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15th Jan, 3:39pm
dawson:   turk: I agree 100%. Greg Fitzimmons is insufferable
15th Jan, 1:21pm
jhames34:   Man, great friday show today!! Huh? It's been cancelled??? I'm full of shit?? I should go fuck myself??? JERKS!
15th Jan, 4:26am
thericochet:   Otherwise I'm sure he would have put his foot down by now, if it wasn't a contractual obligation
15th Jan, 4:26am
thericochet:   Pretty sure Sirius insisted on live reads when they negotiated the monster contract in '04 and he couldn't turn it down
15th Jan, 4:12am
thizzelle:   answered my own question ...just weird that he does something that he always complained about to cheapasano
15th Jan, 4:09am
thizzelle:   couple extra marbles iguess
15th Jan, 4:09am
thizzelle:   I also find it weird how he plays off taking breaks saying he needs to for the commercials. I thought the whole point of commercials on the show was for bathroom/lunch breaks. so why does he do live reads?
15th Jan, 2:57am
thericochet:   I like how Howard is using the fake altruistic excuse of his "obligation to the subscribers" to not go on the Tonight Show (as if missing one day in exchange for a great Conan appearance would matter). Meanwhile if a subscriber calls in and mentions his schedule of 4 days on/3 days off he immediately interrupts and bites their head off.
15th Jan, 12:53am
urname12345:   +enjoys it
15th Jan, 12:52am
urname12345:   she seems cool tho... any girl who admits to watching porn and the r kelly shit is cool in my book.
15th Jan, 12:51am
urname12345:   i thought that was funny, and im surprised they didnt say something about he was pissing on an underage girl.
15th Jan, 12:10am
hangemhigh:   the korean intern today said she watched the r.kelly piss video...thats a felony!
14th Jan, 10:06pm
Ghostwheel:   Uh oh... TK is scaring me...
14th Jan, 9:32pm
turk:   For fuck's sake, could Greg Fitzsimmons be any MORE boring and unfunny? I like his stories about his anger problems but I can't remember the last time I laughed at one of his "jokes".
14th Jan, 5:17pm
deadluvva:   I LOVE that whole contest. Brutal. Lol funny.
14th Jan, 5:14pm
deadluvva:   You don't come 2nd in the Meanest Listener contest for nothin. His nigger omellette joke is still one of the most shocking lines I have ever heard. Oooooooof.
14th Jan, 5:12pm
deadluvva:   I like Yucko on the Mis Men show but his shtick can't fill that chair. He is horribly racist
14th Jan, 4:19pm
n0thng2bdone:   yesterday's show was funny. good riddance!
14th Jan, 3:41pm
TonyLeeIs:   It's a Western (in the Gilbert voice)
14th Jan, 2:16pm
JohnnSmythe:   @Raku, I guess, don't know, but Howard should have the balls to out this person, unless the person has something on Howard?
14th Jan, 2:03pm
thericochet:   thx
14th Jan, 1:32pm
symantech:   she, what ya gotta do is, you record all your good jokes. you can record the bad ones too, but when ya put the dvd together make sure to only include the jokes that got laughs
14th Jan, 12:58pm
nanoreefer:   @thericochet - Didn't realize it until you said it. You're absolutely right. So sad.
14th Jan, 12:55pm
antd:   i need Artie back on the show =O
14th Jan, 12:48pm
hangemhigh:   I like yucko but only as yucko
14th Jan, 10:00am
thericochet:   Anyone else notice Yucko calling in and acting like a normal human being ever since Artie's been out? Pretty obvious he's auditioning to sit in the chair....however futile that is.
14th Jan, 5:42am
14th Jan, 12:03am
74transam:   ator!---
13th Jan, 11:53pm
WesMantooth:   Probably McClure that overthinking Raw Dawg reject jobber!
13th Jan, 11:42pm
dawson:   whoever made the decision to edit "nigger" out of the replay should be shot
13th Jan, 11:41pm
dawson:   Gilbert was hilarious
13th Jan, 11:06pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Elliot Offen FM & Sirius cip pack I am looking for please
13th Jan, 11:06pm
ARTIELANGE09:   THnaks again guys I know ricktunes sent me the link beforebut I accidnetally (well my wife) accidentally erased it thanks as always
13th Jan, 11:05pm
ARTIELANGE09:   11th Jan, 11:04pm[D] ARTIELANGE09: Anyone have the Elliot Offen Fm & Sirius pack please? Thanks guys
13th Jan, 11:02pm
ator1:   This pic reminds me of the story of Gary on the nude beach: (nothing gay)
13th Jan, 10:38pm
WesMantooth:   i don't think dominic would do something like that. Yes, he is a lawyer and lawyers are grimy, but I don't think he's that grimy.
13th Jan, 10:30pm
bellet:   i think it was domink barbara(sp) who leak to tmz
13th Jan, 10:26pm
bellet:   not heard artie will not be back might just be someones ass talking
13th Jan, 10:20pm
WesMantooth:   So Artie is definitely not coming back?
13th Jan, 10:10pm
ator1:   Some Dreamcast games used Windows CE, but the system itself wasn't specifically just Windows CE-based.
13th Jan, 10:04pm
Hykanthis:   So sad that artie wont be back, he said it would end badly but i didnt know he ment this.
13th Jan, 9:59pm
hangemhigh:   got it, in 320kbps -->
13th Jan, 9:43pm
rvotyrtsym:   ok pixy,have a good evening.
13th Jan, 9:21pm
hangemhigh:   thanks snick...looking 4 it now
13th Jan, 9:08pm
Snick422:   hangem:Gimme Da Loot
13th Jan, 8:58pm
hangemhigh:   whats the biggy small's song artie sings? or the name of the album? ..thanks
13th Jan, 7:41pm
pixy2169:   rvotyrtsym- no, it is the OS for a new notebook.
13th Jan, 6:59pm
Raku:   unless gary's email address is as simple as gary [at] then it could have been anybody
13th Jan, 6:57pm
Raku:   that does rule out the hospital idea though
13th Jan, 6:56pm
wshank69:   Are you stroking your cock?
13th Jan, 6:43pm
Raku:   @JohnnSmythe I imagine it is as simple as an online form where you can enter any email address you desire
13th Jan, 6:39pm
damnhustle:   yea i thought windows CE was for PDA's or whatever
13th Jan, 6:13pm
74transam:   windows ce was/is a stripped down version of windows. mostly in embedded systems in stores. it's also in smartphones and stuff. it was also what ran the sega dreamcasr
13th Jan, 5:23pm
rvotyrtsym:   pixy,Never heard of win CE.Is that a really old O.S.
13th Jan, 4:39pm
pixy2169:   Does anyone know of a free torrent client that is compatible with Windows CE
13th Jan, 3:14pm
JohnnSmythe:   If it IS someone who works at the hospital, how did they get Gary's email? How do you fake it? BUT, Howard never names what he claims he knows, cause this person should definitely be fi -- ya'd
13th Jan, 1:36pm
mugsy2323:   I'm happy it came out though - fuck Artie
13th Jan, 1:36pm
mugsy2323:   Mokito: I just didn't buy it. Nothing in particular. I think if he knew who it was that he would have gone on the offensive.
13th Jan, 12:31pm
illeffeqt:   it was like a westin
13th Jan, 12:28pm
illeffeqt:   gilbert almost made me throw up from laughing today, so awesome
13th Jan, 12:27pm
eos:   Thanks.
13th Jan, 12:25pm
drobnz:   I thinks the song is remedy.
13th Jan, 12:19pm
eos:   What's the name of The Black Crowes' song that opens the wrapup show?
13th Jan, 12:17pm
Mokito:   mugsy, what gives you that indication? he sounded honest to me..
13th Jan, 12:15pm
Mokito:   i never knew letterman was so funny, that jay leno bit had me LMAO
13th Jan, 12:06pm
weed89:   AnnRKist: it has a "FORGOT PASSWORD" button try that
13th Jan, 11:47am
smoky13:   was up to all out there good morning
13th Jan, 10:41am
mugsy2323:   I don't think Howard really knows who the "maggot" is.
13th Jan, 1:11am
AnnRKist:   since when did SFF not accept new members??? I forgot my password and can't register a new account now, SFF wasn't invite only was it?
13th Jan, 12:32am
ator1:   He'll wash them down with chocolate shakes
13th Jan, 12:02am
darkloud:   Artie Luvs Pancakes
12th Jan, 11:51pm
lennynero:   I made my jokes, but you're *obsessed* with it.
12th Jan, 11:47pm
lennynero:   heh, puss out and delete your posts? Where's your balls, funny man?
12th Jan, 11:47pm
lennynero:   darkloud, because most people (especially those that have dealt with it) don't find suicide funny.
12th Jan, 11:35pm
ricktunes:   Let's see what Conan has to say, coming on now..
12th Jan, 11:35pm
lennynero:   very well could have been one of the responding EMT's or officers. Who knows.
12th Jan, 11:33pm
lennynero:   Howard said the guy was a professional and most certainly shouldn't have disclosed the information. It could be a lawyer, had there been one within earshot, but supposedly what was sent to TMZ was far more than what was actually printed.
12th Jan, 11:23pm
Mrwirez:   HIPAA laws provide protection for medical non disclosure. If a doctor or nurse did this, then I would hope Howard and BaBa Toothey would report as a crime.. Because it is. I am pretty sure knowing someone did this is a crime.No matter what the situation is, I hope they throw the book at him/her.. If it is not a doctor or nurse.. I am not sure what the recourse is.. Rat em out, I guess..
12th Jan, 10:33pm
lennynero:   being that the guy had the info, as well as the name Artie checked into the hospital with, I'd have to think it would be a doctor, nurse, etc.
12th Jan, 10:30pm
monkey:   All Howard said it was someone who is a professional and besides they used Baba Booey's email as a email contact with TMZ ans we know Artie can barely turn on his computer let alone know gary's email address.
12th Jan, 10:08pm
bonestock94:   Any clues on who told tmz about artie?
12th Jan, 8:27pm
bintoo:   I agree the show is better with Artie. Heard he got out of the hospital and is resting at home.
12th Jan, 7:47pm
iidpeacebi:   thanks for the new show.. i hope artie comes back i miss him, the shows are always funnier when hes there
12th Jan, 6:41pm
lennynero:   because he's Beavis in the flesh
12th Jan, 6:23pm
poopdeck:   medicated pete is boring. not sure why they are keeping him around.
12th Jan, 6:02pm
jdigz:   Artie wont be back, the suicide attempt pretty much sealed his fate with the show.
12th Jan, 5:31pm
lennynero:   it would seem that as a result Howard is taking more breaks.
12th Jan, 5:30pm
lennynero:   man, I'll be glad when Artie comes back. The dead air and pregnant pauses that are usually filled by his laugh or commentary are killing me.
12th Jan, 5:12pm
ROEU812: can also try and check your specific router for help
12th Jan, 4:48pm
Allaxul:   yes! thanks eos! i love your barebones 128k rips
12th Jan, 4:46pm
AnnRKist:   thanks for the show whenever you get it up eos, love the 24K's
12th Jan, 2:13pm
dawson:   camel is the best
12th Jan, 2:09pm
lennynero:   if you use a router, go to the manufacturer's website and look at the support section to get an idea how to setup a port forward or enable UPnP.
12th Jan, 1:40pm
lennynero:   like, Transmission on the mac will actually tell you in the prefs whether or not people can connect to you. You may need to enable UPnP or actually setup a port-forward on your router.
12th Jan, 1:39pm
stern104:   how do I do that?
12th Jan, 1:38pm
lennynero:   make sure you're connectable.
12th Jan, 1:33pm
goodie2shoes:   1 seed, 200+ leechers
12th Jan, 1:30pm
goodie2shoes:   there's a rip on demonoid from someone called buzzcanada... i'll try that one
12th Jan, 1:30pm
stern104:   any ideas?
12th Jan, 1:30pm
stern104:   I've stopped all my other torrents and still the upload rate is at 0
12th Jan, 1:29pm
stern104:   the health of the torrent is down to 19%
12th Jan, 1:29pm
stern104:   I took some advice from people on this site to boost my ratio - "Try downloading the latest file" - I've done that and my ratio has gone down!
12th Jan, 1:25pm
thericochet:   Medicated Pete is the fuckin' best
12th Jan, 1:20pm
MattBoone:   demonoid has a file up....only place ive seen with one so far....downloading decently fast too
12th Jan, 1:04pm
goodie2shoes:   i'll check demonoid for my quickfix, but your rip is going in my archive
12th Jan, 1:04pm
goodie2shoes:   you still the man, eos...
12th Jan, 1:03pm
goodie2shoes:   ah, just read the news
12th Jan, 1:03pm
goodie2shoes:   where the new show at?!?!
12th Jan, 1:00pm
weed89:   Bummer EOS...But Thanks Always
12th Jan, 12:21pm
WesMantooth:   Did they announce who the rat was yet?
12th Jan, 11:45am
poopdeck:   OK eos. Sounds good
12th Jan, 11:24am
eos:   So the line out from my Sirius radio was dislodged and I don't have a recording for today. I'll cap the replay and post it later.
12th Jan, 11:01am
lennynero:   kinda like how people go to ATM's with stolen cards, know the PIN, etc, but never consider that there's a camera watching them.
12th Jan, 11:00am
lennynero:   the best part is that he used "J. Doe" as the name, but obviously included enough credentials that Howard and Gary immediately knew who it was.
12th Jan, 10:59am
lennynero:   and even after I've provided them and their boss with logs, they'll still claim ignorance.
12th Jan, 10:59am
lennynero:   like, I have clients that flat out *lie* about what they've done to their computers because they fear the boss's wrath, even though I explain that the logs will always show me what happened.
12th Jan, 10:57am
lennynero:   jstern, never underestimate the stupidity of users.
12th Jan, 9:18am
Ginge:   I would love to have the first Sirius show in 80k... if anyone has it... please post it.
12th Jan, 7:58am
JKoffler44:   If you have it, can you please upload it? The version I have is low quality from the live airing.
12th Jan, 3:59am
Zapper562:   Any point in uploading the fourth anniversary airing of the first Howard Stern Sirius show that was replayed on Saturday?
12th Jan, 2:02am
jstern:   That doesn't make sense lenny, like lets say you were the rat, would you give TMZ all that information including basically who you are and put bababooeys email as your contact email just because you would think they wouldn't want to get back at you after you gave them exclusive information. Like why would you even put someone else's email in the 1st place. It just doesn't make sense. And they weren't requestion conformation, but a telephone number to communicate. So something is not adding up for me personally and I guess there's something missing in this story that might make better sense.
12th Jan, 1:02am
thizzelle:   Dennis hopper is dying. fuck! and andy rooney still lives?
12th Jan, 12:19am
prophecy500:   heyy nooow!!
11th Jan, 11:22pm
lennynero:   I only know it runs on Linux because of ;)
11th Jan, 11:21pm
lennynero:   I don't have anything to do with the admin of this box.
11th Jan, 11:06pm
ARTIELANGE09:   lennynero please let me know when were going down like that geez I was frightened ((( lol
11th Jan, 11:04pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Anyone have the Elliot Offen Fm & Sirius pack please? Thanks guys
11th Jan, 10:57pm
lennynero:   damned linux boxen.
11th Jan, 10:53pm
WesMantooth:   A little bit of down time?
11th Jan, 10:37pm
ator1:   Those Jackie laughs at inappropriate times will never get old. That shit cracks me up every time.
11th Jan, 6:49pm
lennynero:   jstern, because they didn't expect TMZ to request a confirmation.
11th Jan, 6:43pm
jstern:   So who could the rat be? I find it weird that they put Gary's email address, almost as if whoever Howard thinks the rat is, is being set up by somebody else. Cause why would they put their info just to have it sent back not to their email, but bababooey's email.
11th Jan, 5:52pm
thizzelle:   at least people like hi pitch and wendy have a right to complain or ask for money cuz they contribute to the show, or at least used to, Hanzi contributes nothing. until today. that call was great
11th Jan, 5:08pm
lennynero:   I heard part of that this morning...the guy's ranting and babbling like an idiot
11th Jan, 5:08pm
lennynero:   he's all pissed because Howard doesn't know anything about him. Why the fuck would Howard care about Hanzi?
11th Jan, 5:07pm
lennynero:   isn't hanzi the one that hears Howard telling him to do things, or is that Ass Napkin Ed?
11th Jan, 3:54pm
thizzelle:   hanzi is off his meds
11th Jan, 3:46pm
lennynero:   if you want to boogie oogie oogie till you fall to the floor, click the link I posted
11th Jan, 3:26pm
damnhustle:   if anyone wants to waste 1:46 of their life, click on darklouds youtube link
11th Jan, 3:05pm
lennynero:   ....
11th Jan, 2:53pm
nanoreefer:   Pittsburgh Pete is a vile piece of shit.
11th Jan, 2:33pm
lennynero:   ;)
11th Jan, 2:33pm
lennynero: -- For Artie.
11th Jan, 1:45pm
desert420:   HEY NOW
11th Jan, 1:35pm
Mokito:   theyre just gonna prescribe more, stronger drugs - i hope artie doesnt get a psychotropic lobotamy
11th Jan, 1:34pm
Mokito:   i blame the psychotropic medication...
11th Jan, 1:21pm
goodie2shoes:   nice fast up, thank you eos
11th Jan, 1:03pm
poopdeck:   hey now
11th Jan, 1:01pm
illeffeqt:   listening to everyone shitting on artie's christmas presents from that artie pack. fucking hysterical, hahahahaha
11th Jan, 12:41pm
ping12:   Oh there it is. Sorry lennynero. I shot off my mouth too early. I got nervous when I saw the mastertape theater thing.
11th Jan, 12:08pm
11th Jan, 11:58am
lennynero:   and fyi, today's the 11th.
11th Jan, 11:58am
lennynero:   ping, dunno what you're talking about...been listening to the live show all morning.
11th Jan, 11:50am
ping12:   Are these fuck nuts on vacation again? What's up with the master tape theater?
11th Jan, 11:47am
tvmogull:   somebody neeeds to post pix of the broad benji is banging. she looked hot from htv
11th Jan, 11:33am
11th Jan, 11:32am
lennynero:   top schelvf ligga
11th Jan, 11:31am
lennynero: <---- getting humped by Ralph (douchebag!)
11th Jan, 11:30am
lennynero:   found those by searching SFN, btw.
11th Jan, 11:30am
lennynero: <---- HTV Beer Pong screencap.
11th Jan, 11:27am
lennynero: <---- Tracey and Joey Boots
11th Jan, 10:55am
WesMantooth:   But I too would like to know what she looks like.
11th Jan, 10:52am
WesMantooth:   That's a mouthful blacklight.
11th Jan, 10:39am
blacklight0:   i hope jackie comes on, because they'll bust balls, and i hope tracy has a show, because she can't really handle the pressure she just yells alot, and I want someone to get her good, like when her and her boyfriend finally break up because no one can stand that loud mouth bitch, hey anyone got a pic of her?
11th Jan, 10:38am
blacklight0:   yeah man Sublime rocks, perfectly portrays the culture i grew up in within SAN DIEGO, even though they're from long beach,
11th Jan, 10:33am
poopdeck:   balloon knot
11th Jan, 6:32am
11th Jan, 6:23am
ator1:   That's "April 29th, 1992", by Sublime.
11th Jan, 5:33am
hangemhigh:   "thats how we got these guitars we're playing" was pretty good.
11th Jan, 5:31am
hangemhigh:   I heard a LA riot song yesterday it went "first I hit the liquor store n left it in a structure fire then I hit the music shop and got my own PA"
11th Jan, 3:40am
diceman:   can anyone upload the old l.a riots song parody, i think its called "don't go rioting" ? I cant seem to find it anywhere
10th Jan, 11:44pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I think maybe cameltoe rapid shared it to me before , not sure thanks guys!
10th Jan, 11:43pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Could somebody please post the rapidshare or seed
10th Jan, 11:43pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I accidentally erased my ELegant Elliot Offen Fm and Sirius pack
10th Jan, 10:34pm
lennynero:   about to start season soon as the wife passes out.
10th Jan, 10:34pm
lennynero:   yea, but at least on Buffy it's hot chicks getting sweaty and fake fighting ;)
10th Jan, 8:41pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I never watched Buffy but I'm a wrestling fan STILL at 34 lol
10th Jan, 8:40pm
ARTIELANGE09:   yeah being a dad is great and kind of straightens you out
10th Jan, 8:39pm
ARTIELANGE09:   and I called u the geek haha
10th Jan, 8:39pm
ARTIELANGE09:   i know fun saturday night lol
10th Jan, 8:39pm
ARTIELANGE09:   my brother and i were listening to them last night over captain n cokes
10th Jan, 8:38pm
ARTIELANGE09:   my fav moments were the fights with Crazy Alice during the football picks
10th Jan, 8:38pm
ARTIELANGE09:   heyi can think of a hundred artie moments tha twere great and I agree brother to remember him as was
10th Jan, 6:26pm
lennynero:   speaking of "Super Geek", I'm on day 4 of a Buffy marathon. Pathetic, am I.
10th Jan, 6:01pm
lennynero:   he wasn't *always* a fat loser. The mid/late 30's can do that to a guy.
10th Jan, 6:00pm
Snick422:   ARTIELANGE09:Are you fucking kidding me? Artie was a fantastic baseball payer, and never picked last. And his first lay was an extremely hot Hispanic hooker that gave him a throw for free
10th Jan, 5:37pm
lennynero:   Artielange09, congrats on being a new dad!
10th Jan, 5:30pm
lennynero:   eh, keep the name. If he dies it'll be a nice tribute to the things we loved about him, in his best and final year.
10th Jan, 5:30pm
lennynero:   shit, now I can't spell.
10th Jan, 5:29pm
lennynero:   oh, I agree that there's too much Artie drama, but sadly the man is the defination of drama.
10th Jan, 5:28pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Is there a way I can change my name ?
10th Jan, 5:27pm
lennynero:   next thing you know Robin will be wanting to borrow his knife
10th Jan, 5:27pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I know I m being critical and sounding selfish but it s jus tenough of ARtie already
10th Jan, 5:27pm
ARTIELANGE09:   It s just I get tired of hearing all the sympathy
10th Jan, 5:26pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I really feel bad for yelling at u now
10th Jan, 5:26pm
10th Jan, 5:26pm
ARTIELANGE09:   LOL ok my fault I apologize lenny
10th Jan, 5:26pm
lennynero:   who knows, maybe he thought he'd stumbled upon a new diet. The "Puncture and Drain the Fat Away in 4 days' diet.
10th Jan, 5:24pm
lennynero:   that's Super Geek to you, AL!
10th Jan, 5:24pm
lennynero:   AL, your arguement has basis, but mostly only if Artie spent the vacation reading anatomy books and had incredible aim
10th Jan, 5:23pm
ARTIELANGE09:   and a geek
10th Jan, 5:23pm
lennynero:   try it yourself, lemme know how it works out.
10th Jan, 5:23pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Go over to SBG and pledge your love for him there
10th Jan, 5:23pm
lennynero:   I'm not going to argue with you because neither of us has anymore information than the other. It's a pointless arguement. Of course, I never held Artie to any type of hero status...just a funny guy with some dark demons.
10th Jan, 5:22pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Since you believe every thing in print
10th Jan, 5:22pm
ARTIELANGE09:   lennynero no but I do have a bridge to sell you lol
10th Jan, 5:22pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I got news for ya, IF you PLUNGE as you say a knife into your abdomen, you're not walking around three days later
10th Jan, 5:21pm
lennynero:   look, all I know is what I've read, which is pretty much all you know as well. Next you're going to tell me that 50cent stepped into a rain of bullets just to gain fame.
10th Jan, 5:21pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Less than four days later he was released and walked on his own to CVS
10th Jan, 5:20pm
ARTIELANGE09:   three of them broke skin
10th Jan, 5:20pm
lennynero:   yes, someday I'll learn that stabbing yourself 9 times in the abdomen is nothing more than a failed cry for help.
10th Jan, 5:20pm
ARTIELANGE09:   There was 6 "hesitation" marks
10th Jan, 5:20pm
ARTIELANGE09:   "plungggged 9 times!!!" lolo even Artie would call u a fag for exagerrating like that lol
10th Jan, 5:20pm
lennynero:   that's pretty cool. I once knew a girl who talked to one of Artie's bodyguard's cousins.
10th Jan, 5:19pm
WesMantooth:   THE END OF LENO!!
10th Jan, 5:19pm
ARTIELANGE09:   oh lenny someday you ll learn
10th Jan, 5:19pm
ARTIELANGE09:   WHo he lied to and used as a scapegoat too
10th Jan, 5:19pm
lennynero:   and yes, you're's really no big deal to plunge a knife into yourself 9 times. Those lies are getting so big they can cut up to 13" deep.
10th Jan, 5:19pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I'm best friends with his former bodyguard
10th Jan, 5:18pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Uh no it s not assumption
10th Jan, 5:18pm
ARTIELANGE09:   wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why kick a guy while he s down??
10th Jan, 5:18pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Actually yeah thats kind of how it went
10th Jan, 5:18pm
lennynero:   it's not "against the law" to talk bad about him, but why take out your anger and kick a guy when he's down, especially since 90% of what you think is based upon assumption.
10th Jan, 5:18pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I hope Jackie comes in even if for a few days it'll be fun
10th Jan, 5:17pm
lennynero:   wow, you liked him so much you took his name, then lost all faith in him when he fell of the pedestal you put him on? ;)
10th Jan, 5:17pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I think he even mentioned in his book that "A liar never gets better, the lies just get bigger" and there is no rehab for being a liar
10th Jan, 5:15pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Mark my words it will come out and this too like all the other lies will be revealed
10th Jan, 5:15pm
ARTIELANGE09:   And I don't believe for one second that this is as serious as HE(not his family) crafted this to be
10th Jan, 5:14pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I don't wish death on him but I lose all respect for a LIAR even if their family you can never believe them
10th Jan, 5:13pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Bumping his head on teh dresser??
10th Jan, 5:13pm
ARTIELANGE09:   How bout the Dr at 6am???
10th Jan, 5:12pm
ARTIELANGE09:   hypocrites
10th Jan, 5:12pm
ARTIELANGE09:   ANd then suddenly it's against the law everywhere to talk badly about Artie
10th Jan, 5:11pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I love all of you with such short memories of how many times he has pulled smaller bullshit and like gullible suckers (like I was at one time) you all fall for it
10th Jan, 5:10pm
ARTIELANGE09:   ANd along with being that kind of person comes the compulsive liar trait
10th Jan, 5:09pm
ARTIELANGE09:   He's a coward, the short fat kid who was always last pick on the team, never got girls without paying for them, and obviously a wannabe wiseguy/Belushi/Jeter but one thing he is is a Bully
10th Jan, 5:08pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Why lenny?? Because plainand simple HE DOESNT HAVE THE BALLS to pull the trigger He aspires to be everything he s not
10th Jan, 2:02pm
hangemhigh:   the baby food couldn't have been 40 years would be too dry ;p
10th Jan, 1:46pm
lennynero:   why does everyone assume he knew his mother was coming?
10th Jan, 1:40pm
mugsy2323:   also, i imagine he wanted to be immortalized like belushi and farley, but he didn't even make national news. fat loser.
10th Jan, 1:38pm
mugsy2323:   If you really wanted to kill yourself, would you stab yourself while your mother is on her way home? Or would you shoot yourself or take pills or do something during a time when you aren't expecting your mother to bring her 40 year old baby food?
10th Jan, 1:05pm
Snick422:   d always liked Roll On nd 6 Underground, so i figured I'd get the rest of the CD
10th Jan, 1:05pm
Snick422:   urname:Maybe it was you then. I'
10th Jan, 11:17am
simon89:   did they replay the first sirius show already or is that next saturday?
10th Jan, 9:13am
urname12345:   sneaker pimps is the shit but like lenny said since the female is gone i dont like it... best is the "becoming x" cd... cool shit. dont know who brought it up originally, all i saw was sneaker pimps by lenny and just now saw that for some reason.
10th Jan, 9:02am
deadluvva:   Does anyone know the original guy who upped that Artie compilation? It is funny as hell. Thanks to the guy wherever he is and thanks as always to our buddy toe for, well, bein toe
10th Jan, 8:03am
urname12345:   yea didnt go deep enough, hes just as bad as the "cutter" emo fags
10th Jan, 2:54am
Hykanthis:   ;P
10th Jan, 2:52am
ladysativa:   Arties 3rd book should be called "Too Fat To Kill Myself"
10th Jan, 1:41am
Snick422:   They dropped the chick? Fuck, I downloaded the discography for nothing.
10th Jan, 1:26am
lennynero:   uh, I don't think so. I liked the original Sneaker Pimps, but they lost me when they dropped the chick.
10th Jan, 1:15am
symantech:   "A stutter retard" -- drop dead bitch. drop dead you f-ing c
10th Jan, 1:07am
Snick422:   lenny:was it YOU who raved about the Sneaker Pimps?
9th Jan, 10:37pm
rvotyrtsym:   Artie out of the hospital--->
9th Jan, 10:10pm
Hykanthis:   i try to seed but dont get any connections on this tracker any one remember the name of benji's party date?
9th Jan, 8:46pm
ator1:   megahurt:
9th Jan, 8:22pm
megahurt:   Hey, anyone know where I can DL the infamous OJ phone call? King of Cable i think.
9th Jan, 7:38pm
dawson:   Unbelievable
9th Jan, 7:38pm
dawson:   Artie is currently the most searched thing on the New York Times:
9th Jan, 7:02pm
deadluvva:   I tried to leave it at that googs but I got angry. How is that Ugandan thing goin
9th Jan, 6:24pm
googs999:   {{{9th Jan, 7:04am deadluvva: ......................}}}= my favorite reply of the week
9th Jan, 4:51pm
deadluvva:   Fightin the good fight that's all rvo. You know how things work here
9th Jan, 3:36pm
rvotyrtsym:   give'em hell deadluvva
9th Jan, 12:52pm
ARTIELANGE09:   hahaha
9th Jan, 12:52pm
ARTIELANGE09:   dooey
9th Jan, 12:52pm
ARTIELANGE09:   fooey
9th Jan, 12:52pm
ARTIELANGE09:   babaBooey!
9th Jan, 11:46am
korn499:   email is
9th Jan, 11:46am
korn499:   hey, anyone want to give me a invite code? I gave out demonoid codes a while ago here so I thought I'd give it a shot
9th Jan, 11:36am
MizQue:   It doesn't hurt your ratio to donate a few $$ to RS when a fund raising campaign is on.
9th Jan, 11:35am
MizQue:    @Snick422: Was ony asking 'cause I thought it might be Sasser. Got it twice, got rid of it the 2nd time a lot easier than the first by not going near it with the mouse. I see you already got expert advce from lenny.
9th Jan, 11:12am
deadluvva:   His ratio today; .49. Let's see if he understands.............
9th Jan, 10:41am
TAS65:   ster104: one way to get your share ratio to an acceptable number is to simply download the show every day, every bit rate, and seed them all for a few weeks. In a month or two you should have a decent ratio
9th Jan, 8:58am
deadluvva:   It might be weird but I would be more forgiving to some leech who just takes and keeps his mouth shut. It is this guy REQUESTING things that truly gets me
9th Jan, 8:56am
deadluvva:   Hold on a sec, this guy knows how to d'load full months of shows but not the daily show? Nope. And how the hell is he "trying"? I care about this site like so many good people do, that's all.
9th Jan, 8:49am
illeffeqt:   i do, but a lot of people aren't as torrent-savvy as you or i. this guy's putting in an effort, he's not just snatching everything without a care. let's save the vitriol for those people.
9th Jan, 8:37am
deadluvva:   Come on illeffeqt, you clearly get the concept here.
9th Jan, 8:34am
illeffeqt:   easy, tiger.
9th Jan, 8:23am
deadluvva:   But it is your fucking fault that you do not jump on new shows , even if you do not want them, and seed the hell out of them. What do you not understand?????
9th Jan, 7:04am
deadluvva:   ......................
9th Jan, 4:38am
stern104:   why did the complete months stop all of a sudden? Any chance they can be brought back? I know that my ratio sucks, but most of the files I downloaded I leave for upload for at least a month. Not my fault if no one downloads it
9th Jan, 4:01am
ROEU812:   Snick, try using Malwarebytes Anti- Malware as well. It has been used many times by me to clean up nasty virus infected machines.....not mine of
9th Jan, 2:36am
lennynero:   or better yet, while your system's down, head out to, check your hardware for compatibility, then grab an ISO of Leopard 10.5.7 (at least) off demon or mini ;)
9th Jan, 2:33am
lennynero:   after all of that, update a/v, spybot, and adaware, run full system *deep* scans overnight, and deal with the rest in the morning. If all scans come back clean you're good to go and can start restoring programs, etc.
9th Jan, 2:33am
lennynero:   usually what I do is a) install a "working Windows", b) run full scans, c) mount infected drive, d) run full scans on infected drive, e) backup clean documents/files to external drive. Reboot the box with Win install disc, repartition the drive, do clean install of Windows, and restore documents and files from external backup.
9th Jan, 2:31am
lennynero:   also, make sure you have the most recent a/v updates, then go ahead and run Spybot S&D as well as AdAware to make sure the Win install you're working from doesn't get compromised.
9th Jan, 2:30am
lennynero:   your best course of action is to use the new Windows install to back your files up to an external drive, do a deep scan of the drive for viruses, and do a clean install of Windows on the once infected drive. Some virii still infect the MBR, so getting rid of those may be a bit more tricky.
9th Jan, 2:27am
lennynero:   recently had a machine that took around 15hrs to clean up....mostly by hand, massive registry edits, multiple file was not fun.
9th Jan, 2:27am
lennynero:   eh, do what you've gotta do. The problem with recovering files is the chances of re-contracting the virus. However, maybe you'll get lucky.
9th Jan, 12:55am
Snick422:   lenny:i formatted my recovery partition and installed windows on it so i can rescue my files and attempt a virus scan on the C drive. Was that a bad idea?
9th Jan, 12:54am
TAS65:   cameltoe: Not part of Jokehunt, but not part of HSRS either. They're deliberately keeping his status non-specific. When anybody at Sirius says he'll be returning to the Stern show *specifically*, then I'll believe it.
9th Jan, 12:43am
lennynero:   Grrr all you want, little buddy. Never had a virus...well, not in the 9yrs I've been on a Mac. Cleaned 1000's on Windows boxen in that time, though ;)
9th Jan, 12:41am
Snick422:   @lenny:Grrr... Mizque:is that a condom joke?
9th Jan, 12:26am
MizQue:   As much as we think Artie has revealed, there's a lot more going on inside his head that he will probably never share with anyone. The tragedy is, you can't save people from themselves. If Artie is hell bent on self-destructing, no one is going to stop him. He has to really want to stop himself, like he did with cocaine, but so far, he hasn't.
9th Jan, 12:24am
MizQue:    An addict uses all your love and trust and your longing to believe in them against you - to fool you. They are the most difficult patients to treat, because many of them really don't care about life anymore, and no amount of reasoning or psychiatry will make a difference.
9th Jan, 12:24am
MizQue:   One of Artie's problems is that he's to smart for his own good. He's at least as smart as the doctors trying to treat him, and he knows how to lie and make people believe him.
9th Jan, 12:23am
lennynero:   snick: shoulda bought a Mac! ;)
9th Jan, 12:22am
MizQue:   @snick -Don't put your mouse anywhere near it. What does it look like?
9th Jan, 12:15am
Snick422:   got a nasty trojan on my desktop, still trying to fix my windows 7 install. it won't boot, it hangs up on "Attempting repairs" in system recovery
9th Jan, 12:13am
MizQue:   The death of his father, the guilt, blame whatever it is he took on from that tragic event, has colored his life in a very dark way.
9th Jan, 12:12am
MizQue:   IMO, there are two very distinct types of is non-specific - that is- it happens for no apparent reason. As in the case of Artie, he has very specific reasons.
8th Jan, 11:47pm
lennynero:   "The most common time of onset is between the ages of 30 and 40 years, with a later peak between 50 and 60 years. Major depression is reported about twice as frequently in women as in men, and women attempt suicide more often, although men are at higher risk for completing suicide."
8th Jan, 11:41pm
lennynero: <---- thought you guys would enjoy that.
8th Jan, 11:39pm
lennynero:   heh -- "freddy: LOL so easy to drive a self righteous idiot nuts" -- Sorry, didn't realize I'd really gotten to you. I'll back off. I'd hate to drive you to something drastic.
8th Jan, 11:35pm
lennynero:   nod.
8th Jan, 11:34pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I guess we'll all find out at some point, all in all a sad case, that at least we can agree on
8th Jan, 11:33pm
lennynero:   cont.: "Gender may additionally be a contributing factor. Women and men may experience depression in different ways. The imbalance of key brain chemicals may also be a contributing factor. These brain chemicals are called neurotransmitters which include serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine."
8th Jan, 11:32pm
lennynero:   From wiki: "It is estimated that about 1 out of 6 adults suffer from depression sometime during their life. Although depression does not have a single cause, many things contribute to the feeling of depression, such as family history, pessimistic personality, trauma and stress, physical conditions, and other psychological disorders."
8th Jan, 11:27pm
lennynero:   I stand corrected, it is indeed classified as a "mental disorder", so you would be correct in your assumption of "mentally ill"
8th Jan, 11:25pm
lennynero:   as for being "mentally ill", I'm not so sure on that as well either. I believe he's clinically depressed, which is *not* a mental sickness, but rather a chemical imbalance.
8th Jan, 11:25pm
lennynero:   or you down a bottle of pills and call a friend. That's what he did the 1st time, why change methods when it worked so well then?
8th Jan, 11:24pm
lennynero:   and dude, if you want to fake a suicide attempt you stop at the first 3 "hesitation wounds". You don't take a 13" knife and try it 6 more times.
8th Jan, 11:24pm
lennynero:   it just doesn't add up. And who keeps saying he knew his mom was on her way? She's got a key and was bringing food. We all know she's delivered food to him when he wasn't home. For all we know he called and told her he wasn't in town (to keep everyone from visiting) and she decided to surprise him. Seems everyone has a lot of assumptions....and some of them are *way* out there.
8th Jan, 11:22pm
lennynero:   seems a little drastic to me. When you consider that a) he could have died, b) he could *still* be fired, c) he could spend months in the hospital with internal injuries, missing cash and tied to a bed....
8th Jan, 11:19pm
ARTIELANGE09:   HE s mentally ill I ll give u that but he is also crafty and thought about this a lil , PERFECT EXIT strategy for not losing his job and ONCE AGAIN like so many times get Evvvvvvvverryybody on his side again
8th Jan, 11:18pm
ARTIELANGE09:   A liar doesn't get better....the lies only get BIGGER
8th Jan, 11:17pm
ARTIELANGE09:   cmon lenny ur smarter than that
8th Jan, 11:16pm
ARTIELANGE09:   He s watched too many TV shows and believe me if you want to end it all you'll go to a hotel ala JOey G and do it where you ll be sure not to be found...NOT WHEN MOMMY IS ON HER WAY OVER AND YOU KNOW SHE S COMING
8th Jan, 11:15pm
ARTIELANGE09:   It was a hasty panic decision but by NO means do I believe in my heart of hearts that he seriosuly thought he d be done
8th Jan, 11:14pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Now listen close so this makes sense........ He was told by management to get help(sent home but mandated) assumption that he d go into a rehab and be ready for the New YEar, he knew he had done neither and work was Monday so he had no other alternative but to do something big otherwise he could have indeed been fired #1 if he showed up fucked up #2 IF he didnt get any help
8th Jan, 11:12pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Uhh like lennynero RealllllyY!!!???You believe that he wanted to off himself with his Mom on his way over Uhh Really!!!??? There were 3 evident stabs that caused blood and 6 hesitation marks(barely scratches)
8th Jan, 10:55pm
lennynero:   sirius didn't force him to take the time off to go to rehab, they forced him to take time off to "get healthy". That could be anything from a trip to the day spa to spending 2wks with Dr. Ronnie.
8th Jan, 10:54pm
lennynero:   if that's the case, then yes, you are the only one that sees what's going on there.
8th Jan, 10:54pm
lennynero:   artielange09, are you seriously saying that the only reason he stabbed himself 9 times is so he could miss a few days of work? REALLY?!?! Like....*really* really?
8th Jan, 10:53pm
lennynero:   heh, because youtube is known for releasing breaking news.
8th Jan, 10:51pm
Lemmi:   im never gonna give you up damnhustle
8th Jan, 10:47pm
damnhustle:   Artie Lange DEAD, October 11, 1967 - January 8, 2010, farewell buddy. - NEWS REPORT!
8th Jan, 10:17pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I guess I should apologize to anyone who is offended since every other site seems to get offended too by the truth
8th Jan, 10:15pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I'm sure the fact that he was mandated by management to get rehab and prove it, didnt do it during the holidays and realized it Saturday before back to work had nothing to do with his "timely" suicide "attempt" of course when his Mom was already in toe to his house...I mean am I the only one who realizes what is going on here??? I hate everyone saying I am being insensitive I mean geez I Love theshow and loved Art too but after awhile yo udo n t believe it s rainig on you
8th Jan, 10:11pm
ARTIELANGE09:   So he was spotted looking fine walking into a CVS w a slight limp yesterday, lol wow another big footbal field sized wool pulled over everyones eyes by the Great Pretender Artie Lange!!
8th Jan, 10:01pm
cameltoe:   "these channels"...whats that mean then, he is part of the Jokehunt then? don't be silly, he either comes back to the Stern show or he doesn't come back at all and right now, he is still part of the show.
8th Jan, 9:55pm
hangemhigh:   artie is off the show..maybe not fired but gone from thss...howard couldn't conduct an interview without walking on eggshells so he is bye bye
8th Jan, 9:32pm
TAS65:   cameltoe: Read the quote carefully. Sabean says that Artie is "still very much a part of these channels". 'These channels' is not 'The Howard Stern Radio Show'. If he returns, they're gonna exile him to his own show on 101; there'll be no permanent replacement on the Stern show; not until he re-signs with Sirius/XM.
8th Jan, 9:26pm
8th Jan, 9:04pm
freddy:   LOL so easy to drive a self righteous idiot nuts
8th Jan, 8:57pm
lennynero:   anyway, bbl, off to play Mario Wii and DJ Hero with the family.
8th Jan, 8:56pm
lennynero:   my point is, if Jesus is your savior and only true way to heaven, why would anyone need to profit from such valuable information?
8th Jan, 8:56pm
lennynero:   sure, there are always costs of equipment, etc, but there are also ways to off-set that so that the end-users don't have to pay for it.
8th Jan, 8:55pm
lennynero:   however, I have to say, should I discover some way to purify dirty water, grow food from air, or turn waste into energy, I'd most likely simply give it away.
8th Jan, 8:53pm
lennynero:   no, but I *do* pro-bono work for those that need it. I make a pretty good living, so helping someone isn't that big of a deal.
8th Jan, 8:50pm
freddy:   So you work for free?
8th Jan, 8:46pm
lennynero:   I'll be honest, I didn't bother reading much aside from the anti-jew stuff
8th Jan, 8:44pm
lennynero:   here ya go, Freddy. Go spend some time with like-minded, self-righteous people.
8th Jan, 8:43pm
lennynero:   but that's one of my liberal opinions, I'm sure. Doing things for free to help mankind, that is.
8th Jan, 8:43pm
lennynero:   even the guy that created the Polio vaccine gave it away for the good of humanity. I question anyone selling any important religious text, the Bible included...but then again, those are free at hotels.
8th Jan, 8:42pm
lennynero:   if that information is so valuable, why do they charge for it?
8th Jan, 8:42pm
lennynero:   wow, your crazy runs deep, indeed.
8th Jan, 8:36pm
freddy:   lenny i dunno check out;
8th Jan, 8:02pm
MizQue:   .....But first he needs some serious treatment for his mental illness, not to mention the physical wounds he inflicted on himself.
8th Jan, 8:01pm
MizQue:   @cameltoe: Thanks for the H 100 link. I'm glad Artie's not fired; I'd love to see him back on the show one day.....
8th Jan, 7:52pm
lennynero:   hey freddy, explain that one to this "liberal piece of trash". Revisionist history at its best.
8th Jan, 7:50pm
lennynero:   way to go, you old fart.
8th Jan, 7:50pm
lennynero:   ha!
8th Jan, 7:16pm
cameltoe:   Sabean exact quote: "the "perez hilton report is absolutey false, Artie is still very much apart of these channels, and we look forward to Artie's fast recovery, and we wish him all the best." ....listen HERE
8th Jan, 7:13pm
lennynero:   Ralph Howard is the best, "...there is still controversy over Benji, his date, and his finger"
8th Jan, 6:28pm
lennynero:   sadly it would seem I'm outnumbered, 57% to 43%.
8th Jan, 6:28pm
lennynero:   how is voting for Jackie to take a guest spot unlike how Scot DePace replaces a dead dog with a new one? What a slap in the face to Artie...guest spot or not, let that chair sit vacant for a while out of respect.
8th Jan, 6:23pm
earthdog80:    VOTE 4 JACKIE!!
8th Jan, 6:18pm
TAS65:   cameltoe: All Sabean is saying is that Artie has not been terminated as an employee of Sirius/XM; he's saying nothing about his status on HSRS. I'll be astonished if Artie returns to the show in any substantial sense.
8th Jan, 6:17pm
hangemhigh:   it ain't over..artie could try is elvis's birthday, could be today.
8th Jan, 6:12pm
lennynero:   thanks for the link, bellet
8th Jan, 6:12pm
lennynero:   man, how refreshing to see some positive comments!
8th Jan, 6:08pm
8th Jan, 5:53pm
captainjerk:   thanks for the update, cameltoe
8th Jan, 5:52pm
lennynero:   Mutt said the same on that gawd-aweful SF Roundtable show.
8th Jan, 5:51pm
cameltoe:   Tim Sabean on H100 News said that the Perez Hilton rumor that Artie was fired are totally false. Artie is still part of the show.
8th Jan, 5:24pm
crash613:   and thanks for the link MizQue
8th Jan, 5:24pm
crash613:   thanks Lennynero
8th Jan, 5:19pm
lennynero:   of all sites to go down, it would have to be a company that makes network gear.
8th Jan, 5:19pm
lennynero:   was on it a couple mins ago, now I get timeouts trying to load.
8th Jan, 5:19pm
lennynero:   apparently linksys' website just took a shit.
8th Jan, 5:16pm
MizQue:   Here's a link to a 10 minute clip of the discussion: Howard Stern Talks Artie Suicide On-Air
8th Jan, 5:14pm
lennynero:   crash, they very briefly cover it on Thursday morning. About an hour in, I think.
8th Jan, 5:07pm
rvotyrtsym:   THATS CRAZY
8th Jan, 5:07pm
crash613:   i'm a little behind.. stil on tuesday's show.. .do they ever come clean this week and talk about it, or were they 1-up'ed by the news and they will talk about it on Monday after everyone already heard elsewhere?
8th Jan, 4:38pm
MizQue:   9 times in the chest with a 13" knife. I can't imagine the mental pain and suffering he must have been in to inflict such physical pain on himself.
8th Jan, 4:26pm
MizQue:   Artie talks of suicide at 4:46. I a bit of a glimpse into his psyche:
8th Jan, 4:14pm
damnhustle:   damn, he stabbed himself 9 times, go0d lawd.
8th Jan, 4:00pm
lennynero:   Artie doesn't take drugs because he wants to feel better. He takes them because he doesn't want to feel at all. He figures if God's going to punish him, at least he can do something that keeps it from hurting.
8th Jan, 3:58pm
lennynero:   and FWIW, Artie doesn't know he's clinically depressed. He thinks he's being punished for letting his dad die. He's got "catholic guilt" and thinks he should take the punishment he "deserves". Maybe now he'll realize it's a medical/chemical issue and get the appropriate treatment.
8th Jan, 3:44pm
lennynero:   jesus, I'm redundant.
8th Jan, 3:44pm
lennynero:   there's a good chance that he can be forced into help. Between sirius and his family, together they could get a court order that requires rehab and therapy. His family can actually have him declared mentally unstable and either commit him or get court ordered rehab and therapy
8th Jan, 3:43pm
MizQue:   Hope I'm wrong 'cause I love the guy, and only wish him well.
8th Jan, 3:42pm
MizQue:   I don't have a whole lot of faith that this is a wake up call for Artie. I think he gave up a long time ago.
8th Jan, 3:42pm
MizQue:   The question is, will he commit to getting help now, or will he, as some people do, make a second maybe successful suicide attempt at a later date?
8th Jan, 3:40pm
MizQue:   It's been pretty obvious for a long time that he suffers from clinical depression. He refused to get the psychotherapy or take the drugs he needed.
8th Jan, 3:38pm
lennynero:   sometimes you just have to step outside of yourself to see who and what you are and learn how to live and deal with it.
8th Jan, 3:37pm
lennynero:   if they get his chemistry lined out, sure, he'll be able to deal with it. The trick with depression is getting above the dark clouds so you can see the sun. Once he sees sunshine, even if it's chemically induced with anti-depressants, he'll have a safer outlook on his life and actions and be able to take an "outside the box" look at his life.
8th Jan, 3:36pm
lennynero:   it's not that they didn't try, but now they'll have a better understanding of the root cause of the problem. Now they know it's something that requires *medical* attention, not emotional/mental.
8th Jan, 3:35pm
MizQue:   But do you think that Artie will be able to deal with the guilt he must be feeling over what he did to his mom & family? That is my concern.
8th Jan, 3:35pm
lennynero:   and if he's anything like me, it's a chemical imbalance that can be leveled out. It may take some time, and it's not an easy road, but at least now someone may figure out that he's *clinically* depressed and not "mentally unstable"
8th Jan, 3:34pm
MizQue:   lenny; I don't know that his mom & sis turned a blind eye to Artie. They've tried to get him help. The didn't practice 'tough love'. Good thing too. Look where it got Casey Johnson.
8th Jan, 3:34pm
lennynero:   it's a win/win. If you die, you win. If you don't die, people realize that you're far worse off than they thought and are more prone to actually seek help. Either way the outcome is better than the present.
8th Jan, 3:33pm
MizQue:   I fear for Artie's future. If he was already living with demons he couldn't deal with, he just added a boat load of new guilt and shame to the heap he was already carrying around.
8th Jan, 3:33pm
lennynero:   MizQue, if she's anything like my mother, she thinks it's just a bad mood or that she can fix it. Nothing breaks a parent's heart more than knowing they can't make their kid better. I think his point was that he wanted to die, regardless of who found him, and should it be his mother, maybe she'll realize that coddling him and discounting his sickness isn't working.
8th Jan, 3:31pm
MizQue:   He's always been very protective of his mom & sister. He must have been out of his mind not to think of her finding him - although I believe he wanted to be found.
8th Jan, 3:31pm
MizQue:   I understand that Artie is a tortured soul, but what I don't understand is how he could have done this where his mother would find him.
8th Jan, 3:20pm
lennynero:   jesus christ, some of you uneducated, self-righteous fucktards piss me off.
8th Jan, 3:20pm
lennynero:   Artie didn't do something quick and painless because he thinks he *deserves* the pain. He *deserves* to suffer. Can you even *try* to put yourself in those shoes? When's the last time you hated yourself so much that you cutoff a finger because you thought you deserved it?
8th Jan, 3:18pm
lennynero:   did you ever think for a second that his addictions are a result of self-medication? Pride often keeps people from seeking help themselves, and when they do something like this it forces their family to recognize that it's a real issue and offer *real* help for solutions. Even God Almighty Howard said he didn't realize how bad Artie's problems were and wished he'd paid more attention. THIS ATTEMPT will either kill Artie or be the catalyst his family and friends need to actually understand that it goes deeper than they've always thought.
8th Jan, 3:16pm
lennynero:   you fucks can't understand depression because you either don't understand it or aren't man/woman enough to admit you have a problem. As a result, all you can do is offer negative input to an already negative situtation. Too many people discount depression as environmental, mental, or laziness. Sometimes it's's called "clinical depression" for a reason. It's not something you can just "talk yourself out of"'s a *chemical* imbalance in your system.
8th Jan, 3:14pm
lennynero:   and to blast the man for his mother finding him? If it's a cry for help he'll most certainly get an answer now, won't he? You think his mother's going to continue to tell him he has nothing to be upset about now?
8th Jan, 3:13pm
lennynero:   but to put a knife into your chest *9* times? How can you fucking retards not see how self-loathing and dark that is? How can you possibly say, "all he needs is a kick in the ass"? This is not a simple problem, does not need a simple solution, and your negative opinions are what drive people to these lengths to begin with.
8th Jan, 3:10pm
lennynero:   commiting a selfish act doesn't make one a selfish person. The guy was in a lot of pain, knows what he's put his family through, and was depressed. When you're in that state of mind the only thing you can think about is how you suck and everyone will be better off without you. IF you consider the pain it's going to cause your family, you figure that's just temporary, but the permanant problem has been removed, and everyone will have a happier life once they're no longer consumed with you and your moods.
8th Jan, 3:10pm
Nathan:   shoutbox used to be a nice place, now its full of trolls who somehow convinced themselves that they are the ultimate authority on artie and know exactly what he needs to get better
8th Jan, 3:08pm
lennynero:   but thanks for pointing out the obvious, you fucking twit. The rest of us didn't seem to understand, but we now see the light.
8th Jan, 3:07pm
lennynero:   when you commit suicide, you're killing *yourself*. It's a sefish act by definition. No one's arguing that.
8th Jan, 3:07pm
lennynero:   hey marlon, who kills themselves while thinking of others? Suicide is a SELFISH ACT in itself, you fucking retard. It's not like he was at the store and thought he might pick up some sausage for his mom.
8th Jan, 3:01pm
Nathan:   where did all these new douchebags come from?
8th Jan, 2:46pm
marlon22031:   LONG LIVE SFN!!!
8th Jan, 2:45pm
marlon22031:   THA1carus eat my cock. You knowim right. You guys are nothing but a buch of enablers. All day tender dicking artie when what he really needs is a swift kick in the ass!
8th Jan, 2:40pm
lennynero:   where's my friend freddy during this discussion? I need a DePace to belittle and degrade.
8th Jan, 2:33pm
illeffeqt:   i think drew has qualms about his shows personally, but he looks at it as the ends justifying the means, because he's getting out so much info on addiction in a mainstream outlet.
8th Jan, 2:26pm
lennynero:   and how did we get this sudden influx of SFN shitheads in our shoutbox?
8th Jan, 2:25pm
lennynero:   I like that Dr. Drew finally explained walking the fine line between a practice and a TV Show. Personally I think the guy has some valid advice. The TV Show kinda puts him in Not-a-Doctor Phil territory, but the experience, resume, and good advice raise Drew far above Phil.
8th Jan, 2:18pm
illeffeqt:   i love that artie and robin both ended up hating drew... sometimes the unvarnished truth makes people really angry, haha
8th Jan, 2:16pm
illeffeqt:   hey, don't slam dr. drew. his television shows are morally questionable, but he has spent a tremendous amount of time helping people in his career. if you had ever been a loveline fan, you'd know what a saint he is.
8th Jan, 2:10pm
macdaddy77:   For anyone that needs help - forget infotainment doctors. McClean Hospital (not a pun) - Been there - done that!
8th Jan, 2:03pm
illeffeqt:   hey guys. i stopped listening to mastertape theater over a year ago when they started playing repeats. did they ever start doing new episodes again?
8th Jan, 1:56pm
antd:   thanks, thought it was thursday >_>
8th Jan, 1:56pm
antd:   oh crap it's friday, lol
8th Jan, 1:30pm
ideal:   has anybody got the prank phone call when sal and richard ring the hospital and say is tom c dead yet? and richard says he's the grim reaper?
8th Jan, 1:23pm
ratfink:   oh shit. thats sad
8th Jan, 1:23pm
lennynero:   antd, it's Friday, there's never a new show on Friday
8th Jan, 1:22pm
ratfink:   thanks lenny
8th Jan, 1:21pm
ratfink:   is artie on heroine again?
8th Jan, 1:21pm
lennynero:   ratfink:
8th Jan, 1:21pm
lennynero:   and for guys like Marlon and freddy, I really hope you guys never have to go through with anything like this yourselves or with a loved one. However, please educate yourselves just in case you *do* have to go through it.
8th Jan, 1:20pm
lennynero:   most of what I've read from the haters is either a lack of understanding, lack of compassion, or lack of personal knowledge of these types of things.
8th Jan, 1:15pm
hangemhigh:   whats our irc address.?..thanks
8th Jan, 1:11pm
hangemhigh:   imagine depression with heroin addiction...deadly combination
8th Jan, 1:05pm
antd:   is there a show today?
8th Jan, 12:54pm
ROEU812:   Well said Deadluvva, I would also like to add my get well wishes for Artie, Being married to a wonderful woman suffering from depression, I empathize with his family.
8th Jan, 12:23pm
prophecy500:   Heeey Noooww!!
8th Jan, 12:05pm
GameGirl2006:   Even SFN is being supportive to Artie now. People for the most part see how bad this was and they stopped all the "fat fuck" business.
8th Jan, 12:03pm
GameGirl2006:   I gave it a lot of thought. Stabbing yourself 9 times is scary dark. It's not an OD or gunshot. It's really twisted. That made me feel bad for Artie and get over all the times I would get mad at him being out or too high to make sense. He is really troubled and he made me laugh many many times over the years. I figured I would buy his album. He's not going make much money anymore after this believe me. The Stern show was a goldmine for him - free promotion every day across 5 hours?
8th Jan, 12:01pm
THA1icarus:   Marlon22031 where you banned from SFN and you don't have a place to anonymously spew your shit. You don't understand Depression and what it does with you. You pice of Shit.
8th Jan, 11:43am
marlon22031:   GameGirl2006 i think you should get your head examined along with artie! Are you kidding me?? Buy his DVD's to show support??? Sure why not? Its not like that fat fuck doesnt have enough money already!
8th Jan, 11:41am
marlon22031:   oh yeah he's a selfish prick too. who stabs themself with a knife knowing their mother will find them in a pool of blood? he only thinks about himself . WAAH! MY FATHER FELL OFF A ROOF WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER!!
8th Jan, 11:36am
marlon22031:   artie just wants everyone to feel sorry for him. if your trying to kill yourself you dont use a knife you use a gun and end it forreal. this is the 2nd time that fat fuck pretented to commit suicide. what a coward!!
8th Jan, 11:28am
GameGirl2006:   I think we should all buy his DVD as a way of showing support. You know he will never top that esp if he is off the show.
8th Jan, 9:52am
MizQue:   Artie video clips:
8th Jan, 9:47am
dawson:   Does anybody know if Gilbert will be on next week?
8th Jan, 9:10am
8th Jan, 8:31am
Oddish:   Enyone have/seen a collection of ETM clips from 2009?
8th Jan, 6:20am
RedLster:   agreed 100% dead
8th Jan, 6:18am
cameltoe:   well said deadluvva.
8th Jan, 4:55am
deadluvva:   and please, good people here, do not feed the trolls. The good people know who they are and the same for the trolls...............
8th Jan, 4:54am
deadluvva:   Just read about the suicide attempt and I am definately shaken. Get well Artie. We love ya brother.
8th Jan, 4:38am
ryan79:   pretty sad about artie
8th Jan, 4:31am
sumdim:   yeah just found the article.. and yikes!!
8th Jan, 4:30am
ator1:   He stabbed himself 9 times.
8th Jan, 3:56am
MissEpod:   it is a sad Bababooey that I send out to all the Stern Fans, I hope Artie doesn't leave the show ,
8th Jan, 1:34am
lennynero:   he may have already...may be what's got him so angry. Freddy, make the call. Tell her you're sorry and that daddy loves her.
8th Jan, 1:34am
lennynero:   ofc, I'm sure if one of freddy's kids were to fall into such a mess he'd kick her to the door while calling her a weak, liberal, commie bitch.
8th Jan, 1:33am
lennynero:   well said, bonestock.
8th Jan, 1:32am
bonestock94:   There's nothing quality about kicking someone when they're down. You (and I for that matter) don't know what mental circumstances lead someone to extreme drug addiction. Most of us luckily won't know it's like to be in those shoes.
8th Jan, 1:32am
lennynero:   I could give a fuck about you, I just had to defend my honor. *I* feel I've done so, and that's all that matters to me
8th Jan, 1:29am
GumpWorsley:   Well, i actually quit listening to the show bout a year back. Artie, on top of all the drugs prescribed and non-prescribed, hated his job, hated weekends, travelling, doing comedy gigs. He knew something had to change cuz this life was killing him. Just a weird way of going about it though. But it worked. He can finally relax now.
8th Jan, 1:20am
Rhetorik:   lol
8th Jan, 1:19am
freddy:   good news is Artie stint on the show is over forever, I'm still a quality human being and you spew vile shit for pages trying to rile me. I win.
8th Jan, 1:18am
lennynero:   but you did refer to be as "buddy"....maybe you're coming over to the Reds?
8th Jan, 1:16am
lennynero:   not really. You called me a "liberal piece of trash" and a "commie". You deserved *something*.
8th Jan, 1:16am
freddy:   Wow I musta really got to ya huh buddy
8th Jan, 1:06am
lennynero:   in a perfect world, you keep typing, I break your will to live, and you hang yourself in your closet wearing your mother's pantyhose....Carradine style.
8th Jan, 1:05am
lennynero:   as for your 4 teeth, you know that's bullshit. You didn't have them pulled, they fell out from all the meth you've been sucking out of the end of Rush Limbaugh's dick. You didn't take the rest of your pain meds because it fucked with your 21 day high, huh?
8th Jan, 1:04am
lennynero:   because I'm a "liberal piece of trash". Nothing but love, peace, and the desire for you to fucking die in my heart
8th Jan, 1:03am
lennynero:   I type all that with the deepest love, btw.
8th Jan, 1:03am
lennynero:   "ohhhh....ohhhhh....ohhhhhhh poppy.....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" and your backed up load of green slime sperm blows the back of his skull clean off, you backed up, repressed, hating piece of shit.
8th Jan, 1:01am
lennynero:   freddy, hopefully you get cock cancer and it rots off while you're skull fucking your dead grandfather. And *that* shit's straight from the heart ;)
8th Jan, 12:58am
freddy:   Hopefully he will get it right next time
8th Jan, 12:56am
Rhetorik:   Artie Lange, I hope you can pull yourself through whatever the fuck is going on. I'm pulling for ya buddy, we're all in this together. (Red Green)
8th Jan, 12:52am
bellet:   celeb rehab here we come
8th Jan, 12:46am
bonestock94:   Maybe this will get him into a real rehab program.
8th Jan, 12:30am
lennynero:   sadly, the chances of the guilt, etc killing him are pretty high. The guy's got some serious problems, he's going to require some serious work. He's going to have to be committed to getting better, and as of yet he's failed to stick with it.
8th Jan, 12:29am
MizQue:   Can he live with the shame and guilt - especially the guilt of having his mother - who loves him so - find him lying in a pool of blood almost dead? That poor woman must be traumatized beyond belief.
8th Jan, 12:28am
MizQue:   What he tried once he could try again. I wonder if he can live with the memory of what he did to himself and the people who love him. Ultimately, you can't save someone from themselves.
8th Jan, 12:25am
lennynero:   go ahead, freddy. We're all dying to know just how deep your stupid goes.
8th Jan, 12:23am
lennynero:   hey snick!
8th Jan, 12:23am
MizQue:   Addiction/weakness/choice/whatever. Artie is going to have to face what he did with his family, his friends, and finally the fans. If his life was a mess before, it's going to be worse now.
8th Jan, 12:05am
Snick422:   Age: 12 No wonder. Who does this shithead think he is? me?
8th Jan, 12:04am
Snick422:   freddy:your medical knowledge (or lack there of), is surpassed only by your arrogance.
7th Jan, 11:49pm
freddy:   most ppl here are left wing liberal commie nuts, im not gonna get much defense in an argument, the good news is Artie almost died and is fired.
7th Jan, 11:48pm
freddy:   and im scott depace
7th Jan, 11:26pm
ator1:   You called him liberal trash. That's not a personal attack?
7th Jan, 11:16pm
freddy:   sorry i encourage personal responsibility, how dare i right? It's not fair I suppose.
7th Jan, 11:15pm
freddy:   oh attack me personally because you have an undefendable position, i didnt see that one one coming
7th Jan, 10:53pm
lennynero:   the best thing about debating with your type, freddy, is I don't really have to come up with any retort. I just assume you're an idiot. Luckily, you type your bullshit and remove all doubt.
7th Jan, 10:50pm
lennynero:   ladies and gentleman, Scott DePace!
7th Jan, 10:49pm
lennynero:   and *I'm* the extremist.
7th Jan, 10:49pm
lennynero:   alright, so you have no compassion for addicts, quick to judge someone else as being "liberal trash", and have no tolerance for those that don't live by your specific code of "adult" rules...right?
7th Jan, 10:47pm
lennynero:   ha!
7th Jan, 10:40pm
TAS65: "our source also revealed that Artie asked to see Dr. Drew and they had a visit together." Yeesh. I'm not totally convinced that Dr. Drew is the answer here.
7th Jan, 10:37pm
freddy:   no the problem is you are just extremist PERMISSIVE liberal trash, you have NO standards
7th Jan, 10:37pm
lennynero:   again, you may choose to do it once or twice, but after your body forms the chemical dependency the choice is no longer yours.
7th Jan, 10:36pm
freddy:   i took pain meds for two days when i had 4 teeth taken out i flushed the rest its called being an adult
7th Jan, 10:36pm
lennynero:   so either you're too young to understand or lived a life in ignorance, either way your logic is flawed and you are vastly uninformed in your opinions.
7th Jan, 10:36pm
freddy:   yeah cuz artie is a crack baby right? not a grown man who chose to find pleasure in about fucked up flawed logic
7th Jan, 10:35pm
lennynero:   better yet, take all your pain meds the next time you have dental work, then notice how you begin to bite everyone's heads off the 3-4 days after you come off them. It's a chemical reaction in your system. The choice may be the decision, the addiction is the disease.
7th Jan, 10:34pm
lennynero:   freddy, explain that extremely flawed logic to crack and heroin babies.
7th Jan, 10:25pm
freddy:   addiction is not a disease it is a decision. Cancer is a disease. Overeating and being obese is a decision, drinking is a decision and deciding to do drugs is a decision. I have never met a 2 year old who got the "addiction" disease. Lets finally throw that old excuse out the window for good.
7th Jan, 9:35pm
freddy:   lovelybeth86; lol great name btw, sorry for havin the wrong opinion about a scumbag piece of shit that will do anything for money
7th Jan, 9:14pm
MizQue:   Perez has this up: Howard Stern Talks Artie Suicide On-Air
7th Jan, 9:08pm
MizQue:   Now it's going to be even worse for Arite, because he's still here to face the music; the music of his family, friends, and fans. Being around for the after math of this suicide attempt is going to be HELL for him.
7th Jan, 9:06pm
MizQue:   @bonestock94: I feel the same way. Very, very upset over Artie. A quick suicide is one thing ,but the lingering pain of 9 stab wounds is hard to take. What on earth was he on when he did it??
7th Jan, 9:03pm
MizQue:   If I have to hear Billy West do Marge Schott one more time (how many people even know who she was?), I'll puncture my eardrums. He was a great mimic, but the Marge Schott shit got old fast.
7th Jan, 9:03pm
illeffeqt:   perez hilton posted an article saying that mel karmazin has already informed howard that artie will be terminated. i think everyone suspected as much, but that's what "insiders are whispering".
7th Jan, 9:01pm
bonestock94:   The artie thing is really bumming me out, that shit is so dark and disturbing. Sure he's had his outbursts, but he seemed like a goodhearted guy on the show all these years.
7th Jan, 8:49pm
TAS65:   All those who want Artie off the show . . . you got your wish, believe me. He won't be back; not after this. It would be impossible for Stern (or any host) to generate laughs with a man who's stabbed himself nine times. That fact alone will just hang over everything like Spanish moss.
7th Jan, 8:41pm
n0thng2bdone:   artie and the housing construction market will both recover in late spring and he'll become a life-long journeyman roofer
7th Jan, 8:30pm
hangemhigh:   13-inch Wolfgang Puck Kitchen knife
7th Jan, 8:21pm
hangemhigh:   artie had a psychotic episode and thought he was giving himself a blood read it here first. It will come out in time.
7th Jan, 8:18pm
rvotyrtsym:   Iwonder what kind of knife was used.
7th Jan, 8:10pm
forwhel6:   its a cry for help no one "tries " to kill themselfs . if he really wanted to do it should have slit his wrist up to his elbow .
7th Jan, 8:09pm
forwhel6:   i wish artie finished the job . then again he said he fails at all his jobs
7th Jan, 7:51pm
illeffeqt:   maybe artie relapsed and eventually tried to commit suicide because howard told him "scooch" was a bad title for his second book.
7th Jan, 7:37pm
weed89:   R.I.P. Artie...just go away quietly <<POOF>>
7th Jan, 7:36pm
weed89:   OUT with Artie!!!! Back with Billy west...Atleast billy is FUNNY
7th Jan, 7:23pm
MizQue:   Hoboken residents react to news of Artie Lange's suicide attempt:
7th Jan, 6:52pm
MizQue:   @sflocco: I agree. Stabbing yourself 9 times comes from a truly dark place. He had to be stoned out of his mind to do it. Poor soul.
7th Jan, 6:49pm
lennynero:   QUITTIN TIME!!!! laters, all. Nice to see you again, sflocco!
7th Jan, 6:47pm
lennynero:   I've been bummed as shit all day, but I can't stay in a funk about something I have no control over. Rather, I can find something humorous in just about anything. It's a coping mechanism, I'm sure.
7th Jan, 6:43pm
sflocco:   Trying to commit suicide by stabbing yourself is really truly dark. Though Stern may love the man, I don't think you'll ever see him back as a "regular" on the show. At the end of the day bottom line is that Stern will distance himself from that sort of potentially dangerous person. I can't say I blame him.
7th Jan, 6:40pm
TAS65:   MizQue: Even the people who think there's something funny about this don't really think it's funny. They're just trying to be outrageous. I don't think anybody could read the Page Six story and *not* be disturbed by it
7th Jan, 6:36pm
TAS65:   superskunk: It's possible, but I suspect Artie's head has been in the vicinity of total self-destruction long before he got on the meds. The guy is trapped in more than one addiction, and with all his money and all his talent, he can't even begin to find a way out of them. That would, I think, send anybody's spirits into a bottomless pit.
7th Jan, 6:36pm
MizQue:   There's nothing funny in any of This. It brings back painful memories for me. I hope Artie can pull himself together and get on with his life. Dying at the same age as his father is going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
7th Jan, 6:35pm
lennynero:   RAWR! ;)
7th Jan, 6:31pm
MizQue:   @lenny: Darling, I'm over 50 years old. They're not bad, but the old gray mare ain't what she used to be....;)
7th Jan, 6:31pm
lennynero:   n0thng2bdone, why do we not have Artie, but still have you? ;)
7th Jan, 6:30pm
n0thng2bdone:   this is the only funny thing artie has ever done. what a fuck up. more boring hours of 'truth' and 'speaking from the heart' to follow. should be illuminating. i learn life lessons from bad radio, and appreciate the honesty of ignorant hack wannabe comics.
7th Jan, 6:29pm
lennynero:   sorry, trying to find some humor. I love the guy, I miss the guy, and I hope he gets well, but thinking about it too much puts me in a dark mood.
7th Jan, 6:28pm
lennynero:   unconfirmed reports state that the first 6 attempts only resulted in him leaking cream cheese. The remaining 3 attempts were from a longer blade.
7th Jan, 6:27pm
lennynero:   I'm sure, had he had the strength and wits to do it, he'd have jumped off the top of the building, but you've gotta use what you've got.
7th Jan, 6:26pm
lennynero:   all his drugs and guns were removed from the apartment by his "hired help" ex-cop guys. I'm sure the knife or a rope were his only real choices....we all know there's nothing strong enough for him to hang from. I think it was a matter of cloudy judgement coupled with whatever he had available.
7th Jan, 6:25pm
lennynero:   and mizque, could you maybe use your feminine charms to talk lovelybeth into showing us her tits? How about yours?
7th Jan, 6:24pm
MizQue:   @lenny: This is passive/aggressive behavior. On some level Artie didn't quite want to do it. He could easily have OD'd in some no-tell motel where his poor mother wouldn't find him. If you really want to kill yourself, there are more efficient less painful ways to do it, like a gun shot to the head.
7th Jan, 6:24pm
lennynero:   sadly we may never know. Artie may be a fairly honest guy, but something like this is going to take some counseling to deal with....I don't think we'll ever hear his side on the air....maybe in the 3rd book.
7th Jan, 6:23pm
lennynero:   you're not really thinking clearly when you're in that stage. Death is kinda the only thing you think of, and how much better off everyone will be without you. However, due to the number of wounds and the fact that he knew he'd be found, I don't think he was sober when it all went down. As a matter of fact, the drugs he was on may have been one of the things that saved him (prevented shock, slowed heart-rate, etc)
7th Jan, 6:21pm
lennynero:   not to make light of it, but as someone said earlier, "something's not adding up".
7th Jan, 6:21pm
MizQue:   As much as I feel for Artie, I'm angry with him too. Did he ever for think for one minute about his poor mother finding him a bloody mess? That nightmare image will be burned into her brain. If he really wanted to do the deed, he would have gone off by himself, not stay in his apartment where someone was likely to find him.
7th Jan, 6:21pm
lennynero:   surely the guy's got better aim than reported....I mean, he's a *big* guy, and he only got 3 outta 9? Something tells me he was either in a drug-induced stupor or didn't have a long enough knife.
7th Jan, 6:18pm
MizQue:   At the time I was not only out of my mind with fear, I was also very angry. A part of me wanted to tell him to damn well go and do it. But of course I did all in my power to stop him.
7th Jan, 6:17pm
MizQue:   Someone close to me once called me to say he was killing himself. He also called his parents and his son. I called the police and stopped him. He called me back and yelled at me for it. Told me the police were there searching his hotel room. I knew I did the right thing. The police told me I did the right thing too.
7th Jan, 6:16pm
MizQue:   I love Artie. He brought so much to the show with his honesty. He was also generous to a fault. I can't believe he would try and off himself in such a bloody, horrible way. Just look at Casey Johnson. Money (and fame) doesn't buy happiness.
7th Jan, 6:00pm
wringmaster:   Artie is the best, I hope he can rejoin the show sometime before the end, but I doubt it.
7th Jan, 5:48pm
bigaudio:   lovelybeth is such a sweetheart
7th Jan, 5:22pm
superskunk:   from klonopin insert: "may cause suicidal thoughts or actions in a very small number of people, about 1 in 500. Call your healthcare provider right away if you have new or worsening symptoms of depression, any unusual changes in mood or behavior, or suicidal thoughts, behavior, or thoughts about self harm that you have never had before or may be worse than before."
7th Jan, 5:13pm
provrorsbarn:   love artie...I heard couple days ago that he tried to kill himself....but I didnt know he tried to stab himself.....that bummed me out totaly....hope hes ok.....
7th Jan, 4:38pm
lennynero:   and guarioid, you're pretty spot on. It just sucks that the attacks are so vicious. As if no one has any compassion for the man's situation.
7th Jan, 4:35pm
lennynero:   lovelybeth, I love you.
7th Jan, 4:22pm
guardioid:   Everyone should take the "spewed hatred" here and on SFN with a grain of salt. Suicide evokes very powerful emotions in people, and a lot of the negativity is a reflection of that. Even if it's not a family member, a suicide attempt can feel like a rejection by that person. The natural response is to put up an emotional shield. Belittling the person and distancing yourself from the relationship are coping mechanisms. It's like "Ok, that person doesn't want to be in a world with me, so go ahead. I never like him anyway."
7th Jan, 4:09pm
lovelybeth86:   yea you "fans" are horrible. The reality is, whether you agree with his illness or the way he atempted suicide is irrelevant, hes in a bad place and I think we all wish him the best and hope he recovers. Whats also more shocking is some peoples belief that hes coming back to the show, he may as a guest, but never as he was. The reason I loved Artie is despite alot of the bullshit minutae to his stories, he was for the most part open about his life (fathers death, various addictions, suicide attempts, family/love life, etc...), and its because of that we have the insight into why he did what he did. Ultimately I just hope he recovers and is able to address his fans in some outlet, so he can see/feel the love us true "fans" have for him! Get well Artie!
7th Jan, 3:58pm
AndySocial:   Belushi to this day influences many comedians...who is artie influencing?
7th Jan, 3:57pm
AndySocial:   sorry Belushi did drugs, they killed him. A speedball to be precise. Fat Artie dabbles in drugs, can't kill himself, has a hard time getting to work..all though fat Artie tries to emulate Belushi, he is no Belushi.
7th Jan, 3:54pm
turk:   "Belushi was no Artie. he had a small niche" -- Are you saying that Artie is more well-known than Belushi? I don't understand that statement.
7th Jan, 3:43pm
lennynero:   e.g.: I was ossified when I saw this girl's stomach -
7th Jan, 3:41pm
lennynero:   ossified, however, would be an appropriate synonym for a hard-on.
7th Jan, 3:40pm
lennynero:   got 15mins in, blew through the rest, only to get to the Sliwa interview I heard live this morning....ffwd again....
7th Jan, 3:40pm
lennynero:   god, that Charlie Murphy interview was almost unlistenable.
7th Jan, 3:28pm
n0thng2bdone:   while i'm at it, as far as i'm concerned there is no sense in which ossified is an appropriate synonym for drunk
7th Jan, 3:26pm
n0thng2bdone:   it's more likely his ghey suicide attempt was in withdrawal delirium than any kind of considered decision
7th Jan, 3:24pm
n0thng2bdone:   this is the best thing to happen to the stern show in years. i might even start listening again. f artie
7th Jan, 3:15pm
lennynero:   my only question is where is God? Artie does this, but Limbaugh gets a clean bill of health? There is no God.
7th Jan, 3:14pm
lennynero:   but the fans...jesus christ, I bet 1/2 of the people here and at SFN would hold the knife while Artie repeatedly rammed himself into it. I've never seen so much hatred and negativity toward someone that's obviously in great mental and emotional pain.
7th Jan, 3:14pm
rvotyrtsym:   Artie might return in spring/summer maybe.I dought it though.
7th Jan, 3:12pm
lennynero:   the thing is, he must REALLY hate himself. To stab yourself *9* times? That's some intense self-loathing. Artie doesn't want to fade out, he thinks he deserves to die in pain just as his old man did.
7th Jan, 3:10pm
lennynero:   the last suicide attempt bought him, what, 10yrs? Maybe he'll see 50 after all
7th Jan, 3:02pm
JohnnSmythe:   Can't really see him coming back though. The way Howard handled the heroin thing, he would probably drive Artie to kill himself on air
7th Jan, 3:00pm
JohnnSmythe:   Is that a bad pun , Andy? Belushi was no Artie. he had a small niche. We should all worry about any inconvenience this situation has caused Howard...maybe he can use it as an excuse that he's too upset for cats
7th Jan, 2:52pm
AndySocial:   Artie is no Belushi...this will bring life to the Stern show. Sometime you have to hit bottom to realize there is a problem, it's good for fat Artie, honestly.
7th Jan, 2:33pm
lennynero:   I swear, some of you guys are just horrible, miserable, fucking assholes. I hope Karma sees fit to give you everything you deserve ;)
7th Jan, 2:33pm
dawson:   I'd say about 3%
7th Jan, 2:32pm
dawson:   What do you guys think the chances are of Artie returning to the show?
7th Jan, 2:32pm
lennynero:   did he ever say he was going to visit Gilbert, or did we hear about it afterward? Try not to believe everything you hear.
7th Jan, 2:31pm
lennynero:   the paper published the name of the hospital. If Howard admitted that he was going to see him, how many of you fucking losers would camp out waiting for the limo? He'll go visit him, but you can bet your ass he's not going to bother telling you when.
7th Jan, 2:30pm
lennynero:   I'm nothing more than a few characters in a chat box. If you can get my life's story and pass judgement based upon that, you should start a website and 1.900 number.
7th Jan, 2:29pm
lennynero:   am I? Who are you to question anyone? Who are you to pretend you know anyone here?
7th Jan, 2:27pm
freddy:   Are you an addict, no you are mentally weak and need a crutch. I agree Howard is an asshole and wont go visit him.
7th Jan, 2:26pm
freddy:   you can send cards to the stern show, medicated pete will see he gets them
7th Jan, 2:05pm
lennynero:   I wish there was an address we could send cards, etc. Let the guy know that he's loved, even if he doesn't love himself.
7th Jan, 2:02pm
lennynero:   yea, I skipped it live, ffwd'd through the Mariah and Benjy/Tracy bullshit
7th Jan, 2:01pm
bonestock94:   Blegh, I just dled and started listening to the show and Stern starts talking about fucking Mariah Carey. Gimme a fucking break.
7th Jan, 2:00pm
lennynero:   but that's part of the curse as well. When you're down, you're not worth fixing, much less asking others to help.
7th Jan, 1:58pm
lennynero:   it's fairly easy to understand why he'd try to take himself out (twice, at least), it just sucks that he can't get well.
7th Jan, 1:57pm
lennynero:   my wife and kids make everyday worth living. I want to live to see what my kids become....s'the only thing that keeps me breathing sometimes. What's Artie got? A too-young girlfriend that doesn't understand him, an over-bearing mother, and the stress of performing well for millions of people 4 days a week + weekends.
7th Jan, 1:56pm
JohnnSmythe:   I think this shoutbox is bad for my mental health and will just ignore it. Hope Artie can make peace with his demons and Howard find some humanity in him.
7th Jan, 1:55pm
lennynero:   understood, Johnn. I suffer with it as well (last couple of weeks have been hell). It's this time of's hard on everyone, no matter your status in life.
7th Jan, 1:54pm
lennynero:   I hope he gets well, but sadly I feel his days on the show are completely over. It'd take him a year to come back and talk about this on the air, and provided he makes it out of the hospital I'm sure he'll have months of rehab and counseling. We won't hear Artie's side for another couple years at least, I bet.
7th Jan, 1:53pm
JohnnSmythe:   Shit lenny, I've been clinically depressed since age 12, and suicide always whispers in my ears, but I could not do it. Am I brave or scared? Who knows, but I still have my Mom to take care of, but after that....????
7th Jan, 1:53pm
lennynero:   but it happens *all* the time. Ever see the documentary that followed previous lottery winners? Hell, 3/4 of us here would end up in the same boat with all the pressure, stress, and evil that surrounds that much cash.
7th Jan, 1:52pm
lennynero:   Artie's guilty of being a normal guy that made a lot of cash doing something many of us only dream of doing. That's what's got most people pissed off....have everything in the world and squander it away via self-destruction.
7th Jan, 1:51pm
7th Jan, 1:51pm
JohnnSmythe:   Freddy, how can you say it serves Artie right? I will never understand hatred like that. What did Artie do to YOU personally that you feel its pkay to take joy in his misery? Ne may be fucked up, but man, freddy, delighting in someone's [almost] death, that creeps me out. I don't think this belongs on this site, why not post it at SFN?
7th Jan, 1:50pm
lennynero:   I don't think anyone's making excuses for Artie, as he's obviously done this to himself, but it doesn't change the fact that addiction and depression are real problems.
7th Jan, 1:48pm
lennynero:   everyone makes choices, and sometimes those choices get out of control. If you've never lost control, kudos. Obviously freddy is always in full control of his life, which gives him the right to lambast those that are less fortunate.
7th Jan, 1:46pm
JohnnSmythe:   And what an asshole Stern is. He can't visit Artie? Well, he would let his dog die not to get his shows wet, Wonder if there is any humanoty left in that selfish carcass. Get thin and die, to paraphrase mugsy, So, do I sound more American now, eh?
7th Jan, 1:45pm
JohnnSmythe:   It is a sickness, freddy, not excuses, I never took drugs but now I am on about 15 prescription meds, am I an addict?
7th Jan, 1:42pm
freddy:   spew hate = telling the truth, thats your problem you makes excueses for drug addicts, call it a sickness, when does someone have to take personal responsibility?
7th Jan, 1:41pm
freddy:   i just did stupid, read below
7th Jan, 1:41pm
JohnnSmythe:   freddy, nollo comprende, I don't make excuses, just criticize people who spew hate without knowledge, thats what's fucking up America , I am Canadian
7th Jan, 1:31pm
lennynero:   tell us how you really feel, freddy.
7th Jan, 1:24pm
freddy:   JohnSmythe; making excuses like that for bad behavior is why this country is going in the toilet.
7th Jan, 1:23pm
freddy:   TAS65 being funny was never a priority for Artie Lange
7th Jan, 1:22pm
freddy:   Artie's negativity finally comes back at him, serves him right
7th Jan, 1:20pm
lennynero:   thanks to all the RS and TK contributors!
7th Jan, 1:16pm
goodie2shoes:   24 k is up!
7th Jan, 1:14pm
goodie2shoes:   close this place too! ( but leave the torrents ;p )
7th Jan, 1:05pm
mbe2846:   man people are vicious the comments here are not that far off of SFN...
7th Jan, 1:02pm
lennynero:   sorry, just c/p'd what rick said earlier
7th Jan, 1:01pm
lennynero:   ricktunes: Yeah he talked about it -->
7th Jan, 1:00pm
bmbr:   ah yah looks like they do, good
7th Jan, 12:56pm
goodie2shoes:   dunno, haven't heard the show either. waiting for 24k
7th Jan, 12:54pm
bmbr:   im still catching up on History.. did howard go into any discussion on the suicide attempt today or just kinda gloss over it?
7th Jan, 12:48pm
goodie2shoes:   in honor of artie they should pull the fucking plug on that awfull SFN
7th Jan, 12:38pm
lennynero:   I guess you never really know what's going through someone's head.
7th Jan, 12:15pm
killabud:   somthings not adding up, why wouldn't he just get some dope and od...he always said thats the way he wanted to "go",or atleast slit your wirst,thats kinda gay tho
7th Jan, 12:03pm
fodasfodas:   can we get the 54 mb mp3 first..for old time sake.. B)
7th Jan, 11:45am
lennynero:   much like hamsters.
7th Jan, 11:44am
lennynero:   but honestly, I'm really sad about this. I love the guy and want him to be well, but funny, fat, tortured comics are not intended to live long.
7th Jan, 11:43am
lennynero:   and those weren't "hesitation wounds", they were just the first 3 attempts before he realized he needed a longer knife to get through the fat.
7th Jan, 11:42am
lennynero:   he wasn't trying to kill himself, he was trying to shave off some fat to use for heater oil.
7th Jan, 11:34am
Nannocrob:   too fat to bleed.... (ohh, that's ugly)
7th Jan, 11:33am
fodasfodas:   Heroine is a hell of a drug -hope he's fine..sounds very dark
7th Jan, 11:29am
korn499:   I love Artie and yez I wish he would have succeeded in killing himself.
7th Jan, 11:26am
Nannocrob:   fiiiire! hell now yah!
7th Jan, 11:20am
jdigz:   stabbabooey
7th Jan, 11:15am
weed89:   he was high again and thought he was a Pancake....not really a stab...just a few fork marks
7th Jan, 11:14am
weed89:   is artie dead yet?
7th Jan, 10:32am
illeffeqt:   glad to finally hear howard talk about it.
7th Jan, 9:50am
MizQue:   OT - @eos: Nice!
7th Jan, 9:49am
MizQue:   I love Artie and hope he can come back from this. Poor soul. He really made me laugh.
7th Jan, 9:48am
MizQue:   WOnder if he knew his mother was coming over? Why not go to a cabin in the woods to finish himself off (if he really wanted to do it), instead of having his poor mother find him a bloody mess?
7th Jan, 9:47am
MizQue:   Oding would have been a lot cleaner and less painful. 6 "hesitation" wounds indicate he was having second thoughts. He's smart enouch to know where to stab himself to get the job done the 1st time.
7th Jan, 9:09am
ricktunes:   Yeah he talked about it -->
7th Jan, 8:59am
illeffeqt:   off topic, but tracy's voice is fucking UNBEARABLE. what a twat!
7th Jan, 8:57am
dawson:   Poor guy.
7th Jan, 8:57am
dawson:   You have to be really fucked up in the head to be able to push a knife in to your flesh like that
7th Jan, 8:57am
TAS65:   poopdeck: I don't think being funny is a priority at this point. The people around him are gonna have enough on their hands trying to get him back on his feet.
7th Jan, 8:55am
TAS65:   One of the comments on the Page Six article says that Howard talked about the suicide attempt this morning; is that true (and if so, what did he say about it)?
7th Jan, 8:54am
ricktunes:   This is really sad, such a waste, he must really be hurting. I've been there but I got help and chose to recover. Boots is trying and Artie still can get thru this, but ths is brutal.
7th Jan, 8:50am
TAS65:   Nine times. Jesus.
7th Jan, 8:48am
googs999:   {{lennynero: Artie tried to kill himself. He said it before the break when he said, "I'm honestly scared about this break....what am I going to do with myself? I'm scared I'll just stay holed up until someone finds me dead" (paraphrasing, ofc)}}.........dude you nailed it!!!!
7th Jan, 8:36am
poopdeck:   he needs to be a serious drugs in which case he'll no longer be funny.
7th Jan, 8:35am
poopdeck:   jesus
7th Jan, 8:32am
illeffeqt:   poor fucking guy.
7th Jan, 8:18am
lovelybeth86:   Ugh, just read that Page Six article, and its sad what Arties doing! Not only does he attempt suicide, but does it while his mother is on her way over to drop off food, like his mother hasnt been through enough. Anyways I hope he gets well, and I dont think hes coming back anymore, I just hope he gets past his demons and stays healthy!
7th Jan, 7:58am
jdigz:   Wow, I dont know how to feel about that...
7th Jan, 7:19am
7th Jan, 12:21am
JohnnSmythe:   Underdog Lady could not attend funeral
7th Jan, 12:20am
JohnnSmythe:   I don't buy it, mugsy. Have you met him? Eaten with him? So what are you basing this hatefull judgement on? He's just a guy. You don't think Howard is an asshole the way he treats , abuses and degrades people? His whole act is just what Larry King said: show me something and I will say I hate it. Who made Howard the arbiter of choice? I can see it now, Howard gets bitten by new cat, gets infection and dies, but at least he was thin, though they had to add a little room in the coffin to fit his nose LOLOLOLOLOL
7th Jan, 12:17am
eos:   MizQue: I went with this.
7th Jan, 12:12am
JohnnSmythe:   geeze, leeny, I never really got to hear Billy West cause Stern came to Toronto in 1997, so only on Best of's. I agree with what you said, I said alot of it myself. People seem to love to hate, but does it stem from jealousy? Hope Artie makes it back, Too bad Jackie had to shoot himself in the foot but I don't believe Howard wants him, really. As you say, only if Stern signs again , and if Artie is gone, do we need a permanent replacement. They can pick and choose in the meantime. Wonder what it pays?
7th Jan, 12:06am
JohnnSmythe:   Merry Christmas to my fellow Ukrainians and all others that celebrate today! Veselich Swiat!
6th Jan, 9:30pm
MizQue:   @eos: You could do a price comparison if this is what you're looking for. When you find a place to order it from, be sure to google discount codes.
6th Jan, 9:29pm
MizQue:   @eos: Re: HD cases:
6th Jan, 9:27pm
MizQue:   I for one will miss Artie if he doesn't come back. I really love the guy even though he is a big mess.
6th Jan, 9:26pm
MizQue:   Better to leave the seat open and have various people fill in. Now that George T. has an apartment in NYC, maybe we'll get more George.
6th Jan, 9:25pm
MizQue:   @lennynero: Re: Artie's possible replacement. I agree. Howard could very well retire or decide to do something a few times a week. It won't be long enough to get used to a replacement.
6th Jan, 8:12pm
lennynero:   you mean for a hot-swappable drive? I'm not sure what you mean by an internal drive case, unless you're planning on duct taping it to the inside of the chassis.
6th Jan, 8:09pm
eos:   Has anyone ever seen a hard drive case (internal) that is designed like an old VHS clamshell case? Reasonably priced would be best.
6th Jan, 7:45pm
blazer5:   I want to speak to Richard God Fing damit.
6th Jan, 6:43pm
HanKHiLL:   i'd vote gary the retard i love that guy
6th Jan, 5:07pm
lennynero:   I could listen to Beet. His stories are going to be just as broken between wheezes, just as incoherant, and probably contain just as much truth as Artie's stories.
6th Jan, 5:05pm
rvotyrtsym:   Gary the retard or Wendy the retard would be perfect to replace Artie.Or maybe Bigfoot or Beet.
6th Jan, 4:34pm
lennynero:   that is all. I've been accused of "fillabustering" this thing, so I'll just remain quiet now and let you guys continue bitching and moaning about what your idea of a "perfect Stern show" is, has been, or could be.
6th Jan, 4:33pm
lennynero:   the slap in the face is when Stern replaces Artie with *anyone*. As if all we need is someone to comment and fill in dead air. It's not. We need a character that we can relate to, and if this is his last year, there's simply not enough time for that to happen.
6th Jan, 4:31pm
lennynero:   Artie tried to kill himself. He said it before the break when he said, "I'm honestly scared about this break....what am I going to do with myself? I'm scared I'll just stay holed up until someone finds me dead" (paraphrasing, ofc). If he can't handle it, GTFO. I'm going to miss him, but I missed Jackie and Billy. I even miss Tom Chihuahua from KRock. But I still pay to subscribe, I still enjoy what I get, and I still think I get my money's worth, regardless of whether Howard's show is on or not.
6th Jan, 4:29pm
lennynero:   I've been a member here for almost 5 years and I've seen more hatred, negativity, unwarrented and cruel opinions toward the show than I've heard *anywhere* else, and that includes AFA meetings, congressional hearings, and opinions of local rednecks that have never even heard the show.
6th Jan, 4:27pm
lennynero:   the truth is we're going to listen, regardless. I'm honestly waiting for the day that the show is *OVER*, just so I can see what you sad fucks are going to bitch about.
6th Jan, 4:26pm
lennynero:   why do they need to fill the seat? Did they fill Billy's seat? How long did it take between Jackie and Artie?
6th Jan, 4:12pm
ator1:   Call me crazy, but I don't think they need to get a new Artie. The show has been great with just the regular crew.
6th Jan, 3:55pm
illeffeqt:   bob levy would take the job, but i don't consider eating blue cheese out of women's asses a comedy act.
6th Jan, 3:53pm
illeffeqt:   craig gass is probably the only comic of note who would take the gig. everyone else is too big.
6th Jan, 3:29pm
mugsy2323:   deadluvva: you and I don't agree on much (except music). I think Artie isn't and was never amazing. I know about addictions too. But he's proud to be an addict. I think Breuer is OK, but I don't think he'd be able to be second fiddle
6th Jan, 3:23pm
deadluvva:   Artie is amazing for sure. Too bad he is a train wreck, and believe me, I know about addictions,
6th Jan, 3:22pm
deadluvva:   Someone mentioned Jim Breuer and I would love to see him give it a shot. Maybe he is too clean, I am a big Levy fan and I would love to see him try it as well. It ain't easy for sure.
6th Jan, 3:04pm
mugsy2323:   Deadluvva: Who do you think would be a good replacement? I love Gilbert, but he would never work. Norm MacDonald?
6th Jan, 3:03pm
rvotyrtsym:   dawson,Howard will retire when his contract ends,if Artie returns or not.
6th Jan, 3:03pm
desert420:   George would be awesome on there! Only thing is it wouldnt be all the time...
6th Jan, 3:03pm
mugsy2323:   Dawson: You think Howard should retire b/c Artie isn't coming back? That's nuts!!!
6th Jan, 3:02pm
desert420:   I would like to see artie back. He was really funny. Just needs to fix his issues!
6th Jan, 3:01pm
deadluvva:   "The best would obviously be George Takei.".........................ummm, no
6th Jan, 2:59pm
cameltoe:   if Artie doesn't come back, it will suck, but the Show should just move on as is. they got lucky once by having a perfect fit(Artie) replace Jackie....I don't think that will happen again.
6th Jan, 2:47pm
eos:   Has anyone ever seen a hard drive case (internal) that is designed like an old VHS clamshell case? Reasonably priced would be best.
6th Jan, 2:46pm
dawson:   If Artie doesn't come back, Howard should just retire at the end of the year
6th Jan, 2:45pm
dawson:   Craig Gass is mediocre
6th Jan, 2:28pm
JKoffler44:   Sour Shoes can sit in for Artie and just do his Artie impression. Its close enough, and Benjy can write his lines
6th Jan, 2:18pm
mugsy2323:   Hey John - I don't dislike (fuckin' hate) Artie because he's an addict - I dislike him because I think he's mean and fake. Also, I don't think they're going to replace Artie with anyone unless Howard renews his contract w/ Sirius or goes somewhere else. I'd hate it to be Bob Levy. The best would obviously be George Takei.
6th Jan, 2:06pm
rvotyrtsym:   Howard should replace Artie with Craig Gass.If thats possible.
6th Jan, 1:47pm
JohnnSmythe:   Don't hate Artie, he is an addict and thats a tough jones to beat. Jackie is probably right that the show was too much for Artie, constantly trying to please Howard. Its onlt a few days but Howard seems a bit lost. On the other side, even though I would love to see him back on the show, Jackie is a dummy. He should know he can't win with Howard after all the years he's known him. Howard has changed for the worse. He always promised us the truh, but now Artie's situation is a secret! He is hurt being called a jew-bastard! [[didn't a guy phone in regularly calling him a hook-nosed jew bastard?] Now Howard wants to hurt Jackie back by suddenly mentioning he would have liked to have him back on the show a few times, but not after the lunch thing. I think things are getting bad at home with Beth where Howard is not in charge of homelife and thinks he now has to get cats or Beth will leave him.
6th Jan, 1:46pm
mugsy2323:   Maybe I'm being too nit-picky, but on Monday's show (@ 3:07 in) Howard, when discussing the Tiger Wood's competition, said: "It's going to be the centrepiece of 2010 — as we wind up our FINAL year here at Sirius Sattelite radio." Read literally, that confirms that he is not going to be on Sirius in 2011. Thoughts?
6th Jan, 1:37pm
JohnnSmythe:   lenny, even though I'm Canadian, I still feel US homeland security neeeds a call. You could probably launch the US nuclear missles with all the stuff you have, anddo a pre-emptive strike where its needed and just leave a nice sheet of glass.
6th Jan, 1:15pm
goodie2shoes:   24 k is up!
6th Jan, 12:50pm
bellet:   people always think it was better back in the day
6th Jan, 12:46pm
wshank69:   think of how great the history of HS was, he himself cannot top all the great things that happened before, so of course the show is bland now. He's too old and rich now, with nothing to prove. The fighting to get there made the show awesome.
6th Jan, 10:49am
GameGirl2006:   TAS65: I agree, he is trying to fill the Artie gaps and he can't talk about the one thing that would make for great radio - what is going on with Artie. Makes the show sound forced.
6th Jan, 10:39am
jhames34:   I don't have that pack anymore Derek but Im sure someone will, you're in for a treat! Great collection
6th Jan, 10:38am
jhames34:   I think Artie's biggest problem is the direction howard has taken the show. I don't feel like further expanding on that sentence but Im sure a few of you get what I mean.
6th Jan, 4:16am
provrorsbarn:   well thats what I mean...I mean the dude has been funny for alot of years...before that
6th Jan, 4:05am
TAS65:   provrorsbarn: Artie was fantastic the first couple of years at Sirius (way better than he ever was at WXRK; but ever since then (apart from individual moments here and there) he's gone steadily downhill., in every way.
6th Jan, 4:02am
TAS65:   GameGirl2006: It could be that he's grown so accustomed to having Artie's participation consume so much of the back-and-forth on the show that it's thrown him off-course a little. It's also possible that Howard is a little bit distracted by what they're *not* talking about .
6th Jan, 3:57am
provrorsbarn:   artie was great on the show.....its kinda retarded how ppl forget....maybe he sucked lately on the air cuz of drugs, depression etc....when hes sober....the show is alot better
6th Jan, 3:49am
jdigz:   Artie blows.
6th Jan, 3:35am
ricktunes:   I love Artie so your preaching to the choir with me
6th Jan, 3:26am
GameGirl2006:   So here is what is weird for me about the Artie issue. I download the show every day like clockwork, but this week I just started thinking about it. Especially after a long break when I would be starved. Howard seems too quiet or off his beat and I have never complained before. I can also deal with Robin compared to others here, but she seems to be stepping on his lines. They are out of sync and the show is not that fun compared to the backlog I was using before this week. Anyone else feell a difference aside from the SFN rantings?
6th Jan, 3:18am
korn499:   thanks lennynero
6th Jan, 12:54am
duke9555:   ok another whore who won't be on big deal
6th Jan, 12:52am
jstern:   God, Howard has completely forgot how horribly he has talked about that Ashley girl. I'm not shocked that she has opted out of the interview
5th Jan, 11:22pm
bonestock94:   eos: Thanks man, I was coached when I originally set it up so I'm gonna research and try to get my shit together lol. As always, thanks for the uploads.
5th Jan, 10:02pm
ator1:   Richard really outdid himself with the Sarah Palin clips. He put a lot of work into that, and it paid off.
5th Jan, 8:10pm
5th Jan, 7:30pm
poopdeck:   if anyone would like invite to private general/scene tracker pm me email address
5th Jan, 7:30pm
poopdeck:   howards taste in movie is usually good except Spiderman.
5th Jan, 7:01pm
eos:   bonestock94: It's still little ole me uploading the 128k daily shows. Check your RSS parameters again, bro.
5th Jan, 6:58pm
TAS65:   wringmaster: The Stern show started to dip when they started booking big name celebrities for no other reason than that they were big name celebrities and it looked good on the E! show (E! was the worst thing that ever happened to the radio show; threw it completely off-balance). George Takei is perfect because he's the kind of out-of-the-box guest the Stern show *used* to specialize in; back in the days when they were booking guests because they were interesting, not becuase they had a new movie coming out..
5th Jan, 6:40pm
bonestock94:   Oh I just realized it's a different user upping the files. Is this permanent?
5th Jan, 6:25pm
bonestock94:   Anyone have an idea as to why my rss downloader would stop working when the new year started? It's like the end of the world for me lol, any help is appreciated. I had it set to the eos 128k barebones edit if that matters.
5th Jan, 6:10pm
wringmaster:   I really miss Artie and George together, that was funny, they need to get some decent guests, listening to HOH3 I long for the days when something was happening
5th Jan, 5:21pm
lennynero: <---- sexxxxxy.
5th Jan, 4:07pm
deadluvva:   we all knew the "gay" part googs
5th Jan, 2:55pm
googs999:   im a gay ugandain
5th Jan, 2:35pm
lennynero:   Jim Greer, another in a lengthening line of republicans quitting "for the good of the people". Wonder if he's got a book deal in the works as well?
5th Jan, 2:24pm
damnhustle:   mac 19 sucks.
5th Jan, 2:11pm
lennynero:   she's not even that hot...skinny as a rail and won't shut the fuck up.
5th Jan, 2:09pm
5th Jan, 2:08pm
korn499:   where can I get Benji girlfriend pictures? I need them now!
5th Jan, 1:42pm
lennynero:   Limbaugh: "All drug offenders and pedophiles should be put to death", yet he lives after being busted with Oxycontin and Viagra coming home from a trip to Thailand? Beck doesn't like gay marriage, but he's a mormon, therefore condones multiple wives? Where's the sanctity of "man and woman" when women is plural?
5th Jan, 1:40pm
lennynero:   if you want anyone dead for brainwashing, take out those hypocritical right wing nutjobs on T-Radio.
5th Jan, 1:39pm
lennynero:   leading up to the war it was going to be "quick". 3 years into the war it was "necessary", 4 years into the war and it was "potentially going to last 10yrs". 6 years into the war we finally get the truth, "we don't like it, but we're there, and we have to finish". Yet liberals are "brainwashed" and "being lied to".
5th Jan, 1:38pm
lennynero:   I love how liberals are "brainwashed", while neo-cons are just "right". How'd that "Mission Accomplished" banner work out for them?
5th Jan, 1:33pm
jerseydope:   mac19... booga booga booga...must piss you off that youll never actually be able to kill any of us for real... just in your masturbation fantasies...i cant wait for YOU TO DIE , pal!
5th Jan, 1:26pm
goodie2shoes:   24k is up
5th Jan, 1:21pm
lennynero:   just goes to show that people will bitch, despite where aid comes from.
5th Jan, 1:20pm
lennynero:   a friend of mine has spent most of his time bitching about Obama, only to piss off his boss, lose his koosh job, and now going to work on highways that Obama signed a bill to build...all the while continuing to bitch about Obama.
5th Jan, 1:19pm
lennynero:   Mac19, are you still upset that your team lost the game? Hard to believe how with such a wonderfully retarded cheerleader on the ticket.
5th Jan, 1:18pm
lennynero:   with fans like these, who needs friends?
5th Jan, 1:16pm
goodie2shoes:   hurt locker is good movie. Howards taste in movies isn't always terrible
5th Jan, 1:10pm
Mac19:   I can't wait for Howards Father and Mother to fucking DIE. Worthless cock suckers brainwashing Howard with their Liberal Nonsense. Fucking Cunts.
5th Jan, 12:37pm
blacklight0:   im not missing artie for one second.... in fact the show isn't as racist or woman hating lol.... i know its comedy but he wasnt funny with it
5th Jan, 12:07pm
eos:   That's Benjy; always bringin' the funnay.
5th Jan, 11:53am
HanKHiLL:   jstern the end was the best
5th Jan, 9:55am
poopdeck:   there seems to be less sillyness and more dead air without artie around.
5th Jan, 9:41am
jstern:   I couldn't sit through the Hitler as Howard emergency staff meeting, because Hitler as Howard kind of ruined it. Typically when someone uses that Hitler scene, it's always Hitler getting angry at something, for example his Xbox 360 breaking, and this time Hitler being named Howard instead of Hitler ranting about the Stern show kind of killed it, since Howard is not Hitler.
5th Jan, 9:37am
MizQue:   @74transam: Artie Lange Hospitalized
5th Jan, 9:26am
hangemhigh:   'Jack and Coke' will air uncensored on Comedy Central on Saturday, January 23rd at 11:00PM.
5th Jan, 5:47am
eatmoretoad:   man they probably have that Best Of Artie stuff ready to roll at a moments notice for years now........with how volatile the guy is
5th Jan, 5:31am
provrorsbarn:   she looks like a crackwhore...and if u bring her to a party...u got issues....
5th Jan, 5:26am
provrorsbarn:   yeah its the blonde in HTVOD Naked Woman Contest....think she was in one more tv episode.....
5th Jan, 5:20am
ping12:   Does anyone know who Benji is dating?
5th Jan, 3:59am
ator1:   Howard should never go to SFN. That place is just a cesspool of hate.
5th Jan, 3:39am
TAS65:   HanKHiLL: As Howard would say, "Of courrrrrse . . . "
5th Jan, 3:38am
TAS65:   A lot of you probably already knew this, but I just read that, later this week, the Stern show is going to be devoted to an Artie Lange *Best Of". Do we really need any further proof that he's not coming back??
4th Jan, 11:23pm
HanKHiLL:   TAS65: now that i think about it ur right
4th Jan, 11:19pm
HanKHiLL:   holly shit mrwirez that Howard Stern emergency staff meeting with howie as hitler was great
4th Jan, 11:04pm
74transam:   anybody have the artie/tmz thing?
4th Jan, 10:53pm
justhits1:   give me a reach around for arties sake
4th Jan, 8:59pm
lennynero:   Not that she ever did....but still.
4th Jan, 8:59pm
lennynero:   because it's *hooooot*. It's not right...but that doesn't mean it's not hot. Girl's like, what, 16, 17? I'd kill a man for doing that in my house, but a couple months after Sal did that she was old enough to suck dick on camera.
4th Jan, 8:36pm
hangemhigh:   why did howard bring up the daughter's panties thing? I didn't get that
4th Jan, 8:26pm
tomypreach:   come on - jackie and billy !!! uhhhhh that would be something .
4th Jan, 7:52pm
Okuma111:   MUTT is cleaning house. I just got a Perm Ban from SFN for giving Maryann shit.
4th Jan, 7:19pm
lennynero:   wishman, after being a member of SFN (not anymore), I can say that opinion is not truth.
4th Jan, 7:14pm
MizQue:   @fajv: Harsh alright. They do make one vaild point. Beth O'Stern bought her dog from a breeder. I remember Howard going on about reputable breeders. And the pet psychic...puleeze. Beth lost all credibility with that one!
4th Jan, 6:56pm
MizQue:   The thing Howard would miss the most if he leaves is the power to reach people every single day. It would really mess with his head not to be able to get on the air and have his say.
4th Jan, 6:52pm
wishman35:   No reason for mutt to shit himself, Howard deserves to hear the truth every once in a while.
4th Jan, 6:47pm
hangemhigh:   I bet mutt shit hisself listening to howard rip sfn a new anus
4th Jan, 6:40pm
illeffeqt:   wow, they really *covered* amazon with negative shit about beth. not that i disagree very much with their opinion of her, but to go so far out of your way to trash a woman you don't even know... super gay. pretty much everyone who posts on SFN is a total loser.
4th Jan, 6:29pm
lennynero:   ofc, I'm also willing to bet that SFN flooded the reviews.
4th Jan, 6:29pm
lennynero:   wow, apparently she's not very well liked.
4th Jan, 6:12pm
fajv: holy shit thats harsh
4th Jan, 6:11pm
TAS65:   JohnnSmythe: All good points; though I wouldn't rely too much on what's said on the air when it comes to the particulars of anyone's deal, or even whether Howard *really* wasn't supposed to reveal something. But what makes you think Howard hasn't informed his staff one way or another about the future (or possible lack thereof)? I think I know what you mean by 'Sociopath' here, but I don't think he's any more of a heartless narcissist than anybody else who's achieved what he has (besides, if his staff can read, they probably already know there's a better-than-average chance that Howard and Sirius might not come to terms on another contract). Also, he's had Fuck You money for close to 20 years now. I seriously doubt that money is an issue for him at this point, apart from ego maintenance. It's all about sustaining the Howard Stern brand.
4th Jan, 6:10pm
4th Jan, 6:09pm
rvotyrtsym:   overthinking is what they do over on sfn
4th Jan, 6:08pm
rvotyrtsym:   someone is overthinking the show a bit.just listen to the show and enjoy.
4th Jan, 6:05pm
lennynero:   Howard's just almost old enough to do it...wasn't Paul Harvey on mid-days?
4th Jan, 6:05pm
lennynero:   put him on mid-days and watch the others die.
4th Jan, 6:05pm
lennynero:   I gotta admit, after Howard's tirade this morning, I'd like to see him venture back into T-Radio just to take out Beck and Limbaugh.
4th Jan, 5:39pm
JohnnSmythe:   The bottom line is Howard has told stuff about many people that was not supposed to come out. If he won't talk about Artie, its most likely he just doesn't care, cause he is a sociopath. He just wants to coast thru the last year, then no worries. He has fuck you money so he can then choose what he wants to do. A good guy would have let his staff know by now, so they could start looking for jobs if necessary, not wait till Dec/2010
4th Jan, 5:35pm
JohnnSmythe:   I don't think Artie is on a pay for play contract, he said he had a salary, so he would continue getting paid. Howard just said his working conditions were a bit looser. Cosider how much Robin makes for her inane cackle and reading news prepared for her. She make a couple mil or more easy
4th Jan, 5:30pm
JohnnSmythe:   TAS65: i would bbe sure Artie's contract would be Stern Show specific, so theycan't really fuck around with him. And howard may not pay the salary, but he would certainly be the one to decide if/who else he may add to HIS show. Sirius added other personalities so there is cash, and they would probably pay alot less than Artie got. Depends on how happy they want to keep Howard. They could hire medicated Pete for $100 a show probably LOLOLOLOL
4th Jan, 4:50pm
TAS65:   I suspect that press release was composed before everything caved in.
4th Jan, 4:46pm
rvotyrtsym:   ------->
4th Jan, 4:45pm
TAS65:   Also, unless Artie violated a term in his contract, Sirius can't fire him; not unless they want to pay out the balance of his contract. What they'll probably do is what I keep hearing they're doing: Vastly diminish his role on the Stern show; possibly exile him to the Siberia of his own show on 101; make the situation intolerable enough for him to walk (which, in an extreme sense, is what he tried to do over the weekend).
4th Jan, 4:41pm
TAS65:   JohnSmythe: Ultimately, I don't think Howard makes the decision of whether Lange is permanently replaced or not. After all, he won't be paying that salary; Sirius would; and I doubt if they're inclined to shell out any more money than they have to, what with the future of HSRS on Sirius being as big a question mark as it is.
4th Jan, 4:36pm
lennynero:   which means Artie's contract is prolly akin to a sitcom. You get paid by the number of shows you do, not by the sheer fact that you're part of the show
4th Jan, 4:36pm
lennynero:   howard's said multiple times that Artie's contract is pretty open. He shows up and does shows as he wishes, he just happens to be there nearly everyday
4th Jan, 4:08pm
bobdylan:   it would be funny if they used some of the now free Artie money just to fire Benji
4th Jan, 4:01pm
JohnnSmythe:   and if Artie is sick, he can't be fired for that. But,did he stil sign 1-year contracts or did he sign a 5-year? I don't think Howard would go thru the fuss of replacing him unless Howard was planning on re-signing for a few more years. Greg Fitz said he's happy in california and his humour does not suit the show as an evryday thing. His own show is enough. Maybe a rotation of whoever is available, or shell out some cash and get George Takei to stay a while!
4th Jan, 4:00pm
MizQue:   TMZ live 4:30 pm EST - Artie will be one of the topics.
4th Jan, 3:55pm
JohnnSmythe:   and lenny, there is a budget for 100 and 101, that's why say Rosie went to another channel, cause she must want a few million while poor Riley has to piss in a bottle. I can't see Howard letting sirius use his name without a big payday. He may produce shows, but other than Miz Men, what will the fan shows talk about if Howard is not on the air? Many fans won't stay if he does not perform. I don't care about Jay Thomas except for when he tries to knock the meatball off of Letterman's Christmas tree. And whether he likes to admit it or not, any show hee does has to have Fred, Robin, Gary and a few others he can abuse and degrade and we will all laugh and laugh.
4th Jan, 3:46pm
JohnnSmythe:   And we waited so long to hear about the "PARTY", no one would talk about it. Now Howards back and we get a bit of boring bullshit about Ronnie and JD, BFD
4th Jan, 3:45pm
JohnnSmythe:   geeze, happy new year and already with the Artie -bashing. TMZ said he checked into a hospital saturday. How is he ungrateful? He had a career before Stern, he thanks Howard every day, but Artie has his demons and we know he is self-destructive. He can't handle his good fortune and feels guilty [well, he is not the only one but I don't get it]. I think it hurt him when Howard presumably told him he does not have to talk as much, it probably fucked with his idea of his role on the show. The "family" should tell us what's going on because it will come out anyway. If Artie can't handle the show or stand-up anymore, what then? And fuck Maryanne, not Jackie.
4th Jan, 3:04pm
Mrwirez:   Howard he does not have alot of hobbies. Being idle will make him nuts. Howard may retire but, I think he would be back in some capacity within one year.
4th Jan, 3:02pm
lennynero:   which would also be a good way to trim staff while maintaining jobs for key players/producers/writers without having to pay them "talent" rates.
4th Jan, 3:02pm
lennynero:   we'll continue to get Stern via MTT, HoHS, etc, but I envision most of it coming from his production company.
4th Jan, 3:01pm
lennynero:   at that point there's a good chance that shows like Rosie and Jay's will move to 100/101
4th Jan, 3:01pm
lennynero:   I figure if Howard doesn't re-sign for the radio show he'll still have a contract for content on the channels. At that point the channels will be full of "Howard Stern Productions", MM, SuperFan (can still exist, yet cover *all* the channels content), GeekTime (fuck Ralph!), Chuck Zito, Jay Thomas, etc.
4th Jan, 2:59pm
cameltoe:   YOU rule b1tchx
4th Jan, 2:58pm
b1tchx:   cameltoe rules
4th Jan, 2:54pm
b1tchx:   fuck marlon22031. that fat ungrateful bastard. i cant believe he gets chicks. wow girls really are all about pathetic internet nerds
4th Jan, 2:48pm
cameltoe:   "the day, shitty radio died...he was singing, bye bye miss american pie"
4th Jan, 2:48pm
Mrwirez:   I was hoping Rush OD'd on 50 pounds of Oxycotins. I hate that blathering idiot.
4th Jan, 2:45pm
marlon22031:   fuck artie. that fat ungrateful bastard. i cant believe he gets chicks. wow girls really are all about the money
4th Jan, 2:42pm
TAS65:   HanKHiLL: The only thing that'll keep Howard from re-signing is if he feels he doesn't have another five years of radio in him. The money is secondary.(there are ways to structure a new contract so he can save face and say it's an increase, even if it's a cut). Added to which, he long ago demonstrated that he can work with just about any circumstance he's handed.
4th Jan, 2:37pm
4th Jan, 2:15pm
lennynero:   Why can't we get Beck, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly on a plane La Bamba style?
4th Jan, 2:14pm
lennynero:   but I honestly think he faked the entire thing just so there would be a headline that read, "Nothing wrong with Limbaugh's heart".
4th Jan, 2:13pm
lennynero:   I wish Rush had died. It was the only real xmas wish I had.
4th Jan, 1:50pm
Raku: Artie Lange in Hospital for Undisclosed Reasons
4th Jan, 1:48pm
HanKHiLL:   TAS65: i think your right about a replacement but that'll kill howard and keep him from resigning if that thought ever crossed his mind
4th Jan, 1:45pm
prophecy500:   Heeeey Noooww!!!
4th Jan, 1:41pm
Mac19:   What a whiney liberal cunt Howard is. Rush Limbaugh wasn't even doing his show when he was in Hawaii, he was taking a fucking vacation. Howard sure does love to lie about Rush and take his soundbytes out of context....sound familiar Howard? What a fucking hypocrite Stern is.
4th Jan, 1:38pm
TAS65:   Sirius isn't about to spring for a permanent replacement for Artie, at least as long as Stern's future with the company is as uncertain as it is now. If Artie is gone for good (and there's every indication that he is), then you'll no doubt see a parade float of Usual Suspects (Levy, Fitzsimmons, etc.) sitting in for a day or two at a time. The Stern Show, for all intents and purposes, is winding down, and they're not gonna pay a salary to Jackie Martling or Billy West or . . . anybody at this point.
4th Jan, 1:25pm
TAS65:   More on the suicide angle:
4th Jan, 1:25pm
HanKHiLL:   yeah aj was cool untill i herd lisa g doing the story of how he'd eat his own cum off a chick that just creep me out
4th Jan, 1:03pm
jdigz:   Arties horrible, Id prefer A.J. Benza over that wheezing fatso.
4th Jan, 12:45pm
damnhustle:   fuck billy west too, how many times can u hear the same voice impressions over and over. get some new blood in there.
4th Jan, 12:26pm
tvmogull:   artie rules so stop all the hatin!
4th Jan, 12:22pm
THA1icarus:   I rather have Billy West back then Jackie but I don't see that happening...
4th Jan, 12:18pm
margin:   i'm sure artie will make an appearance when it's time to promote the new book
4th Jan, 12:16pm
THA1icarus:   Thanx EOS
4th Jan, 12:13pm
eos:   Artie was addressed in the WUS. Basically Artie wants his situation to be kept private and Howard is respecting that. Wouldn't that be the first time he respects privacy?
4th Jan, 12:07pm
eos:   Probably not talking about Artie.
4th Jan, 12:07pm
eos:   WUS went long today.
4th Jan, 11:48am
desert420:   HEY NOW!! Happy New Year everyone!!
4th Jan, 11:47am
MizQue:   @damnhustle: Re: Jackie - DITTO!!!
4th Jan, 11:46am
blacklight0:   yeah i mean come on, jackie is NEVER coming back
4th Jan, 11:45am
blacklight0:   i agree sflocco, why the fuck didnt the news report on this? is Howard telling them what to report on? I thought they were a seperate entity that could report anyhting stern show.... bull shit... fuck artie
4th Jan, 11:44am
illeffeqt:   god, everyone is talking about them bringing jackie back. do you people listen to the show? they would NEVER EVER fucking do that.
4th Jan, 11:40am
blacklight0:   fuck artie he had great success even though he's not even funny, sold out shows of his fucking stupid stand up, and he blew it, fuck his fat ass i hope he never comes back, now he gets to be miserable and lose all his money like jackie haha, well jackie never even had any lol
4th Jan, 11:40am
4th Jan, 11:36am
illeffeqt:   yup, if they are playing an artie retrospective this week, looks like the baby gorilla is gone for good. i hate to see him go, but let's face it, he has been miserable for the last couple of years. i hope with this free time he goes into intensive treatment for real and finally kicks the shit for good. the world doesn't need another dead comic.
4th Jan, 11:34am
jdigz:   Bring back Jackie
4th Jan, 11:18am
damnhustle:   that sucks Artie is not here, i love him on the show.
4th Jan, 11:11am
chaos40:   Also, the Sansa Clip+ is great to listen to the show. Adaptive FF and REW makes it great to find any spot in a 5 hour show!
4th Jan, 11:10am
chaos40:   I loved having Artie on the show. Sorry to see him go.
4th Jan, 10:24am
poopdeck:   i had a 2nd gen ipod and it went dead after 1.5 years so I won't be buying another one. It was decent while it lasted but iTunes is such a bloated hard to use piece of shit so I def won't be buying anything Apple for a long time unless they get rid of it. I have a little Sansa 4gb and it plays mp3s. Simple to use and works everytime. $30. Beats iPod anyday.
4th Jan, 10:19am
tomypreach:   Best show ever !!! LOL This is a dude, we think we know !!! The best - Howard knows how to pick'em.
4th Jan, 9:37am
jstern:   I just woke up. But I assume Howard is not talking about it out respect, since it's probably a real personal and serious situation. I mean didn't Artie try to kill himself? At least that's one of the rumors.
4th Jan, 9:26am
jdigz:   Yep, Howard hates admitting that he made a mistake when hiring that fat load.
4th Jan, 9:21am
mugsy2323:   I never understood why Howard pussyfoots around discussing Artie. He's rarely critical and almost never takes very negative calls - good riddance to that one-liner hack
4th Jan, 8:53am
illeffeqt:   i wouldn't mind them not discussing it in depth if they at least said one way or another if he will ever be back on the show. if he's fired, just say so goddamn it. i don't get why he pussies out of stuff like this, he acts like the empire could crumble if he says the wrong thing.
4th Jan, 8:14am
sflocco:   Now you really know that that news dept is worthless. When there really is news with the show we don't report it. They can't report on Artie but can report on Jeff the Drunk all they want.
4th Jan, 7:51am
ellaks:   good one by joey boots
4th Jan, 7:14am
illeffeqt:   i don't like to hear the ads or the sal and richard calls but at least now i can hear him avoid talking about artie LIVE!!!!
4th Jan, 7:14am
illeffeqt:   wow, wish i had known you could stream the show live before today... killer.
4th Jan, 6:59am
lovelybeth86:   If you want to listen live, try Shoutcast, or I guess I was wrong about Artie, hope hes well and we hear from him soon.
4th Jan, 6:51am
michaelall:   is that what he said? because i would posit that the audience is a member of the damn family
4th Jan, 6:45am
ellaks:   "this is a family matter"
4th Jan, 6:40am
michaelall:   if it's this far into the show and they haven't addressed the 300-pound baby gorilla not in the room, i might just go to bed and listen to the eos up later
4th Jan, 6:38am
michaelall:   god trying to get info from the SFN listening thread is like panning for gold
4th Jan, 6:31am
csm812:   30 mins Artie mention.
4th Jan, 6:29am
jgrizzle:   @ hangemhigh: good thing you didn't drop the bar on your throat, a USC football player did so this year and he couldn't speak or eat solid food for months
4th Jan, 6:23am
ellaks:   me too, probably we'll have to wait for lisa g
4th Jan, 6:15am
ator1:   Listening live. Fifteen minutes in and no word about Artie.
4th Jan, 6:11am
michaelall:   anyone listening live? i can't and i stayed awake this long but am about to crash and need the upshot :P
4th Jan, 5:45am
illeffeqt:   can i have benjy's number? lol
4th Jan, 1:40am
ricktunes:   Oh and btw, I just spent 20 minutes talking to Jeff "the Vommit Guy" Levy. We we're calling Benjy and pranking him.
4th Jan, 1:38am
ricktunes:   red, that is one mofo funny vid, thx boss
4th Jan, 1:36am
ricktunes:   Artie will be back, either tomorrow or some time this week. You guys are out of your minds, he's not fired. And sheesh, I've said this a 1000x's, the guy was hired as Norm's out of control dope fiend who got fired from Mad Tv cause he got arrested for coke. Remember... we liked him cuase he gets drunk and stoned out of his mind. Surprised he acts the part?? If I could get an endless supply of oxys and vikes I'd be popping them every day. I love Drugs, who the fuck doesn't. Yeah enough of his drug stories, ok I get that, but Fatboy is one funny mofo on the show, that's the bottom fucking line. I say let Artie do his nod here and there, who the fuck cares. try it you'll like it. Get off his dick. You'll get your wish and he get fired and Bozo will put Greg Fitzsimons in the chair. Then you'll really know what boring is like.
4th Jan, 1:28am
lennynero:   besides, for all we know it was Janks and KoC that submitted the story. We all know how well these places check their sources, as well as the fact that no one really gives a shit who some fat stand-up is.
4th Jan, 1:27am
lennynero:   H100-101 has been advertising "a brand new show tomorrow" all day, so I highly doubt there will be any best-of's
4th Jan, 1:00am
SYNiC:   I never owned an Apple product, hated the hype of iPods... Bought a 2G 16Gb touch, jailbroke it and it's awesome, use it at work to listen to the daily shows and wrap-up. Makes my day so much easier!
4th Jan, 12:47am
MizQue:   It would be inapporpriate to have anyone in Artie's seat for a while. Howard can't dodge this tomorrow unless he airs another Best Of......
4th Jan, 12:45am
MizQue:   2 GB 2nd gen iPod Nano. Couldn't live w/out it. Only wish it had more GBs!
4th Jan, 12:29am
ARTIELANGE09:   WHatever the outcome, in 5 1/2 hours we'll know HOPEFULLY!!! I mea I really hope Howie doesnt go into shutdown mode, as much as he will fight it theshow will be about ARtie period
4th Jan, 12:27am
ARTIELANGE09:   I'm sooo Artied out after the last twenty four hours it was a pleasure to brave the cold today and go to train
4th Jan, 12:26am
ARTIELANGE09:   I have the 8gb Tiny SansaClip which is great for working out and I have my BB which I bought an 8gb card for $30 at Costco
4th Jan, 12:03am
hangemhigh:   comments on my near death experiance please..
3rd Jan, 11:50pm
3rd Jan, 11:13pm
ator1:   That video is fucking hilarious!
3rd Jan, 10:43pm
rednimer:   pretty funny video of the Emergency Stern Staff Meeting
3rd Jan, 10:20pm
EWtheReaper:   i find it hard to believe that they fired Artie.....hope thats not the case, but if it is, hope Art dont kill himself
3rd Jan, 9:38pm
hangemhigh:   dropped it on my more drinking before lifting.
3rd Jan, 9:37pm
hangemhigh:   I accidently had 40 more pounds on my benchpress, I pushed it up and said "oh fuck"
3rd Jan, 9:20pm
lennynero:   I've been preaching the merits of the iPhone for years now. It's my Star Trek communicator. User for life.
3rd Jan, 9:16pm
eos:   I love my 6th Gen iPod Classic 120gb.
3rd Jan, 9:11pm
TAS65:   rumor/wild guess: Artie attempted suicide after learning that he won't be back on the air Monday . . . or for the forseeable future.
3rd Jan, 8:48pm
EWtheReaper:   is the show live monday? im itchin to hear how things went down wit Art
3rd Jan, 8:47pm
EWtheReaper:   ipod touches are great....especially if you jailbreak em and get all the free apps & games
3rd Jan, 8:44pm
Snick422:   dealuvva:ZUNE! iPods blow
3rd Jan, 8:02pm
MizQue:   His heart, back on drugs, or going mental. Who knows??? With Artie it could be anything. I hope he's o.k., 'cause I really love the guy.
3rd Jan, 8:00pm
MizQue:   A rep for Lange tells TMZ: "I can confirm that Artie is in the hospital. Artie has chosen to keep all information on this matter between him and his doctor. There will be no further comment."
3rd Jan, 7:58pm
MizQue:   @ turk: The TMZ article is back up. Just posted the direct link.
3rd Jan, 7:57pm
MizQue:   Artie Lange Hospitalized:
3rd Jan, 7:29pm
rvotyrtsym:   MM is a fucking replay tonight.
3rd Jan, 7:17pm
ROEU812:   Dead, I'm a non-ipod guy too..but I got my wife a 32gb Ipod touch for Xmas...and I must say....I'm liking it alot !!!
3rd Jan, 5:56pm
ator1:   I got a little 2gb Creative Muvo, mainly because it uses a regular AAA battery.
3rd Jan, 5:50pm
deadluvva:   How many people here non-ipod? Vote for Sony right here. I love it.
3rd Jan, 5:50pm
turk:   Huh, the TMZ article has been removed. I wonder if Howard will say anything about this tomorrow.
3rd Jan, 5:28pm
deadluvva:   And anyone lookin to up a ratio jump on that amazing TRadio torrent. Seed the hell out of it. It is that easy.
3rd Jan, 4:24pm
lennynero:   and camel started putting those "lyrics" in at my suggestion *LOVE* that feature.
3rd Jan, 4:23pm
lennynero:   you'll have to take my word for it, urname.
3rd Jan, 4:16pm
dawson:   I'm not sure if eos does it
3rd Jan, 4:16pm
dawson:   I know the great camel puts a rundown in the lyrics field in his 64k rips, so he's your man
3rd Jan, 4:15pm
dawson:   whatever text you put in there, it will display while playing the file
3rd Jan, 4:15pm
dawson:   Hamilstern: the iPod displays what's in the lyrics field
3rd Jan, 3:58pm
Hamilstern:   does anyone use this (meta-info, i guess) feature in the daily show torrents, cause that would be awesome
3rd Jan, 3:57pm
Hamilstern:   hey i just got an ipod touch for christmas and while playing the HOHS i noticed a text summary come up with the segments listed - this is an amazing feature
3rd Jan, 3:55pm
Hamilstern:   haha dawson
3rd Jan, 2:54pm
dawson:   I hope that untalented cunt gets lung cancer and leaves the show forever. Stupid whore
3rd Jan, 2:52pm
dawson:   Not just because he's great, but also because without him Robin talks more
3rd Jan, 2:52pm
dawson:   I hope he comes back
3rd Jan, 2:52pm
dawson:   The whole thing with Artie is pretty sad
3rd Jan, 2:22pm
deadluvva:   seriously man, that ratio sucks.
3rd Jan, 1:41pm
stern104:   as its 2010 now, any chance of any complete months from march 2009 onwards?
3rd Jan, 9:02am
deadluvva:   Ironchef marathon all day. YES!!!!!! Man oh man I love that show.
3rd Jan, 7:23am
ohgrbyte:   As much as I love Artie on the show, I think he should leave. It's obviously become too much for him to handle. And it hurts the show too
3rd Jan, 4:50am
urname12345:   tits or gtfo
3rd Jan, 4:50am
urname12345:   sucks you have kids and a wife lenny... and theres no way she looks as good now as she did at 18, lets see some pics..
3rd Jan, 4:41am
lennynero:   and I was going to suggest that Artie took time off to tape Celebrity Fit Club. Howard wouldn't comment because they weren't sure how long he'd last. It would appear ~2wks.
3rd Jan, 4:40am
lennynero:   ~115, rvotyrtsym. 32, 2 kids, still looks like she did @ 18. I'm a lucky man, indeed.
3rd Jan, 4:29am
3rd Jan, 4:16am
urname12345:   tits or gtfo beth
3rd Jan, 1:20am
bellet:   i think he had heart problems
3rd Jan, 12:39am
hangemhigh:   so is he daed or what?
2nd Jan, 10:47pm
JuicyFart:   I hate the guy but I don't hope he dies, I just don't want him to go back to the show. I hope he gets fired or quits the show
2nd Jan, 10:42pm
jdigz:   I hope he dies.
2nd Jan, 10:39pm
ator1:   Think maybe someone pranked TMZ? As tired as I am of his antics, I really hope he's ok and can get the help he needs.
2nd Jan, 10:19pm
2nd Jan, 7:06pm
konshuss:   was anyone else kinda spooked when they heard the signal interrupted during the cleveland segment by 'FUCK OFFFF!'
2nd Jan, 6:08pm
rvotyrtsym:   lenny,how much does your wife weigh? no pun intended
2nd Jan, 5:57pm
lennynero:   I am married, and my wife *would* appreciate it
2nd Jan, 4:59pm
deadluvva:   You'll do it. When you get here.
2nd Jan, 4:59pm
deadluvva:   That call always makes me lollll.
2nd Jan, 4:59pm
lovelybeth86:   Lenny youre married, and your wife wouldnt appreciate it haha! I dont give belated christmas gifts anyways haha!
2nd Jan, 4:08pm
bobdylan:   ....
2nd Jan, 4:08pm
bobdylan:   she'll do it
2nd Jan, 4:08pm
bobdylan:   t-o-p-l-e-s-s
2nd Jan, 3:31pm
lennynero:   lovelybeth, give us a tit shot for an xmas present.
2nd Jan, 3:10pm
lovelybeth86:   Artie isnt going anywhere, if you read SFN, he said at one of his comedy shows that hes back Monday, and implied its for good, not to quit the show. I love breuer too, but at this point after the trials and tribulations of Arties life, I think we all want him back and healthy again. Hope you all had a safe and great Holidays!
2nd Jan, 2:08pm
thrillride:   big thx to everyone who upped HOHS
2nd Jan, 1:38pm
lennynero:   urname, I don't know if I agree. I've been a sirius sub for a few years now and can't imagine life without it. Sure, there's Pandora, Slacker, etc, but Sirius is consitent across every platform (mac, pc, cell, car), so no matter where in the world I am I get the same, familiar content. I'll continue to be a paying sub long after Howard's gone, I'm sure.
2nd Jan, 1:29pm
JohnnSmythe:   at the rate they are going they might reach 2000 in part 4, but that still leaves 5 more years at KROCK and then the sirius years so maybe Howard will re-sign for a couple more years, though many articles [some quoting o&a's manager] say Howard is not worth the same mpney anymore so jis may play on Howards ego.
2nd Jan, 1:23pm
JohnnSmythe:   If Artie is "sick", he can't be fired. If he has a contract for next year he'd have to be paid up. I think Breuer would be too intense and burn out. Howard ma not want to be bothered looking for a replacement. I hope Artie is back, if not, and its Sterns last year, I'd love to see Jackie back but in a role like Artie. At least there would always be something to talk about,
2nd Jan, 12:35pm
MizQue:   Spoke to soon. Artie's website is back up.
2nd Jan, 12:34pm
MizQue:   Artie's website is down. Wonder what the significance of that is.
2nd Jan, 11:35am
provrorsbarn:   will there be an act 4?
2nd Jan, 11:35am
provrorsbarn:   was yesterdays show the last of act3?
2nd Jan, 11:27am
deadluvva:   If you think Breuer is only "cackling goat boy" you have never heard him.
2nd Jan, 11:26am
ricktunes:   maybe
2nd Jan, 11:14am
Tylegg:   will TK ever open the registrations again?
2nd Jan, 10:14am
wringmaster:   No Bruer, I can only handle so much cackling goat boy stitch, they should do a retrospective of regular guests for the final year of the show
2nd Jan, 4:36am
nimnar:   does anyone have the original bridge jumper press conference--the one on HOHS III Day 7 is edited down....
2nd Jan, 4:03am
urname12345:   howie brings in so much revenue, and thats all sirius has... no one gives a shit about music or anything like that because they get it for free and shit fucking sucks anyway
2nd Jan, 4:01am
urname12345:   yea cheap jew fucks
2nd Jan, 3:11am
norlight:   they don't have money to pay anyone by the sound of it
2nd Jan, 2:39am
urname12345:   billy is the shit and i wish he would be on the show for like a week, also would like to hear wood yi, and jackie. steve got fired and has nothing else to do so wtf, more wood yi. i think the problem is they dont have money to pay people to sit in the jackie chair, especially billy .
2nd Jan, 1:30am
norlight:   Billy would be the best....that period of time with him was one of the best. Apparently Bruer let it slip on a radio show in Ohio that Artie had quit and on Bruer's facebook he mentioned he has a secret project for the new year that he hopes he can reveal soon.
2nd Jan, 1:17am
WesMantooth:   Billy West should come back! That would rock!
2nd Jan, 12:55am
farmface:   I AGREE CHEITH. Seriously, they should have like a week with jackie, a few days with gilbert (if they can handle it..) and other comedians who have had a big impact on the show. it just makes sense. (but if they had to stick with one comic, I'd choose dave attel)
2nd Jan, 12:50am
Cheith:   For the last year (If Artie's gone for good) they should bring in a lot of different comedians
2nd Jan, 12:39am
norlight:   Anyone hear the rumor of Jim Bruer replacing Artie?
1st Jan, 11:41pm
jhames34:   thanks hangem, I never quite GOT that
1st Jan, 11:35pm
cameltoe:   hah, I watched the "Jesse Ventura" HTV and after the interview, he says to his people in the green room, "we have to go to that other show....opie & whatever it is.."
1st Jan, 11:25pm
csm812:   oh wait its just a shirt, hunting jacket, and sleeping bag.
1st Jan, 11:24pm
csm812:   oh crap theres a dead body over there!!!!!
1st Jan, 11:15pm
farmface:   ah guess so, there it is!
1st Jan, 11:04pm
farmface:   hey skunks back. was there another episode of rebel rebel today?
1st Jan, 8:48am
1st Jan, 7:11am
Bargsbeer:   Artie needs to go, He doesn't add anything to the show anymore and it's obvious he doesn't care anymore....... I miss Jackie.
1st Jan, 3:23am
GameGirl2006:   Happy New Years everyone. Fuck you fat artie...hi Fred
1st Jan, 2:32am
ator1:   Artie needs the show more than the show needs Artie. I thought the last week without him was good. F Artie and F Jackie.
1st Jan, 2:03am
wshank69:   he'll be back on monday, you'll see.
1st Jan, 1:52am
sflocco:   If Artie isn't on the show anymore it's not because he left. Sirius probably fired him and they're being nice and letting him say that he left so not to embarrass and blackball him in the industry. I think it's time he left. He really hasn't added anything positive to the show in quite some time, He's just been piggy backing off of the show so that his stand up gigs sell out. The show at this point don't need him.
1st Jan, 1:06am
beatlbay7900:   I take it you folks don't like Artie? Well there is no accounting for taste. It should be the "Artie Chair" not the "JackAss Chair".
31st Dec, 8:42pm
ator1:   Holy shit, I've never noticed the private message thing before now. There were messages for me from over a year ago that I never even knew were there.
31st Dec, 8:30pm
hangemhigh:   howard said " its radio D-day" WWII D-day at normandie
31st Dec, 8:24pm
jhames34:   Howard: "We have been sabotaged by radio station WMMS, its Radio DJ!" Artie: "I met DJ Qualls one time, he was a good guy!"
31st Dec, 8:23pm
jhames34:   I think they should do an ARTIE version of the HOHS, where Howard's talking about the suicide jumper and then suddenly you hear artie telling a story about one of his friends who got stuck in traffic on the bridge, etc.
31st Dec, 8:22pm
jhames34:   Artie shouldn't even be contributing to the history, he's not on the show yet. How much do you expect him to contribute when he wasn't there?
31st Dec, 7:53pm
wringmaster:   the show is really about Howard and Robin's interaction, the last week of shows before the break were great without Artie. I think he was great for the show but his time has expired. I wonder if Howard plans to do a year long show wrap for the last year of the show?
31st Dec, 7:37pm
ricktunes:   Happy New Year Skunkers , Rock the fuck out 143
31st Dec, 7:17pm
rvotyrtsym:   illeffegt,when is artie not under the influence of psychoactive chemicals.
31st Dec, 6:44pm
illeffeqt:   wringmaster: from the sound of it, there were two recording sessions with artie. during one of them, he was very obviously under the influence.
31st Dec, 6:16pm
bobdylan:   its weird because they included a bunch of clips youve uploaded here in the current HOHS
31st Dec, 6:11pm
bigaudio:   bob thanks a lot, you too .... and no, I don't work for them
31st Dec, 6:04pm
bobdylan:   bigaudio happy new years - i now totally believe you work for the tapes team by the way
31st Dec, 6:00pm
earthdog80:   they skipped alotta stuff this week .. pat cooper feud ..selena apology... suger ray doing howards song. etc...
31st Dec, 4:37pm
wringmaster:   Artie souded as if he really wasn't interested on the HOH3 tapes, I don't know why they asked him to do it, it just sounds phony
31st Dec, 4:34pm
bigaudio:   camel, d'awsum dodally d'awsum, glad you are getting some enjoyment from my tapes
31st Dec, 4:32pm
wringmaster:   Sauce on side
31st Dec, 3:55pm
prophecy500:   hahaha
31st Dec, 3:50pm
lennynero:   hey, blackguy "jackie'd" the shoutbox? PUSSY!
31st Dec, 3:34pm
prophecy500:   im not sure why he just stopped talking here but i guess the last fight was the last straw.
31st Dec, 3:34pm
prophecy500:   yes haha
31st Dec, 3:15pm
Snick422:   jeez, is he still around here lurking?
31st Dec, 3:11pm
prophecy500:   hmm I had a feeling artie might quit,I think howard is gonna sit him down and talk him off the ledge again.
31st Dec, 3:09pm
prophecy500:   haha blackguy has actually pm'ed me a few times snick
31st Dec, 3:04pm
31st Dec, 3:04pm
Snick422:   prop:now we just have to find Blackguy
31st Dec, 2:58pm
prophecy500:   man artie sounded like he was on life support doing the history special
31st Dec, 2:58pm
prophecy500:   Hey snickers,hey lenny!!
31st Dec, 2:53pm
rocksolid:   man i hope artie comes back. or if not, get someone else int he chair i dont think i can take a year of robin and fred yappping
31st Dec, 2:52pm
Snick422:   I did, got a Kindle. I've already stocked it with public domain and torrented books. Great little device. How was yours?
31st Dec, 2:50pm
lennynero:   eh, it goes. Hope you had a good xmas!
31st Dec, 2:49pm
Snick422:   rocksolid:thanks pal. it's SFN, They think they are funny when they bash Howard/Artie/Robin too. I'm happy to be included with those 3
31st Dec, 2:44pm
rocksolid:   power to ya snick for not giving a rats ass what those p.o.s.'s think
31st Dec, 2:42pm
Snick422:   lenny! I'm great. how about yourself?
31st Dec, 2:31pm
lennynero:   hola snick! How goes it?
31st Dec, 2:05pm
Snick422:   hey now prop! What's new?
31st Dec, 2:03pm
RGKMJ19:   I need the month of Jan 2007 to download. Can anyone post it????
31st Dec, 2:02pm
prophecy500:   Heeeey Nooooww!!!
31st Dec, 2:01pm
cameltoe:   bigaudio, hey now!...everything is great, thanks. hah, that is funny, I am listening to your 'no theme #17' as we speak. awesome btw.
31st Dec, 1:58pm
bigaudio:   hey camel, hope all is well with you
31st Dec, 1:57pm
bigaudio:   i'm staying out of squabbles that don't involve me
31st Dec, 1:50pm
Snick422:   nah, i didn't care about attention, it was about wasting precious time
31st Dec, 1:46pm
cameltoe:   yeah, I saw that you thought you 'won', lol congrats... you went in there to start shit and get attention which is even lamer then their 'comebacks'.
31st Dec, 1:42pm
Snick422:   cam:the photoshop ya posted. I just refreshed the thread and saw it was someone else. neeevermind
31st Dec, 1:42pm
Snick422:   jhames:haha, thank you. I think it's quite clear who won that fight. If I laughed at their "embarrassing photoshops", how have they won? I posted that photo of myself because it was funny as shit, if I put it on my blog and wanted readers, don't you think I expected/wanted people to find it?
31st Dec, 1:41pm
cameltoe:   an original what?
31st Dec, 1:39pm
Snick422:   hangem:you noticed!
31st Dec, 1:39pm
Snick422:   lol cameltoe, is that an original from you?
31st Dec, 1:39pm
Snick422:   The Ryche:Thank you!
31st Dec, 1:39pm
Snick422:   rocksolid:i don't think i got beat up. I laughed heartily at a few of the photoshops. Especially the "Gay called"
31st Dec, 1:30pm
ator1:   3 Stooges all day today on AMC.
31st Dec, 1:30pm
jhames34:   Eff them, if that's the best they can do against snick he's got nothing to worry about
31st Dec, 10:16am
hangemhigh:   lilbuddy looks like he been workin out
31st Dec, 10:13am
cameltoe:   haha, rocksolid, snick started shit with those guys and they are photoshopping him now --->
31st Dec, 8:12am
googs999:   happy new years all
31st Dec, 7:08am
31st Dec, 6:55am
hangemhigh:   the listening thread?
31st Dec, 6:14am
werris:   Happy New Year from Australia everyone and FUCK YOU GARY!!!
31st Dec, 4:37am
TheRyche:   snick is the shizz though
31st Dec, 4:36am
TheRyche:   sfn sucks
31st Dec, 3:20am
rocksolid:   oh my. snick got beat up on sfn.
31st Dec, 2:20am
lennynero:   I just finished grabbing the Complete Beavis and Butthead Collection. A fanmade compilation of every episode, TV commercial, appearance, clip, etc. It would be *AWESOME* to see something like that here. Hell, I'd buy another couple HDD's for that shit.
31st Dec, 2:16am
lennynero:   sadly my archives *may* go back to 2003, *if* that.
31st Dec, 2:16am
lennynero:   This is something I can listen to in 10yrs without searching the archives and compiling it myself. Now, if I want, I can go back through them and pull the full shows that I've heard on HOHS. Matter of fact, I think it'd be cool if someone could compile *our* version of HOHS, posting megapacks of all the full shows featured on HOHS.
31st Dec, 2:14am
lennynero:   urname, *all* the bits have been played at some point. This is more a produced compilation and summation of all that material. Much of it I've never heard, as I don't often listen to MTT, etc.
31st Dec, 2:07am
urname12345:   and half of the billy west bits were already played on "spotlight billy west" back in 07
31st Dec, 2:05am
urname12345:   anyone else not enjoying this new HOHS as much as the other two parts? majority of the stuff has already been played on mammary lane or MTT. and its just a huge kiss ass to howard. wtf this is what the tapes team has been working on for five or six months? disapointed and i enjoyed the other two "acts" more.
30th Dec, 10:50pm
ator1:   When the faker call in to the show he's over-the-top stuttering, but when he came into the studio, he didn't stutter. Blamed it on drinking a beer.
30th Dec, 9:40pm
desert420:   Thanks EOS!
30th Dec, 9:02pm
bobdylan:   <------ Franco Germanic
30th Dec, 8:35pm
schmolch:   "candle in my cunt" made my day
30th Dec, 8:28pm
sicamore:   Is Gilbert dead????? Is Howard to scared to have him on
30th Dec, 8:00pm
soccermom56:   bobdylan, them's fighting words apparently
30th Dec, 8:00pm
soccermom56:   EOS, thanks
30th Dec, 7:35pm
eos:   All caught up now. I'll post Friday morning; a HOHS Act 3 pack.
30th Dec, 7:01pm
SeekUp:   EOS, you working your ass off?
30th Dec, 6:51pm
bobdylan:   eos uber alles
30th Dec, 6:15pm
poopdeck:   sweet eos. looking forward to it
30th Dec, 6:12pm
AndySocial:   lenny just an update, notice you used to the word "clothing" that is just fine. The problenm is when he uses the word "outfits" that is a term used by women and gyas, not men
30th Dec, 6:05pm
desert420:   YAY Thanks EOS!! Been waiting!
30th Dec, 5:37pm
SeekUp:   hey EOS...thanks
30th Dec, 5:37pm
rvotyrtsym:   ator1,why do you think high register is a fake?
30th Dec, 5:30pm
deadluvva:   How do you know he is a fake?
30th Dec, 4:31pm
ator1:   He's the guy who stutters and his voice rises as he tries to finish a word, but it's all bullshit. He's a fucking fake and a dicklicker.
30th Dec, 3:57pm
deadluvva:   Is he the guy who calls into Mis Men? Is it fake? The guys goof on him relentlessly.
30th Dec, 3:50pm
ator1:   I was just lurking on SFN, and that high-register Sean guy is the biggest fucking douchebag. Fake stuttering piece of shit.
30th Dec, 2:54pm
eos:   Moving right along here. Days 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 are done.
30th Dec, 12:17pm
30th Dec, 11:37am
deadluvva:   Damn it toe, come on man, get it together....................
30th Dec, 11:31am
cameltoe:   NOTE: I had to nuke my first torrent of todays HOHS because of a bad torrent file...I put a new one up. so if you d/l my first torrent right away it's no good. d/l the new one.
30th Dec, 5:54am
fajv:   Howards outfits still look like shit, hes going on 56 years old and should get some class
30th Dec, 2:16am
lennynero:   maybe I could hire lovelybeth86 to clean.....stuff.
30th Dec, 2:15am
lennynero:   one of these days I'll make millions and hire one of you guys to pick out my clothing. Another to buy my toilet paper and baby wipes (not that Best Choice shit, either!), and yet another person to do nothing more than wipe down and vacuum my keyboard thrice a day.
30th Dec, 2:14am
lennynero:   oh, and Andy, Ralph *does* pick out his clothing. He's mentioned this a gazillion times. Remember, Howard "cancelled" GeekTime because Ralph didn't have time to sort his closet and pick out his "outfits"?
29th Dec, 10:00pm
ator1:   Heywood Jablome
29th Dec, 9:58pm
29th Dec, 9:22pm
lennynero:   it's just you, Andy.
29th Dec, 9:16pm
AndySocial:   I just wanted to ask, am I the only one who gets uncomfortable when Howard refers to clothes as "outfits"? It sounds as if either his gay friend Ralph or his mother is picking out his clothing. Does anyone recall Granimals? those were "outfits"
29th Dec, 4:42pm
29th Dec, 4:41pm
bobdylan:   i cant wait till act 4 , that will catch me up to when i started listening in 1998 or 1999
29th Dec, 4:39pm
JohnnSmythe:   reading further down what you said lenny, but you must notice Stern was always playing it safe. Everything, books, movie, TV shows were all about HIM!. And he was DUMB enough to give up the rights to his movie and ch09 show so he can't even release those on his own. My first view of Howard was his 1994? New Years Eve special but I did not find it all that great. Good thing my [late] friend got it for free, and the pizza was great. I don't mind another few years of stern but he does take up alot of my time now. I listen to him on disc while I watch TV as there are only so many hours in a day. I would like to see Howard take a chance in a movie, but he has probably been too typecast so people would only see him as Howard, unless he finally got to do a villain in his beloved Spider-Man movies. He'd have to wear a mask, so maybe Electro, The Chameleon, or the original Mysterio, who wore a bowl covering his head, like Howard wanted with the space helmet LOL
29th Dec, 4:36pm
lovelybeth86:   Lenny, great post hun! I think the HoHS has shown that this man has done so much, its only logical that these are his farewell years. Were all here because we love the show, whether you enjoyed it, pre NBC, or just found it at sirius, everything doesnt have to be so negative all the time. And I think everyone is right, there will be a 97-06, and ultimately a sirius one. Thanks for everybody helping make this community great!
29th Dec, 4:36pm
cameltoe:   they are already working on HOHS-Act 4
29th Dec, 4:24pm
JohnnSmythe:   @lenny: this only covers till 1996, there is still a few more years of testicle radio to cover. He didn't come into Canada till 1997. I' m sure Howard will be doing a part 4 to at least take it to the end of KROCK and before starting at sirius.
29th Dec, 4:18pm
29th Dec, 4:14pm
bobdylan: selfish......bastard!!!!!!
29th Dec, 4:11pm
eos:   It's not you guys I'm worried about... School starts next Monday and I have lots to do between now and then. I'd rather not spend the bulk of it editing.
29th Dec, 4:08pm
bobdylan:   no rush eos, i cant wait for your 128k edit
29th Dec, 2:58pm
eos:   If someone could be so kind, I would appreciate a PM with timestamps for each break for any of the HOHS episodes. My edits are taking longer than normal. Just type the date, then the time like this: hh:mm. Much thanks.
29th Dec, 1:37pm
cameltoe:   hah, I love the 'FUCK OFF!' cut-ins on the Cleveland deal.
29th Dec, 1:27pm
lennynero:   "ve haf moor black peop-le"
29th Dec, 11:30am
WesMantooth:   lol
29th Dec, 11:30am
WesMantooth:   Yeah, and add a soundtrack by Metallica, Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra and you got yourself a bio-pick about my life.
29th Dec, 11:05am
HanKHiLL:   lenny that sounds like the rundown for my life too
29th Dec, 10:32am
WesMantooth:   @lennynero: So true. So true
29th Dec, 6:13am
ARTIELANGE09:   There will be more HOHS's
29th Dec, 4:42am
provrorsbarn:   the snl parody of stern runnig for gov...was funny....never heard it before....anyone got the visuals `?
29th Dec, 3:16am
lennynero:   "partied, sobered up, became a hardcore geek, had kids, died. The end."
29th Dec, 3:16am
lennynero:   if they did that to my life and career, it would be like 10mins.
29th Dec, 3:15am
lennynero:   actually, we only have 1wk of HOHS left. I'm pretty sure this is the final act. However, the fact remains that it took 6wks of 4hr shows to simply run down the man's career.
29th Dec, 3:14am
lennynero:   until then, I'll take all of the show I can get, and I'll archive it so I can pass it down to my son.
29th Dec, 3:12am
lennynero:   where's the entertainment in an opinion that isn't shocking, unusual, or taboo? I say the man needs a rest, I just hope he waits another 5yrs to take it.
29th Dec, 3:11am
lennynero:   every talk radio show host has "a little Stern in 'em", and if they don't, we don't bother tuning in.
29th Dec, 3:11am
lennynero:   but how many of them have done it for 33yrs, manage a crew, raise a family, keep countless people employed, and have several successful TV shows, a successful production company, made a movie, 2 books, and pave new roads for not only those that follow him, but those that are entertained by him.
29th Dec, 3:09am
lennynero:   sure, there are guys that work construction for decades, factory, union, etc...
29th Dec, 3:08am
lennynero:   we've got 15yrs left....or what, another 3-4wks worth?
29th Dec, 3:07am
lennynero:   if there's one thing that HOHS has taught me so far is that the man *must* be exhausted. Christ, we're 6wks into the total HOHS set and we're just now to 1995.
29th Dec, 3:05am
lennynero:   I can't wait to know Mac19 when he's 54.
29th Dec, 1:05am
WesMantooth:   or that people outgrow liberalism when they get older and wiser? Just wanted a clarification.
29th Dec, 1:05am
WesMantooth:   @Mac19: So basically you're saying that being liberal equates to being unwise?
29th Dec, 12:41am
Mac19:   What a pussy Howard has become. He used to have balls back in the 90's, but now he's become all Liberal and Wimpy like a cunt. How the fuck do you become more Liberal as you get older? You'd think the older you get, the wiser you get. Not Howard.
29th Dec, 12:40am
HanKHiLL:   just started hoh3 and i'm loving it
29th Dec, 12:02am
Mxtra:   hohs is great, but it also points out how boring howard is now in comparison.
28th Dec, 7:28pm
rvotyrtsym:   $tern is very good at handling his finance$.........$mart jew.
28th Dec, 6:11pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I agreed with Howard about not disclosing his finances.... that's a dumb premise and he shouldn't have to say what he has in the bank to appease the people. It wouldn't have affected the way he did his job
28th Dec, 6:07pm
provrorsbarn:   hohs rules
28th Dec, 6:07pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Damnn how could yo ucall yourself a Howard fan and not give a fuck about the HOHS??? Maybe in August on the vacation if they run it for a second time but I mean cmonnn this is fresh , it s won awards and it's really well done
28th Dec, 5:33pm
thrillride:   thx for the hohs ALL uploaders
28th Dec, 4:55pm
Mrwirez:   I am lovin HOHS Act III. I guess if you are a noob, you wouldn't get it... *I* give a shit. *I* give a fuck also.
28th Dec, 3:04pm
jhames34:   Ping, YOU need a history lesson, you got it backwords, it's who gives a SHIT who gives a FUCK.
28th Dec, 2:59pm
jhames34:   I'm loving the history, we're in the midst of the beginning of the greatness, instead of just being a history lesson...F Jackie!
28th Dec, 1:39pm
rvotyrtsym:   ping12,live show should return jan.4th
28th Dec, 1:34pm
lennynero:   ping12, another week of HOHS. FWIW, *I* give a shit. *I* give a fuck.
28th Dec, 11:54am
JohnnSmythe:   urname12345: tpb is still up, and demonoid is back, but i agree about isihunt
28th Dec, 11:52am
JohnnSmythe:   of course another week, there is still new years comming up
28th Dec, 11:45am
ping12:   By the way, that history of Howard Stern special is insufferable. Who gives a fuck, who gives a shit.
28th Dec, 11:44am
ping12:   Is Howard in this week or another week of vacation?
28th Dec, 9:08am
Yurtle:   anyone else find snick especially unusual with his avatar lately?
28th Dec, 6:58am
Yurtle:   the jew cunt that promotes the joke hunt
28th Dec, 6:16am
urname12345:   -hateman
28th Dec, 6:16am
28th Dec, 6:01am
simon89:   sounds like hateman haha. jew CUNT! jew CUNT! jew CUNT! jew CUNT!
28th Dec, 5:33am
urname12345:   yes lisa glassburg is a jew cunntttt.... jew cunt, jew cunt, jew cunt, jew cunt......
28th Dec, 5:32am
urname12345:   shit i forgot about demon
28th Dec, 5:20am
werris:   Lisa G is a cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunt!
28th Dec, 5:20am
28th Dec, 4:17am
urname12345:   warez sites and blogs is the best thing
28th Dec, 4:16am
urname12345:   torrent sites are going down... look at tpb, mininova... best torrent site that i think is still working(i dont fuck around with torrent sites anymore except for this site) is isohunt
28th Dec, 4:07am
bensunny:   i need to good new torrents site -
28th Dec, 4:06am
urname12345:   torrentkeeper is closed
28th Dec, 3:23am
bensunny:   how do i sign up for torrent keeper?
28th Dec, 1:47am
urname12345:   i hope the same, billy west is the fucking shit.
28th Dec, 12:40am
WesMantooth:   After hearing the History of Howard Stern, I wish to God that Billy West would come back. That guy was BRILLIANT!
27th Dec, 11:04pm
hangemhigh:   gilbert for one and several others
27th Dec, 11:02pm
hangemhigh:   any other voice could replace lardie and do it better
27th Dec, 10:58pm
maxlor314:   i want some other comedians to take the spot for a while
27th Dec, 6:33pm
poopdeck:   pm for invite to general private tracker
27th Dec, 4:48pm
ator1:   I hope Artie doesn't come back to the show. It's enough of his drama already.
27th Dec, 4:33pm
rvotyrtsym:   will artie return?.............does anybody really care? many ways the show is better without artie.
27th Dec, 4:24pm
JohnnSmythe:   I'm waiting till Act 4 so I can listen to all of then together. Its nice to take a stern break seing as how he didn't invite me to his party and nobody will talk about it. someting must have hapened!
27th Dec, 4:11pm
bluedevils:   someone mentioned the replay as an that a good option and would it be the full day?
27th Dec, 4:10pm
bluedevils:   any word on this being brought here: 2009-12-22 - History of Howard Stern III #2 - 128 kbps (NEW)
27th Dec, 3:22pm
wishman35:   Robin: Gahhhhhh
27th Dec, 3:22pm
wishman35:   Howard: Im engaged
27th Dec, 3:22pm
wishman35:   rebel rebel
27th Dec, 11:42am
hangemhigh:   5 different guys? yeeeeeeeya
27th Dec, 11:30am
simon89:   did he enjoy it? oooooohhhh!
27th Dec, 4:31am
provrorsbarn:   heeeyyyoooo
27th Dec, 4:31am
provrorsbarn:   who was the lucky guy?
27th Dec, 3:46am
justhits1:   i wacked off 5 times 2day
27th Dec, 1:48am
ARTIELANGE09:   Just got back from relatives in Jersey and Philly just wanted to wish and hope everyone had a safe nice Christmas with family or friends orr if u like to stay by yourself hope it was pleasant! and thanks as always to all the uppers!!
26th Dec, 9:51pm
Mrwirez:   I also felt very sad...
26th Dec, 3:01pm
bigaudio:   well at least Sam's last in-studio appearance was already posted on RS in its entirety
26th Dec, 11:01am
googs999:   i felt my eyes getting wet too....miss that dude
26th Dec, 10:09am
jhames34:   Jessica Hahn was always great for making us drop tears and loads.
26th Dec, 7:38am
fajv:   Merry belated christmas
26th Dec, 4:34am
earthdog80:   i just wish they would played his last time in studio before that.. it would have made it better..
26th Dec, 2:58am
cameltoe:   agreed, it was a very moving segment. Sam was the best guest and they did a great job with getting that "show" sadness across. perfect song selection.
26th Dec, 1:02am
lennynero:   illeffeqt, I got a lump when Jessica Hahn was recounting the day he died.
26th Dec, 12:20am
hangemhigh:   I dropped a tear
25th Dec, 9:03pm
illeffeqt:   merry x-mas jerks.
25th Dec, 9:03pm
illeffeqt:   i didn't tear up, but i came VERY close when jessica hahn was talking about sam's death with pink floyd's "great gig in the sky" playing in the background. love sam, and that was an inspired song choice.
25th Dec, 8:54pm
granpuba:   Is it just me but when they play The Sounds of Kinnison, i get a tear in my eye.
25th Dec, 8:02pm
googs999:   merry xmas bro's
25th Dec, 6:33pm
rvotyrtsym:   merry christmas to the red skunk community.
25th Dec, 4:55pm
provrorsbarn:   merry x-mas
25th Dec, 4:46pm
deadluvva:   What thrillride said...............
25th Dec, 4:42pm
thrillride:   thx-mas to all uppers and seeders
25th Dec, 1:56pm
bigaudio:   merry christmas to all Skunkers
25th Dec, 1:20pm
drewmit:   good bye kinnison my old friend
25th Dec, 1:00pm
Aiglos357:   Merry Christmas Skunks!
25th Dec, 12:58pm
jhames34:   Merry Christmas to everyone who uploads, seeds, and leeches
25th Dec, 10:07am
SpaceEdge:   Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!
25th Dec, 9:12am
deadluvva:   Merry Christmas from Montreal. Have a good day my friends.
25th Dec, 8:58am
Mrwirez:   He is a self described half Jew and the self proclaimed king of all media.. Rebel Rebel... Merry Christmas!
25th Dec, 8:49am
hangemhigh:   merry merry everybody
25th Dec, 7:53am
25th Dec, 5:53am
simon89:   merry xmas skunks!
25th Dec, 4:49am
dawson:   Merry Christmas!
25th Dec, 3:25am
ohgrbyte:   Merry Christmas people I don't really speak to on here, and thanks to the uploaders too.
25th Dec, 1:30am
emophobic:   Thanks to all the uploaders every day is like Christmas here. Especially eos for his 24k daily shows and bigaudio for all his Gilbert files.
25th Dec, 1:09am
Snick422:   merry christmas everybody
25th Dec, 12:48am
djkikrome:   Very Merry Christmas to all you skunks out there. Merry Christmas tunes. Long time no chat. And thanks to all the uploaders as always. Live long and skunk.
25th Dec, 12:42am
ricktunes:   Merry Christmas Skunkers! Hey Now!
25th Dec, 12:14am
x43x:   Zapper - any chance of you getting a day 2 rip during the weekend replay? Your other rips sound great!
24th Dec, 7:33pm
lennynero:   Johnn, you fat fingered bastard, how the fuck you gonna forget *me*?
24th Dec, 7:24pm
illeffeqt:   "fisticuffs does not prove anything." - andrew dice clay, classic!
24th Dec, 4:17pm
JohnnSmythe:   Just fold-over the 64k version and you'll have 128k
24th Dec, 3:37pm
ator1:   Now I have that "Nigger-hatin' hat" song stuck in my head.
24th Dec, 2:39pm
Zapper562:   I was in the middle of capturing the second day when my Internet connection was reset. Sorry, no second day from me.
24th Dec, 2:17pm
SeekUp:   is there any plan for a 128k version of HOHS day 2?
24th Dec, 1:38pm
JohnnSmythe:   hey lenny, almost forgot about you, long time no see!
24th Dec, 1:34pm
JohnnSmythe:   @GameGirl: on JJH, Jackie also tells funny stories. And when he was on the Stern show, if Howard needed material, there was always a "Jackie story" that could take up an hour of the show. whereasHoward does not interact with Artie so he really knows nothing about him except for what Artie brings up. He was really!!!! stupid to say he used heroin, cause Howard gave him no peace on this, which I think contributed alot to Artie's many problems.
24th Dec, 11:46am
thejamootz:   Thanks, gonnzo.
24th Dec, 11:41am
24th Dec, 11:33am
gonnzo:   I'm seeding "Crucified by the FCC" per lennynero's request
24th Dec, 10:34am
googs999:   sweeeet link poopdeck.....thanks for the xmas present.....40k+ views as of now....wonder how many by end of the day?
24th Dec, 10:13am
bigaudio:   rick well you asked first, and made sure to credit him, THAT is the only way it should be done, with approval and credited .... merry merry to you rick
24th Dec, 10:04am
24th Dec, 8:47am
deadluvva:   Happy Christmas Eve day to all my skunker friends. I have been away for a few weeks and am back with a new laptop and a ton of Christmas spirit and good wishes for the good people here, you guys know who you are
24th Dec, 8:17am
bluedevils:   Anyone have: 2009-12-22 - History of Howard Stern III #2 - 128 kbps...?
24th Dec, 2:08am
lennynero:   shit, I get here and everybody's already gone.
24th Dec, 2:05am
lennynero:   can someone reup or seed Crucified by the FCC?
23rd Dec, 11:14pm
jimrome123:   This page makes my life better. Thank you all!
23rd Dec, 10:54pm
Snick422:   make that 4
23rd Dec, 10:29pm
hangemhigh:   W0W!..3 bigshots talkin..good shoutbox 2nite
23rd Dec, 10:01pm
Yurtle:   rick is always on top of things.
23rd Dec, 9:54pm
ricktunes:   I posted Camel's Kickoff special rip there, but I asked him first and totally put his name all over it. I just wanted to put something up to counter this wushdouche all over demonid now. Scump decided to up his rips but didn't put any "thanks to cameltoe" which was weak.
23rd Dec, 9:10pm
Yurtle:   I HEAR YA
23rd Dec, 8:00pm
bigaudio:   shrug
23rd Dec, 7:59pm
bigaudio:   I mean, if camel wanted them there he could up them there himself
23rd Dec, 7:59pm
bigaudio:   seems kinda scummy to me
23rd Dec, 7:58pm
bigaudio:   I don't see the point of someone doing that
23rd Dec, 7:58pm
bigaudio:   scump is posting camel's rips on demonoid?
23rd Dec, 7:54pm
redwings20:   fuck-the-blackhawks and patrick kane, friggin taxi driver bullying motherfucker
23rd Dec, 6:34pm
ricktunes:   Oh, you'll got topless..
23rd Dec, 6:34pm
ricktunes:   Nah TAS65, just throw a re-seed on the original ones..
23rd Dec, 5:44pm
rvotyrtsym:    deadluvva, I will do that.have a good evening.
23rd Dec, 5:22pm
deadluvva:   All the proceeds go to charity so if you like it pick it up.
23rd Dec, 5:19pm
rvotyrtsym:   i didn't know bob had a christmas album.
23rd Dec, 4:57pm
deadluvva:   My wife still thinks it is a joke. I tru;ly believe it is a masterpiece. But then I am a Dylan fan aka fanatic.
23rd Dec, 4:55pm
TAS65:   General question: I've got History of HS, Acts I and II on my harddrive (act I, mostly 64k; act ii mostly 128k). Any interest in my upping a torrent of them here?
23rd Dec, 4:45pm
bobdylan:   ive heard a couple tracks and think it's weird/funny also - sounds like he gargles alcohol before singing xmas music
23rd Dec, 4:43pm
deadluvva:   hey ya dylan, you heard the Dylan Xmas cd yet? I am obsessed with it. My wife absol hates it
23rd Dec, 4:42pm
cbeale:   does anyone have the .jpg of the west coast road trip logo from can someone post it? thanks
23rd Dec, 4:29pm
bobdylan:   t-o-p-l-e-s-s
23rd Dec, 4:28pm
bobdylan:   yea ummmm flash your tits already
23rd Dec, 3:49pm
GameGirl2006:   The difference to me between Jackie and Artie is that Artie has interesting stories to tell, and many are hilarious or really sad (his Dad.) Jackie is like a bad one-liner guy with a dumb laugh. How that ever be as good. The problem is that Artie lost control and his timing went out the window and his moods changed. he got volititle and out of touch and for a comedian, his timing was a mess and you can;t have that. He stepped all over the show. But there is no way the two styles of a person who is part of the conversation and adds stories vs. a hacky one-liner guy is just like night and day.
23rd Dec, 3:49pm
bobdylan:   thanks for doing the 128k caps of the new hohs eos - fing awesome
23rd Dec, 2:51pm
LeechBot:   thank you's versus ratio. You've enlightened me: What you say is much more important than what you do. Thank you!
23rd Dec, 2:47pm
JohnnSmythe:   I think Artie got fucked up when a few listeners said he talked too much, then Howard supoesdly talked to him, then Artie probably didn't know what the fuck he was supposes to do.
23rd Dec, 2:45pm
JohnnSmythe:   You've got your mother in a whirl , She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl , Hey babe, your hair's alright , Hey babe, let's go out tonight , You like me, and I like it all , We like dancing and we look divine , You love bands when they're playing hard , You want more and you want it fast , They put you down, they say I'm wrong , You tacky thing, you put them on , Rebel Rebel, you've torn your dress , Rebel Rebel, your face is a mess , Rebel Rebel, how could they know? , Hot tramp, I love you so!
23rd Dec, 2:45pm
JohnnSmythe:   I think Robin would be okay but yes Fred does have the problem with Jackie having left the show. Don't forget Jackie was coming back but Chiusano said the offer was off the table. if Howard wanted him he would have been back no matter what Tom said. He could have punched his suit again LOL
23rd Dec, 2:36pm
mugsy2323:   JohnSmythe: I honestly don't know where all my Artie hate comes from. I loved the show for so long and I used to really like Artie, but I feel like he talks too much and I feel like he is mean spirited and constantly lets the listeners know how rich and generous he is - which I feel is all bullshit. I also think he is proud to be a drug addict and think it's cool. I don't like one-liner comedy and that's not what the Stern show is all about. I wouldn't mind if Jackie came back for the end, but there is no chance. Fred and Robin both cant's stand him.
23rd Dec, 2:35pm
JohnnSmythe:   but eos and cameltoe are still my uploaders of choice!
23rd Dec, 2:35pm
fajv:   REBEL REBEL!! Love that song...nah just kidding.
23rd Dec, 2:33pm
JohnnSmythe:   I see [wdm] has a 64 and 128 version of todays Stern at demonoid. Maybe he has gone legit or found a different source to glom from
23rd Dec, 2:23pm
googs999:   members being all encompassing [ads/mods/vips/etc.]
23rd Dec, 2:21pm
googs999:   a good ratio is a thank you to the other members of site. i'm sure the uploaders appreciate their individual kudos.
23rd Dec, 2:19pm
googs999:   crediting a ripper/encoder doesnt attract attention to a site and yes some douche over there posts a 128 and 64k he claims are his
23rd Dec, 1:50pm
LeechBot:   a good ratio IS a thank you--and means it.
23rd Dec, 1:37pm
thrillride:   thx for the hohs ALL uploaders
23rd Dec, 1:33pm
JohnnSmythe:   I always thought that if you re-posted someone elses work, you credit the original poster, BUT!! wasn't the idea not to attract to much unwanted attentio to our place? Plus doesnt demonoid already have [wdm] to take care of this posting of others work?
23rd Dec, 1:31pm
AndySocial:   Jackie wrote most of what Stern said. Artie talks over what Stern says. Fuck fat Artie, bring back that dope loving Jackie!!
23rd Dec, 1:24pm
JohnnSmythe:   @mugsy: do you owe Artie money? Is that where all the hate comes from??LOL I wish Jackie came back for the last year of Stern, that woould be just dandy
23rd Dec, 1:23pm
prophecy500:   Ha Hey rick!!
23rd Dec, 1:18pm
ricktunes:   perfect placement proper...
23rd Dec, 1:15pm
prophecy500:   Heyyy Nooowww!!!
23rd Dec, 1:14pm
ricktunes:   Yeah nice one scump ... disgraciaddd next time don't get so detailed in your torrents also..
23rd Dec, 1:13pm
ricktunes:   yeah, don't want to waste 2 seconds out of your life to say thank you..
23rd Dec, 1:09pm
LeechBot:   oh, and comments are nice and all, but the best way to show your appreciation to the uploaders is to maintain a generous ratio.
23rd Dec, 1:07pm
LeechBot:   starting with HoHS 3 i've been fast forwarding through Rebel Rebel just to maintain my sanity.
23rd Dec, 12:26pm
googs999:   scump: you should atleast credit Cameltoe for those rips of his you posted at the 'noid.....disgraciatto
23rd Dec, 12:10pm
damnhustle:   i dont think the show will be the same without Artie, I missed him the last week he was there, I love his funny one liners
23rd Dec, 11:11am
mugsy2323:   illefeqt: I'm hoping artie doesn't get clean and I'm definitely hoping that baby gorilla never comes back.
23rd Dec, 11:04am
ator1:   Willie was talking about smoking cedar tree bark. Was he just kidding, or do people really do that?
23rd Dec, 10:13am
poopdeck:   short dick artie
23rd Dec, 7:44am
illeffeqt:   artie is so HIGH during his segments for history of howard, it's not even funny. hopefully that baby gorilla finally gets clean this christmas! but i'm not holding my breath.
23rd Dec, 4:37am
werris:   Merry Christmas FUCK YOU GARRY!
23rd Dec, 1:33am
luvbeers:   Could someone please seed November 2005? Thank You
23rd Dec, 12:36am
illeffeqt:   hilarious picture
22nd Dec, 11:40pm
granpuba:   muzzarell, muzzarell, muzzarell balls. I eat em like tic-tacs and swallow em whole.
22nd Dec, 10:43pm
22nd Dec, 10:07pm
illeffeqt:   howard: "i'm engaged." robin: "AYUUUUHHHHH!"
22nd Dec, 8:57pm
kingdaddy187:   Thanx to all the uploaders, you guys are worth your weight in gold
22nd Dec, 8:27pm
Snick422:   santa claus has got the aids this year. he won't be round to spread his christmas cheer
22nd Dec, 8:23pm
bigcliff:   Tbones...............Very well said, I raise a glass and second that...................
22nd Dec, 7:56pm
jstern:   Barbarabooey.
22nd Dec, 7:54pm
rvotyrtsym:   Dry Oatmeal.......Fuck.........
22nd Dec, 7:51pm
Tbones:   eos, your BareBones edits rule. I've listened to years of THSS without commercials thanks to all of your hard work. You are THE man.
22nd Dec, 7:40pm
thericochet:   FUCK
22nd Dec, 7:40pm
thericochet:   Hot.
22nd Dec, 7:40pm
thericochet:   Could you get me some hot water?
22nd Dec, 7:30pm
ator1:   "Santa Claus is coming.. in your mouth."
22nd Dec, 1:04pm
provrorsbarn:   Jeff the drunk sounds like lemmy from motörhead in the beginning of todays show
22nd Dec, 12:04pm
desert420:   HAHA
22nd Dec, 11:11am
mugsy2323:   eos, thanks for all of your posts - we speak your name
22nd Dec, 11:11am
damnhustle:   EOS, if you ever in the NYC area, drinks are on me d00d.
22nd Dec, 10:24am
jhames34:   well ya never know EOS, you could get lost on a long and winding road and wind up in the middle of China! So my offer of extremely cheap food still stands for all time :P
22nd Dec, 10:21am
eos:   jhames34: Lancaster is just a bit out of the way.
22nd Dec, 10:21am
eos:   Nathan: I'm coming through Portland on the 28th. I'll be back again on Feb. 5 to see The Crazy Eights.
22nd Dec, 9:53am
jhames34:   EOS turn away from the dark side, if you're in Lancaster PA I'll provide you with any 2 items on the 79 Cent menu at Taco Bell! Booze and pills are the DEVIL!
22nd Dec, 9:44am
HanKHiLL:   Nathan: thats pretty funny but i'm going the xanax route see you guys in a week happy holidays and whatnot
22nd Dec, 9:43am
norlight:   too funny. OLD Stern!
22nd Dec, 8:30am
Ginge:   should be good for tagging
22nd Dec, 8:30am
Ginge:   Nice album sized image of the HOHS3 poster:
22nd Dec, 3:13am
Nathan:   by the way you kick ass eos and I appreciate all the stuff you upload in whatever format/editing you choose, let me know if you're ever in portland and drinks are on me
22nd Dec, 3:08am
Nathan:   theres a nice video on youtube about how to get over a fear of flying
22nd Dec, 1:12am
Code66:   eos, i'll be thankful whenever you get them up. thanks for all the work man!
21st Dec, 11:21pm
damnhustle:   i always give my thanks in the comments of the torrent page, also the SternFanForum is closed for new registration and i believe theres a lot of comments now just because mininova got shutdown and thats where i used to get my fix, but thats just me.
21st Dec, 11:14pm
thrillride:   big ups to cameltoe for the hohs
21st Dec, 10:26pm
eos:   Possibly starting tomorrow, but most likely not for a week.
21st Dec, 10:15pm
ricktunes:   wishman35, why don't you ask the same question a few more times in different ways, see if you can change how the great eos does all his great work to please you..
21st Dec, 10:09pm
ricktunes:   Jesus a lot of requests in here today ...disgraciads funny, love to see users here for over 4 years without 1 f'ing comments of thanks always asking for shit
21st Dec, 8:31pm
Code66:   eos, is there a 128k version of HOHS-Act III coming?
21st Dec, 6:58pm
HanKHiLL:   *don't want 2 fly* damn i need to read the line before i shout it
21st Dec, 6:57pm
HanKHiLL:   any1 know of a waay to get over a fear of flying i'm headed out to ny 4 crapmas tomarrow and iwant to fly
21st Dec, 6:55pm
HanKHiLL:   cool i didn't know that never been there
21st Dec, 6:22pm
Lemmi:   the stern fan forum is pretty dead right now, it gets busier when RS goes down but that hasnt happened in quite awhile
21st Dec, 6:14pm
HanKHiLL:   damn: there is sternfanform on ur left under links idunno about it tho never been there
21st Dec, 6:13pm
thizzelle:   lol college gameday on espn just did a "is this person older or younger than something" with joe patterno,, and I could swear it was the same questions they used for ronnie,, whichis funny cause patterno is like 80
21st Dec, 4:59pm
damnhustle:   or any other cool forums, SFN is not a cool forum
21st Dec, 4:46pm
Funker:   Anyone know when the TorrentKeeper site will have any free open slots for reg?
21st Dec, 4:06pm
bellet:   lol Rebel Rebel gets so annoying after a while I was hoping it was not in this one. Someone has to call in an bitch about it when they are back
21st Dec, 3:27pm
illeffeqt:   come on, rebel rebel is part of the spirit of the thing! woo hoo, history of howard stern is so great, it's really becoming one of the best parts of christmas for me.
21st Dec, 1:55pm
damnhustle:   wishman35, edit it for us. i heard audicity is great and free! =D
21st Dec, 12:46pm
wishman35:   haha i figured it couldn't be done...and its not played once but an unbearable amount of times. they need to cut out the Rebel Rebel and play a song that fits the timeline of each special
21st Dec, 12:24pm
simon89:   yeah dont listen to those who want it out. let them do it if they care so much
21st Dec, 12:21pm
eos:   wishman35: Personally, I won't be scanning 5+ hours of content for a single song. Use your fast foward function when you hear it.
21st Dec, 12:05pm
derkschultz:   anyone hear anything on artie?
21st Dec, 12:04pm
wujekcity:   someone please have a rebel rebel less HOHS!
21st Dec, 11:33am
wishman35:   Edit out the Rebel, Rebel as much as possible for great justice!
21st Dec, 11:09am
ricktunes:   oh you're doing it..
21st Dec, 10:02am
fajv:   When you get up here you'll do it.
21st Dec, 9:59am
poopdeck:   t o p l e s s
21st Dec, 9:46am
thrillride:   thx uppers.
21st Dec, 8:58am
mugsy2323:   You'll do it
21st Dec, 8:57am
pixy2169:   oolon-yeah, '06 and '07 torrents
21st Dec, 6:20am
thericochet:   I DON'T GET TOPLESS
21st Dec, 6:20am
thericochet:   How about comin' up and getting topless?
21st Dec, 6:05am
Zapper562:   Keep the "Rebel, Rebel!"
21st Dec, 5:03am
gggenX:   yes
21st Dec, 4:27am
Sublime420:   aye
21st Dec, 3:52am
oolon:   is the torrent list screwed up for anyone else?
21st Dec, 2:06am
wishman35:   Petition against Rebel, Rebel !
20th Dec, 11:26pm
jstern:   I don't know much about celebrities, so I thought ya were refering to Eddie Murphy's Brother's wife dying, but that didn't make sense with the everybody dies in 3. I just looked her up on Wiki, didn't realize she was that blond girl on King of the Hill.
20th Dec, 11:21pm
HanKHiLL:   i have it rick and thanks agian the little tid bits go great with it
20th Dec, 11:16pm
SirBlank:   If you believe the 3's stuff, Dan O'Bannon died a couple of days ago.
20th Dec, 9:35pm
googs999:   lmao@mxtra
20th Dec, 9:00pm
Mxtra:   celebs die all the time just like ordinary people. it used to be a curse before howard started taking half the year off. now it's just the law of averages.
20th Dec, 8:33pm
damnhustle:   they say they die in 3's. i wonder whos next, hopefully its some shitty reality star.
20th Dec, 6:54pm
thericochet:   i would have made out with her within an hour of her dying. just saying...always had a thing for her.
20th Dec, 6:46pm
SirBlank:   Brittany Murphy.
20th Dec, 6:33pm
ricktunes:   what? who died?
20th Dec, 6:02pm
ator1:   That's fucked up, she was only 32.
20th Dec, 4:28pm
fajv:   The Stern vacation curse has claimed its first victim..who's next?
20th Dec, 3:47pm
jhames34:   Nit-picky cunts.
20th Dec, 3:22pm
wishman35:   By the way we really appreciate it EOS, if there is anyway to limit the Rebel, Rebel from a thousand to maybe like 50 times, will be much appreciated
20th Dec, 3:21pm
wishman35:   EOS ..for the sake of all of us if you can, please edit out when they play Rebel, Rebel in and out of EVERY break. I know me along with many hate it with such fervor
20th Dec, 3:13pm
damnhustle:   NVM, not in the upload class, sowwee
20th Dec, 3:11pm
damnhustle:   i do have howard stern history act 2, my up speeds isnt that quick, so please be patient
20th Dec, 3:06pm
damnhustle:   i believe i have it, ill seed it to you guys
20th Dec, 2:22pm
bobdylan:   eos very glad to hear youre doing a ultra hq cap of the hohs act3 it will be worth it - no rush for 0 day etc
20th Dec, 2:10pm
ricktunes:   Hank I did yes, you have from then or you need it? I have it on an external that's touch and go lately and not really looking to test it right now. Slowly getting everything off of it. If you or others still have it, please seed it for others. Thanks, I'll try to get it going again later.
20th Dec, 1:59pm
HanKHiLL:   rick, didn't you post the act 2 page here last year if so if have it some where
20th Dec, 1:56pm
Tbones:   Would some kind soul please PM me with info on how to get back onto torrentkeeper? Every time I click the link or use my bookmark I get the message that the site is closed.
20th Dec, 1:50pm
ricktunes:   Those clips are not on the specials
20th Dec, 1:49pm
ricktunes:   Play the little clips and then snag the mp3's from your temp folder
20th Dec, 1:48pm
ricktunes:   nah Hank, just an old hidden page I had that they still have in the database from last year, I probabaly have the ACT I page link on my other hd too, let me look for it.
20th Dec, 1:23pm
eos:   Ginge: Did you get all the shows you needed?
20th Dec, 1:15pm
HanKHiLL:   sweet i guess they put up the guide day by day
20th Dec, 12:46pm
ricktunes:   HOHS ACT II Interactive Guide Page Still Up --> here
20th Dec, 12:32pm
HanKHiLL:   *e-mailed damn typos
20th Dec, 12:30pm
HanKHiLL:   then benjy said that it sounded like a joke on howard and every1 agreed (i just finshed that show myself)
20th Dec, 12:29pm
HanKHiLL:   howard friend maild him sayiing that the guy on "fox & friends" comments about him had a hint of antisemitism
20th Dec, 8:54am
crash613:   just getting around to listening to last Tuesday's show... they are talking about the supposed anit-semite comments about "no tinsel on christmas trees"...... i don't get it. what does tinsel have to do with antisemitism?
20th Dec, 3:32am
USDMorgan:   thanks for all the ups in 2009. Happy holidays to all and see ya in 2010!
20th Dec, 12:05am
Tbones:   and is the url still When I go there it shows that the site is closed.
19th Dec, 11:57pm
Tbones:   Has torrentkeeper opened and allowed registrations lately? I used to d/l there all the time but haven't been able to get back on forever.
19th Dec, 10:45pm
ROEU812:   Just want to say Merry Christmas and THANKS to ALL the Uppers and Seeders to this GREAT community !!! See you all in 2010 !!!
19th Dec, 10:10pm
Ginge:   eos, thanks a lot man... I really appreciate it. I honestly didn't think that stuff would ever get seeded again, but kept them hanging anyway... I didn't want to nag you, but it's very much appreciated...
19th Dec, 9:54pm
eos:   Ginge: Everything should be seeded now, but I'll have to throttle back for 5 hours while I work.
19th Dec, 6:41pm
thericochet:   it looks like Howard got his teeth fixed
19th Dec, 6:40pm
thericochet:   I'm about meetin' girls, i'm about meetin' guys
19th Dec, 5:39pm
eos:   Ginge: Stay connected to all of them, no matter if there is a seed or not. I'm currently seeding through Feb 2008 and will seed the rest when these complete.
19th Dec, 5:05pm
Ginge:   eos, yeah... I am leeching a bunch of older ones from late 2007 and 2008 since I lost all my data from that period...
19th Dec, 3:53pm
googs999:   beths friggin hoooootttttt......howard should shave
19th Dec, 3:29pm
rvotyrtsym:   check it out-><a href=</a>
19th Dec, 3:23pm
ricktunes:   thrillride, try it now with that new password
19th Dec, 2:56pm
thrillride:   thx camel for the hohs kick-off
19th Dec, 12:38pm
eos:   It will be capped, but possibly not 0-day. I'm going to try and edit via remote desktop while on holiday, but if it doesn't work, then I'll edit and post when I get back on the 29th.
19th Dec, 12:13pm
bobdylan:   by the way can i beg you to consider doing a complete 128k cap of the new hohs act 3?
19th Dec, 12:11pm
bobdylan:   its the only two problems ive had though for the entire 2010 run so again eos thanks so much for all your rips , 128k with the bumpers and live commercials rules the world
19th Dec, 12:09pm
bobdylan:   so i tried playing the files in vlc and they play thru the part that skips on itune and my ipod and they played fine
19th Dec, 12:08pm
bobdylan:   yea eos i think it's weird too it could be my computer but for some reason those 2 files hit a snag in itunes and quit playing and forward to the next song
19th Dec, 11:50am
eos:   Ginge: Are you really leeching a ton of older daily shows of mine? I can probably seed those for you.
19th Dec, 11:49am
eos:   Ginge: Aw shit. Sorry about. Two in one day. Oof.
19th Dec, 9:14am
pigwing76:   I printed out the posters as big as 8.5"x11" and they look really good. Probably going to get some pixelation beyond that
19th Dec, 8:27am
urname12345:   who gives a shit who gives a fuck
19th Dec, 8:16am
Ginge:   eos, it's the 17th and the first commercial break is at 1 hour and 51 minutes and the second break comes around the 3 hour 45 minute mark
19th Dec, 7:42am
ARTIELANGE09:   Hey I was wondering if anyone hast he 05-28-2007 Howard meets the Beatles Memorial Day Special, if so could you kindly reseed or up it?, thanks as always
19th Dec, 6:43am
ricktunes:   Don't think I can handle doing it this time again, maybe someone else can step up and do it..
19th Dec, 6:41am
ricktunes:   I ripped the full interactive guides with every mp3, comentary and every snapshop from HOHS I & II last times which was a whole lot of mofo'ing work, but fun at the same time. If people want reseed on them I'll try to get that going > Act I, Act II week 1, Act II week 2
19th Dec, 5:34am
urname12345:   who gives a shit who gives a fuck
19th Dec, 3:59am
eos:   No shit? Which file and what are the timestamps?
19th Dec, 1:07am
Ginge:   eos, I noticed you missed two commercial breaks for yesterday's show... but hey, you're human! ha...
18th Dec, 10:19pm
eos:   bobdylan: No problems for me on any of the files from both days...
18th Dec, 10:17pm
eos:   bobdylan: I'll be capping and will attempt to edit via remote desktop (I'm out of town next week; no coming over to fuck my wife). If all else fails, I'll post them after I return on the 28th.
18th Dec, 9:42pm
cameltoe:   pigwing76, that's cool, I was thinking of doing the same thing but for myself. I wonder how big that can be blown up to.
18th Dec, 9:37pm
pigwing76:   I'm framing a set of the three posters as 5x7's in a nice matted frame for a friend for Christmas. The only problem is now it's so cool I have to make one for myself
18th Dec, 8:14pm
cameltoe:   dawson, thanks for help with the poster!
18th Dec, 7:23pm
pigwing76:   Thank you dawson. Exactly what I was looking for. This place rules!
18th Dec, 6:17pm
bobdylan:   same thing with 2009-12-10
18th Dec, 6:16pm
dawson:   original History of Howard Stern, Act II poster:
18th Dec, 6:15pm
bobdylan:   it plays in vlc , but in itunes its playes ok and then just skips forward to the next file and wont play through all the way
18th Dec, 6:15pm
bobdylan:   has anyone had problems with the eos edits from the last week , 12-16 won't play through for me
18th Dec, 6:15pm
rvotyrtsym:   let it snow,let it snow, let it snow!
18th Dec, 6:09pm
googs999:   ...nope its Act I ....all
18th Dec, 5:59pm
googs999:    i might have it....different HD....
18th Dec, 4:48pm
pigwing76:   thanks Cameltoe but that's the one that I already have for Act II. I'm looking for the one that has the original air dates on it, not the replay one. Much appreciated though
18th Dec, 4:33pm
cameltoe:   pigwing76, sorry, didn't read your post. thought you wanted ACT III, here is the ACT II PDF poster file --->
18th Dec, 3:21pm
pigwing76:   anyone out there have the original PDF file for HOHS Act II poster from Sirius? I have Acts I and III but only the poster file for the replay for Act II.
18th Dec, 2:47pm
18th Dec, 2:47pm
bobdylan:   this might seem out of line but is anyone capping the new HOHS in 128k?
18th Dec, 12:54pm
TAS65:   turk: Nothing can mask that
18th Dec, 12:52pm
desert420:   HEY NOW!!
18th Dec, 11:17am
MrMoney:   sucks for the Wings, Zetterberg went down...
18th Dec, 11:15am
Yurtle:   drpluto: it was like the manager of the cubs (representin, windy city)
18th Dec, 8:22am
turk:   I still believe that Artie does heroin in order to mask his latent homosexuality.
18th Dec, 7:40am
redwings20:   heading to toronto this weekend for leafs bruins game. go red wings!
18th Dec, 5:29am
drpluto:   There is a sports clip they sometimes play on the show where a manager or player (I think baseball) is talking crap about a certain city (maybe Chicago). He says something like "I don't know what kind of losers come to a game during the day. These people need jobs." Anyone know who I'm talking about?
18th Dec, 1:30am
Yurtle:   but brad used to be a stallion
17th Dec, 6:05pm
JohnnSmythe:   Artie rides the white horse
17th Dec, 6:02pm
rvotyrtsym:   @artielang09:i thought artie drove a "74 ford pinto station wagon.
17th Dec, 5:27pm
JohnnSmythe:   ARTIELANGE09: I would have to read this in the Enquirer or see it on TMZ TV before I could believe such atrotiousness about Artie. Let's phone Maryanne [skwaak, skwaak, } LOL
17th Dec, 3:28pm
GameGirl2006:   @artielange09 Artie drive a Benz not a BMW
17th Dec, 3:19pm
ator1:   Richard posted that Santa prank he was talking about today on youtube. It's pretty funny.
17th Dec, 2:50pm
illeffeqt:   lol, i'm TWENTY MINUTES into the show and i'm still waiting to hear what the point of this people meter rap is... lol. howard is a pontificating motherfucker today.
17th Dec, 2:47pm
illeffeqt:   and how much crack have you been smoking?
17th Dec, 2:02pm
bigcliff:   ARTIELANGE09, How much money have you borrowed from Artie?
17th Dec, 1:42pm
Beamer:   H100 News Today:Richard gets engaged, controversy over Benjy’s Holiday Party date, Secret Santa, details on Vinnie Favale’s musical and more
17th Dec, 1:00pm
Ginge:   @artielange09- So Artie's car accident thing was a heroin thing? Is that what you're saying? Is he in rehab now?
17th Dec, 12:49pm
ricktunes:   ooga
17th Dec, 12:29pm
desert420:   HEY NOW!!
17th Dec, 10:04am
ator1:   na na na na reindeer. na na na na nose. na na na na na...saw him. na na na na na na glows.
17th Dec, 9:23am
mugsy2323:   illeffeqt: - I'm not a dummy...but maybe I am a douche? Artie definitely gives a shit about what listeners think. Peace and Love.
17th Dec, 9:18am
mugsy2323:   ArtieLange09 - Thanks for that insider information. Confirms some of my opinions.
16th Dec, 11:50pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Listen I am a friend of his bodyguard and I can tell you that Artie is far from a good person, can not manage his finances, LIED to his sister and got my buddy in trouble2 telling them that my buddy was his heroin dealer which is bullshit and then apologized only to do it again after his 4th of July weekend fall off the wagon..( rememember the Vegas trip and then when he fell asleep and hit the two teenagers in his rentacar after (he fell asleep the week before and crashed his BMW??? lol It s LIE after LIE with Artie and I didnt believe it either until I heard the truth from a kid I went grew up with who was lucky (or unlucky) enough to be his security
16th Dec, 10:08pm
16th Dec, 10:07pm
rvotyrtsym:   The only person Artie hates is Artie Lang.....................
16th Dec, 8:03pm
bellet:   I would never listen to anything robin would do outside of the stern show. everytime she tried she failed anyway. She is super annoying they way she laughs at what she says and talks over everyone.
16th Dec, 7:12pm
JohnnSmythe:   mugsy, I think Artie is a good guy at heart, and does the charities to help them, not himself. See, we canadians are not bred for hatred, but acceptance. There, but for the grace of God, go I. But if you want to hate Arite, that's your right, like I dislike Robin's douche-bag attitude. We'll see what happen's next year. I can use the break. I have not even listened to all of last years HOHS II
16th Dec, 4:06pm
illeffeqt:   artie doesn't give a shit about what listeners think dummy, if anything, he does so much charitable stuff to effect the way he feels about himself. god some stern fans are such douches.
16th Dec, 2:58pm
mugsy2323:   Thanks for cheering me on Johnn. You're right we all have our demons and Artie is only human (albeit a selfish and ugly one), but it seems to me that he feels like he is the most popular person on the show and is constantly being fake to show the listener what a great guy he is. I think he only does charity shows because it makes him seem like a good guy on the air. He tells JD (who is the greatest) that he'll call him to talk about JD's's all bullshit posturing for popularity. And what bothers me the most (and it's obvious that I'm bothered!) is that they almost NEVER take calls from anyone that dislikes him or has anything critical to say about Arite. Seriously, do you think they've ever had a caller or an emailer complaining about paying $50 to see that unfunny fucker perform bad stand up?
16th Dec, 2:12pm
JohnnSmythe:   ninjaballoon has it right about Robin, she can afford to laugh now, but where will she get money for coffee enema's after the show ends? Become a coffee-whore?
16th Dec, 2:09pm
JohnnSmythe:   mugsy, you still hating Artie? Attaboy! It's all about the hate!. Listen, he's only human and like many of us, has his demons. Artie is not shitting on anyone, but needs to get help, but I don't think he will get better if he's freaking out now. How will he live if he can't bring himself to go to work? Diisability payments? If Howard's only staying till the end of next year, he may need to replce Artie if Artie does not come back. A rotation of people would be great, Greg Fitzdog, Jim Big-balls, Colin Queen, Dave Awhatthehell and others would be great and give some variety to the show, which does seem as if Howard is phoning it in. He should just leave during Robin's news and let Gary run the show LOL.
16th Dec, 1:42pm
rvotyrtsym:   Yesterdays show sucked,hope todays is better.
16th Dec, 1:17pm
dawson:   Jim Florentine's prank calls are pretty funny, but he's a horrible stand up and guest
16th Dec, 1:03pm
ARTIELANGE09:   ANd I like many people I'm sure was the biggest Artie fan so and I am not an Artie hater, just have nop sympathy for his "getover" ways
16th Dec, 12:55pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Sucks that Artie has shit on everybody and the integrity of the show since 2003(we just found out he was lying all along in the last two years)
16th Dec, 12:54pm
ARTIELANGE09:   ANd it's simple because Howard treats Artie like a grandma treats her grandchild, they can do NO WRONG and as longas he keep that up expect another year of the same
16th Dec, 12:52pm
ARTIELANGE09:   @ Mugsy, good thoughts today, I agree about Gilbert, I have at least 10 Gilbert clips on my bb at all times, was just listening to when Amy Heckerling was on with her housekeeper yesterday, funny shit! and as far as Artie yeah he'll probably be back and will have yet another story of a half assed rehab and how rejuventated he feels
16th Dec, 12:38pm
mugsy2323:   What are your (everybody) thoughts about whether or not Artie will be back on the show in the New Year?
16th Dec, 12:32pm
mugsy2323:   Does anyone know why Gilbert hasn't been in for so long? He's my favourite guest
16th Dec, 12:09pm
desert420:   HEY NOW!!!
16th Dec, 12:07pm
ladysativa:   he's definitely a dip...
16th Dec, 12:02pm
ARTIELANGE09:   funnier know who
16th Dec, 12:02pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Nick Dip is funny as hell
16th Dec, 12:01pm
Beamer:   H100 News Today: Hottest Cougar Contest, John the Stutterer in studio with his escort "girlfriend," High Pitch gets charges reduced and more
16th Dec, 11:54am
TAS65:   poopdeck: Why the same guests? In a lot of ways, Howard is still stuck in the the late 90s
16th Dec, 11:48am
poopdeck:   i like robin although I can see why people hate her.
16th Dec, 11:47am
poopdeck:   why the fuck does howard have on the same guest over and over and over again. No one cares about jesse ventura, the hogans, or the ozzies.
16th Dec, 10:43am
ator1:   Nick Dipalo... more like Dick Dipalo. That guy's such a douche.
16th Dec, 10:41am
ator1:   I like Robin as well, and couldn't imagine the show without her. Sure she can be annoying sometimes, but that's everybody.
16th Dec, 10:35am
bigcliff:   mugsy2323, I agree sir.
16th Dec, 10:05am
damnhustle:   Tickets for the Comix Jim Florentine show have been reduced to $10 each from the original price of $35 for the Artie Lange show. HAHAHA
16th Dec, 9:20am
mugsy2323:   Fuck Artie - I pray he never comes back
16th Dec, 9:18am
mugsy2323:   I'm clearly in the minority here, but I actually like Robin. Granted she is often a fucking preaching no-it-all, I love the way she cackles at other's misfortunes. Also her crazyiness is fodder for great radio.
16th Dec, 12:58am
Ginge:   why? you're not the original ernielogman... he passed away
16th Dec, 12:05am
ernielogman:   once in a while i come back here to see if i recognize anyone from the old days
15th Dec, 11:29pm
ninjaballoon:   Robin has never been good on the show, but she went from useless to detrimental sack of cunt
15th Dec, 11:22pm
Code66:   lol @ groid!
15th Dec, 11:06pm
hangemhigh:   shes a stupid cow ridin howards coattails..ignorant groid
15th Dec, 10:54pm
Ginge:   I wanted to strangle her yesterday when she was telling Howard Avatar was a "2-D" movie and kept saying over and over than it wasn't 3-D... she says the dumbest and most misinformed things like they are fact!
15th Dec, 10:16pm
poopdeck:   she is a know it all
15th Dec, 9:41pm
blacklight0:   dude i fucking hate robins arrogant ass so fuckin much
15th Dec, 9:18pm
dawson:   I didn't think it was possible, but she is a lot worse than she used to be
15th Dec, 9:18pm
dawson:   Code66, I agree 100%
15th Dec, 8:47pm
Code66:   Does anyone else hate Robin as much as I do? She has become so annoying these last few years!
15th Dec, 8:03pm
illeffeqt:   gotta love robin's taste in movies today... apparently the new coen bros. movie is awful, but tyler perry's movies are great? LOL
15th Dec, 7:59pm
ricktunes:   @blazer5 - try it now with what I pm'd you
15th Dec, 7:47pm
tentent:   Demonoid is back OMG!!! mricon?....... still gone
15th Dec, 6:47pm
poopdeck:   supergee:control+P select Queuing category. Then in there you can choose how long to seed either ratio or # of minutes
15th Dec, 6:19pm
wshank69:   eos rules, that shit from yesterday was real choppy, I had to turn it off it was so annoying.... I love eos!
15th Dec, 6:09pm
blazer5:   thaks, cptgeez, will do. I've used password recovery there before and it woked.
15th Dec, 5:51pm
Supergee:   Thanks eos. I am using utorrent, and eventhough I leave the torrents uploading they stop prematurely. Its Driving me crazy cause i dont want my ratio to drop and get booted.
15th Dec, 5:29pm
cptdeez:   The password recovery here and on torrent keeper don't work. You have to send a message to ricktunes.
15th Dec, 4:50pm
blazer5:   Is anyone having trouble at torrent keeper I have not been able to log in for a couple of weeks now. And attempts to recover my account are not working. even tryed to create a neww account and thery ar full.
15th Dec, 4:38pm
eos:   Supergee: First, make sure you use either Azureus or uTorrent. They are simply the most reliable clients. Second, you have to seed each torrent to a ratio of 2 or more to increase your ratio. That's it.
15th Dec, 4:26pm
Mrwirez:   looks like snicks been hit
15th Dec, 4:19pm
blacklight0:   he's a fat drug addict... duh
15th Dec, 4:13pm
ballman872:   whats the deal wi8th artie? anyone know
15th Dec, 3:52pm
bigcliff:   Yurtle: Gotta agree with ya dude, that's extremely odd......
15th Dec, 3:52pm
blacklight0:   fuck ipod or any media device, i need my howard with deep bass in his voice just like I like my music to rock, cant be done on the run with little pussy headphones
15th Dec, 3:45pm
blacklight0:   welcome back eos, holy shit that wdm shit was horrible
15th Dec, 3:43pm
Supergee:   Can anyone help me: My upload speed is listed as "0.00" and under "connectable" it says "no". I am seeding any torrents i have downloaded, yet my ratio has fallen from 1.96 to 1.91. Why is this happening?
15th Dec, 3:31pm
jgrizzle:   lol, I am the snegro
15th Dec, 3:21pm
MidgetHunter:   Oh thank god eos is back in the game today! That wdm cap was terrible, it got all choppy twards the end. It's hard to get into a talk show when random words are dropping out all the time. Thank you all for the ups!
15th Dec, 3:07pm
poopdeck:   pm for invite to general private tracker
15th Dec, 2:10pm
prophecy500:   haha what about snickers isnt odd yurt??
15th Dec, 2:08pm
Yurtle:   anyone else think this is odd? ->
15th Dec, 1:56pm
googs999:   hey Beamer...nice to see you on
15th Dec, 1:40pm
Beamer:    H100 News Today: Henry Hill arrested, High Pitch Eric in court, behind the scenes of History of Howard Stern Act 3 and more
15th Dec, 1:39pm
goodie2shoes:   @kathy: pirate bay has a lot of the secundary shows... just enter 'howard stern' as a search and sort by date
15th Dec, 1:38pm
goodie2shoes:   *bows down*
15th Dec, 1:38pm
goodie2shoes:   EOS IS BACK! w000t!
15th Dec, 12:21pm
googs999:   thanks for the 'real' poop on that dude ricktunes.its nice to hear from nice source....been wondering what the story was.
15th Dec, 12:11pm
kathy8577:   where can I find torrents for celebrity super fan roundtable and touchem all?
15th Dec, 11:05am
ator1:   I'm in da baffroom, where I... where I take a SHIT!
15th Dec, 9:33am
byron68:   And to all the uplopaders, THANKS!!!
15th Dec, 6:44am
ricktunes:   no wdm/wush is not a scene, just a bad scene. Cat took all of CPA's vids for over 6 months, stripped off CPA's tag and put ion his own wdm acting like he capped them. Did this with eos's, fetals, and possibly toe's rips. Then he started re-encoding "nobody's" caps. He may finally be doing all his own work but cat claimed he was all originally for the last year and he was full of shit. I personally force check ove 50 of CPA caps and they all checked at 100%. When I confronted this clown on it, he backtracked and said everyone steals CPA's caps and etc, so this is the great wush we all now see.. lying thru his teeth.
15th Dec, 12:41am
bellet:   I am on the home team here, but some poeple could write a paper on why so and so upper is shit
15th Dec, 12:19am
eos:   wdm is not "scene". \
15th Dec, 12:13am
bellet:   wdm played great on my ipod not getting the upper bashing?
14th Dec, 11:29pm
poopdeck:   yah wdm is bullshit. they are transcodes.
14th Dec, 11:22pm
Zapper562:   eos: Thanks for providing the 128 kbps versions.
14th Dec, 11:22pm
Ginge:   Personally, I think 80k is the perfect hybrid of size and quality
14th Dec, 11:21pm
Ginge:   Right, it sounds like it would be easier... so the 64k is from the wave, not the 128k... that's good to know
14th Dec, 11:09pm
michaelall:   thanks eos, been waiting all day for that 128k fishscale good stuff
14th Dec, 11:08pm
eos:   I record as .wav, because it's easier, but whatever Sirius broadcasts is what the source. There has beena ton of debate (without much proof) over the actual bitrate that Sirius sends down from space. I have no horse in the race. I record as .wav, because it's easier for me.
14th Dec, 11:07pm
Ginge:   eos is your source file (the one you edit and transcode from)128k or wave? just curious...
14th Dec, 11:02pm
eos:   Rockin' the seedbox on 64k and (coming soon) 128k.
14th Dec, 11:01pm
Code66:   thanks eos! your 128's are the best part of my day!
14th Dec, 10:56pm
monkey:   Thanks eos your posts are always worth the wait. Thanks also to desert420 for the 24k post.
14th Dec, 10:53pm
eos:   heh
14th Dec, 10:50pm
greezyopg:   Guess I should have scrolled down. Sorry about that.
14th Dec, 10:50pm
eos:   In other news, water is wet.
14th Dec, 10:47pm
Ginge:   greez, it looks like the Titanic sunk as well!
14th Dec, 10:43pm
greezyopg:   Don't know if anyone posted this yet but it looks like DEMONOID is back up.
14th Dec, 10:40pm
zombievegas:   you rock eos! thanks!
14th Dec, 10:38pm
greezyopg:   Thanks eos!
14th Dec, 10:21pm
eos:   Getting close to uploading.
14th Dec, 10:13pm
JPS:   all hail to the mighty toe!
14th Dec, 10:12pm
poopdeck:   i don't think he knows what he is doing
14th Dec, 10:11pm
poopdeck:   the WDM clips i think. doesn't sound good
14th Dec, 10:09pm
poopdeck:   EOS!
14th Dec, 10:08pm
poopdeck:   mokito:trading invites is bad
14th Dec, 10:08pm
Snick422:   ladysativa:speaking of gaming, talking to you makes me realize how long it's been since i've pulled out mario kart wii
14th Dec, 10:07pm
Snick422:   cptdeez:zune 30 has been discontinued Get a 120 or 80 while you still can, because from now on it's HD only
14th Dec, 9:48pm
RedLster:   I agree, the wdm one is ok but its no barebones and there is no wrapup show
14th Dec, 9:36pm
Ginge:   eos, the 128k is worth the wait, no need for anything else imo
14th Dec, 9:33pm
ladysativa:   wow, I hope nobody thought that was sarcastic...
14th Dec, 9:33pm
ladysativa:   paying MS for hardware = win
14th Dec, 9:32pm
ladysativa:   also, go xbox
14th Dec, 9:32pm
ladysativa:   ;)
14th Dec, 9:31pm
ladysativa:   yes, zune rules. we've established that
14th Dec, 9:31pm
ladysativa:   just 128k eos edit should be fine
14th Dec, 9:31pm
cptdeez:   I'm not debating since I've never had an Ipod, but I'd just like to say I love my Zune. Whenever my Zune 30 dies I'd probably replace it with another Zune 30 because of how awesome it is.
14th Dec, 9:27pm
eos:   Home now, editing. Do I need to upload 24k, 64k and 128k?
14th Dec, 9:16pm
ladysativa:   next thing you know, we're debating something equally pointless like artie vs. jackie ;)
14th Dec, 9:15pm
ladysativa:   *fine
14th Dec, 9:15pm
ladysativa:   long story short: your brand of preference has no bearing on this community, so let's try to avoid the topic, regardless of whether you are repping ipod or zune or any of the other find DAPs out there
14th Dec, 9:13pm
ladysativa:   ;)
14th Dec, 9:13pm
ladysativa:   I thought we WEREN'T going to get into this debate...
14th Dec, 9:11pm
googs999:   Snick422:Ipod rules
14th Dec, 9:09pm
Snick422:   yeah, but zune has a larger screen and better quality audio playback than say...ipod
14th Dec, 9:03pm
ladysativa:   you know you can "put it" on any device that play .mp3 though, right?
14th Dec, 9:02pm
ladysativa:   I thought when you said something "rules", it might start a debate. My bad
14th Dec, 9:02pm
ladysativa:   really? ok, sorry
14th Dec, 8:58pm
Snick422:   lol ladysativa, then why'd you bring it up? we were just having a friendly conversation as two zune owners, YOU're inciting a debate
14th Dec, 8:57pm
ladysativa:   I'm just here for the eos edit, not going to get into the zune debate thx.
14th Dec, 8:53pm
rvotyrtsym:   @mokito,there is plenty of flac over at demonoid.
14th Dec, 8:46pm
Snick422:   farmface:Zune rules
14th Dec, 8:24pm
Mokito:   thanks to stern i decided to check out the steven seagal show, pretty good..
14th Dec, 8:19pm
Mokito:   im looking for flac
14th Dec, 8:18pm
Mokito:   hey poopdeck, any private music tracker? if so, maybe we can trade
14th Dec, 8:14pm
rvotyrtsym:   Im glad i recorded the show today.
14th Dec, 8:14pm
poopdeck:    have invites to private tracker if anyone wants any. pm me email addy
14th Dec, 8:07pm
farmface:   Im in hawaii and we cant catch sirius. EOS usually gets up it just as I'm going to bed- so I can put it on my zune as soon as I wake up and have it in the car. its perfect. EOS <3
14th Dec, 8:06pm
farmface:   I think EOS is awesome just because he gets shows up so incredibly fast, and days like today throw off my whole routine. O
14th Dec, 8:04pm
farmface:   hey poop can i get an invite?
14th Dec, 7:49pm
Mokito:   waaa!
14th Dec, 7:48pm
Mokito:   artie is on some klonopin & some other shit - all bets are off! - seriously though artie needs to act like a man & stop acting like a baby
14th Dec, 7:32pm
poopdeck:   have invites to private tracker if anyone wants any
14th Dec, 7:25pm
SirBlank:   thank you!
14th Dec, 7:14pm
desert420:   Hey guys the 24k will be up as soon as EOS gets his 128k's up! Sorry for the long delay!
14th Dec, 6:58pm
chucky:   now if someone would get the kiddchris show daily life would be perfect.
14th Dec, 6:58pm
chucky:   all cappers are saints!
14th Dec, 6:43pm
googs999:   dont forget our bro Cameltoe.....hail the regular cappers
14th Dec, 6:39pm
poopdeck:   yeah EOS is a saint
14th Dec, 6:36pm
farmface:   Its days like this that remind me how awesome EOS is.
14th Dec, 6:34pm
lennynero:   to people that encode for a specific platform: Imagine what the world would have been like if FrontPage was the only web development kit.
14th Dec, 6:18pm
poopdeck:   yep lennynero
14th Dec, 6:16pm
lennynero:   right up there with the guy that capped the Saddest Virgin Contest on TTracker. ~400MB of encoded black bars. I mean, I'm glad he did it, I'm glad he upped it, but I had to reencode it to get it to play on anything but WMP
14th Dec, 6:15pm
poopdeck:   it is 64k but 22kHz. Not sure why he encoded it that way. 32kHz would be a good improvement. He doesn't know what he is doing obviously. Although he seems to be building an empire
14th Dec, 6:13pm
lennynero:   We're missing you, Toe!
14th Dec, 6:13pm
lennynero:   fwiw, that is *not* a 64k rip. Sounds like 32k recoded to 64. I know this because I was listening to the 48k stream, copied the wdm cap to my iPhone, and switched. The 48k sounded sooooo much better.
14th Dec, 6:12pm
lennynero:   hey poop, thanks for the up!
14th Dec, 6:12pm
illeffeqt:   wow, snoop was majorly fucking entertaining today.
14th Dec, 6:11pm
poopdeck:   demonoid sucks. i dunno why all you people are so happy it is back up
14th Dec, 6:09pm
lennynero:   ohsolemio, wdm isn't here. poopdeck posted that (and clearly stated). You'd be better served directing your praise at poopdeck
14th Dec, 6:05pm
Ginge:   I have demonoid invites for anyone with a good ratio... pm me
14th Dec, 5:46pm
ohsolemio:   thanks wdm, you dont have a demonoid invite do you? do you? cheers
14th Dec, 5:37pm
lennynero:   lol, I'm going commando, nothing to bunch. But wtf is your name about? How do you pronounce it? Where's it come from?
14th Dec, 5:35pm
rvotyrtsym:   ok lenny,don't get your panties in a bunch.
14th Dec, 5:30pm
lennynero:   and rvotyrtsym (wtf is that name, dude?), here's the update from the recently posted WDM cap: * Artie Lange Asked To Take Time Off By SIRIUS Management.
14th Dec, 5:28pm
lennynero:   it's *still* worth the cash, SE. It's the only way (aside from CT's caps) that I can get the Stern show reliably on my iPhone.
14th Dec, 5:08pm
rvotyrtsym:   Artie out again,that fucking pussy.he don't give a shit about the show.
14th Dec, 5:06pm
SpaceEdge:   That's true but it was well worth the cash before Sirius/XM released their official app, I have got my moneys worth
14th Dec, 5:02pm
lennynero:   SpaceEdge, Pocket Tunes is $7. $3, $5, $7....if it's not free, the masses will bitch.
14th Dec, 4:59pm
lennynero:   nod. There's plenty of bootleg streams....searching shoutcast is a good start.
14th Dec, 4:56pm
SpaceEdge:   check out pocket tunes it lets your record the stream on your iPhone or iTouch (it also has H100 & H101)
14th Dec, 4:52pm
lennynero:   So where's Artie? No show on Thursday (or Wed, right?), out today....I've got 5 hundy on rehab.
14th Dec, 4:51pm
lennynero:   but, ooTunes is $5, so I doubt a lot of the self-entitled shitheads would bother to pay for it, much less then subscription to sirius.
14th Dec, 4:50pm
lennynero:   using ooTunes to listen to the replay on H100 right now. It'll tide me over until CamelToe shows up with his wonderfully edited archiveable mp3
14th Dec, 4:50pm
lennynero:   to those that ask, "Where's the show?", I say, "where's your subscription?".
14th Dec, 4:26pm
mugsy2323:   Where is Gilbert? I love him, but he couldn't be in the studio everyday. It would be amazing if Takei could sit in everyday - I understand he loves grimy mexicans.
14th Dec, 4:07pm
tucansam: is back up if you need the show
14th Dec, 4:06pm
14th Dec, 4:01pm
Dreamxtreme:   baba booey
14th Dec, 3:57pm
poopdeck:   yes eos is out. He said he would post the show in late afternoon which I'm guessing means it'll be up around 8pm EST
14th Dec, 3:47pm
toresn:   is EOS on vacation?
14th Dec, 3:44pm
jdigz:   its called, look into it.
14th Dec, 3:43pm
doitlive:   and for the record I am thankful to all the uploaders here and at TK, I seed, I do my part
14th Dec, 3:42pm
nag01:   why no upload?
14th Dec, 3:42pm
doitlive:   Damn, EOS we need you---- bad..... where is my stern show. I know I am getting it free and should be thankful to get it, but Damn.
14th Dec, 3:38pm
weed89:   I scrolled way back and didnt see a answer---Is there a show today..or are they on vacation? I saw someone posted EOS was gone today...but there are no other shows uploaded either?? whats going on??
14th Dec, 3:27pm
jdigz:   I hope that fat load never comes back, and eventually ends up broke and alone.
14th Dec, 3:23pm
JohnnSmythe:   Colin Quinn would not be a good fit
14th Dec, 3:19pm
RedLster:   I always thought he didnt cap the show,I thought he renamed the stuff from here which is what I meant by no way he has had time to steal it yet,matter of fact when you try to grab it it says torrent removed
14th Dec, 3:18pm
JohnnSmythe:   TK was bashing Wush as well. I'm gonna wait for cameltoe or eos, no support for the wicked! LOL
14th Dec, 3:18pm
vampiregato:   bring on adam corrola
14th Dec, 3:16pm
RedLster:   I saw the Stern show for today by WDM over there ,no way he has had a chance to steal it yet
14th Dec, 3:14pm
JohnnSmythe:   Hey people, demonoid is back up!
14th Dec, 3:09pm
RedLster:   I vote Colin Quinn to take the seat
14th Dec, 3:06pm
illeffeqt:   dave attell is a successful comedian, he's not doing 3rd mic for howard stern. ever.
14th Dec, 3:05pm
mbe2846:   any reason none of the shows have been u/l yet?
14th Dec, 3:04pm
JohnnSmythe:   I still waiting too, mugsy, but!!! Artie has not been fired, or they would have said. You can't just be fired that easily in the US anymore where "disabilities" arre concerned, and Artie is disabled, be it mentally or physically. Benjy acts too much like a jerk, never really answering a question or giving a stupid opinion, so Howard is correct in keeping Benjy's mike off. I still say give jackie a chance. they could goof on him all day and maybe Robin will dream about him some more LOL
14th Dec, 2:36pm
poopdeck:   Benjy is better not talking
14th Dec, 2:29pm
mugsy2323:   thanks for the congratulations JohnnSmythe. I stoked. I haven't heard the show today, but from what I gather it sounds like management made the decision. I don't really think they'll have anyone sit in till at least the new year. Do you like Benjy? I hope the let him talk.
14th Dec, 2:19pm
zarco64:   glad I could help.
14th Dec, 2:11pm
arcterex:   Thanks for the link @zarco64... nice fast torrent!
14th Dec, 2:02pm
poopdeck:   jackie is kinda like richard and sal. What the say isn't in itself funny. The 'joke' is funny because they are saying it and because they think it is funny...which makes it funny. Laughing at them not with them.
14th Dec, 1:59pm
JohnnSmythe:   wellmugsy, you got your wish, Merry Christmas I just wish Howard would not be such a fucking pussy and tell us the truth. Dave Atell was funny - maybe he could sit in, better than Fitzsimmons
14th Dec, 1:56pm
LeechBot:   online open torrent tracker signup checker at
14th Dec, 1:45pm
HanKHiLL:   yes jackie is an ass, but the storires of him and the shantty houses all in one city, the fights with nancy, and how everyone would gang up and rag on him were great
14th Dec, 1:44pm
14th Dec, 1:25pm
nanoreefer:   F Jackie, indeed!
14th Dec, 1:24pm
nanoreefer:   After Howard & Fred said that Jackie laughed hardest at his own jokes, I can hardly listen to the old shows. All I hear is Jackie doing that fake, yuk yuk yuk at random jokes.
14th Dec, 1:24pm
poopdeck:   F jackie
14th Dec, 1:22pm
HanKHiLL:   thanks JK i wasn't sure
14th Dec, 1:20pm
usiphi203:   haha, Jackie back. The show evolved and left Jackie in the past. Jackie was great. Key word is "was".
14th Dec, 1:17pm
JKoffler44:   eos said "I'm out of town and won't post tomorrow's show until late afternoon at the earliest. Take is sleazy."
14th Dec, 1:09pm
HanKHiLL:   i loved the timmy stuff poor timmy the retarded cat ran off and went flat
14th Dec, 1:08pm
HanKHiLL:   eos said that he was out this morning but will be back later right?
14th Dec, 1:07pm
dondiego:   I agree. They should have Jackie sub. It was always great to hear Howard and Fred bust Jackie's balls. Remember the "F-Timmy" running gag?
14th Dec, 1:04pm
Beamer:   H100 News Today: Snoop Dogg in studio, Artie out, the origin of the Roll Call, questions over Benjy’s date to the holiday party, and more
14th Dec, 1:02pm
nanoreefer:   It would be great to have Jackie sit in on the Jackie Chair. He wants more radio time...
14th Dec, 12:59pm
JKoffler44:   with them having as much notice about his absence as they do, someone should sit in for him this week.
14th Dec, 12:56pm
shanerr:   they should make jackie their temp. he should wake up early and be on call for whenever someone on the staff takes a mental health day.
14th Dec, 12:55pm
shanerr:   i thought artie looked pretty good during the 50cent vid but then i realized it was susan boyle
14th Dec, 12:55pm
JKoffler44:   This is just this year's cliff hanger to get you excited for when they come back.
14th Dec, 12:51pm
nanoreefer:   Get off Artie's back. He's great as the side kick. Can you imagine if Jackie was still around!? He was such a hack!
14th Dec, 12:36pm
mugsy2323:   You're right he is an amazing story teller - but a piece of shit. I don't think he makes the show better. Before Howard told him to shut the fuck up during interviews he wrecked so many. Benicio Del Toro, Ben Stiller and way more. I hope he doesn't come back and his career dries up, like Blue Iris' pussy (dead or alive)
14th Dec, 12:33pm
toresn:    I hope Artie stays with the show. I don't think he is a particularly good comedian, but his stories and mere presence makes the show a better show.
14th Dec, 12:31pm
Nannocrob:   sirius only hired artie because howard wanted him, they could care less. artie was slagging off and howard had his thumb up his ass, and now even JD starting doing it, artie sets a bad example
14th Dec, 12:26pm
usiphi203:   Show was live today.
14th Dec, 12:24pm
johnnyjohnny:   fucking artie man. time to get greg fitzsimmons to replace him.
14th Dec, 12:21pm
antd:   no show today?
14th Dec, 12:19pm
usiphi203:   Benjy is great but he's his once worst enemy.
14th Dec, 12:19pm
mugsy2323:   Ack, Ack
14th Dec, 12:19pm
mugsy2323:   Also, I find it hard to believe the office crew actually like Artie. He is so fake and as ungrateful as Eric the Midget.
14th Dec, 12:16pm
mugsy2323:   I think that Howard just wants to keep that unfunny fuck around because it's good radio to hear a guy's life breakdown. I'd be happy if he lets Benjy talk a bit more. He's the best part of the Wrap Up show.
14th Dec, 12:14pm
usiphi203:   It doesn't seem like Howards job to me. They work for Sirius right?
14th Dec, 12:13pm
usiphi203:   Howard didn't get rid of AJ Benza, Tom did. Howard tried to leave it up to John.
14th Dec, 12:12pm
usiphi203:   Artie has a contract with Sirius and not Howard right? If that's the case, it's not up to Howard. he might of suggested a leave but Artie is under contract. Howard can't fire him.
14th Dec, 12:05pm
Nannocrob:   howard is such a fucken pussy, he needed daddy management to step in and do his dirty work for him; artie just needed to go
14th Dec, 12:03pm
HanKHiLL:   lol i put a e in wouldn't damn typos
14th Dec, 11:14am
hsbtls:   other good torrents for bubba ????
14th Dec, 10:49am
HanKHiLL:   fuck arttie, fuck jackie if fred is gone the show woulden't be the same
14th Dec, 10:48am
HanKHiLL:   if art is getting high agian then howard should fire his ass, but it won't happen cause howard dosen't want to look for a replacement agian (jackie will probally want his spot agian then fred will quit or kill jackie)
14th Dec, 10:14am
damnhustle:   from that video it looks like hes off the wagon, but i think Howard values Artie's contribution to the show and i believe he will still be there next year, however not sure about re-signing with Sirius.
14th Dec, 10:05am
toresn:   He's off the wagon again? If so, do you think he'll make it to the next show/year?
14th Dec, 9:40am
damnhustle: </----- is it me or does artie look super high?
14th Dec, 9:36am
mugsy2323:   same here FJackie - I don't remember when I started to dislike him
14th Dec, 9:33am
poopdeck:   he is such a loser.
14th Dec, 9:33am
poopdeck:   wtf, artie is gone?
14th Dec, 9:30am
mugsy2323:   thanks dawson - and i'm happy about artie. he brings the show down. mean and not funny
14th Dec, 9:21am
dawson:   Artie is out and won't be back until next year
14th Dec, 9:20am
dawson:   New show
14th Dec, 9:17am
mugsy2323:   Is there a new show today or are they on vacation?
14th Dec, 9:13am
HanKHiLL:   did the family guy empire strikes back air on tv? i haven't watched tv in months and i'm curious about it cause i just got a dvd rip og it
14th Dec, 8:35am
bonghitrobb: Check it out...
14th Dec, 7:53am
byron68:   DEMONOID IS BACK ..... woot!!
14th Dec, 6:06am
ator1:   Deja Vu. Artie's out again. Howard says Sirius mgmt. told him to take some time off.
13th Dec, 8:59pm
thrillride:   ug, ugh
13th Dec, 8:46pm
blazer5:   same here I click on recover they say Sucess I go to my email and notheing been over a week now
13th Dec, 8:43pm
thrillride:   can't even recover my account
13th Dec, 8:43pm
thrillride:   I am having trouble logging into my TK account as well.
13th Dec, 7:45pm
blazer5:   I can't log into TorrentKeeper ..tryed to recover my accout It says Sucsess but still no info.
13th Dec, 4:43pm
eos:   I'm out of town and won't post tomorrow's show until late afternoon at the earliest. Take is sleazy.
13th Dec, 1:05pm
duff3389:   SpaceEdge Thanks for passing that info.
13th Dec, 12:11pm
damnhustle:   any other sites with open registration?
13th Dec, 11:56am
SpaceEdge:   torrentbully has open registrations also
13th Dec, 9:42am
damnhustle:   tv mogul, google torrents open registration checker and run it to check that and several torrent sites.
13th Dec, 9:42am
duff3389:   DEMONOID IS UP AND RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13th Dec, 7:28am
tvmogull:   so who do i gotta blow to get an account with bitemytorrent?
13th Dec, 4:43am
ator1:   The best copy of Moon that I could find, the comments say that the video is DVD rip, but the audio is a little fucked.
13th Dec, 4:29am
eraserhead77:   torrent keeper...always wondered why 101 shows weren't here...anyone got a torrent keeper invite?
13th Dec, 4:24am
eraserhead77:   "Moon" is great...and there are actual DVDrips out there now...
13th Dec, 4:22am
ator1:   The Geektime website has a trailer for a cool-looking sci-fi flick called "Moon". An R5 copy of the movie is out there
13th Dec, 3:19am
HanKHiLL:   dosen't breuer's show get posted over there?
13th Dec, 12:57am
Snick422:   that's BiteMyTorrent, not BitMeTV. and they're not cocksuckers they're our sister site, they just like a lesser show ;)
13th Dec, 12:12am
HanKHiLL:   but i could be wrong
13th Dec, 12:11am
HanKHiLL:   i thought bitmetv was for those cock suckers o&a and torrent keeper is htv and 101 shows
12th Dec, 11:57pm
eraserhead77:   Snick422: i agree
12th Dec, 11:57pm
eraserhead77:   unless they are already here and i dont see them: for anyone that doesn't have them, has the 5 pilots Howard did for FOX back in the day...i believe sign up is open there
12th Dec, 11:57pm
Snick422:   eraserhead:david lynch rules
12th Dec, 11:55pm
eraserhead77:   if you can find an invite, bitmetv seems to have the most HowardTV torrents I can find
12th Dec, 10:40pm
HanKHiLL:    yurt thats fun and funny
12th Dec, 9:26pm
berzerker:   I used to get all my HowardTV from Demonoid, but since they're down I'm not sure where to go. Any sites you guys can recommend?
12th Dec, 8:45pm
JohnnSmythe:   looking at the age, that would be statutory rape, jail time, making friends in the shower, jonining the aryan brotherhood
12th Dec, 8:43pm
JohnnSmythe:   can'y quite make out what the picture is, though
12th Dec, 8:42pm
JohnnSmythe:   Does raping a mod get you a boost in your ratio??
12th Dec, 7:53pm
jgrizzle:   Hey now
12th Dec, 7:25pm
Yurtle:   did anyone else see this -
12th Dec, 7:18pm
rvotyrtsym:   @retard,o&a are douchbags.
12th Dec, 7:11pm
RickyRetardo:   wow i took a long break from radio, where are the opie and anthony torrents?
12th Dec, 3:43pm
jc:   Undernet hates me right now, servers timing out all over the place.
12th Dec, 3:37pm
HanKHiLL:   i thought it was funny that yurt pointed it out "yay rainbows!"
12th Dec, 2:52pm
Snick422:   looks like a certain mod has been editing my profile to fulfill his own fantasies since he is too shy to act them out in reality. I'm looking at you, shell boy.
12th Dec, 11:48am
HanKHiLL:   lol "I'm Always Open, yay rainbows!" thats fucked up
12th Dec, 11:35am
Yurtle:   did anyone else notice this -
12th Dec, 11:33am
HanKHiLL:   ator1: idunno but you can't find lil dvds i'm getting em 4 my wii there are emulators for the pc tho
12th Dec, 11:08am
googs999:   @ninja: there is a perfectly seeded torrent from Sept.8,2000 right on the first page....a fine Mtt
12th Dec, 10:43am
usiphi203:   Yes, the driving class is in Feb. Or atleast he claims it is.
12th Dec, 10:14am
TAS65:   Jin2124: Fitty Cent is more right than wrong about HSRS, but what he and everyone else is forgetting is that Stern has already revolutionaized broadcasting to a far greater degree than anyone in the medium has over the last half-century. He has nothing left to prove to anyone. Going into his final yyears with a relatively subdued show is just fine, if you ask me.
12th Dec, 2:55am
norlight:   @bellet... Arties driving classes will be in February
12th Dec, 1:25am
bellet:   so did artie miss the show because of drving class? like he could have come in for at least part of the show but choose not to so Howard was a bit upset
12th Dec, 12:17am
ator1:   Does the Gamecube have to be modified in any way to play copies?
11th Dec, 8:38pm
shanerr:   now im gonna have to seed "quivers- a package" for a fuckin year. what the hell was i thinking? ill prolly never even listen to it
11th Dec, 8:26pm
HanKHiLL:   why thank you thankyouverymuch
11th Dec, 7:30pm
hangemhigh:   phil was a god back in the day...there use to be several gig at the keeper
11th Dec, 7:29pm
hangemhigh:   and here-->
11th Dec, 7:25pm
hangemhigh:   I think this one has some-->
11th Dec, 6:54pm
HanKHiLL:   any1 know of a site to get gamecube games?? i'm updating my nintendo collection
11th Dec, 6:40pm
kinison2006:   hey kids!
11th Dec, 6:29pm
HanKHiLL:   i know that there is some 1 who caps hendrie i've seen them floating around and he used 2 be on a local am station by me his christmas shows were great like when santa got shot down by a rpg
11th Dec, 6:25pm
johnnyjohnny:   anyone know if theres a phil hendrie blogspot?
11th Dec, 5:59pm
thericochet:   i thought 50 cent peaked already? doesn't he sell a lot less records than he used to?
11th Dec, 3:23pm
HanKHiLL:   fuck fitty pesos, that cock sucker will still go on the show when he needs to promote something. nobody gets results like howard
11th Dec, 2:47pm
redwings20:   that guy is a fucking retard
11th Dec, 2:46pm
redwings20:   who cares what 50 cent thinks
11th Dec, 2:33pm
ninjaballoon:   You'd think that Howard's so popular you could find his old shows all over. Damn it!
11th Dec, 2:29pm
Jin2124:   I think it's time for Howard to hang up that silly wig of his and just enjoy his old, scared of everything, complaining life and just play chess and talk to himself for the remainder of his life.
11th Dec, 2:26pm
Jin2124:   Did anyone hear 50 cent mention that Howard's show has turned into a conservative, old people's show...I thought I was the only one who thought so!!!
11th Dec, 2:20pm
prophecy500:   heyyy nooow!!
11th Dec, 2:18pm
jscoots1125:   Trust me Ninja with a share ratio like that you are not aloud to even ask that question. Despite the fact that I am seeding pretty much every file I've downloaded and my ratio is at .44 welcoming people to share so I can get a higher one. I got yelled at for requesting an older show. So you just have to sit and pray someone reseeds.
11th Dec, 1:24pm
ninjaballoon:   Is there anywhere to get Howard shows from like 2000? I can't find any seeded torrents here.
11th Dec, 1:22pm
JohnnSmythe:   Phil Hendire is best known as the host of The Phil Hendrie Show, a comedy talk radio show, has also done some voice work for cartoons FOX sitcoms King of the Hill and Futurama
11th Dec, 1:19pm
JohnnSmythe:   MEL KARMAZIN: Howard has been a very significant performer for us. He has to decide on whether or not he wants to continue. If he does, I would be doing everything I can to work out financial arrangements that are in our shareholders' best interests to do a deal with Howard
11th Dec, 12:42pm
ator1:   Phil Hendrie is on Bubba right now. Never heard him, only heard of him, but he's pretty entertaining. He went on a nice tirade against Sirius management.
11th Dec, 11:55am
ZigZagNuts:    Hey Guys, Does anyone by any chance have any of Stuttering John's mid 90's K-Rock Radio Shows or could you direct me to where I might find any o fthese shows? Thx, Happy Holidays to all!
11th Dec, 10:37am
usiphi203:   ETM admitted to making up the whole thing, it was him who wrote both emails.
11th Dec, 10:21am
HanKHiLL:   Quincy, I gotta go take a shit in a spackle bucket
11th Dec, 3:18am
turk:   It would be so funny if Eric The Midget somehow managed to sue Gary and won the lawsuit.
11th Dec, 12:38am
HanKHiLL:   *Quincy*Quincy*
10th Dec, 9:25pm
Snick422:   John:Happy birthay dude
10th Dec, 9:12pm
JohnnSmythe:   I'm still lisuening to tuesday where Howard's talking to J.D.seems Howards and JD's problem is that their ballsl are too full LOL
10th Dec, 9:11pm
JohnnSmythe:   why not Snick? I love my cock. It turned a year older today, and can still piss, though sitting down cause I get whoozy standing
10th Dec, 7:35pm
JohnnSmythe:   @thericochet: remember that Hein has fuck you money so why would Howard bug him. He seems like a nice guy, and all those blow jobs he got...
10th Dec, 6:51pm
poopdeck:   thanks eos
10th Dec, 6:37pm
wshank69:   I've been PONdering this for years.
10th Dec, 6:35pm
wshank69:   I know, I never understood him coming in the studio and mentioning everything THAT JUST HAPPENED, it seems ridiculous. And the wrap up show may be the reason Baba-retard can't get good guests on a regular basis, he's too busy with that dumb show.
10th Dec, 5:55pm
thericochet:   he's told Mutt to hurry up a few times though. maybe because he's on the phone and it's less uncomfortable to hurry him up..even though Mutt takes less than half the time Hein does
10th Dec, 5:54pm
thericochet:   i'm so thankful for these mp3s when i can fast forward through the Lisa G and John Hein promo segments. i like Hein, but does he really need to mention EVERY single little fucking thing that just happened on the show we've been listening to? the wrap up show is only half an hour and his promo for it is like 15 minutes. it feels like it anyway. i'm surprised Howard hasn't said anything about it yet since he's always anal about promos taking long. he never chastises Hein for some reason.
10th Dec, 4:15pm
Snick422:   oh yeah...and I don't like cock
10th Dec, 4:15pm
Snick422:   shanerr:It's not true, I never uploaded anything great
10th Dec, 2:05pm
shanerr:   nice. a package of christmas shows too!
10th Dec, 2:03pm
shanerr:   so as to ready my mp3 player for the coming vacation
10th Dec, 2:01pm
shanerr:   after checking out snicks profile, first noticed he loves the cock, but then how many great torrents he's uploaded. im gonna try to dl some of that gold
10th Dec, 1:41pm
Beamer:    H100 News Today: Underdog Lady has her large intestine removed, The Saddest Virgin Contest, Dave Atell in studio, Artie out again and more
10th Dec, 1:26pm
JohnnSmythe:   mugsy: bet you could think about two lesbians what with all that fish near the docks
10th Dec, 1:11pm
JohnnSmythe:   damn straight, mugsy. i don't think he brings the show down, but if he's gonna fuck us in the ass every day, maybe its time for Howard to get some balls. But I do believe Artie is going thru some personal demons, like his STASH OF HORSE!!!!
10th Dec, 1:09pm
JohnnSmythe:   what do you mean, Yurtle?
10th Dec, 12:35pm
Yurtle:   thanks overseer
10th Dec, 12:26pm
THA1icarus:   Thanx EOS and no problem mate
10th Dec, 12:15pm
eos:   Couple minutes behind schedule today.
10th Dec, 11:40am
Yurtle:   anyone else notice this ->
10th Dec, 11:37am
mugsy2323:   ator1 - Artie is out today? Good. He brings the show down - with his "I'm a macho guy from New Jersey. I can't even think about gay things b/c I'm such a man. I used to be a dock worker." Fuck him
10th Dec, 9:02am
poopdeck:   let me know if anyone wants invites to private tracker.
10th Dec, 8:55am
minimoose:   I may have gotten it from torrentkeeper
10th Dec, 8:54am
minimoose:   calstarsrs: the sour special was mind numbing
10th Dec, 6:22am
ator1:   Artie's out again.
10th Dec, 5:25am
werris: Because Lisa G is a LYING CUNT!
10th Dec, 4:10am
thericochet:   I know the hairbrush thing was to Elliot Offen, but I'm not sure if the white asshole thing was during the same fight, because I don't remember it and I don't know why Gary would single him out as a "white" asshole
10th Dec, 4:09am
thericochet:   I've heard every hour of every show since 2000 and i don't remember when Gary ever said "Fuck you, you white asshole" in any sort of context that would make sense. Does anyone know when he said that? Now that I'm typing this out I'm thinking it might have been on the wrap-up show, which I never listen to. If anyone has an idea of when he said it and WHY he said it and to WHOM he said it....please let us in on it. Thanks.
10th Dec, 3:24am
thericochet:   Yeah go take another hairbrush up your ass!
10th Dec, 3:23am
thericochet:   Fuck you, you white asshole.
10th Dec, 3:20am
turk:   I just made a search for "Ed, Lisa, and Dre" on Google, omitting any results related to Howard Stern and there were 35 results, more than half of which were repeat results. Wouldn't something this significant according to Lisa G. be mentioned more?
10th Dec, 12:33am
ator1:   Breathe in for 4 seconds. Hold it for 7 seconds. Breathe out for 8 seconds. It's nice.
9th Dec, 9:38pm
calstarsrs:   was the thanksgiving special with Sour ever posted?
9th Dec, 9:37pm
calstarsrs:   what the fuck is PON
9th Dec, 7:40pm
jstern:   I remember the roll call.
9th Dec, 7:40pm
thericochet:   Head in a blender....leap off the Chrysler building.....working construction in 2 weeks....
9th Dec, 7:25pm
JohnnSmythe:   Mom takes Celexa and it did wonders for her with no side effects we could spot
9th Dec, 7:19pm
JohnnSmythe:   Paxil is one of the better one's but it did not help me, made me insomniac and made it feel like I was in slow motion, so I went off all anti-dep's
9th Dec, 7:15pm
illeffeqt:   i feel like everyone in america is on anti-depressants now. so weird.
9th Dec, 7:05pm
jdigz:   Im on Paxil for depression, is that bad?
9th Dec, 7:01pm
wshank69:   to sleep though, you really can't beat Nyquil, does it for me every time!
9th Dec, 6:42pm
JohnnSmythe:   mugsy, I also take Lorazepam [Ativan] before bed but the recommended max for clonazepam is 20mg, I'm up to 7 after 5-6 years, cause you build a tolerance. But I am never calm, I am stressed to the point of hysteria at times
9th Dec, 6:40pm
bobdylan:   thanks for the 128k edits - they make my ipod better than a sirius radio
9th Dec, 6:40pm
9th Dec, 6:39pm
bobdylan:   you horrible monster eos
9th Dec, 6:16pm
eos:   Sorry I hogged the bandwidth today. Turns out my school blocks almost all ports, so I could not login to the seedbox and stop the torrents.
9th Dec, 4:36pm
mugsy2323:   There is no way that Sirius wants to get rid of Howard. They know how many subscribers they'd lose without that big nosed jew bastard (that's a reference - I'm not antisemetic)
9th Dec, 4:34pm
mugsy2323:   JohnSmythe: Klonazepam makes you high. It is a benzodiazepine. It's mainly taken for serious anxiety and panic attacks. It just makes you very calm. I'm sure you know that. You should take 1 (or 5) sometime and don't go to sleep - it'll make for a very relaxing time. I also have serious anxiety issues and when I first stumbled across Ativan/Clonazepam/Lorazepam I fell in love, but I abused it sooo much (30mg a day) that I'm immune to it now. It also sucks withdrawing from it.
9th Dec, 3:42pm
JohnnSmythe:   and sirius is a long way from stable and profitabe. still carrying alot of debt
9th Dec, 3:40pm
JohnnSmythe:   well, from what Howard said, his show makes a profit, so Mel just wants MORE!MORE!MORE!MORE! of that profit and less for Howard. Makes me wonder what the "back room" guys make. Probably less than a Walmart greeter LOLOLOL
9th Dec, 3:35pm
THA1icarus:   Well they can't afford to loose him either even if half of the people stop their subscription that joind because of Howard they are loosing a shit load of people
9th Dec, 3:09pm
illeffeqt:   mel doesn't want to drop howard, it's just a huge financial burden to sirius to keep him on at the rate he's currently earning... sirius originally paid him such a huge amount because they were getting their ass whipped by xm and it was do or die time. now that they are finally working toward a stable, profitable business, they can't afford a deal like that.
9th Dec, 2:42pm
JohnnSmythe:   mugsy, did it make you high? I just take it before bed, so no real anything other than what I mentioned. Clinical depression is still part of my life but I just had to learn to live with it
9th Dec, 2:39pm
usiphi203:   I think he's funny. But he's also a drug addicted liar. I don't give a damn about him personally. He makes me laugh and that it all that matters.
9th Dec, 2:39pm
JohnnSmythe:   and who really cares if Artue goes to a shrink or not. I don't understand this guilt/depression about having money. Wish I had that problem. Artie does need to leave the show or go to a later start time so he can sleep. I have read much of what Howard mentioned and it does sound like Mel/Sirius want to drop howard. But he more than pays for himself and makes a profit, so what happens when all the fans cancel their extra Howard subscriptions? BTLS, O&A nor Gary could replace Stern [Maybe Jackie and Reilly LOLOLOL] but Howard should give his staff a truthful heads-up so they can start looking if they need new jobs
9th Dec, 2:35pm
mugsy2323:   I'm happy to hear that there are other people here that hate that fat fuck - every caller always say they love him. Guests too - read his book, worried about him - baby gorrilla
9th Dec, 2:33pm
mugsy2323:   Clonazepam - best pill ever. I used to take it for anxiety too, but I abused it so much that it stopped having an effect on me. I know it can be used for a lot of things, but it's still addictive and a doc. wouldn't prescribe it to a drug addict. The same goes for his drunk driving charge - he said he was still fucked up from the sleeping pills he tood the night before - which he claimed his doc. prescribed.
9th Dec, 2:29pm
JohnnSmythe:   @mugsy: If you look up klonopin, it can be used for alot of things. I've been taking klonopin [i Canada generic - clonazepam] for years now. Anti-depressants fucked me up and made me an insomniac. The drug got rid of my panic attacks, night terrors and restless leg syndrome and I am able to sleep, though it's still tough some days. It was a godsend, so I think it should help Artie. And Will sucks shit himself, I just wish he would die already LOLOLOLOL
9th Dec, 2:23pm
usiphi203:   I would be willing to bet Artie doesn't even go to a psychiatrist. There's no reason to even believe him, his track record is piss poor.
9th Dec, 2:22pm
usiphi203:   I love Raslph. He's truth.
9th Dec, 2:17pm
dawson:   Ralph is a little too contrived for my liking
9th Dec, 2:06pm
mugsy2323:   I've heard that Steve Langford has a huge penis
9th Dec, 2:05pm
mugsy2323:   Does anyone else think Ralph is the best caller on the show? He's so honest and doesn't seem to care who he pisses off.
9th Dec, 2:03pm
mugsy2323:   Artie is lying about his shrink giving him Klonopin. Klonopin is so addictive (and great). No doctor would prescribe Klonopin to a drug addict. How often does that passive aggressive prick crowbar into conversations how much money he has. Also, I think that Will doesn't like him - I've heard Will bitch about him being an ingrate and behaving like a kid.
9th Dec, 1:57pm
desert420:   No there real!
9th Dec, 1:55pm
mugsy2323:   lovleybeth: Does Beth have fake tits? I don't think I've heard Howard say
9th Dec, 12:31pm
lovelybeth86:   hey everyone, hope all is well, love everyone who contributes to this great community!
9th Dec, 12:30pm
lovelybeth86:   The reason Howard got dumped from Q107 was because despite the great ratings, they claimed his costs were outweighing the revenue generated! Whether thats true or not is up to interpretation, but I stopped listening to the station all together when they had that Derringer (I think?) replace him, and switched over to the Buffalo 92.9 feed. Back then there was also the option of streamer p2p, I used to use.
9th Dec, 11:22am
desert420:   Well, Hello Folks and Welcome to tradio!
9th Dec, 2:23am
Ledbetter:   Anyone have a BiteMeTv invite?..................PM Me
8th Dec, 11:25pm
slugdub:   ok nevermind i got it now
8th Dec, 11:23pm
slugdub:   anyone?
8th Dec, 11:22pm
slugdub:   ummm so Mark's friggin says the same thing "Back Live - George Takei Sits" and the show is not here
8th Dec, 11:19pm
slugdub:   he just put (not true. here's the real story [link]) or something like that
8th Dec, 11:18pm
slugdub:   last time i checked mark's friggin was when howard mentioned him because i was curious what footnote he would put
8th Dec, 11:18pm
slugdub:   haha mark's friggin, yes i forgot about that. it's no wonder howard stern dot com isn't pirate friendly
8th Dec, 11:11pm
ator1:   As soon as Artie started going into his, "I....ummmmm" tales of woe, I changed the channel and tuned back about 15 minutes later.
8th Dec, 11:08pm
ator1:   For the record, I've never called in to the show. I don't hate Artie, I just wish he wasn't on the show anymore.
8th Dec, 10:21pm
tentent:   slug take a look at it's quite imformative.
8th Dec, 10:18pm
tentent:   mricon..........Mr. Tamberineman?
8th Dec, 10:17pm
rvotyrtsym:   lisa g is a lame ass yenta.
8th Dec, 9:17pm
slugdub:   And wait... Doctor Dré is the one on Lisa's show but isn't Dr Dre? what a load of crap, now i'm mad too
8th Dec, 9:16pm
slugdub:   Can anyone tell me if Stern-2009-10-13's week was reruns or what? the website says George was in... also Stern-2009-10-19 seems to be missing somehow? rerun?
8th Dec, 7:56pm
JohnnSmythe:   @mugsy: I was just having fun "with" you. You go ahead and hate Arite as much as your heart desires, and when Artie dies, I really hope jackie comes back. Howard and the group must really miss him to keep cuttting him up all the time. Howard conveniently forgets that Jackie was ready to come back but Tom Chiusano took the offer off the table. Why don't you add some hate to that soon to become a crack-whore ass-coffee serving cunt, Robin. She is more hateable than Artie.
8th Dec, 7:40pm
JohnnSmythe:   @mugsy: I was in Toronto as well [and used to tape Howard on the vcr] and heard the announcement on a Friday evening listening to Q107 that they would not be renewing Howard. I also caught him from Buffalo 92.9FM but that was a couple years later and the signal sucked. Think back at what was editted by Q107, which had and almost 30 minite delay, like he Retarded Dating Game which later was on Buffalo ch29 Howard TV. The degrading was more about callers, fat, retarded, anyone Howard could pick on, so staff was just one of the group. If you've seen TV in Toronto, you know language is not that big a deal, but Howard never did swear on the radio.
8th Dec, 7:25pm
blacklight0:   and your right mugzy, artie is a piece of shit, but come on, gotta love Howard for lettin him deteriorate on air, cant wait til he dies...
8th Dec, 7:23pm
blacklight0:   dude thats what I was sayin howie mandel was talkin about never eating fiber on the road then something got dumped....
8th Dec, 3:56pm
mugsy2323:   They also dumped last week during the Howie Mandell segment - does anyone know why?
8th Dec, 2:57pm
desert420:   HEY NOW!!
8th Dec, 2:50pm
illeffeqt:   wow, that was a crazy dump-out during the janine segment. when the audio came back, howard sounded mad but artie and fred were laughing. i wonder what that crazy bitch said, hahaha/
8th Dec, 2:44pm
mugsy2323:   OK - Thank you for your call
8th Dec, 2:44pm
mugsy2323:   @johnsmythe: I don't think Howard was taken off the air in Canada b/c he degrades his staff - I think it was that he started in Canada right around the time of Princess Dianna's death and he was making so many evil jokes. I'm from Toronto and he was only on here for a few months, but we were able to pick up the Bufallo feed.
8th Dec, 2:40pm
mugsy2323:   @johnsmythe: I was kidding about you being mad because you were making fun of me for hating on Artie......which I stand by. He sucks and I hope they fire him (or he dies, whichever comes first!)
8th Dec, 1:41pm
jstern:   Then perhaps it was Astor who called in. I knew someone mentioned vortex here so I pressed Ctrl+F and typed vortex, but didn't read your post else I would have known you were refering to Artor.
8th Dec, 1:34pm
prophecy500:   Heyy Nooow!!
8th Dec, 1:19pm
usiphi203:   I like that they name them, something about "confusion" pack. And then Artie sometimes will shit on them when he's feeling fisty. Saying about 5th grader could do it. I love the whole dynamic.
8th Dec, 1:10pm
crash613:   @redwings20 some of the first ones were funny. but then it grew old real quick. they keep doing the same thing over and over. very hacky
8th Dec, 1:08pm
crash613:   @jstern.. no wasn't me... i was just agreeing with what ator1 had said in a previous post
8th Dec, 1:03pm
JohnnSmythe:   its not that he is being mean, per se, but a prick, yes
8th Dec, 1:01pm
redwings20:   you can't deny the funniness of those public access prank calls; those are great.
8th Dec, 12:23pm
usiphi203:   What What What? Howard can be a mean prick? Surely you jest.
8th Dec, 12:15pm
JohnnSmythe:   @mugsy: I'm not mad, but Howard's [and Robin's] continued delight at degrading his staff, callers and anyone that catches his attention has grown old and he should get a new act/ That's basically why Howard was not renewed in Canada, not because of any sex talk, but because he degrades people.
8th Dec, 10:41am
usiphi203:   You guys remember when they redid Homocop and Jessica Hawn meets Mr Ed at Sirius? Holy shat was that bad. The public wanted nothing to do with that outdated mess. Glad they gave up on that.
8th Dec, 10:33am
ninjaballoon:   prank phone calls are outdated and unfunny, same with parody songs. I'll give you until 2000. Before that, have at it, but right around that time it just got lame. Bubba is the definitive example of this, listen to all the hacky song parodies they play. They're stuck in 1998.
8th Dec, 9:56am
jstern:   Crash did you call the show and talk about the "Vortex" of Artie Lange?
8th Dec, 8:11am
illeffeqt:   sal and richard's phone calls are TERRIBLE. the jerky boys never had to edit their shit together, they just improvised a funny call. i agree with you.
8th Dec, 3:02am
crash613:   While I agree with ator1 about the "artie saga vortex" being imminent upon his return; i have to say, i can stomach that much easier than to be put thru another of Sal and Ethel's "crank" phone calls again. I mean really; those fucking hacks. How lazy is it to simply call some unsuspecting person and annoy the shit out of them till they hang up? I can see them in their "creative" meatings... "i got an idea, let's call someone and i'll talk like an old lady that NO ONE FALLS FOR till they get sick of me pretending not to hear them, then they'll hang up!" Sounds great! NOT!!!!! lazy fucking hacks. But i guess it is better than their go to bit. being fucking gay for each other. "Oh, the audience likes it when i suck Sal's dick; it is funny for the show." yeah, the show .. wink wink
8th Dec, 2:30am
werris:   I'm so sick of Lisa G...there's NEVER been a bigger cunt on the show. FUCKEN EVER!!!
8th Dec, 1:03am
jstern:   So they might not talk much about why he was out.
8th Dec, 1:03am
jstern:   Actually I noticed today that they didn't talk much about Artie being out, because it has become so common him not showing up. Howard just said, "By the way Artie is not here..." sometime during the show and that was it. Unless I'm forgetting something.
7th Dec, 11:00pm
shizzel:   And funny how Howard has been bashing the shit out of Tiger woods and didn't relly have much to say about Billy Joel's daughter.
7th Dec, 10:59pm
shizzel:   Also Haward was going to fire Will because he didn't do his job correctly while Artie didn't show up.
7th Dec, 10:59pm
ator1:   I think the show is fine without Artie. What sucks is that when he does come back, the show gets sucked into the Artie saga vortex for an hour or more.
7th Dec, 10:58pm
shizzel:   I'm pretty sure Fred was being typicaly cryptic. When Howard pressed him he said he would have to work to maintain his lifestyle. He said he would have to sell off his properties in order to retire.
7th Dec, 10:52pm
crash613:   it is a signup torrent site... those usually suck and don't have many members. usually you go thru the hassle of signing up only to be disapointed that there are only a handfull of seeds for common shit that can be found on piratebay
7th Dec, 10:27pm
redwings20:   what is
7th Dec, 8:45pm
hangemhigh:   charred walls of the damned...fiyaa!
7th Dec, 7:37pm
hangemhigh:   artie never lost a pound...and gravity chambers should have been a jeopardy question, robin would have won.
7th Dec, 7:13pm
robinsweetie:   fat fuckin short dick Artie!...look like he gonna explode
7th Dec, 6:57pm
jstern:   Robin thinks that there are gravity chambers where people can experience weightlessness. That's probably the dumbmest thing I have ever heard her say.
7th Dec, 6:25pm
hangemhigh:   maybe artie tenderized his arm and when it smelled delicous he ate it.
7th Dec, 5:11pm
mugsy2323:   JohnnSmythe: why so angry..but you're right, I remember when Fred said he didn't have enough to retire..that's crazy. Fred should be making more than Artie. I fucking hate Artie. Don't send me anything else to sign. Peace and Love.
7th Dec, 5:03pm
JohnnSmythe:   Geeze what a selfish, self-centred dick Howard is. I love Geek Time. Howard can't find his own underwear, the fucking baby!?!?!?! Why doesn't he hire his Mother, and she could powder his ass and balls as well. Howard says he works hard but always complains when someone wants a meeting. He can't spare Jackie a few minutes? And that fucking cunt Robin always sticking her unwanted opinions in....she'd be a crack whore if Howard didn't need a black person on the show. She adds nothing but stupidity. JD could read her news, or Bob Levy. Nobody wanted to buy her TV show; she will just disappear when Howard does; maybe open a Starbucks where the coffee comes from here ass ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
7th Dec, 4:35pm
JohnnSmythe:   see, that's what happen's when you fire Ronnie, who said he would get J.D....maybe he slipped him some meth or LSD so JD is freakin' out , man
7th Dec, 4:32pm
JohnnSmythe:   Maybe Ronnie should be given "power" over J.D. and he could fire so he does not come in sick and risk Howard's life. As security, he could just toss out J.D. on his empty head, watch it smash like a light bulb
7th Dec, 4:27pm
JohnnSmythe:   when Artie said he made 750,000 that was a few years ago. If you listen to last Dec History of Howard Stern, Robin said she first earned 1 million dollars in or about 1989-90, so she must be making more now. what surprises me is Fred saying he does not have enough to retire on. His agent is also Howard's [Don] but is he doing the best by Fred???
7th Dec, 3:48pm
jerseydope:   maybe artie couldnt sleep through the night because he got night terrors.
7th Dec, 2:35pm
crash613:   shut the FUCK up with this J.D. is sick story/interview... save it for the "who gives a shit, who gives a fuck?" channel
7th Dec, 2:33pm
shizzel:   I think Artie took some homeopathic sleeping pills and had a panic attack.
7th Dec, 2:10pm
JohnnSmythe:   we're supposed to get hit on wednesday, but with my heart trouble I have to hire snow removal people. therre is only one year left, let artie's liver live!!! Maybe he won't resign for next year. I would love!!!!!! to see jackie back if its the last year.
7th Dec, 2:05pm
mugsy2323:   you're right john, but i listen to the show for about 4 hours of driving a day! and on top of that there is already a bit of snow in my driveway — peace and love, peace and love
7th Dec, 2:04pm
rvotyrtsym:   Artie probably had to many mcdoodles burgers and fries over the weekend.Or maybe his liver exploded.
7th Dec, 2:03pm
marlon22031:   I hate artie too mugsy2323. He's way over rated as a stand up and a terrible liar. He's deffinately using again and Howard should get rid of his lazy ungrateful fat ass!
7th Dec, 1:55pm
crash613:   i am about 3/4 thru thursday's show... i'm a little behind.. but, do you mean to tell me he isn't even going to comment on the 4 police officers shot and then police shooting the suspect? I have been waiting all week for this!!!
7th Dec, 1:47pm
JohnnSmythe:   mugsy, mugsy , mugsy, why all the hate? How does Artie impact on your life? Its just a god damned radio show, not like 15 cm of snow in the driveway!!!!
7th Dec, 1:45pm
dawson:   That obnoxious cunt Robin doesn't deserve anything
7th Dec, 1:44pm
dawson:   Artie should probably get 1.5 mil a year from Sirius
7th Dec, 1:43pm
dawson:   After he saw Gary's check, he said that Gary makes $50,000 a year more than him, which means Gary makes $750,000 a year
7th Dec, 1:43pm
dawson:   Artie said he makes $700,000 from Sirius a year
7th Dec, 1:36pm
mugsy2323:   "Fuck Fat Artie" (Crazy Alice)
7th Dec, 1:35pm
mugsy2323:   fuck artie - underpayed. He makes shitty one liner jokes and he is WAY overpaid for his stand-up. He's a bad stand up and he makes sure that everyone knows he makes "as much as his father made in a year" for one show. I can't figure out how people that listen to the show everyday don't hate artie as much as me
7th Dec, 1:28pm
eos:   poopdeck: Noted.
7th Dec, 1:26pm
JohnnSmythe:   leave poor Artie alone. Howard knows Artie is underpaid by Sirius, Robin makes more, so he needs the cash. Gary seems to talk alot lately, maybe he can sit in for Artie, boff LOLOLOLOLOLOL
7th Dec, 1:23pm
poopdeck:   eos:it will distribute the files better. see
7th Dec, 1:21pm
USDMorgan:   Stamos said that I think. Artie has been quiet. Definitely on something. He was nodding recently too.....
7th Dec, 1:15pm
illeffeqt:   artie has been quiet since howard and ralph said he was talking too much on the show. it was funny when a guest said "does artie ever talk anymore?" last week and it went over like a lead balloon.
7th Dec, 1:11pm
eos:   poopdeck: Why is that?
7th Dec, 1:02pm
poopdeck:   eos:i recommend using a smaller piece size than 1MB in future. 64k would be good.
7th Dec, 12:52pm
eos:   Mokito: I've always wanted to say this; "You got fucked by a homonym." Doctor Dré (NYC based radio personality) and Dr. Dre (West coast based rapper mogul).
7th Dec, 12:45pm
blacklight0:   mokito your a dumbass, of course its dr dre, stupid, lisa G knows more about hip hop than you lol
7th Dec, 12:19pm
desert420:   HEY NOW!!
7th Dec, 12:03pm
poopdeck:   the guy that laughs at everything is like a SNL skit that sucks from the beginning and goes on for too long.
7th Dec, 12:03pm
7th Dec, 11:30am
usiphi203:   Cue guy who laughs at everything.
7th Dec, 11:29am
usiphi203:   I believe that Artie is clean, sober and going to therapy.
7th Dec, 11:11am
Raku:   Does anyone think Artie's been quiet since Howard ribbed him about the squeeking noise?
7th Dec, 9:42am
mugsy2323:   Arties an asshole - I hope he's back on H. Did anyone buy that bullshit "mental breakdown" bullshit?
7th Dec, 9:40am
mugsy2323:   and Pameler Anderson
7th Dec, 9:01am
jasoff:   with special geust, Nigerless Cage!
7th Dec, 9:00am
jasoff:   Does anybody have the album "Jeff the Drunk - Jeff takes Manhattan"? My copy got scratched.
7th Dec, 8:21am
poopdeck:   Although it could be antidepressants assuming he is on them.
7th Dec, 8:20am
poopdeck:   yeah he didnt sound so hot on thursday. Seems very tired
7th Dec, 6:32am
dawson:   Sounds like someone has gone back to heroin
7th Dec, 6:32am
dawson:   Artie is out today
7th Dec, 5:22am
ator1:   Ahem.... Dry oatmeal... FUCK!!
7th Dec, 4:37am
thericochet:   You had better be prepared to turn wet and messy.
7th Dec, 4:37am
thericochet:   Excuse me, but aren't you a grimy mexican?
7th Dec, 4:37am
thericochet:   I circled an ad here in the paper that might interest lengthy black teenager for sale
7th Dec, 4:36am
thericochet:   Can you excuse me while I........dabble my wang
7th Dec, 1:28am
djkikrome:   Anyone know the MTT replay date today?
7th Dec, 12:21am
Snick422:   prophecy500:how have you been?
6th Dec, 9:16pm
ricktunes:   the economy
6th Dec, 9:00pm
tvmogull:   Ive asked this before but never received any response so here goes: What happened to cause Torrentkeeper's supply of HTVOD eps to dry up?
6th Dec, 8:53pm
kingdaddy187:   i mean like how they have done it the past 2 years w/ 1 week of Best of, I remember there being an 07 week
6th Dec, 8:33pm
74transam:   kingdaddy, check complete months. I just saw august-november 06 with seeders
6th Dec, 8:04pm
kingdaddy187:   are there any best of 06 or 07 available?
6th Dec, 7:58pm
74transam:   does anybody have the first episode of conspiracy theory with jesse ventura? i can't find it anywhere. any help is appreciated.
6th Dec, 6:27pm
6th Dec, 6:25pm
ator1:   Roll call was something that Lisa G used to when she co-hosted a hip-hop show in the 90's. Basically it just let listeners on to try and rap a few lines.
6th Dec, 2:14pm
TAS65:   and how lame was it?
6th Dec, 2:14pm
TAS65:   for those who don't get Sirius/XM . . . and are backed up on listening to their downloads . . . what was the Roll Call bit?
6th Dec, 1:45pm
redwings20:   and yeah fuck that god damn roll call bit it was horrible lisa G is a stupid cunt who should be banned from the show
6th Dec, 1:45pm
redwings20:   i think they are on live this week mokito. the week after that is a long break.
6th Dec, 12:56pm
cheesecake:   And no, it's not the Dr. Dre from Death Row, 'Nothin But A G Thang,' etc. This is the very fat guy who used to be a host on MTV...
6th Dec, 12:54pm
cheesecake:   He is called Dr. Dre. He was kinda referred to as the East Coast Dr. Dre back then.
6th Dec, 12:19pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I was amazed at how Howie couldn't get the rhythm
6th Dec, 11:05am
dawson:   Yep, roll call is horrible
6th Dec, 9:57am
Aiglos357:   "roll call" is the shittiest bit they've done in years
6th Dec, 6:56am
Mokito:   "Ed Lover, Doctor Dre, & DJ Kut from WWPR with Snoop & Daz. permalin" hmmm... - the show is on vacation this week right?
6th Dec, 6:54am
Mokito:   it seems like you guys are right, though i assume its "doctor dre" - i dont understand how two 'hip-hop' "artists" could share the same name down to the spelling - i might owe lisa an apology (lol)
6th Dec, 6:50am
Mokito:   lol, i cant argue w/ that (thizzelle) i remember ed's side kick being called 'dre' i never heard of him referred to "dr. dre." except by people not familiar w/ hip-hop i.e. stern/lisa g/ ect. i would be SHOCKED if his name was also 'dr. dre'
6th Dec, 5:29am
thizzelle:   they're both named dr. dre .. they're both fat... and the dre that is a producer ain't so much nemore, hes more like a sellout,, no album in ten years but he can make a dr pepper commercial,,, but thats nuthin new , he stabbed eazy and ice cube in tha back for money
6th Dec, 3:27am
norlight:   @Mokito.. Aren't they both Dr. Dre's? Name wise I mean. That' how I've always known it to be
6th Dec, 2:29am
ator1:   Lisa's old co-host really is called Dr. Dre. He's been around longer than the NWA Dr. Dre.
6th Dec, 2:00am
thericochet:   Hello Telepsychic and thank you for calling
6th Dec, 1:55am
mdr1013:   anybody have a gary puppet collection they could share?
6th Dec, 1:42am
bellet:   Stern*
6th Dec, 1:42am
bellet:   roll call was fine but man is stren stupid when it comes to urban radio
5th Dec, 7:47pm
Mokito:   dogs, cats... what's next, babies? (good call robin) stern better not buckle!
5th Dec, 7:46pm
Mokito:   and why wont that cunt point out the fact that its 'dre' not 'dr. dre' ? i mean one is an amazing producer the other is a fat radio side kick
5th Dec, 7:45pm
Mokito:   that was just awful, i think thursday's show... it kept going & going & any time lisa g is rapping i just want to turn the dial
5th Dec, 2:59pm
rvotyrtsym:   that roll call shit is retarded.
5th Dec, 2:35pm
jhames34:   Lancaster PA's in the houuuseee, Lancaster PA's in the houuuussseeeee!
5th Dec, 1:37pm
SpaceEdge:   I was wondering the same thing blacklight0
5th Dec, 6:50am
fajv:   ROLL CALL BABY!!
5th Dec, 12:05am
dawson:   RIP Liam Clancy
5th Dec, 12:01am
ator1:   Moe: "I'll have four pieces of burnt toast and a rotten egg." Curly: "Why do you want that?" Moe: "I got a tapeworm and it's good enough for him."
4th Dec, 11:58pm
thericochet:   I'm a victim of soicumstance
4th Dec, 11:07pm
ator1:   I'm tryin' to think, but nothin' happens.
4th Dec, 6:23pm
blacklight0:   something tells me that would NOT get dumped lol
4th Dec, 6:11pm
blacklight0:   lol
4th Dec, 5:28pm
jerseydope:   he said "i eat man ass"
4th Dec, 4:11pm
blacklight0:   anybody know what howard dumped when howie mandel was on?, all you hear is I dont eat fiber.... then howard saying I dumped it I dumped it and howie was saying you dont have to dump it, 122:35 (12-2-09)
4th Dec, 4:10pm
bobdylan:   hiyyyyyoooooooooooo
4th Dec, 1:07pm
jerseydope:   hey now prop!
4th Dec, 12:35pm
prophecy500:   Heeey Nooow!!
4th Dec, 12:30pm
mikeman:   any guess as to when it`ll be on torrent keeper?
4th Dec, 12:29pm
mikeman:   i love jesse ventura segments
4th Dec, 10:50am
Ginge:   What has the Stern world come to when Jesse Ventura, Brooke Hogan and Joan Rivers were on the show 3 times this year and Gilbert was only on once??? Sickening...
4th Dec, 10:06am
Razor44:   Anyone have Mike Gange screwing up the Seinfeld Tapes that Howard was giving to someone, putting porn on the tapes instead
4th Dec, 9:41am
derkschultz:   wow that roll call bit is terrible, F Lisa Glasburg
3rd Dec, 6:42pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Yeah first time around HOHS is always good although not to sound like an SFNer I just hope maybe a different bumper as Rebel Rebel is ruined forever!!! haha
3rd Dec, 4:37pm
JohnnSmythe:   I'm waiting to seee how the gang will fuck up with the gift giving. Howard said he does not want any...maybe he could bring a flame thrower since the wood chipper fucked up last time. And mostly waitig to see how Sal will fuck up the party
3rd Dec, 3:57pm
mugsy2323:   thanks you fajv - peace and love
3rd Dec, 3:41pm
fajv:   the coming two weeks are live, then vacation and history of howard which im actually looking forward to..
3rd Dec, 3:41pm
fajv:   Johnny Hey now!
3rd Dec, 3:13pm
mugsy2323:   Is next week a vacation?
3rd Dec, 3:09pm
desert420:   lol whats up with this roll call thing?? LOL Funny stuff!
3rd Dec, 1:26pm
desert420:   HEY NOW!!!
3rd Dec, 1:22pm
JohnnSmythe:   @fajv: are you built like a stallion? that would get georgie-boy to come...and maybe do Howard as well
3rd Dec, 1:20pm
JohnnSmythe:   if youse guys read some of the articles marksfriggin has links to, it really does not sound like re-signing Howard is a big priority to mel karmazin; "I'd love to have him back"...yah, and I'd love a blow job
3rd Dec, 12:37pm
bluedevils:   eos: you da man... ;)
3rd Dec, 12:36pm
bluedevils:   what is the best place these days for HTV? Any sister sites runnings still?
3rd Dec, 12:29pm
eos:   Yeah for yesterday.
3rd Dec, 12:21pm
tentent:   Seedbox was down?
3rd Dec, 12:11pm
eos:   I know you were all really broken up about it...
3rd Dec, 12:05pm
eos:   Seedbox is back up.
3rd Dec, 12:03pm
tentent:   5pointstang this might be what your looking for :
3rd Dec, 12:02pm
eos:   slugdub: When searching old torrents, choose the category first, then you can go back more than one page. NEVER click to see older pages from the main redskunk page.
3rd Dec, 11:59am
fajv:   oh what i wouldnt give for a week with george takei before christmas
3rd Dec, 11:41am
5pointstang:   Hey can anyone help me find the show where the Racist Angry Guy calls that black phone sex number?>
3rd Dec, 11:35am
tentent:   If you ever do come back slugdub try going to mark's friggin : You will see he was back live on that Tuesday. As for the 19th, all new.
3rd Dec, 8:12am
simon89:   sal and richard's stories from yesterday had me crack up. love sal's stories so much, he should sit in on shows
3rd Dec, 3:32am
slugdub:   so don't answer now cuz i've gone
3rd Dec, 3:31am
slugdub:   anyhow, i'll try to remember to reask when people wake up
3rd Dec, 3:31am
slugdub:   lol i Have been a member 127 weeks? amazing
3rd Dec, 3:21am
slugdub:   Also, it goes oct 26.. the 27th and then the next torrent is 11-3?
3rd Dec, 3:19am
slugdub:   Can anyone tell me if Stern-2009-10-13's week was reruns or what? the website says George was in... also Stern-2009-10-19 seems to be missing somehow? rerun?
3rd Dec, 1:40am
ator1:   It's nice to hear Sal & Richard coming back into the studio more, lately. Those fuckers are funny.
2nd Dec, 8:31pm
kingdaddy187:   we need more fuckbooks!!!!
2nd Dec, 6:46pm
jstern:   Stamos is B list. I mean he's known by a lot of people actually because he's Uncle Jesse.
2nd Dec, 5:06pm
deadluvva:   Thanks for the info rvo. And, oh boy, more hearing Howard say how good looking Stamos is and how much pussy he gets. Fucking sad. Stamos isn't even D list.
2nd Dec, 5:00pm
arcterex:   holy crap gov. ventura is a nut. I'm as 'the gov't is out to get us' as the next guy, but that guy is *craaaaazy*
2nd Dec, 4:51pm
rvotyrtsym:   @deadluvva
2nd Dec, 4:39pm
rvotyrtsym:   The guests on the show have been horrible this week.including stamos tomorrow.
2nd Dec, 3:55pm
pessimizer:   definitely bring back "fuckbook."
2nd Dec, 3:17pm
deadluvva:   fuckbooks
2nd Dec, 3:16pm
deadluvva:   Thanks dawson. Nice to be back but I still need a new pc.
2nd Dec, 2:43pm
thericochet:   the tradio call where Richard says "yeah i was driving on the highway and i lost a box full of fuckbooks" always makes me blow snot out of my nose. the term "fuckbook" isn't used nearly enough in everyday life
2nd Dec, 2:11pm
duke9555:   i'm following this Tiger story very carefully
2nd Dec, 1:57pm
jstern:   Comcast NBC deal is done, so that should be the talk of tomorrow. It will take a year to complete though because of the FCC, which I'm glad cause I like Conan.
2nd Dec, 1:05pm
weed89:   I will also help...
2nd Dec, 12:53pm
desert420:   I increased my upload speed EOS to help out!
2nd Dec, 12:53pm
desert420:   Sounds about right!
2nd Dec, 12:53pm
desert420:   LOL
2nd Dec, 12:44pm
eos:   Figured it out. I asked to be moved to a larger server and he chose now to do that. Just our luck...
2nd Dec, 12:30pm
desert420:   That sucks!!
2nd Dec, 12:28pm
eos:   No seedbox for now. It's not responding this morning.
2nd Dec, 12:13pm
MrMoney:   Everybody! (douche) now!
2nd Dec, 11:59am
desert420:   HEY NOW!!!!
2nd Dec, 11:37am
afreuden:   Gurrgle Gurrrgle
2nd Dec, 8:46am
fajv:   dawson thats fucking harsh lol
2nd Dec, 5:08am
dawson:   I thought Sal was hilarious as the Santa character
2nd Dec, 5:07am
dawson:   deadluvva: welcome back
2nd Dec, 5:07am
dawson:   Robin does not deserve the career she has, but I take comfort in the fact that she will die alone
2nd Dec, 1:09am
redwings20:   ive been asking the same question tentent where is mricon
2nd Dec, 1:02am
darkloud:   You've just wittnessed a modern day bamboosling....... keep your socks on !
1st Dec, 8:38pm
ator1:   There's a funny pic of Sal's gut on from today.
1st Dec, 7:34pm
JPS:   hykanthis - iv been seeding the last 3 mths and cant get over .6 im watching my ratio fall jay leno's ratings
1st Dec, 7:32pm
SpaceEdge:   Perez HIlton is fucking awful, hope he gets his ass kicked again by a shity pop star
1st Dec, 6:43pm
JohnnSmythe:   and his father is the same nationality as me!!!!!!!!! holy-moly!!!
1st Dec, 6:41pm
JohnnSmythe:   Alex was born in the same city as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!
1st Dec, 6:39pm
JohnnSmythe:   what is: yes, I saw Robin suck on Jeopardy, Alex
1st Dec, 6:35pm
robinsweetie:   martinez?
1st Dec, 6:30pm
tentent:   E=G O=O S=D hmmmmmm ?
1st Dec, 2:11pm
Sirtokesalot:   hi yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
1st Dec, 2:00pm
weed89:   Thanks EOS nice upload Again!!
1st Dec, 1:09pm
mgs33:   did anyone watch robin on jeopardy? *
1st Dec, 12:52pm
desert420:   Hey ooo!
1st Dec, 12:50pm
mgs33:   hey noww
1st Dec, 12:47pm
prophecy500:   Heyyy Noooww!!
1st Dec, 12:47pm
mgs33:   getting 'Failure: unregistered torrent pass' when connecting to the tracker, also by default the torrents are downloading with the tracker vs '/announce' which is giving a 404 so i'm adding the /announce tracker to utorrent 1.8.2 and it's giving the unregistered torrent pass error -- you guys should get a forum
1st Dec, 10:13am
norlight:   ricktunes, thanks for everything here and on TK!
1st Dec, 3:22am
eos:   Hykanthis: That's usually related to being firewalled. Does your bittorrent client display a firewalled connection?
1st Dec, 3:20am
ator1:   There was a show on TLC the other day and they had a 29 y/o woman who was 900 pounds. Looked like a real-life Krystal Cuyler, only fatter.
30th Nov, 10:22pm
Hykanthis:   Can anyone tell me why i dont make alot of connections for uploading i see peers but dont get any to go ,i want to share but nadda?,anyone else have this problem?
30th Nov, 9:35pm
bellet:   Who hates fat people?
30th Nov, 9:18pm
ricktunes:   @hunterxaz - lol, you still can't get on with that IP because I just found a another dupe of yours you had going also, with the same IP I banned. - That wasn't very nice of you ..uun uhh ..ok bro you now got a third chance out of this deal. I just unblocked your dupe IP. Hope you follow thru bro.
30th Nov, 8:29pm
derkschultz:   really want to hear the sour shoes segment, anyone have it to post?
30th Nov, 8:11pm
Studmuffins:   off topic....anyone having a hard time getting on bitsoup or ilovetorrents? i can't find any info out there about a massive torrent site shutdown
30th Nov, 7:48pm
kingdaddy187:   i made little over an hour thru SS thanksgiving b4 i got tired of it, wasnt bad per say just got boring imo
30th Nov, 7:39pm
johnnyjohnny:   anyone listen to sour shoe's or riley martin's thanksgiving specials, if so were they good.
30th Nov, 7:30pm
hunterxaz:   @ricktunes sent you a PM, my IP is still disallowed. I sent you a PM here w/ my IP.
30th Nov, 6:44pm
illeffeqt:   really, an hour's worth of some fatso making shit up about angelina jolie? this guy sucked the first time he was on.
30th Nov, 5:02pm
damnhustle:    I signed up and i forgot, i was sad to see that registrations were closed, but i searched my gmail box and look and behold, i signed up but never used the account. I was very happy that it was still active and with a good enough ratio, zerrro ppoooiint zeeeero. =) , but now i promise to keep a good ratio my stern addicted freinds.
30th Nov, 4:53pm
desert420:   LOL
30th Nov, 4:40pm
deadluvva:   Thank you for calling the telepsychic hotline.............
30th Nov, 4:33pm
desert420:   HAHA welcome back Deadluvva. Thank you for your call!
30th Nov, 4:23pm
deadluvva:   Computer problems but deadluvva is back up in this shizzzzznit. Missed you yahoos.
30th Nov, 3:22pm
ricktunes:   @user1 - login's don't expire - I see you were banned on 8/28/09 for "Horrible Ratio - Inactive". I see that in the banned IP list. I don't even see your account anymore, but toe and I deleted a whole bunch of accounts awhile back as did the system on mad inactive act's. Bottom line, you were banned for a horrible ratio and on top of that, not loggin in for probably 9 months or more, which translates into a big "Hit & Run".
30th Nov, 2:02pm
SaCo:   I have to trade. IP torrents-Passthepopcorn-x264-RevolutionTT PM me with offers
30th Nov, 1:24pm
tentent:   it can expire?
30th Nov, 1:00pm
user1:   can someone get me into torrent keeper? my old login expired... kind of sucks.
30th Nov, 11:36am
desert420:   Yes! Its Live!
30th Nov, 8:51am
poopdeck:   ug, overslept. live show today?
30th Nov, 7:20am
Snick422:   ricktunes:interesting
30th Nov, 5:59am
torrentman:   thanks. now that i got the name, i got some pix and recipes for it. an Easter pie
30th Nov, 1:41am
ROEU812:   torrentman.. it's Pizza-Gaine or Pizza Rustica...varies from each part of Italy..but mostly ator1 is correct, it's a meat pie.
30th Nov, 1:16am
ricktunes:   Look at you snicker with the Jerry lyrcis "Further" the next chapter of the Dead playin here in nyc in a couple weeks with the Jerry guy fron DSO. Bobby, Phill & Jeff Chimenti on key from Ratdog and two new drummers. Reviews out in Oakland say this is the closest they/ve ever d sounded to the Dead since Jerry died.
30th Nov, 1:03am
hangemhigh:   holy shit! my sct is down! that sucks
30th Nov, 12:57am
Snick422:   shake it, shake it, sugaree, just don't tell em that you knooooow meee
30th Nov, 12:38am
ator1:   Apparently beetzagain (sp?) is some kind of meat pie.
30th Nov, 12:30am
ricktunes:   @hunterxaz - ok I re-enabled you, you're back in
30th Nov, 12:08am
whetter:   I've got a hot shit in the chamber.
29th Nov, 11:21pm
torrentman:   what's beetsagain that artie eats. i know gabagool=capicola. so what's beetsagain?
29th Nov, 11:19pm
WesMantooth:   @urname: Can you recommend a good warez site to start with?
29th Nov, 8:09pm
ator1:   That sounds kind of fucked up out of context.
29th Nov, 8:09pm
ator1:   so much blood for such a tiny little hole.
29th Nov, 7:07pm
howard159:   everything's blue in this world
29th Nov, 5:49pm
29th Nov, 4:31pm
tentent:   Howard is quick wit.
29th Nov, 4:25pm
ator1:   Robin: "A man was arrested for having sex with his dog.." Howard: "Was it a boy dog or a girl dog?" Robin: "It was a boy dog." Howard: "What a sicky."
29th Nov, 1:54pm
hangemhigh:   howard is my god...there I said it
29th Nov, 10:49am
tvmogull:   ok totally dumb question of which I am sure has been asked 2 billion times but what happened to torrentkeeper with HTV eps? I see new stuff on occasion but not nearly what i used to see months back. any info?
29th Nov, 4:33am
urname12345:   oh and apparently since all the torrent sites are going down, where is the "new" stuff going to be posted? blog pages, warez sites etc etc...
29th Nov, 4:06am
urname12345:   no ip address out in the open downloading stuff, much safer than downloading from thousands of people via public or private torrent sites, you get a link via rapidshare megaupload etc..
29th Nov, 4:03am
urname12345:   you guys need to check out some warez sites since all the shit torrent sites are down
28th Nov, 10:49pm
hunterxaz:   thanks for the info there rick, i sent you a PM, please check it!
28th Nov, 6:25pm
tentent:   does anyone have a fix for Replay AV 8.75 ? a serial patch anything?
28th Nov, 5:36pm
ator1:   "Arrie, breffruss."
28th Nov, 4:05pm
JohnnSmythe:   there are a couple newsgroups devoted to comics. I also miss demonoid for the comics stuff as i have not found any other place. There is one at but not nearly as good as demonoid was. newsgroup is the best.
28th Nov, 2:45pm
ZigZagNuts:    Hey Guys, Does anyone by anychance have the HTVOD of when Sharon Osbourne And Cyndi Lauper Visited on 10/19/09? Would really like to see that if someone could up it
28th Nov, 2:05pm
Mokito:   he's gonna be on entourage, but his ass is the size of a garage
28th Nov, 2:05pm
Mokito:   artie loves pancakes... he'll wash them w/ chocolate shakes - he's gaining so much god damn weight, cause artie loves pancakes!
28th Nov, 1:45pm
fajv:   ricktunes you were richard christied!
28th Nov, 1:26pm
ricktunes:   Torrentkeeper, as in Redskunk are current closed, and there is no invite system. Please be patient as some spots intermediately open up.
28th Nov, 1:20pm
ricktunes:   You were given "6 months" to improve or at least say something. You did neither... until now, 7 months later.
28th Nov, 1:20pm
ricktunes:   @hunterxaz: why would you think your ratio was fine? it wasn't, and you recieved a warned about it 25 weeks ago, then I sent you a personal pm 14 weeks ago, specifically telling you it was not fine and to please try to improve it and try to seed longer, better, download less or just concentrate on newly upped material for a while, but to do something or tell me if you were having some problem. You sent back no response and continued to download with no improvement for another 5 weeks in which your stats got worse. Then you were banned. I specifically wrote this in the ip ban comment box "bad ratio, previously warned with no improvement, excessive dl amt".
28th Nov, 3:00am
jdigz:   They say it'll be back, buth these prolonged downtimes are becoming pretty frequent. I needs mah comic book fix...
28th Nov, 2:51am
redwings20:   true, but is demonoid down forever? i thought it was just temporary
28th Nov, 2:48am
jdigz:   Comic Books are hard to find on PB, Demonoid was good for that.
28th Nov, 2:44am
redwings20:   who cares if mininova is down? there are infinite numbers of torrent search engines on the internet. piratebay is better anyways
27th Nov, 11:54pm
desert420:   anyone have any good places to get howard tv?
27th Nov, 6:10pm
desert420:   yea when i try it says site full get a member to invite you.
27th Nov, 4:33pm
8ace:   desert420: I didn't know invites are required. Are you sure? I think you can just sign up. I'll invite you if you need - and I figure out how to
27th Nov, 11:54am
desert420:   Does anyone have an account on that would like to invite me?
27th Nov, 11:47am
tentent:   mricon, demonoid now mini-nova....kill me now!
27th Nov, 3:59am
urname12345:   sour shoes is posted on tk
27th Nov, 1:57am
imdading:   Will the Sour Shoes show be posted??
27th Nov, 1:53am
ator1:   Sour Shoes replay is on 101 right now. It's....weird. Funny, but chaotic because there are tons of people talking in the background.
26th Nov, 10:22pm
ator1:   Isohunt is a decent torrent site.
26th Nov, 9:07pm
bobdylan:   pirate bay and isohunt would be the obvious place i would think of , if demonoid were up and running i wouldnt care about mininova
26th Nov, 9:06pm
bobdylan:   darenwc just goto shoutcast and listen live for free everyday
26th Nov, 8:56pm
Nannocrob:   yeah, I don't know what to do about the mininova collapse either. I'm guessing the only option is to wait a week or two and see where everyone gravitates to. probably pirate bay
26th Nov, 7:43pm
hunterxaz:   anyone know an admin over at torrentkeeper? my account was banned for bad ratio, but i thought it was fine -- when i go there it says "Site Closed" so I'm IP banned. Same username.
26th Nov, 6:47pm
darrenwc:   So now I gotta come here more often. Ive never been pissed at sirius before. This blows.
26th Nov, 6:46pm
darrenwc:   so sirius online listening is now by upgrade only. I cant listen to howard online anymore, because my regular subsciption doesn't allow access to streaming radio online. For the first time in 4 years, I have to upgrade my account.
26th Nov, 6:14pm
bobdylan:   no what the fuck do i do?
26th Nov, 6:04pm
26th Nov, 6:04pm
bobdylan:   omfg mininova is gone?!?!?!
26th Nov, 4:17pm
dawson:   Sad to see mininova go
26th Nov, 3:38pm
duke9555:   mini-nova is no longer hosting torrents
26th Nov, 3:07pm
turk:   Nice body for being 52
26th Nov, 3:07pm
turk:   I just found out Nancy Sirianni (Jackie's ex-wife) has a few nude pictures on the internet. Google image search: nancy sirianni eyefetch
26th Nov, 1:23pm
googs999:   happy turkeyday.....hi 'tunes hope all is well. shouts to cameltoe/bigaudio for upping this week.
26th Nov, 1:16pm
ricktunes:   Happy Thanksgiving all..
26th Nov, 9:59am
SpaceEdge:   Happy Thanksgiving everyone
26th Nov, 3:53am
redwings20:   that was wayyy to low at #36
26th Nov, 3:53am
redwings20:   i think russell brand is interesting but not interesting to be #15, it should have been swapped with the Lisa G Bra clip.
26th Nov, 2:05am
Mxtra:   big audio > howard, gary, and tapes team
26th Nov, 1:46am
dawson:   You're the best
26th Nov, 1:46am
dawson:   Another great edition of "No theme", bigaudio
26th Nov, 1:42am
dawson:   Somebody should put a bullet in his head
26th Nov, 1:42am
dawson:   That guy is the biggest fuckhead hack on the planet
26th Nov, 1:42am
dawson:   Russel Brand at 15 in the countdown? Jesus.
26th Nov, 1:12am
werris:   Fuck you Gay Howard
26th Nov, 12:30am
hangemhigh:   hi
25th Nov, 7:44pm
ricktunes:   Look at you Bob ..all over those tapes on that ipod. Some think of Santa in the holidays, we think of Big Audio ..say it
25th Nov, 7:40pm
ricktunes:   Thaks Big Audio, me, you, and those tapes go way back, like rockin' chairs..
25th Nov, 7:39pm
ricktunes:   hey now Larry, getting ready to stuff that turkey with some molsons eh..
25th Nov, 7:05pm
deadluvva:   what the f--- are you talking about????
25th Nov, 6:34pm
n0thng2bdone:   loving the artie hate here. think that talk of 2 shows is too generous though. maybe there used to be two shows, before artie sal and richard. happy thanksgiving
25th Nov, 6:20pm
bobdylan:   etcetcetc
25th Nov, 6:20pm
bobdylan:   1995-01-19 Who hates who on the show
25th Nov, 6:20pm
bobdylan:   1993-11-17 The stupidest caller ever
25th Nov, 6:19pm
bobdylan:   1994-12-05 Bill Mumy
25th Nov, 6:17pm
bobdylan:   too much good stuff to list
25th Nov, 6:17pm
bobdylan:   1996-09-20 FMMY winner annoys fred - (the rainbow room caller comes into the studio)
25th Nov, 6:16pm
bobdylan:   the clips about robin interviewing howard, jackie , fred etc for her book are awesome too
25th Nov, 6:15pm
bobdylan:   fing hilarious stuff
25th Nov, 6:15pm
bobdylan:   i walked to work today and listened to 1994-06-23 gary loses a bet
25th Nov, 6:14pm
bobdylan:   its almost sad , i have something like 900 clips from your stuff on my ipod at all times
25th Nov, 6:14pm
25th Nov, 6:12pm
bigaudio:   thanks bob, I really appreciate your words, glad you enjoy them
25th Nov, 6:12pm
bigaudio:   thanks nor, prop .. hey Rick
25th Nov, 6:06pm
bobdylan:   big audio your audio packs are the best
25th Nov, 4:28pm
fajv:   Anyone watch the Curb finale? That was some good shit!
25th Nov, 2:54pm
ricktunes:   Proper! Heyy Noowww
25th Nov, 2:20pm
prophecy500:   BA great pack buddy!!Heyyy Noow thanks to all uploaders!!Great Job Folks!!
25th Nov, 9:18am
norlight:   bigaudio is the shit y'all!!! Cheers "bro"
25th Nov, 7:53am
hangemhigh:   fiyaa!
25th Nov, 5:14am
redwings20:   it's kinda funny to hear a real DJ sounding motherfucker on howard 100
25th Nov, 5:13am
redwings20:   spyder harrison is awesome as shit!
25th Nov, 4:36am
RenRodRen:   i saw artie's stand up last year and I will never go again. not worth the ticket price. he made me laugh maybe 5 times. i love him on the show though...
24th Nov, 11:18pm
thericochet:   I'm pretty sure the only people who still go to Artie shows are dopey guidos that don't really 'get' the Stern show and just wait for him to yell FIRE and whatever other Pavlovian played-out catchphrase they think is still funny. It's kind of ironic because Artie is the one that once in a while brings up how there are two types of Stern show fans (like there used to be with All In The Family)...ones that laugh along with the more offensive stuff and realize it's satire and idiots who laugh at it because they really believe the more bigoted material.
24th Nov, 11:07pm
hangemhigh:   jac and coke...terrible..I couldn't believe romo homo jokes and what was that antique stuff at the beginning? I forget but some ancient references to dead and gone incidents..shit cd.
24th Nov, 9:02pm
n0thng2bdone:   ty big a looking forward to that sternac clip
24th Nov, 6:59pm
rvotyrtsym:   I don't think many people would pay to see Arties standup act if he wasn't on The Howard Stern Show.......
24th Nov, 6:47pm
ecashdub:   Am I the only one who thinks Artie's Jack and Coke is hacky and sad. I love him on the show, but his stand up - not so much
24th Nov, 5:00pm
jstern:   Hey people, buy this I'm promoting it since I shared his older work for free and would like for him to at least make a dollar because of me.
24th Nov, 4:01pm
HanKHiLL:   ralph's last berry best was pretty good he play alot of old stuff which i like
24th Nov, 3:51pm
drpluto:   Eliot actually isn't allowed in the Sirus building b/c he was making such a disturbance in the lobby and elevator last time. Howard mentioned it once.
24th Nov, 3:24pm
rvotyrtsym:   ralph is a berry face homo.
24th Nov, 2:48pm
simon89:   and dont forget "The Cranberry Best...According to Ralph" on thanksgiving day as well!
24th Nov, 2:37pm
prophecy500:   Heeey Nooow!!
24th Nov, 1:23pm
HanKHiLL:   I love sour shoes thanksgiving with him will be great
24th Nov, 11:46am
hangemhigh:   mamamonkey Mac Hine
24th Nov, 11:34am
soccermom56:   Anyone know anything about being down?
24th Nov, 11:16am
poopdeck:   spider harrison is awesome
24th Nov, 11:04am
marlon22031:   doesnt change the fact that like howard you are GAY AND FAGGOT!!
24th Nov, 11:03am
marlon22031:   yeah i made a typo so the fuck what
24th Nov, 11:02am
marlon22031:   ok jhames34 suck on my cock lol
24th Nov, 1:21am
ARTIELANGE09:   Hahaha!!! this is thebest IRon Sheik clip He's at an autograph show and the interviewer ropes him into calling Nikolai a cheap jew right to his face , then Nikolai yells at the kid LMAO!
24th Nov, 1:15am
ator1:   Also, Elliot threatened to sue them over something, I can't remember what. He was basically just too big of a liability to have in.
24th Nov, 12:37am
thizzelle:   @ARTIELANGE09: pretty sure it was cuz elliot repeatedly threatened to throw acid in gary's eyes, which would be definitely scary
24th Nov, 12:28am
23rd Nov, 9:51pm
23rd Nov, 9:39pm
thericochet:   FACK THE RANDY SAVAGE
23rd Nov, 9:35pm
ecashdub:   Awesome! Thanks!
23rd Nov, 9:32pm
ARTIELANGE09:   It s on tk ecashdub
23rd Nov, 9:25pm
ecashdub:   any know where to grab Jack and Coke gratis?
23rd Nov, 9:23pm
hangemhigh:   The Jesus Twins Perform Feel My Ubiquity
23rd Nov, 9:22pm
23rd Nov, 8:49pm
ARTIELANGE09:   But def could shake things in the "at times" comotosed studio
23rd Nov, 8:48pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Was it ever cleared yup why he isn't on anymore? I know he did something that I believe blackballed him forever from the show and I know he ws supposed to go to jail but not sure exactlky what it was , guy wasa doozy
23rd Nov, 8:47pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Wow!! that was fast! thanks simon!
23rd Nov, 8:32pm
drpluto:   There's only room for one me . . . AND THAT'S ME!!
23rd Nov, 8:22pm
simon89:   artielange09 i put an almost complete elliot pack
23rd Nov, 8:12pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Hey bigaudio I was just wondering if you could put together an Elegant Elliot Offen pack, I know there is a mini pack RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHT and I know he's been on a shitload more and would be great to hear The guy is Gold!!
23rd Nov, 8:04pm
ARTIELANGE09:   With rs there is NOOOOOOOO reason for anyone to complain....about material at least hahaha I'm listening to the Elliot Often pack right now great stuff!!!
23rd Nov, 8:03pm
ARTIELANGE09:   thanks so much bigaudio!!
23rd Nov, 7:49pm
simon89:   excellent!
23rd Nov, 7:48pm
bigaudio:   simon as a matter of fact there is a good scott abuse clip in the coming pack
23rd Nov, 7:47pm
bigaudio:   featuring richard lewis, gilbert gottfried, norm macdonald, rodney dangerfield, and some great in-cast ballbusting
23rd Nov, 7:45pm
simon89:   got anymore unreleased scott bits? big audio? they're the best!
23rd Nov, 7:42pm
googs999:   it can only be large if its from bigA
23rd Nov, 7:29pm
bigaudio:   well, large for me ... lol
23rd Nov, 7:29pm
bigaudio:   I will be uploading a thanksgiving pack soon, a large one
23rd Nov, 6:05pm
jhames34:   unlike Marlon, who I assume just doesn't know how to type..."do do shit" would have been the funniest pun ever had it been intentional.
23rd Nov, 6:04pm
jhames34:   How bizarre can the sour shoes thanksgiving be? will he have his organ out at the table? Pun intended.
23rd Nov, 5:52pm
lifeofsin:   how about a gary fight pack
23rd Nov, 5:51pm
lifeofsin:   where r all the vaction packs
23rd Nov, 5:36pm
ator1:   Sour Shoes Thanksgiving special should be bizarre.
23rd Nov, 5:20pm
THA1icarus:   Wow a lot of people complain over a vacation that he has been taking now 4 years.... Well if you didn't miss him you would you still complain??
23rd Nov, 5:00pm
marlon22031:   gary books fossils like stephen stiles on the show!!! stern show is on its last leg
23rd Nov, 4:59pm
marlon22031:   they dont do do shit anymore! no more roast no good interviews
23rd Nov, 4:58pm
marlon22031:   this is why i cancelled my subcription!! that guy has become too rich and and too lazy
23rd Nov, 4:57pm
marlon22031:   howards on another fucking vaction!!!
23rd Nov, 4:29pm
deadluvva:   I am so paranoid that i think the car in front of me is following me the long way around.............. a Richard Lewis line
23rd Nov, 4:17pm
jstern:   Yeah it could be fake considering that the person who picked up the phone on the Howard studio would probably tell them that there's no show, unless they are playing a prank on him.
23rd Nov, 4:00pm
googs999:   you just described 80% of our species= limited intellect and delusional thinking
23rd Nov, 3:47pm
23rd Nov, 3:47pm
soccermom56:   fake, how? I recognize his limited intellect and delusional thinking
23rd Nov, 3:24pm
rvotyrtsym:   that etm twitter page is so fake,dont be fooled.
23rd Nov, 2:31pm
desert420:   Soccermom56: LOL He is? OH WOW Should tell him that Stern is off this week!
23rd Nov, 2:24pm
usiphi203:   It's on his blog.
23rd Nov, 2:22pm
ARTIELANGE09:   No MArk's Friggin yet
23rd Nov, 2:20pm
usiphi203:   ETM has said that he doesn't listent to the show. When he call in to bitch, he has said a freind tells him.
23rd Nov, 1:58pm
jstern:   Really soccermom? Like today? What's the addres?
23rd Nov, 1:50pm
soccermom56:   lol. eric the AKtor (on his hilarious twitter page) is bitching that Stern won't pick up on him this morning
23rd Nov, 1:08pm
23rd Nov, 12:23pm
arcterex:   Ah, ok. Time to catch up on podcasts and audiobooks then
23rd Nov, 12:13pm
simon89:   that's correct
23rd Nov, 12:11pm
usiphi203:   If they keep the same schedule as the past few years, we should have 12 new live shows before the end of the year. Three more weeks of live shows, then two weeks off.
23rd Nov, 12:09pm
usiphi203:   This week is Best of 2009, hosted by Spyder Harrison.
23rd Nov, 12:09pm
usiphi203:   The History is played during the Christmas break.
23rd Nov, 12:05pm
arcterex:   I thought there was the history part 3 this week? or are they off next week as well?
23rd Nov, 11:46am
mugsy2323:   desert420 - -
23rd Nov, 11:04am
jaded25:   @norlight yeah she is annoying most of the time but i'd rather listen to her annoying voice then jay's
23rd Nov, 10:37am
desert420:   Any one have a good site to get Howard TV From? Demonid was good but its down
23rd Nov, 10:36am
desert420:   HEY NOW!!
23rd Nov, 9:38am
lonebard:   In a Mellow Tone
23rd Nov, 9:11am
norlight: of '09 this week
23rd Nov, 9:09am
norlight:   @Mrwirez.. don't worry about it. The same for all of us. It's been discussed in this shoutbox and is just a tech glitch
23rd Nov, 9:07am
norlight:   @favj...thanks man... too true
23rd Nov, 9:04am
mugsy2323:   thanks brad - peace and love
23rd Nov, 9:02am
bradrock:   vacation
23rd Nov, 8:52am
mugsy2323:   Is there a new show today or are they on vacation?
23rd Nov, 8:47am
Mrwirez:   Anyone know why my connectability is off.. It was always on..
23rd Nov, 8:36am
fajv:   Exactly..fucking bombs every time she tries to be funny and then goes "come on!" and "thats not nice" when someone else actually makes you laugh
23rd Nov, 7:25am
norlight:   @jaded25... I can't stand that Madison broad. She's not funny, never gets the jokes and is way too dumb
23rd Nov, 3:22am
ator1:   I've been listening to Bubba quite a bit lately. They're some pretty funny mofos on there.
22nd Nov, 11:12pm
jaded25:   you forgot know it all and arrogant
22nd Nov, 8:45pm
dawson:   Robin is dumb and looks like a fucking pig
22nd Nov, 8:44pm
dawson:   Beth may be dumb, but at least she's good looking
22nd Nov, 2:14pm
tentent:   Hi ! anyone have a crack for Replay A/V 8.61 ?
22nd Nov, 2:07pm
jaded25:   shuli and madison were decent on the show
22nd Nov, 2:07pm
jaded25:   I tried listening to jay thomas for a bit. I couldn't stand jay thomas he was annoying as shit and wouldn't stop talking over people
22nd Nov, 12:24pm
fajv:   I've been getting into the Jay Thomas show but that annoying fuck Madison is making it reeeeal hard!
22nd Nov, 12:23pm
fajv:   FrankZappa take some time to listen up on Breuer, Jay Thomas, Miserable Men etc!
22nd Nov, 11:46am
FrankZappa:   Nobody has any old Howard for me this weekend
22nd Nov, 4:56am
slugdub:   gooooood mooornin vietredsunk!
22nd Nov, 2:56am
bellet:   it felt like they knew the bit was gay and stupid so they tried to be funny and it fell very flat like they where being assholes to scum
22nd Nov, 2:51am
bellet:   that sex bit was annoying on the last show. them trying to be assholes to the annoying sex couple got old fast
21st Nov, 10:38pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Is it possible that during vaca next week if anyone who may have '03 months to reseed thanks
21st Nov, 10:37pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Itwas ok dead only because the comedians pretty much took over and O&A barely spoke thruout
21st Nov, 7:12pm
rvotyrtsym:   robin sweetie,when we were in the shower,your buttcheeks was warm.
21st Nov, 2:43pm
robinsweetie:   what about your penis?
21st Nov, 12:19pm
deadluvva:   I was shocked when I read what I wrote as well.
21st Nov, 12:16pm
jstern:   That explains it dead, cause who the hell would use words like "Absolutely not" to say that Bobo is not obnoxious. It made me wonder if you were him, I mean what regular listener would defend Bobo like that.
21st Nov, 12:12pm
jstern:   thericochet, Big Foot 1st appearance was 3 years ago, I realized it just last night when I was listening a prank on him that had the date I was shocked that it was only 3 years, but it was 2006.
21st Nov, 11:06am
IBAndreas:   request: robin on celebrity jeopardy!
21st Nov, 8:33am
deadluvva:   I d'loaded that O&A Levy appearance, is it worth a listen? I love Rev Bob but have never ever heard O&A.
21st Nov, 8:28am
dawson:   Though Bob should have at least a little bit of loyalty and not go on O&A.
21st Nov, 8:27am
dawson:   I love King and Rev Bob
21st Nov, 8:13am
ricktunes:   I'm a big fan of the "King of All Blacks" ..Got's to have your Moens yo, know what I'm sayin.
21st Nov, 8:01am
deadluvva:   Bobo? I thought we were still on the Bob LEVY subject. Bobo is boboboring. It is Levy who I was talking about. Oooooof.
21st Nov, 5:32am
thericochet:   I agree drpluto. The show not only has stagnated as far as Wack Packers, but they'll never find any new funny callers because they just take the ass kissers now. A lot of the problem is that you have to be an active subscriber to want to call in so they don't get the random weirdos anymore that used to listen on free radio. They need to have another New Wack Packer contest like they did when they discovered the 2nd Bigfoot. That was over 5 years ago.
21st Nov, 5:30am
thericochet:   Monica Lewinsky was.......a dry hole
21st Nov, 2:23am
drpluto:   Bobo and most of the regular callers suck hard. King of all Blacks is by far the most boring. He just has absolutely nothing to talk about. Whatever happened to Big Black? He was funny.
21st Nov, 1:25am
bellet: my best moment of the week had not laughed that hard in a while. Anyone remember the show where the mic on the sybian was to loud and it drowned everything out? that was the funniest I would like to redl it if anyone has a link
20th Nov, 11:22pm
jstern:   That's funny, a talking dog, HA. Bobo is just a caller, he's no wackpacker. He wishes he was cause he despertely wants the attention, but he's just a caller who despretely wants air time. Ha ha, a talking dog, That's funny, Ha HA HA HA HA HA.Lol.
20th Nov, 11:12pm
ator1:   My nephews were watching something with a talking dog earlier, and the six-year-old goes, "Ahaha!! That dog is talking!"
20th Nov, 9:12pm
rvotyrtsym:   is bobo in the wackpack
20th Nov, 6:23pm
redwings20:   i like bobo its fun when howard goofs on him
20th Nov, 5:59pm
jstern:   Oh no, deadluvva is bobo.
20th Nov, 5:32pm
rvotyrtsym:   best of 09 next week?
20th Nov, 5:29pm
deadluvva:   Obnoxious, absol not. Retarded, yes. Funny as hell, yes.
20th Nov, 3:10pm
dawson:   Bobo is an obnoxious asshole
20th Nov, 12:03pm
jstern:   It was embarrassing the 1st 15 minutes of Robin on Jeapardy, but in her defense she kept hitting that button, but the woman in the middle was much, faster. She kept losing the battle of the finger everytime. I hate callers like Bobo.
20th Nov, 11:35am
fajv:   i love how bobo called in with a howard tv mention just to get on the air and then was cut off before he could make his real point..haha
20th Nov, 11:34am
fajv:   yeah next week is vacation
20th Nov, 11:03am
hangemhigh:   she should have been allowed to say "I was just gonna say that"
20th Nov, 10:38am
chrishardy:   "are they" on holiday even
20th Nov, 10:38am
chrishardy:   Are the holiday next week with it being Thanks giving? Im from England so this may seem like a really dumb question!
20th Nov, 9:22am
chaos40:   where is the "donate" link for paypal?
20th Nov, 6:45am
werris:   "Chicke bone neck cock sucking jew, niggers like her mutherfucken baboon!"
20th Nov, 6:45am
werris:   "Chicke bone neck cock sucking jew, niggers like her mutherfucken coon..."
20th Nov, 3:13am
dawson:   For those who didn't know it before, you know it now: Robin is a fucking retard
20th Nov, 3:12am
dawson:   Thanks for the link urname
20th Nov, 2:04am
ator1:   I was never into Star Trek, but that new movie is pretty kick-ass.
20th Nov, 12:52am
eos:   Shit. The "download from the web" option on mediafire is not working.
20th Nov, 12:28am
eos:   I'm getting that Jeopardy clip available elsewhere right now.
20th Nov, 12:27am
redwings20:   robin is such a stupid bitch
20th Nov, 12:03am
duke9555:   ty 12345
19th Nov, 9:24pm
urname12345:   robin on jeopardy-->
19th Nov, 8:25pm
topbuzz:   just want to big up this site and the ones that run it......kicking ass for years!! thanks again for always making my day
19th Nov, 8:17pm
rvotyrtsym:   i find it extremely hilarious that some people pretend to know someone famous, personally.
19th Nov, 7:08pm
ARTIELANGE09:   However he is at his best on the show especially today with the wheeze haha!!
19th Nov, 6:52pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Yeah I never said I hated the show....that would be SFN lol I just said that I don't play along with Artie's lies like everyone else does, I mean I used to be his biggest fan look at my name buttttttt when you know people who know him closely, it's hard to respect a guy that still to this day gets high and lies to the people who love him the most but again I love the show and appreciate everyone on here but I am entitled to my opinion and I guess I just know too much about Art personally
19th Nov, 5:27pm
jhames34:   Here Here Dead, I heard a great deal of the jokes already, but funny is funny, even the second time around
19th Nov, 5:14pm
bobdylan:   can you pm me if so
19th Nov, 5:14pm
19th Nov, 5:13pm
bobdylan:   mricon are you on this website still?
19th Nov, 5:07pm
deadluvva:   deadluvva better cut back on the vino and stir the spaghetti sauce. Mmmmmmmmm wine. And spaghetti
19th Nov, 5:06pm
deadluvva:   And I listened to Artie's new cd and laughed out loud several times. Yes I have heard 1/2 of the tline before but they are still hilarious. And the other half is all new and, funny as hell. The racing of the retards............
19th Nov, 5:04pm
deadluvva:   it is not for nothing that Bob won the meanest Listener Contest (which is brutally funny by the way. Yucko and his nigger omellette joke. lolllllll)
19th Nov, 5:03pm
deadluvva:   With all due respect Toe my friend, I think Mis Men is the funnest show on the radio today. I think most of the time they are all on fire. Bob is an amazing character.And the old and young girl jokes make me lolll every time. And Mike's greatr songs etc etc. All I listen to now is old 90s Stern and the Mis men show. And Bob would be a pretty succesful comedian without Stern. Less known yeah but still funny as hell.
19th Nov, 2:29pm
SpaceEdge:   who ever was talking about the iPhone app and said that it dosen't have 100&101 try a app called PocketTunes it also lets you record the stream
19th Nov, 1:34pm
JohnnSmythe:   has this become the SFN? Artie a cancer?? You may not like him, others do. I just wish he would stop it already and stay away from his loser friends and enjoy his money guilt-free. His bookie owes him $60,000 which he had to forgive [Tony Soprano never would], but whines about $6,000 which he would probably just lose anyway. When I lend money, I usually consider it may become a lost cause, so Artie should just get over it and fuck his girlfriend but don't let her move in. Don't know what the "palimony" laws are in New Jersey. Howard was smart with Beth cause new York does not have any.
19th Nov, 1:13pm
JohnnSmythe:   VIP members get to stand behind the ropes with Howard and Beth, and listen to Howard whine how late it is and Beth has to go save more dogs, cats, giraffes, maybe salmon and codfish as well
19th Nov, 12:46pm
dawson:   It's the Whiskey Talking was utter shit
19th Nov, 12:45pm
dawson:   Artie has never been a good stand up
19th Nov, 12:38pm
busymd:   what is the deal with vip members?
19th Nov, 12:22pm
eos:   Looks like the tracker's mail server is back up and has the correct time for outbound, not an hour later. Yay rednimer!
19th Nov, 12:20pm
19th Nov, 12:17pm
ARTIELANGE09:   IT's soooo bad (Jack and Coke) and I can't believe he actually plugs it with a straight face or has the audacity tyo laugh at Sal and Richard for their "supposed" hack comedy when he is the biggest hack of all....and yes I used to be an Artie fan but think he is a cancer on the show now
19th Nov, 7:08am
norlight:   @jgrizzle...yes she will. Saw the commercial for it today
18th Nov, 7:59pm
jgrizzle:   I think Robin will be on Jeopardy tomorrow
18th Nov, 6:42pm
bintoo:   The Iphone app released in Itunes doesn't support H100 or H101 in Canada. Wunder Radio is sweet! Stern on the Iphone/Itouch, uses the 3gs or wireless.
18th Nov, 4:54pm
fajv:   i think i've heard every one of the jokes on jack and coke from artie on previous occasions..the show, letterman, his old dvd etc..fucking weak.
18th Nov, 3:39pm
jstern:   I wonder if the interns that are jealous of Pete are still jealous of him.
18th Nov, 2:36pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Did he mention LEvy on O&A today at all and Nortons bitch fit?
18th Nov, 1:50pm
HanKHiLL:   laterz every1 gave a good day
18th Nov, 1:14pm
HanKHiLL:   probally some mpaa shit going on
18th Nov, 1:13pm
HanKHiLL:   has any 1 seen this site 4 streams of movies and tv shows plus downloads---> idunno tho if it sound too good it normally is
18th Nov, 12:38pm
marlon22031:   CANsomeone PLEASE help me get on torrent keeper! without demoniod i cant find HTVOD torrents anywhere!!
18th Nov, 12:30pm
MysteryMan:   so some of the guys here wanted to listen to the radio show from West Palm beach and see if they bring up the fact that howard blasted them
18th Nov, 12:29pm
MysteryMan:   @remisser, long story short, Howard came to the defense of Rob Schneider (more info here)
18th Nov, 12:24pm
remisser:   I've missed a few shows, what is this in reference to: "norlight: @jstern...Well no need to listen to them anymore. After being scolded by Howie I'm sure they will never bring it up, pussies."
18th Nov, 11:50am
norlight:   haha I can't listen to the "Clear Channel" shit stream because I'm from Canada
18th Nov, 11:48am
norlight:   Thanks jstern, gonna listen for sure
18th Nov, 11:39am
norlight:   here's a vid link and audio to the whole shabang...
18th Nov, 11:39am
jstern:   Thanks norlight. And yes, you can listen to them on the internet, that's what I did, I'm from New York. Here's the link to the station
18th Nov, 11:32am
norlight:   btw, is there somewhere I can listen ti these fucktards on the internet? A stream or whatever? Thanks
18th Nov, 11:30am
norlight:   @jstern...Well no need to listen to them anymore. After being scolded by Howie I'm sure they will never bring it up, pussies. I do love it when anyone will challenge Howard (cause it's so fucking great) but these downies win the gold medal for 0.0 reaction!. Thanks for the report "Bro" . I speak your name JSTERN!
18th Nov, 10:51am
jstern:   norlight, Unfortunately I started listening around 8:50am, and they were talking about phychics, and swimming, stuff like that, but not Howard. If they did it was probably earlier during the show. They ended like around 10:15 without saying that the show was over and I listened to 3 horrible songs before I realized they weren't coming back. I'm a little stressed out now from forcing myself to listen.
18th Nov, 10:35am
norlight:   @jstern. Good shit dude! Those fucks are 'tards. It could of been Howard "spinning" the Rob interview since we didn't hear it all but I'm sure that's not the case. Look forward to your report.
18th Nov, 9:59am
jstern:   I'm listening to that West Palm radio show on the internet, to see if they talk about Howard.
18th Nov, 4:56am
bobdylan:   hey BINDY wanna float around my stingray?!? oooooohhhhhh
17th Nov, 11:10pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Hey bintoo is that available on the BlackBerry?
17th Nov, 11:05pm
17th Nov, 10:38pm
bintoo:   is this old news?
17th Nov, 10:38pm
bintoo:   Does anyone on here use wunder radio v1.8 to listen to sirius online on their Iphone or Itouch- you can get all the channels including h100 and h101
17th Nov, 9:42pm
HanKHiLL:   arghhh... i'm still on the 11th why, " what a world, what a world..."
17th Nov, 9:26pm
jstern:   I think the best choice for Pete would have been the Midget, even though the one he choice was the best looking, she didn't really seemed that interested.
17th Nov, 9:10pm
phatio:   @HanKHill if you get a chance can you record the audio? be much appreciated!
17th Nov, 9:10pm
phatio:   audio
17th Nov, 8:15pm
HanKHiLL:   what r u looking 4 audio or video??
17th Nov, 8:13pm
ecashdub:   Does anyone know if Jack and Coke is uploaded anywhere?
17th Nov, 8:05pm
HanKHiLL:   pirate bay tracker closed for good-->
17th Nov, 8:01pm
HanKHiLL:   Mrs. Rogers had to be a bitch
17th Nov, 7:53pm
howard159:   Where's Mrs. Rogers?
17th Nov, 7:50pm
HanKHiLL:   phatio i have the dvd
17th Nov, 7:33pm
drpluto:   anyone know a good blog that posts the show daily?
17th Nov, 7:32pm
WesMantooth:   Demonoid is STILL down? Wow.
17th Nov, 7:18pm
phatio:   to artie's jack and coke cd?
17th Nov, 7:18pm
phatio:   anyone holding on
17th Nov, 7:14pm
HanKHiLL:   it's just called assassins
17th Nov, 6:55pm
HanKHiLL:   lol nevermind i got everything worki9ng great
17th Nov, 6:47pm
HanKHiLL:   has any1 seen the chinesse pre of ninja assassin out around I haven't seen it any where but i have heard that it's been pre'd 4 awhile
17th Nov, 6:24pm
jimrome123:   gotta keep this website live
17th Nov, 6:24pm
jimrome123:   who/how do I contact to donate?
17th Nov, 4:33pm
jgrizzle:   Hey now
17th Nov, 3:16pm
marlon22031:   CANsomeone PLEASE help me get on torrent keeper! without demoniod i cant find HTVOD torrents anywhere!!
17th Nov, 2:42pm
ator1:   Just re-reading the comments and it looked like I was saying Mel looks like Gary the retard. I meant he looks like Bababooey.
17th Nov, 1:59pm
17th Nov, 1:17pm
nycpolobear:   does anyone have geektime from nov 14 and jon and gary's sports show. i dont have tk. thanks
17th Nov, 12:19pm
eos:   Yeah, he said Sunday.
17th Nov, 12:13pm
desert420:   They are doing construction to there apartment and stern was going crazy! So they got a rental place to be in while the construction was going on. They just moved back in i think last week.
17th Nov, 12:11pm
eos:   Oh. Didn't know about the rental... lol
17th Nov, 12:10pm
desert420:   They moved back into there apartment. From the rental.
17th Nov, 11:38am
eos:   Did Howard and Beth just move?
17th Nov, 10:07am
poopdeck:   yeah I would like all the sirius shows as well turk. 128 rips if possible
17th Nov, 8:48am
turk:   Does anybody who reads this still have December 2006? I missed that year and I've been stuck at 0% for close to a month now.
17th Nov, 6:23am
fajv:   anyone got the fitzdog show on direct download? thehsdaily doesnt have the links up..
17th Nov, 2:28am
ator1:   Mel Karmazin was on Fox Business channel last night. I couldn't help but notice how much he looks like an older version of Gary.
17th Nov, 1:22am
redwings20:   gary the retard can't spell...
16th Nov, 10:23pm
16th Nov, 5:40pm
16th Nov, 5:33pm
fajv:   Mozilla Firefox wont let me enter as accesing it may harm my computer..fucking lol
16th Nov, 5:13pm
cameltoe:   "eos: History of Howard Stern Act 3, coming December 21.".......can't wait, should be d'awesome.
16th Nov, 4:44pm
megahurt:   Oohhkay, out of nowhere it worked. Ha. Whaaatever.
16th Nov, 4:43pm
megahurt:   Is anyone having an issue DLin the 24k bb? It says there are 114 seeders, but I'm getting 0. Nothting different on my end.
16th Nov, 2:19pm
HanKHiLL:   Hello, hello...
16th Nov, 1:35pm
desert420:   HEY NOW!!
16th Nov, 1:24pm
usiphi203:   No, do you?
16th Nov, 1:11pm
jstern:   I always thoght Gary Garver had a really low IQ.
16th Nov, 1:08pm
usiphi203:   Here's the orbitcast article. It does have screen caps.
16th Nov, 1:06pm
usiphi203:   hmm, that's the link I got from orbitcast. Doesn't seem to work after I posted it here.
16th Nov, 1:05pm
16th Nov, 1:04pm
16th Nov, 12:57pm
fajv:   does anyone have a link to that sirius commercial they were talking about?
16th Nov, 12:03pm
poopdeck:   nice
16th Nov, 10:43am
eos:   History of Howard Stern Act 3, coming December 21.
16th Nov, 10:11am
MattBoone:   Ahhhh, Thank you ator1
16th Nov, 10:06am
ator1:   Yeah, it's live today. Gary Garver called in earlier to discuss the meltdown he had on his internet show.
16th Nov, 9:55am
MattBoone:   I hope you're right! I'm never up this early to see how things roll, but MarksFriggin has nothing yet and the show should be over soon if it is indeed live today. Fingers crossed!
16th Nov, 9:35am
norlight:   @MattBoone...should be live today. I haven't listened on-line yet but I think next week might be vacation time due to Thanksgiving
16th Nov, 9:25am
MattBoone:   is there a live show today? im dieing to find out and am worried that there isnt!
16th Nov, 8:19am
remisser:   anyone know of a site that streams either past or current stern shows?
16th Nov, 8:13am
kingdaddy187:   can some1 please seed December 2005 64k? thanks in advance
16th Nov, 6:26am
urname12345:   now thats a funny vid dj
16th Nov, 5:47am
djkikrome:   You forgot to post the video of her husband who got lost on the way there.
16th Nov, 3:31am
urname12345:   looks fake to me, the bride was bleeding and the blood looked fake and she would be way more pissed off.
16th Nov, 3:02am
ator1:   Funny video of a drunk chick totally ruining a wedding:
16th Nov, 1:14am
urname12345:   Soundgarden and White Zombie is good shit too, but thats all newer stuff...
16th Nov, 1:12am
urname12345:   Alice In Chains is the shit also
16th Nov, 1:10am
urname12345:   Pink Floyd is also up there in best shit ever, Zep is also great too. check out The Yardbirds.
16th Nov, 12:13am
dawson:   Dylan rules all
15th Nov, 11:21pm
redwings20:   zeppelin is awesome but i like the who better
15th Nov, 9:51pm
eos:   Last year, Stern worked up to the Thursday before Thanksgiving. I expect no different this year. One more full week, then off until November 30.
15th Nov, 7:34pm
simon89:   fuck yes deadluvva! zeppelin rules!
15th Nov, 5:40pm
deadluvva:   And on the 8th day God created the mighty Zeppelin. The best rock band ever. EVER!
15th Nov, 5:39pm
deadluvva:   Happy Sunday night skunkers. Man oh man this place has been dead all day. Got a huge pot of chicken and barley soup on the stove and some Zep crankin on the stereo. Oh let the sun beat down upon my face................ Kashmir never fails to amaze me. Brilliant.
15th Nov, 3:36pm
Stimp:   XS went down friday sometime...was back up yesterday on new server but was very slow and buggy....I'm guessing they are working on getting new host.
15th Nov, 2:35pm
sflocco:   Does anyone know whar happened to xtremespeeds site? I haven't been able to access it for days. Is it down?
15th Nov, 6:58am
MysteryMan:   i think its vacation week next week for thanksgiving
15th Nov, 6:57am
tescovee:   is there an invite system for TK or is it only first come, first serve?
15th Nov, 6:34am
fajv:   vacation week coming up?
15th Nov, 4:05am
MysteryMan:   ohh and Zetterberg rocks, red wings all the way.
15th Nov, 4:04am
MysteryMan:   So ask yourself if you think this wush guy downloads most every show on the channels off rs/tk, changes thier file size then re-ups them as his own.
15th Nov, 4:02am
MysteryMan:   Not to get into it all again, and I'm sure urname has different views, but the file sizes don't seem to match on any of wush's torrents to the corresponding bitrate here.
15th Nov, 2:35am
redwings20:   that is kinda gay that wush repackages all that shit and claims it's his own rip on mininova? is he really taking it from eos and the other various redskunk uppers?
14th Nov, 4:38am
urname12345:   143
14th Nov, 4:38am
MysteryMan:   i love you
14th Nov, 4:37am
urname12345:   what ever you say guy
14th Nov, 4:36am
MysteryMan:   did you mean "are" wush rips
14th Nov, 4:35am
MysteryMan:   "uhh uhh uhhh nevertheless" thats what I'll do
14th Nov, 4:33am
urname12345:   ohhhh gooooood for you... you listen to the drunk alien guy and watch rips that arnt "wush rips" that he downloaded and renamed
14th Nov, 4:31am
MysteryMan:   well then the much hated wush is my only option for htvod and riley
14th Nov, 4:30am
urname12345:   i dont think tk is going to be open for reg for awhile now, last time that happened bunch of fucking assholes got on there and short after that were banned, so maybe reg will be open again i dunno.
14th Nov, 4:28am
MysteryMan:   whatever I don't really give a fuck, the guy knows where to go to get his fix. Maybe when tk opens up again he will get lucky, even after being here from pretty much day on of the stern show, i never bothered to get one.
14th Nov, 4:27am
urname12345:   and the you dont download shit is clear, youve been here for 200 weeks and downloaded 29gb
14th Nov, 4:27am
urname12345:   no you said "dont want to kill my ratio" and i assumed you didnt want to seed etc...
14th Nov, 4:25am
MysteryMan:   is this the point where we are suppose to kiss and make up?
14th Nov, 4:24am
MysteryMan:   "what you dont want to seed or something" "you dont download shit" get off your fucking high horse
14th Nov, 4:24am
urname12345:   ok, so dont call me a bitch or pathetic, that was totally uncalled for.
14th Nov, 4:22am
MysteryMan:   the*
14th Nov, 4:22am
MysteryMan:   hey, they guy asked where he could get the show, i told him. obviously, he doesnt have a torrentkeeper account, which just like redskunk, are not always open to get. So i told him how to get it
14th Nov, 4:22am
urname12345:   and dont call me pathetic you dickhead
14th Nov, 4:20am
urname12345:   all i said was fuck wush he takes shit and calls it his own which is not cool
14th Nov, 4:19am
urname12345:   and how about you not being a douche calling me a "bitch"
14th Nov, 4:17am
urname12345:   and im calm
14th Nov, 4:16am
urname12345:   so youve been around long enough not to know about tk
14th Nov, 4:15am
urname12345:   *show
14th Nov, 4:15am
urname12345:   every h101 shiow is on tk
14th Nov, 4:15am
MysteryMan:   lastly, ive been around here for a bit son, and while i havent amassed as big of a download rate as you, that doesnt make your pathetic ass any better. Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck
14th Nov, 4:13am
MysteryMan:   3rd, not that i dont want to seed, as my ratio proves, 2 or 3 days after a show has been on is not exactly the best time to leech and then never recoup your ratio unless you plan on leaving your computer on for days.
14th Nov, 4:11am
MysteryMan:   first, calm down, no need to act like a bitch. Second, i dont see riley or the many other stern channel shows on here unless im missing something, so i find it hard to believe he is ripping all the shit from this site.
14th Nov, 3:58am
urname12345:   oh and says its his own rips etc...
14th Nov, 3:44am
urname12345:   looks like you dont download shit here anyway
14th Nov, 3:44am
urname12345:   he takes all the shit posted on here and other places and posts it on mininova tpb etc... and wtf? you dont want to seed or something?
14th Nov, 3:40am
urname12345:   fuck wush
14th Nov, 3:37am
MysteryMan:   he is where i get all my riley martin and howard stern show when i am a few days late and dont want to kill my ratio here
14th Nov, 3:36am
MysteryMan:   Pete, i would google "wushdishmeen" and check out his mininova page and piratebay page,
14th Nov, 3:14am
MissEpod:   My ratio is over 1
14th Nov, 1:05am
petenicely:   Anyone have an idea where to find last week's Celebrity Superfan Roundtable
13th Nov, 11:29pm
SpaceEdge:   anyone want a google wave invite I have a few of them message me if your ratio is over 1.00 and I can probably hook you up
13th Nov, 10:37pm
redwings20:   i don't think it's sad chelios is playing again. i think as long as he can be an effective player for a team why not? Phoenix I believe is close to signing him to an NHL contract
13th Nov, 9:22pm
kingdaddy187:   thank you!!!
13th Nov, 9:20pm
gt1:   @kingdaddy187: re-seeding it now
13th Nov, 7:28pm
kingdaddy187:   can I get a reseed on please
13th Nov, 7:23pm
jstern:   So why was Gary fired?
13th Nov, 7:03pm
bobdylan:   I like how he waited for the show to fire him before becoming interesting
13th Nov, 6:26pm
13th Nov, 5:36pm
deadluvva:   I heard Chelios is playin in the minors now???? Jesus Chris, give it up. Kinda sad how it's ending bud.
13th Nov, 5:22pm
rvotyrtsym:   anyone have an iptorrents invite
13th Nov, 4:22pm
redwings20:   @soccermom - no its a reference to the hockey team.
13th Nov, 3:12am
gt1:   Hey all - does anyone have either of these torrents they could kindly seed? and --- I don't need much of the November full month torrent; just a few of the "Best of" shows. Thank you!
12th Nov, 11:56pm
desert420:   HEY NOW!!
12th Nov, 11:04pm
clutchcity:   ator, i have been having the same problem with youtube for the past couple weeks, it's really annoying.
12th Nov, 9:31pm
soccermom56:   redwings, I agree. is your name a reference to Luc?
12th Nov, 7:39pm
ator1:   Is youtube REALLY slow for anyone else lately? Even short videos stop to buffer every few seconds lately.
12th Nov, 7:34pm
michaelall:   has artie's new character (guy who laughs at everything) been on an episode of howard tv yet? i understand there's a visual element to it.
12th Nov, 7:28pm
ator1:   I pee torrents. Nice!
12th Nov, 7:18pm
weed89:   hey anyone haveing problems with IPTorrents site??
12th Nov, 7:05pm
rvotyrtsym:   good for you dawson
12th Nov, 6:44pm
dawson:   I love niggers
12th Nov, 6:11pm
redwings20:   artie has got to stop with that guy who laughs at everything character it makes me want to rip out my brain
12th Nov, 5:15pm
rvotyrtsym:   "steve langford is a huge pussy"pussy-pussy-pussy-pussy..........
12th Nov, 4:38pm
bobdylan:   sour? sour? it's against the LAW!
12th Nov, 4:36pm
deadluvva:   Hi Paula, this is Rusty.....
12th Nov, 4:11pm
ator1:   gurgle gurgle!
12th Nov, 2:12pm
JohnnSmythe:   @mricon: its become a little more manageable with the cough so finally got a few consecutive hours of sleep, but still feel whoozy and lightnheaded, like many "medicated" people here LOL
12th Nov, 1:19pm
desert420:   HAHA Its a Talking Dog HAHA Dogs dont talk HAHA Dogs arent D.A's HAHAHA
12th Nov, 12:35pm
pessimizer:   trying to download the shaggy d.a.
12th Nov, 11:51am
desert420:   HEY NOW!!
12th Nov, 11:25am
HanKHiLL:   laters every1 i'm off on an early weekend
12th Nov, 11:17am
jgrizzle:   Hey now
12th Nov, 11:15am
ARTIELANGE09:   LMAO ping!! the bags on you!! That Fucker!!
12th Nov, 8:57am
ping12:   So we says 'the bags on you motherfucker' We were best of friends after that
12th Nov, 8:25am
mricon:   Thanks uploaders
12th Nov, 2:21am
ARTIELANGE09:   Yeah ZigZag u would be right It'll be during the two week Xmas break
12th Nov, 2:03am
duke9555:   click on the ads it helps
11th Nov, 11:03pm
urname12345:   they played a bumper type thing/advertisement of it couple days ago on the show.(HOHS3)
11th Nov, 10:29pm
ZigZagNuts:   Ahh, end of dcember, i see it now
11th Nov, 10:12pm
ZigZagNuts:    Does anyone know is there supposed to be an act III of the howard stern History coming out?
11th Nov, 9:23pm
redwings20:   red wings just beat columbus 9-1
11th Nov, 8:53pm
ARTIELANGE09:   THanks so much to all uploaders, this is the best site for the best show ever!!
11th Nov, 8:36pm
HanKHiLL:   a lilltle kid doing any varitey of the jackie laugh would be just as good as the baby bababooey
11th Nov, 8:24pm
thericochet:   yeah they definitely don't need permission to play voicemails, since she's voluntarily calling in and being recorded, and i'm sure there's a 10 second message beforehand on the message saying as much when you call up (not that they need it, legally)
11th Nov, 8:23pm
thericochet:   ator1, did your nephew laugh like Jackie afterwards?
11th Nov, 8:23pm
thericochet:   this is some brouhaha
11th Nov, 6:58pm
mricon:   hope you feel better soon johnsmythe
11th Nov, 4:38pm
redwings20:   i just got over a bad case of bronchitis. make hash brownies it helps with the pain and you dont have to smoke it
11th Nov, 2:27pm
JohnnSmythe:   Thank You! for your call.
11th Nov, 2:23pm
goodie2shoes:   LETS GET RETARDED!
11th Nov, 2:19pm
JohnnSmythe:   Hi lovelybeth86, no life kicked me in the balls, sick as a dog, Doc says its bronchitis most likely, I used to get it alot when I still worked, but not for a long time. Hard to get any sleep cause I have to sit up straight to ease the cough...wah!
11th Nov, 2:04pm
HanKHiLL:   that one got me pretty good 4 a five year old
11th Nov, 1:51pm
ator1:   My 5 year old nephew told this one the other day: Why do chickens sit on eggs