea123:   As I said last week, the dreaded day has come... Stern will be back on AGT next season
3rd Dec, 12:36pm
NewLee:   musculature
3rd Dec, 12:28pm
megahurt:   eos, please come back.
3rd Dec, 11:43am
desert420:   EOS - Yea i would be willing.
3rd Dec, 10:32am
HanKHiLL:   tickle my tits
3rd Dec, 7:19am
wichiwuman:   Thanks EOS! yer awesome
3rd Dec, 7:03am
Seeker:   I would be willing to help you EOS. About to leave for work, but will be home tonight.
3rd Dec, 4:08am
eos:   wichiwuman: I couldn't reseed the file for some reason, so here's a link instead.
3rd Dec, 3:27am
eos:   Would anyone with the knowledge be willing to look over the answers on my take home test for PC Hardware? I'll link to the .doc files.
3rd Dec, 12:18am
wichiwuman:   *crickets chirping*
2nd Dec, 8:45pm
tvmogull:   just heard the Bradley Cooper interview - love how Cooper goofed on Sterns hugely white fake teeth lol
2nd Dec, 7:41am
wichiwuman:   I just want the show from that day so it doesn't matter which version. I want to hear the duran duran interview
2nd Dec, 7:41am
wichiwuman:   can someone seed "Stern-2007-10-31cf - an eos edit"?
2nd Dec, 4:26am
thericochet:   @rv, what does it say about me that it popped in my mind effortlessly? 8[
1st Dec, 9:35pm
jhames34:   Well Howard and Beth DO both have long faces, so maybe. Anyways didn't we all know Howard was going to change the minute we found out he was engaged back in 2007?
1st Dec, 5:53pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ thericochet,That's a extraordinary strange/weird/odd hypothesis.
1st Dec, 5:02pm
thericochet:   Maybe Beth killed Howard sometime in 2007 and has been wearing his skin ever since. That would explain A LOT and put my mind at ease at least a little.
1st Dec, 4:21pm
ROEU812:   Someone I follow on Twitter retweeted a tweet by an account named Hugh Jassol.... I laughed for a minute when I saw that one...
1st Dec, 12:28pm
Seeker:   One exotic jungle bunny imported from Nigeria. The jungle bunny is known to be feisty, but can be trained.
1st Dec, 12:25pm
bratwurst:   That might explain it. like I said, I knew it would suck and I knew I would skip almost all of it, but as I fast forwarded, I would stop every 15 mins of so only to hear Howard say something like "so lets talk about your looks". WTF?
30th Nov, 10:30pm
thericochet:   @brat, I'm pretty sure Beth is booking the show now
30th Nov, 8:13pm
bratwurst:   Just finally getting through the last show before Thanksgiving...I knew the Bradley Cooper segment would be bad, but wow! I made it through a total of 3 minutes out of the hour plus he spent on the air for the THIRD TIME IN 8 MONTHS.
30th Nov, 11:11am
MFizzel:   Back Office Radio anyone?
30th Nov, 10:42am
FJackie:   @thericochet. Thanks. They had what I was looking for.
30th Nov, 12:36am
LeechBot:   And how about the Shit Show!
29th Nov, 7:54pm
bratwurst:   As anyone who watched AGT knows, Cotter is basically a hack.
29th Nov, 5:55pm
thericochet:   Did Tom Cotter really use the fat chicks/moped joke as an example of his dirty material? Wow. Didn't realize he was 80 years old.
29th Nov, 12:25pm
greentea123:   It's safe to blame Tim Sabean for everything - that Shitstain
29th Nov, 12:24pm
thericochet:   You should check Pirate Bay. Looks like the site's overloaded right now but I googled "howard stern 2006 torrent" and the first result was a PB link. Try that with other years too.
29th Nov, 12:07pm
FJackie:   Hey everyone, I'm looking for full years of the early Sirius days...2006, 2007 etc. Does anyone know where I might find them?
29th Nov, 12:00pm
thericochet:   last of a dying breed? etc. etc.
29th Nov, 11:59am
thericochet:   join the revolution?
29th Nov, 8:21am
usiphi203:   The channels are a work in progress, gotta give it time.
29th Nov, 3:56am
hangemhigh:   I'm still waiting for the revolution..I think i got gypted..or is that (jewed)?
29th Nov, 2:54am
thericochet:   Dry oatmeal.....FUCK.........FUCK.......:cough cough:....could you get me some hot water? Hot. FUCK!
28th Nov, 10:27pm
rvotyrtsym:   Vagina Pooooooooooooooooooooooosy
28th Nov, 10:01pm
robinsweetie:   my whole wang hurt
28th Nov, 9:46pm
granpuba:   can't believe 20 mil watched that crap.
28th Nov, 9:43pm
granpuba:   She needs a remix called "Penis is my favorite"
28th Nov, 9:42pm
granpuba:   Has anyone seen Lupe trying to be a pop star?
28th Nov, 9:23pm
ohsolemio:   i take a shit in your chest it is, fuck AGT
28th Nov, 9:04pm
rvotyrtsym:   I'll lick your angina,it is.I'll even lick your asshole,I will.You like big cock?I got nine and a half inches,it is.You like head?
28th Nov, 8:09pm
HanKHiLL:   I'm gonna fluck you like a wild laminal it is
28th Nov, 6:53pm
linnyb:   Hence the recent announcement of the new Jerry Sandusky Comedy Hour
28th Nov, 5:59pm
usiphi203:   My mom watches AGT and loves Howard. Before that, she said he was gross. TV sure can change your image.
28th Nov, 5:53pm
xrockmanx:   I think he was doing AGT to test the waters and verify that there will be life for him after radio. Now that he has done that he doesnt want to work 2 full time jobs so hes stuck.
28th Nov, 5:52pm
xrockmanx:   @deadluvva You do have a valid point. Stern does not care that much about the radio show anymore. If he did he would be on 5 days a week. He wants to retire but he doesnt want to stay home all day and still seem important so thats why he still does it.
28th Nov, 5:50pm
xrockmanx:   its a free resource, no harm done. Got me the show faster than the site did today anyways.
28th Nov, 5:34pm
rvotyrtsym:   @xrock,SternGeek sucks ASS.
28th Nov, 5:00pm
usiphi203:   I could have been Dean's brother, weird. I think I found my twin.
28th Nov, 4:57pm
deadluvva:   If Stern spent all his fucking energy on the radio show, like he did, maybe it would still be worth checking out. F'ing sad....
28th Nov, 4:56pm
usiphi203:   haha, laughing already.
28th Nov, 4:54pm
usiphi203:   thanks thizelle. I searched and never found it. I speak your name.
28th Nov, 4:11pm
thericochet:   I don't mind when he talks about it while the show is going on, but what the fuck was up with spending hours and hours talking about it when nobody knew what the fuck he was talking about because the season hadn't even premiered yet. Hope he doesn't make that same mistake now that it's not new for him anymore.
28th Nov, 3:39pm
greentea123:   I can't be the only one who hopes he doesn't return to AGT
28th Nov, 3:37pm
greentea123:   Don't think I can listen to him ramble about that crap show for another year
28th Nov, 3:35pm
greentea123:   Not looking forward to December - Pretty sure Stern will announce his plans to return to AGT just like he did last December
28th Nov, 3:12pm
SeattleLynn:   ty xrockmanx - and I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one with sterngeek. I didn't want to bitch either, because I'm thankful for all uploads.
28th Nov, 2:43pm
xrockmanx:   this link works for todays show:
28th Nov, 2:37pm
brianwis1:   OK good, didn't want to be a dick but I tried also and its a real pain in the ass
28th Nov, 2:31pm
SeattleLynn:   I agree ha4dcore. I've tried and it's just an endless circle (and I am very familiar with how to download from a hosting site).
28th Nov, 2:21pm
ha4dcore:   yea but it's near impossible to download from sterngeek
28th Nov, 1:56pm
nap:   Sterngeek has today's shows posted already ;)
28th Nov, 12:56pm
sflocco:   Steve O yet again. I guess Joan Rivers will be in again next week.
28th Nov, 12:43pm
thizzelle: -- push up challenge --- actual push ups at 46 min in
28th Nov, 11:34am
usiphi203:   anyone have video of the Scott pushup challenge? I have audio but have never seen the video.
27th Nov, 5:49pm
bratwurst:   Is Robin still at home this week?
27th Nov, 2:42pm
HanKHiLL:   sounds like i'll be able to warm up my FF button once i'm done with the master tape marathon
27th Nov, 2:26pm
bratwurst:   Over an hour today with Steve O? Was Bradley Cooper not available?
27th Nov, 9:20am
usiphi203:   I see now, got donate to get invites. The site is on my donate list.
27th Nov, 9:18am
usiphi203:   maybe I am unable to send them.
27th Nov, 9:15am
usiphi203:   I have a 1.20 ratio and still got booted. I emailed them and they let be back on. Very strict I guess. My ratio is low here but I donate.
27th Nov, 9:14am
usiphi203:   If I ever figure out how to bo able to send an invite sotie99, I will send you one.
26th Nov, 10:33pm
LeechBot:   changed my life.
26th Nov, 10:26pm
LeechBot:   major takeaway from today's show.
26th Nov, 10:26pm
LeechBot:   If she can bleed, she can be butchered.
26th Nov, 8:12pm
Seeker:   A drugged up and drunk jhames34 is better! Hey now!
26th Nov, 7:01pm
rvotyrtsym:   Thanks ricktunes.Much appreciated.A drugged up drunk Riley is hilarious.
26th Nov, 6:19pm
ricktunes:   Just started listening to it and Riley is totally wasted.
26th Nov, 6:07pm
ricktunes:   rvo, Riley did a Thanksgiving Eve Special so it's probably that night, the 21st. I have the special and will up it on tk if someone doesn't up it before me.
26th Nov, 6:04pm
ricktunes:   Sbkap1, torrent keepers regys are currently open.
26th Nov, 4:47pm
rvotyrtsym:   Anyone know the date of the Riley Martin Show clips played on todays show?
26th Nov, 4:46pm
sotie99:   Anybody here on I'm looking for a referral. I'd like to get some old shows that aren't seeded on this site.
26th Nov, 4:44pm
Sbkap1:   ill send a torrentday invite for a torrentkeeper invite, Thanks
26th Nov, 2:36pm
bmbr:   Man, I've been ignoring the k5 talk for a long time now because I'm happy here and don't wanna be a mooch.. but now I'm fucking curious. If someone is feelin gregarious, PM me some info ;)
26th Nov, 1:20pm
usiphi203:   [url][/url] Crackhead should step up.
26th Nov, 11:41am
HanKHiLL:   yup
26th Nov, 11:38am
jschmigga:   New show today? Back from break?
25th Nov, 11:47pm
Seeker:   Elliot was so classy!
25th Nov, 9:51pm
25th Nov, 11:42am
deadluvva:   wish I had something exciting to tell you rvo. Just chillin like a villain
24th Nov, 5:41pm
rvotyrtsym:   sup deadluvva
24th Nov, 4:44pm
deadluvva:   I'm just trying to fit in
24th Nov, 4:44pm
24th Nov, 12:06pm
24th Nov, 10:56am
23rd Nov, 8:19am
ROEU812:   Wow !! K5 Thanksgiving Day gift was AWESOME !!!
23rd Nov, 1:31am
NWsterngirl:   Anyone else having your K5 app freeze on you? Fuck me sideways....I want the power ON, gahdemmit!
22nd Nov, 12:31pm
Seeker:   Did everyone see what "Kay Five" sent to us for Thanksgiving? Check your inbox! Happy Turkey Day! Love you guys (No Homo)!
22nd Nov, 12:05pm
ricktunes:   Right on, what he ↓ said, Happy Thanksgiving all.
22nd Nov, 11:42am
cameltoe:   Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
22nd Nov, 11:10am
Shalimar:   but Turkey day was LAST MONTH you know ~_^
22nd Nov, 11:10am
Shalimar:   we keep trying but just can't get rid of you! (j.k)
22nd Nov, 11:10am
Shalimar:   Indeed SF... you have been here sometime now
22nd Nov, 10:40am
HanKHiLL:   YEA turkey day time to get stoned and eat a lot
22nd Nov, 10:15am
ROEU812:   Happy Thanksgiving to All !! I'm thankful to everyone here for making this the BEST site on the web !!
22nd Nov, 9:08am
sflocco:   Happy Thanksgiving. I think number 7 for me here a Redskunk. The only real site for Stern shows
21st Nov, 4:47pm
rvotyrtsym:   He descendido cargado un pavo frito en kay five.hahaha
21st Nov, 4:09pm
tvmogull:   May I be he 1st to buck the system and wish you all a Craptacular T-giving.
21st Nov, 4:01pm
Shalimar:   toe rulez
21st Nov, 3:08pm
usiphi203:   no kidding, cameltoe and bigaudio.
21st Nov, 3:02pm
deadluvva:   Happy Thanksgiving to my neighbors to the south. Much love to y'all. Have some turkey for me
21st Nov, 1:54pm
jhames34:   Woo, lots of redskunk legends out and about in the shoutbox! Happy thanksgiving, ya legendary hearts!
21st Nov, 6:59am
ROEU812:   big !!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too my friend !!
21st Nov, 6:10am
LeechBot:   +1 on Bigfoot jr, it is. But yeah, if you don't like the original, you're not going to like the impersonator either because he's pretty close.
21st Nov, 1:00am
bigaudio:   dead sir, much love and respect back ... ROEU hey man great to see you ... the great camel still going strong, dawsum, dodally dawsum ... miss you guys, and all my friends here ... hope you all have a happy thanksgiving
20th Nov, 7:36pm
Seeker:   All praise for the Toe!
20th Nov, 7:10pm
cameltoe:   I had to repost the 11-20-12 Master Tape Theatre...there was something wrong with the seed.
20th Nov, 12:28pm
Shalimar:   HanKHiLL: Shalimar, oh yea with the wine every other sectence <- she mentioned her wine more often than a $2 whore can ask for a date
20th Nov, 12:23pm
tvmogull:   i havent heard Stern's latest rant against the new teefs of sal - but can i assume correctly that nobody truly points out how awful his own fake teef are?
20th Nov, 10:58am
usiphi203:   anyone have video of the Scott pushup challenge? I have audio but have never seen the video.
20th Nov, 2:01am
neilfarted:   i don't know, crash, when he starts to argue with ETM I about lose my shit at the office
20th Nov, 1:19am
thericochet:   Howard was making such a big deal out of Sal's teeth I was prepared to laugh my ass off when I went to look and they look as normal as possible for veneers or bonding or whatever it's called.
20th Nov, 1:18am
thericochet:   yeah i'd agree with that, tv
19th Nov, 11:00pm
crash613:   good fucking god! i fucking hate that nonsense that is big-foot Jr! I mean, the real one was bad enought, but now we have to listen to some ass-wipe pretend to be an anoying retard too?!
19th Nov, 6:30pm
feelmybrain:   just saw the new Zep release as well, man why can't they do a worldwide tour?!?
19th Nov, 4:27pm
deadluvva:   Zeppelin's 2007 show Celebration Day released today. Picked up the blu-ray package. F'ing love the mighty ship Zeppelin. And Jason did his Dad proud. Been a long time since I rock an rolled...........
19th Nov, 3:39pm
deadluvva:   Thanks ROEU for the info on the American Shameless. I will give it a try after the British version. I am loving it!
19th Nov, 3:31pm
tvmogull:   actually if you just compare the new teefs of Stern to those of Sal, I think Sal's look much more "normal". not to say that sal's are perfect, but clearly, sterns are a bit too big and white.
18th Nov, 9:51pm
thericochet:   I don't think either Howard's or Sal's are a problem, but he shouldn't be flinging stones when he had the same procedure done. Even if he paid 10 times what Sal did it's pretty much the same result. Abnormally perfectly shaped teeth that jut out a bit because they're bonded over real teeth.
18th Nov, 9:13pm
Seeker:   Gary getting caps
18th Nov, 10:10am
ping12:   I don't see what the big deal is with Howard or Sal's new teeth. They both look fine. Gary looks like a baboon.
18th Nov, 7:44am
LeechBot:   Once was fine, but these repeat appearances aren't worth it. They should finally get Jeff Daniels in there, and I bet it would be a lot better.
18th Nov, 7:41am
LeechBot:   bratwurst: yeah, I don't get the whole Bradley Cooper thing. For Hollywood, he's average looking at best. Not much personality on screen, so he's best cast as a second banana and his lead roles don't make a whole lot of money. The Hangover was great, but you could swap in any other pro actor for that role and it's just as good.
17th Nov, 11:56pm
thericochet:   Talk about projection
17th Nov, 11:55pm
thericochet:   How is that any better than this:
17th Nov, 11:51pm
thericochet:   He must not look in the mirror
17th Nov, 11:51pm
thericochet:   Listening to 11/12 and Howard's goofing on Sal's teeth saying "you've become what you used to goof on"...uh that's exactly what I've been thinking about Howard since he got his new chompers. Him goofing on Gary for 25 years and on Les Moonves for 10.
17th Nov, 10:51pm
bratwurst:   Anyone know what the deal is on the second Artie book? Was supposed to be out for Christmas, but not even available as a pre-order on Amazon.
17th Nov, 9:05pm
Seeker:   Yeah, I got it on my phone too, it's fucking sweet!
17th Nov, 7:04pm
jhames34:   I found out all about it on my K-cinco phone!
17th Nov, 6:01pm
ROEU812:   I'll always be grateful for deadluvva getting me in to the K5 community.....Ooopps sorry Ssshshhh
17th Nov, 5:23pm
rvotyrtsym:   El secreto de sumario permanece en efecto para k5.
17th Nov, 2:54pm
jhames34:   ixnay on the ivekay
17th Nov, 2:51pm
ROEU812:   dead, the US version is HILLARIOUS !!!
17th Nov, 1:31pm
deadluvva:   Anyone seen the tv show Shameless? I just started the original UK version and it is amazing. Sometimes hard to understand but amazing
17th Nov, 11:54am
bratwurst:   As soon as I see or hear the name "Bradley Cooper" I am immediately looking for a fast forward button
17th Nov, 7:54am
deadluvva:   Seriously guys, let's keep the mentions of K5 on the downlow. There are some people who are not happy.......
17th Nov, 6:42am
Seeker:   I got this message. Are you guys trying to get me KILLED? "all this mention of K5 has me totally in the dark is it a torrent or a direct link site? would I need an invite or can I sign up freely? thanks"
17th Nov, 5:57am
deadluvva:   Crazy Alice = best ever. My pretty complete clip pack is still around somewhere.
17th Nov, 12:57am
ping12:   Stern came off like a real jerk diva with that movie premiere story. He said he waited 5 minutes and there was some confusion with his seat, so he had a hissy fit and left. You know he did it just to get sympathy and apologies from the Bradley Cooper camp. He sounds like a little selfish kid or just an asshole. He needs to change therapists.
16th Nov, 6:11pm
ROEU812:   I miss Crazy Alice...
16th Nov, 2:23pm
HanKHiLL:   cool thanks i'm not very big on torrents i'm just here & HNL
16th Nov, 2:14pm
hangemhigh: is a similar site, they might be open
15th Nov, 5:16pm
HanKHiLL:   i got too exiceted and dug myself into a hole
15th Nov, 10:43am
HanKHiLL:   yea but i over did it
14th Nov, 9:57pm
hangemhigh:   hank, did you ever get that spyder invite?
14th Nov, 7:59pm
HanKHiLL:   Shalimar, oh yea with the wine every other sectence
14th Nov, 7:35pm
usiphi203:   haha at the Jimmy Hoffa comment. He was a good seeder. we speak you name.
14th Nov, 7:34pm
usiphi203:   boo boo kitty fuck rocks my lame ass
14th Nov, 6:17pm
Shalimar:   HanKHiLL: dr ruth was a good guest <-- but a complete plug whore
14th Nov, 6:09pm
HanKHiLL:   dr ruth was a good guest
14th Nov, 5:58pm
bratwurst:   I prefer dr. ruth to sandra
14th Nov, 5:38pm
rvotyrtsym:   The gag order remains in effect for k5.
14th Nov, 5:09pm
Seeker:   I am brilliant! Instead of saying K5, let's call it "Boo Boo Kitty Fuck". Example: "I was noticing Boo Boo Kitty Fuck has alot of shit. Boo Boo Kitty Fuck's shit is amazing".
14th Nov, 5:06pm
Seeker:    WARNING: Guys, I was reading the "Kay Five" forums, and they are on to US discussing THEM. They have ears EVERYWHERE! Remember what happened to the TheHSBB? Take note and keep it on the down low, for heaven's sake!
14th Nov, 4:56pm
greentea123:   Love that Kid Rock busted Howies chops about AGT
14th Nov, 4:52pm
ha4dcore:   yeah, Sandra Bernfart is a long FF and the Black Keys are awesome. if u dont know who they are you need to down load some.
14th Nov, 2:02pm
14th Nov, 1:30pm
RickyLsmalls:   lol@howard "I need guests that my audience want to hear" "Ok, well be right back with Sandra Bernhard"
14th Nov, 1:26pm
paladyr:   black keys are awesome!
14th Nov, 1:12pm
HanKHiLL:   i must be out of it too because i have no fucken idea who/what the black keys are
14th Nov, 12:46pm
deadluvva:   @ ha4 ; lollllllll Freakin sad. Black Keys are a great band.
14th Nov, 11:24am
HanKHiLL:   was it the 4th time?? i FF sanda bernheart anyways
14th Nov, 11:15am
ha4dcore:   i love how howard talked about not bringing bands on like rush or the black keys because they arent interesting to him or his audience then had on sanda bernheart for the 4th time thisyear
14th Nov, 9:43am
LeechBot:   with JFK.
14th Nov, 9:42am
LeechBot:   You're wrong: Jimmy Hoffa talked about K5.
13th Nov, 11:41pm
ohsolemio:   the 1st rule of K5 is, you dont talk about K5
13th Nov, 11:16pm
Seeker:   K5 has all the coolest stuff
13th Nov, 9:36pm
beetlejuice:   What is K5? thanks.
13th Nov, 7:12pm
rvotyrtsym:   koah,the stern show is available as a direct download on k5.
13th Nov, 6:38pm
koah:   Does anyone have a direct download link for today? I'm on the road and this hotel seems to be blocking any torrent.
13th Nov, 6:32pm
weed89:   @IIDXboss---" the lieberman vs sal rap battle has hit HTVOD "...yes...been there for a bit
13th Nov, 5:40pm
IIDXBoss:   Does anyone know if the lieberman vs sal rap battle has hit HTVOD yet?
13th Nov, 5:30pm
HanKHiLL:   I'm gonna fluck you like a wild laminal it is
13th Nov, 4:00pm
Shalimar:   somedays they can be amusing... but others.. well u know
13th Nov, 3:50pm
sumdim:   @Shalimar: I know stern loves em.. But I can't stand listening to any of the wackpack.. IMHO they are the worst part of the show
13th Nov, 2:25pm
Shalimar:   np.. tis not a biggie lol
13th Nov, 1:58pm
HanKHiLL:   oh alright i was just curious
13th Nov, 1:41pm
Shalimar:   afaik he does not listen to stern.. so that is moot
13th Nov, 1:40pm
Shalimar:   fuked if i know.. last time I saw him I beat the living shit outta him.. that was about 4 yrs ago.
13th Nov, 12:54pm
eyeofnone:   any kind souls out there have 2001-12-10cf & 2001-12-12cf? PM if you can help.
13th Nov, 10:58am
HanKHiLL:    that sucks Shalimar i feel for u dude, but what does your brother think of jeff?
13th Nov, 10:38am
Shalimar:   HanKHiLL: i hate jeff the drunk that useless fuck <-- he's so useless he makes my moronic brother look good.. and that alone is scary!
13th Nov, 9:57am
usiphi203:   and the stuck together promo
12th Nov, 8:28pm
HanKHiLL:   jeff was only funny when that chick had a break down while trying to fuck him
12th Nov, 8:27pm
HanKHiLL:   i hate jeff the drunk that useless fuck
12th Nov, 7:51pm
bratwurst:   I also don't miss crackhead. I only like hearing from jeff when he is getting yelled at and then hung up on
12th Nov, 6:22pm
ping12:   I don't miss crackhead bob at all. I also don't miss jeff the drunk. It's interesting how boring he is when he is not completely smashed.
12th Nov, 6:00pm
rvotyrtsym:   Cameltoes up's are the best on the net!
12th Nov, 5:39pm
Shalimar:   greentea123: @cameltoe: Always worth the wait man, Thanks <-- well said
12th Nov, 5:39pm
Shalimar:   PD rulez
12th Nov, 5:26pm
greentea123:   @cameltoe: Always worth the wait man, Thanks
12th Nov, 10:52am
HanKHiLL:   scott has to pick "smoking in the boys room" kkksh
12th Nov, 5:13am
Zapper562:   Monday 12 November show is live. 7:00 PM Monday show is "The Playlist" with Scott Salem.
11th Nov, 9:52pm
HanKHiLL:   i miss crackhead bob on the show
11th Nov, 9:52pm
HanKHiLL:   dickle my dits
11th Nov, 6:18pm
stuey868:   does anyone have may-july 2006? i would greatly appreciate it - pvt me if you do
11th Nov, 9:46am
deadluvva:   Thanks seeker for the youtube-mp3 converter. It stopped working awhile back so it is nice to see it working again.
11th Nov, 5:50am
LeechBot:    I'm getting away from the rap, the crap, and also the techno music that is very superfluous.
10th Nov, 7:43pm
NWsterngirl: The photos on that youtube as Daryl is talking is perfect. Kill all the fucking deer. They're 180 fucking pound rats. Kill the rabbits....fuck them too.
10th Nov, 7:37pm
NWsterngirl:   Dimme, dimme, dimme ba-donk-a-donk dues.
10th Nov, 3:51pm
Seeker:   Thizzelle, - It's an online mp3 converter. yeah, that's why i was given this name...Thanks Google! Bastards! Fucking Bastards!
10th Nov, 12:54pm
thizzelle:   thanks seek... i guess i can pull it and convert it to mp3... guess thats why they call you seeker
9th Nov, 9:25pm
Seeker:   Thizzelle, (November 14, 2007 - Daryl Hall on Howard Stern 2007 1 of 4 ) and song is here
9th Nov, 7:44pm
vha23:   does anyone know where to find a download pack of all musical guests? i used to have one from krok days, but i can't seem to find it in my archive
9th Nov, 5:31pm
thizzelle:   anyone remember the last time rich girl was played on the show? the live version.. it was played at the beginning of the show somewhat recently .. accidently deleted it now cant find it ... drivin me nutsd
9th Nov, 5:00pm
deadluvva:   Happy Friday night skunkers. Raisin an ice cold Molson to the good people here. Y'all know who you are.
9th Nov, 3:23pm
bmbr:   Thanks, Code66! Was just looking for that!
9th Nov, 11:39am
MFizzel:   Thank you Code66! phew
9th Nov, 2:19am
Code66:   Here's Back Office! Not my rip.
8th Nov, 11:13pm
dwalk35:   Fiending for BOR too!
8th Nov, 7:18pm
cubicz:   Back Office Radio today?
8th Nov, 12:28pm
usiphi203:   I'm retarded you jerk
7th Nov, 9:46pm
Seeker:   Classic Gary Prank Call -
7th Nov, 12:50pm
usiphi203:   yes, new show
7th Nov, 11:26am
HanKHiLL:   i miss gary, he is my fAAAvorite retard
6th Nov, 5:43pm
rvotyrtsym:   Vote for Gary the retard for president.This message approved by Gary the retard for president of the United States.
6th Nov, 2:25pm
abnormaldan:   LeechBot, I was just thinking about that clip and laughing loud enough to embarass myself! Does anyone know where I can find the audio of that - stream or download?
6th Nov, 2:18pm
downtown:   new show today?
6th Nov, 12:06pm
neilfarted:   the hank one is on the howardtv youtube channel.. i'm not sure wherte he jd one is
6th Nov, 11:32am
HanKHiLL:   no idea i missed the jd one
6th Nov, 10:51am
tvmogull:   im weeks behind in the show so i missed the apple/stern parodies of Hank and JD on the Stern site. Anybody know where they can be viewed now?
6th Nov, 5:28am
ROEU812:   Hullo, I'm Dirk Dougdas....
6th Nov, 5:22am
LeechBot:   We'll have presidents, vice presidents, and then where will the democrats be?
6th Nov, 2:08am
hangemhigh:   zoo za zoo
5th Nov, 7:48pm
ROEU812:   Yeah Big, glad to see you made it !!
5th Nov, 4:58pm
crash613:   haven't listened yet, is he still carrying on every 5 min about Gary not showing up last week? Maybe, if we are lucky, he can milk another week out of that tired bit
5th Nov, 4:06pm
HanKHiLL:   idunno i think like 99% of my neighbors are mexican idunno how many r grimey tho
5th Nov, 3:53pm
poopdeck:   A neighbor of yours it is
5th Nov, 1:56pm
HanKHiLL:   what about the grimey mexican
5th Nov, 12:33pm
robinsweetie:   my neighbor in denver is a lengthy black teenager
5th Nov, 11:29am
usiphi203:   for be ten zone. haha just heard that on an old clip made me laugh.
5th Nov, 11:20am
TheRyche:   great
5th Nov, 10:13am
usiphi203:   yep. marksfriggin has the rundown up.
5th Nov, 9:09am
bschroed37:   new show today?
5th Nov, 7:13am
Seeker:   Chicken bone-neck cocksucker Jew...
5th Nov, 3:22am
LeechBot:   I want to benefit oh so much.
4th Nov, 8:13pm
NWsterngirl:   She don't lie, she don't lie. Cocaine. Co-ki-ayn. Co-ki-ayna. It's a Cocaine.
4th Nov, 5:32pm
deadluvva:   Perfect moment was Crazy Alice's first studio appearance. She was on the rag
4th Nov, 5:31pm
deadluvva:   Good to see Audio AND Rick here. Much love and respect to you 2.
4th Nov, 4:27pm
bigaudio:   HanK yeah that man-dude tape also rocks, they had so many great moments on the show back in those days
4th Nov, 4:26pm
bigaudio:   hey rick, good to see you as well, my friend
3rd Nov, 10:55pm
ricktunes:   hey biggy, good to see you and glad you're ok.
3rd Nov, 10:02pm
HanKHiLL:   the man|dude tape is great also
3rd Nov, 9:18pm
bigaudio:   as for the perfect moment of the show, mine would have to be when Sam Kinison and Gilbert Gottfried were on the show together the first time, the vibe and the laughter was just perfect. Another perfect time was when a drunken Kinison called Ted Kennedy "the Shemp of the Kennedys" ...
3rd Nov, 9:17pm
bigaudio:   survived the storm, winds were really nasty and persistent. lots of people here still without power and it took 2 hours to get 7.5 gallons of gasoline, my electricity blinked a lot of times but never went out, i'm very fortunate.
2nd Nov, 8:29pm
2nd Nov, 7:03pm
Duckmanfoo: is gone...
2nd Nov, 6:22pm
jstern:   Is this Howard Stern? I hope not.
2nd Nov, 10:02am
usiphi203:   I agree. He was perfect.
2nd Nov, 12:52am
thericochet:   You couldn't have paid the best comedian in the world to act as funny as their manager did. Friggin' classic. It makes me wonder what the doofus has made of his life.
1st Nov, 11:24pm
Seeker:   Shit, wrong forums again! Please ignore below post, thanks!
1st Nov, 11:23pm
Seeker:   You have a big penis? Woohoo... I love cock!
1st Nov, 11:07pm
rvotyrtsym:   Vagina Pooooooooosy
1st Nov, 4:41pm
HanKHiLL:   I'm gonna fluck you like a wild laminal it is
1st Nov, 2:12pm
bratwurst:   I sat and watched all 7 parts of the Jesus Twin appearances last night. That was funny stuff.
1st Nov, 11:16am
LeechBot:   respect my ubiquitaah!
1st Nov, 10:50am
usiphi203:   mark from Marksfriggin said he will not be doing a run down toady. He said he will be back on Monday, even if he has to syphon gas from his motorcycle to run the generator. He's an animal.
1st Nov, 10:48am
usiphi203:   And Creackhead Bob was going to fight them. Epic show.
1st Nov, 10:47am
usiphi203:   jonathan mendelsohn, wooooo, let's talk about the Jesus Twins
1st Nov, 7:25am
LeechBot:   just not a marketable style.
1st Nov, 7:25am
LeechBot:   the kicker is that when they came back to perform "feel my ubiquity," they were actually really good.
1st Nov, 7:23am
LeechBot:   Jesus Twins: all-time greatest bit. and just when you think it's spent, enter their emotionally disturbed manager.
1st Nov, 7:15am
Seeker:   One of the K5 admin's is my cousin. According to their terms of service, which you all agreed too, WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT K5! Don't make me email my cousin about this "leak"!
1st Nov, 3:05am
SaCo:   what is k5? and I lauged when richard called out robin about saying she is at work. NO SHIT that hoe dont even have to get out of bed to be at work.
1st Nov, 2:31am
thericochet: that's the surviving Jesus twin. still think it's really sad the way his brother went crazy and did suicide by cop.
1st Nov, 12:56am
1st Nov, 12:55am
thericochet:   along with Hank beating Booey in trivia while nearly passed out
1st Nov, 12:55am
thericochet:   has there ever been a single moment in the show that was more perfect? i mean one single appearance, not a concept like goofing on Jackie. i can't think of one. if there was a top 10 list i think that would have to be #1.
1st Nov, 12:54am
thericochet:   thank jeebus for Youtube. i had a Jesus Twins jones and Youtube has the fix.
1st Nov, 12:12am
ping12:   Maybe it's just me, but I think Stern is always horrible on talk shows. He spends 90 percent of the interview going off on these bizarre monologues. It's supposed to be an interview. I wish he would just calm the hell down, stop doing the 'Howard Stern shtick' and just do the interview
1st Nov, 12:10am
SaCo:   you turbo nerds know better then to mention something ur not supposed to talk about that just makes ppl wanna know even more
1st Nov, 12:09am
SaCo:   da fuq is K5?
31st Oct, 9:47pm
jstern:   What's K5?
31st Oct, 9:30pm
thericochet:   if the poor guy who asked us even knew what the penalty was for giving out k5 info...he never would have asked in the first place
31st Oct, 6:36pm
IIDXBoss:   is the lieberman vs. sal rap battle on HTVOD yet
31st Oct, 5:40pm
rvotyrtsym:   thericochet,I got one of those too.The "gag order" on k5 still remains in effect.
31st Oct, 5:08pm
ha4dcore:   you need an iggy double blue jay to get in there
31st Oct, 4:45pm
thericochet:   I got a PM asking me how to access k5. I'm sorry but I can't divulge that info.
31st Oct, 4:17pm
TheRyche:   well cant wait :P
31st Oct, 3:57pm
TheRyche:   thanks
31st Oct, 3:54pm
Sbkap1:   can someone post the link to the rap battle from torrentkeeper if it is there please? thanks
31st Oct, 3:23pm
NewLee:   yes the show was new today.
31st Oct, 3:15pm
Bonk:   I'm thinking no, would have heard something by now.
31st Oct, 3:01pm
TheRyche:   was the show new today?
31st Oct, 2:02pm
ZigZagNuts:   Yeah, it was a touchy feely love fest
31st Oct, 1:55pm
sp0r:   what happened to the twenty four k shows?
31st Oct, 1:05pm
TheRyche:   howie was really touchy feely with tracy
31st Oct, 12:05pm
ZigZagNuts:   STERN ON KIMMEL last night
31st Oct, 11:16am
usiphi203:   wonder if Sandy claimed the jetty?
31st Oct, 11:16am
usiphi203:   haha, picking them out of the water as they float by.
30th Oct, 7:15pm
HanKHiLL:   i wonder if he still keeps those fucken pieces of paper with the jokes
30th Oct, 7:14pm
HanKHiLL:   i googled for images of bayville + hurricane sandy it looks like jackie will have a indoor pool again
30th Oct, 6:44pm
Shalimar:   thnx pd
30th Oct, 1:29pm
poopdeck:   I'll post whenever TPB refreshes...seems like either WDM hasn't posted or TPB hasn't updated its cache.
30th Oct, 11:39am
usiphi203:   I guess Gary really isn't dependable
30th Oct, 11:28am
ping12:   Shuli is pretty good on the show because he knows not to chime in too much like he does on the other show.
30th Oct, 11:12am
TheRyche:   i cant wait
30th Oct, 9:46am
ricktunes:   Shuli's in the studio.
30th Oct, 9:41am
Amything:   What about Shuli?
30th Oct, 9:24am
TheRyche:   nice!
30th Oct, 9:07am
Amything:   Wow. Didn't expect that
30th Oct, 9:00am
SpaceEdge:   they r live today
30th Oct, 7:51am
TonyLeeIs:   howard's live in the studio, while baba booey stayed home.
30th Oct, 7:07am
Amything:   I'm guessing howard is out?
30th Oct, 2:07am
LeechBot:   Sour Shoes is good in the Doc Severinsen chair, too. Too bad he couldn't make it in today.
30th Oct, 12:04am
thericochet:   Mainly because he's quiet and has good timing with his chime ins.
30th Oct, 12:03am
thericochet:   Bigfoot jr. is really funny in the Jartie chair.
29th Oct, 11:14pm
HanKHiLL:   lol eric looks more scared than turned on
29th Oct, 11:08pm
29th Oct, 10:27pm
HanKHiLL:   fuck the balloons, just give the little fucker a push in high wind and he'll go flying
29th Oct, 8:41pm
rvotyrtsym:   "Ack Ack" I'm club fucking footed,ya asswipe!
29th Oct, 8:30pm
NWsterngirl:   Great weather in NYC for Eric the Midget to fly with balloons.
29th Oct, 12:55pm
HanKHiLL:   oh yea the hurricane i've only slept through earthquakes. keep safe peoples
29th Oct, 12:48pm
usiphi203:   Be safe east coasters.
29th Oct, 12:27pm
HanKHiLL:   yup
29th Oct, 12:24pm
megahurt:   Was there a live show today?
29th Oct, 11:34am
outsideshot:   oh i take it back, AKS is up over at TK...and of course K5
29th Oct, 11:30am
outsideshot:   i don't know if Abe was on this week - usually he tweets something about the show and I didn't see anything this weekend
29th Oct, 11:29am
outsideshot:   so was Howard a maniac and actually go in? Sounds like if he were smarter he'd have taken that private jet to FL or CA
28th Oct, 9:47pm
outsideshot:   I'm sorry but did someone just say, "tickle my tits" ?
28th Oct, 8:05pm
crccharlie:   Y NO MASTERPIECE??
28th Oct, 7:04pm
Seeker:   My name is Cheryl. I believe I am your daughter.
28th Oct, 6:14pm
thericochet:   I don't have a daughter named Cheryl. I don't have a daughter that's a man.
28th Oct, 6:10pm
ha4dcore:   anyone have AKS from this week?
28th Oct, 5:28pm
deadluvva:   Man oh man, what ping said.............
28th Oct, 12:07pm
HanKHiLL:   it should be a new season if we have to wait 10 months
28th Oct, 6:50am
ping12:   The last few episodes of Breaking Bad season 5 were great. Can't wait to see episode 9 next summer.
27th Oct, 9:55pm
HanKHiLL:   i find it funny that george said it
27th Oct, 5:57pm
Seeker:   I once saw him scissor kick Angela Lansberry.
27th Oct, 12:56pm
Shalimar:   HanKHiLL: tickle my tits <-- that's what she said
27th Oct, 12:55pm
Shalimar:   23rd Oct, 12:15pm prophecy500: F'it We'll Do It Live!! <--- shhhhh be verrrrrry vewwwwy quiet... it's hunting season for the elusive Prop. :P
27th Oct, 12:37pm
HanKHiLL:   tickle my tits
26th Oct, 11:47pm
rvotyrtsym:   I like the new and improved k5 client 7.7.5 It's compatible with all devices.
26th Oct, 11:33pm
thericochet:   you have to download the k5 client FROM k5, so that may be where the confusion is coming from. good luck.
26th Oct, 10:29pm
NWsterngirl:   k5 has the greatest SO helps me get through only having Howard live 3 days a week now. To ALL the k5 uploaders: we speak your name!
26th Oct, 5:05pm
ha4dcore:   when TK says you need to be logged in to use the shoutbox I usually log out and back on and that works and lets me post
26th Oct, 5:01pm
ha4dcore:   k5 has everything. it has the show before it goes live.
26th Oct, 2:09pm
usiphi203:   haha, k5
26th Oct, 4:19am
LeechBot:   It's like sitting on a Shamwow.
26th Oct, 1:15am
LeechBot:   FYI, I learned that from Robin's news.
26th Oct, 1:13am
LeechBot:   As a mucous membrane, the anus is highly absorbent.
26th Oct, 1:11am
jackmeyhofer:   also open enrollments and the special 2 hour live show with beth and howard talking to bubba at new york apartment
26th Oct, 12:58am
jackmeyhofer:   its up on the k5
25th Oct, 11:47pm
outsideshot:   ...and even then, nothing is assured
25th Oct, 11:47pm
outsideshot:   you'd need to be in the blood brotherhood
25th Oct, 11:46pm
outsideshot:   k5 is super secret
25th Oct, 3:35pm
bschroed37:   thanks!
25th Oct, 3:14pm
bschroed37:   anyone have a copy of the new Back Office Radio?
25th Oct, 2:56pm
tvmogull:   lol what the hell is this K5 i always hear tossed about?
25th Oct, 3:28am
thericochet:   I'd love if the Nick & Artie DirecTV feed could be capped by someone out there in the scene. Beggars can't be choosers though. I would have said this at TK but I've never been able to use the shoutbox for some reason on TK. It says I need to be logged in, but I've been logged in for years. Not a biggie.
25th Oct, 1:30am
LeechBot:   I would like to cook for you.
24th Oct, 7:27pm
jhames34:   thanks for the link rvo!
24th Oct, 6:16pm
rvotyrtsym:   @tv >K5< nuff'said
24th Oct, 6:13pm
24th Oct, 6:11pm
tvmogull:   lol i think you misunderstood me hangem, i meant if this site were shut down or ran out of funds or for any other reason stopped producing, is there any other site like it.
24th Oct, 5:20pm
outsideshot:   anyone know what the deal is with Robin and when/if she's planning to be back in the studio?
24th Oct, 3:23pm
hangemhigh:   tvmogul...boy are you mixed up...stern will have to die FIRST to bring down this site..this site is only stern get it? no stern no site
24th Oct, 2:45pm
bmbr:   I don't see this place dying anytime soon.. it's been around for years.. whats with all the talk of such lately? or are people just tryin to scam for invites
24th Oct, 2:18pm
tvmogull:   so if this site dies, does anybody have any places we can go for stern torrents?
23rd Oct, 11:58pm
hangemhigh:   I don't want to see the site die along with wig's show..I hope redskunk branches out into other DL radio, tv or whatever. Plus info on the just initiated crackdown on torrents by ISPs. I pray the skunk carries on after stern.
23rd Oct, 10:07pm
jhames34:   This place is becoming all about Breaking Bad, might have to change the name to Methskunk this thing on?? *crickets chirping*
23rd Oct, 10:07pm
jhames34:   you can die and still win,..the bad guy in Seven did.
23rd Oct, 9:51pm
HanKHiLL:   i'd love to see walt win, but i think he has to die
23rd Oct, 7:47pm
deadluvva:   @smurnin; work harder on your ratio and comments and get back to us for the rest.....................
23rd Oct, 7:46pm
deadluvva:   Walt has to come out on top.
23rd Oct, 7:13pm
jhames34:   I think it will end with Gene Wilder switching Walt Sr and Walt Jr's brains.
23rd Oct, 12:15pm
prophecy500:   F'it We'll Do It Live!!
23rd Oct, 12:04pm
HanKHiLL:   now that would be a ending he goes out carradine style, just all twacked out
23rd Oct, 10:19am
smurnin:   while jerking off with a rope around his neck
23rd Oct, 10:17am
smurnin:   i hope walt jr. smokes meth for the first time and has a double stroke
23rd Oct, 3:26am
thericochet:   Seeker you should submit those ideas to Vince Gilligan
22nd Oct, 11:10pm
HanKHiLL:   thank you skyler must die but i find marie to be fuckable
22nd Oct, 10:52pm
Seeker:   I think Walt JR and Hank should kiss and make sweet love, just saying.... Oh and kill Skylar... I hate that WHORE! Jesse becomes a ventriloquist. And kill Hank's wife, she also is a whore.
22nd Oct, 9:36pm
thericochet:   Basically the reason for the show was Walt providing for his family before HE died, so it would make sense for everything to blow up in his face with the meth manufacturing causing Skyler and Walt jr. to die with him still living (for a while at least). I think Holly ends up with Marie and Hank (if he lives) since this past season they planted the seeds of Marie loving taking care of the baby.
22nd Oct, 9:34pm
thericochet:   i think Jesse will be the last man standing. They've been playing him as a super sympathetic character since Season 3, so I think that has to pay off somehow. I think Walt jr. dies before Jesse actually.
22nd Oct, 9:21pm
ROEU812:   Dont forget guys, WW STILL has the cancer...I bet the ending could be THE FINAL ENDING for WW
22nd Oct, 6:00pm
rvotyrtsym:   My BB prediction:Walt hides out from the DEA in Nova Scotia Ca.He rents a trailer at sunnyvale trailer park where he grows weed,cooks meth and hangs out with Bubbles,Rickey,and Julian.Walt is killed in a drunken shootout with Randy and Jim Lahey. Lahey and Randy move to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan where they remained husband and wife until Jim shits out his failed liver.
22nd Oct, 1:52pm
hangemhigh:   I want walt to go down as a living legend, a god king, in a blaze of glory..omg I just came
22nd Oct, 12:24pm
prophecy500:   F'it We'll Do It Live!!
22nd Oct, 12:06pm
HanKHiLL:   that might happen or it could be declan, or jessie for killing mike, but vince gilligan has said he has a definite ending
22nd Oct, 11:36am
SaCo:   I think the cartel is going to go after walt since he killed gus and gus was their guy
22nd Oct, 10:33am
HanKHiLL:   but i'm pretty sure hank is gonna tell walt he knows and then walt is gonna run
22nd Oct, 9:00am
HanKHiLL:   i just want skyler to die and maybe hank
22nd Oct, 8:59am
HanKHiLL:   leech that would be a awesome ending
22nd Oct, 12:01am
ricktunes:   Pass the popcorn.. creative endingds here. Leechbot, I like the way you think.
21st Oct, 11:02pm
Seeker:   My prediction: Everyone around Walt dies. Walt has to live with all he has caused.
21st Oct, 10:36pm
thericochet:   I have a feeling Hank will kill himself from the pressure of not knowing what to do with the Walt information. The DEA likely would never believe him that he didn't know that Heisenberg was in his family under his nose the entire time, and that Heisenberg was paying in full Hank's rehab bills in cash. They showed Hank having a nervous breakdown when he was promoted a few seasons back, and something like this is a million times more intense. He either goes after Walt, destroying their family in the process, or keeps it inside and implodes.
21st Oct, 10:33pm
thericochet:   I'm on 10/10 and it's hilarious when Howard goes to Henry Winkler "Do you ever say big cock? Big girthy cock?" and Winkler starts stammering.
21st Oct, 7:51pm
LeechBot:   ©
21st Oct, 7:49pm
LeechBot:   series ending: Walt retires (wins), Walt Jr. spirals into depression, Skyler walks out. The last scene shows Walt Jr. in his room taking a toot of meth. Fade out.
21st Oct, 7:34pm
kingeater:   It would be cool for it to end with Walt winning, but it doesnt look like the series is headed that way. A Tony Mantana/Scarface type ending seems more likely
21st Oct, 6:54pm
deadluvva:   All I want is for Walt to win. I have been pulling for him since ep 1. I do not want to see a Tony Soprano-like ending. I want Walt to win.
21st Oct, 5:29pm
deadluvva:   I think we're supposed to hate Skyler. But you gotta cut her some slack after everything Walt put her through. Then he says "I forgive you". Ooooof
21st Oct, 2:06pm
HanKHiLL:   and she said, "you can all go in my asshole, but don't you know that there are two other holes?" fuck robin gangbang style!!
21st Oct, 11:40am
LeechBot:   gangnam style!
21st Oct, 10:24am
HanKHiLL:   oh and dead the coke speech and the say my name speech are the same scene and i wonder if walt bought that gun for (spoiler alert) hank or declan
21st Oct, 10:21am
HanKHiLL:   well jhames the fact that i hate skyler so much must mean that anna gunn has to be a good actress
20th Oct, 11:10pm
jackmeyhofer:   k5 has it all
20th Oct, 10:59pm
weed89:   Thanks for the explanation "Toe
20th Oct, 8:01pm
jhames34:   I'm skyler's only fan.
20th Oct, 7:38pm
HanKHiLL:   lol yea the "i forgive you" line was creepy but fuck skyler i hate that bitch
20th Oct, 6:56pm
deadluvva:   Great yes but does not beat; I am the one who knocks. Or Say my Name! or I forgive you. That line is the official line that Walter had truly changed.
20th Oct, 3:50pm
HanKHiLL:   walt's coke classic speech is the best
20th Oct, 12:49pm
deadluvva:   It was hard to follow season 4 for sure but hang in there. Cool things are to come.
20th Oct, 7:58am
ping12:   Just finished episode 3 of season 5 of Breaking Bad. Seasons 1-4 were brilliant, but season 5, at least so far, is a borefest
19th Oct, 7:37pm
rvotyrtsym:   K5 has Howard Stern on demand
19th Oct, 7:07pm
nobody23:   hey now or something like that
19th Oct, 7:06pm
nobody23:   My computer crashed and I lost all my bookmarks, whats the name of the site where you can download Howard Stern on demand?
19th Oct, 2:24pm
19th Oct, 2:24pm
johnnyjohnny:   HanKHiLL: that song has been in my head all day too, so I iso'd it.
19th Oct, 12:37am
NWsterngirl:   toe is MAH FAYYY-VRIT (said with Richard Christy's drawl)
18th Oct, 8:36pm
HanKHiLL:   fuck robin gangbang style<--- i've had this song stuck in my head for 2 days
18th Oct, 8:12pm
jhames34:   Bubba is poison. the toxic kind AND the hair band.
18th Oct, 8:06pm
cameltoe:   weed, it's kind of like the old "page 69" that Will and Jason did. it's like two hours of all back office gossip and ball's good.
18th Oct, 8:04pm
illeffeqt:   can anyone reseed the 2004 full year pack? love yas.
18th Oct, 7:58pm
weed89:   Hey..Im downloading Back Office Radio.....What is it? behind the scene stuff? never heard of it..but thanks 'Toe
18th Oct, 7:42pm
downtown:   lol...
18th Oct, 7:41pm
18th Oct, 3:18pm
weed89:   Tim Is a Wall Painter...with attitude !!
18th Oct, 2:32pm
greentea123:   Tim Sabean is the ultimate DOUCHE
18th Oct, 1:57pm
MFizzel:   Does anyone know where I can download todays Back Office Radio?
18th Oct, 10:30am
bratwurst:   Haven't heard that song in a LONG time
18th Oct, 6:39am
Seeker:   Hey how's your news? Would you like to sing our tune. Would you like to chase your blues a-waaay!
17th Oct, 10:01pm
weed89:   does it work sorta'like a Gill Net??
17th Oct, 10:01pm
weed89:   WTF is a "Bubba love Sponge?" some sort of birth control you can clean the toilet with too?????
17th Oct, 9:58pm
weed89:   Who is " victoria jackson ?" Michaels mom????...step sister?? daughter from another mother???
17th Oct, 9:56pm
weed89:   Thanks Toe' your uploads are always worth waiting for
17th Oct, 8:11pm
LeechBot:   One Gilbert cupcake loogie is worth a thousand of Victoria Jackson's quotes from Ephesians.
17th Oct, 8:10pm
LeechBot:   ...and spit on the cupcakes, too.
17th Oct, 8:08pm
LeechBot:   and Gilbert should be allowed to use the n-word if it means getting more laughs.
17th Oct, 8:07pm
LeechBot:   victoria jackson sucked because she's not enough of a jesus freak. She just runs through the laundry list of public talking points, like Depace. She's like reading the comments section at a newspaper's web site. Where are Daniel Carver or the Westboro Baptists anymore? They're *my* kind of jesus freaks.
17th Oct, 6:08pm
Shalimar:   17th Oct, 5:08pm prophecy500: Hey Shali!! <-- timew shifting Prop is fun! (insert evil grin)
17th Oct, 6:07pm
Shalimar:   ahh LiOn killa pwr eh ct? :P
17th Oct, 5:41pm
rvotyrtsym:   I fast fowarded through victoria jackson.Can't stand the voice on that fat ass jesus freak.rvo needs no ear ache.
17th Oct, 5:25pm
deadluvva:   Victoria Jackson? Are you f'ing serious????? Bwahahahahahahahaha.
17th Oct, 5:16pm
cameltoe:   first off Shalimar, I like them...second, have upgraded them all to no electric required.
17th Oct, 5:08pm
prophecy500:   Hey Shali!!
17th Oct, 4:47pm
Shalimar:   hey prop :P
17th Oct, 4:36pm
17th Oct, 3:37pm
Shalimar:   :P
17th Oct, 3:37pm
Shalimar:   tsk tsk CT... stop using those high wattage vibrators!
17th Oct, 1:59pm
omar786:   Hey toe thanks for the upload was it only me or did your upload of yesterdays show have drop outs during the DL interview?
17th Oct, 1:50pm
TheRyche:   thanks toe
17th Oct, 12:00pm
HanKHiLL:   okay thanks for the heads up toe
17th Oct, 11:02am
cameltoe:   won't have todays show up till much power must've went out. I'm recording the replay now.
17th Oct, 10:24am
HanKHiLL:   well i was never really into bubba's show any way
17th Oct, 10:15am
HanKHiLL:   bubba comes off as a huge douche on todays show
17th Oct, 7:35am
LeechBot:   Howard going at it with Depace is more fun than V. Jackson
17th Oct, 7:34am
LeechBot:   bobo: Victoria Jackson, yeah, wtf, what a colossal bore. If the bible thumpers need to reprazent, bring in Shirley and the Westboro wackos. They're a lot more fun.
16th Oct, 11:07pm
jhames34:   Good points, ricochet, but I'll stick to my supernatural demon theory of Arthur Steven Lange
16th Oct, 10:44pm
thericochet:   if Artie was thinner i think the Keith Richards theory would be in play, but there aren't many guys over 50 his size in show business. he just turned 45 and looks like he's 60. John Candy was only 44 when he died and by all accounts he wasn't a drug addict like Artie. Could be a Farley end.
16th Oct, 10:43pm
thericochet:   @tv, i'd prefer to watch the video because Artie is fascinating to watch. it's probably the only 'real' reality TV anywhere considering he doesn't give a fuck enough to put on an act like that. and those twins are boring as shit on TV, i can't imagine how much worse it is when it's just audio.
16th Oct, 10:38pm
jhames34:   Seeker? I thought we were going to keep our incest roleplays private!
16th Oct, 7:56pm
Seeker:   I need to take your temperature. Don't worry, I put a chunk of Vaseline on the tip of my dick. Daddy loves you.
16th Oct, 7:32pm
jhames34:   indeed Hank, stab wounds, heroin abuse, and working with Nick DiPaolo...anyone who can survive all 3 isn't going anywhere! :P
16th Oct, 7:29pm
HanKHiLL:   jhames: do you mean he'll live longer than any1 can expect, like becoming a senior citizen?
16th Oct, 7:23pm
jhames34:   I say artie is the next Keith Richards
16th Oct, 6:12pm
bobo:   Today was the worst show in years. Turned off Victoia Jackson, fell asleep during DL Hugley.
16th Oct, 1:30pm
HanKHiLL:   death poll on artie any1?? i say an "accidental death" with in howards contract. so 3 more years
16th Oct, 1:02pm
Shalimar:   pppprrrrroooooooooppppppp :P
16th Oct, 12:45pm
tvmogull:   *totally INTO THE show
16th Oct, 12:45pm
tvmogull:   @theric - I agree about Artie. I was totally show but feel, since it's gone to "tv" (its barely tv lol) it's sorta fallen off. And yes, Artie is gonna die soon. Btw, you can't possibly find those twins at all interesting can you?
16th Oct, 4:17am
thericochet:   He'd have to attack someone to get fired probably. The urine incident didn't do it.
16th Oct, 4:17am
thericochet:   Besides they do a shitload of visual stuff, especially Artie. He looks closer to death than ever though..worried about him. Fatter and angrier than ever too. Self-destructive kind of angry like the Teddy blowup. Will not be surprised if I read he's fired within the next few months for doing something crazy.
16th Oct, 4:14am
thericochet:   Does anyone know a place that ups the full 3 hour video DirecTV feed of the Nick & Artie show? I've checked the usual places and only found audio, which they put out for free anyway. Only clips on YouTube. I canceled cable years ago but caught the show on DirecTV and it was really good. I can't see myself listening to it though because of the HSRS and Jay Thomas shows I'm behind on.
15th Oct, 6:46pm
ping12:   one day he wore a gook ear necklace, gook earrings and a gook tiara. His commanding officer said to him: "Geez, Stern, why don't you just put on a dress."
15th Oct, 6:33pm
rvotyrtsym:   or perhaps
15th Oct, 6:30pm
rvotyrtsym:   Hey deadluvva.I need to get one of those gook ear necklaces for halloween.You think they have them at wal mart or costco?
15th Oct, 4:08pm
deadluvva:   LOVE angry Howard. And I remember when he was talking about his time in Vietnam and how he wore a gook-ear necklace
15th Oct, 4:00pm
monkeydrunk:   haha the first time I heard one of his Vietnam bits I almost pissed myself
15th Oct, 3:41pm
ping12:   Agreed. There's nothing more entertaining than when Howard is angry. In that youtube clip he said after the opera he went home and laid into his wife and called her a cunt. lol. Happy Howard is generally pretty boring, although he's always happy talking about his days in Vietnam and that is some of his best material
15th Oct, 3:24pm
monkeydrunk:   yeah I love that. the angrier the better lol
15th Oct, 3:22pm
jhames34:   Gilbert today! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
15th Oct, 3:17pm
ping12:   The rainbow room fight was classic. Howard used to be the angriest person on the show, but Fred passed Howard by the time Howard was in his mid forties. Howard in his mid thirties was the angriest person I've ever heard. I was just listening on youtube about him ranting about his experience at the opera. He was 34 at the time. It was brutal
15th Oct, 3:12pm
monkeydrunk:   could anyone possibly reseed Fred Quits & The Rainbow Room Fight 4/23/96 + 4/24/96? I tried the request but I'm not sure if it worked?
15th Oct, 12:45pm
tvmogull:   cradle the balls
15th Oct, 12:25pm
SaCo:   im going to complain about the seeds for todays CF show. I Demand the show im about to freeload be seeded properly how else am i going to get this show which i did not pay for in a timly fashion
15th Oct, 12:14pm
HanKHiLL:   tickle my tits
14th Oct, 9:16pm
tvmogull:   oops - I meant "a need for ANOTHER voice in the studio"
14th Oct, 9:16pm
tvmogull:   although i think it's more of the need for voice in the studio than Shwuli's actual talents.....
14th Oct, 9:15pm
tvmogull:   just got to the first time Shwuli sat in and I was surprised how much he didn't suck lol
14th Oct, 6:28pm
13th Oct, 7:44pm
jhames34:   I'm always right dead, except for all those times that I'm wrong...
13th Oct, 12:02pm
HanKHiLL:   leech: i found its going to netflix by doing a google search heres the site the feature film idea was a joke at the end of the show when they got canceled
13th Oct, 10:54am
deadluvva:   This! This! Is how, I feel.................
13th Oct, 10:54am
deadluvva:   Oops one more thing, anyone lookin to bang their head today with a killer tune check out The Texas Hippie Coalition and their tune Pissed off and mad about it. Love it!!!!!!
13th Oct, 10:52am
deadluvva:   maybe you're right jhames about me and the spoilers. I apologize if I gave anything away. BB is truly about the surprises. deadluvva will shup up now
13th Oct, 8:26am
LeechBot:   hanK: did he say netflix? they've been talking feature film for years:
12th Oct, 10:37pm
Seeker:   As God as my witness, that is a great ass!
12th Oct, 7:18pm
jhames34: my new drawing of Artie
12th Oct, 3:56pm
tvmogull:   no hank, Benji must die ... well maybe not die, just get fired from the show........
12th Oct, 3:46pm
HanKHiLL:   i'm excited about the new arrested development that winkler mentioned too bad it's a netflix show
12th Oct, 1:50am
HanKHiLL:   dead: i think walt will die but kill every1 else while he goes down. BUT SKYLER MUST DIE!!!!!
12th Oct, 12:00am
elduce:   hey now!
11th Oct, 11:56pm
tvmogull:   how bout eric the midget sitting in for schuli? god how brilliant would that be
11th Oct, 10:15pm
jhames34:   I've heard a rumor, and don't quote me on this, but Eric the midget might just be club fucking footed.
11th Oct, 8:58pm
rvotyrtsym:   eric the ingrate midget is biggest or should I say the smallest douche on the west coast. ack! ack!
11th Oct, 6:16pm
jhames34: ack ack!
11th Oct, 5:47pm
jhames34:   That being said, the guy who Walter bought the assault rifle from was the same guy he bought the pistol from in season 4
11th Oct, 5:46pm
jhames34:   haha @ dead, yeah, you can joke about spoilers from 3 years ago, but dont' forget we didn't spoil it for YOU in your recent discovery of the show ;)
11th Oct, 2:53pm
deadluvva:   And there was that scene of him having breakfast (and hair) at that diner on his 52nd b'day. That was a clue for sure. Fucking love Breaking Bad. Best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
11th Oct, 2:53pm
deadluvva:   @ Hank. I am truly hoping Walt kills his brother in law and comes out on top. I don't want to see Walt killed. I am pullin for Mr White. How about you Hank?
11th Oct, 2:51pm
deadluvva:   Posting spoilers about a season 3 years ago? Is that really considered a spoiler??? Did you know Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father? Ooooops
11th Oct, 2:49pm
deadluvva:   @ rvo ; Schwuli lollllllllll
11th Oct, 2:49pm
deadluvva:   auditioning new talent would mean trying. No freakin way.
11th Oct, 12:59pm
tvmogull:   wait so shuli is no longer in the studio? hmmmm does that mean they're actually gonna start auditioning new talent?
11th Oct, 12:11pm
HanKHiLL:   tickle my tits
11th Oct, 10:09am
Shalimar:   prophecy500: 8th Oct, 12:48pm prophecy500: F'it We'll Do It Live!! <-- once again time shifted ><shakes fist in anger> hey shali <-- and with my amazing time shifting powers I avoid your fist and steal all yer beer! Hey prop
11th Oct, 7:30am
Seeker:   "sitting in"*
11th Oct, 12:13am
bratwurst:   Shuli was there for all 3 days last week, and Benji was there as well.
10th Oct, 9:27pm
rvotyrtsym:   Space-If my memory serves me correctly. Shwuli(speech impediment mans pronunciation) sat in 3 days.
10th Oct, 8:50pm
SpaceEdge:   I guess Shuli's audition didn't go so well because he only did it that one day.
10th Oct, 8:00pm
green:   spoiler alerts only needed for 72 hrs after air. It's been a month and a half since last air of Breaking Bad, Watch it already or it's your fault.
10th Oct, 7:20pm
rvotyrtsym:   >listening to Shuli sitting it< LOL
10th Oct, 6:05pm
Seeker:   I am a bit behind... and listening to Shuli sitting it and am enjoying hearing him. Is Benji in studio with Shuli?
10th Oct, 4:39pm
ping12:   Can I speak to Mrs. Rogers for a minute, please?
10th Oct, 4:38pm
ping12:   I don't know why people are posting spoilers about breaking bad on here. it's not fun or funny.
10th Oct, 4:26pm
tvmogull:   do you think anyone will ever have the balls to point out that sterns fake teeth are as bad, if not worse than sals?
10th Oct, 4:25pm
tvmogull:   im still way behind on the show but just watched Stern yell at Sal about his new hair helmut, then proceeded to goof on sals fake teeth.
10th Oct, 3:58pm
ZigZagNuts:   O dated a girl one who had 2 cats at the time (I am NOT a cat person) and in the 2 years that we dated she collected like 4 MORE cats, I couldn't take hair EVERYWHERE
10th Oct, 2:35pm
greentea123:   Don't care how hot a chick is, I'd never have 4 Goddamn cats in my home
10th Oct, 2:33pm
greentea123:   Now he lives in a house full of friggin cats
10th Oct, 2:32pm
greentea123:   Can't believe the lecture Stern gave to Ronnie about getting married Jesus, How long did it take him to marry Beth
10th Oct, 1:20pm
jgreeno:   Does anyone have full year packs? I have 2003 but would love any other years after 03. Please!!!!
10th Oct, 12:50pm
ZigZagNuts:   Hey all, can anyone re-seed the KC Armstrong at the Gay Pride Parade episide? here is the page
10th Oct, 12:38pm
prophecy500:   8th Oct, 12:48pm prophecy500: F'it We'll Do It Live!! <-- once again time shifted ><shakes fist in anger> hey shali
10th Oct, 10:51am
LeechBot:   Who wants to see my dildo!
9th Oct, 11:54pm
Amything:   dunno, if Hogan was in on it wouldn't he want a video that was more complimentary to him?
9th Oct, 9:25pm
SpaceEdge:   I still think Hogan is in on it
9th Oct, 9:24pm
SpaceEdge:   This bubba/hogan/heather thing is getting interesting
9th Oct, 9:00pm
jhames34:   I know how Breaking Bad season 5 will end...SPOILER ALERT* They'll roll the end credits. :|
9th Oct, 8:49pm
9th Oct, 8:39pm
HanKHiLL:   hey dead since ur all caught up on breaking bad, how do you think it'll end?
9th Oct, 4:19pm
9th Oct, 4:09pm
deadluvva:   Heisenberg. Say my name. Say my name!!!
9th Oct, 1:17pm
Shalimar:   8th Oct, 12:48pm prophecy500: F'it We'll Do It Live!! <-- once again time shifted >
9th Oct, 1:09pm
duke9555:   cool
9th Oct, 11:31am
tvmogull:   lol thats totally Hein.
9th Oct, 11:30am
HanKHiLL:   i can see it
9th Oct, 11:05am
usiphi203:    Missing person in my area. Haha, looks like John Hein.
9th Oct, 6:49am
green:   FFS If you don't know Heisenberg, I'm surprised you know how to use the internet to get here.
9th Oct, 1:48am
NWsterngirl:   Suckamuckagus
9th Oct, 12:16am
ha4dcore:   yea, she is recovering from hysterectomy surgery but should be back soon
8th Oct, 11:09pm
SpaceEdge:   on that show that Will and Jason did they kind of addressed Robin by hinting that things weren't good and or she is recovering.
8th Oct, 11:07pm
SpaceEdge:   rvotyrtsym probably doesn't know about Breaking Bad no time for that when AGT is on.
8th Oct, 11:06pm
SpaceEdge:   he spells his first name Bryan not Brian
8th Oct, 10:52pm
HanKHiLL:   at least thats a constant u can count on
8th Oct, 7:23pm
rvotyrtsym:   Riley Martin is on now.He's got food poisoning as usual.
8th Oct, 7:01pm
ha4dcore:   TK is back up? cool.
8th Oct, 7:00pm
ha4dcore:   i think robin had a hysterectomy, its gotta be spelled wrong but is probaby at home for a couple more weeks or howard cut her a deal to be at home since she is really not needed to be there in her glass box.
8th Oct, 6:54pm
bellet:   Unless your making a spelling joke he is the star of Breaking Bad? Really?
8th Oct, 6:52pm
rvotyrtsym:   Space,who the heck is Bryan Cranston?
8th Oct, 5:25pm
bellet:   I want someone to call in and ask why Robin is still at home.
8th Oct, 2:48pm
SpaceEdge:   hopefully we get to hear about Breaking Bad not how big his cock is, how much money he makes and all the other stupid questions.
8th Oct, 2:44pm
SpaceEdge:   Tuesday's show should be good Bryan Cranston is going to be on .
8th Oct, 12:48pm
prophecy500:   F'it We'll Do It Live!!
8th Oct, 12:27pm
provrorsbarn:   Live show today?
8th Oct, 11:18am
TheRyche:   thanks ricktunes
8th Oct, 8:03am
TYCOON:   RedSkunk Is the Kush! #1 kill
8th Oct, 6:29am
TYCOON:   <3
8th Oct, 12:35am
ricktunes:   pm sent ghoast face kilah..
7th Oct, 10:36pm
TYCOON:   uncle rick hit me up on a PM doggy dogg
7th Oct, 10:23pm
TYCOON:   i mean no im not over there and yes would love one cousin
7th Oct, 10:21pm
TYCOON:   yes sir
7th Oct, 10:15pm
ricktunes:   No Noods, it'll go back to tk. Are you ovah there? You need an account?
7th Oct, 10:12pm
TYCOON:   so we will still get jTS here ?
7th Oct, 9:10pm
jhames34:   The site was playing hide and seeker, talkin bout my torrent keeper. and now its back you mother bleeper, good old site that torrent keeper. without that site I'd fall asleeper, without good ol torrent keeper. just got a message on my beeper, that sites back that torrent keeper!
7th Oct, 8:47pm
jhames34:   @ha4dcore feel free to add me to your deviantart friends, mang ;)
7th Oct, 7:22pm
ricktunes:   \m/
7th Oct, 6:59pm
deadluvva:   Guy turned me onto Alabama Shakes. Love 'em. Hey Rick check out the Rival Sons. Pure R&R. They blow me away..............
7th Oct, 6:57pm
deadluvva:   Love rednimer and, it goes without sayin, Ricktunes.
7th Oct, 4:09pm
BrownCoat:   Really great it's back online.
7th Oct, 4:00pm
ricktunes:   Yes just got an email from the owner of the sites and he said something was hung up in the database and it should be ok now. So tk is back up. Thanks to everyone who filled in here.
7th Oct, 3:25pm
BrownCoat:   Looks like TK is back online!
7th Oct, 3:04pm
ping12:   Could I see Mrs. Rogers for a minute, please?
7th Oct, 1:32pm
ricktunes:   Did you get the "Success" indication in red after you uploaded it? PM me all the steps you took.
7th Oct, 7:43am
smirnoff:   ricktunes, I tried an upload but it isn't showing. Any idea what I did wrong?
7th Oct, 3:47am
LeechBot:   XMTuner and SiriusXMStreamer officially don't work until further notice because SiriusXM shut down their legacy streams. In the meantime, I just discovered this Windows app to keep the Sirius player alive without having to click it every hour:
7th Oct, 2:00am
ricktunes:   For now it's down. The only one who knows for sure is rednimer, whom I just emailed, so I'll report what he says.
7th Oct, 1:43am
TheRyche:   so is torrent keeper done? are we back to just teh skunk?
6th Oct, 9:40pm
ha4dcore:   deviantart is a great site. I have been on there for years and its still a great place.
6th Oct, 9:01pm
jhames34:   As long as this place is posting non-Howard stuff at the moment, I figure I'll share this link to a comic I drew today about Bea Arthur.
6th Oct, 6:58pm
smirnoff:   Testing 10 01 2012. Uploaded but doesn't show in list.
6th Oct, 6:29pm
ricktunes:   smirnoff, I gave you uploader status.
6th Oct, 6:07pm
Yucko69:   awesome that torrent keeper stuff is here. Thanks!
6th Oct, 5:49pm
smirnoff:   Not for nothin' but I have shannon burke from last week. Any instructions on how to upload?
6th Oct, 4:07pm
prophecy500:   Great Work Guys,to bring the TK content here!!
6th Oct, 3:51pm
DireWolf:   you're awesome sirreg
6th Oct, 1:30pm
wujekcity:   is keeper down for good?
6th Oct, 12:34pm
jhames34:   Long live the skunk!
6th Oct, 10:59am
Shalimar:   amen deadluvva
6th Oct, 10:10am
ping12:   he says that Gary is going to put Ambien out of business, but I think it's the other way around
6th Oct, 9:47am
ping12:   what was up with that ridiculously long rant about Gary's electronic show. I think Howard is losing his mind
6th Oct, 8:52am
geob69:   Thanks for the JTS uploads
6th Oct, 7:03am
ha4dcore:   the king is back! nice! SirGeoKing is the man
6th Oct, 6:02am
ricktunes:   They're all Kingbru, ..the Kinger.
6th Oct, 5:55am
ha4dcore:   so is geobruno sirreginald and kingbru all the same or geo upping kings stuff? whatever and whoever thank you.
6th Oct, 2:07am
ricktunes:   @zx475ti - yes you can place your Shannon Burke shows here.
6th Oct, 1:51am
ricktunes:   you're not gonna find that chicken sandwich in s2e1 either. They're buliding up to things, to that chicken sandwich.
6th Oct, 1:06am
LeechBot:   OK, Homeland got better the final episode so maybe I'll continue with season 2. But still, it was 11 eps of recycled network drama. I wanted a chicken sandwich, but I didn't get one.
5th Oct, 11:37pm
Seeker:   thanks geobruno!
5th Oct, 11:18pm
arocka:   i need me some shannon burke
5th Oct, 10:35pm
xYike:   Anyone have the History of Howard Stern complete sets ... ACT 1 and ACT 4??
5th Oct, 10:23pm
jpolz:   thanks for the h101 uploads
5th Oct, 10:19pm
zx475ti:   can any Shannon Burke Shows be placed here?
5th Oct, 8:06pm
ha4dcore:   awesome, thanks for the 101 content. this site is gonna rock if we can up 101 shows, BTLS maybe? AKS? whats that site to donate? save skunk or something?
5th Oct, 7:00pm
deadluvva:   God I love this site. Shout out to all who care about it. You know who you are
5th Oct, 6:42pm
DireWolf:   omg thanks for uploading jay
5th Oct, 6:30pm
Yucko69:   Artie is kicking ass, considering the limitations of testical radio...his line calling A-Rod "he's something that rhymes with the word punt, but starts with a C" brings me back to pre-sirius Stern days
5th Oct, 5:52pm
jpolz:   yea if the site would allow some h101 content to be uploaded here it would be appreciated until tk is back up
5th Oct, 5:39pm
jhames34:   Did anyone catch Artie's 3 second cameo on Louie this past season?
5th Oct, 4:57pm
tvmogull:   In his time and in his way, Jackie was brilliant, as was Artie overall. Although since Arties new show hit tv it's really gone downhill. I just don't think this kid they have running it is very talented.
5th Oct, 4:56pm
tvmogull:   @ha4dcore - methinks you're shuli, his wife or young child under an alias ...
5th Oct, 4:56pm
tvmogull:   @thericochet-having still not yet heard shuli "in-studio" i am going to blindly agree w you haha-nothing against shuli, i just cant imagine him being any good instudio and im sorry but that "comedy" show is simply a train wreck ...
5th Oct, 2:58pm
deadluvva:   @ ricochet; "He was also one of the last people who didn't kiss Howard's ass 100% of the time"........ man oh man well said. And he was the only one to goof on Robin. LOVE Jackie!!!!!
5th Oct, 8:48am
green:   Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx
5th Oct, 8:23am
ha4dcore:   H101 shows on here would be great. I will make a dontion right away when that happens
5th Oct, 5:29am
ha4dcore:   i didnt say it wasnt funny. more that howard was funny busting on Jackie, and jackie prob wrote a lot of the jokes that were good. i just didnt like jackie, the things he was doing.
5th Oct, 4:37am
TYCOON:   haha poor guy did a show out in cali and only 1 fan came to see him .. i would of love ta been there
5th Oct, 4:36am
TYCOON:   hell yeah! underdog radio
5th Oct, 4:05am
thericochet:   Jay is awesome. Probably the most natural speaker I've ever heard on the air.
5th Oct, 3:51am
TYCOON:   damn!
5th Oct, 3:31am
DireWolf:   about 5-6 days
5th Oct, 3:17am
TYCOON:   why how long has it been down
5th Oct, 3:09am
DireWolf:   does anyone know what actually happened to tk?
5th Oct, 2:58am
TYCOON:   im stalking ricktunes on myspace
5th Oct, 2:50am
TYCOON:   hey now! rick be every where damn!
5th Oct, 2:48am
ricktunes:   that you noodles ..hey now \m/
5th Oct, 2:45am
TYCOON:   noodles was here.. -_-
5th Oct, 2:36am
TYCOON:   jay's show has really grown on me
5th Oct, 2:35am
TYCOON:   you da man!
5th Oct, 2:34am
TYCOON:   fuck yeah!
5th Oct, 2:30am
ricktunes:   The 101 shows will possibly be posted here starting tomorrow.
5th Oct, 2:25am
TYCOON:   any jay thomas shows?
4th Oct, 11:15pm
divjak:   TK is still down.
4th Oct, 10:56pm
outsideshot:   is TK down?
4th Oct, 8:57pm
ricktunes:   How can you be a Stern fan and not acknowledge the Jackie years? I guess it's possible cause I can't stand Sal. I'd take Shuli over Sal.
4th Oct, 8:51pm
thericochet:   Nothing will ever top Jackie. So many dimensions there. Him being goofed on and his reactions were some of the best times ever. He was also one of the last people who didn't kiss Howard's ass 100% of the time and made things interesting with a little conflict now and then.
4th Oct, 8:50pm
thericochet:   I'm sure Shuli is a nice guy. I thought some of the stuff he did early on was good. I can't remember exactly what I liked, but I remember sending in a positive email when he was doing Get John's Job and Howard read my email on the air. I think it was the only positive one he got though. There's just something about him that's no good as an in-studio player.
4th Oct, 7:43pm
Nannocrob:   @ha4dcore so you thought artie was funniest when doped up and asleep at the microphone, shuli is great for radio because he doesn't talk, and jackie, whose written material and exploits comprise half the bits on best of two decades later, wasn't funny
4th Oct, 6:27pm
ha4dcore:   I think he is funny on both shows (Shuli) He doesn't talk much on Howard but was just feeling out when to talk. People have different taste, I didn't like Jackie at all, but I loved Artie especially when he was so high nodding out and nobody could tell except the fans. Shuli is really good live, I highly recommend going to see him and get a meet and greet. He hangs out with everyone and answers any questions you throw at him. Maybe I am biased?
4th Oct, 5:45pm
thericochet:   tv, he's not terrible so far on the Stern show, he's just not very good and is more of a liability than an addition. he IS terrible on the Jay Thomas show though. i always skip the days he's on there because he tries to put himself over with unfunny jokes that interrupt the flow.
4th Oct, 5:29pm
jpolz:   can someone upload the torrentkeeper content to another site like piratebay or something? Haven't heard whats up with tk but I was curious to hear that jason and will show
4th Oct, 5:21pm
deadluvva:   Season 3, Jessie getting revenge for killing the kids, whacking Gale etc etc. Season 3 was gold. Season 4 was gold plus plus plus plus........
4th Oct, 5:19pm
deadluvva:   I am chatting in a Stern torrent site cause I am a fanatic of Stern and the Jackie years. They were brilliant every single day. And like jhames said, we all do have the show in common. I love this freakin site!
4th Oct, 5:00pm
jhames34:   The way I see it, stern fans are stern fans for life, even if our particular 'eras' are over...some people here are probably 'Jackie Only' guys, others love the Artie Years, etc. but we all have the show in common
4th Oct, 4:44pm
tvmogull:   (that was @deadluv)
4th Oct, 4:44pm
tvmogull:   haha so you dont listen to stern but your chatting in on a Stern torrent site?
4th Oct, 3:27pm
asg:   anyone have a good btls alternative now the keep is closed?
4th Oct, 3:06pm
jhames34:   Season 3 of Breaking Bad is slow and requires a lot of patience but it makes season 4 much stronger than everything else up to that point
4th Oct, 3:03pm
deadluvva:   I almost gave up on Breaking Bad after a few episodes but was told to hang in and OH MAN was it worth it. The best tv I have ever seen. Fucking love Walt.
4th Oct, 2:59pm
deadluvva:   No idea what he is like on the Stern show (gave up years ago) but loved him on the Mis Men show.
4th Oct, 1:31pm
tvmogull:   damn all this shuli talk almost makes me wanna skip ahead to his sitting in. ive never really been a fan of his so is it really that bad?
4th Oct, 1:25pm
LeechBot:   yeah, Shuli's timing is off. he sounds un-confident, which will never fly in that room.
4th Oct, 1:00pm
HanKHiLL:   lick uuurrr... a-gina
4th Oct, 12:59pm
HanKHiLL:   I'm gonna fluck you like a wild laminal it is
4th Oct, 11:34am
rotten1979: has been down a few days. Where can I find some recent HTVODs?
4th Oct, 12:20am
thericochet:   Also whenever Shuli tells a short story/anecdote he puts on a voice that makes it sound like it's going to be this hilarious story with a huge laugh but it ends up being just OK.
4th Oct, 12:18am
thericochet:   On a permanent basis anyway.
4th Oct, 12:18am
thericochet:   Sal would be better in the Jackie chair. I think it's Shuli's lack of timing that bugs the most. Hard to describe, but it's just not there. I doubt Howard could put Sal in there though because it would leave Richard out.
3rd Oct, 11:03pm
granpuba:   leechbot Homeland is a little slow at the beginning but it is a good show.
3rd Oct, 10:59pm
LeechBot:    I've watched 6 episodes, and Homeland isn't looking like much. Basically, a CBS-type drama with some f-words thrown in. I'd have expected more from a Showtime series. Am I missing something?
3rd Oct, 9:43pm
xYike:   Anyone have the History of Howard Stern complete sets?? I found 1 of them on here but would like the other 3.
3rd Oct, 9:24pm
thericochet:   faketorrentsite is the shit. it's so underground that it's not on the web, you have to use a pen and paper to download. great content though..definitely worth the extra work.
3rd Oct, 9:23pm
thericochet:   I was waterboarded for 5 hours last week by the NSA and didn't say shit about K5. :raised fist:
3rd Oct, 8:27pm
rvotyrtsym:   @jhames34 I'v been wanting to get on that site for years.You got a spare invite?
3rd Oct, 7:16pm
jhames34:   I get all my torrents off
3rd Oct, 7:04pm
rvotyrtsym:   piratebay sucks.Get the good stuff on K5.
3rd Oct, 7:03pm
divjak:   I think we should drop the K5 talk right now. Too many ears and eyes here.
3rd Oct, 5:52pm
jhames34:   Ned Dragons
3rd Oct, 5:50pm
smirnoff:   K5 is a site Ned created to get all your email addresses, then turn you in to the feds. Don't fall for it.
3rd Oct, 4:54pm
Shalimar:   sure prop... go and spoil my perfect record of precdicting what you would say next >:P
3rd Oct, 4:19pm
tvmogull:   yea what exactly is this k5 thing? ive heard of it for years.
3rd Oct, 3:57pm
ricktunes:   k5 it ..K5 it rocks!
3rd Oct, 3:06pm
deadluvva:   450 g's downloaded megahurt and one Thanks for eos. And you want him to come back?????
3rd Oct, 2:52pm
sabukweli:   I always thought k5 was a misunderstanding of him saying "kayfabe", which is an insider term in the wrestling world, though I forget exactly what it means. Since almost noone had heard the term kayfabe before that, people misinterpreted it as k5 and it just became that.
3rd Oct, 2:50pm
weed89:   dbconn: mysql_connect: User xbt4tkeeper already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections <--------?????? TK must be down...or everyone and their mothers are on it
3rd Oct, 2:35pm
prophecy500:   though thanks to all the uploaders!!
3rd Oct, 2:34pm
prophecy500:   we speak eos name!!
3rd Oct, 2:21pm
megahurt:   There's no way we can just all donate like $1/week to eos and bring him back?
3rd Oct, 2:17pm
MFizzel:   thanks
3rd Oct, 1:43pm
tvmogull:   thanx mediafire!
3rd Oct, 1:23pm
scump:   hmmm what is k5?
3rd Oct, 1:21pm
scump:   thanks, green
3rd Oct, 12:30pm
bobmcbob:   K5 Sounds interesting, I'd like a PM as well.
3rd Oct, 12:25pm
wujekcity:   anyone know what is up with Torrentkeeper??
3rd Oct, 11:51am
Yucko69:   I miss Bubba-isms...Here's the deal, 2 finger mcgillicutty jones up in her deal with a k5 cricket caper double blue jay on the backside willy
3rd Oct, 11:48am
Yucko69:   here's the deal....
3rd Oct, 11:48am
Yucko69:   double blue jay hahahahah
3rd Oct, 11:31am
asg:   k5 jones double bluejay pm please?
3rd Oct, 10:56am
adxixdxas:   I'm interested in the k5 info as well...thanks!
3rd Oct, 9:09am
ha4dcore:   whats k5? can you pm it to me.
2nd Oct, 10:53pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ha4dcore K5 have the H101 shows.
2nd Oct, 10:06pm
zx475ti:   i got burke stuff to up at tk but i cant get in. hope it comes back soon.
2nd Oct, 9:05pm
jhames34:   Sorry ha4dcore, thats some lousy luck...something will come to fill the demonoid void before we know it
2nd Oct, 8:49pm
ha4dcore:   no demonoid no torrent keeper or pirate place, no place to get H101 shows now. I need an invite for WDM or something.
2nd Oct, 8:30pm
jhames34:   What issss the deal with Torrent Keeper? Who aaaareee these people?? hehe sorry that a typed Jerry Seinfeld impersonation just doesn't cut it
2nd Oct, 7:33pm
ha4dcore:   whats up with Torrent Keeper?
2nd Oct, 7:32pm
ha4dcore:   Dr. Ruth? Howard has the same shitty guest on over and over. joan Rivers, Richard Simmons, etc.
2nd Oct, 7:29pm
luvtheleafs:   need help downloading .. anyone out there lol
2nd Oct, 4:42pm
deadluvva:   Dr Ruth? Are you serious??? Up next is the "Where's the Beef?" lady
2nd Oct, 4:02pm
Sbkap1:   Olive Blackock and Benji
2nd Oct, 3:25pm
bratwurst:   Dr. Ruth today? For fucks sake.
2nd Oct, 12:30pm
CanuckzColtz:   BOLT.CD oops
2nd Oct, 12:30pm
CanuckzColtz:   @Cap419 - try BO)LT,CD - that's where you can find a good assortment of tv shows in varying qualities (SD/HD) and formats to suit all wants
2nd Oct, 11:36am
ping12:   Agreed that Benji should be fired, if he hasn't already. Biggest douche bag on the face of the planet.
2nd Oct, 6:21am
Cap419:   anyone know of any good trackers that upload boardwalk empire?
2nd Oct, 12:21am
thericochet:   hahaha, have any of you googled "benjy bronk"? look at the picture that comes up on the top right.
1st Oct, 11:02pm
HanKHiLL:   and if ferrall leaves that means mor time for reruns
1st Oct, 11:00pm
HanKHiLL:   hey weed: if ur fat and stab urself in the stomach thats not a suicide attempt (maybe a go at cheap liposuction)
1st Oct, 9:44pm
rvotyrtsym:   Benji is not on the chopping block.Nor will he attempt suicide.
1st Oct, 9:33pm
weed89:   hopefully benji will take the Arti way out....and SUCEEDE heheheheharrrrrrggghh
1st Oct, 9:32pm
weed89:   so is benji Kaput??? why wont they talk about it?? I hate the drag queen benji
1st Oct, 9:01pm
SpaceEdge:   I doubt they will replace him, hell they never replaced Bubba The Love Sponge
1st Oct, 8:36pm
1st Oct, 8:02pm
rvotyrtsym:   I hope so space.That will free up that time slot for perhaps something worth listening to.
1st Oct, 7:16pm
SpaceEdge:   is Scott Ferrall leaving Sirius/Xm ? Saw a few articles saying he is doing a show on CBS sports starting January from 10pm-2am
1st Oct, 5:21pm
bratwurst:   Is there a chance he won't do it? Of course.
1st Oct, 4:57pm
Sbkap1:   Anyone know how to get back on Torrentkeeper?
1st Oct, 3:34pm
SpaceEdge:   never mind they let him come in later on.
1st Oct, 2:54pm
SpaceEdge:   weird so no Shuli today
1st Oct, 1:40pm
SpaceEdge:   either way he will talk about. If he dosen't do it he will talk about the guy who replaces him everyday.
1st Oct, 1:29pm
greentea123:   Is there any chance Stern wont do another season of AGT
1st Oct, 10:07am
LeechBot:   @hank: never heard of homeland, so I searched and it looks kind of good. Claire Danes: big fan big fan. queued up a full 1st season torrent.
1st Oct, 9:31am
redwings20:   "i want you to go to jail for this"
1st Oct, 3:50am
thericochet:   Sour Shoes was fucking hilarious as always
1st Oct, 12:03am
HanKHiLL:   i'd like to think that i would clean myself
30th Sep, 11:34pm
weed89:   you all remind me of sourshoes pants bunch of gooo wads
30th Sep, 4:41pm
HanKHiLL:   hell yea leech and i need to catch up on homeland but sons of anarchy has been really good so far
30th Sep, 2:10am
LeechBot:   Dexter returns!
29th Sep, 7:24pm
rvotyrtsym:   Guess Who.............
29th Sep, 5:04pm
deadluvva:   Hello Hello.............
29th Sep, 2:59pm
jhames34:   Dry Oatmeal.
28th Sep, 8:57pm
Seeker:   Grab a hand full and hold on tight! Let's take a trip down mammary lane...joke and gags, loads of laughs. Tape and clips....your favorite bits!
28th Sep, 6:36pm
straightup:   Ticky Thai Mein?!
28th Sep, 4:22pm
HanKHiLL:   tickle my tits
28th Sep, 4:03pm
Shalimar:   I have improved my time shifting skills.. and now I predict Propecy will next say: Heyyyyy Noooooowwwww!!!
28th Sep, 3:02pm
jhames34:   Someone tell that bastard jhames32 and his older brother jhames 31 that doing think what bobba fetty want the other day should be a one time thing!
28th Sep, 2:00pm
rvotyrtsym:   "doing think what bobba booey wants you to think"
28th Sep, 1:34pm
tvmogull:   lol@spor. sorry sir, youre just wrong. ive yet to get to the shows of shuli sitting in and can easily state that the show would be the same, if not better, if they fired benji and hired a hungrier comic
28th Sep, 9:15am
abnormaldan:   Hey @n00ne:
28th Sep, 9:15am
abnormaldan:   Has anyone seen episodes of Fast Food Mania, other than episodes 1-3? I can't seem to find any online, and I'd buy them from iTunes, but they're not available on iTunes Canada!
28th Sep, 8:00am
sp0r:   employee of the month jason is such a faggot
28th Sep, 7:52am
LeechBot:   no, but there's a shoutbox.
28th Sep, 4:28am
n00ne:   is there a site like this for howard tv stuff?
27th Sep, 11:32pm
bratwurst:   Glad we have some English as a Second Language students who are fans!
27th Sep, 11:30pm
HanKHiLL:   seeker: ur rite benji is better if u don't see or hear him
27th Sep, 11:14pm
Seeker:   Oh, BTW, I saw jhames32 doing think what bobba booey wants the other day....twice!
27th Sep, 11:13pm
Seeker:   Oh, BTW, I saw jhames32 doing think what bobba booey wants the other day....twice!
27th Sep, 11:05pm
Seeker:   I feel Benji's comedy writing is mediocre and I get gaseous when his "personality" shows.
27th Sep, 8:39pm
jhames34:   I promise i will never "doing think what bobba booey wants you to think" because I have no idea what that means, no matter how many times you type it.
27th Sep, 4:24pm
sp0r:   seriously! he was late like once this year. he's very professional. robyn works from home. think for yourselves people, doing think what bobba booey wants you to think
27th Sep, 4:22pm
sp0r:   seriously! he was late like once this year. he's very professional. robyn works from home. think for yourselves people, doing think what bobba booey wants you to think
27th Sep, 4:16pm
sp0r:   the fact that shuli is sitting in,b and the genius artie lange is gone, really pisses me off
27th Sep, 4:15pm
sp0r:   there is nothing wrong with benji, it's all bandwagon jumping being against him
27th Sep, 1:46pm
HanKHiLL:   5-10 when did he say that?
27th Sep, 1:11pm
tvmogull:   @hank-yeah did you hear when Stern admitted Benjis "per-show" contribution? he said "between 5-10 lines PER SHOW ... yep, he's well worth the 80k a year ...
27th Sep, 6:33am
LeechBot:   I'm voting for Romney the limo driver
26th Sep, 9:29pm
HanKHiLL:   you just can't tell which lines because he doesn't do the "jackie laugh"
26th Sep, 9:28pm
HanKHiLL:   benji is still there he writes too many lines for howard to really fire him
26th Sep, 7:35pm
Seeker:   Oh shit, Benji is gone? Fuck...about time!
26th Sep, 6:10pm
tvmogull:   if they finally got some balls and fired benji, then spent the 2 months or so it would take to find somebody new, they'd not only improve the show, but easily save $$$ as Id bet Benji got a nice pay raise when he made the move to sirius.
26th Sep, 6:09pm
tvmogull:   the fact that benji works only 3 days a week and NEVER CONTRIBUTES ANYTHING ELSE is just proof of the laziness of Stern.
26th Sep, 6:08pm
tvmogull:   I'd bet they could easily get a "new artie" for less than 75k and that may be a high number since they could low-ball any potential comic w the certainty that he'd double, triple or quadruple his stand-up rates.
26th Sep, 6:06pm
tvmogull:   @rvot - there may be some truth in the "cheap-factor" but I've worked in television production for over 10 years now and can say this with a small amount of expertise ... RADIO PAYS NOTHING lol
26th Sep, 5:52pm
rvotyrtsym:   @tv It's a $$$$$$$$ thing.Shuli works for very little pay.Stern is known for being notoriously cheap.
26th Sep, 5:39pm
tvmogull:   while i have yet to get to the newer shows where shuli sits in, I completely agree both deadluv & leechbot. the saddest thing is that, if stern simply gave the ok to gary to "start looking" they could find 50 comics who would instantly bring 20x the talents of shuli & benji COMBINED to the show
26th Sep, 3:42pm
sp0r:   i think shuli is ruining the show
26th Sep, 3:40pm
sp0r:   why is shooooley sitting in. did benji get fired or something??
26th Sep, 3:09pm
scump:   Thanks uppers! My days at work are actually tolerable thanks to your hard work.
25th Sep, 11:12pm
stuey868:   does anyone have may-july 2006? i would greatly appreciate it
25th Sep, 7:00pm
weed89:   Im all for benji gett the axe long will Shuli sit in?
25th Sep, 4:51pm
rvotyrtsym:   shuli was good yesterday for his 1st day "sitting in"
25th Sep, 4:45pm
HanKHiLL:   but i can't stop listening to this sour shoes interview
25th Sep, 4:44pm
HanKHiLL:   well he was a obsessive caller
25th Sep, 4:34pm
downtown:   I'll go with what Artie said a long time ago, "Shuli is like one of the wack packers".
25th Sep, 3:29pm
HanKHiLL:   and i think shuli is funny
25th Sep, 3:29pm
HanKHiLL:   i'm just glad for a new voice in the studio to mix it up
25th Sep, 3:20pm
blindediis:   still be able to help me SPACE?
25th Sep, 3:18pm
SpaceEdge:   at this point shuli is better then nobody.
25th Sep, 2:55pm
deadluvva:   "shuli might bring a new aspect to the show, he didn't sound bad today"................. this is what the show has become. He didn't sound bad. ooooof.
25th Sep, 2:49pm
jhames34:   Sour shoes today!
25th Sep, 12:23pm
LeechBot:   Shuli's HP Eric during the wrap-up show was spot-on. Howard should use Shuli's impressions during the show. HP Eric talks to Evil HP Eric, or whatever.
25th Sep, 12:21pm
LeechBot:   One huge laugh I used to get from Shuli was his Elliott Offen impression, which was great. too bad that's over.
25th Sep, 12:20pm
LeechBot:   damn, I didn't even notice Shuli was on except once during the news. I've never thought he was very funny. maybe he's a good writer
25th Sep, 9:29am
tvmogull:   i am not a fan of shuli but if it takes the show 1 step closer to FIRING BENJI then im all for it
24th Sep, 4:36pm
thericochet:   Shuli ruins Jay Thomas' show because he's constantly crowbarring in Catskills type jokes from the 50s that have nothing to do with the topic. He won't steamroll over Howard like that, but Artie used to be respectful until his last few years when he made everything about himself. Artie had a billion times more talent than Shuli though.
24th Sep, 4:03pm
rvotyrtsym:    I know it will never happen but I would love for the ghost of Elvis Presley to sit in.
24th Sep, 2:58pm
SpaceEdge:   I know it will never happen but I would love for Sal to sit in.
24th Sep, 2:58pm
SpaceEdge:   listening now it's kind of weird hearing him. Maybe he doesn't know when to jump in. Hopefully they let him sit in for a few days so he can get a rhythm.
24th Sep, 1:44pm
24th Sep, 1:34pm
bobo:   I will try to sort it out for tomorrow.
24th Sep, 1:33pm
bobo:   Sorry guys. After a long break from uploading, I decided to try it again today. I am having difficulties seeding.
24th Sep, 12:19pm
prophecy500:   shuli might bring a new aspect to the show, he didn't sound bad today
24th Sep, 11:54am
SpaceEdge:   Nice didn't listen yet but they should have given him the shot a year ago. Another voice in studio is nice.
24th Sep, 8:50am
HanKHiLL:   hey sweet is shuli sitting in
24th Sep, 7:58am
Seeker:   High Pitch Erik's voice is soooo sexy!
23rd Sep, 11:30pm
thericochet:   If she had any talent other than saying 'cunt' and 'spic' 5 times a minute she might have reason to be stuck on herself. But she doesn't.
23rd Sep, 7:42pm
bratwurst:   Could Lisa Lampanelli be more stuck on herself?
23rd Sep, 3:14pm
sflocco:   Didn't realize he was that talented. Also him and Jon Bon Jovi's voice are almost identical. Sounded almost like Jon fronting that acoustic arrangement on that song.
23rd Sep, 3:07pm
RGKMJ19:   where can i find htvod torrents? looking for the kelsey
22nd Sep, 11:16pm
ping12:   vinaigrette?! Why you!!
22nd Sep, 10:03pm
bratwurst:   I am not a fan, bu was also impressed by Sambora musically.
22nd Sep, 9:45pm
LeechBot:   vinaigrette
22nd Sep, 7:12pm
ping12:   Richie Sambora did an amazing job on Living on a Prayer, better than the original version by Bon Jovi in my opinion
21st Sep, 10:52pm
jhames34:   Y'all want to increase your ratios, y'all can donate btw.
21st Sep, 4:33pm
ricktunes:   If your tk account has suddenly "dissapeared", it's not a mistake. It's because of unacceptable ratio and poor seeding.
21st Sep, 1:42pm
HanKHiLL:   to keep the demons away he said
21st Sep, 1:41pm
HanKHiLL:   he was correcting the bible with his blood
21st Sep, 1:24pm
usiphi203:   The KC thing would be awseome. I loved that guy but he went nuts. Bleading on the bible and whatnot. Just a huntch but I also think he was on meth. Only meth heads take apart remotes.
21st Sep, 1:03pm
HanKHiLL:   they need to do a stern spotlight for kc
21st Sep, 12:55pm
Shalimar:   @deadluvva Fathers undress their daughters. <-- now that is priceless IMO ~~~
21st Sep, 12:51am
Seeker:   I enjoy the antics of Ass Napkin Ed. He is a friend on Facebook, and he is truly strange (his erractic posts), he is mental!
20th Sep, 8:16pm
bratwurst:   YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO
20th Sep, 7:56pm
forwhel6:   yes does anyone have a invite to torrentday for me. as you see im a good seeder and like to get the movies for my son lus i really seed the hell out on torrentkeeper
20th Sep, 7:00pm
HanKHiLL:   i just turn down the volume when she calls but that bitch is nuts i love it
20th Sep, 6:54pm
MizQue:   @HankHill: I have to turn the speakers off or FF when Debbie starts screaming!
20th Sep, 6:22pm
HanKHiLL:   but my fav wack packer right now is debbie the pet lady
20th Sep, 6:21pm
HanKHiLL:   gary is the best retard
20th Sep, 5:55pm
Seeker: Howard and Wendy have phone sex!
20th Sep, 5:50pm
deadluvva:   Not much lower than retard star-search. Okay maybe Fathers undress their daughters. Freakin LOVE that Stern!!!!!!!!!!
20th Sep, 5:49pm
deadluvva:   @ the ricochet. Not using the word "retard" is not cause it is different times. It is cause Howard has given up being edgy. Same with the word nigger, which he threw around a lot, Daniel Carver etc. All that edge is gone. Now it is Bobo and AGT and all that other boring shit. F'ing sad. Sorry bro, you got me going I loved the Stern who had retard star-search!!!!!!!!!!!!
20th Sep, 4:28pm
weed89:   Youse want I should "Take Care Of Him?"
20th Sep, 3:22pm
HanKHiLL:   You know what to do
20th Sep, 3:22pm
HanKHiLL:   His name's Jerry... You know what to do.
20th Sep, 2:04pm
Shalimar:   thericochet: <-- being PC is fukin stupid hands down and it has gone wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too far IMO.
20th Sep, 2:04pm
Shalimar:   @ prop etc... same shit.. diff day.. sometimes I duck fast enough lol
20th Sep, 2:03pm
Shalimar:   19th Sep, 5:34pm prophecy500: ha shali!!How you been buddy?!?!? <-- Once again.. I show the mighty power of time shifting! muhahahaha
20th Sep, 10:35am
tvmogull:   Anybody know where one can see "the nick and artie show" on DirectTv's "the audience network" or whatever the hell it's called lol
20th Sep, 3:33am
thericochet:   I think if a new mentally handicapped person becomes a wack packer they won't use the 'retard' moniker anymore. Gary and Wendy are grandfathered in though. Retard is a pretty harsh word. Different times.
20th Sep, 3:32am
thericochet:   People of ahh you?
19th Sep, 9:04pm
rvotyrtsym:   "ni-i-ice"
19th Sep, 7:35pm
jhames34:   @rvo, my sister is Jeff the drunk's dead arm so she's already a part of the show...
19th Sep, 5:34pm
prophecy500:   ha shali!!How you been buddy?!?!?
19th Sep, 5:10pm
rvotyrtsym:   Hey jhames34.Help your sister to call in next week.The show needs a new wack pack retard.Wendy and Gary very rarley call the show anymore.
19th Sep, 4:54pm
jhames34:   I think my sister may be retarded, she is laughing at Howard's "math" bit despite him doing it 35 times per show for the past 10 years :P
19th Sep, 3:16pm
calstarsrs:   WAS WARM
19th Sep, 3:16pm
calstarsrs:   BUTTCHEEKS
19th Sep, 2:52pm
ping12:   Yo, whaddafuk up niggaz. It's ya boy 50 yen here.
19th Sep, 1:06pm
Shalimar:   prophecy500: F'it We'll Do It Live!! <-- Ok fine.. I'll just put u on an infinite loop at the local christian center >
19th Sep, 12:37pm
bratwurst:   yes, that is exactly how it went down. 1983 was 8 years after KISS Alive had sold many millions.
19th Sep, 11:39am
HanKHiLL:   lol i ff that interview did he really say that?? and kiss was big in the 70s right
19th Sep, 10:47am
bratwurst:   This week's music expert moment: Sambora: "In 1983 I was invited to join KISS" Howard: "Were they already big then?"
19th Sep, 6:02am
prophecy500:   F'it We'll Do It Live!!
19th Sep, 4:49am
Kingpen:   Can anyone reseed 3-26-2007 and 3-27-2007 please thanks
19th Sep, 12:10am
ZigZagNuts:   E! Uzo Post Arrest / Al Goldstein (NEW)
18th Sep, 5:26pm
HanKHiLL:   tickle my tits
18th Sep, 4:46pm
paladyr:   it's 64k, this is one of them:
18th Sep, 4:45pm
paladyr:   can anyone seed 4-14-2009 and 4-15-2009 fight specials?
18th Sep, 3:25pm
blindediis:   thank you SpaceEdge
18th Sep, 1:17pm
tvmogull:   haha gents, don't you guys think you MAY be overanalyzing Stern a bit? All of your conspiracy-type-theories aside, doesn't it make more sense that he may just be a 60 yr old guy whose not quite as hip as he once was?
18th Sep, 11:55am
ZigZagNuts:   Does anybody know if On Demand ever aired an episode of Ronnie opening the Scores LAS VEGAS [not Ricks]?
18th Sep, 11:41am
calstarsrs:   1990, they want their guests back
18th Sep, 8:09am
SpaceEdge:   @blinediss PM me I can help you with your TK account
18th Sep, 4:19am
MizQue:   Any suggestions now that they killed Demonoid?
18th Sep, 3:08am
deadluvva:   Ratio of .5 and zero Thanks? Ooooooooof
17th Sep, 7:37pm
17th Sep, 6:21pm
blindediis:   or if u have a torrentkeeper account you do not want/use,help me out
17th Sep, 6:15pm
blindediis:   i cant log in to torrentkeeper to download btls, anyone know where i can get today's shows please hook me up
17th Sep, 2:52pm
ping12:   Awesome. I need to listen to the show to calm down. Last night, I took 25mg of Ambien and five shots of vodka and blacked out big time. I woke up this morning with some obscenely hot chick in my bed, but I do not have the faintest recollection of meeting her. Ambien is a decent recreational drug, but do not mess with it, especially with alcohol
17th Sep, 2:48pm
calstarsrs:   y
17th Sep, 2:29pm
ping12:   Live show today?
17th Sep, 2:14pm
calstarsrs:   he'll never get mainstream acceptance as long as he tells callers to sell their children...but then again he wouldn't be Howard if he didn't do that
17th Sep, 2:11pm
Shalimar:   17th Sep, 12:02pm prophecy500: F'it We'll Do It Live!! <-- demmit prop.. u still don't get it.. I'll just time shift you >:P
17th Sep, 12:36pm
greentea123:   @ thericochet: Nicely said Howard embarrassed himself with how excited he was getting the last couple months. He started off with at least a tiny bit of edge, and towards the end he was just another yuk-yuk TV fool he made his career on destroying. He's desperate for complete mainstream acceptance, but it's too late in his career for that.
17th Sep, 12:02pm
prophecy500:   F'it We'll Do It Live!!
17th Sep, 12:01pm
16th Sep, 10:26pm
jhames34:   Seeker, stay out of my bedroom, for the last TIME!!!
16th Sep, 12:35pm
Seeker:   Take off your pjs, daddy is coming in with the vaseline
16th Sep, 12:30pm
deadluvva:   Hey ya Jersey. What else do all us losers have to do?????
16th Sep, 11:20am
HanKHiLL:   i put a chunk of vaseline on the tip of my dick
16th Sep, 8:49am
LeechBot:   ...and your buttcheeks was warm.
15th Sep, 10:27pm
Seeker:    How you doin', my fine little orangutan bitch?
15th Sep, 8:46pm
jerseydope:   i love seeing old familiar names in this shoutbox
15th Sep, 8:45pm
jerseydope:   HEY NOWWW PROPHECY500, SFLOCCO, DEADLUVVA... whats up
15th Sep, 5:02pm
15th Sep, 4:03pm
bratwurst:   will be interesting, HanK...considering all of the off time in the last few months, maybe they really will do "normal" weeks until Thanksgiving
15th Sep, 11:49am
HanKHiLL:   so since agt is done does ne1 think that howard will take the week of his anniversary off?
15th Sep, 6:53am
deadluvva:   For Your Life; I'd like to help ya baby, but I don't know what to do-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o
15th Sep, 6:52am
deadluvva:   Great news!!!!!!!!!!
15th Sep, 1:10am
thericochet:   brat, what you're not sick of Howard pretending he's afraid of Zito? that NEVER gets old!
15th Sep, 1:02am
thericochet:   Howard embarrassed himself with how excited he was getting the last couple months. He started off with at least a tiny bit of edge, and towards the end he was just another yuk-yuk TV fool he made his career on destroying. He's desperate for complete mainstream acceptance, but it's too late in his career for that.
15th Sep, 1:00am
thericochet:   Tom Cotter will make a million bucks just from the headlining shows he'll book in the next couple years, so I'm glad the dog act won.
14th Sep, 9:43pm
bratwurst:   Joan looked and performed HORRIBLY last
14th Sep, 8:57pm
Seeker:   I told you not be stupid, you moron!
14th Sep, 8:35pm
jhames34:   Training dogs is a talent, and besides everyone on there was doing a grillo impersonation...they were all douches.
14th Sep, 6:18pm
ROEU812:   After ALL that HORSESHIT about finding good talent and the best people for a GOOD Vegas Show.. the winner is...SPOILER ALERT....A fucking Dog Act?????
14th Sep, 1:31pm
HanKHiLL:   cool so who won i stopped watching months ago
14th Sep, 1:19pm
greentea123:   Today we can rejoice - AGT is finally over after 4 longgggggggggggggg months
14th Sep, 10:54am
sflocco:   Chuck Zito's stories are older than he is. I guess it's just about time to have Joan Rivers back in again.
13th Sep, 10:42pm
13th Sep, 10:23pm
SpaceEdge:   3 big names that would make great guest he could talk about SOA and still ask them the sex questions
13th Sep, 10:22pm
SpaceEdge:   I suspect most of his stories are exaggerated. I only listened to his segment this time to hear the SOA stuff. Wish Howard would have in Kurt Sutter or Ron Perlman or Katy Segall
13th Sep, 8:13pm
bratwurst:   and the fact that he won't take a hint that it is time for him to leave WHEN HE HAS IS OWN DAMN SHOW is beyond annoying
13th Sep, 8:12pm
bratwurst:   I am enduring the Zito segment now...I also suspect a lot of his sex stories are exaggerated.
13th Sep, 5:47pm
bmbr:   I personally stopped subscribing a few years ago.. a bit after the XM merger, because of the sirius price hikes... i was so offended that I had given them my full support, bitched to gov reps about the ridiculousness of blocking this merger, and then they turn around and raise the price.. i can't remember the details now, just that i had 3 or maybe even 4 subscriptions and the price shot thru the roof
13th Sep, 5:45pm
bmbr:   i'm not an angry fan or anything though.. i just really enjoy them and miss having them daily. but i certainly don't blame the crew there. particularly with artie gone and howard having to 'fill in' so much space these days, i'm sure it's exhausting.. not to mention his own feuding with sirius
13th Sep, 5:44pm
bmbr:   bratwurst - yah i'm sure you're right.. it's like they've somehow managed to figure out how to do a 5 year contract with basically the schedule of a podcast.. only with shitty hours.
13th Sep, 1:33pm
prophecy500:   heyy noooww!!!
13th Sep, 12:11pm
ping12:   Yeah, I suspect that Zito may be a pathological liar. Loved the ball busting of JD on Tuesday's show
13th Sep, 11:38am
Shalimar:   argh Update.. I now have a 24k copy of the june 20th show thanks to esy whom I owe a beer if/when he is ever over in my neck of the woods
13th Sep, 11:36am
Shalimar:   Updated: Shalimar: Shalimar: Attn Prop, CT & poopdeck.. and others: - Anyone have a good archived copy of the "20 June 2002 & 17 March 1998" shows? had a req from a friend for em here (can't find my copy demmit)
13th Sep, 9:45am
jhames34:   Don't be such a pessimist time I had a really good nap in a hotel and when I left the room there were hundreds of people applauding...they lifted me on their shoulders and declared me king of naps!
13th Sep, 2:13am
thizzelle:   seems like all his sex stories are fake too... he said" I Walked out of the hotel room and the poeple aplauded" after he had sex with a girl... bullshit
13th Sep, 1:59am
thizzelle:   why is there this fear of chuck zito more than any other large pesron....i'll bet the first black 6'6" 300 lb security guard at sirius could down zito easily
13th Sep, 12:49am
SpaceEdge:   gave up on weeds a few years ago. Not sure why I stopped watching the show just didn't keep up with it.
13th Sep, 12:28am
LeechBot:   I can't wait to be free of Weeds.
13th Sep, 12:27am
LeechBot:   Boardwalk Empire this Sunday. I think that show's on the upswing.
12th Sep, 8:45pm
usiphi203:   the channels are a work in progress
12th Sep, 7:06pm
rvotyrtsym:   They will eventually be doing one show a week semimonthly.
12th Sep, 5:41pm
bratwurst:   bmbr: naturally, there will be a thanksgiving break before that. I will be impressed if they managed to do "full" 3 day weeks even until then
12th Sep, 3:08pm
greentea123:   @ping12: I agree about Chuck Zito, but I still wouldn't tell him that
12th Sep, 2:51pm
SpaceEdge:   Kurt Sutter would have been a great guest on the show tons of shit to talk to him about
12th Sep, 1:32pm
bmbr:   ha4dcore - no live show today, its their last day of vacation until the holiday break
12th Sep, 12:00pm
jms397:   Why get Chuck Zito to talk about Sons of Anarchy when the show could have had Kurt Sutter on instead. An interesting and outspoken guy. But they book boring non-English speaking miss HTV and Siragusa to waste time. Ponderous man, fucking ponderous.
12th Sep, 10:52am
ping12:   It's amazing any broad would bang Chuck Zito, let alone a 20 year old. He barely resembles a human at this point.
12th Sep, 10:09am
usiphi203:   He got pretty defensive about it. But he had to know they would bust his balls for being a looter.
12th Sep, 8:09am
ha4dcore:   No Live Show today?
11th Sep, 10:52pm
jhames34:   That sucks, Jason Ellis was in NYC this week and I hoped he'd be on the wednesday show
11th Sep, 9:40pm
Seeker:   There is a Rob Zombie song that opens the show? Hmm, I will have to listen for it.
11th Sep, 7:12pm
rvotyrtsym:   wed.>>The Satellite Years : 6:00 am – 12:00 pm (6 hrs)Relive one of the unforgettable satellite-era episodes of The Howard Stern Show. This episode is from 8/15/07 and features Buzz Aldrin, Gary the Retard, and Jim Florentine.
11th Sep, 3:29pm
cameltoe:   I fucked up the edit on my 9/10 daily show...I will fix and repost tomorrow.
11th Sep, 3:21pm
jhames34:   oh my god, this means that the shuffle isnt a legitimate shuffling of bits! :O CONSPEEERACY!!!!
11th Sep, 2:55pm
HanKHiLL:   lol goodstein defending his looting on 9/11 is on the shuffle right now
11th Sep, 2:18pm
greentea123:   Wrap Up show ended at 11:00 est
11th Sep, 2:17pm
greentea123:   @weed89: Show ended around 10:15 est today.
11th Sep, 2:09pm
greentea123:   And we can only pray he doesn't do another season of AGT
11th Sep, 2:06pm
greentea123:   Is anyone else sick of Howard talking about the opening Rob Zombie song Jesus, he acts like it's brand new
11th Sep, 2:02pm
weed89:   why was the show so short today? the 64K version was under 4hrs.
11th Sep, 1:48pm
11th Sep, 1:40pm
jhames34:   @poop, going that far implies that vaughny matters on some level, when we all know he's just dried up pud on a porn theater's floor
11th Sep, 12:45pm
greentea123:   @green: Thanks again for the HamHands
11th Sep, 12:37pm
poopdeck:   what's vaughny's IP address so everyone can block him?
11th Sep, 12:05pm
HanKHiLL:   they need to get tape of him yelling at the kids he plays with on xbox live
11th Sep, 11:59am
usiphi203:   Depace was probably busy playing xbox.
11th Sep, 11:56am
HanKHiLL:   ohh okay that was my other guess
11th Sep, 11:28am
usiphi203:   is was goodstein
11th Sep, 11:12am
HanKHiLL:   was it scott depace who stole a camera?
11th Sep, 11:08am
usiphi203:   And he went tanning
11th Sep, 9:42am
jhames34:   It was 11 years ago today that KC was hugging the ground instead of hugging guys, guys, guys. We will never forget.
11th Sep, 9:34am
jhames34:   Thanks Seeker!! My micropenis needs all the confidence it can get, even mice are turning it down
11th Sep, 8:57am
usiphi203:   It was 11 years ago today that they cancelled scott's bowling league. We will never forget.
11th Sep, 7:33am
green:   lol @ vaughny "No user with ID 2083."
11th Sep, 7:29am
green:   greentea123: took off for work early ayer, didn't check back till esta mañana.
11th Sep, 4:43am
ping12:   Haven't heard Stern for two weeks while he was on vacation. Listened for 10 minutes today, and just turned it off because it was so boring. Never thought Stern would become such a bore. Also, I have started watching Breaking Bad starting from Season 2. It is pretty bad ass, although I still think some of the episodes are kind of stretched out. I haven't watched all five seasons, but I bet it could have been done in like two seasons. Just speculation. But still really good show. Great acting and high production.
11th Sep, 1:58am
ricktunes:   Have fun at the Pirate Bay vaughny....
10th Sep, 10:37pm
sflocco:   Robin's talked about going out socializing since she's been ISDNing, so I though maybe she was back and I just didn't happen to hear it the day they mentioned it since I don't listen to every second.
10th Sep, 9:36pm
HanKHiLL:   weed he mentioned it b4 the vacation
10th Sep, 8:54pm
bratwurst:   Robin STILL not in the studio? Whether you are a fan of hers or not have to be concerned that she is seriously ill.
10th Sep, 7:57pm
Seeker:   jhames34, your penis is not small!
10th Sep, 6:53pm
crash613:   Robin's been "phoning it in" for a long time now... in more ways than one today
10th Sep, 5:38pm
weed89:   I want to know if howard will say anything about Mark & Brian <<---a couple douche bags In LA Radio "RETIRING" lol...
10th Sep, 5:17pm
jhames34:   Dear Vaughny. Go fuck your mom. I just did, and considering how small my penis is, she should be pretty tight still. Don't like how fast you're getting the show, maybe you should subscribe
10th Sep, 3:46pm
vaughny:   why the fucks it on the pirate bay and not on here?
10th Sep, 3:44pm
vaughny:   wheres todays show?
10th Sep, 3:21pm
rtm2620:   what time does today's show go up?
10th Sep, 3:05pm
bellet: links for the show today(WDM)
10th Sep, 2:54pm
SpaceEdge:   Did Howard talk about this it's Bubba on that Fine Time yt show. It's so embarrassing and douchey
10th Sep, 2:32pm
weed89:   waiting for todays show
10th Sep, 2:22pm
macdaddy77:   Robin was at home today 9/10/12
10th Sep, 2:01pm
v1ru5:   Are there any other sites to get Howard DL;s?
10th Sep, 1:49pm
sflocco:   Is Robin back in the studio or she still broadcasting at home?
10th Sep, 1:38pm
weed89:   Thanks EOS ----hope he writes it down this time too..............
10th Sep, 1:10pm
greentea123:   @ green: Anymore HamHands for today?? Thanks
10th Sep, 8:04am
ZigZagNuts:   A Superior Upload of Howard's last visit to the Letterman show is now available at to replace the inferior version that had been up. Enjoy!
10th Sep, 6:42am
LeechBot:   Speaking of masterpieces, the fly made a reappearance this season.
10th Sep, 12:26am
eos:   weed89: Got it.
9th Sep, 10:33pm
ROEU812:   W.W.
9th Sep, 9:37pm
weed89:   hey...if anyone knows "SteveOH"...he lost his password can not login...and is asking for help..i PM'ed eos....but if someone else can help him please do.....he has done this a few times..and I told him will be last time I relay messages for him. thanks in advanve if someone knows...or can help him
9th Sep, 6:25pm
CanuckzColtz:   @Jhames34 - Noooooooooooo !!! I could not survive !!!
9th Sep, 5:58pm
jhames34:   Do you REALLLLY want to live in a world without Coca Cola??
9th Sep, 5:11pm
HanKHiLL:   yea there are so many now that i think back through the whole series its hard to pick the end of ep 8 made me think of the opening scene of ep 1
9th Sep, 3:02pm
deadluvva:   It is a great one Hank but I will stick with the "I'M the one who knocks!" scene. That gave me the chills.
9th Sep, 12:02pm
HanKHiLL:   that is the best scene in the series so far
9th Sep, 11:06am
deadluvva:   @ HankHill; opening scene ep 7 "Say my name!" HOLY!!!!!!!!!!!
9th Sep, 10:03am
deadluvva:   Rumours around about the Zeppelin 2007 O2 show finally being released!!!! Worth it just to hear the first-time live For Your Life. It was an all around killer show. YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaa
8th Sep, 10:46pm
HanKHiLL:   yes sir thats the one"you know who i am"
8th Sep, 7:18pm
jhames34:   Is that the Coca-Cola speech Hank? if so, then....Yer Damn RIGHT.
8th Sep, 7:14pm
jhames34:   Season 4 is probably going to remain my favorite season. 5 is good but 4 was a masterpiece
8th Sep, 6:48pm
deadluvva:   I still can't believe that season 5 can beat season 4. Gus and the bomb was unforgettable. Not to mention the Lilly of the Valley. Killer scene in season 5 where Walt finds himself sitting on the couch next to the kid. Holy!
8th Sep, 12:27pm
HanKHiLL:   the opening scene for episode 7 has been the best
8th Sep, 12:21pm
deadluvva:   to ping ; usually I agree with you but with Breaking Bad every episode is stellar. I will say here right now, it is the best tv show I have ever seen. Just finished ep 2 of season 5. Him holding his wife at the end and telling her "I forgive you". Holy creepy moment. Walt is the best!!!!!.
8th Sep, 12:02pm
HanKHiLL:   or where to find the money
8th Sep, 9:39am
jhames34:   ping, it's a different art form. they're called tv shows because they're not movies. also, thanks Hank. I suspect that Walt jr has 2 wooden legs and his dad has carved his meth formula onto them in case he dies.
8th Sep, 12:50am
HanKHiLL:   jhames now that shit would be funny
7th Sep, 11:57pm
ping12:   I watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad and it was good, but all American dramas go on for way too long, usually several seasons. Movies are only like 100 minutes and they tell the whole story. These dramas are basically like 100 hour movies. At most, they should wrap things up in one season. The only drama that I was actually able to stay with for several seasons was The Sopranos.
7th Sep, 10:03pm
LeechBot:   Sirius's browser-based pos tuner still works. Did they change channel info?
7th Sep, 10:03pm
LeechBot:   XMTuner lost access to live sports events this week, just in time for the NFL. Any idea wtf?
7th Sep, 8:50pm
jhames34:   I can't believe in the last episode of this half of the last season of breaking bad, Walt jr was faking his paralysis the whole time! oops spoiler alert.
7th Sep, 6:56pm
HanKHiLL:   it is the last season the last 8 eps will air in january
7th Sep, 6:12pm
poopdeck:   I didn't know breaking bad was coming back! I thought this was the last season ever.
7th Sep, 11:33am
foefoe:   Plz pm if there is a George Takei or a new Prank Call flood yall
7th Sep, 5:04am
crash613:   I can't wait to see it poopdeck.. going to watch it today!!!
6th Sep, 11:55pm
Seeker:   Shit! I hate when you type in the WRONG forum's shout box, and can't delete the post...Damn you internet!
6th Sep, 11:53pm
Seeker:   It was only 3 fingers silly, not the whole fist!
6th Sep, 3:20pm
6th Sep, 12:56pm
poopdeck:   Breaking Bad last episode was fucking awesome.
6th Sep, 12:55pm
poopdeck:   Shalimar:I don't have a high bitrate version but it might be in the entire year 2002 torrent. I'm seeding it as well as 2003.
6th Sep, 11:02am
Shalimar:   I'll send you a pm esy
6th Sep, 11:01am
Shalimar:   no shit poopdeck.. but certainly not for me
5th Sep, 9:15pm
esy0345:   Shalimar I have 20 June 2002 Where to send?
5th Sep, 8:25pm
rvotyrtsym:   ☞ ᑕᗩᙢᗴᒪ☂ᗢᙓ ᖇʊᒪᙓᔕ ☜
5th Sep, 7:58pm
poopdeck:   ha yeah. Too many vacations damn it!
5th Sep, 7:20pm
jhames34:   George is in the studio all week this week, unfortunately he's there alone and the mics are off.
5th Sep, 6:09pm
foefoe:   PM if someone knows of a new collection of Sal and Richard's Prank Calls...Also when is George Takei gonna be in the studio again?
5th Sep, 4:40pm
jhames34:   hehe uh oh we're getting into spoiler territory
5th Sep, 4:21pm
jhames34:   yeah zigzag, and we all knew that what happened at the end of the last episode of this half season was inevitable but it still felt like an anvil on the head :P
5th Sep, 12:29pm
Shalimar:   deadluvva: Got the first 8 eps of Breaking Bad season 5 all set to watch. Life is good!!!!!! <-- gettin damn good IMO
5th Sep, 12:29pm
Shalimar:   Shalimar: Attn Prop, CT & poopdeck.. and others: - Anyone have a good archived copy of the "20 June 2002 & 17 March 1998" shows? had a req from a friend for em here (can't find my copy demmit)
4th Sep, 7:45pm
jhames34:   good EVENing at this point rvo:P errrrt! errrt! um thats the ETM buzzer sound effect by the way...
4th Sep, 5:13pm
rvotyrtsym:   Good afternoon jhames34. Ack Ack
4th Sep, 5:04pm
jhames34:   I'm sorry rvo, I didn't know about your feet...I'll try to be more sensitive in the future
4th Sep, 4:29pm
rvotyrtsym:   I'm club fucking footed you asswipe!
4th Sep, 12:54pm
tvmogull:   btw, just watched the Behind-the-scenes w Eric the Midget at the Viper Room - did anybody notice how Eric almost NEVER blinks?
4th Sep, 12:48pm
tvmogull:   lol can somebody please figure out how many days this summer they've actually been live? (more proof that Benji is the luckiest, no-talent on the planet)
4th Sep, 11:40am
usiphi203:   So happy to see OJ mask on yesterdays show.
4th Sep, 11:39am
usiphi203:   10-26-2001. His first day.
4th Sep, 10:14am
LeechBot:   can someone please tell me the date of the last stern show that artie was on sober?
4th Sep, 7:52am
green:   Erah December 9, 2009
4th Sep, 7:47am
sp0r:   can someone please tell me the date of the last stern show that artie was on?
4th Sep, 7:45am
green:   Erah, not live, Erah ......
4th Sep, 7:43am
green:   Eruh, this week, err uh, is Impressions Week, Erah .. erah .. erah ......
4th Sep, 7:22am
ernielogman:   Are they back live?
3rd Sep, 7:57pm
SaCo:   who was the uploader who said they would put all the stern shows on a hard drive if we paid em some cash and mailed em a HD
3rd Sep, 11:41am
HanKHiLL:   dead i haven't seen 8 yet but ep 7 has been my fav
3rd Sep, 10:52am
LeechBot:   Whose Burr is better: Billy's or Fred's? both great
3rd Sep, 10:51am
LeechBot:   This has to be one of the all-time best bits.
3rd Sep, 10:50am
LeechBot:   I almost never tune in live, but with my new XMTuner it's pretty convenient. I managed to catch the 1994 Raymond Burr bit with Billy West and Fred as Raymond Burr, and with out-of-the-closet Stern
3rd Sep, 10:14am
deadluvva:   Got the first 8 eps of Breaking Bad season 5 all set to watch. Life is good!!!!!!
3rd Sep, 6:50am
LeechBot:   W.W.
2nd Sep, 11:39pm
HanKHiLL:   i guess a lot of craig gas then
2nd Sep, 8:56pm
rvotyrtsym:   This week>Howard Stern's Impressions Week Howard Stern’s Impressions Week highlights the best of the best – and a few times, the worst of the worst -- from Jim Breuer’s take on Joe Pesci and Ozzy to Billy West as the Jackie Puppet. The hilarious celebrity impersonators are only part of the week-long event, also featured heavily are Howard and the rest of the staff’s original characters and impressions of each other.
2nd Sep, 10:44am
LeechBot:   hey, this XMTuner Windows app is working great: no timeout. Is there some application that will schedule recordings directly to mp3 on my hard drive? In the past, I've had to feed one computer's earphone into another's microphone jack.
2nd Sep, 10:42am
LeechBot:   I should have said I that link was just to books in pdf format.
2nd Sep, 8:54am
deadluvva:   Stupid question maybe but what is an e-book? Is that what you use with a Kindle?
2nd Sep, 8:03am
LeechBot:   I've gotten some good ebooks at
2nd Sep, 3:52am
djkikrome:   I sure have missed this site. Haven't been able to catch up on shows from four years ago and just fell off the map. Shout out to cameltoe and eos (if eos is still around).
2nd Sep, 3:51am
djkikrome:   with demonoid down, I have no idea where to find ebooks. Been looking for star wars: lost tribe of the sith the collections for part 9 and can't find it anywhere. I miss demonoid. Any ideas? PM please.
2nd Sep, 3:25am
LeechBot:   @rvotyrtsym, thanks, will give those apps a try
2nd Sep, 1:08am
HanKHiLL:   tickle my tits
1st Sep, 10:25am
deadluvva:   I realize he was killed but I did read another thing saying how the ending was simply about, how when all is said and done, his family. He shows little or no remorsefor the deaths of the people around him so the scene in the little diner is about his family. I liked that reasoning. It is wrong I know but I liked it
1st Sep, 10:21am
deadluvva:   Just got back from a few days away. Want to say Thanks to all for the Sopranos final-episode info, websites etc.
1st Sep, 7:28am
green:   74transam download them with
1st Sep, 4:33am
74transam:   @green, thanks for the link. now i need to figure out how to download them. i'm half retarded.
31st Aug, 10:15pm
straightup:   @usiphi203 you're totally right about Cheryl. I don't want to talk about Sharon, her mangirl cousin ;)
31st Aug, 10:14pm
straightup:   I don't have a daughter that's a man!
31st Aug, 6:04pm
ROEU812:   Illinois representing !!
31st Aug, 5:16pm
Rumballs:   Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
31st Aug, 3:02pm
usiphi203:   I think Richard Simmons might be my favorite guest. He knows how to play the game and I laugh everytime he does that loud, drawn out laugh.
31st Aug, 3:00pm
usiphi203:   haha,I love the sharon line. But it's Cheryl I believe.
31st Aug, 2:38pm
rvotyrtsym:   @leechbot,Try SiriusXMStreamer or XMTuner.
31st Aug, 1:40pm
straightup:   Oregon, Nigga, what!
31st Aug, 1:39pm
straightup:   Where's Mama?
31st Aug, 1:39pm
straightup:   My name is Sharon, and I am your daughter.
31st Aug, 1:07pm
jhames34:   Woo, we're all over the place!
31st Aug, 7:41am
Seeker:   TEXAS!
31st Aug, 2:41am
neilfarted:   Cali bitches
31st Aug, 12:46am
usiphi203:   indiana here
30th Aug, 9:37pm
LeechBot:   anyone know how to keep the Sirius internet browser player running past its timeout if you can't be there to click when it prompts you? I need to record Steelers games while not at the computer.
30th Aug, 9:07pm
jhames34: more Eric the Ack-Acktor wrestling news...the stern show is involved in some bizarre way
30th Aug, 9:00pm
jhames34:   hmm, that has me wondering, are most of us here tri-staters? I'm Lancaster PA, muhself
30th Aug, 8:59pm
jhames34:   haha eos if I wasn't broke and reacted to people the way david bowie reacted to Trent Reznor in the "Im afraid of americans" video, I'd totally buy you a potato :P
30th Aug, 6:19pm
rvotyrtsym:   @maer2 NOPE
30th Aug, 5:37pm
Seeker:   O-Qua Tangin Wann.
30th Aug, 4:50pm
maer2:   Anyone else having problems logging in to torrentkeeper?
30th Aug, 4:47pm
eos:   Maybe Chink's instead?
30th Aug, 4:44pm
eos:   I should be at Geno's Steaks (or Pat's King of Steaks) tomorrow night around 6:30 if anyone would like to buy my wife and I dinner. Oh, and you can meet me too. Philadelphia, you numbskulls...
30th Aug, 3:12pm
green:   Ferrall_32K.mp3
30th Aug, 1:40pm
74transam:   zapper562, thank you. do you know where i can download his show?
30th Aug, 12:26pm
usiphi203:   Have you ever pleasured while clothes shopping with Henry Rollins? Man I love ed torrian.
30th Aug, 10:49am
Shalimar:   Attn Prop, CT & poopdeck.. and others: - Anyone have a good archived copy of the "20 June 2002 & 17 March 1998" shows? had a req from a friend for em here (can't find my copy demmit)
30th Aug, 7:58am
Seeker:   Sebastian Bach is a tool. He sounds like David Lee Roth.
30th Aug, 3:26am
Zapper562:   Farrell is still on nightly.
30th Aug, 3:03am
74transam:   dumb question. is farrell still on H101?
29th Aug, 1:53pm
greentea123:   Dear Howard, Please don't do another season of AGT
29th Aug, 10:42am
jhames34:   Yeah, that would be like naming your kid Jhames or something!
29th Aug, 9:57am
HanKHiLL:   all i have to say is who the fuck names their kid dax
29th Aug, 12:50am
thericochet:   brat, dax shepherd annoys the shit out of me. if you didn't know who was who you would have thought he was the one making $20 million a movie with the smarmy way he talks.
28th Aug, 11:53pm
granpuba:   ricktunes my tk account is gone as well but i still have me redskunk account. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
28th Aug, 11:45pm
granpuba:   Anyone have black on black from this week? I missed it. KOAB is funny!!!!!!!!!
28th Aug, 11:45pm
bellet:   That move looked like it would do poorly at the box office after the first ad I saw. It should have been vod/dvd
28th Aug, 8:20pm
bratwurst:   fair enough rob...although it was about 95% asshole buddies laughing it up and 5% about moving making
28th Aug, 8:12pm
robhouston:   brat - I liked it...but I am very interested in movie making. Totally made me want to see that movie too. Checking it out this weekend.
28th Aug, 7:35pm
rvotyrtsym:   @brat >>>FF<<<
28th Aug, 7:29pm
bratwurst:   just getting into last week's shows...anyone else find the bradley/dax segment totally uninteresting?
28th Aug, 5:12pm
wujekcity:   hey RICKTUNES sent u a pm about TK thanks
28th Aug, 4:46pm
thericochet:   thanks for the link linny
28th Aug, 2:45pm
28th Aug, 1:45pm
tvmogull:   hey so if this awesome site happened to go down, does anybody have a 2nd choice we can all congregate to that also has stern?
28th Aug, 1:10pm
linnyb:   could do it with Tony having survived...after tony's death with Sylvio or even go the Sopranos Next Generation route
28th Aug, 1:08pm
linnyb:   though in my cynical mind the somewhat ambiguous end leaves a universe of possibilities open to Chase for the inevitable movie
28th Aug, 1:05pm
linnyb:   here's another pretty in depth analysis that agrees
28th Aug, 12:47pm
usiphi203:   Watching anold cartoon on cartoon network with my 4 year old. The way they make the Injun sounds sounds like Sal doing his black guy impressions. I miss cartoon racism, glad it still around.
28th Aug, 12:32pm
greentea123:   Love redskunk and Demonoid has to come back
28th Aug, 12:18pm
usiphi203:   haha
28th Aug, 12:17pm
HanKHiLL:   I'm gonna fluck you like a wild laminal it is
28th Aug, 9:45am
Shalimar:   Anyone have a good archived copy of the "20 June 2002 & 17 March 1998" shows? had a req from a friend for em here
28th Aug, 9:07am
usiphi203:   I read some reports that demonoid might be back soon. Crazy. Never count the noid out.
28th Aug, 8:59am
weed89:   Yikes I Also thought Redskunk was taken down Glad all is ok
28th Aug, 8:14am
usiphi203:   Next week mon is labor day, I am guessing a two week vacation.
28th Aug, 8:13am
usiphi203:   man was I scared. glad the skunk is still alive.
28th Aug, 2:08am
thericochet:   And also the guy goes in the bathroom, and the theory is that he comes out of the bathroom and shoots Tony in the head like Michael Corleone did to Solozzo and McCluskey in the first Godfather.
28th Aug, 1:54am
thericochet:   Also the guy in the diner had a Members Only jacket on and that was the name of the episode where Junior shoots Tony and Tony nearly dies. And the MO jacket guy was credited as "Guy in Members Only Jacket" in the credits which is a weird thing to credit since he was barely shown. Probably would normally be "Guy in Diner" or "Guy 3" or something vague if it wasn't mean to mean something.
28th Aug, 1:51am
thericochet:   In the episode Sopranos Home Movies when Bobby and Tony are on the boat Bobby talks about how when you get killed you never see it coming. Also David Chase in an interview a couple years ago referenced the episode in Season 5 (i think) where Silvio is having dinner with a guy from the NY crew who gets killed at the table and Silvio didn't even notice what was happening until the 2nd shot and blood got on him. You never see it coming. I thought it was a perfect finale when put into perspective.
28th Aug, 1:01am
ha4dcore:   wecome back
27th Aug, 8:47am
usiphi203:   wait, wrong show
27th Aug, 8:42am
usiphi203:   He was dead the whole time
27th Aug, 5:30am
LeechBot:   deadluva: there have been so many idiotic and weird responses to the Sopranos finale. Here's one of the better ones:
27th Aug, 1:27am
asg:   thanks ricktunes
26th Aug, 11:32pm
ricktunes:   Don't know why your tk accounts are now gone. I haven't booted anyone for over a year there. If you need new accounts pm me and I'll get you new ones.
26th Aug, 11:09pm
ping12:   Funniest video ever on youtube
26th Aug, 8:48pm
ohsolemio:   ya man my tk account is gone, cant recover too
26th Aug, 8:31pm
alyssitk:   can someone seed jon heins tv show, geektime and h100 news week in review? much appriciated
26th Aug, 8:18pm
asg:   there's something wrong with torrentkeeper... a few of us are either booted or can't get in or recover our accounts...
26th Aug, 8:16pm
wujekcity:   can someone tell me how to restore my torrentkeeper account? all of a sudden it dissappeared? i donated too!=(
26th Aug, 5:11pm
jhames34:   Cant wait to hear him call the Ack Ack-tion
26th Aug, 5:01pm
jhames34:   Eric the Midget apparently now works for TNA wrestling. Says he'll be providing some sort of commentary? :P
25th Aug, 8:45pm
Seeker:   The blackness is Tony's POV (point of view) He was shot in the head by that guy that went into the bathroom. Notice how every time the bell rings when someone comes in, it switches to Tony's POV. This happens about 4 times to set up a pattern for the viewer. The final bell ring switches to his POV, then blackness.
25th Aug, 6:45pm
jhames34:   dead, somewhere in the episode Tony said something about how when you die everything just goes black...I guess the show died? :P
25th Aug, 6:36pm
deadluvva:   Just finished the Sopranos. What the hell was that ending supposed to mean???? What a let down? Can someone help me out as to what it meant?????
25th Aug, 6:30pm
asg:   yeah me too, long long time member
25th Aug, 5:56pm
alyssitk:   been a member since june 04
25th Aug, 5:56pm
alyssitk:   same here asq hopefully its not us and a site issue.
25th Aug, 2:57pm
asg:   host email? my torrentkeeper sign in isn't working and it's not recognizing my email address for recovery? help pls
25th Aug, 10:10am
alyssitk:   anyone having trouble loging onto torrent keeper ?
25th Aug, 12:42am
bratwurst:   Thanks for the answer to my Scary Gary question. I knew it had to do with aggressive behavior on his part, but had forgotten if there was one tipping point. I think Seeker nailed it.
25th Aug, 12:18am
NWsterngirl:   green, thanks oh so much for the Gary Playlist Special. I'm sure I'll give it a noine, even though Howard only gives it a two.
24th Aug, 3:20pm
ZigZagNuts:   good idea, i will, thx
24th Aug, 2:26pm
usiphi203:   I can't say for certain they didn't do the race but with Howard's tape teams and the rest of the people uploading stuff, that would had to pop up. Would have been funny as hell. Email mark from marksfriggin, he would know. I have sent him a few emails and he emails back.
24th Aug, 2:12pm
green:   Empire state building shooting and Howard stern
24th Aug, 1:22pm
ZigZagNuts:   Does anyone remember if Artie ever did get to Race Bianca back in 2003? They first talked about it back on 1/16/03 but then it is not mentioned again until 1/29/03 when Howard briefly mentioned that he still wanted to set it up. Does anyone remember if they ever actually set up the race? and if so, when was it?
24th Aug, 10:57am
HanKHiLL:   brat i think it was because he was being a dick and trying to start a fight with the ppl he interviewed(which i thought was funny) or maybe because he started doing his internet radio shows
24th Aug, 10:52am
HanKHiLL:   ping idunno about that i kinda liked bobo's treasure trade
24th Aug, 10:21am
usiphi203:   anyone ever use private tunnel vpn? Very cheap but they never respond to questions. Just wondering if anyone else has used them
24th Aug, 9:32am
LeechBot:   And how about the Shit Show?
24th Aug, 8:47am
ping12:   Howard used to have occasional segments that sucked. Then, recently, he has had entire shows that have sucked. Now I can say that he has entire weeks of shit shows. .Besides the Gary bashing on Monday, every moment of this weeks show sucked
24th Aug, 7:50am
linnyb:   Thanks camel and poopdeck....especially appreciate that both were freeware...been reading that online piracy is a real concern on the internet and I wouldn't want to be involved with anything like that
24th Aug, 3:59am
Gravitas2:   Whats the 'I was a Howard Stern Virgin' special about?
24th Aug, 12:50am
Seeker:   Nov 2009 - Howard Stern stated that Gary Garver was released from his goofball duties because of his chronic conflicts with other Howard Stern Show staff members. Gary Garver apparently threatened to punch Howard TV producer Doug Goodstein over show idea credit and regularly engaged in other 'out of control' behavior.
23rd Aug, 9:51pm
bratwurst:   Hey, can anyone remind me if there was one specific incident that got "Scary" Gary Garver booted from the show?
23rd Aug, 7:43pm
poopdeck:   linnyb:foobar2000 is a decent audio program for doing all that shit.
23rd Aug, 6:20pm
abnormaldan:   Thanks, @green - I was about to ask where I could find that Booey playlist. Can't believe he didn't pick any Steely Dan!
23rd Aug, 6:17pm
abnormaldan:   Testing, testing... ONE, TWO!
23rd Aug, 5:44pm
cameltoe:   linnyb: I use freemake audio converter
23rd Aug, 4:40pm
linnyb:   and ps....I love puppies
23rd Aug, 4:39pm
linnyb:   OK now that I have some attention.....does anyone know of an audio converter that will let me re-encode at a 24 rate. Use an old mp3 player to listen on the joo space is a real concern
23rd Aug, 4:38pm
linnyb:   I have videos for sale of me killing puppies if anyone is interested
23rd Aug, 4:06pm
rvotyrtsym:   *NO*
23rd Aug, 2:58pm
tvmogull:   hey can anyone explain to me why that "heynowtorrents" site is so weird about letting in new users?
23rd Aug, 10:49am
green:    Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx on iHeartRadio Rocks mornings that Howard is off
23rd Aug, 10:29am
Shalimar:   21st Aug, 12:10pm prophecy500: F'it We'll Do It Live!! <-- I told u before.. I'll just time shift your comments >
23rd Aug, 5:24am
LeechBot:   green type of tube
22nd Aug, 9:54pm
poopdeck:   that's excellent bobo!
22nd Aug, 3:23pm
green:   yes bobo ,and early awesome can't wait
22nd Aug, 3:18pm
bobo:   Is the wrap up show over at 11 am? If so, I can have it seeding by 12 eastern.
22nd Aug, 3:09pm
bobo:   I can start uploading next week. I will upload HSRS and WrapUp in seperate files, 128k, CF, Bumpers and live commercials with interaction left in.
22nd Aug, 3:00pm
sabukweli:   Suggy my can
22nd Aug, 2:49pm
ROEU812:   Doo-Doo Di Pan !
22nd Aug, 2:18pm
Sirtokesalot:   ticky tie mane
22nd Aug, 9:46am
ROEU812:   TippyTippy !
22nd Aug, 4:51am
Sirtokesalot:   Proper Modulation
21st Aug, 11:27pm
jhames34:   I AM in porn, they call me "Even Yard Long Dong Silver."
21st Aug, 10:12pm
calstarsrs:   really miss the bare bones rips
21st Aug, 9:40pm
green:   you know how they go up there when you do meth. lol
21st Aug, 9:40pm
green:   that horse dude has to be tucking his balls into his body to protect them somewhat??
21st Aug, 8:35pm
rvotyrtsym:   sorry bout that dude.even yard long dong,it should go into porn with that big wang.Oh My!
21st Aug, 7:32pm
jhames34:   @rvo my cock isn't 34 inches, how DARE you sell me short!!
21st Aug, 7:27pm
rvotyrtsym:   ☞ ᑕᗩᙢᗴᒪ☂ᗢᙓ ᖇʊᒪᙓᔕ ☜
21st Aug, 6:52pm
ernielogman:   128k is more important than cutting out the bumpers and other bullshit. that said, eos' rips had it all, and were by far the best. But I'll take the WDM rip from TPB as a substitute, they're still pretty good
21st Aug, 5:00pm
neilfarted:   I hope when they finally invent the time machine the gracious scientists allow deadluvva to use it to go back in time and relive all his favorite moments over and over again
21st Aug, 4:20pm
ha4dcore:   the show never had twat raper. why he didnt play that song?
21st Aug, 3:59pm
deadluvva:   The show was better and he has changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21st Aug, 3:49pm
neilfarted:   Stern is so repetitive these days. Every day it's the same thing, two or three guys complaining about how the show used to be so much better, and how much he's changed.
21st Aug, 3:27pm
greentea123:   Just look below for the HamHands links from green
21st Aug, 3:25pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ha4d,wait for the(best 64k on the net) cameltoe. "patience is a virtue"
21st Aug, 3:03pm
ha4dcore:   does anyone have a link for todays show?
21st Aug, 2:58pm
ha4dcore:   any is great with me.
21st Aug, 2:35pm
bobo:   Used to post 56K. What is the preferred bitrate? I would only post one.
21st Aug, 2:34pm
bobo:   Is it 11AM or 12PM ET? I live in west coast, can post show if over earlier.
21st Aug, 2:32pm
bobo:   I haven't listened to the show live in years. What time does the Wrap Up show complete now days?
21st Aug, 2:29pm
ha4dcore:   please do
21st Aug, 2:22pm
bobo:   I miss him as well. I may have to get back into posting the shows.
21st Aug, 2:08pm
megahurt:   Man, I miss eos.
21st Aug, 1:38pm
usiphi203:   it's this date in howard history 6-07-12.
21st Aug, 1:25pm
Amything:   which episode has KC IQ test?
21st Aug, 1:12pm
greentea123:   @green: Thanks for the hamhands links
21st Aug, 12:39pm
usiphi203:   Listening to KC's IQ test. Damn I miss that nut.
21st Aug, 12:10pm
prophecy500:   F'it We'll Do It Live!!
21st Aug, 11:10am
HanKHiLL:   he talked about the photo and the air brushing on yesterdays show for like a sec just b4 the news
21st Aug, 11:01am
Shalimar:   pppprrrooooooooooopppppppp @ toe!!!!!!! :P
21st Aug, 9:21am
green:   I bet Lisa G cried for aa long time being the only one not invited...hehe
21st Aug, 9:13am
green:   mariachi kid bores the hell out of me.
21st Aug, 4:12am
ping12:   Wow, this is a painful show to get through. Really awful boring interviews.
21st Aug, 1:48am
ping12:   @bellet I just started listening to the show. I will update if I hear any news about his neck
20th Aug, 9:16pm
Seeker:   It didn't feel like 34 inches....
20th Aug, 9:02pm
rvotyrtsym:   shout out to jhames with the 34 inch cock. @seeker/no more hurricanes g-damn it!
20th Aug, 8:44pm
Seeker:   I want my computer! I want to talk to howard! Turn the power on! I haven't even took a shower in three days! Argghhhh! This sucks and I stink like a rotten egg! I want a effin shower....come on power!
20th Aug, 7:42pm
jhames34:   shout out to rvo and ernie for making all the bullshit complaints turn from annoying to hilarious
20th Aug, 5:26pm
rvotyrtsym:    Duh...stern show ams be on vacay dis here week. Don't make me come ova there bitch...
20th Aug, 4:31pm
ernielogman:   the only thing worse than Howard being on vacation for a week is some dumbass looking to download the show for free bitching on the shoutbox about howard being on vacation a second week when he, in fact, is not.
20th Aug, 3:31pm
bellet:   Anyone know if they mentioned his neck on the show today?
20th Aug, 3:15pm
Amything:   thx bullet!
20th Aug, 2:39pm
downtown:'s his ass that has a problem, Tim is fine. hehe
20th Aug, 12:32pm
bellet: todays show wdm64
20th Aug, 11:52am
DrRemulak:   Thanks for the hourlies, green!
20th Aug, 11:22am
poopdeck:   green:
20th Aug, 4:28am
Sirtokesalot:   I am seeding Apr/May 07 and February 08
20th Aug, 4:27am
Sirtokesalot:   Also I agree on the first came to satellite years were awesome my favourites were 07-09 classic .... for me atleast
20th Aug, 4:25am
Sirtokesalot:   thanks bratwurst and hanki actually caught a bit of a show after that happened and it sounded like it would be good for some old time ball busting plus wtf sounds like tim has a problem
20th Aug, 2:32am
HanKHiLL:   damn the dinner scene with jessie trying to make small talk was classic
20th Aug, 2:26am
LeechBot:   Everybody wins.
20th Aug, 12:22am
HanKHiLL:   any ronnie meltdown is worth it imo
20th Aug, 12:02am
green:   I'm in the Empire Business. - Heisenberg
19th Aug, 8:10pm
bratwurst:   Good call Hank on the profiler...also the first hour of the show after (Aug 7) with Ronnie's meltdown is also worthy
19th Aug, 8:02pm
usiphi203:   I wonder if stu stu stuttering John made the cut?
19th Aug, 7:40pm
kincaid:   I want to go back and download the mp3's of the Satellite years first couple of years... What's do you think is the best way I can do this?
19th Aug, 6:16pm
HanKHiLL:   or the guy wolfie brought in to psychoanalyze the staff the week before vacation
19th Aug, 5:49pm
HanKHiLL:   i'd like to know why he took out his adams apple... oh and sirtokes, bratwurst is right the best thing on the show has been shitgate
19th Aug, 12:24pm
deadluvva:   Listening to some 99 shows and he was even taking that loser Bobo's kiss-ass calls back then. What a waste of time.
19th Aug, 10:04am
ping12:   Howard will never talk about the photoshopping. I hope someone calls in about it though. I think all of his lies and bullshitting makes him afraid to pick up on unknown callers these days and he just stays safe with bobo and marianne and shit like that
19th Aug, 9:48am
ernielogman:   i miss bitmetv.... oh wait, i still go there every day
19th Aug, 3:55am
bratwurst:   Sirtokes: the Tim shitting all over the private bathroom saga made for a damn good show a few weeks back...just not while you are trying to eat like I was
18th Aug, 11:32pm
bellet:   I hope they talk about Howard bad photoshopping on the show. Beth tweeted a pic that looked poorly shopped of her in a bikini
18th Aug, 5:47pm
jhames34:   Eyetalian gangster shit gets boring and stereotypically predictable after a while, I'll take Walter White for the block.
18th Aug, 4:10pm
illeffeqt:   can anyone reseed the 2004 torrent?
18th Aug, 3:08pm
HanKHiLL:   and i'm sure the ending for BrBa will be better than the sopranos finalie
18th Aug, 3:06pm
HanKHiLL:   dead: walt is the better charcter
18th Aug, 3:22am
Sirtokesalot:   in the last two months
18th Aug, 3:21am
Sirtokesalot:   I went from listening everyday four days a week to not having listened in two months are there any notable days or shows any one would recommend ?
18th Aug, 2:42am
hangemhigh:   its been gone and come back before, heres a site with good updates on bittorrent news
17th Aug, 11:51pm
Seeker:   I also miss demonoid, was a damn good site!
17th Aug, 9:37pm
hangemhigh:   I miss eos barebones edits and demonoid
17th Aug, 4:33pm
deadluvva:   More memorable character? Tony Soprano or Walter White? Gotta go for Walter. I will never forget him.
17th Aug, 4:32pm
deadluvva:   I realized I had not watched the last season of the Sopranos and I finally learned where Fred's "He's a faaaaag!" soundbyte comes from. Classic line by Tony
17th Aug, 3:17pm
greentea123:   @rvotyrtsym: Been watching AGT cause of Howard, but he really should be ashamed to be on it
17th Aug, 1:53am
weed89:   thanks for the uploads PoopDeck
16th Aug, 7:06pm
rvotyrtsym:   @deadluvva,All's well down here.Hope all's well for you and yours up there.
16th Aug, 6:47pm
ROEU812:   dead, I use Nero Burning Micro...if you need a hookup, send me a pm
16th Aug, 6:26pm
deadluvva:   And look at RVO laughing like a crazy person How ya doin my friend?
16th Aug, 6:24pm
deadluvva:   Been away a few days but thanks to all for the dvd burning software suggestions. I will look inot them on the weekend. Love y'all
16th Aug, 5:37pm
rvotyrtsym:   You watch that pile of doody show greentea123...LOL
16th Aug, 1:28pm
greentea123:   God, I sure hope Howard bails on AGT after this season is over - he looks so bored watching that crap
16th Aug, 11:54am
usiphi203:   root it and flash a custom rom. Looks like there's a ton a devs backing it. Enjoy
16th Aug, 11:25am
green:   Definitely getting this one from the google play storeNexus 7 I don't see how others will be able to sell theirs for more than $199 now that Asus/Google has this.
16th Aug, 10:21am
usiphi203:   I snagged a touchpad when they had their fire sale for $99. WebOS is crap but some great devs hacked it and now I running android ICS. It's a beast of a tablet with android. I know have flash and netflix.
16th Aug, 10:17am
usiphi203:   check out staples if you want to buy online. There's a code to get $15 off and you also get free shipping. It was out of stock yesterday but might be worth checking back to see if they are in xtock. Heres the code, "99618"
16th Aug, 12:56am
blazer5:   I just found out the siriusXM app lets you listen on demand and lets you download the shows. It is limited to the last few shows/
15th Aug, 10:54pm
green:   Buying a Nexus 7 on payday, anyone have one yet?
15th Aug, 9:18pm
smirnoff:   Any free software recommendations to capture internet radio based on a schedule?
15th Aug, 8:54pm
green:   "Puppet Boy" -->
15th Aug, 8:51pm
green:   Howard pereesd the X too early on "Puppet Boy" by Rudy Coby. It turned out to be pretty good I thought.
15th Aug, 7:56pm
ROEU812:   "I lost almost ALL of my teeth....but I'm STILL eating though" - Wendy The Retard...funniest thing I've heard on the show in MONTHS...
15th Aug, 10:18am
HanKHiLL:   i'm pretty sure that they are off the week of the 27th because ronnie was plugging the block party poker tournament in vegas that week
15th Aug, 1:18am
CheezeEatr:   Thanks dude
14th Aug, 10:27pm
CheezeEatr:   Was there another HS Virgin show today?
14th Aug, 4:24pm
BrownCoat:   @weed89 - no one knows for sure, but it appears he may be done for 2 weeks.
14th Aug, 4:23pm
thericochet:   Yes green, that is bad.
14th Aug, 3:07pm
weed89:   when will howard broadcast live again??
14th Aug, 3:05am
ping12:   @deadluvva the best dvd burn program without a doubt is convertxtodvd It's so easy to use, it's absurd. I'm sure they have it over at kickasstorrents
14th Aug, 2:19am
bellet:   Loved the last ep.
14th Aug, 12:32am
granpuba:   Skyler is a bitch. Walter White is the man!!!!!!!!
13th Aug, 9:55pm
bellet:   A cool Breaking Bad intro Another cool Breaking bad intro If your into mixes.
13th Aug, 8:39pm
jhames34:   don't try to shampoo a shampooer!
13th Aug, 8:39pm
jhames34:   rvo, Mayhem is a regular on the Jason Ellis show, he's on 'every' monday, every being in quotes because sometimes he's gone for months :P
13th Aug, 7:48pm
Seeker:   I would not make sweet love to Skyler! She always looks like she is smelling shit. Maybe she knows Tim Sabean.
13th Aug, 7:38pm
crash613:   I agree with HankHill. Cant stand Skyler. This season she is miserable.
13th Aug, 7:02pm
rvotyrtsym:   Hey jhames34.Who the heck is jason-mayhem-miller? I always go to church nekked.Just cowboy boots and a bow-tie.
13th Aug, 6:30pm
jhames34:   I'm on team Skyler :P
13th Aug, 6:29pm
jhames34: Ellis fans may appreciate this :P
13th Aug, 5:36pm
rvotyrtsym:   Hey deadluvva.Try this> Its not free but it's only 40$. You can try for 30 days for free.I'v made many dvd's and cd's with great results.
13th Aug, 3:36pm
SaCo:   @deadluva try Sothink Movie DVD Maker.
13th Aug, 3:08pm
deadluvva:   Also anyone know a good, free, dvd burning program? I convert avi files to video-ts and usually burn with dvdshrink but all of a sudden it fails everytime. Thanks
13th Aug, 2:52pm
deadluvva:   Please if you're going to talk about Breaking Bad season 5 PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE write "spoiler alert" first. I am waiting till the first 8 are done to watch them. And I can hardly wait! Thanks
13th Aug, 2:04pm
bmbr:   vacation week, right?
13th Aug, 1:57pm
HanKHiLL:   i've hated skyler since season 2, i hope that bitch dies by the end
13th Aug, 12:30pm
LeechBot:   green: I always hated that little kid. I was glad to see him get it.
13th Aug, 12:04pm
Qubichi:   yes green that is bad that you dont give a fuck, it says you're brain washed and believe anything the media and u.s. government tells you number 1, and number 2 the people that died dont have a damn thing to do with u.s. /Israel/Iran government relations
13th Aug, 10:46am
green:   Is it bad that I don't give a fuck about the Iran earthquake or that I actually almost smile a little about the whole thing?
13th Aug, 9:14am
green:   Skyler "Out burying bodies?" Walt "Robbing a train,"
13th Aug, 3:36am
thericochet:   i'm assuming the Roseanne roast was heavily censored on Comedy Central? i was thinking of torrenting it but i might as well just wait for it to hit netflix in the next couple of months (hopefully) if that's the case
13th Aug, 3:18am
LeechBot:   Breaking Bad ep 5: another home run. I think we'll make it to the end on this one.
13th Aug, 2:25am
thizzelle:   fucking gilbert killed me on that roast....
12th Aug, 7:37pm
jhames34:   ping, Tabitha stevens looks NOTHING like me! I mean like a 65 year old tranny! :O
12th Aug, 1:54pm
illeffeqt:   if anyone has the full-year 2004, a reseed would be awesome.
12th Aug, 7:37am
ping12:   Wow, Tabitha Stevens does look terrible. She looks like a 65 year old tranny.
12th Aug, 1:52am
bellet:   ?
12th Aug, 1:52am
bellet:   healthy enough to go out to dinner, but not come into work. I wonder what it is.
12th Aug, 1:51am
bellet:   So Robin is 60 right?
11th Aug, 6:39pm
bellet:   Green it's not that he uses photoshop, it's that he uses it badly.
11th Aug, 6:08pm
Seeker:   She is to skinny. And, looks like a bad face lift.
11th Aug, 5:05pm
rvotyrtsym:   Yea greentea123.She looks like a old french whore with fake tits.
11th Aug, 2:45pm
greentea123:   Just watched the Tabitha Stevens episode on HTV. Ouch, she looks pretty rough for 42
11th Aug, 10:39am
Amything:   he is starting the photography hobby, its a phase most amateur photographer go through, been there done that. In a year he will look back in horror
11th Aug, 8:54am
green:   Many people use photoshop, I don't see what the big deal is.
11th Aug, 5:18am
CabbageHead:   Any files missing from the 1995 torrent can be found here: although they are not bit identical so they can't be integrated into the torrent.
10th Aug, 11:01pm
bellet:   I hope to much time does not pass before the bad photoshop can be mentioned on air.
10th Aug, 2:51pm
Shalimar:   Shalimar: prophecy500: F'it We'll Do It Live!! <-- nah I can just time shift your comments <-- COOL! I can do the same to my own as well! :P
10th Aug, 12:04pm
usiphi203:   I can't get to work on time
10th Aug, 11:59am
deadluvva:   Don't be stupid you moron!
10th Aug, 7:43am
Seeker:   Do you feel that the United States should remain in the United Nations?
10th Aug, 7:29am
deadluvva:    V
10th Aug, 4:59am
neilfarted:   did anyone consider that he made those obvious photoshopped pics as a joke, making himself look younger while reminding robin how old she is?
10th Aug, 12:28am
hangemhigh:   too bad about the demon..always reliable for hard to find stuff..good luck on their comeback
9th Aug, 9:58pm
bobo:   A guy used to post a collection of the 101 shows on demonoid. Anyone see those around other places?
9th Aug, 9:18pm
jhames34:   Nothing is too small to get busted, so everyone stay SMART out there in the other corners of internetland ;)
9th Aug, 4:30pm
9th Aug, 3:59pm
deadluvva:   The fact that Howard photoshops his pictures is fucking hilarious.
9th Aug, 1:26pm
rvotyrtsym:   OMG Stern finally fixed his shneckey apple and saggy jowls...good for him.Next on fix list,cankles and varicose veins on his balls.
9th Aug, 10:59am
usiphi203:   does this site fly to low to get busted?
9th Aug, 9:28am
jamesbay:   Thanks again, King!
9th Aug, 2:01am
thizzelle:   that photoshopped pic reminds me of this...
9th Aug, 1:55am
thizzelle:   are we sure that ts not a fake?? the original doesn't look bad at all... the other looks like michael jackson
9th Aug, 12:47am
xYike:   OMG that photoshop/twitter thread is hilarious ... made my night. Feel sorry for Howie though. WHY?!
9th Aug, 12:12am
BrownCoat:   @ bellet - thanks. Just wondering about their torrents, it's all through the public PirateBay. Seems like Redskunk would be the only way to go.
8th Aug, 11:03pm
ping12:   Stern got busted for photoshopping pics of his face. In the happy birthday pic to Robin that he tweeted, Howard looks about 25 to 30 years younger than his actual age. You might think it's just good lighting, but Beth accidentally tweeted out the same pic before Howard had finished photoshopping his neck. lol
8th Aug, 10:55pm
bellet:   Wash not sure who told you there was a big deal with wdm. I find it to be a solid site though.
8th Aug, 10:21pm
Abudiwa:   That's funny, green. I thought Kevin sounded kind of like High Pitch Eric when he's trying to make a deep voice.
8th Aug, 9:28pm
jhames34:   I'm spying on you rvo!
8th Aug, 9:13pm
sp0r:   wasn't there an aug 2 this day in Howard history?
8th Aug, 8:48pm
Seeker:   I'm in the bathroom...where I take a shit.
8th Aug, 8:38pm
rvotyrtsym:   Hey jhames34.I just had some turkey burgers cooked on a george foreman grillo.
8th Aug, 7:52pm
BrownCoat:   Can anyone explain to me what the big deal is about the wdm site?
8th Aug, 7:34pm
bratwurst:   Someone was here a while back complaining that there would only be 4 shows in August. Today was the 4th August show
8th Aug, 7:13pm
jhames34:   George Foreman Grillooooooooo
8th Aug, 7:10pm
rvotyrtsym:   ***DOUCHE***
8th Aug, 5:46pm
Shalimar:   wtf @ brat
8th Aug, 5:46pm
Shalimar:   deadluvva: I take care o' MY kids! <-- fast foprward... UGH you are on "desperate houseeives" exploting them or u r rich and spoiling the assholes like on jersy shore :P (muhahhahaha0
8th Aug, 2:30pm
jhames34:   Haha yeah brat ;)
8th Aug, 2:30pm
jhames34:   You low expectation havin motha fuckah!
8th Aug, 2:03pm
bratwurst:   If all of the show "experts" around here are correct, today is the last show for the month (ONLY 4 SHOWS FOR AUGUST!)
8th Aug, 1:14pm
deadluvva:   I take care o' MY kids!
8th Aug, 1:09pm
SpaceEdge:   Chris Rock was at Sirius/XM but no Stern Show...
8th Aug, 12:33pm
sp0r:   i wouldn't mind having 2004 either it was a pretty good year
8th Aug, 11:52am
jhames34:   ping, you sure she wasn't talking about his ego when she said he got a big head? I didn't listen to the show
8th Aug, 10:50am
ping12:   i thought it was strange when Roseanne said how big Tom Arnolds head got. He didn't gain weight. Why would his head get so big. It looks the same.
7th Aug, 11:56pm
green:   Kevin the Sweaty Groper sounds like Seth Rogen.
7th Aug, 11:40pm
illeffeqt:   also, does anyone have the stern show from 2004 & 2005 archived? all the torrents here for those seem dead, and a full year pack would be killer right now. i'm in an archiving frenzy at the moment...
7th Aug, 11:14pm
illeffeqt:   anyone know where i can get torrents of the old adam carolla radio show? they're up on pirate bay, but not all of them are seeded.
7th Aug, 8:59pm
Sheridan:   Cool, thanks bigcliff!
7th Aug, 8:21pm
bigcliff:   The only files missing from the 1995 are some show-notes text.... all audio is there.
7th Aug, 4:38pm
desert420:   HAHA
7th Aug, 1:57pm
Shalimar:   prophecy500: F'it We'll Do It Live!! <-- nah I can just time shift your comments
7th Aug, 11:36am
Sheridan:   I've been downloading the Stern.1995 torrent but it's stuck at 99.9%. Is there anyone that could help me finish it off?
7th Aug, 2:04am
thizzelle: f'n sucks
7th Aug, 1:36am
usiphi203:   same thing happened when they were in canada.
7th Aug, 1:31am
usiphi203:   looks like demonoid was shutdown. Their servers were in the ukraine
7th Aug, 1:28am
ernielogman:   just watched Howard TV with Kelsey the girl who wanted breast reduction. Great episode.
7th Aug, 1:14am
usiphi203:   I used to set up the fantasty football league at the hs daily. If we can get 10 people to play, I will set one up for here too.
7th Aug, 1:12am
usiphi203:   man, one dude is running demonoid.He says he will bring it back, hope he does.
6th Aug, 11:51pm
6th Aug, 11:48pm
slugdub:   reseed request for 2007-10-8 155mB
6th Aug, 9:09pm
beatlbay7900:   "Big Stern fan here but not so much of his contemporary stuff." - joshc7 ~ Dittio, is it me or is Howard getting a bit liberal and lefty in his rich old life?
6th Aug, 9:00pm
Seeker:   Miss me some TheHSDaily!!! And now Demonoid!!!
6th Aug, 6:22pm
rvotyrtsym:   heynowlife is a cool site.Lots of content.
6th Aug, 2:48pm
usiphi203:   heynowlife kinda took over for thehsdaily.
6th Aug, 2:31pm
prophecy500:   F'it We'll Do It Live!!
6th Aug, 1:33pm
ecashdub:   been away awhile and come the discovery thehsdaily blog is gone with show uploads. Are there any other spots where I could get the show?
6th Aug, 11:19am
HanKHiLL:   seeker the only one i didn't guess right was gary
6th Aug, 8:04am
Seeker:   This guy analyzing the staff, on today's show... interesting stuff!
6th Aug, 12:23am
79897989k:   does anyone know how to get on bitemytorrent? Signed up but they won't respond to me by email or on reddit...
6th Aug, 12:05am
Allaxul:   need at least one seeder for the 1995 stern torrent pls!!
5th Aug, 8:08pm
HanKHiLL:   does anyone have a invite they can part with?
5th Aug, 10:58am
RickyLsmalls:   New HTVOD on not sure if registration is open or not
5th Aug, 8:52am
bigcliff:   link for 1995 entire year:
5th Aug, 4:22am
tvmogull:   anybody know a good site to replace demonoid? also, anybody know a good site to get new HTVOD?
5th Aug, 2:34am
Allaxul:   awesome bigcliff! thx! will they be seeded here or on some other site? also: did they not make a this date in howard history for this week or did nobody post it?
4th Aug, 9:10pm
joshc7:   Much thanks bigcliff. Big Stern fan here but not so much of his contemporary stuff.
4th Aug, 12:30pm
HanKHiLL:   this is the last season but they are cutting the 16 eps in half and seperating them by four months
4th Aug, 12:30pm
tvmogull:   so did he only sit out the 30th?
4th Aug, 12:30pm
tvmogull:   just a quick question as Im a few days behind, I thought Artie was suspended for 2 days yet I just grabbed 7/31 and he's there
4th Aug, 12:29pm
tvmogull:   Yes, Boardwalk Empire was better in season 2
4th Aug, 11:09am
deadluvva:   I thought this was the last year of Breaking Bad?
4th Aug, 11:08am
deadluvva:   Any fans of Mad Men here? Any good?
4th Aug, 10:11am
bigcliff:   Seeding 1995 joshc7, give me couple days and will put up 1999 also.
4th Aug, 6:21am
LeechBot:   Boardwalk Empire. Season 2 was better than season 1, so maybe it's still improving
4th Aug, 3:29am
joshc7:   Can anyone seed the 1995 and 1999 full year torrents or tell me where I can get a copy?
4th Aug, 2:58am
HanKHiLL:   i think the last part of the season is suppoed to start in january
4th Aug, 2:56am
HanKHiLL:   and when these 8 eps of breaking bad are done then dexter, sons of anarchy and south park untill the last 8 next year
4th Aug, 2:28am
LeechBot:   yeah, Breaking Bad 5 is saving the summer. True Blood is up to 7-8 episodes and still hasn't fixed itself. And I pray Weeds will finally wrap after this season.
4th Aug, 1:43am
HanKHiLL:   i dont think there was a five
4th Aug, 12:26am
illeffeqt:   does anyone here have the complete history of howard stern act 4? and while we're at it, was there an act 5?
3rd Aug, 11:39pm
HanKHiLL:   season 5 of breaking bad is picking up i cant wait to see what happens
3rd Aug, 6:53pm
ROEU812:   Yeah Dead, I think it was the best season of all so far..sadly the last 16 episodes are all that's left
3rd Aug, 6:29pm
deadluvva:   But I still gotta say that season 4 of Breaking Bad is still haunting me. I will never forget it. Never.
3rd Aug, 4:09pm
usiphi203:   It will be good. I enjoyed the show but it was one before I had a dvr. I watched most but I need to re watch them. I loved it when the seal attacked.
3rd Aug, 2:48pm
HanKHiLL:   its been too long for a arrested development movie to be relevant
3rd Aug, 2:36pm
3rd Aug, 1:52pm
LeechBot:   wait, wasn't that Hurwitz talking to Howard about the movie?
3rd Aug, 1:48pm
LeechBot:   A few weeks ago, I saw yet another article saying the Arrested Development movie is definitely happening.
3rd Aug, 1:42pm
deadluvva:   And a killer Canadian show was The Trailer Park Boys. Real original and funny as hell
3rd Aug, 1:41pm
deadluvva:   Absol loved Arrested Development.
3rd Aug, 12:57pm
HanKHiLL:   arrested development is awesome
3rd Aug, 12:40pm
sp0r:   does anyone know if there is going to be any content posted at all?' I've been really depressed and the show hasbeen helping me get through it
3rd Aug, 12:40pm
LeechBot:   Arrested Development
3rd Aug, 12:28pm
LeechBot:   people say it's great, but I've never been able to locate a working torrent.
3rd Aug, 12:27pm
LeechBot:   Here's a vintage one I've always wanted to see:
3rd Aug, 12:26pm
LeechBot:   yeah, I end up doing all the scifi. I wouldn't even mention Babylon 5 or V to normal people.
3rd Aug, 12:19pm
deadluvva:   Thanks for the show advice Leech but I am sooooo not a sci-fi guy.
3rd Aug, 12:09pm
LeechBot:   Battlestar Galactica.
3rd Aug, 12:05pm
LeechBot:   season 1 of Heroes (but not after)
3rd Aug, 11:59am
deadluvva:   Up next for me, after the last season of the Sopranos will be Dexter. Sounds cool. 24 was, for me anyway, just too much. Into a jam, out of a jam,right back into a jam, out of it etc etc etc.
3rd Aug, 11:51am
LeechBot:   24 constantly came up with some VERY tense situations, paranoid conspiracies, and once in a while some very surprising acts. It's a continuous serial, but you kind of forget about the "all in one day" aspect.
3rd Aug, 11:40am
usiphi203:   I could never get into 24. You mean that all happened in one day? Come one. I can buy into zombies and what not but the travel time alone on 24 blows it up. Everyone shoulf check out HBO GO if you have it.
3rd Aug, 11:37am
usiphi203:   And you will be hooked on Dexter, season 2 is great.
3rd Aug, 11:36am
usiphi203:   weeds got old after the 2nd season, corny. Seinfled still kicks ass and if OZ is on HBO GO, everyone should watch that but not if you are against prison love.
3rd Aug, 10:35am
LeechBot:   My all-time best move for digging up an old TV show was Deep Space Nine. Seasons 1 and 2 were dull. Start with season 3, and it's mostly a long serial that surprised me how much I liked it. But you need to at least like Star Trek shit a little bit going in.
3rd Aug, 10:29am
LeechBot:   TV shows: first season of "Prison Break." I here it sucked after that. Season 1 of "24." As I recall, 24 stays strong through season 5, then formulaic after that, though good for fans.
3rd Aug, 10:26am
sp0r:   anyone have any podcasts with artie or anything to listen to at all please post
3rd Aug, 10:19am
deadluvva:   I watched a few seasons of Six Feet Under and found it too slow for me. Some cool moments but not enough to stick with it. And just realised I have not seen season 6 of The Sopranos. D'loading as I write............
3rd Aug, 10:13am
deadluvva:   Thanks to all for the show recommendations. I wrote them all down. Much appreciated
3rd Aug, 4:42am
74transam:   deadluvva... What they mentioned earlier. Dexter and Six Feet Under. It's funny if you watch Dexter first then Six Feet Under.
2nd Aug, 11:34pm
green:   I recommend Walking Dead.
2nd Aug, 10:56pm
2nd Aug, 10:55pm
rvotyrtsym:   I recommend Green Acres...LOL Green acres is the place for me.Farm livin' is the life for me.Land spreadin' out so far and wide.Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.New York is where I'd rather stay.I get allergic smelling hay. I just adore a penthouse view. Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue....The chores....The stores....Fresh air ...Times Square....You are my wife.Good bye, city life. Green Acres we are there.
2nd Aug, 9:35pm
granpuba:   Dead, Justified is pretty good. Also Luther, a british drama starring Idris Elba (Stringer Bell on the wire). He plays a detective who solves serial killing crimes. It's good once you get passed the british vernacular.
2nd Aug, 9:25pm
jhames34:   I recommend Seinfeld. It's about a guy named Seinfeld.
2nd Aug, 5:59pm
Seeker:   I also recommend the "Six Feet Under"series. A tad gay, but great drama.
2nd Aug, 4:53pm
rvotyrtsym:   Anyone know where I can find some new HTV episodes?
2nd Aug, 4:48pm
HanKHiLL:   oh yea i forgot about sons of anarchy and deadwood is good
2nd Aug, 4:05pm
RickyLsmalls:   Sons of anarchy good overall as well. Nothing really lives up to breaking bad IMO, it's the one show I've ever seen where every season is better than the last.
2nd Aug, 3:19pm
Seeker:   Dead, I recommend "Sons of Anarchy"....great show, with lots of episodes!
2nd Aug, 2:58pm
RickyLsmalls:   Definitely Game of Thrones, assuming you have a decent attention span.
2nd Aug, 2:57pm
RickyLsmalls:   Don't watch Weeds. And if you insist just stop after season 3. Dexter is good as a whole, but the last 2 seasons have been terrible. Consider The Wire if you haven't seen that.
2nd Aug, 2:30pm
jhames34:   Everyone should be watching EagleHeart, the Adult Swim show starring Chris Elliot as a Walker, Texas Ranger-esque character.
2nd Aug, 2:03pm
HanKHiLL:   yea dexter kicks ass and only two seasons left
2nd Aug, 2:02pm
deadluvva:   Never saw Dexter. Is it about that serial killer who helps the cops? Any good?
2nd Aug, 1:45pm
HanKHiLL:   game of thrones is good too
2nd Aug, 1:43pm
HanKHiLL:   have you seen dexter?
2nd Aug, 1:21pm
deadluvva:   After Breaking Bad I am looking for a new series to get into. Any recommendations? Anyone seen Weeds?
2nd Aug, 11:01am
paladyr:   Was howard really left out of the commercials during the olympics? I haven't been watching
2nd Aug, 7:29am
sp0r:   thanks spaceedge
2nd Aug, 3:05am
neilfarted:   it's pretty funny someone would freak out at hearing it though lol
2nd Aug, 3:04am
neilfarted:   weed, much like the yoko ono 'people of the world' soundbite, howard heard the god clip on one of sal and richards tradio calls one day and said they should start the show with that.
1st Aug, 11:18pm
weed89:   Hasent ANYONE noticed the PRAYER and mention of GOD at the start of the Show lately????
1st Aug, 7:19pm
Abudiwa:   The longer we don't hear anything about Robin, the worse it probably is.
1st Aug, 5:28pm
1st Aug, 5:27pm
SpaceEdge:   If you want to listen to a good podcast check out Greg Fitzsimmons he had Artie and Todd Barry on Artie talks about pissing in the studio
1st Aug, 5:12pm
bellet: Found a thread on the subject .
1st Aug, 5:06pm
bellet:   I wish the News department would do a real story like what is wrong with Robin and why has she not been back to work since the operation?
1st Aug, 5:05pm
bellet:   Mary Ann*
1st Aug, 5:05pm
bellet:   I think a couple of stupid callers like Red Gypsie and MAry and started saying how nice it was to have Robin back in the studio and nobody corrected them.
1st Aug, 3:59pm
bratwurst:   I don't think Robin has been back in studio.
1st Aug, 3:57pm
tvmogull:   apparently Artie is back on the air tonight ... damn, i would have loved to have heard his podcast cause, as much as i like him, he is soooo much better when he can curse.
1st Aug, 3:34pm
tvmogull:   yea, im just starting july - has robin ever been back in the studio?
1st Aug, 12:55pm
LeechBot:   The bra size is one thing, but Lisa G said in the first hour that she still gets her period. she's 56 wtf
1st Aug, 11:36am
paladyr:   it has to be bad if she's not willing to talk about it :-/.
1st Aug, 11:14am
bobmcbob:   hmm Sad smile turning into Angry smile
1st Aug, 11:14am
bobmcbob:   My fear with Robin not being in is that she may be in Chemo
1st Aug, 10:48am
paladyr:   i don't think Robin has been in at all, i wonder if she's okay or just likes working from home like everyone lol
1st Aug, 8:23am
green:   Howard Stern Show Aug 01 2012 Wed Hour 2 64kbps HamHands
1st Aug, 8:21am
green:   Howard Stern Show Aug 01 2012 Wed Hour 1 64kbps HamHands
1st Aug, 2:32am
bellet:   Has Robin ever really been back in the studio since her operation?
1st Aug, 2:16am
stylus:   Artie is the G.G Allin of radio.
31st Jul, 8:27pm
31st Jul, 8:27pm
rvotyrtsym:   I didn't know Artie did koab.That's HUUUUUUUUUU G E
31st Jul, 8:02pm
Seeker:   Artie doing King of all Blacks
31st Jul, 4:37pm
green:   Black on Black Jul 30 2012 Mon [1/1] "Black On Black - 2012_07_30.m4a" 19.0MiB HamHands
31st Jul, 4:09pm
Lemmi:   Lange said that his compulsion to urinate was related to his Type 2 Diabetes.-- if thats true he will be dead soon
31st Jul, 3:58pm
stansoltz:   am I blind, or is Black on Black from this week not posted yet??? torrent keeper maybe?
31st Jul, 2:17pm
usiphi203:   haha, that's nasty as hell but funny.
31st Jul, 2:17pm
usiphi203:   Baba Booey shoutouts are still kinda funny. This is jake herbert at the Olympics .
31st Jul, 2:15pm
ping12:   I shit all over myself once after being constipated for two weeks and then taking four laxatives. There were shit footprints from my room to the bathroom. There were shit handprints on the bathroom. It looked like the scene out of psycho, but with shit instead of blood. However, I spend a good two hours cleaning up after myself. That pecker head just walked out of the bathroom like it was business as usual
31st Jul, 2:13pm
usiphi203:   I thought that the stabbing was his bottom too but it seems it might not have been. I always loved Artie but just by reading stuff, it seems he's still a complete mess.
31st Jul, 2:11pm
ping12:   It was never explained how the entire bathroom was painted with shit including the light sockets and such. He probably didn't make it, completely shit his pants, shit all over his legs and was trying to wipe the shit of his body and still had tons of shit on his hands. Fuckin freak
31st Jul, 1:50pm
deadluvva:   Artie has already seen rock bottom. Lying in blood from his own stab wounds seems like bottom to me. If he learnt nothing then that is the truly sad thing.
31st Jul, 12:46pm
ping12:   Artie is really hitting rock bottom. Besides the peeing incident, he was also arrested recently in Paris with causing some problem at a movie theater screaming at his ex-girlfriend
31st Jul, 11:52am
LeechBot:   It's a good thing Artie didn't take an explosive shit and then deny it.
31st Jul, 10:58am
31st Jul, 10:57am
usiphi203:   He hasn't updated the story since last night but it was for peeing on the wall in the studio, he claimed it was an accident.
31st Jul, 10:50am
usiphi203:   Mark from marksfriggin was saying on facebook last night that Artie got suspended for two days from his show.
31st Jul, 3:55am
slugdub:   bed time for yucko
31st Jul, 3:55am
slugdub:   I guess I'll start leaching here and hope someone seeds please, thanks.
31st Jul, 3:52am
slugdub:   anyone know where I can get crackhead bob saying Mississippi besides this show?
30th Jul, 11:24pm
SpaceEdge:   dead you will love season 5 it's just starting to pick up now that they have done 3 episodes. Breaking Bad could be the greatest TV series of all time. Hurry up and catch up so we can discuss the current episodes
30th Jul, 11:22pm
SpaceEdge:   I don't think he is using drugs but pissing on the studio floor isn't smart . It's funny but not smart. He deleted his tweets so maybe he is just going to do his 2 day suspension then go back
30th Jul, 10:52pm
thericochet:   i'm surprised Artie is still alive..i say that with no malice or sarcasm too. just surprised.
30th Jul, 10:51pm
thericochet:   dead, S5 so far is great when it comes to anticipating what seems inevitable. it's going to be very different this season where Walt's concerned. you'll see what i mean.
30th Jul, 7:35pm
rvotyrtsym:   Artie is the poster child of self-destruction.wahhhh
30th Jul, 7:29pm
rvotyrtsym:   seeker,try over at the bay.
30th Jul, 7:25pm
Seeker:   RVO, link requires login, and signup is by invite only. Thanks for the link though! It is appreciated!
30th Jul, 7:23pm
Seeker:   Thanks RVO, will try it! Other news, "Artie Lange quits 'The Nick and Artie Show' -
30th Jul, 7:22pm
rvotyrtsym:   @seeker
30th Jul, 6:57pm
Seeker:   Trying to get my Breaking Bad fix on (S05E02+), but Demonoid is STILL DOWN!!!
30th Jul, 6:02pm
deadluvva:   Gus's face -
30th Jul, 5:55pm
deadluvva:   No spoilers but is season 5 (so far)as amazing as 1-4? I read an interview that said it was dark. "I am the one who knocks!"
30th Jul, 5:53pm
deadluvva:   Just finished season 4 of Breaking Bad. Sorry for the language but HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!! It was the absol best. The ending, well, perfect. Like Walt says "I won" . To those who recommended this show to me thanks sooooooooo much. And jhames, were you happy about the ending or let down? I freakin loved it. I am sitting here totally blown away. On to the first 3 eos of season 5.........
30th Jul, 3:03pm
thericochet:   I'M A-COMPANY, MY FRIEND
30th Jul, 2:53pm
jhames34:   IM the one who KNOCKS.
30th Jul, 2:37pm
thericochet:   WHOTOLDJADAT?!
30th Jul, 2:33pm
usiphi203: should have them
30th Jul, 2:09pm
MizQue:   Anyone know where there is live stream of Olympics?
30th Jul, 12:18pm
deadluvva:   Anyone got a torrentday invite to throw my way? I take pride in my torrents ratio everywhere I go. Thanks
30th Jul, 12:04pm
usiphi203:   she looks purty good. There's a pic on Howard's site. And will the farter is such a hairy mess. That's the gross part about it.
30th Jul, 11:40am
SpaceEdge:   Tiffani Thiessen is on Howard today I wanted to bang her so bad when I was growing up she used to be hot. Not sure what she looks like now
30th Jul, 10:18am
nap:   Pat Cooper is awesome. O&A blow though.
30th Jul, 7:18am
29th Jul, 11:14pm
HanKHiLL:   and heisenberg is the shit
29th Jul, 11:10pm
HanKHiLL:   dead at least you don't have to wait eight months for season 5 but you'll catch up pretty soon and then have to wait a week at a time
29th Jul, 7:52pm
thericochet:   if i could talk to Pat i'd say "don't true to your feelings...times will change and your oppression will end"
29th Jul, 7:51pm
thericochet:   yeah Pat used to be 50/50 with the venom vs humor. now it's like 95% venom and it's grating after a constant stream of mostly incorrect criticisms. there's plenty to criticize Howard for, but most of what Pat says is stupid.
29th Jul, 7:50pm
thericochet:   awesome dead. you're in for a treat, the suspense is nuts.
29th Jul, 7:24pm
deadluvva:   tomorrow jhames. Tomorrow..................
29th Jul, 7:18pm
jhames34:   the last 30 seconds of season 4 changes everything, at least for me. can't wait to hear your thoughts
29th Jul, 7:18pm
jhames34:   well said dead!
29th Jul, 5:26pm
29th Jul, 5:23pm
deadluvva:   Just went out and bought some beer and chips............
29th Jul, 5:22pm
deadluvva:   I can't stop watching it.
29th Jul, 5:22pm
deadluvva:   This morning started season 4 and I just finished ep 7. Got 8 through 13 all ready. I am lovin every single moment of it. Walt is one of those characters that you will never ever forget.
29th Jul, 4:36pm
HanKHiLL:   hey dead how many eps of breaking bad have you watched in a row?
29th Jul, 4:24pm
SpaceEdge:   I'm only 29 years old was Pat Cooper ever a funny comedian ? Some of you guys here must be older right ?
29th Jul, 3:37pm
granpuba:   Pat Cooper is a miserable old cunt. He's an old hack that knows his ship has sailed a long time ago to be famous. Artie is funnier than Pat Cooper. End of story.
29th Jul, 3:28pm
deadluvva:   Season 4 ep 6. Walt- "You clearly do not know who you are talking to. I am not in danger Skyler. I am the danger! A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? I am the one who knocks!" Holy Fuck! Best show ever.
29th Jul, 3:13pm
SpaceEdge:   the guy is a bitter old man. Artie is much funnier then Pat Cooper. If it wasn't for Howard Stern would any of us know Pat Cooper ?
29th Jul, 3:11pm
SpaceEdge:   Pat was entertaining when he was on Howard 15 years ago but now he is just some old man who repeats the same shit over and over again because he forgets that he said the same thing last time.
29th Jul, 3:11pm
SpaceEdge:   as for Pat Cooper on O&A this is like the 4th or 5th time they have had him on and he says the same shit every time. His pussy still hurts that Howard won't have him on.
29th Jul, 2:53pm
SpaceEdge:   The really smart admin there wrote step by step instructions on how to join the site and get approved I don't get how people miss them since it's the first thing you see when the page loads
29th Jul, 2:52pm
SpaceEdge:   psst if you are looking in to getting into Bite My Torrent I would sit around and wait for a conformation email since it will never come. You should follow the directions at the top of the page that lay out how to get your account approved.
29th Jul, 12:37pm
deadluvva:   My wife heard my reaction to that scene and came running in the room
29th Jul, 12:07pm
deadluvva:   Just watched the "Boxcutter" episode of Breaking Bad. Holy!!!!!!!!!! I am lovin it. I don't want it to end.
28th Jul, 8:56pm
tvmogull:   oh thanx usiph-now i dont need to bother following up with them about how they never sent me the confirm email lol.
28th Jul, 8:31pm
usiphi203:   bitemytorrent has o&a, fon and fez, Jason Ellis, something called Just Jenny and Louie
28th Jul, 7:52pm
thericochet:   Also said Artie wasn't funny, but followed that with "no disrespect".
28th Jul, 7:52pm
thericochet:   To sum it up, from what I heard, he said Howard had no talent so he shouldn't be able to judge talent and made fun of him building a $50 million house in the Hamptons. I zoned out on the rest.
28th Jul, 7:51pm
thericochet:   Nevermind, I shut it off at 20 minutes. He needs Howard.
28th Jul, 7:31pm
thericochet:   Thanks for the heads up dead. O&A are already unlistenable 45 seconds in, but I'll power through because Pat's fascinating.
28th Jul, 4:11pm
leftnutz:   Heh. Seeker: That link makes it look like Howard was blown backstage by Paul McCartney..
28th Jul, 3:32pm
rvotyrtsym:   Thanks green.I will check it out.
28th Jul, 12:40pm
punkfreud:   ha,
28th Jul, 8:47am
deadluvva:   Pat Cooper freakin slammed Howard on O&A on the 26th. I assume his days on the show are over. Oooof. Hate O&A but love Pat.
28th Jul, 8:46am
deadluvva:   Thanks Seeker. I grew up in Vancouver (North Van) and read the Straight every week.
28th Jul, 8:32am
28th Jul, 8:24am
deadluvva:   Apparently it was backstage at the Opollo.
28th Jul, 8:24am
deadluvva:   Listening to one of Chris Rock's recent appearances and in one he is busting Howard's balls about asking Paul McCartney for his autograph and getting turned down. Anyone know this story and can tell me what happened?
27th Jul, 10:20pm
green:   iHeartRadio
27th Jul, 10:08pm
green:   iHeartRadio is a reliable "free stream" I use it everyday on my android.
27th Jul, 7:44pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ha4core,most of the "free streams"are not reliable or to be trusted.
27th Jul, 7:22pm
paladyr:   yea i'm curious about what bitemytorrent is and why it is separate from torrentkeeper
27th Jul, 5:40pm
sflocco:   Finally got around to watching an AGT episode. Stern's extremely "Vanilla" ala Ryan Seacrestish almost in all his lovey dovey comments to the acts on the show. Did any of those three ever see an act they didn't like?
27th Jul, 5:39pm
tvmogull:   ok wait, let me rephrase that. can somebody tell me what content bitemytorrent actually gives access to? if its just O & A then I have no need to sign up lol.
27th Jul, 5:37pm
tvmogull:   does anybody know why i cant seem to get bitemytorrent to send me the confirm email? it's been 2 days now and nothing in inbox or spam.
27th Jul, 4:04pm
ha4dcore:   it doesnt really make sense to pay for Sirius when you can download it free or if you want to listen live there are many free streams, especially on android
27th Jul, 3:15pm
bratwurst:   4 live shows in august according to whom?
27th Jul, 1:59pm
ricktunes:   Know More Bullshit!
27th Jul, 1:24pm
ROEU812:   2 days a week now?? and 4 live shows in August??? Welcome to The Revolution !!! Good thing Im like 3 months behind !
27th Jul, 12:33pm
usiphi203:   I don't pay, so I do not complain. Cancelled Sirius 3 years ago. I find it silly to complain now. But if you are paying, then I see your point.
27th Jul, 12:04am
26th Jul, 11:17pm
tvmogull:   lol thanx ping, i was just gonna ask the same thing
26th Jul, 11:15pm
ping12:   damn, demonoid has been down for like two or three days now
26th Jul, 11:09pm
vaughny:   just checked marks friggin. ony 2 live days this week? shameful
26th Jul, 11:06pm
vaughny:   wheres wednesdays show?
26th Jul, 7:27pm
duffman:   and start badmouthing siri management already you pussy, stop being their bitch
26th Jul, 7:26pm
duffman:   What needs to stop is the shitty live reads. Howard's live commercials are as soulless as American Idol performances, and the sponsors are beyond pathetic now. Also stop cramming them into the fucking show at every turn.
26th Jul, 7:25pm
duffman:   The lack of shows doesn't even bother me anymore. Ever since he explained about getting fucked over by siri it even makes sense. I can understand why he might only do 4 shows a month since he isn't getting paid what his contract says he should.
26th Jul, 7:14pm
deadluvva:   And Fuck you poopdeck for, well, adding nothing. Piece of shit.
26th Jul, 7:13pm
deadluvva:   If so rvo, pack it in. Walk away. Say your goodbyes. Head to the Hamptons with what is left of everything you earned. It is time.....
26th Jul, 3:02pm
rvotyrtsym:   Come on folks,give Stern a break,He's a tired old fart.
26th Jul, 2:47pm
jhames34:   Did Ja hear the show a couple weeks ago when Ellis walked off his own show after about a half hour? sevennineeightninesevennineeightninekay, bitemytorrent is where I get mine, it's a sister site to this's the only show I DL from there and it costs me .2 ratio points per download:P
26th Jul, 1:35pm
deadluvva:   Look at it like this, instead of Stern not giving a shit 4 days a week, he will not give a shit 2 days a week.
26th Jul, 12:29pm
SeattleLynn:   Ellis is on vacation this week. His shows are best ofs.
26th Jul, 12:28pm
poper:   eos I need you ! 24k shows please!
26th Jul, 11:52am
jerkyjerky:   How do you know that there will only be four shows in August Ping?
26th Jul, 11:04am
usiphi203:   bitemytorrent has them
26th Jul, 2:22am
thizzelle:   o and a cant afford to take a day off...
25th Jul, 11:03pm
79897989k:   Anyone know where to get Jason Ellis Show rips these days?
25th Jul, 10:54pm
Yucko69:   well at least there's Nick and Artie and Bubba IO shows for the rest of the week....It's over, Johnny.
25th Jul, 10:13pm
tvmogull:   Plus, do you think Stern would give 2 shits if O & A took extra days off lol?
25th Jul, 10:13pm
tvmogull:   as annoyed as I am that Stern barely works anymore, O & A are still nothing but tards
25th Jul, 10:12pm
rvotyrtsym:   The Revolution = Howard spending his days wacking-off to babysitter porn at the beach in the Hamptons.
25th Jul, 9:06pm
thericochet:   The Revolution = Howard picking his toes on the beach in the Hamptons
25th Jul, 8:25pm
25th Jul, 7:57pm
ping12:   He's only doing 4 live shows in August, by the way.
25th Jul, 7:24pm
robdarby:   is there a show for the 25th?
25th Jul, 6:57pm
greentea123:   The only live show for Howard today is AGT!
25th Jul, 6:20pm
Seeker:   Howard Stern takes day off -
25th Jul, 6:10pm
robdarby:   is there a show for the 25th?
25th Jul, 6:06pm
ping12:   Two days a week schedule, boys. The revolution has finally arrived.
25th Jul, 6:04pm
crash613:   just kidding. i was wondering the same thing
25th Jul, 6:03pm
crash613:   no. howard is on a 2 day a week schedule now.
25th Jul, 6:02pm
robdarby:   is there a show for the 25th?
25th Jul, 6:02pm
robdarby:   is here a show for the 25th?
25th Jul, 3:56pm
greentea123:   Just sayin, that was probably better than anything Benjy, Richard or Sal has contributed to the show in years
25th Jul, 3:51pm
greentea123:   That video link is the reason I check this shoutbox everyday, thanks man
25th Jul, 3:50pm
greentea123:   I second everything paladyr said and to rvotyrtsym I'm still laughing at that youtube video, it even looks like Sabean That one should be sent to Howard
25th Jul, 3:39pm
rvotyrtsym:   Tim Sabean/explosive diarrhea>>
25th Jul, 2:41pm
paladyr:   he should've at least called the building mgmt people to get it cleaned and cordoned off
25th Jul, 2:40pm
paladyr:   happened*
25th Jul, 2:40pm
paladyr:   and then lying about shitting all over the bathroom and not cleaning it up, he did not sound sick AT ALL the day it happend
25th Jul, 2:39pm
paladyr:   He's retarded as you can tell by the way he talks and his spelling, he's not genuine, saying he wants to eat salads and chicken while he's scarfing down cupcakes and cookies
25th Jul, 2:38pm
paladyr:   I've always hated Tim Sabean
25th Jul, 2:26pm
SpaceEdge:   wish they would do a roast of Howard but he is to sensitive now and yes I know they did one along time ago where Jackie bombed. Would love a roast of Howard with real comedians not block party comedians and show staff
25th Jul, 12:33pm
greentea123:   Guess if you want to hear Howard today you have to watch AGT tonight
25th Jul, 12:31pm
greentea123:   Todays show is: The Satellite Years - August 2, 2007.
25th Jul, 12:25pm
greentea123:   I always new Tim Sabean was a Shithead
25th Jul, 11:42am
Ledbetter:   no new show today?
25th Jul, 11:23am
vha23:   Mariachi wasn't as bad as the mind reader. that suitcase trick was so easy to figure out. i'm surprised none of the judges could see it. Open the case with the front, it says no deal, open the case with the back, it says DEAL.
25th Jul, 8:33am
deadluvva:   Jeff Ross; Robin Quivers is here. Let's face it, without the Howard Stern show the only thing you would be saying into a mic is "Welcome to Popeye's chicken, can I take your order?? " lolllll
25th Jul, 7:38am
green:   The kiid will go home tonight .
25th Jul, 4:17am
weed89:   F' Howard...on AGT he said he Liked the MARIACHI singing kid...that mexican stuff is only good in mecxico...or perhaps a resturant...any other time its a Nusance happend to the sellout??? geesh F- Mariachi shit
25th Jul, 2:13am
hangemhigh:   your right, its a true are a liar a cheat and a thief
25th Jul, 12:45am
ernielogman:   even if that story is true...and i actually hope it is, since you've turned out to be an asshole, you don't deserve the invite either way. Justice! eat a dick, polesmoker
25th Jul, 12:44am
ernielogman:   hahaha. guess what hangem.... you'll never get that invite, regardless. SUCK IT. i laugh at you forever
24th Jul, 11:04pm
Seeker:   Ya want me to take my cock out?
24th Jul, 10:39pm
HanKHiLL:   uggh i came all over my hand... i gotta clean it up it is
24th Jul, 10:02pm
hangemhigh:   did you forget logman? you stole my invite in a trade, I went 1st then you disappeared..lying thief !
24th Jul, 9:53pm
jhames34:   Thanks for the offer Hank, but I was thinking maybe we'd just get a cup of coffee or something...
24th Jul, 9:35pm
HanKHiLL:   I'm... gonna fluck you like a wild laminal it is.
24th Jul, 6:45pm
ernielogman:   attention hangemhigh: another bitmetv invite sent to a redskunker, abnormaldan. he is, of course, a non-asshole, as these are the only people that get invites. that is all. thank you.
24th Jul, 6:40pm
jhames34:   anyone have the ol' norm macdonald collection? I had it but lost it in the great flood of 1906
24th Jul, 6:39pm
jhames34:   you got it o unpronouncable one!
24th Jul, 6:28pm
bmbr:   cool, i didnt think he ever came out with it, but i dropped off for a while shortly after so i never knew.. thanks guys!
24th Jul, 6:00pm
jhames34:   bmbr I think Howard implied it was a family matter he was praying over and he never came out and said what it was, but did say that whatever he was hoping for it didn't work in his favor
24th Jul, 5:13pm
linnyb:   Finding out how much i missed the 24k rips (space limitation on an old mp3 player I use) can anyone recommend a good audio conversion prog that will take it down to 24?
24th Jul, 4:57pm
Shalimar:   i just fin sending 2 emails to them about some of the BS spewed yesterday by H
24th Jul, 4:50pm
rvotyrtsym:   Yesterdays show sucked ass!
24th Jul, 4:37pm
Shalimar:   as I told prop.. same shit diff day.. and u?
24th Jul, 4:28pm
cameltoe:   hey Shal!.. whats up buddy!
24th Jul, 3:19pm
Shalimar:    hey toeeeeeeeeeeeeee :P
24th Jul, 3:07pm
cameltoe:   bmbr: I believe he said it was for a personal reason, like maybe a family member was sick or something.
24th Jul, 2:33pm
bmbr:   was just listenin to TDIHH and heard back in 2010 when howard was going to temple to pray for someone/thing, but didnt mention what.. did he ever come out and say what that was about? was it artie?
24th Jul, 2:28pm
prophecy500:   ha nope
24th Jul, 2:05pm
Shalimar:   somehow not a shock eh? lol
24th Jul, 1:54pm
prophecy500:   bout the same ha
24th Jul, 1:39pm
Shalimar:   same shit diff day here.. and u?
24th Jul, 1:32pm
prophecy500:   Heyyy nooooow shali!How you been buddy?!?!
24th Jul, 1:23pm
Shalimar:   Hey prop :P
24th Jul, 1:01pm
prophecy500:   F'it We'll Do It Live!!
24th Jul, 12:30pm
hangemhigh:   thanks green..thats an interesting looking site..
24th Jul, 11:55am
green:   Comm Free Wrap Up Show July 24 2012 Tue (HamHands)
24th Jul, 11:50am
green:   Comm Free Howard Stern Show July 24 2012 Tue (HamHands)
24th Jul, 11:07am
deadluvva:   Watch out ping. poopdeck will chastise you. Call you the biggest douchbag on earth.
24th Jul, 6:36am
ping12:   Half way through Tuesday's show. Complete shit
24th Jul, 1:57am
Lopyswine3:   if anyone has a WDM invite it would be appreciated! thank you!
24th Jul, 1:55am
green:   Howard did his "Spiderman on Broadway" bit again. Fcking embarrassing at the stop light, with people wondering wtf is this guy listining to?
24th Jul, 1:51am
green:   that dude did a good obama impression
24th Jul, 1:48am
green:   If you're going to be late seems eaiser to call in sick for the day. Howard gets more bent for people being late than not comming at all.
24th Jul, 1:41am
green:   give him the boot for being late once a year?
23rd Jul, 10:32pm
weed89:   All I want to know is WHY didnt gary give Benjay the boot?? he was given the power...then NOTHING...
23rd Jul, 10:29pm
weed89:   Your not ALL Girley-men are you??
23rd Jul, 10:28pm
weed89:   why is it so QUIET here?
23rd Jul, 9:44pm
jhames34:   Actually I just checked the Redskunk Bible, and it actually says STRAIGHTness is banned here as well guess we all have to shut up!
23rd Jul, 3:41pm
rvotyrtsym:   Keep your gayness to yourself.We(normal people) at REDSKUNK.ORG don't want to see your homo comments.
23rd Jul, 3:41pm
rvotyrtsym:   check out BrianDamage comment at (Add A Comment)
23rd Jul, 2:46pm
greentea123:   You can always check to see if the show is live or not. Great Site
23rd Jul, 2:34pm
BrianDamage:   oh,ok i was looking for a posted version on here...hmm
23rd Jul, 2:27pm
prophecy500:   Yes there was a new show today buddy
23rd Jul, 2:10pm
BrianDamage:   prophecy...anyone? is there a new show today?
23rd Jul, 2:02pm
prophecy500:   F'it We'll Do It Live!!
23rd Jul, 1:50pm
BrianDamage:   is there a live show today?
23rd Jul, 1:26pm
tomypreach:   I'd would like a bitmetv invite
23rd Jul, 1:19pm
bellet:   Show link if you can't wait\
23rd Jul, 12:10pm
abnormaldan:   The only exciting invite I'd have to offer you is for TorrentLeech.
23rd Jul, 12:08pm
abnormaldan:   ernielogman, thanks! That would be very generous!
23rd Jul, 11:46am
ernielogman:   abnormaldan, would you like a bitmetv invite?
23rd Jul, 11:45am
ernielogman:   you'll never get one. suck on it. haha.
23rd Jul, 11:29am
hangemhigh:   wheres my bitmetv invite you cheated me out of logman? thief!
23rd Jul, 11:21am
usiphi203:   haha
23rd Jul, 11:17am
ping12:   Can't wait to find out what Bobo's questions are gonna be on Monday's show
23rd Jul, 11:13am
ernielogman:   oops, never mind - turns out they only have the first 3 eps as well. my bad
23rd Jul, 11:13am
ernielogman:   AbnormalDan: FFM can be found on bitmetv
23rd Jul, 10:45am
usiphi203:   Just got back from Vegas, Gary is a dope for getting bored. Granted thy have been there a bunch but getting bored just proves he's really a primate.
23rd Jul, 10:36am
abnormaldan:   I don't know if this has been discussed yet, but where does one find Fast Food Mania episodes? So far, I've found the first 3 episodes that have been up for a while, but nothing since - 8 episodes have aired. I can't get it on iTunes because I'm in Canada and it's not available on Canadian iTunes!
23rd Jul, 9:52am
ernielogman:   to answer my earlier question - i downloaded both poopdeck's torrent here and the WDM howard 128k rip off of TPB. They seem to be the exact same file - same edit points, everything. Would be nice to see poopdeck acknowledge this when he posts his torrent.
23rd Jul, 9:22am
deadluvva:   Is it all about making things hard for people NOT buying the songs from itunes?
23rd Jul, 9:22am
deadluvva:   Thanks CabbageHead fot the mp3tag info. I looked it up on youtube. I just can't believe I would have to go through all that to d'load some freakin songs to my ipod.
22nd Jul, 11:57pm
green:   I used to smoke alot of dope off of aluminium foil, a little deodorant will not hurt.
22nd Jul, 11:32pm
Sirtokesalot:   Im sure most of you dont care it is just funny to me
22nd Jul, 11:31pm
Sirtokesalot:   I like Howards non Anti perspirant commercial Crystal Rock which contains no aluminium unfortuantely = The thing is – those crystal deodorants contain aluminium. Just check out the ingredients here , including the original Rock with ammonium alum. Ammonium alum is ammonium aluminium sulfate. Potassium alum, or hydrated aluminium potassium sulfate, may also be used. Now, it is true that the aluminium compounds are different in the rock crystal deodorants than in most conventional deodorants, and may be absorbed differently, but they still contain aluminium. And it is aluminium which is considered a neurotoxin that penetrates the blood-brain barrier. It is a bit misleading for The Original Crystal Rock to suggest that it is only aluminium chlorohydrate that is a neurotoxin.
22nd Jul, 11:19pm
Seeker:   Android, drag and drop via Windows Explorer! Sprint Evo 3g!
22nd Jul, 10:34pm
bigaudio:   omg hiya beth! miss seeing you here! hey now to all my old friends here, you bastards know who you are .. miss you all, hope your summers are going well ...
22nd Jul, 9:19pm
green:   poopdeck rips the shows now that eos is retired.
22nd Jul, 8:18pm
ernielogman:   does anyone know if the poopdeck rips are the same as the WDM on Pirate Bay? if they're not, are the bumpers edited out?
22nd Jul, 5:58pm
CabbageHead:   Right-click and choose Get Info to change tag properties such as name... you cannot change file name in iTunes.
22nd Jul, 5:54pm
CabbageHead:   Deadluvva... make sure your files are tagged properly. I recommend MP3Tag. iTunes will copy them to directories based on tags. if you don't want iTunes to copy to its own directory, uncheck it in Preferences
22nd Jul, 4:34pm
green:   Motorola DROID X2. Now the MP3 player never gets used, just collecting dust since I got the Droid
22nd Jul, 3:22pm
deadluvva:   My Sony mp3 player is sooooooooo simple. This itunes is frustrating the hell out of me. I bought the ipod for some cool guitar recording apps. Those I am loving. The music files are killing me.
22nd Jul, 2:52pm
rvotyrtsym:   Hey deadluvva.itunes sucks,nuff'said.
22nd Jul, 2:05pm
deadluvva:   Also how do I rename a god-damn file once it is in itunes? I right-click and there is nowhere to rename it.
22nd Jul, 2:04pm
deadluvva:   Anyone here with any experience with an ipod touch (running through a pc)? I am new to it and the transfer of files from my pc to the ipod , through itunes, always come out screwed up. No file names, they all go into diff files etc. Pm me if you would not mind some questions. Thanks
22nd Jul, 1:40pm
rvotyrtsym:   It's also at the noid.
22nd Jul, 1:16am
74transam:   girls gone dead (a new movie with Beetlejuice) is on piratebay if anybody is interested
21st Jul, 8:23pm
jhames34:   @ crash, I think that one's on right now if you tune in
21st Jul, 8:12pm
karple:   fuck you artie hi fred
21st Jul, 10:58am
Shalimar:   Bababooooooooeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy
21st Jul, 5:17am
crash613:   then he goes and offers the faking ass clown money!!
21st Jul, 5:05am
neilfarted:   does anyone have the download for the shoutbox episode where someone complained about how the stern show sucks now?
21st Jul, 1:21am
thizzelle:   dont know if its fake.. but i was about to fast forward right when the guy woke up... don't know why he thinks its entertaining for us to hear a guy snoring...
20th Jul, 7:17pm
crash613:   i'm a little behind on the show.. just getting to 7/17 show. Is it just me, or is the whole "sleeping caller bit" getting old as fuck. it is SOOOO fucking fake.. and howard just goes right along with it
20th Jul, 5:41pm
jhames34:   Hi Beth! Yeah, Beth! Gotta go, Beth!
20th Jul, 12:32pm
poopdeck:   exactly
20th Jul, 12:20pm
20th Jul, 12:18pm
poopdeck:   deadluvva:you are the biggest douchebag on earth. Go complain elsewhere.
20th Jul, 9:42am
CanuckzColtz:   is there a link to DL that JANKS call available?
20th Jul, 7:26am
hangemhigh:   Captain Janks pranks KUSA Batman shooting
20th Jul, 6:15am
deadluvva:   Maybe he can start a talk show with his friends Rosie and Kathie Lee.
20th Jul, 6:14am
deadluvva:   I really agree that it is time that Stern bids a fond farewell and walks away with what little respect he still has. It's time.
20th Jul, 5:43am
ping12:   Agreed. AGT was interesting for the first couple of shows and now I could care less about it. But I disagree with the person who says he should just keep his day job. I think he should give up all jobs.
19th Jul, 11:16pm
lovelybeth86:   Also im proof you can move on post-howard and be productive haha! hope youre all well, and enjoy the show, breaking bad ofcourse!
19th Jul, 11:11pm
lovelybeth86:   ha, I havent been here forever and I popped on and everyone is talking Breaking Bad! I love that show, its tough to imagine intially Jesse wasnt supposed to last the first season, but they decided to keep him because he was so great in the role!
19th Jul, 7:11pm
jhames34:   Season 4 of BB is like the 4th season of the wire: the best the series ever was
19th Jul, 3:17pm
greentea123:   I really don't think Howard should be all that proud to be on AGT. Just stick with your day job dude
19th Jul, 3:15pm
greentea123:   Why don't they just call the show America's Talentless? I wouldn't pay to see any of these acts and yet they continue to try and sell this crap like it's something special
19th Jul, 2:20pm
HanKHiLL:   dead, glad to see you stuck with breaking bad and got into it
19th Jul, 2:19pm
HanKHiLL:   i gave up on agt this week, even when i dl the show and able to ff the crap parts i seem not to give a shit
19th Jul, 12:33pm
greentea123:   Howie may just want to stick it out at Sirius for the next 3 1/2 years. The AGT thing is pretty goddamn dull !!
19th Jul, 12:31pm
greentea123:   I've been watching AGT cause of Howie, but man the show sucks big time No wonder I never watched the first 6 seasons
19th Jul, 8:53am
deadluvva:   Saw an interview with Cranston and Travers (from Rolling Stone) and he was saying how dark season 5 is. Ooooof.
19th Jul, 8:52am
deadluvva:   Watched half of BB season 3 yesterday. I am soooooo freakin hooked. What a wild show. Look forward to what is next.
19th Jul, 2:23am
Lopyswine3:   cabbage, that site rules
18th Jul, 11:25pm
HanKHiLL:   i hope shuli sits in it'll be a nice change
18th Jul, 10:21pm
rvotyrtsym:   But,who knows.Maybe it's real.
18th Jul, 10:19pm
remisser:   if anyone could spare a WDM invite, it'd be much appreciated.
18th Jul, 10:19pm
rvotyrtsym:   IMO The Benji being late thing is just another lame bit.
18th Jul, 9:15pm
HanKHiLL:   he might let shuli sit in to try and teach him a lesson. but thats it i think
18th Jul, 8:24pm
ping12:   I hope Stern doesn't balk and actually fires Benji
18th Jul, 3:55pm
rvotyrtsym:   Thanks cabbageHead.Looks like a good site.
18th Jul, 3:53pm
jhames34:   Totally, SpaceEdge, but it really makes you appreciate the hard work it takes to make a long-term story that doesn't suck
18th Jul, 3:53pm
CabbageHead:   Here is a list of new CF edits available:
18th Jul, 3:48pm
CabbageHead:   Old shows from the 80s up to March 2001 -
18th Jul, 3:14pm
rvotyrtsym:   Gary Busey won't leave is on the shuffle right now.That dude is bat-shit crazy.
18th Jul, 2:41pm
paladyr:   yep he did, nature's gate, I wonder what happened with that or if he really is just promoting the product
18th Jul, 12:43pm
SpaceEdge:   Love Breaking Bad it's so hard to watch season 5 each week I wish I could wait and then just watch the whole season in one or two days. I hate waiting for the new episodes I can't take the suspense.
18th Jul, 12:15pm
paladyr:   Didn't howard rant and rave about some other anti-perspirant a while ago?
18th Jul, 12:03pm
cameltoe:   deadluvva: BB is the best show on tv and my favorite tv show of all time. SO many great memorable scenes and there are plenty of more for you in season 4.
18th Jul, 11:57am
jhames34:   I'll still be rymin when I'm in your hymen
18th Jul, 11:51am
Rymin:   deadluvva: I'm in the same situation but about a week ahead of you. Just finished season 3. End of season 3 episode 12 will have you jumping up and down with excitement!
18th Jul, 11:43am
jhames34:   *spoiler alert* Fred Norris will laugh too hard at something on the show at least 4 times today
18th Jul, 10:00am
jhames34:   heh. hell, even as a VIEWER it'll be a relief:P
18th Jul, 9:50am
deadluvva:   Just rea a quote from one of the head writers who said ""I'm going to miss the show when it's over, but on some level, it'll be a relief to not have Walt in my head anymore."
18th Jul, 9:25am
jhames34:   THat hot goth-like chick is now on the show "don't trust the B____ in apartment 23
18th Jul, 9:21am
jhames34:   yeah that scene where that kid shoots that huge fatty is one of the coolest scenes ever
18th Jul, 9:14am
deadluvva:   And when the kid gunned down Jessie's friend. Wow
18th Jul, 9:09am
deadluvva:   And man is that goth-like chick Jessie is goin with hot. Oooof. Sad to see her using again though. That is tough to watch. Walt's new dealer tells him "Never trust a drug addict". Ain't that the truth.
18th Jul, 9:08am
deadluvva:   Just finished season 2 of Breaking Bad. HOLY!!!!! When he told that woman (who was supposed to have paid for his treatments) to "Fuck off!" and when he was pouring drinks for his son at the party? You can see he's slippin to a dark place. I am lovin it. Got season 3 all set for the next few days.
18th Jul, 2:18am
Lopyswine3:   if anyone has a WDM invite it would be appreciated! thank you!
18th Jul, 12:30am
jhames34:   Thanks a ton greentea! *salute*
17th Jul, 9:20pm
rvotyrtsym:   @greenpee123/ It worked great after I rearranged the uniform resource identifier a little bit.
17th Jul, 8:54pm
greentea123:   OK, Glad the Jackie spotlight worked for everyone
17th Jul, 8:53pm
HanKHiLL:   damn howards 1st week of doing both shows live and bianca dies that sucks i really hope he is pissed off tomarrow
17th Jul, 8:49pm
illeffeqt:   i'll always love howard but this show gets harder to listen to all the time. howard and robin NEVER know what they're talking about anymore. i miss the days when they were actually in touch with pop culture and didn't remind me of my grandparents.
17th Jul, 8:32pm
esy0345:   anyone have WDM invite? Thanks
17th Jul, 7:19pm
rvotyrtsym:   R.I.P. Bianca Romijn-Stamos-O'Connell-Ostrosky-Stern
17th Jul, 7:07pm
Seeker:   Bianca Died
17th Jul, 5:48pm
paladyr:   can anyone seed the first set of fight week specials? Thx!!!
17th Jul, 5:12pm
Lopyswine3:   yep i just started listening to them now
17th Jul, 4:32pm
rvotyrtsym:   @greentea Thanks for the jackie spotlight links.They works perfectly...LOL
17th Jul, 4:08pm
Shalimar:   tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
17th Jul, 3:52pm
greentea123:   Man i loved Jackie but this special is over 21 hours long. Hope you have lots of free time
17th Jul, 3:45pm
greentea123:   so those links worked for you?
17th Jul, 3:43pm
Lopyswine3:   well now that I have them I can reup them
17th Jul, 3:26pm
greentea123:   i'm not sure i'm helping out much?
17th Jul, 3:25pm
Lopyswine3:   well thank you for the links
17th Jul, 3:21pm
greentea123:   this is where I downloaded them from.
17th Jul, 3:19pm
Lopyswine3:   awesome! did you upload them?
17th Jul, 3:16pm
greentea123:   2nd show:
17th Jul, 3:16pm
greentea123:   1st show:
17th Jul, 3:15pm
greentea123:   Here are the links from 4shared if that helps.
17th Jul, 3:11pm
greentea123:   ive been on wdm for some time - don't think i needed an invite back then
17th Jul, 3:06pm
Lopyswine3:   also, how do you go about getting an invite to wdm?
17th Jul, 3:06pm
Lopyswine3:   this for the second
17th Jul, 3:06pm
17th Jul, 3:06pm
Lopyswine3:   this might be the torrent
17th Jul, 3:06pm
17th Jul, 3:05pm
greentea123:   hey i'm tryin to think but nothin happens
17th Jul, 3:04pm
greentea123:   they may have come from 4shared without a torrent
17th Jul, 3:00pm
greentea123:   I think I got them from WDM and the first day is 334mb second day is 247mb
17th Jul, 2:59pm
Lopyswine3:   if the files were download by using a torrent then if you reopen the torrent with your utorrent/bittorrent then you will automatically begin to seed the file
17th Jul, 2:56pm
Lopyswine3:   so you didn't download them from torrents?
17th Jul, 2:55pm
Lopyswine3:   hmmm how big are the files?
17th Jul, 2:53pm
greentea123:   sorry i'm just a downloader
17th Jul, 2:52pm
greentea123:   they are both mp3 files
17th Jul, 2:49pm
Lopyswine3:   you have to pick the correct torrent that matches your files
17th Jul, 2:48pm
Lopyswine3:   just redownload the torrent file. if you have the spotlight shows in your download directory then they will begin to seed
17th Jul, 2:47pm
greentea123:   I have the Jackie spotlight shows but not sure how upload them! Any help?
17th Jul, 2:42pm
jhames34:   no swearing!
17th Jul, 2:37pm
Lopyswine3:   i am going to sit and leech on all the jackie spotlight torrents. If anyone can seed, it would be great. I can leave open and seed once I have it.