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31st Jan, 9:43pm
thericochet:   and i normally find their convos about normally mundane stuff pretty fascinating, but this shit is painfully pointless
31st Jan, 9:43pm
thericochet:   bababooey started talking about how he was shoveling snow off his roof and i just stopped working, staring straight ahead wondering 'what the fuck am i listening to'?
31st Jan, 9:42pm
thericochet:   i'm sure this snow talk so far at the beginning of the show is absolutely FASCINATING to everyone not in their 50 mile radius
31st Jan, 9:18pm
SpaceEdge:   did you listen to the one today Lemmi ?
31st Jan, 8:55pm
razzles:   Thanks found the link
31st Jan, 8:32pm
Lemmi:   i moved to marc marons WTF podcast when i get bored with howards show
31st Jan, 8:30pm
jmmclls:   fuck everyone.....S Salem style
31st Jan, 7:58pm
SpaceEdge:   someone linked them in the shout box last week scroll down further or click on the history.
31st Jan, 7:43pm
razzles:   antone = anyone
31st Jan, 7:42pm
razzles:   antone know where to find dr lauries show eddited to just the call ins?
31st Jan, 7:34pm
SpaceEdge:   i think it was either Wednesday or thursday's show.
31st Jan, 7:33pm
SpaceEdge:   any of you catch Jay Thomas' show last week when he said Bob Levy asked people at sirius if he could come back
31st Jan, 7:26pm
ricktunes:   ping12, Howie's been telling stories of his parents and his interactions with them for 25 years... Ever listen to the show?? It's what he does ...ya know talk about his life. Some people do find his talk and impressions about his parents funny. They've had H101 specials and HTV feature presentations about his parents. If your waiting for Howie to talk about what you find interesting, you're wasting a lot of time in your life, and are looking in the wrong place for your conmedic needs.
31st Jan, 7:23pm
AndySocial:   I ask because Howard invented everything right...he ripped off "Electirc Comic Book" from a band called Blues Magoos a 1967 record
31st Jan, 7:12pm
SpaceEdge:   just finished listening to "what is the internet" segment. It must be nice living in a bubble like Howard and Robin don't have to worry about how things work you just pay people and they do everything for you.
31st Jan, 7:05pm
AndySocial:   Question; didn't howard have a group as a kid called the elctric comic book or a song they did or something. In other words haven't I heard him use the phrase "electric comic book"
31st Jan, 6:42pm
forwhel6:   i looking to branch out my listening because howard is really mailing it in now, and radio io is only 2 hours long. anyone suggest another show to follow?
31st Jan, 6:32pm
forwhel6:   anyone know a web site to get phil hendrie's daily show torrents
31st Jan, 6:32pm
31st Jan, 5:39pm
rvotyrtsym:   I avoid cesspool's...
31st Jan, 4:53pm
ator1:   SFN is a cesspool, but occasionally you find something like this hilarious video of Eric's head blowing up (not from Fringe):
31st Jan, 3:45pm
ping12:   Stern thinks that the audience cares about the lives of every single person in his life.
31st Jan, 3:44pm
ping12:   I'm listening to today's show. He's retelling the story of his parents in the snow storm. Soooooo boring!!!! If something funny or interesting happenened that might be one thing. But he's just retelling a story, using an unfunny whiny long island accent, about two people that the audience doesn't care about,
31st Jan, 3:16pm
urname12345:   howard sounds like all those people in that video.
31st Jan, 3:02pm
31st Jan, 2:57pm
urname12345:   hey guys, does anyone know where the internet is?
31st Jan, 11:21am
usiphi203:   i love the guy. Am I the crazy one here?
31st Jan, 11:13am
NaRaReally:   I see Jeff "The Vomit Guy" was on today. YAWN!
31st Jan, 10:34am
usiphi203:   marksfriggin has the vacation stuff. i don't think there's a direct link but just some general searching can find it.
31st Jan, 10:24am
usiphi203:   cloud? you mean the thing in the air?
31st Jan, 10:22am
usiphi203:   He seems very out of touch. No porn on youtube, SIM cards, lotus notes and Jeff Shick. It's not his fault though. Stuff is changing so fast, we will all end up like some day.
31st Jan, 10:16am
Shadowplay:   About that screener, funny how Howard always says he never gets stuff, that they're paranoid he'll leak it or something. Then he complains on the air about Gary not lending him a screener, and he reveals that Gary's wife gave it to a friend. This is exactly what the MPAA doesn't want. It's the same to them as torrenting. So no wonder Howard doesn't get any movies.
31st Jan, 2:17am
bellet:   me either. I do find the shorter show a bit more annoying. it feels rushed and liek they are cramming the same number of ads into 5 hours vs 6
31st Jan, 2:10am
thericochet:   i dunno but i'd guess probably not. i've yet to find a consistent place to find the vacation dates. and i really don't want to wade into the SFN clusterfuck
31st Jan, 1:54am
bellet:   think the show is reruns this week?
31st Jan, 12:30am
bellet:   ya his cluelessness can get annoying. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it is a joke, or if he is just old.
30th Jan, 11:42pm
thericochet:   Yeah some of the stuff Howard has been saying lately is kind of embarassing and makes him sound really old. Not knowing who Nancy Grace is (not that I'm not envious that he doesn't know about her, wish I didn't), calling someone's twitter _account_ a "tweet". It's painful because he used to be up on everything just a few years ago. Kind of nitpick-y, but noticeable nonetheless.
30th Jan, 11:02pm
30th Jan, 9:56pm
ROEU812:   aburn, yeah those popping noises make my cats jump..LOL
30th Jan, 9:24pm
aburningman:   Hmm, I didn't know you had to use 5400 RPM drives in the PS3... I put a 500GB 7200RPM one in the 160GB PS3 after I got it last September. It makes popping noises when warming and cooling, but apparently that happens with all Slims.
30th Jan, 6:21pm
sflocco:   Artie's last show was December 9, 2009
30th Jan, 4:57pm
jmmclls:   anyone know what Artie's last day actually was?
30th Jan, 4:14pm
jmmclls:   Gary: I don't want to say how I got the Black Swan screener "on the air"
30th Jan, 4:13pm
jmmclls:   The Screener thing is particularily baffling to him because he is used to getting everything first. Remember when Booey loaned the copy of The Late Shift screener in 1995 to Grillo. Also funny to hear him say he wish he could "pause" the live show on Sirius.
30th Jan, 3:59pm
ROEU812:   Actually , I'm kinda feeling sorry for Ol' Howchie..the fact that he CLAIMS he can't play those Dr. Laura clips is QUITE SAD ! I miss the Howard of 1994 !!!
30th Jan, 3:58pm
ROEU812:   you can't tell me that none of those "tech geeks" knows how to use It's just Howchie burying his head in the sand again (I was doodling, did I miss something?)
30th Jan, 3:39pm
jmmclls:   the funniest thing on the show is when Howard can't figure out how people have DVD Screeners before him!! Like how he marveled at the Screener for Black Swan that Booey had. Hilarious.
30th Jan, 3:39pm
ROEU812:   Thanks to all the Uppers and Seeders ! This place is the FIRST place I come to when I click that little firefox icon !! a special shout out to Cameltoe, Bigaudio,Ricktunes,and Deadluvva
30th Jan, 3:11pm
thericochet:   i know hendrie's show used to go up on usenet daily but i lost access to it a couple years ago
30th Jan, 12:40pm
forwhel6:    anyone know a web site to get phil hendrie's daily show torrents
30th Jan, 7:59am
googs999:   poor geohot
30th Jan, 3:32am
Mxtra:   back up your games? code for downloading and burning games.
29th Jan, 7:50pm
ROEU812:   you can also use BlackBox ftp for the ps3 and any ftp client for your pc and back up your games that way
29th Jan, 7:49pm
ROEU812:   only thing is the internal hd MUST be 5400 rpm 2.5" otherwise there is heating issues
29th Jan, 7:48pm
ROEU812:   yup you can hook up an external...GT5 is 14gb I think..I plan to swap out my internal 120gb with a 500gb soon
29th Jan, 6:27pm
thericochet:   how many gigs is GT5? if you want to install another game and have to delete one to have it fit, do you constantly have to have a stream of rented games or can you attach an external hard drive or something to transfer the files for safekeeping?
29th Jan, 6:07pm
ROEU812:   right now I am installing Gran Turismo 5 on the internal hd from a rented copy
29th Jan, 6:07pm
ROEU812:   tried that as well and it is all very easy
29th Jan, 6:07pm
ROEU812:   and yes redwing, you can install an FTP server in the PS3 with CFW and install a downloaded (pirated) game from your pc to the internal hd of the ps3
29th Jan, 6:05pm
ROEU812:   with CFW, you can install a backup manager and install games to the internal hd or an external, and use ANY blu ray game in the ps3 to boot any of the I ran to the video store and grabbed a few games ..LOL
29th Jan, 6:02pm
thericochet:   roeu812, what are you able to do with it hacked? i heard it doesn't allow for playing burned blu-rays, mostly it allows you to install Linux, but i'm not sure
29th Jan, 4:54pm
redwings20:   their new address is
29th Jan, 3:49pm
sflocco:   anyone notice that Demooid is down. Both the site and tracker
29th Jan, 3:23pm
redwings20:   whats the point of hacking it? can u play pirated games or something?
29th Jan, 2:10pm
ROEU812:   anyone here into hacking the ps3? I just did mine yesterday and used the 3.55 CFW Kmeaw...awesome ! and easy too
29th Jan, 1:55am
ator1:   That's more than a little disturbing, what you just wrote, sflocco.
28th Jan, 11:59pm
eos:   Wow. Those are tiny titties.
28th Jan, 9:18pm
Snick422:   haha ricktunes. what's up? i saw you said hi at tk the other day but i forgot to post back
28th Jan, 5:50pm
ROEU812:   Yes rick..He was !!!
28th Jan, 4:42pm
sflocco:   Kaecey Jordan is very young. Tiny tits. Almost childlike. love her pornos
28th Jan, 5:23am
ricktunes:   Charlie Cheen, up to his usual tricks -->
28th Jan, 5:22am
ricktunes:   Roe, he was courtside as usual?
28th Jan, 2:56am
opai:   I wonder if they will have Transexual pornstar Bailey Jay on same show with Gary the retard.
28th Jan, 1:50am
thericochet:   i think gtrance was looking for a cassette tape of the calls
28th Jan, 12:35am
ROEU812:   saw Howchie and Beth at the Knicks - Heat game tonight..the camera got a close up of that mug !!!
27th Jan, 9:51pm
googs999:   gtrance....scroll much?
27th Jan, 9:18pm
thericochet:   this is some brouhaha
27th Jan, 8:58pm
Chooby:   People of Earth.......How are you?
27th Jan, 8:52pm
rvotyrtsym:   Gary the retard will probably be on the Stern show wednesday or thursday. (unless it's vacation week) Gary's leaving for NYC on tuesday. I got this info on the Gary the retard internet show. Gary said i'm going to NEW YORK you asshole.
27th Jan, 6:31pm
thericochet:   I read one wikipedia article, under PROTEST
27th Jan, 5:25pm
ator1:   Can I speak to Mrs. Rogers for a moment, please?
27th Jan, 5:18pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ator1
27th Jan, 5:10pm
opai:   A bang from outside.
27th Jan, 4:10pm
ator1:   What is a GONK?
27th Jan, 12:12pm
chibchakan:   The Wrap-Up Show 1-27-2011 CF 64K
27th Jan, 11:50am
chibchakan:   The Howard Stern Show 1-27-2011 64K Commercial-Free:
27th Jan, 9:45am
chibchakan:   Dr. Laura Prank Calls 1-25-2011:
27th Jan, 9:20am
gtrance:   does anyone have tape of the Dr Laura show?
27th Jan, 9:10am
chit:   thanks, i should of been able to figure out that one out on my own...
27th Jan, 8:54am
27th Jan, 8:47am
chit:   anybody have a link to JD's videos on Youtube? I wann see if he can meet Eric the Midgets challenges:
26th Jan, 11:26pm
outsideshot:   wendy the retard needs to call her and ask her a few questions
26th Jan, 11:25pm
outsideshot:   i wish the callers would use a little creativity instead of just cussing though...shouldn't be too hard.
26th Jan, 11:17pm
thericochet:   yeah i hope she gets hammered continuously so she can never rest
26th Jan, 11:15pm
outsideshot:   that bitch has zero sense of humor. I think a couple more days of calls could blow her mind up.
26th Jan, 11:14pm
outsideshot:   were there more howard calls on the old hag's show today?
26th Jan, 9:38pm
thericochet:   yeah i think you're right rvot
26th Jan, 9:02pm
ator1:   Pat Cooper was never funny. He just yelled and bitched. I've never even heard of him outside of the Howard Sern show.
26th Jan, 7:31pm
rvotyrtsym:   If my memory is correct...
26th Jan, 7:31pm
rvotyrtsym:   @thericochet...I think it was twice during the first contract.Gary was a judge in the tranny contest late last year.If my memary
26th Jan, 6:41pm
honeybee:   thanks chibchakan
26th Jan, 6:28pm
thericochet:   im fairly sure they've only ever had Gary The Retard in the studio once when doing that moon bit that fell flat. once in 5+ years.
26th Jan, 6:25pm
thericochet:   i miss Howiewood Squares. they haven't done it since coming to Sirius because Howard doesn't want to pay to fly people in like Gary The Retard, Daniel Carver, God Hates Fags morons, etc.
26th Jan, 6:23pm
thericochet:   yeah what the fuck is up with that, i figured Pat wasn't coming on because he was old and tired. Joan must give Beth some of that plastic jewelry so Howard doesn't have to go into his wallet to buy the real stuff for her.
26th Jan, 4:36pm
rvotyrtsym:   joan is a boring old hag...
26th Jan, 3:39pm
urname12345:   im glad they turned down pat cooper and have joan rivers on 6 times a year.
26th Jan, 3:38pm
urname12345:   said a bunch about howard
26th Jan, 3:38pm
urname12345:   did anyone hear pat cooper on jay thomas? says the show turned him down when he asked to come in.
26th Jan, 2:49pm
outsideshot:   F Timmy and F Dr Laura. Hi, This is Kelly Clarkson.
26th Jan, 2:18pm
jhames34:   Thanks chibchakan
26th Jan, 1:26pm
chibchakan:   Dr. Laura Prank Calls 1-25-2011:
26th Jan, 1:08pm
rvotyrtsym:   thanks for the info space.
26th Jan, 12:31pm
ricktunes:   Wrap Up & News - 1/26/11 CF (60K VBR) HH -->
26th Jan, 12:28pm
ricktunes:   Hour 6 - 1/26/11 nCF HH (64K) -->
26th Jan, 12:27pm
ricktunes:   Hour 5 - 1/26/11 nCF HH (64K) -->
26th Jan, 11:16am
NaRaReally:   Thanks rick!
26th Jan, 11:03am
ricktunes:   Hour 4 - 1/26/11 nCF HH (64K) -->
26th Jan, 10:39am
hangemhigh:   thanks saved my life
26th Jan, 9:59am
ricktunes:   Hour 3 - 1/26/11 nCF HH (64K) -->
26th Jan, 9:58am
ricktunes:   Hour 2 - 1/26/11 nCF HH (64K) -->
26th Jan, 9:24am
ricktunes:   Hour 1 - 1/26/11 nCF HH (64K) -->
26th Jan, 7:21am
cheez:   anyone have a live stream besides shoutcast?
26th Jan, 12:34am
thericochet:   sings along/says he could have done better/wants to try to record it again, etc
26th Jan, 12:34am
thericochet:   a good heroin game would be every time Howard directly addresses the Rob Zombie song at the beginning of a show
26th Jan, 12:04am
hangemhigh:   desperately need hourlys tomorrow...must hear dr.laura pranks
26th Jan, 12:02am
chibchakan:   John The Stutterer Prank Calls Dr. Laura
25th Jan, 11:36pm
ator1:   That's a rundown of the prank calls that got through.
25th Jan, 11:35pm
25th Jan, 8:20pm
jhames34:   We should all call the Dr Laura show with Ska Ska Skunky drops
25th Jan, 7:28pm
harpua216:   oh and fuck dr laura and fuck timmy too!
25th Jan, 7:27pm
harpua216:   hey redskunk.. youre awesome.. thought you might like to know...i hate missing the show, but love it when i can download it and listen to it in bed a night...again.. thankeee sir!
25th Jan, 7:23pm
ator1:   Stars is channel 102. Hopefully they play some of the best stuff tomorrow, cause I'm not listening to that cunt's show.
25th Jan, 6:27pm
SpaceEdge:   it was on from 2-6pm then it's rebroadcasted at 10pm
25th Jan, 6:26pm
SpaceEdge:   it's on Stars no clue what Sirius channel it is but it's XM 155
25th Jan, 4:49pm
cameltoe:   hey rickt and lenny, I sent you guys pms.
25th Jan, 4:31pm
rvotyrtsym:   @space,what channel is dr. loony on ?
25th Jan, 4:11pm
thericochet:   I don't say sabotage, I say sabotage.
25th Jan, 4:11pm
thericochet:   Spock, sabotage the system.
25th Jan, 4:10pm
wahl5225:   Has anyone else experienced this?
25th Jan, 4:09pm
wahl5225:   It's impossible for me to hear today's show. My ports are open, etc..
25th Jan, 4:08pm
wahl5225:   Then, all of a sudden, two days later, they download.
25th Jan, 4:08pm
wahl5225:   All my torrents scream down, except redskunk torrents. It immediately shows the number of seeders, peers, but womt download for days.
25th Jan, 4:07pm
SpaceEdge:   People have been destroying Dr Laura's show today dropping Stern references left and right, It's funny
25th Jan, 2:50pm
lovelybeth86:   I prefer the shoutcast app! Thanks everyone for this great little community!
25th Jan, 11:09am
NaRaReally:   Thanks rick!
25th Jan, 10:58am
hangemhigh:   bless you rick
25th Jan, 10:29am
ricktunes:   Hour 4 - 1/25/11 nCF HH (64K) -->
25th Jan, 9:42am
ricktunes:   Hour 3 - 1/25/11 nCF HH (64K) -->
25th Jan, 8:46am
ricktunes:   Hour 2 - 1/25/11 nCF HH (64K) -->
25th Jan, 7:48am
ricktunes:   Hour 1 - 1/25/11 nCF HH (64K) -->
24th Jan, 8:53pm
duke9555:   i can and do 4give ETM for all real and perceived behavioral solecisms
24th Jan, 5:17pm
rvotyrtsym:   Why would anyone mess with etm.It takes a person with a fucked up mind to mess with the handicaped.sfn should be shut down.
24th Jan, 5:13pm
SpaceEdge:   enough about the stupid app if you are a sirius/xm subscriber the official app has been out since 2009 for the iPhone. It's nothing new they act like it was just released 2 weeks ago.
24th Jan, 4:39pm
weed89:   Thanks Eos!!
24th Jan, 3:36pm
ator1:   JD responds to Eric the ackacktor:
24th Jan, 2:07pm
thizzelle:   robin spelled it touch down with a space on twitter.. she wonders why people tell her to not talk football
24th Jan, 1:31pm
doitlive:   Thanks Cappers Uppers and Seeders!
24th Jan, 1:02pm
hangemhigh:   thanks eos..I luv my bareboners
24th Jan, 11:57am
megahurt:   Thanks eos.
24th Jan, 4:14am
24th Jan, 4:00am
ARTIELANGE09:   Is it possible for someone to start upping the BOTW? I HONESTLY do not have patience for the FULL show anymore and I'm sure quite a few others feel the same way, thanks
23rd Jan, 12:23pm
honeybee:   someone is messing with his SSI apparently
23rd Jan, 11:58am
ROEU812:   I guess the Midget's lawyers have gotten a hold of Mutt over at Cyber-Bullying is not a joke...People are starting to take it out of SFN now in the "real world"..LOL
23rd Jan, 11:53am
WesMantooth:   He died for real this time? It isn't a joke?
23rd Jan, 10:15am
deadluvva:   ack ack
23rd Jan, 12:25am
honeybee:   rip eric
23rd Jan, 12:24am
honeybee:   much appreciated
22nd Jan, 11:52pm
22nd Jan, 11:32pm
WesMantooth:   "I'ma gonna go get the papers, get the papers."
22nd Jan, 8:56pm
honeybee:   can someone please seed some etm stuff?
22nd Jan, 7:04pm
ROEU812:   the chicago local news actually led off with a story about the game ...instead of the Congresswoman Giffords trip to rehab in Houston..I MEAN WTF ???
22nd Jan, 7:03pm
ROEU812:   big still in chicago ? I live in the chi-town area (joliet) and was wondering if your as sick of all this Bears vs Packers talk as I am...I mean I am a football fan, and it is going to be a great game...but
22nd Jan, 5:22pm
bigaudio:   I miss you people
22nd Jan, 5:22pm
bigaudio:   jhames and rico too
22nd Jan, 5:21pm
bigaudio:   hey Quad good to see you
22nd Jan, 5:21pm
bigaudio:   Streaks hey now my friend, good to see you too ... as for the Jets, so far so good, but pitt is going to be a difficult game ... us Jets fans have seen so many lost opportunities over the decades so we don't get too excited quite yet ... and hey Yurt wherever you are ... and Snickerdoodle too
22nd Jan, 11:15am
jhames34:   "Being a gangsta is a situation Im quite comfortable with" Jhames34
22nd Jan, 1:39am
opai:   "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta" Geto Boys
21st Jan, 8:18pm
ROEU812:   "All My Life, All I Ever Wanted To Be Was A Gangster" Henry Hill
21st Jan, 8:05pm
Streaks:   Go 88 car!!
21st Jan, 8:01pm
googs999:   thanks tonylee and thericochet and spaceedge...good lookin out bros
21st Jan, 7:46pm
LeechBot:   Jimmy Two Times, Jimmy Two Times
21st Jan, 7:44pm
LeechBot:   one for Robin's news: Ebert's return to TV:
21st Jan, 7:42pm
cameltoe:   Streaks, hey now!....shoutout right back atcha. Daytona is right around the corner.
21st Jan, 7:35pm
Streaks:   and my old Pal Yurt...da Bears!!!
21st Jan, 7:33pm
Streaks:   Hey Now Biggie,,,glad to see ya bro..How bout them Jets!! Shoutout to Cam, Eos, Ricky, lenny, uploaders and seeders!!
21st Jan, 7:18pm
ricktunes:   I'm going to get the papers, get the papers..
21st Jan, 6:23pm
SpaceEdge:   I've used gazelle also sometimes they will quote you 1 price then when you send it in they quote you another price but if you say you told me bla bla the first time they will usually give it to you
21st Jan, 6:12pm
thericochet:   ator, i thought it was pretty funny too, but sometimes Fred will start laughing maniacally in the background before Howard even finishes getting the words out of his mouth. it's kind of fascinating.
21st Jan, 6:11pm
thericochet:   gazelle, i've sold two ipods to them over the past couple of years and they've done right by me. the best prices too if you don't want to go through the hassle of ebay
21st Jan, 6:09pm
TonyLeeIs:   googs999:
21st Jan, 5:43pm
googs999:   anyone know the name of the website howard mentioned at end of wed. show? the one that you send in old gadgets to be recycled/cashed in? thanks
21st Jan, 5:43pm
wahl5225:   I say everything twice.
21st Jan, 5:43pm
wahl5225:   His first name was Pablo Gonzales.
21st Jan, 5:42pm
wahl5225:   I say everything twice.
21st Jan, 5:42pm
wahl5225:   He was adopted by jews at a young age.
21st Jan, 5:41pm
wahl5225:   He was adopted by jews at a young age
21st Jan, 5:39pm
wahl5225:   Howard Stern is actually a mexican.
21st Jan, 5:38pm
wahl5225:   What, are you all stoned or something?
21st Jan, 5:38pm
wahl5225:   Banana peels?
21st Jan, 5:37pm
wahl5225:   Crank?
21st Jan, 5:37pm
wahl5225:   How 'bout crack?
21st Jan, 5:37pm
wahl5225:   Anyone have any spare Subutex they don't want?
21st Jan, 5:36pm
wahl5225:   Yeah, okay, you all suck.
21st Jan, 5:35pm
wahl5225:   Can anyone tell me where the vacuum modulator is located on my 1986 benz 420sel transmission?
21st Jan, 5:33pm
wahl5225:   Anybody care
21st Jan, 5:33pm
wahl5225:   Does anybody wonder
21st Jan, 5:33pm
wahl5225:   Anybody there
21st Jan, 5:33pm
wahl5225:   Is there anybody out there
21st Jan, 5:16pm
wahl5225:   Anybody else experience this?
21st Jan, 5:15pm
wahl5225:   Is my ip blacklisted or sumthin'?
21st Jan, 5:15pm
wahl5225:   Just wanna know why.
21st Jan, 5:14pm
wahl5225:   It's ok.
21st Jan, 5:04pm
deadluvva:   Ummmm, sorry
21st Jan, 4:50pm
wahl5225:   Y'all suck.
21st Jan, 4:49pm
wahl5225:   None of them will download.
21st Jan, 4:48pm
wahl5225:   I've started all of yesterday's torrents.
21st Jan, 4:48pm
wahl5225:   All other torrents scream into my computer.
21st Jan, 4:47pm
wahl5225:   How come redskunk torrents wont download?
21st Jan, 4:30pm
ator1:   Howard was talking about how great modern technology was, and how innvative Apple was and the ipad, etc.. Then he mentioned youporn. I must be crazy, cause I laughed too,
21st Jan, 4:26pm
jhames34:   The Jackie/Artie chair is already filled by Marcel Marceau
21st Jan, 4:02pm
thericochet:   ping12, i think Fred might be classified as autistic if he came up into the school system today. still love him though.
21st Jan, 4:01pm
thericochet:   hurr hurr hurr, good one Green. goddamn you're a moron.
21st Jan, 12:13pm
ator1:   Nice try, Levy
21st Jan, 11:23am
SpaceEdge:   i think they are just going to replay his podcast
21st Jan, 11:23am
SpaceEdge:   According to Adam Carrolla's podcast he is going to be on 101 next week.
21st Jan, 11:11am
notanother:   bob levy, on levyland--Weekdays 1-3pm EST on GOD IS BACK!!!!
21st Jan, 10:03am
green:   thericochet:Its only about 7.5 but its fat, so thats y it felt like 12 up your ass
21st Jan, 9:06am
ROEU812:   does anyone have a ddl to cameltoe's rip from yesterday (01-20-11)..I am at work and forgot to add to my Ipod...Thanks !!!
21st Jan, 7:57am
ping12:   Fred is out of his fuckin mind
21st Jan, 7:56am
ping12:   Partial transcript of Thursdays show: Howard: You know, this uporn is the greatest thing." Fred: Hahahahahahaha....buwaahahahahahaha....haha....hahahaha..buwahahaha....hahahahahahahahahaha"
21st Jan, 1:33am
thericochet:   the Robin songs are great once in a while but they play they get played way too often. you can tell Howard uses them to fill time when he has nothing else going on. same with the 4 and 5 year old Sal & Richard calls that you can practically recite by memory by now.
21st Jan, 1:22am
Quadzilla99:   I think its time to face the facts; that jackie/artie chair is going to be empty from now on.
20th Jan, 9:40pm
thericochet:   Green, what are you 12? Holy fuck it's like it's AOL circa 1997 in here with that kind of shit.
20th Jan, 9:28pm
ricktunes:   Hey now biggy, shout out to you too my brother...
20th Jan, 7:52pm
ROEU812:   Hey Now Big !!!! We speak your name brother !!!
20th Jan, 6:45pm
cameltoe:   bigaudio, hey now!...was wondering how you were doing...glad to see you stopped in to say hi.
20th Jan, 5:44pm
bigaudio:   I am still alive, lol ...
20th Jan, 5:44pm
bigaudio:   quick hey now to ricktunes, dead, eos, camel, lenny, ROE, hangem, and all my friends here on redskunk
20th Jan, 5:42pm
bigaudio:   hey now!
20th Jan, 5:15pm
rvotyrtsym:   Joan Rivers Visits.......That old hag is sooooo boring!
20th Jan, 4:49pm
sflocco:   Don't think the Artie chair needs to be filled. The show was Howard and Robin before Jackie left in 2001 and I enjoyed it and became a lifelong fan. No need to fill that spot on any kind of permanent basis. If you're not entertained by the show any longer then why continue to pay for a subsription or even waste the bandwidth to download the show. Just listen to something else.
20th Jan, 3:37pm
ricktunes:   Soudz like a good chair to me..
20th Jan, 3:27pm
rvotyrtsym:   I wonder if the Artie chair reeks of devil dog's,pancake's,breakfast burrito's,herion and or subutex induced sweat and Hawiian punch.
20th Jan, 3:00pm
SpaceEdge:    instead of comedy , lets give the staff iq tests and mental exams that are fixed so Howard passes because nobody can get one over on Howard
20th Jan, 2:58pm
SpaceEdge:   can't fill the Artie chair if they do something funny might happen and then they will start to have fun doing the show. Howard hates fun and funny
20th Jan, 2:45pm
rvotyrtsym:   @sternfan, "good for you"
20th Jan, 2:42pm
sternfan1388:   Apparently howard said that hes not filling the artie seat...with no motivation or hope that the show is going to improve i think im tapping out on the show
20th Jan, 2:36pm
lifeofsin:   yeah RIVERS is all dried up, but howard finds her amusing I bet he said how he wanted to fuck Melissa ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
20th Jan, 2:35pm
lifeofsin:   shot out to ATOR1 thank you,
20th Jan, 1:03pm
hangemhigh:   thanks eos
20th Jan, 12:46pm
ator1:   Would make a lovely ringtone
20th Jan, 12:45pm
ator1:   Here's an mp3 of Robin's Guatemala theme. I had to stitch it together in the middle, but it sounds ok:
20th Jan, 12:26pm
poonster:   good thing I download the show,I can fast forward through her borefest
20th Jan, 12:22pm
poonster:   Joan Rivers again....enough with her already
20th Jan, 12:14pm
SaCo:   veal cutlet pussy lips
20th Jan, 12:01pm
ator1:   Thanks, Green!
20th Jan, 11:56am
poonster:   thanks ricktunes
20th Jan, 11:48am
chibchakan:   The Howard Stern Show 1-20-2011 64K Commercial-Free:
20th Jan, 11:42am
ricktunes:   Wrap Up & News - 1/20/11 CF HH (58K VBR) -->
20th Jan, 11:29am
ricktunes:   Fourth, I kicked 100's of leechers with .20 ratio and below to the curb, so there's a lot less of those to seed to.
20th Jan, 11:19am
eos:   jschmigga: First, your ratio is large, plus your total downloaded amount is high, which together means your overall ratio is going to be more difficult to maintain than someone with lower stats. Second, there are fewer people downloading the shows, which means fewer leechers to send data. Third, you're only seeding three shows as of right now, and two of them have excellent ratios. To increase your ratio, just seed. That's all there is to it.
20th Jan, 10:46am
ricktunes:   Hour 4 - 1/20/11 nCF HH (72K VBR) -->
20th Jan, 10:37am
ricktunes:   Hour 3 - 1/20/11 nCF HH (72K VBR) -->
20th Jan, 9:45am
ricktunes:   Hour 2 - 1/20/11 nCF HH (72K VBR) -->
20th Jan, 9:40am
ricktunes:   Hour 1 - 1/20/11 nCF HH (72K VBR) -->
20th Jan, 2:24am
lennynero:   BUT I LOOOOOOOOOVE PUSSY!!!!!
20th Jan, 2:23am
lennynero:   goddamn, I hate you all.
19th Jan, 10:26pm
WesMantooth:   That replica studio is AWESOME!!!!
19th Jan, 10:04pm
green:   HTVOD - Robin's Guatemala Trip------>
19th Jan, 9:53pm
green:   Remember, there is no "I" in team, but there is a "u" in c*nt. So don't be little jealous c*nts, ok?
19th Jan, 9:50pm
ator1:   Anyone know where to get a clean copy of Robin's Guatemala music? I thought she posted that video somewhere, but I can't find it. Grassy ass.
19th Jan, 9:44pm
green:   Well,When It becomes a site rule I'll stop. Till then deal FU!
19th Jan, 9:34pm
rvotyrtsym:   I agree with lemmi and thericochet.The color font is childish./Look everyone,my username is green and my font is green.It's creative if you've intellectually lacking.
19th Jan, 8:35pm
green:   Makes you sound like a FAGGOT crying about color text!
19th Jan, 8:33pm
jschmigga:   Does anyone else seem to have issues with getting their ratios up for the shows they downloaded? I used to be able to get over a 1.0 of the show I downloaded that day but now I can barely get to around .25. I can't download that days show til about 8 that night, which might be a problem, but that never was in the past. It seems since the 1st of the year/this new contract, less people are downloading...?
19th Jan, 8:16pm
thericochet:   yeah, i agree with Lemmi. the color stuff makes you seem like a 12 year old desperate for attention. make the content of what you say interesting and people will read it (or not).
19th Jan, 8:15pm
thericochet:   it still won its timeslot though
19th Jan, 8:14pm
thericochet:   "Piers Morgan Tonight drew 1.27 million viewers for its Tuesday episode, which featured an interview with Howard Stern. That's a drop from the 2.1 million who tuned in for Monday's debut (Oprah)."
19th Jan, 7:54pm
green:   <----This Guy using Colors
19th Jan, 6:27pm
Lemmi:   guys stop using colors for your print, no one else uses it here go to TK they like it there
19th Jan, 5:51pm
deadluvva:   ummmm, deadluvva + Molsons = yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa
19th Jan, 5:50pm
deadluvva:   as will rick.......
19th Jan, 5:50pm
deadluvva:   Howard is and always will be a genius.
19th Jan, 5:49pm
deadluvva:   you too rick. Okay maybe in a, well, fagotty way
19th Jan, 5:48pm
deadluvva:   I don't listen to the show anymore but seeing Stern on Piers rocked me. Man oh man I love that man. What a joy to see him shine like that again. Love ya Howard, in a non fagotty way...
19th Jan, 2:53pm
ricktunes:   here -->
19th Jan, 12:16pm
blomst:   Anywhere I can see the Piers Morgan interview? It's blocked (at least part 1) on youtube...
19th Jan, 11:58am
chibchakan:   The Wrap-Up Show 1-19-2011 CF 64K
19th Jan, 11:56am
ZigZagNuts:   Hi Guys, Does any of you have the HTVOD that aired Years ago on the coverage of the famous FCC RALLY where Grandpa Al Lewis started hurling the F-Bombs all over the place? I used to have it but lost it years ago, I couldn't have been the only one to record it. So if you have it could you let me know, that was a riot of an episode, Gravitas!
19th Jan, 11:51am
chibchakan:   The Howard Stern Show 1-19-2011 64K Commercial-Free:
19th Jan, 11:41am
hangemhigh:   but the whole show will do..thats for the upload
19th Jan, 11:31am
hangemhigh:   my left nut for a hourly :-/
19th Jan, 9:36am
leftnutz:   thericochet: Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
19th Jan, 9:16am
ROEU812:   "Don't Get To Frisky" and Howard said He doesn't color his hair...Toni Coburn does !!! LOL so technically he's not lying
19th Jan, 8:42am
hangemhigh:   piers morgan sucks..his show is dead man walking...howard was great
19th Jan, 6:49am
chibchakan:   Howard Stern On Piers Morgan Tonight:
19th Jan, 1:32am
ZigZagNuts:   Robin's visit to the Rachel Ray show up on TK, check it out @
19th Jan, 12:21am
Qubichi:   thanks Spaceedge
19th Jan, 12:21am
SpaceEdge:   i will upload it to a direct download link but I'm going to bed now if nobody links it before me I'll post one in the morning
19th Jan, 12:17am
Qubichi:   much appreciated
19th Jan, 12:17am
Qubichi:   can anyone hook it up with a link for the piers morgan interview....i don't have a torrentkeeper account and registration is closed
18th Jan, 11:55pm
SpaceEdge:   provrorsbarn Piers Morgan's show is up on Torrentkeeper
18th Jan, 11:49pm
SpaceEdge:   nice to hear a interview where it's not just a ass kiss fest
18th Jan, 11:48pm
SpaceEdge:   Piers Morgan- " Some Days You Are Boring, I listen to the show"
18th Jan, 11:24pm
thericochet:   It's a lot better than The Artie Lange Show featuring Howard Stern, which is what it was the last two years he was there.
18th Jan, 11:11pm
turk:   I doubt Artie will be back on the show. Howard probably feels personally insulted that Artie was fired and then tried to off himself, because he knows the Robin & Howard show isn't as good without Artie.
18th Jan, 11:10pm
eos:   Howard never fails to disappoint.
18th Jan, 11:08pm
green:   Man who walk through airport door sideways going to Bangkok.
18th Jan, 10:53pm
thericochet:   you can tell Steven doesn't listen to the show, Howard's been insulting him for being on American Idol for months now
18th Jan, 10:52pm
thericochet:   Howard on Steven Tyler today: "you look good man!" Howard on Steven Tyler 2 weeks ago: "He looks like an old woman."
18th Jan, 10:38pm
thericochet:   for a while i thought the mystery guest was gonna be Artie, but blindsiding Howard like that wouldn't have been smart.
18th Jan, 9:30pm
eos:   crash613: There's not actually any mention of unlimited anywhere.
18th Jan, 9:26pm
green:   I think Howards right that after the big guests are gone Pierce show will suck
18th Jan, 9:24pm
green:   His speed is boring like "Meet the Press" on early Sunday morning
18th Jan, 9:23pm
sternfan1388:   "it turns out you're a domesticated little pussycat" piers about howard
18th Jan, 9:22pm
green:   Watchin the Piers show and he sucks.
18th Jan, 9:12pm
crash613:   that sucks! how can they do that when they market it as "unlimited" such BS
18th Jan, 7:12pm
eos:   They've changed the terms, that's all they have to do. By asking me to pay more for less speed, I think I'll just tie up my line 24/7 for a while. How's that network management working out for ya now? Before I was considerate, and would not download or upload between 6 and 9 am, or 4 and 10pm. Fuck em. That's the problem with caps. If someone moves to a business line and continues using the same amount of bits, it does nothing to alleviate any network issues the person was previously causing. Explain that one!
18th Jan, 7:12pm
provrorsbarn:   anyone got the piers morgan interview?
18th Jan, 7:08pm
MrMoney:   same thing happened to me with Optimum Online (Cablevision) a few years ago... "used too much unlimited internet" bunch of dickheads
18th Jan, 6:59pm
crash613:   that sucks! how can they do that when they market it as "unlimited" such BS
18th Jan, 6:39pm
eos:   Well, fuckity fuck. I got the letter from the Charter internet security team, which is code for using too much of the toobz. Today I called Charter business services, and there are no bandwidth limits on business class, but to keep the price at $75, I have to go back to 8mb/1mb. I average about a combined 1tb per month.
18th Jan, 5:13pm
green:   lmao
18th Jan, 4:28pm
crash613:   you didn't. hamhands did. and there have been times where i have had to download from someone else because his didn't show up... sorry , didn't mean to offned anyone
18th Jan, 4:25pm
ricktunes:   @crash613: uhhh, that would be a negative there, Toe always posts, and I didn't even post a 64k ..Reading is fundamental ..try it sometimes
18th Jan, 4:03pm
MarkMartin:   Thanks EOS. You Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
18th Jan, 3:41pm
weed89:   Thanks EOS
18th Jan, 3:35pm
crash613:   I love Cameltoe's edit... hopefully he'll post today. Sometimes he doesn't if someone else posts a 64k version
18th Jan, 2:41pm
hangemhigh:   thanks rick, you saved my life jogging this morning..thatks eos, I love my bareboners
18th Jan, 12:55pm
chibchakan:   The Wrap-Up Show 1-18-2011 CF 64K
18th Jan, 12:48pm
mk21:   i see some different 64k cameltoe not posting?
18th Jan, 12:40pm
chibchakan:   The Howard Stern Show 1-18-2011 64K Commercial-Free:
18th Jan, 11:11am
chibchakan:   @stansoltz, Yes they were live.
18th Jan, 11:01am
stansoltz:   is today live?
18th Jan, 10:53am
eos:   Mark's Friggin Archive
18th Jan, 10:51am
NaRaReally:   Thanks rick!
18th Jan, 10:46am
ricktunes:   Hour 4 - 1/18/11 nCF HH (vbr) -->
18th Jan, 10:35am
ricktunes:   Hour 3 - 1/18/11 nCF HH (vbr) -->
18th Jan, 10:25am
FJackie:   thx @ ricktunes.
18th Jan, 10:03am
ricktunes:   Hour 2 - 1/18/11 nCF HH (vbr) -->
18th Jan, 9:59am
ricktunes:   Hour 1 - 1/18/11 nCF HH (vbr) -->
17th Jan, 10:09pm
eos:   Hey, I just found an old dir in my Stern drive that has the Mark's Friggin archives from 1996 to Aug of 2004. I'll post a direct link tomorrow.
17th Jan, 5:40pm
ZigZagNuts:   THX green, actually I signed up earlier today, thx again
17th Jan, 5:29pm
green:   ZigZagNuts: Check your PM
17th Jan, 4:23pm
bellet:   deadluvva: Thanks for the heads-up Roe my friend. Who or what is Piers Morgan??? Got get out more bro.
17th Jan, 2:43pm
green:   or in this case, I knew where the uploader posts his links.
17th Jan, 2:39pm
green:   you need to be given the link from the uploader or someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows the uploaders cousin that got the link from the uploader
17th Jan, 1:20pm
green:   got it thanks
17th Jan, 1:01pm
mooch624:   thanks opal!
17th Jan, 12:58pm
ZigZagNuts:   thx green
17th Jan, 12:50pm
opai:   @mooch624 the Joel interview was on Nov. 16th 2010
17th Jan, 12:43pm
green:   cool thanks ROEU812
17th Jan, 12:43pm
green:    text
17th Jan, 12:38pm
17th Jan, 12:33pm
ROEU812:   green, check your available tags in your profile..the syntax code is there
17th Jan, 12:32pm
ROEU812:   Text
17th Jan, 11:29am
green:   is he such a fag that he cant go find a job he likes
17th Jan, 11:24am
green:   why doesnt he just quit his job instead of being a douchebag?
17th Jan, 11:16am
johnnyjohnny:   friend off mine works at potbellys, he smuggles his dingle berries into the chili. i told him that was wrong, but he insists the people go there get whst they deserve.
17th Jan, 11:08am
johnnyjohnny:   we live today? (ps i've eaten pooh)
17th Jan, 11:03am
green:   with fred teb and slow adam and crack head too
17th Jan, 10:22am
mooch624:   hey guys, i was in the hospital for most of nov. and des. does anyone know the date of the billy joel interview? thanks : )
17th Jan, 9:55am
Quadzilla99:   scroll down a few posts bschroed37
17th Jan, 8:20am
bschroed37:   Live show today?
17th Jan, 2:26am
bellet:   as much as I think Stern wanted that tranny to look like a dude she did look more like a chick than I expected.
17th Jan, 12:13am
aburningman:   I wish they'd just play entire old shows that haven't been broadcast in years and years. All the tapes team needs to do is check to make sure something interesting happened that day and break it into appropriate segments for commercials.
16th Jan, 10:03pm
ROEU812:   Whatever happened to King Of All Japs?? Didn't he become a member of the tapes team ?
16th Jan, 10:01pm
ROEU812:   Ferrall on CSI :Miami...doing the Roller Derby announcing !! LOL
16th Jan, 6:51pm
SpaceEdge:   so they are repacking old bits they have played in other specials over the years and making a new special out of them ? That Tapes Team fucking sucks they have all that material and it's always the same set of bits.
16th Jan, 5:31pm
thericochet:   WHO TOLDJA DAT
16th Jan, 5:07pm
thericochet:   i never get tired of any Pat Cooper fights
16th Jan, 4:26pm
rvotyrtsym:   Howard Stern and his minions will be sleeping late on Monday, January 17th. The King of All Media is taking off the Martin Luther King Jr holiday. Howard 100 will be airing the first installment of a new series called "This Date in History". The series will feature different highlight clips from the greatest Howard Stern Show broadcasts that took place on the same date. With thirty years of shows to choose from, the clip crew should be flush with options. The Howard Stern Show website's teaser for the new series said the January 17th "This Date in History" will feature Robin Quivers' "sexual revelation about meat & vegetables in 2006" and "Pat Cooper fighting on the air with his son in 1990".
16th Jan, 12:26pm
ROEU812:   He took over Larry King's spot on CNN, He's on at 8pm C.S.T. He's also a judge on America's Got Talent..He's a friend of the show as Howchie would say
16th Jan, 11:05am
deadluvva:   Thanks for the heads-up Roe my friend. Who or what is Piers Morgan???
16th Jan, 10:32am
ROEU812:   prov - Howie's on Piers Morgan Tuesday Jan 18, and Letterman Thursday Feb 3rd
16th Jan, 10:21am
provrorsbarn:   when is howard on letterman and piers?
16th Jan, 9:06am
chibchakan:   Gary said on the WUS that after the show KC thanked him and told him that he can now eat for three months
16th Jan, 3:23am
thericochet:   other than the plugs, but can't imagine if that's enough money for a story like this
16th Jan, 3:07am
thericochet:   anyone else find the KC/Tranny thing really anti-climactic? not sure what i was expecting, but it was kind of underwhelming. still don't get why KC volunteered the story unless he's being paid....seriously doubt that though with Howard's history
16th Jan, 3:05am
ping12:   That tranny on Thursdays show has a very masculine face. She has a dude's jaw.
16th Jan, 3:01am
lordtor:   let howard take his vacation at least he is on the air. He does sound pissed off all the time. He needs a break.
15th Jan, 11:22pm
thericochet:   that Ron Howard interview was fucking hilarious. Howard was on top of his game and inspired. can totally tell the difference when he's bored and just burning minutes.
15th Jan, 7:45pm
bluedevils:   not an official holiday outside of gov't, but he always observes MLK day
15th Jan, 2:57pm
SpaceEdge:   Monday is a holiday not surprised he is off.
15th Jan, 11:28am
sternfan1388: was a dissapointment....but it was still one of the more listenable moments of the week...sadly
14th Jan, 8:47pm
chibchakan:   Howard mentioned On Cougar Town:
14th Jan, 7:43pm
chibchakan:   @sflocco, no live show on Monday according to Mutt on Superfan Roundtable last night.
14th Jan, 6:31pm
sflocco:   The show's not live this coming Monday is it?
14th Jan, 5:42pm
MizQue:   Howard's after Piers interview up on CNN:
14th Jan, 5:24pm
aburningman:   The KC/tranny segment was boring... All that talking about nothing happening, bitch couldn't fool anybody with "her" man face, and KC was practically in a coma. Big disappointment based on how they'd been hyping it since last month, and it's the first show event of the new year/contract. Bubba's new uncensored show is already better, at half the length.
14th Jan, 9:07am
ROEU812:   what bellet said !
14th Jan, 2:43am
bellet:   Don't forget Toe. I love that the rundown displays on my ipod touch in a cool way. Always a cool graphic too.
13th Jan, 10:27pm
finethen:   been downloading some rather "amature" audio files lately. it really makes me appreciate the consistent quality of eos and the redskunk community. thanks guys.
13th Jan, 9:44pm
eos:   sternfan1388: Uh, yeah.
13th Jan, 8:19pm
sternfan1388:   Thats definitely true but i dont think you're ever going to hear critical thinking on the stern show lol...
13th Jan, 7:51pm
n0thng2bdone:   if only having "a real man" on the show didn't also mean having someone who is proud to be ignorant. but that's our culture. and it's very effective: if you think critically you're automatically a homo, half the country won't hear you, and the status quo is undisturbed
13th Jan, 4:35pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ bettet,you've been to howards home'
13th Jan, 4:29pm
bellet:   spaceedge it is funny how howard will make fun of scott for bowling and gary for his theater room and yet he has the same crap in his home.
13th Jan, 4:28pm
green:   just seen the replica studio ---->
13th Jan, 4:26pm
bellet:   I know someone who has created these tests to determain if your nuts or not. Howard was upset about some of the questions and Robin being able to lie on some of them. The test is created in such a way it will ask the same question about 4 dif ways, and if they don't match up they can tell your b eing misleading. I still have the feeling Robin is the crazy one and could not cheat the test.
13th Jan, 3:24pm
74transam:   that dumbass KC couldn't see that's a guy? Riiight! He was looking for some cock
13th Jan, 2:07pm
sternfan1388:   "i thought she was one of them herbivores" lmao
13th Jan, 1:51pm
sternfan1388: OH MY.
13th Jan, 1:37pm
NaRaReally:   I also find that he panders to Robin's bullshit too. Sure, he was making fun of her "gazer" guy, but he should have been like "Let's get to real news & not this fucking bullshit you believe in Robin. Nobody cares!"
13th Jan, 12:22pm
sternfan1388:   Yea its an inbalance of feminine energy now...when artie was there, he'd be there to say OK ya if u listen to older shows u will notice when howard talked about dancing with the stars and faggoty stuff he was almost ashamed about it (as he should be) and now hes so used to talking about feminine shit that he sounds more like a yenta than the chick from the housewives show.
13th Jan, 11:34am
NaRaReally:   I agree sternfan, which is why he needs to fill Artie's chair with another "real" man.
13th Jan, 11:25am
chibchakan:   The Wrap-Up Show 1-13-2011 CF 64K
13th Jan, 11:19am
sternfan1388:   howard HAD* an almost genius ability to know what his audience wants. Let's be real...The bachelor, dancing with stars and the real housewives is NOT his demographic yet for years thats been a regular subject on the show. He still knows how to do a great interview and get what the audience wants to hear from his guests with his hebrew mind tricks but hes definitely out of touch with the audience in general.
13th Jan, 11:13am
chibchakan:   The Howard Stern Show 1-13-2011 64K Commercial-Free:
13th Jan, 10:16am
usiphi203:   that's hot
13th Jan, 9:38am
outsideshot:   i hear they share panties too
13th Jan, 9:00am
usiphi203:   they share a bond
13th Jan, 9:00am
usiphi203:   sad but Howard is a 60 year old woman with his tv and movie habits.
13th Jan, 3:16am
chibchakan:   "60 year old woman"
13th Jan, 2:16am
74transam:   where's the "like" button for what ping said? That's some funny shit
13th Jan, 12:58am
ping12:   Howard Stern has an almost genius ability to know what is interesting to most of his audience. But for whatever reason he isn't aware of how boring and obnoxious his daily conversations with Lisa G are. There is not one thing about Lisa G that is interestiing. The only one thing that is slightly different about her is that she is a 60 year old woman that has never been married. But this is not an interesting point. She's just a plain boring person that no one cares about.
13th Jan, 12:31am
74transam:   anybody remember a show called flyining blind? it ran from '92-93. any idea where i could find it?
12th Jan, 10:28pm
outsideshot:   I've got a couple more invites for music/book/software torrent site. if you want one and have a good ratio, pm me
12th Jan, 7:47pm
SpaceEdge:   lol @ Camille Grammar blowing up Howard's spot about having a bowling alley in his house, Good for her.
12th Jan, 6:04pm
deadluvva:   I'm a Gamorian Guard
12th Jan, 4:31pm
n0thng2bdone:   i'm darth nihilus
12th Jan, 4:16pm
illeffeqt:   is there any way to find a CLEAN version of bowie playing "fame" at howard's birthday show? goddamn that version rocks, if anyone can help, i love you.
12th Jan, 12:03pm
chibchakan:   The Wrap-Up Show 1-12-2011 CF 64K
12th Jan, 11:04am
chibchakan:   The Howard Stern Show 1-12-2011 64K Commercial-Free:
12th Jan, 10:35am
ricktunes:   bwhahhah
12th Jan, 10:24am
sternfan1388:   Ralph hasn't even been on the show much lately...Lisa G is on every day. She's an annoying fucking cunt. And on top of it she thinks shes better than everyone. No one wants her ancient dried up hebrew pussy.
12th Jan, 10:06am
12th Jan, 9:06am
12th Jan, 8:45am
12th Jan, 8:45am
green:   ok
12th Jan, 8:44am
ricktunes:   i didn't upload the 2nd hour yet, put up yours
12th Jan, 8:42am
ricktunes:   lmao
12th Jan, 8:42am
ricktunes:   1-12-11 hour 1 nCF HH 64k
12th Jan, 8:40am
ricktunes:   Leave em up, it's fine
12th Jan, 8:38am
green:   opps deleted when i seen yours. lol
12th Jan, 8:37am
ricktunes:   ha, I was just going to put up dir links also. ok you got it
12th Jan, 8:06am
green:   Nothing says stand back and be silent like a Hells Angels presence,
12th Jan, 8:05am
green:   Putting the bong down is bad, but is not as bad as the distress brought to innocent people by the scum westboro followers!
12th Jan, 5:38am
deadluvva:   More than Ralph? I don't think so......
12th Jan, 3:06am
ping12:   Lisa G just does not fit on the show.
12th Jan, 3:04am
ping12:   I wish Lisa G would just do the news and get the hell out of the studio. Of course, I wish she wouldn't even do the news. She's without a doubt the most boringest and obnoxiounest person that's ever done been on the show!!!
12th Jan, 1:47am
thizzelle:   act 3 day 7
12th Jan, 12:28am
robhouston:   Hey guys - on HOHS did they every go over the OJ trial and if so what day was it? Thanks to everyone especially eos for his edits! Happy New Year everyone!
11th Jan, 9:52pm
AndySocial:   unfortunatly the hate fags have just as much rights as those jehovah witness rabble rousers that knock on my door. Let's be honest here the hate fags peeps are just using words. The JWs are invading my privacy and force me to put my bong down to answer the door.
11th Jan, 9:46pm
thericochet:   f they were atheists or jewish or muslim they would have been rubbed out a long time ago. then again if they were any of those they wouldn't be doing what they're doing (except for taliban-like muslims probably)
11th Jan, 7:59pm
SpaceEdge:   I also don't get how those twats have gone all these years with out getting a ass kicking or a couple of shots fired at them
11th Jan, 7:57pm
SpaceEdge:   I thought I saw something today that they are trying to pass a law to keep them away from Funerals. I saw it scanning links on twitter I should have saved it and read it.
11th Jan, 7:56pm
rvotyrtsym:   those shit eating pukes from westboro baptist church(cult) are morally depraved sub humans !
11th Jan, 7:32pm
darkloud:   Just read that the God Hates Fags ppl wanted to protest the 9 y/o girls funeral from the Tucson shootings ......those ppl are a riot !
11th Jan, 4:04pm
sternfan1388:    i wonder when howard is going to talk about his first bisexual experience with beth. I think he said "guys must love you/ want you/think you look good" to the ice princess at least 5 times
11th Jan, 3:21pm
eos:   weed89: Not done, just on a different schedule.
11th Jan, 3:11pm
weed89:   Sure Am glad to have the OL' Eos Back....and happy he is done playing around with the "HIGHER EDUCATION" stuff....this is SOOO much more important. thnx EOS again.
11th Jan, 3:00pm
eos:   rocksolid: To what end?
11th Jan, 2:50pm
rocksolid:   any full week packs forthcoming from eos?
11th Jan, 2:21pm
jhames34:   wow what a weird coincidence, I read sternfan1388's quote of "this is very gay behavior" at the exact same time I heard it on the show...these are the endtimes people! :O
11th Jan, 1:57pm
chibchakan:   The Wrap-Up Show 1-11-2011 CF 64K
11th Jan, 1:57pm
chibchakan:   The Howard Stern Show 1-11-2011 64K Commercial-Free:
11th Jan, 1:01pm
sternfan1388:   "what do you think it is about figure skating that attracts so many gay people?" oh boy.
11th Jan, 12:03pm
sternfan1388:   "this is very gay behavior ralph" howard must be a sociopath
11th Jan, 11:35am
ricktunes:   Hours 3-5 nCF HH 64k 1-11-11
11th Jan, 11:35am
sternfan1388:   Anyone else notice robin saying "yes" and especially "Mhmmm" becoming more pronounced? It could be because everyday im getting more and more sick of her, but to me its getting to the point where shes sounding like a nurse speaking to a retarded child or something.
11th Jan, 8:31am
ricktunes:   Jack & Rod Show 1/11/11 Hours 1-2 nCF HH 64 K -->
11th Jan, 6:44am
ricktunes:   I've been down that road here before..
11th Jan, 6:44am
ricktunes:   uh oh..
10th Jan, 11:51pm
thericochet:   i like how lately Howard's been accepting or seeking free shit from companies when that's the kind of shit he'd go ballistic for if anyone around him (Jackie, John, Gary) did that in the past
10th Jan, 11:49pm
thericochet:   yeah it's like the Scott The Engineer "tsk" sound or Bababooey's "hey voth", they did it years ago and squelched it after the first hundred times they got made fun of for it but the impressions stay
10th Jan, 9:49pm
ernielogman:   If you have an ear for accents, you'll hear it slip into Benjy's speech patterns from time to time. He tries hard to hide it and I assume he's been working on trying to hide it ever since he moved to NYC, but it's there. It's like any of Fred's impressions; he picks an aspect to make fun of and over-exaggerates it.
10th Jan, 8:42pm
rvotyrtsym:   partial benjy bio/He grew up in Gullah Island, South Carolina and in Clemson, South Carolina. He attended D. W. Daniel High School. Bronk was a high school wrestler, played in a Shofar band and was a South Carolina State Hula Hoop champion (first non-African American ever to win in the state) In 1993, he earned a BA in general arts and sciences from Penn State University, where he was a member of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. His father is a college professor with a PhD in physics from Princeton.
10th Jan, 8:29pm
sternfan1388:   He may be from there, but he sure as hell doesn't sound like he is...I wonder if its from some bit a long time ago or something...just wanted to know if neone knew the origin of that.
10th Jan, 7:52pm
Lemmi:   im liking the short shows, they just fly right by now. i hope he starts the 3days a week thing really soon
10th Jan, 6:47pm
SpaceEdge:   I don't get that either sternfan1388 it sounds nothing lik ehim
10th Jan, 6:33pm
rvotyrtsym:   I didn't know benjy had a redneck accident....benjy is from south carolina.they have alot of redneck accident's down there.
10th Jan, 6:13pm
sternfan1388:   wow accent*******
10th Jan, 5:17pm
lennynero:   lol
10th Jan, 5:12pm
sternfan1388:   why does fred impersonate benjy with a redneck accident when he doesnt have one?
10th Jan, 5:09pm
lennynero:   Goose Chills: What you get when you're slightly creeped out, cold or scared. Douch Chills: What you get when Ralph calls in. -- That help, ernie?
10th Jan, 4:29pm
ernielogman:   wtf is with idiots saying "douche chills"? Did you go to the Artie Lange School of Cliche Mangling?
10th Jan, 4:28pm
rvotyrtsym:   @sternfan,stern is mentally metamorphosing into a chick....
10th Jan, 4:08pm
dawson:   In case anybody else wants it, eos 24k: Jan 10, 2011:
10th Jan, 4:05pm
robinsweetie:   nmind..i signed up for the 30 day hotfile account and am pulling down chibchakan's 64k version. going pretty quickly. thanks anyways guys. shout out to ya, mike
10th Jan, 3:50pm
robinsweetie:   is it possible to get a direct link to eos's 24k bare bones? i'm on vacation and using my mifi so torrent'ing isn't working out so well. smegadildos
10th Jan, 3:48pm
robinsweetie:   me love you long time, eos
10th Jan, 3:29pm
sternfan1388:    It's hilarious the way Howard is REALLY, REALLY starting to sound like your typical "friend zoned" guy friend of chick..i started getting douche chills when he was saying who does this bachelor guy think he is, repeating all that female bullshit beth puts into his head
10th Jan, 3:26pm
hangemhigh:   I love my bareboners..thanks eos
10th Jan, 1:03pm
MrMoney:   We Speak Your Name EOS!
10th Jan, 12:55pm
sternfan1388:   I lovvvve these burberry shoes....i want them anyway ...i was very manly yesterday and watched football...ahahhaha
10th Jan, 12:26pm
redwings20:   thanks eos, the speed at which you upload the show never ceases to amaze this howard stern listener
10th Jan, 12:13pm
10th Jan, 12:11pm
megahurt:   Thanks eos.
10th Jan, 12:07pm
10th Jan, 11:31am
SaCo:   @honey bee i am in the process of moving my stern archive to a 2tb WD black drive...I dont have the first few months of sirus sice i was grabbing files from demonoid from the time
10th Jan, 10:17am
sternfan1388:   a-n-y one?
10th Jan, 5:35am
Amything:   nevermind I clicked them and got my info yeahh
10th Jan, 5:33am
Amything:   these latest mammary lanes, are they mammary lanes repeats or new?
9th Jan, 4:41pm
9th Jan, 4:34pm
thericochet:   i did a google image search for Jackie Puppet and this was one of the first results....wha?
9th Jan, 4:31pm
ricktunes:   Def Jam, the Label, tells you who I am, The Enemy Public, tells you I don'tgive a damn..
9th Jan, 3:12pm
honeybee:   eos: yes, i think im might go with an external drive or flash drives and keep them. i just dont have it in me to get rid of them
9th Jan, 3:11pm
honeybee:   opai:approx 450 gb
9th Jan, 3:08pm
opai:   honeybee, curious. How much is that in terms of GB?
9th Jan, 2:58pm
eos:   honeybee: The shows don't take up that much space, so I keep them. Storage is cheap.
9th Jan, 2:10pm
honeybee:   ive got every show from the beginning of sirius, and im trying to decide if i should move them all onto flash drives, delete them, burn them to data discs, or what.
9th Jan, 2:09pm
honeybee:   do you guys keep all your shows or do you just listen and delete them?
9th Jan, 12:25pm
Quadzilla99:   There's no one who has to "feel the need" to edit out Alison Stern references. It's part of their divorce settlement.
9th Jan, 10:48am
scamartistry:   a: a nigga with a motherfuckin gun
9th Jan, 10:48am
scamartistry:   q: Who"s the man with the master plan???
9th Jan, 8:08am
sflocco:   Hey Zapper562, he had to wait to see if Howard resigned because he would've been gone too if Howard was gone. If Howard didn't resign, no morw Howard channels, therefore no more Howard channels program director
9th Jan, 12:00am
bellet:   I think it happens this upcoming week
8th Jan, 10:17pm
green:   I thought the KC thing was gonna be a good bit till they said Ralph was gonna be in for it, Now I couldnt give less of a shit and hope it dont happen
8th Jan, 8:45pm
mucci416:   has KC's tranny visit the studio yet?
8th Jan, 8:25pm
Zapper562:   It be easier to air the old shows if Stern/Sabean/Sirius didn't feel the need to edit out old Jackie plugs, Allison Stern references, etc. Instead they feel the need to censor and edit the old show before they're aired.
8th Jan, 8:24pm
Zapper562:   It shows how poorly they plan for things. Sabean was asked if they had a "plan B" in the event that Bubba didn't resign, and all he had to say was that he had to wait until Howard resigned.
8th Jan, 8:22pm
Zapper562:   I agree with "crccharlie"...these "Mammary Lanes" are replays of replays, and even when they played in the past, the shows were longer. They're chopping them down to fit in to four hours.
8th Jan, 8:11pm
SpaceEdge:   Robin dosen't want him there the last time Howard brought up Artie stopping in Robin in her loud condescending voice said "Are We Sure He Is Ready" that right there was the end of Arite might come in
8th Jan, 5:03pm
crccharlie:   Many thanks for the Mammary Lane's, bit strange tho that Howard has 30+ years of shows but they seem to play the same stuff over and over. I couldve sworn I heard most of this weeks Marrary Lane on the History of Stern Act 4. I think theyre getting lazy.
8th Jan, 3:45pm
arkahm:   yeah, but artie has already offered to come on to explain to his fans. i don't think howard wants him on at all. he made mention a few weeks ago to someone that talented people who self destruct freak him out and he doesn't want to be around them. i think that statement said it all...
8th Jan, 2:24am
WesMantooth:   Or he just totally eliminated them from his life to the point that he wants nothing to do with them other than the superficial occasional phone call.
8th Jan, 2:23am
WesMantooth:   Perhaps the show is a trigger for Artie to do destructive things to himself. That might be why they are avoiding any talk about him, as a means to prevent him from hurting himself again.
8th Jan, 2:14am
thizzelle:   when someone asks howard about artie he just says " I love the guy and Ican't speak on the subject"
8th Jan, 2:09am
thizzelle:   how is a question about artie relevant to the wrap-up show? I bet they are instructed to stick to recent show topics
7th Jan, 9:48pm
sternfan1388:   theres no fucking way people aren't calling about it, theyre obviously screening out any calls about it....someones gonna have to pull a bait and switch call to get a real answer
7th Jan, 9:37pm
sternfan1388:   yea it was thursdays wrap up show..gary kinda sounded caught off guard and was like youll have to get through to howard about that...yea...good luck w that
7th Jan, 6:54pm
SpaceEdge:   lol at Gary passing the buck over to Howard, maybe that guy can get through in between calls from Bobo, Mariann or the rest of the plants that call in.
7th Jan, 6:44pm
aburningman:   i think it was thursday when the caller asked about artie, but they just had the same "we don't know and don't think we should speculate" reaction they always do. gary told him to call during the show and ask howard.
7th Jan, 6:16pm
SpaceEdge:   Howard & Artie's Bro Fight on 101 right now
7th Jan, 3:32pm
bellet:   what wrap up show and what was the awkward reaction?
7th Jan, 12:57pm
eos:   sternfan1388: Whose cap, and what's the timestamp, please.
7th Jan, 11:10am
sternfan1388:   Interesting the awkward reaction on the wrap up show when the caller asked whats going on with artie
7th Jan, 3:05am
74transam:   i don't know if anybody was looking for "shut up little man" from yesterday's show this is some of it
7th Jan, 1:50am
bellet:   What color was the Marine?
7th Jan, 12:52am
SpaceEdge:   I think your missing my point if it was a group of white kids beating up a black couple it would deff be in the news front page presented as a hate crime. When it's flipped the other way nobody seems to care the papers put it in the back of the paper and people talk about it 6 or 7 days after the incident happend.
6th Jan, 11:53pm
green:   does 2 rows = a pack ?
6th Jan, 9:53pm
lennynero:   "In today's news, 2 rows of niggers beat up a Marine and his wife. Also, police raided an alleged meth lab only to find out that it was occupied by a Christian Prayer Group composed of all white teens. Found on the scene were bleach (for cleaning), rust (*from* cleaning), and butane burners that they'd been using to make vegetable soup for the homeless."
6th Jan, 9:51pm
lennynero:   ofc, that's the difference. Black teens will gang up on you. White teens will slash your tires, cover your car in shaving cream, and video it from the bushes to share on youtube and facebook.
6th Jan, 9:50pm
lennynero:   SpaceEdge, they don't say, 'black thugs' when talking about 'black teens' the same way they don't say 'white trailer trash' when they report on white kids doing nasty shit.
6th Jan, 9:48pm
lennynero:   "baseballs, my balls, what's the difference!?!"
6th Jan, 9:08pm
bratwurst:   Just now getting around to Monday's to love how Mister "Bring Back DDT!" got his panties in a bunch over insecticide in his resort rental home! LOL
6th Jan, 8:42pm
Shadowplay:   "they weren't just teens" - sure they were. black thugs, white thugs, what's the difference?
6th Jan, 6:21pm
bellet:   Robin is 58 and yes that is old
6th Jan, 6:10pm
SpaceEdge:   What's with the teens during the movie thing why not tell the story they way it happend not PC it up. They weren't just teens they were black thugs who beat the shit out of a Marine
6th Jan, 5:25pm
jmmclls:   fuck everyone
6th Jan, 5:25pm
jmmclls:   You all complain and yet you all listen and you always will listen
6th Jan, 5:19pm
lennynero:   no one wants to hear a 65yr old Robin fucking up the news.
6th Jan, 5:19pm
lennynero:   Robin's nearly 60, Howard's catching up fast....If you think this next 5 years is anything other than an extended farewell you're an idiot.
6th Jan, 4:39pm
deadluvva:   Love Stern on talk shows. He still shines on them. I love the Santa suit he had on Dave
6th Jan, 3:24pm
jstern:   Beth, but after the announcement, Howard in a strong tone said something like, "I DON'T WORK FOR A PAY CUT."
6th Jan, 2:06pm
usiphi203:   I was just about to say that
6th Jan, 12:49pm
sternfan1388:   "i was talking to beth and i was wondering why lisa can't find anybody"...Imagine having to deal with that annoying cunt on a daily basis
6th Jan, 11:34am
chibchakan:   THE WRAP-UP SHOW 1-06-2011:
6th Jan, 11:31am
eos:   NaRaReally: To be fair to poor Howard, he was 51.95 years old when he went to four days per week. Judge Ito was only 45 years old. HUGE difference...
6th Jan, 11:26am
chibchakan:   The Howard Stern Show 1-06-2011 64K Commercial-Free:
6th Jan, 9:49am
NaRaReally:   Listening to an old show right now. They're talking about the OJ trial & making fun of Judge Ito for wanting to work only 4 days a week. HAHAHA!
5th Jan, 11:04pm
sternfan1388:   haha that sal rap battle story was one of the funniest stories ive ever heard....the first time he told it on air...its a shame they dont put him on a little more. I almost always laugh when hes on.
5th Jan, 10:34pm
outsideshot:   I've thought long and hard about this and after much consideration, weighing of priorities, discussion with friends and peers, and random chats on facebook and twitter, I've come to a decision.
5th Jan, 8:38pm
SpaceEdge:   lol
5th Jan, 8:35pm
blazer5:   I thought Racoon Eyes was a parody of "Private Eyes" by Hall & Oates
5th Jan, 8:26pm
jhames34:   Any time Tony RedSkunk for life!
5th Jan, 8:19pm
TonyLeeIs:   jhames34: thank you.
5th Jan, 8:18pm
jhames34:   No SpaceEdge, Fridays will be the History of the best of the History of Howard Stern of the Week.
5th Jan, 8:16pm
jhames34:   TonyLee, that's "He's So Shy" by the Pointer Sisters
5th Jan, 7:51pm
TonyLeeIs:   Does anyone know the original song to this song parody of Sal?: Raccoon Eyes Song.mp3 - 3.12MB
5th Jan, 6:34pm
SpaceEdge:   Im waiting for the 3 day week with "The Best of the Week" on Thursday and on Friday we will get "The Best of The Best Of The Week"
5th Jan, 3:41pm
rvotyrtsym:   poor jeff..........wahhhh
5th Jan, 3:39pm
rvotyrtsym:   jeff the stupid drunk gets pranked->
5th Jan, 3:07pm
bellet:   12pm
5th Jan, 3:07pm
bellet:   What is on from 11am till 12am no wrapupshow?
5th Jan, 3:01pm
jhames34:   you say that NOW rvo, until you realize that today's show was the last show til OCTOBER! :O
5th Jan, 2:54pm
rvotyrtsym:   I don't give a fuck how much money stern makes or the vacation time....
5th Jan, 2:47pm
jhames34:   I think that Stern will get the whole summer off and instead they will play a new program, "The history of the history of Howard Stern"
5th Jan, 2:45pm
sternfan1388:   Its 400 mill for 5 years instead of the previous 500 mill. However when you figure in an hour less a day and more vacation time and such...hes not really making less.
5th Jan, 2:37pm
lovelybeth86:   did anyone catch the newstory (ill get the link if need be) where Bubba said Stern makes 20mil less then he did in his previous contract? I think thats among the many reasons, the content on H101 + the artie chair will suffer! I know ppl say little stern is better then no stern, but formyself I find myself reading Marksfriggin and not as anxious to be caught up, and just generally being more and more disinterested!
5th Jan, 2:32pm
outsideshot:   my feeling is that howard doesn't want to bother to fill it because getting used to a new person would be too much work
5th Jan, 2:29pm
outsideshot:   i agree with Noodle.
5th Jan, 2:28pm
outsideshot:   no, either they are not filling it or they are not saying anything about it.
5th Jan, 2:18pm
bluedevils:   eos 128k is the best caps
5th Jan, 1:50pm
Noodlewad:   eos: I ususally DL the 1st thing I can get that is cf. My preference is the 24k barebones, no wrapup. Love the new shoter shows.
5th Jan, 1:34pm
Quadzilla99:   Have they announced whether they are even going to fill the artie chair?
5th Jan, 12:44pm
outsideshot:   Honestly I don't think I can wait again until Sal does something amazingly stupid to laugh with the show again. It's becoming real stale, real fast. The only hope is if Howard fills the Artie chair with someone good.
5th Jan, 12:39pm
sternfan1388:   Is he really talking about a lawsuit for getting oatmeal with bugs in it?
5th Jan, 12:39pm
outsideshot:   I'm still listening to yesterday's show. Yesterday when I heard the Gange Brandano argument on the WUS I prayed that Howard wouldn't be so desperate for content that he'd bring that shit on his show. Ugh, this sucks.
5th Jan, 12:33pm
Cheith:   No one is more obnoxious, boring, and genuinely stupid than fat Gange.
5th Jan, 12:25pm
SaCo:   Brandano is a angry little child.
5th Jan, 11:57am
dawson:   Brandano is a bore
5th Jan, 11:44am
green:   sternfan1388: Agreed the steve brandano feud sucks balls, but continues today.
5th Jan, 11:44am
5th Jan, 11:36am
5th Jan, 11:08am
desert420:   EOS - All i listen to is the 128k barebones. Best one.
5th Jan, 11:04am
sternfan1388:   Its not interesting when two people who don't have a funny bone in their body are arguing.
5th Jan, 11:01am
sternfan1388:   I sure as shit hope the steve brandano feud is over with. That had to have been the worst , most uniteresting feud ive ever heard/
5th Jan, 10:57am
Dreamxtreme:   lol
5th Jan, 10:47am
jhames34:   Dream the show is only 20 minutes long, it's impossible to do hourlies anymore :P
5th Jan, 10:17am
Dreamxtreme:   ricktunes no hourlys ?
5th Jan, 6:12am
Dreamxtreme:   if howard ended on time didnt they just extend the wus? im confused on whats going on .however at least i can get more done. a little howard is better than no howard
5th Jan, 2:43am
jstern:   If I had a really fast and reliable internet connection, I would download the 128k
5th Jan, 1:24am
blazer5:   i agree 128k all the way I have done the 64k when EOS is not around
5th Jan, 1:21am
bellet:   facts
5th Jan, 1:21am
bellet:   Turk post your fact maybe someone will call in with it
4th Jan, 11:52pm
poopdeck:   i only dl the 128
4th Jan, 11:51pm
turk:   I'd respect Steve Langford if he ever did a story on how the North Shore Animal League is one of the worst rated animal shelters in the country. Unfortunately, he's just a tabloid "reporter", right?
4th Jan, 10:50pm
crash613:   ah men to that! it has become very repetitive
4th Jan, 10:50pm
CanuckzColtz:   EOS you need to keep editing and sharing !! we need these to live !! the Full HQ 128's are the best way to take in the show as far as I can see, thanks for all that you do to make this possible
4th Jan, 8:52pm
outsideshot:   i just look for the barebones too. The show itself is repetitive enough - barebones is a blessing!
4th Jan, 8:01pm
SpaceEdge:   oh and most of the time If I download your rip I take the barebones that way I don't have to listen to the same old same old
4th Jan, 7:57pm
SpaceEdge:   I'll give you my honest answer if the 64k version is up first I will grab that if yours is up first I grab that. If they are both up when I visit the site I generally grab yours. I don't archive Stern shows so I generally go for the best quality when it's available if not I'll just take the 64k
4th Jan, 7:48pm
dawson:   @ eos Probably has a lot to do with the bans
4th Jan, 7:30pm
rvotyrtsym:   eric the midget begging for production equipment.(last min. or so)That midget is a piece of shit !!!!
4th Jan, 7:12pm
eos:   I'm curious why the number of downloaders for the 128k capture has dropped so much in the last 10 months or so. Both are down as little as 30%, or as much 95% (that was a strange week). I'd like some honest answers from those who no longer grab it, please. It's partly ego, but mostly a question of "What's changed for you that you no longer need the high bitrate?" Thanks, my lovelies!
4th Jan, 6:28pm
ator1:   Eric the ack-acktor reviews True Grit. This is fucking weird:
4th Jan, 6:16pm
thericochet:   bellet i think it's $2.99 on top of a regular sub (that has Howard on it, not the cheaper subs). i searched yesterday for an online-only sub and couldn't find anything. so it seems like the cheapest way to get Howard on a phone would be $13+3= $16/month. pretty f'in pricey if you don't want it in the car.
4th Jan, 5:43pm
bellet:   Sucks you had it in a box for 2 1/2 years though
4th Jan, 5:34pm
aburningman:   I got one of those holiday resubscribe offers, $5 for 3 months or whatever, and I was going to do it.... I dug out my old Starmate Replay that I got a week before Howard started on 1-9-06, and it was already getting service before I went through with the order! I guess they didn't deactivate my radio when I canceled 2 1/2 years ago, so now I have free Sirius in my car.
4th Jan, 4:24pm
rvotyrtsym:   yesterdays show was soooooooooo boring .
4th Jan, 4:10pm
bellet:   Gray on the show today made it sound like this app didn't cost any extra but I think he is wrong anyone have an idea on this? I thought they charged like 5 extra bucks?
4th Jan, 4:08pm
bellet:   so the show plus the wrap up does not go till 12 now?
4th Jan, 4:02pm
ator1:   They're now playing the wrap up show after each show, where it used to not play in the afternoons.
4th Jan, 3:22pm
desert420:   Servers issues here, 24k up shortly
4th Jan, 3:20pm
jhames34:   Wow the show is shorter than the old terrestrial commercial breaks now :P
4th Jan, 2:43pm
dawson:   Reseed request please:
4th Jan, 2:33pm
lovelybeth86:   the show ending at 11am now (inc WUS), this is so silly! The show is becoming less and less desirable to keep up with.
4th Jan, 2:00pm
bunjamin27:   ..demonoid has some, but they are not complete.. missing 1 or 2 months..
4th Jan, 1:57pm
bunjamin27:   Would anyone happen to know where I can grab entire years of stern? I need 2006....
4th Jan, 1:41pm
ator1:   They played a commercial for Ferrall earlier, so it looks like he's back on. I don't listen to that, but it seems like a lot of people like him,
4th Jan, 1:16pm
bluedevils:   have a torrent, ddl, etc
4th Jan, 1:16pm
bluedevils:   did any one cap "phoenix on nye from alt-nation" by chance?
4th Jan, 1:14pm
desert420:   24k coming here within 15 minutes.
4th Jan, 1:10pm
SaCo:   veggie*
4th Jan, 1:10pm
SaCo:   i love robin and her over the top lifestyle. I hope the viggie shoes hit cause when Howard is gone the world will forget about all of them
4th Jan, 1:05pm
cameltoe:   sternfan1388: I chuckled a bit when I heard that too. the channels have deteriorated so much over the last 4 years. with no 'real' money for the channels, I don't have any hope of any quality content for H101.
4th Jan, 12:26pm
sternfan1388:   "In fact im having a meeting with tim to discuss my dreams for the channel for the next 5 years, not that we have any money" WHAT
4th Jan, 12:16pm
turk:   Robin is an expert on Thailand after spending time on a 5-star resort now? The monkey thing she was talking about is something they only do for rich tourists.
4th Jan, 12:07pm
sternfan1388:   Pity sex from hookers that are trying to promote themselves doesn't count as "getting" pussy. (assuming that isn't just on air bullshit)
4th Jan, 12:00pm
chibchakan:   THE WRAP-UP SHOW 1-04-2011:
4th Jan, 11:57am
Dreamxtreme:   JD is Fuck ugly i have no idea how he gets the girls he does
4th Jan, 11:47am
usiphi203:   I was hoping for a pic of JD. Hope they get one up. Ugly, nerdy and now fat. That's a heck of a trifecta.
4th Jan, 11:24am
eos:   I have to download the .torrent file a second time after finishing the upload page.
4th Jan, 11:23am
eos:   Two days now, my client is having difficulty being seen by the tracker.
4th Jan, 11:21am
sternfan1388:   Did they just say JD is 5"11-210 pounds? What the FUCK? I gotta see a picture of this fat fuck
4th Jan, 11:15am
usiphi203:   howard bitch? must be something new
4th Jan, 11:09am
chibchakan:   Howard Stern Show 1-04-11 64K Commercial-Free:
4th Jan, 9:55am
sternfan1388:   20*****
4th Jan, 9:55am
Dreamxtreme:   lol epic fail
4th Jan, 9:49am
sternfan1388:   Well yea, its never ALL bad...It's just...When you just signed a 400 million dollar contract...and just came back from a 10? day takes some serious audacity to start bitching first thing about being on the air.
4th Jan, 9:46am
ricktunes:   Was about to post the first 3 hours, but Hamhands capped the Jason Ellis show by mistake ..Fail
4th Jan, 9:46am
Dreamxtreme:   but yea Sirius is so Internainolly unfriendly towards sharing its output it makes me want to blow the satalite out the sky
4th Jan, 9:41am
Dreamxtreme:   his holiday rant was funny though
4th Jan, 9:30am
sternfan1388:   I really hope that Howard will get inspired again to do some great radio. Everyone seemed to have this theory that now that the show is going to be an hour less that it would limit his bitching and increase the quality of it. So far thats definitely not true, as yesterdays show he basically said "ughhhhhh well here comes 5 more years"
4th Jan, 9:24am
sternfan1388:   It's completely retarded that they would limit their audience like that. Especially given the sinking ship that satellite radio is.
4th Jan, 9:12am
Dreamxtreme:   yea i would have subscribed if the iphone app would work outside the US what a bunch of BS
4th Jan, 8:11am
Dreamxtreme:   where the hourlys at !!
4th Jan, 7:12am
dawson:   Plus it's only funny when Gilbert is on
4th Jan, 7:12am
dawson:   Robin can't read one article without stumbling
4th Jan, 7:11am
dawson:   I would love it if they got rid of the news
4th Jan, 2:09am
SpaceEdge:   they deff need to streamline everything , billing, programing, hardware, it's confusing to some people now especially to new customers.
4th Jan, 2:07am
SpaceEdge:   i also have XM with the best of Sirius and I pay for the 128k stream. When the merger went down they started charging to listen online. If you have XM you need best of sirius ($5 extra a month) to listen to Howard. As far as tech goes XM is what they are going with in all future radios they will use the XM chipset. Hopefully eventually they will merge both platforms so you can pay one flat rate and get all the channels not like it is now where u need Special packages to get different channels.
4th Jan, 12:43am
bellet:   I have XM in my car. I had the internet, but they took that way from me. I wanna know does the phone app cost extra too? Will Howard be on XM now or will that still cost extra. They nickel and dime on everything. My radio cutsout near trees. It always takes a min or so to get it out of preview and play the station I want without laoding more than 2 times
3rd Jan, 11:34pm
jmmclls:   600 lbs of weed Riley got busted with according to Domonic. Sheriff took umbrage.
3rd Jan, 11:23pm
SpaceEdge:   they hinted at some on demand type of content, I'm sure when it comes around Howard will tells us about how he invented it. It was funny listening to him talk about being on the mobile apps. It's nothing new I was using pocket tunes to listen to 100&101 almost 6 months before Sirius/XM released their official iPhone app
3rd Jan, 11:21pm
SpaceEdge:   Sirius/XM is working on that with something they are calling Satellite Radio 2.0 they talked about it in one of their investor conference calls a while back
3rd Jan, 11:21pm
jmmclls:   Riley was great today.
3rd Jan, 11:15pm
jmmclls:   the funniest thing is Howard wishing he could fast forward or rewind the show when he hears it and he wants Sirius R&D to make this happen
3rd Jan, 11:13pm
thericochet:   yeah it can get tedious when you can tell he's purposely going slow to fill up as much time as possible because not much is going on
3rd Jan, 11:10pm
bratwurst:   I second the vote for a shorter, funnier show. I am just finishing up the pre-Christmas shows and the long drawn out repitition of the McCartney incidents is deadly boring.
3rd Jan, 10:48pm
eos:   fucdemas: Go ahead and squeeze my comedy out... Let the juice run down my leg.
3rd Jan, 10:12pm
outsideshot:   plesae, thailand has been in strife for years. I was there 4 years ago and 18 months ago. And each time the country was in strife. It's not simply a proletariat vs. ruling class type thing.
3rd Jan, 9:45pm
thericochet:   that dick clark call is fucking hilarious
3rd Jan, 8:43pm
fucdemas:   i for one would appreciate less days and a shorter show, i thin they spend too much time on topics and dont move forward when the comedy has been squeezed out
3rd Jan, 8:42pm
NaRaReally:   Wow! Short show. If I remember correctly, he started last year with the same "I want to get out of here by 10am" shit. But he always falls behind. No mention on cutting days off yet. But I'm sure it won't be long.
3rd Jan, 8:26pm
darkfiber:   I was afraid of that. Is he doing 4 shows a week still or just 3?
3rd Jan, 8:25pm
eos:   If the new schedule holds, I should be able to edit and post before school. It looks like the show is complete by 8 pacific. I'll try again tomorrow, since I overslept today... >_>
3rd Jan, 8:16pm
Lemmi:   stern said he wanted to get out at 10am from now on, so maybe he actually did it for once
3rd Jan, 8:12pm
darkfiber:   I haven't listened to todays show yet, but I did notice the show/wrapup/news was a full hour less than usual. Was that just for today or are we getting an hour less show a day from now on?
3rd Jan, 8:01pm
desert420:   24k coming here within 15 minutes.
3rd Jan, 7:42pm
SpaceEdge:   gotta love how Howard stepped in to help Bubba 3 days after his contract was up lol and if they are going to run Mammary Lane episodes they need to make some new ones.
3rd Jan, 5:40pm
rvotyrtsym:    old grand daddy is a good sipping whiskey for those that appreciate such a beverage.I prefer Pierre Ferrand / Sélection des Anges cognac.
3rd Jan, 5:32pm
thericochet:   Nevermind, now he's talking about his love for Zack Efron...friggin hilarious
3rd Jan, 5:31pm
thericochet:   I'm usually not that bothered by them talking about their lifestyles but this first hour is kind of pissing me off. Glad the show is back though.
3rd Jan, 4:55pm
Mokito:   i cant go back to those watered downed whiskeys!
3rd Jan, 4:55pm
Mokito:   this is totally unrelated but i just want to say old grand dad 114 (proof) whiskey $25(750ml) is awesome!
3rd Jan, 4:34pm
29pK0dmk7p1:   is eos still on end-of-week schedule or did he retire?
3rd Jan, 4:25pm
RickyLsmalls:   And by asking that question, I mean its definitely sped up.
3rd Jan, 4:24pm
RickyLsmalls:   Is the wrap up show posted in the shoutbox sped up or what? These guys are talking faster than shit.
3rd Jan, 4:15pm
dawson:   Truly somebody should shoot her in the fucking head
3rd Jan, 4:14pm
dawson:   Robin was her usual insufferable self on the first show back
3rd Jan, 4:13pm
dawson:   @ deadluvva Thanks buddy
3rd Jan, 3:59pm
n0thng2bdone:   like howard, robin was also on an island. there is an irony to the fact that two hosts who alienate their audience more and more each day were literally celebrating the holidays in isolation on islands in far-off places
3rd Jan, 3:57pm
n0thng2bdone:   as long as they live that lifestyle, there will be no shortage of charities for robin to tell everyone she donated to
3rd Jan, 3:54pm
n0thng2bdone:   In the spring of 2010, the political turmoil reached a new level of violence, with 88 protesters killed and more than 1,800 injured. The so-called red shirt protesters from the countryside occupied much of downtown Bangkok during two months of demonstrations and armed confrontations. By the time Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva offered to hold an early election in November, it appeared that compromise was no longer possible, and a violent crackdown followed on May 18. The leaders of the protest surrendered and were arrested; their followers dispersed but not without more casualties and the burning of more than 30 buildings. The clashes gravely deepened the country's divisions and enmities. The battle for power in Thailand — between social classes and between the politicians who manipulate them — has continued.
3rd Jan, 3:52pm
n0thng2bdone:   first hour: robin went to a resort in thailand while the country is in strife, howard went to an island, complained about bugs and looked into buying a $9 million house
3rd Jan, 3:50pm
rvotyrtsym:   five hours x five years=500,000,000/ four hours x five years=400,000,000...
3rd Jan, 1:12pm
chibchakan:   The Wrap-Up Show 1-03-2011:
3rd Jan, 12:58pm
NaRaReally:   Thanks chibchakan!
3rd Jan, 12:32pm
chibchakan:   I'll post the Wrap Up later
3rd Jan, 12:30pm
chibchakan:   No
3rd Jan, 12:17pm
SaCo:   @chibchakan does it include wrap up?
3rd Jan, 11:45am
chibchakan:   The Howard Stern Show 1-03-11:
3rd Jan, 10:57am
fucdemas:   im ready to suck some cock for the first hour
3rd Jan, 10:55am
hangemhigh:   David Arquette Checks Into Rehab
3rd Jan, 10:52am
hangemhigh:   my left nut for an hourly
3rd Jan, 9:25am
deadluvva:   neone?
3rd Jan, 9:20am
sternfan1388:   neone?
3rd Jan, 8:08am
Dreamxtreme:   1st hour up anywhere yet? come on hamhands
3rd Jan, 7:07am
ator1:   Does anybody really listen to Reilly? I've heard a few minutes here and there, but it's so fucking stupid.
3rd Jan, 7:05am
Nalco:   I used the NoInstall package:
3rd Jan, 7:02am
Nalco:   @deadluvva I just did this successfully with "avstodvd". It took an hour and a half, but it worked. Also, it is free.
3rd Jan, 6:43am
deadluvva:   Anyone know a good mkv to dvd converter? Thanks
3rd Jan, 4:02am
thericochet:   i wonder what they're gonna play with even more time off. he's too cheap to hire more people. even too cheap to throw an extra couple hundred Riley's way. or maybe he'll do that now and make a bit out of it. i don't know how many more theme clip packs they can do without seriously repeating stuff. they should probably just repeat entire shows
3rd Jan, 2:44am
sternfan1388:   Didn't know it was back tommorow. Nice. I doubt the flexible schedule will start this early. I'm sure they'll go for a couple months normal before the bait and switch happens.
3rd Jan, 1:31am
thericochet:   I love how no celebrities ever go into rehab for drugs anymore. Except Andy Dick.
3rd Jan, 1:30am
bellet:   No, but I bet it gets you way high.
2nd Jan, 10:44pm
green:   do you think it tastes like fruity pebbles----
2nd Jan, 9:42pm
ricktunes:   streaks, I think yurt needs at least 4 days to recover after new years ..
2nd Jan, 9:09pm
SpaceEdge:   oh never mind we are going to hear about this for days, possibly weeks
2nd Jan, 9:02pm
SpaceEdge:   they are live, wonder if tomorrow will be the start of the "Flexible Schedule" and the way Shuli has been talking is he going to be sitting in studio now? So many questions
2nd Jan, 7:18pm
Hykanthis:   Hey now, are they live tomorrow??
2nd Jan, 6:49pm
Streaks:   Go Bears..for yurt if he's coherent
2nd Jan, 6:47pm
Streaks:   green was pullin it to porn again..dont let him fool ya
2nd Jan, 6:00pm
outsideshot:   green - and some of us had wives and asian hookers. Woot!
2nd Jan, 3:57pm
Streaks:   spot on prediction on the classic last nite rvot..Pens didnt have it..but the Stiller did today...Hey Now!!
2nd Jan, 3:48pm
ator1:   Trippiest music video EVER:
2nd Jan, 9:12am
deadluvva:   And anything stopping YOU danny from putting that pack together?
2nd Jan, 9:11am
deadluvva:   Dawson's work here is amazing.
2nd Jan, 9:11am
deadluvva:   Any one of you a-holes who grab the Gilbert pack and do not say Thanks, shame on you. Seriously, shame on y'all.
1st Jan, 10:39pm
dannydamone:   Hey guys, does there exist out there some sort of kc armstrong compilation?
1st Jan, 10:01pm
SpaceEdge:   did you guys watch the HBO 24/7 Penguins Capitals documentary they had on ?
1st Jan, 8:48pm
Lemmi:   heh i predict someone will break an ankle just skating.. it looks like they are playing on sludge
1st Jan, 6:50pm
rvotyrtsym:   skunkers,don't forget to watch the winter classic at 8 est./I predict the caps win in regulation.
1st Jan, 4:02pm
gouda:   i814u2?
1st Jan, 1:19pm
ROEU812:   Happy New Year Skunkers !
1st Jan, 11:26am
jhames34:   Sweet, thanks for the Larry Sanders heads-up ator1
1st Jan, 10:41am
ator1:   Also, The 3 Stooges on amc. Today is a good day.
1st Jan, 9:46am
SpaceEdge:   Twilight Zone marathon was on all day yesterday and all day today on SyFy, I usually watch that every year
1st Jan, 9:01am
ator1:   Larry Sanders marathon on IFC today.
1st Jan, 9:01am
ator1:   Drink or smoke something and chill out, man. All that hate is going to kill you.
1st Jan, 8:33am
green:   some of us had women and friends for New Years, and some had the shoutbox
1st Jan, 8:27am
green:   what a waste, you spent almost 3 hrs. in the shoutbox in the middle of the night and that shit was what you came up with?
1st Jan, 7:10am
1st Jan, 4:56am
urname12345:   anyone want hotfile premium accounts?
1st Jan, 3:55am
urname12345:   you think im a retard that listens to howards ever word?
1st Jan, 2:08am
urname12345:   REAL FUCKING MAD
1st Jan, 2:07am
urname12345:   that 911 shit today makes me fucking MAD
1st Jan, 2:03am
urname12345:   F holidays, and F every thing
1st Jan, 2:02am
urname12345:   oh some sort of happy new years?
1st Jan, 1:43am
lennynero:   happfy newjerys!k
31st Dec, 10:58pm
Streaks:   Wat Rick said!..and ...Yurtle..Go Bears!!
31st Dec, 7:50pm
ricktunes:   Happy New Years Skunkers! Yurtle, don't get arrested..
31st Dec, 7:49pm
ricktunes:   "Show me the F'ing exit.."
31st Dec, 7:37pm
SpaceEdge:   actually Ferrall posted on his facebook he will be back
31st Dec, 7:18pm
earthdog80:   they never have to play rebel rebel for act V
31st Dec, 7:04pm
Lemmi:   i would guess more people will get shows at what $250 per show?
31st Dec, 7:02pm
SpaceEdge:   on Bubba's twitter page he said they dumped Ferrall also, who knows if he is telling the truth but what are they going to do with those channels? Especially since Howard is going to be doing less time
31st Dec, 6:47pm
SpaceEdge:   I guess Bubba is done
31st Dec, 2:56pm
31st Dec, 2:55pm
chibchakan:   @ darkloud, FrostWire, eMule, Shareaza, Ares
31st Dec, 2:44pm
usiphi203:   I was just about to say that
31st Dec, 2:44pm
darkloud:   Kinda outta the loop here ... is there any place out there comparable to kazaa or limewire, just looking for something temporary, not a torrent site.
31st Dec, 11:53am
SpaceEdge:   Robin his horrible that's why they need another person in studio. It's annoying hearing Howard say something and then before he even finishes his thought Robin starts to repeat the same exact thing howard just said.
31st Dec, 11:30am
eos:   NaRaReally: Welcome to my world.
31st Dec, 11:07am
NaRaReally:   I'm also sick of the song "Rebel Rebel" now & the entire opening to the "History of Stern". And I cringe every time I hear Howard about to announce that planes hit the Towers & Robin laughs. Yes, I'm nit-picking now.
31st Dec, 9:42am
green:   How much you pay for Weed where you live?
31st Dec, 8:55am
ator1:   Today's show is one depressing motherfucker so far. Hank dying, and then 9/11. Oof.
31st Dec, 7:33am
ator1:   "I was just about to say that"
31st Dec, 2:02am
jjones:   yup lmao
31st Dec, 1:27am
bellet:   I love when she has to go first and is not on the same page with Howard, but shortly changes her mind to his.
31st Dec, 12:39am
thericochet:   She'll shit on anyone Howard shits on, except she goes a lot further and doesn't say anything nice when Howard might once in a while. She's not charming about it at all.
31st Dec, 12:25am
NaRaReally:   Listening to Robin talk shit about Jackie today makes he dislike her even more. i didn't think it was possible, but she did it. Great job Robin!
30th Dec, 8:21pm
thericochet:   Oscar voting has started so there may be a screener leak sometime soon
30th Dec, 8:01pm
blazer5:   thanls, does not have it listed I may just have to wait for the DVD.
30th Dec, 6:36pm
thericochet:   check to see if there's even a legit scene release yet. that's the only surefire way to know usually if you can't find it at a reputable torrent/bbs source
30th Dec, 4:33pm
ator1:   Thanks, but I already tried those. Never could get a seed on any of the english ones. BTW, Death Race 2 = not too shabby.
30th Dec, 1:59pm
blazer5:   Try these for Oliver Been
30th Dec, 1:04pm
ator1:   Try finding episodes of "Oliver Beene". I've found clips, but that's it. It wasn't even released on dvd.
30th Dec, 12:27pm
blazer5:   I can't remember the last time I had this much trouble finding a movie.
30th Dec, 11:17am
usiphi203:   i checked out warez, not there
30th Dec, 11:09am
blazer5:   My usual places do not have it
30th Dec, 11:07am
blazer5:   No the movie is
30th Dec, 10:57am
ator1:   It IS a game, though
30th Dec, 10:08am
blazer5:   OK i did a typo "The Fighter" with Mark Wahlburg and Christian Bail about Micky Ward
30th Dec, 9:55am
usiphi203:   well, fighet isn't a movie, maybe that's the problem.
30th Dec, 9:40am
blazer5:   Howard was talking aout The Fighet with Mark Wahlburg has anyone seen a real torrent for this movie my usual places are either empty or fake
30th Dec, 8:10am
usiphi203: sometimes has a 2gb for $10.00
30th Dec, 8:09am
usiphi203:   the sansa clip is nice. i even dropped mine in the toilet and it's still working. Cheap and small, no frills.
30th Dec, 5:47am
jhames34:   Any time ROEU Redskunk fer life!
30th Dec, 4:25am
ator1:   Check Big Lots or Target, etc. You should be able to get a decent mp3 player for around 20-30 bucks nowadays.
30th Dec, 3:22am
hangemhigh:   I don't need bells and whistles..its just gotta play..I'm happy
30th Dec, 3:21am
hangemhigh:   my player use to pick up where it left off on audio books but that broke after a a few weeks..I just look at how much time has passed and write it down so I know where to restart..
29th Dec, 11:20pm
thericochet:   The blue teddy bear night light bit is friggin' hilarious. Never gets old. I miss Jackie.
29th Dec, 9:55pm
ROEU812:   thanks jhames and theric !!!
29th Dec, 9:09pm
jhames34:   Looks like you started listening a year too late ROEU
29th Dec, 9:08pm
29th Dec, 9:04pm
thericochet:   roeu, i don't have any solid info but for some reason Brian May sticks in my head as someone who may have been on at one point. i don't see them having John Deacon or Roger Taylor on by themselves or together without May. and i'd be 99.99% positive they never had Freddy on, otherwise they would have mentioned that at some point as a big show moment.
29th Dec, 8:39pm
ROEU812:   Hey all ! I searched marksfriggin and came up with nothing,and I've been a listener since 94, but does anyone know if the band Queen or any members were ever on the show ? Thanks for any info
29th Dec, 8:37pm
ROEU812:   @hangemhigh...try Tigerdirect....inexpensive mp3 players abound !
29th Dec, 7:56pm
rvotyrtsym:   @hangemhigh,its almost always more expensive at radio shack.Try walmart,target or best buy.
29th Dec, 7:45pm
thericochet:   btw by file positions i mean the file will pick back up where it left off after being stopped or after playing another track and coming back to it
29th Dec, 7:36pm
thericochet:   hangem, how do you make sure the files remember their file positions? or do you not listen to anything else on the device? remembering file positions is a huge majority of the reason i'm handcuffed to itunes/apple products
29th Dec, 7:17pm
hangemhigh:   I'm gonna check out walmart...I only listen to howard when I jog so I don't need top shelf
29th Dec, 7:16pm
hangemhigh:   I went to radio shack thinking I could pick up an mp3 player for $20 or so...$40 was the cheapest
29th Dec, 6:50pm
ator1:   I love my Creative Muvo 2gb. Best part is that it uses a regular AAA battery. Proprietary batteries are some bullshit.
29th Dec, 5:51pm
hangemhigh:   my zen 1 gig nano just died..I loved that lil guy..any suggestion for a replacement?
29th Dec, 4:57pm
rvotyrtsym:   Censorship by ford motor co.--->
29th Dec, 4:41pm
green:   over a year since hes been on the show and howard barely mentions him, but the artie haters cant stop thinkin or chatting bout him
29th Dec, 4:32pm
green:   i say we bring artie back " no questions asked, like it never happened"
29th Dec, 4:31pm
green:   i enjoyed it alot more with artie!
29th Dec, 4:30pm
green:   well, not the robin stuff
29th Dec, 4:30pm
green:   i did enjoy that stuff
29th Dec, 4:14pm
thericochet:   And Robin does interrupt too much. One of the only complaints I have about the show right now.
29th Dec, 4:14pm
thericochet:   If you enjoyed the last two years with Artie constantly making every conversation about his obesity or drug use or pretending to fall asleep or repeating stories over and over then I feel sorry for you.
29th Dec, 3:47pm
eyeofnone:   "Show" implies its success is based on more than one person. Robin overpowers just as much as Artie ever did.
29th Dec, 12:43pm
usiphi203:   you never know but I prefer to belive it. Just like the door slamming into to his head while he's passed out on John's wedding.
29th Dec, 12:41pm
eos:   I wonder if that was schtick.
29th Dec, 11:31am
ator1:   It still blows my mind that Jackie took home and ate the fish that they beat that girl's ass with.
29th Dec, 9:57am
wordlife77:   With a German Homo!!
29th Dec, 9:33am
green:   Day 3 of 12/12. Im so stoked waiting for flowering to start!
28th Dec, 11:02pm
thericochet:   Because it's the fucking Howard Stern show?
28th Dec, 10:26pm
eyeofnone:   I'll never understand how people are against someone in the Jackie chair "overpowering" the show. I guess we wouldn't want interruption during them Dancing with the Stars and Blackberry bold discussions.
28th Dec, 8:48pm
jhames34:   No worries ricktunes
28th Dec, 7:45pm
harlingtoxad:   Every staffer gets to stay in the chair for a week or until Howard, Robin, and Fred "gong" them out of there. Mostly I want to hear Sal get himself kicked out and JD begging to leave.
28th Dec, 6:05pm
ator1:   I'm sick of Shuli bringing ass napkin ed and high-register sean back on the air for his "news" bits. And yesterday's report where he recorded himself walking down the sidewalk was riveting... He can be alright in small doses, though.
28th Dec, 6:04pm
SpaceEdge:   don't think Dave Attell would work for pennies and show plugs he has the ability to be successful on his own. Right after Howard announced he was coming back Shuli was on Jay Thomas talking like he had the job.
28th Dec, 5:54pm
ricktunes:   If Shuli got in there it would be like Howard just gave him a milllion bucks. That chair can make you rich if get to stay in it. Dave Attel would be good except he's a little too much on the cynical depressive side, but a way talented comedian.
28th Dec, 5:28pm
thericochet:   Howard's said in the past that Shuli would be the person he'd put in the chair. I wouldn't be against that because he tends to know his role and wouldn't try to overpower the show with his voice. Although Artie was like that too at first.
28th Dec, 2:55pm
SpaceEdge:   I don't think they are going to bring in another person only because that would cost $ and we know that Howard doesn't like to part with $ If anything I could see them putting someone who already works there in studio
28th Dec, 12:59pm
deadluvva:   If not Jackie then pull a page outta O&A (blasphemer!) and have comedians sit in on an almost daily basis. Bottm line is something has to be done to revive the show. Howard alone can't cut it. He maybe could one day long ago, but not now. .
28th Dec, 12:56pm
deadluvva:   I would love to see Jackie back but that ain't gonna happen.
28th Dec, 12:52pm
ator1:   Ohhh Debbie....
28th Dec, 12:20pm
prophecy500:   I think I miss most who I don't hear on Howard anymore and that's kinda one of the reasons they do these specials
28th Dec, 11:41am
NaRaReally:   After listening to HOHS for 6 days, I have to say that I miss Jackie & they should take him back. Well, either that or Fred could play the little clips of Jackie laughing more often.
28th Dec, 11:40am
NaRaReally:   If I were around enough & if I could be depended upon, I would. But I'm not & I'm not. I still want to thank you green, for doing it.
28th Dec, 9:52am
green:   if you want to know how, PM me
28th Dec, 9:49am
green:   Im not able to post HamHands hourlies anymore. hopefully someone with newsgroups access will
28th Dec, 9:07am
djjd:   i look forward to the HOHS every year, i started listening back in 97 and kept up until he moved to sirius, the first few years were great to hear the background, this year is cool because it goes back to my first years with the show, a good time for a fan but not a daily listener for the last few years
28th Dec, 8:44am
ping12:   There's a HOHS day 6? So each year there are 10 days of HOH stern. Probably about 9 acts. That's 90 days. Five hours a day. To tell the History of Howard Stern, it takes 450 hours? Talk about ego.
28th Dec, 8:08am
prophecy500:   Heeyyy Noooowww!!
28th Dec, 7:49am
ping12:   I hope they really turn the show around this year. Frankly, after Artie left, with the exception of a few funny moments, the show has become very formulaic and frankly a bit boring. If they got Artie back or David Arquette to come in, it would be more exciting. Right now, I mostly listen to the show because I am out of the country and I want to find out what is going on in pop culture. But they really need to get out of their comfort zone. It's not fun or funny.
28th Dec, 5:57am
ricktunes:   @jhames34: ok, this may be my bad and an old link I came across when he was like "Show Me The Fuckin' Money " back in 2009. I didn't do much research and thought this was current for 2011, didn't fully scroll down till now, so my bad.
28th Dec, 5:04am
ricktunes:   bwhahah ..and people in here are surprised when shit don't change, almost in bewilderment of how the show can still continue to suk a lot
28th Dec, 1:11am
eos:   Howard CC'd the entire staff a Lotus Note 4+ 1/2 years ago: "Re: HOHS. Act I - Kiss my ass. Act II - Kiss my ass. Act III - Kiss my ass. Act IV - Kiss my ass. Act V - Kiss my ass."
28th Dec, 12:35am
ARTIELANGE09:   And basically bits that I've heard sooooo many times b4
28th Dec, 12:34am
ARTIELANGE09:   I haven't listened to much of HOHS. For some reason all that has been on so far it feels like they got into all this last year with the movie yaddy yaddyya Anyone else feel thesame? I used to be excited for HOHS but it just seems like everyone kissing Howards ass
28th Dec, 12:31am
bellet:   Is that a persons name?
28th Dec, 12:03am
outsideshot:   harlingtoxad, a friend of mine from college was just on the cindy margolis bachelorette reality tv show. She's a nutjob.
28th Dec, 12:00am
jhames34:   Well I wouldn't want to pile on after Bubba fans have lost their Happy Christmas, New Years, or whatever, guys, here's hoping you're still able to get the Florida show online
27th Dec, 11:51pm
thericochet:   the whole Bubba crew reminds me of the Jackass crew if they were completely unlikeable and even less intelligent
27th Dec, 11:46pm
jhames34:   Rick, kidding aside, I checked out the link and it says Bubba will not be on in 2009...a very BIG typo there. I'm not a Bubba fan but more power to those of you who are, and correcting that typo might be a good first step
27th Dec, 11:44pm
jhames34:   Keep Bubba ON? SERIOUS????
27th Dec, 10:36pm
AJB2010:   Too bad about BTLS, he was a good diversion
27th Dec, 9:50pm
lennynero:   dead: baaaaalllllloooooooooowwwwwww meeeeeeeee.
27th Dec, 8:36pm
ricktunes:   Keep Bubba on Sirius
27th Dec, 5:35pm
deadluvva:   Kids and their games.............
27th Dec, 5:15pm
lennynero:   excellent, glad you got it to work.
27th Dec, 4:18pm
prophecy500:   i just got it to work i transfered it straigh to the ps3 hd.i got ac on my xbox great game little more of the same as the second but still for `15$ thats great man
27th Dec, 4:17pm
prophecy500:   Ha I dont have anytime eith rv hobby like anything else
27th Dec, 4:11pm
lennynero:   sorry if I'm misunderstanding. I'd planned on JB'ing my PS3, but not until there's a method that Sony can't block in a day. Until then it's a process of JB, Update, JB, Update, JB, Update, each time losing the JB until a new one is developed. At least with the iPhone I retain full functionality if I opt out of an update, but unfortunatly Sony's are mandatory in order to access the PSN
27th Dec, 4:09pm
lennynero:   at least then you get the added benefit of using the SATAII bus, as well as having an out of service backup of your original data.
27th Dec, 4:07pm
lennynero:   swap, inject, replace, swap, inject, replace, repeat. Have you tried just letting it run for a lil over an hour to see what happens? Why not just swap out the PS3 HDD? It takes like 20mins, depending on how much data. About 35mins for ~14GB when I backed up and replaced my HDD last week.
27th Dec, 4:05pm
lennynero:   and prop, I'd say that it's got to be copying 6-8GB if it takes that long. It takes about 1/2 that to do a straight copy, but if the PS3's using the USB drive as a boot drive, I'm sure it's doing a lot of reading *and* writing. A large portion of which is probably swap (virtual memory). If it's anything like the iPhone JB, there's a good deal of processing and memory hacks going on during the boot process.
27th Dec, 4:02pm
lennynero:   I'm certainly gonna be making room in the schedule for AC:Bro
27th Dec, 4:01pm
lennynero:   rvotyrtsym, if you can make time for sex, masturbating, or watching wrestling, you can make time for games. I don't get to play much (I have like 8 games I'm working through), but I love the time I *do* get to play.
27th Dec, 4:00pm
lennynero:   I just got Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for $15, brand new
27th Dec, 3:59pm
lennynero:   wow, I wonder how much data it's xferring over that USB link.
27th Dec, 3:18pm
rvotyrtsym:   I wish I had time to waste playing games,not really.There's barely enough time in a day to do the most important tasks in my world.
27th Dec, 1:58pm
prophecy500:   I never upgraded my ps3 for that reason I knew a patch was coming so I just waited for the downgrader and got it for xmas
27th Dec, 1:57pm
prophecy500:   I play oonline on the 360 though.I got a eternal with demon souls on it,the gaia manager reads it I start the game and i get a black screen and Ive read because its on a external it takes like 55 mins to load I'm trying to figure out is it that or am I doing something wrong and just need help with people who have done it already
27th Dec, 1:52pm
prophecy500:   i got the newest usb to downgrade i have my ps3 jail broken i need help playing the games i dont go online with my ps3 as of now anyway.its more about playing the games and what firmware to use hermes ect.
27th Dec, 1:45pm
lennynero:   Thought about doing mine, but I actually play on the PSN. Same with the 360. The original Xbox at least has the XKai network to fall back on.
27th Dec, 1:44pm
lennynero:   prop, you've got to be running older firmware, from what I've read. Even after the last JB update, Sony countered with a mandatory update within 12hrs. As far as I know you can only JB a PS3 that you leave offline. The minute you take it online it requires the official update.
27th Dec, 1:14pm
harlingtoxad:   Cindy Margolis's friend in a wet t-shirt made HOHS. That episode of the TV show was very important to my life before discovering the internet.
27th Dec, 12:39pm
jhames34:   A seven nation army couldn't hold ME back from droppin' fuckin loadddss all over Jack White's Wifesister Ohhhh Yeahhhhhhh
27th Dec, 11:24am
prophecy500:   Heyyy Nooowww!!If anyone has any experience with jail breaking a ps3 send me a pm im having problems getting it going
27th Dec, 11:12am
outsideshot:   do you mean meg griffin? or jack white? ;)
27th Dec, 6:18am
ator1:   They're covering the smallest penis contest on today's HOHS. Here's a link to the streaming video of that episode:
26th Dec, 9:53pm
green:   the whole time i was humming the tune "seven nation army"
26th Dec, 9:51pm
green:   she was tryin to keep beat on the drums while i shot ropes on her face
26th Dec, 9:45pm
green:   I masturbated to Meg White one time
26th Dec, 7:05pm
sflocco:   Been floating arounfd the internet for two years now. Great movie to check out. Was never a Jack White fan till I saw that movie
26th Dec, 4:24pm
eos:   deadluvva: I saw it. Enjoyable.
26th Dec, 2:19pm
deadluvva:   Anyone see the documentary It Might Get Loud with Jack White, the Edge and the allmight Jimmy Page? Got it on bluray for XCmas and it is one amazing film. Worth it to see Page play the Whole Lotta Love riff and watch Edge and Jack's reaction. Brilliant. Page baby!
26th Dec, 5:18am
fajv:   Merry Christmas to all the uploaders!
25th Dec, 4:56pm
deadluvva:   thanks jjones ands rick for the heads-up on those sites. I am now in both. Nice!
25th Dec, 4:04pm
ricktunes:   Yes Mery Christmas to all skunkers, the move from the noid to here was a pivitotal day for me in the Stern universe. Shout out to our legendary uploaders, including snickster and Yurtle.
25th Dec, 4:00pm
ricktunes:   thanks jjones, bitsoup also is open today -->
25th Dec, 2:27pm
ROEU812:   So now, when I call my brothers and sisters to wish them a Merry Christmas, this is the greeting we give each other !!!
25th Dec, 2:26pm
ROEU812:   "Merry Christmas to the Mexican Army" -Crazy Kate...When I was a kid there was a lady named Crazy Kate that would roam the streets yelling and screaming obsenities all day..and around the Holiday season she would ALWAYS scream that
25th Dec, 1:25pm
jhames34:   lenny, what, no love for our moms????
25th Dec, 9:08am
jjones:   RevTT open signups:
25th Dec, 4:05am
24th Dec, 11:20pm
ator1:   Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.
24th Dec, 11:12pm
lennynero:   Just wanted to let everyone know, it ain't the chimney I'll be coming down at your house this year! I'm packing my bigass bag full of Ruffies for all your wives, NyQuill for all yer kids, and baseball bats for any of you that get in my way. MERRY CHRISTMAS, ASSHOLES!
24th Dec, 10:18pm
jhames34:   Hehe I thought Lemmi was speculating on what he thought would be day one of NEXT year's History Show
24th Dec, 9:46pm
SpaceEdge:   Merry Christmas everyone, special thanks to eos and cameltoe for their uploads each day !
24th Dec, 9:20pm
eos:   Oh. They are counting the weekend repaly days as normal days. Odd. Must be a NY thing.
24th Dec, 9:19pm
eos:   Wait. Day 11?
24th Dec, 8:55pm
thericochet:   cookiepuss
24th Dec, 8:46pm
Lemmi:   day 11 - The Jackie Chair, Part 1
24th Dec, 8:44pm
Lemmi:   day 9 - Gary's Love Tape, Part 1
24th Dec, 8:43pm
Lemmi: - scroll down and click on the days to see whats comming up next week
24th Dec, 7:57pm
bigaudio:   I just wanted to wish all my good friends here at Redskunk a very Merry Christmas, happy and healthy holidays
24th Dec, 7:02pm
eos:   sflocco: I thought it was days 5-10 of HOHS Act IV. Did you hear different?
24th Dec, 4:31pm
serialkiller:   Merry Christmas From Morocco
24th Dec, 4:29pm
sflocco:   Did they say what they're going to be running next week on H100?
24th Dec, 4:25pm
jbwax:   Peace on Earth, Good will towards men
24th Dec, 4:09pm
jhames34:   Merry Christmas to EVERYONE here, seeder, leecher, Jackie fan, Artie enemy, EVERYONE!
24th Dec, 3:49pm
earthdog80:   ty for HOHS
24th Dec, 3:44pm
rvotyrtsym:   May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! Merry Christmas fellow skunkers!
24th Dec, 2:07pm
chibchakan:   Merry Christmas Redskunks!
24th Dec, 12:17pm
prophecy500:   Hey Everyone,Have a Merry Christmas!!Safe and Wonderful New Years!!
24th Dec, 10:50am
hangemhigh:   thanks, I'll check em out..merry xmas skunks
24th Dec, 10:30am
deadluvva:   and there were in the same country sheppards............. that's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown
24th Dec, 10:30am
deadluvva:   Right back at ya Roe . Merry Christmas skunkers.
24th Dec, 9:26am
ROEU812:   Merry Christmas to all my Redskunk friends, May the light of GOD's Love shine on you all during the holiday season !
24th Dec, 6:25am
thizzelle:   exactly its a dig at howard, but not a very good one. he says they are "the number one RATED" but doesn't site a source it could mean rated by him. if he said " number one in the RATINGS" that would be different
24th Dec, 6:10am
ator1:   Leno always says that. He knows it's bullshit, but it's a dig at Howard.
24th Dec, 3:22am
harlingtoxad:   Howard's "friendship" with Bubba was funny because it almost entirely ended when Bubba went back to terrestrial. Before 2008, Bubba was talked about as often as a wack packer or TV show Howard watched.
24th Dec, 3:19am
harlingtoxad:   Richard on Twitter (Charred Walls of the Damned)
24th Dec, 2:35am
Lemmi:   hahaha, leno just introduced jim norton saying he was on opie and anthony the number one rated sirus/xm radio show
24th Dec, 12:49am
WesMantooth:   What Bubba news?
24th Dec, 12:45am
SpaceEdge:   oh yeah and follow Sal he is the only funny stern person on twitter
23rd Dec, 11:32pm
SpaceEdge:   a good one to follow is it's not a official show account, just a fan who runs a good twitter feed, posts lots of video, sound clips , show news and good to bullshit with
23rd Dec, 10:04pm
hangemhigh:   I found robin and JD but there no fun...what about richard?
23rd Dec, 10:03pm
hangemhigh:   I just started twittering...any suggestions who to listen too?
23rd Dec, 7:12pm
fajv:   as long as John Hein is staying, im OK with the changes
23rd Dec, 5:55pm
rvotyrtsym:   is ferrall leaving too...I never really listened to his show but I like his cool oddly entertaining voice...
23rd Dec, 4:20pm
thericochet:   Yeah I never got Howard's friendship with Bubba other than needing hours to fill on his channels. Ferral I liked but never listened to. I think Jay Thomas is a way better fit for Howard's channels than Bubba ever was.
23rd Dec, 4:07pm
ator1:   It would be great if the whole tv deal went away. It's not funny and it's not fun for the radio listeners.
23rd Dec, 4:01pm
sflocco:   Also fire that fuckin Nazi Scott Depace
23rd Dec, 4:00pm
sflocco:   While we're cleaning house to free up cash for Stern's raise, let's do away with the wrap up show too and fire Dick Heine.
23rd Dec, 3:55pm
sflocco:   Bubba sucked ass anyway. Get rid of the unlistenable H100 news as well.
23rd Dec, 3:38pm
jhames34:   Show us the fucking exit.
23rd Dec, 2:39pm
SpaceEdge:   is Bubba the guy that used to threaten to beat up every show on Sirius/XM then when those shows made fun of him he would run and cry to management about it?
23rd Dec, 1:40pm
Nalco:   I used to like Bubba, but it got old with all the "This is the only show with the balls to say..." "I am the the bad guy..." "Ratings", blah blah blah. It was just the same whining BS day after day. I finally gave up.
23rd Dec, 11:37am
rvotyrtsym:   bubba leaving...woot woot...never listened to that tub of shit....thanks mr.claus...
23rd Dec, 11:07am
usiphi203:   I though Santa had the aids this year?
23rd Dec, 11:04am
deadluvva:   Run Run Rodolph Santa's got to make it town........
23rd Dec, 11:03am
ricktunes:   I'm telling Karl..
23rd Dec, 10:20am
eos:   I'll be late with the upload today.
23rd Dec, 9:59am
usiphi203:   Getting a droid incredible, I might sign back and tell Sirius I came back becasue Bubber is gone. Here's the deal.
23rd Dec, 9:53am
outsideshot:   i have 245 subscriptions and I just cancelled them all because bubba's leaving. All 2,000 listeners of Bubba on sirius, unite!
23rd Dec, 9:49am
outsideshot:   how many subscriptions does a redneck need to listen to bubba anyway?
23rd Dec, 9:40am
usiphi203:   no one on twitter lies. See ya tubby. That fake voice sucked monkey ballZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzz
23rd Dec, 9:01am
green:   lol Im not making this up, its strait from the twitter page "Just cancelled my two subscriptions and my dad cancelled his 4! "
23rd Dec, 8:59am
green:   Some claim to have cancelled 4 or 5. Im sure its just 1 or none at all.
23rd Dec, 8:57am
green:   Funny on Bubbas Twitter everyone says "I cancelled3 subscriptions"
23rd Dec, 4:24am
ator1:   Apparently Bubba and Ferrall are gone from 101.
23rd Dec, 1:12am
WesMantooth:   What Bubba news?
23rd Dec, 12:09am
green:   guess yous heard the bubba news?
23rd Dec, 12:05am
green:   I seen that joan rivers movie is out dvdrip (someone was askin bout it awhile back)
22nd Dec, 9:31pm
jhames34:   I hate guys who like girls who like and dislike pussy...except for YOU of course, outsideshot! :P
22nd Dec, 9:25pm
thericochet:   by any chance did you ever f-f-f-f-ffffart in the catcher's face?
22nd Dec, 9:10pm
outsideshot:   I like girls who like pussy. And girls who don't like pussy.
22nd Dec, 8:27pm
jhames34:   I hate people who buy things but what's even worse to me is people who DONT buy things...and people who do and dont listen to the Stern show!
22nd Dec, 6:20pm
outsideshot:   just watched private parts on cable - was interesting with the added perspective from the hohs special
22nd Dec, 5:29pm
lennynero:   "green: havent heard that where you shop makes you a loser since grade school." -- HA! Again, no one here likes anything. People that shop are losers. We, the socially awkward, introverts of the world, are the only winners. Remember, you'll be safer if you just stay home.
22nd Dec, 4:21pm
lovelybeth86:   did something happen with Vannoys site? theres no updates this week, and I dont wanna kill my ratio here haha!
22nd Dec, 1:28pm
Razor44:   Hey thanks green
22nd Dec, 12:20pm
jhames34:   History is finally at the years I started listening to the was so worth the wait! I have a lot of respect for what came before but it's so much more interesting having them go over the years I was more familiar with
22nd Dec, 12:16pm
green:   Razor44: pm the links to ya
22nd Dec, 12:02pm
Razor44:   Any chance anyone has the Jackie Spotlight specials?
22nd Dec, 10:27am
SpaceEdge:   the Stern Channels are now on the official Sirius/XM blackberry,iPhone,Android apps
21st Dec, 11:05pm
ator1:   People who shop at Sears have tails.
21st Dec, 11:01pm
ator1:   people who get their gas at Exxon shit their pants and use dirt as shampoo.
21st Dec, 10:26pm
thericochet:   walmart is great if you have an extra chromosome
21st Dec, 9:44pm
jhames34:   This is what I do, I sit on you, sit on you, sit on you.
21st Dec, 9:06pm
outsideshot:   Wow deadluvva, actually Walmart is HQ for losers.
21st Dec, 8:57pm
ator1:   Oh shit, that video is funny as hell! I just watched it about five times in a row.
21st Dec, 8:28pm
green:   lmfao ---
21st Dec, 8:04pm
eos:   Walgreen's charged me $15 for a month's supply of simvastatin. That's with Aetna PPO insurance. Target charges me $10 for six months worth. No insurance. I'll take my business to Target...
21st Dec, 6:41pm
ator1:   Just saying.. That shit sounds ridiculous.
21st Dec, 6:40pm
ator1:   Only douchebags shop at Kroger, and people who get their drugs at CVS are assholes. Walgreens's RULES!!!
21st Dec, 5:56pm
eos:   Lots of people like Target more than Wal-Mart.
21st Dec, 5:50pm
green:   havent heard that where you shop makes you a loser since grade school.
21st Dec, 4:57pm
deadluvva:   I'm up here in the frozen north but I always thought Target = well, losers. Hey, just sayin
21st Dec, 4:29pm
desert420:   Yea Ralph Howard has some really bad surgery.
21st Dec, 11:40am
urname12345:   he had a lung removed or something
21st Dec, 11:20am
eos:   What happened to Ralph Howard in the newsroom?
21st Dec, 1:50am
bellet:   positive
21st Dec, 1:49am
bellet:   they do spin it more posative on the show forsure
21st Dec, 1:49am
bellet:   seems about the norm
21st Dec, 1:17am
jdigz:   I was just at Target, 60% off the BaBaBooey book. I shit you not.
20th Dec, 11:59pm
poonster:   I've been an every day listener to the Stern show for over 20 years but I haven't listened In over 3 weeks.the shows gotten boring ,sure it still has it's funny moments but not worth my 5 hours a day anymore.I'm truely saddend by this,I hope it gets better when the Jackie/Artie chair gets filled.
20th Dec, 11:53pm
poonster:   for a guy who at one time was a DJ Howard knows jack shit about music and his tastes in music are horrible.
20th Dec, 11:36pm
thericochet:   fully agree sflocco. artie was really good his first few years, but spiraled downward in the last few, interrupting constantly and making every single possible thing about himself.
20th Dec, 8:19pm
WesMantooth:   I think they someone for the Artie chair. Maybe it's Artie. Maybe it's Breuer. It's definitely not Fitzsimmons, Carolla or Jackie. Perhaps David Arquette or Gilbert?
20th Dec, 7:45pm
Lemmi:   thats true, stern came here in 1997 and i didnt listen untill i heard artie on the show in 2001
20th Dec, 6:29pm
outsideshot:   some episodes will be longer than others. it depends where there's a natural breaking point and allathat.
20th Dec, 6:24pm
sflocco:   Well then Lemmi, you're not really a Howard Stern fan. Why don't you just bail and you'll hear through the grapevine or on the news if they put anyone in the extra chair. Rest assured if they do replace Artie, it will be a slow process and probably won't really happen for a good six months at the earliest. Personally I think the shows have been as good as they've always been and better than the last three Artie years. It was a turnoff to hear him fall asleep on the air. They should've fired his ass then
20th Dec, 6:14pm
Lemmi:   dont make me cry
20th Dec, 5:57pm
rvotyrtsym:   lemmi,maybe the show will improve in 2011.If not,just stop big deal..."Wah!"
20th Dec, 5:32pm
Lemmi:   even the last year (2009) with all of arties problems was alot better than 2010
20th Dec, 5:30pm
Lemmi:   wee bad engrish
20th Dec, 5:30pm
Lemmi:   sflocco, if they dont start put someone in the chair i might stop listening, ive been going back and forth on that decision. im gonna listen to see if anything is done about that chair, if not i might bail
20th Dec, 5:24pm
Lemmi:   @eos - maybe they were really long before stern re-signed with sirius, now they have to stretch these over the next 5 years
20th Dec, 5:22pm
sflocco:   I think it's such a joke when people talk about Artie like he was the whole show. He added to the show for a few years, but for the last three years he was on the show he was unfocused, erratic, and not all that funny for most of it. The show's better off without him and if you think the show's sucked since they fired him, then why continue to download the show or listen at all?
20th Dec, 3:11pm
outsideshot:   Good news if you need a last minute gift idea for your wife or girlfriend, and you live in LA. Get her a vaginal steam bath!,0,3315605.story
20th Dec, 3:03pm
outsideshot:   ricochet, your point might be valid but there's no song worth knowing on the new Kings of Leon album. It's fucking awful. Now I was annoyed Howard hadn't heard of the Black Keys until a couple weeks ago.
20th Dec, 12:18pm
green:   In California we never think about whos a Jew or not, must be a NY thing? Seems like a petty thing to think about all the time. if jesus was king of the jews then y do the christians not like them?
20th Dec, 12:06pm
mellowmanpat:   Howard peeked in like 98-99 without Artie tthese last years would have sucked as mush as this past one.Howard is lame and only keeps working because he knows if Beth had to live with a jobless Howard 24/7 she would divorce him in a heartbeat
20th Dec, 11:51am
eos:   Holy shit. I woke up like four minutes before the show ended. I thought for sure these would be super long.
20th Dec, 11:29am
eos:   My cap is ready, but I had to format last night, so it's taking longer to get things ready.
20th Dec, 9:39am
murderboy:   thanks again, green!
20th Dec, 3:15am
thericochet:   regardless, still glad he's gonna be around for the next 5 years...favorite form of entertainment ever
20th Dec, 3:14am
thericochet:   Howard used to be able to get away with being so self-assured because he used to be right 99% of the time, but now he's off at least half the time and he embarrasses himself but nobody in that building calls him on it
20th Dec, 3:12am
thericochet:   yeah i like how he berated bababooey because he said that Sex on Fire was a hit and Howard kept saying it wasn't as if he was an expert, when it was a big hit. Howard didn't even know who Billy Mays was until he died, and still acts like it's a new novelty like a grandpa finding out about cell phones for the first time
20th Dec, 3:04am
bellet:   Howard is into old shit and only like top 40 hits. I don't think he has heard a song off the new Kings of Leon cd. He only know one song by them. That stuff annoys me.
19th Dec, 9:20pm
eos:   There's no doubt Leslie's a great player. But the band is no longer the influence they once were.
19th Dec, 12:47pm
ricktunes:   I saw Mountain during the summer and Leslie was quite amazing..
19th Dec, 5:28am
eos:   I think Train is the perfect storm of Howard liking a band and the band REALLY liking Howard. Mountain is not relevant, and hasn't been for 30+ years. But Howard loves Leslie. There's others I can't think of right now.
19th Dec, 3:30am
ZigZagNuts:    Hey Guys, Does anyone have video for an episode that aired in 9/03/02 of Playmates Nicole Wood & Jennifer Walcott Meet Jeff Curro?
19th Dec, 12:19am
Mxtra:   iron maiden can't do the show, but train has an open invitation. howard is so fucking gay sometimes.
18th Dec, 7:52pm
thericochet:   When is he gonna bring in Soul Asylum and the Spin Doctors and give them rimjobs?
18th Dec, 7:51pm
thericochet:   He talks to them with the same awe like he talks to Billy Joel or McCartney...fuckin' A.
18th Dec, 7:51pm
thericochet:   Howard verbally blowing the band Train for an hour puzzles me and makes me want to not be a fan of his anymore. Almost. He's so off with music sometimes.
18th Dec, 6:42pm
18th Dec, 6:40pm
ator1:   Glenn Beck raped a girl in the early 90s.
18th Dec, 6:39pm
ator1:   That wikileaks dude isn't a child molester. That's like saying Glenn Beck raped a girl in the early 90s.
18th Dec, 6:39pm
green:   I opened extra PayPal accts because they blocked payments to the child molestation wikileeks fuck!
18th Dec, 5:01pm
eos:   outsideshot: Contact rednimer and ask if he'll take a personal check or a money order. I will if he won't, then I would Paypal the funds onto rednimer on your behalf.
18th Dec, 4:52pm
outsideshot:   i just closed my paypal account because of the wikileaks thing. And because they suck. But now I see it's the only way to donate here. Fug.
18th Dec, 3:08pm
green:   he does always say he can compare apples and ornges
18th Dec, 12:52pm
outsideshot:   did howard actually compare Train to CSN? That's so fucking absurd.
18th Dec, 12:40pm
outsideshot:   i wish howard would interview that guy one day for about 5 minutes. he could be hilarious
18th Dec, 7:42am
deadluvva:   I'll pay ya to meet me. I'll PAY ya...........
18th Dec, 6:58am
jerseydope:   bullshit!
18th Dec, 3:12am
ricktunes:   I'm telling Karl..
17th Dec, 1:57pm
desert420:   Hey guys sorry for late 24k post. Its coming here in about 5 minutes!
16th Dec, 10:13pm
blazer5:   You would rather catch then pitch, That's why your Howards bitch and they call you Ralphie Cakes.
16th Dec, 9:55pm
sternfan1388:   i love how ralph the homo was calling in to make fun of KC for being gay
16th Dec, 8:09pm
SpaceEdge:   looking at the schedule they usually replay Super Fan Roundtable on 101 at 2pm maybe they are doing the kickoff show on 101 since 100 is non stop best of the week.
16th Dec, 8:02pm
xrockmanx:   I thought Tom Arnold was amazing. He did end up telling the tattoo story on Craig f
16th Dec, 7:52pm
cameltoe:   does anyone know what channel they are running the History Of Howard Stern "Live Kick-Off" special tomorrow(Friday @2pm est)? it H100 or H101?
16th Dec, 7:10pm
sternfan1388:   hahahaha
16th Dec, 5:52pm
rvotyrtsym:   tom arnold is a no talent pussy,rehab or not.he's a creepy dick licker.
16th Dec, 5:32pm
sternfan1388:   I've had plenty of narcotics...I know exactly what it is and what it does. I didn't say he's a pussy for tryin to get clean. He's a pussy for needing rehab for vicodin withdrawl.
16th Dec, 5:20pm
SaCo:   @sternfan1388 vicodin is a semi-synthetic opioid analgesic and sinks its hooks into ya just like smack did to artie no 1 is a pussy for trying to get clean. kids these days sheesh
16th Dec, 5:20pm
sternfan1388:   lol vicodin is a joke...its mostly tylenol...very light narcotic...i can understand going to rehab for H but withdrawl from vicodin is so light
16th Dec, 5:11pm
lennynero:   "keep it goin, lil loopy" Ha!
16th Dec, 5:08pm
lennynero:   it may have been the only real purpose of that entire bit.
16th Dec, 5:08pm
lennynero:   "fuck yes"
16th Dec, 5:08pm
lennynero:   ya know, the dave/lupe bit is great in that it gave us the "fuck me, yea, fuck me, loopy" soundbyte
16th Dec, 4:58pm
lennynero:   and good job, eos. I'm sure those classes can't be easy.
16th Dec, 4:57pm
lennynero:   vicodin's an opioid. In high doses it can be just as dangerous as herion. Isn't vicodin what Artie started with?
16th Dec, 4:52pm
sternfan1388:   haha wow tom arnold is such a fucking pussy...going to rehab for vicodin? wow.
16th Dec, 4:47pm
16th Dec, 3:23pm
rvotyrtsym:   check out this classic rock radio station in calgary alberta ca->
16th Dec, 3:07pm
NaRaReally:   Exactly.
16th Dec, 2:49pm
SpaceEdge:   the dave/lupe segment was bad b/c they were trying to recreate something funny that happened naturally . The first time Dave Lambert was in with that other chick was hilarious. trying to plan out something that happened naturally bombed
16th Dec, 2:24pm
outsideshot:   blowjob
16th Dec, 12:55pm
16th Dec, 12:37pm
duke9555:   racism
16th Dec, 12:23pm
robinsweetie:   what's your favorite word, Kiefer?
16th Dec, 12:11pm
16th Dec, 10:53am
NaRaReally:   God, you guys just reminded me of that midget yesterday. Horrible!
16th Dec, 10:52am
NaRaReally:   Thanks green!
16th Dec, 9:41am
nintendomas:   thx green
16th Dec, 9:07am
ROEU812:   I wonder if Howchie was at the Celtics-Knicks game last night...has he mentioned it yet?
16th Dec, 6:07am
16th Dec, 3:50am
eos:   It's an AAS in Engineering Technology. Sort of, engineer light. My end result will be an assistant to professional engineers with BS degrees. Hopefully in either the civil or mechanical disciplines.
16th Dec, 3:03am
lennynero:   eos, what are you going for? And yea, keep up the good work.
16th Dec, 2:39am
bellet:   worried
16th Dec, 2:39am
bellet:   Robin is to woried about having to sit with fans to care about the news
15th Dec, 11:39pm
ator1:   Yeah, that midget guy got old real quick. It's like he's trying too hard to be a party-dude character from an 80's movie.
15th Dec, 8:18pm
weed89:   Now that the School stuff is OVER...anyway Barebones can be POSTED @ 6A.M. westcoast time?? Or is that Pushing it a bit far?? :thankyou:
15th Dec, 8:06pm
weed89:   Good work EOS!! Now you can drop all the Higher education Crap...And Just Make Barebones !! ( really .. Good job. Nice GPA too)
15th Dec, 7:47pm
lennynero:   I couldn't fucking stand Wee Matt. The Dave/Lupe segment wasn't bad, but only because he's a train wreck and she sounds fucking *hawt* getting off.
15th Dec, 7:46pm
lennynero:   goddamn, Robin doesn't even bother reading her news before reporting. She said the guy in Florida pulled a rifle, then said the School Board Director's name was Mike Jones. The guy pulled a *hand gun*, and Mike Jones was the guard that took him down. Here's to 5 more years of shitty reporting.
15th Dec, 7:35pm
rvotyrtsym:   martha stewart to ride the sybian tomorrow while making holiday cookies
15th Dec, 7:09pm
sternfan1388:   theyre both wack
15th Dec, 6:49pm
jhames34:   I have less hope for an arquette appearance than a sybian segment
15th Dec, 6:34pm
sternfan1388:   The midget that was with Arquette sounds like an even more coked up version of scott ferrall
15th Dec, 6:29pm
sternfan1388:   why would you have any expectations for a sybian segment?
15th Dec, 5:22pm
turk:   So, was the Lupe/Dave sybian thing a complete disappointment like I expected?
15th Dec, 5:06pm
outsideshot:   Peace and love, peace and love
15th Dec, 4:43pm
eos:   Passed all three of my classes from fall term. GPA is 2.3 for this term, and 2.83 college level cumulative.
15th Dec, 3:36pm
rvotyrtsym:   stern is probably 6'3" minus the hair.........
15th Dec, 3:28pm
MarkMartin:   Thanks EOS! Hope the semester went well for you.
15th Dec, 2:58pm
hangemhigh:   bless you eos...howard is 6'5
15th Dec, 2:36pm
sternfan1388:   "I'm really not angry (about the backstage incident) I'm really not angry. I'm really not. I think he just didn't recognize me" Hahaha. How could he not recognize a 6 foot 4? inch jew
15th Dec, 1:22pm
weed89:   I would DO her '
15th Dec, 12:55pm
fajv: Does she look 97 years old?
15th Dec, 12:51pm
15th Dec, 12:44pm
weed89:   Thanks EOS.....Just like the good old days!!! As Always, Barebones ROCK.
15th Dec, 12:15pm
15th Dec, 12:15pm
nanoreefer:   We speak your name: @green
15th Dec, 11:13am
lennynero:   74transam, that site's been going down a bars, in bathrooms, in the back of cabs....
15th Dec, 10:27am
green:   np guys
15th Dec, 10:14am
NaRaReally:   Thanks green!
15th Dec, 8:48am
naasson:   green!!!!!
15th Dec, 8:12am
jerseydope:   thanks green
15th Dec, 7:54am
Cheith:   thanks green, u rule
15th Dec, 2:56am
74transam:   @lenny, that site timed out =) @green, supposedly the mma global happened on dec 11. keith jardine won his fight. i was wanting to see the dean lister fight (went to high school with him)
15th Dec, 2:27am
bellet:   If Sirius and XM didn't merge they both would have failed. If some dude didn't bail out Sirus they would have had to file for bankruptcy. As much as Howard helped he didn't help enough.
15th Dec, 2:23am
bellet:   will Howard be on XM now or will it still cost extra?
14th Dec, 11:07pm
lennynero:   Sirius needs to be pushing *hard* for Boxee, GoogleTV,, Roku, and WMC7 plugins.
14th Dec, 11:05pm
lennynero:   Howard was telling callers that he's on the iPhone app now. HEY SHITHEAD, YOU'RE STILL UNDER THE OLD CONTRACT UNTIL 01/09/11.
14th Dec, 10:43pm
lennynero:   I have to think that a geeky 9yr old is more technically proficient than a 45-60yr old adult.
14th Dec, 10:42pm
lennynero:   My 9yr old knows how to install/swap a SIM card. He doesn't, however, know how to do a proper antenna, power, and receiver install.
14th Dec, 10:41pm
lennynero:   Sirius will *only* succeed if they take a page from Netflix' playbook. Just like DVD's are now the red-headed stepchild, so soon will satellite receivers and antennas.
14th Dec, 10:41pm
lennynero:   XM would have driven Sirius out of business, only to fail themselves in less than 8yrs. At one time Sirius/XM was the best service to ensure you got your content anywhere, but the last 5yrs we've moved from "content now" to "content anytime" (i.e. 'timeshifting'). With the cell companies stepping up coverage and data speeds, satellite radio is getting long in the tooth.
14th Dec, 10:38pm
lennynero:   I agree, jstern. I subbed for Howard, fell in love with the music channels for a couple years, and now I find that I listen to Pandora more than Sirius for music. Without Stern, Sirius was going to tank, and obviously they know it.
14th Dec, 10:37pm
lennynero:   Mokito, you should listen more. Especially last Thursday's show. Poor Sal.
14th Dec, 9:16pm
jstern:   Alls I know is that Sirius had 200,000 subscribers when Howard announced that he was going to be working for them. It was dead, but then it emmediately grew to 400,000 when he finally started doing shows. Sorry, but without Howard, there would be no merger, Sirius would be dead, killed by XM.
14th Dec, 8:50pm
Mokito:   road call? *roll call, few millers..
14th Dec, 8:41pm
opai:   slowpoke.jpg
14th Dec, 8:21pm
Mokito:   i love the guy, but he's more delusional than lisa g & her road call if he thinks he's responsible for the merger & sirius' success
14th Dec, 8:19pm
Mokito:   like oprah, howard isnt worth half the money they pay him & i dont think mel think he's worth it either
14th Dec, 8:17pm
Mokito:   i havent been listening lately, has howard hinted towards where he's going? that chris rock joke about him ending up on podcast is coming to fruition lol
14th Dec, 8:14pm
Mokito:   lenny, artie is the man - where were the artie haters before his "personal issues"? id love to see him back on the stern show
14th Dec, 6:43pm
jstern:   Don't know who that is Lenny. It wasn't a knock on Paul, just trying to express my views from a 3rd person point of view. (I still haven't slept, so don't know if I'm making sense.) Also, anyone could experience anything, as long as they are exposed to it. Logically people born after the era of the beatles, like Will are not going to be into Paul McCartney when they weren't alive during the time he was worship, so makes sense that they won't be as OMG about Paul, and view him as another celebrity.
14th Dec, 5:47pm
jhames34:   Artie couldn't do what Jackie did, Jackie couldn't do what ARTIE did, and whoever comes next will have their own thing they bring to the table that is different from Artie and Jackie as well.
14th Dec, 5:09pm
sternfan1388:   haha wow howard really sounds like a rejected female bitching about his humiliation with mccartney...maybe a good humbling is what he needed
14th Dec, 4:46pm
green:   I heard Nemesis didnt pay the fighters
14th Dec, 4:43pm
sternfan1388:   say what you want about artie, but he knew his place perfect and before the crazy amounts of drugs he was extremely quick witted and on point.
14th Dec, 4:41pm
green:   MMA Global has been rescheduled /////// see details @
14th Dec, 4:35pm
outsideshot:   Nobody knew of artie's crazy stories before he joined the show - including Howard. Lenny's right. Artie was great. Until he wouldn't STFU because of the drugs.
14th Dec, 4:22pm
lennynero:   74transam, have you checked ?
14th Dec, 3:39pm
jhames34:   Betty White would be a great replacement for Artie, and she's like 3 years younger than Howard and Robin...
14th Dec, 3:28pm
74transam:   would anyone happen to know where i could find "MMA Global Invasion"?
14th Dec, 3:18pm
SaCo:   dave atell would be a great addition to the show.. he is funny and is not addicted to smack
14th Dec, 3:17pm
14th Dec, 3:11pm
lennynero:   and cameltoe, I'm going to scream out your name during sex later. In tribute for all you do.
14th Dec, 3:10pm
lennynero:   When Bruerer asks, "can I tell you a quick story?", we can assume it's something we've already heard. But when Artie talked about the load on his shirt, shitting his pants and sleeping in the car, parking the taxi outside the club for a 10min set, the pig story, the first suicide story (and hopefully soon the 2nd), the story about his dad, driving to Connecticut....Who else could fill that seat as well as he did?
14th Dec, 3:09pm
lennynero:   Until Stern, no one knew Artie. Not just of him, but no one knew about his stories, drama, drug problem, etc. I guess the same could be said for anyone in that chair, but so many guys have followed his lead with being "open and honest" in everything. What Bruerer stories have we not heard from his act, appearances, and books?
14th Dec, 3:07pm
lennynero:   I'd take Dave Attell over Breurer. Maybe just make it a feature chair and cycle ppl in/out like they do with George.
14th Dec, 3:06pm
lennynero:   I don't know who I want in the chair (huge Artie fan), but I'm pretty set on who I *don't* want
14th Dec, 3:03pm
WesMantooth:   No Breuer? Alright, then who do you get?
14th Dec, 1:55pm
ator1:   My doctor's receptionist sounds exactly like Lupe. Every time she talks, all I hear is "vagina pooosy".
14th Dec, 1:49pm
usiphi203:   He's not a prima donna though. Every man gets to do that. And I never see people in the halls when I clock out.
14th Dec, 1:42pm
sternfan1388:   Only howard would have the audacity to bitch about staying up late for him and his family to meet paul mccartney backstage.
14th Dec, 12:39pm
14th Dec, 12:35pm
ARTIELANGE09:   Breuer walks around like he's Pryor nowadays, the guy is ridiculous with how serious he takes himself
14th Dec, 12:35pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I agree Breuer has taken a nosedive since he went "clean" annnd puhhleeasse don't sell me on that hack Pesci impression
14th Dec, 12:22pm
green:   1 second of Kathy Griffen is too much
14th Dec, 12:08pm
lennynero:   Today's best guest: 97yr old lady that listens to the show. If it's not Stern's last week, it certainly seems like it is.
14th Dec, 12:06pm
lennynero:   and how can you be too young to experience The Beatles? They have a Rock Band game, FFS. My 8yr old has "experienced" The Beatles.
14th Dec, 12:05pm
jhames34:   Hits from the bassssssssssssss
14th Dec, 12:05pm
lennynero:   jstern, the rest of us feel the same as you anytime someone suggests Dave Mustaine as a guest.
14th Dec, 12:03pm
lennynero:   goddamn I hate Breuer. His best work was, and remains, Half Baked.
14th Dec, 12:02pm
lennynero:   I am everywhere, ator1. I am everyone.
14th Dec, 12:01pm
DrRemulak:   AS long as he brings his bass hit.
14th Dec, 11:51am
jhames34:   Kevin Eubanks has just signed on to fill the Jackie/Artie chair!!
14th Dec, 11:50am
14th Dec, 11:38am
outsideshot:   as someone to young to have experienced Mozart or Tchaikovsky, the fact that people still talk about and lionize them is kind of lame. I'm too young and dumb to understand the world around me.
14th Dec, 9:10am
jstern:   As someone too young to have experienced the Beatles, all the Paul McCartney talk is kind of like lame celebrity godlike worship. It's kind of annoying being in my situation.
14th Dec, 7:40am
FJackie:   Right on time, green. You're the man.
14th Dec, 6:27am
WesMantooth:   Honestly, I think they need Breuer to fill the chair and then give him Friday mornings (and whatever day Howard chooses not to come in anymore) by himself or with his Raw Dawg crew. Makes sense to me.
14th Dec, 1:43am
Quadzilla99:   Oh God no, not Shuli. I'd take anyone over Shuli. even Ralph, hell I'd take Kevin Eubanks
14th Dec, 1:11am
aburningman:   Of course Robin wouldn't choose to leave, the show is the only reason she's able to do her charity work and appear on "news" shows. I wouldn't mind too much if she did, though, if only to see what they'd do to fill that gaping hole, if anything. It'd be awesome if they got Artie back and didn't say anything, just had him there when they come back in January.
13th Dec, 11:51pm
13th Dec, 11:43pm
sternfan1388:   Am i missing something or who said anything about Shuli?
13th Dec, 10:30pm
lennynero:   my concern is that Artie chair. I dunno how Shuli's gonna do, but *someone* needs to fill in the blanks. I actually heard Howard scratching today as he was trying to take a caller. Artie would have at least been filling the dead air.
13th Dec, 10:27pm
NaRaReally:   turk, that would be wonderful!
13th Dec, 10:26pm
lennynero:   Robin won't leave. She has a "post-show" budget, so she's sitting alright with cash, but she's a 34...more cash = more attention. Without Howard she'll dry up and disappear.
13th Dec, 10:25pm
lennynero:   My buddy just released an EP -- -- More good Dallas hiphop!
13th Dec, 10:12pm
WesMantooth:   So if Robin leaves, who do they get to replace her? I think they need a female voice in there. But who could replace her?
13th Dec, 10:02pm
turk:   How amazing would 5 years without Robin be?
13th Dec, 9:58pm
crash613:   i know it probably isn't over yet... i am just looking forward to getting it... since it prolly won't be avaliable here....
13th Dec, 9:55pm
crash613:   anyone know where i might be able to find the McCartney concert?
13th Dec, 9:38pm
NaRaReally:   np opai!
13th Dec, 9:06pm
robhouston:   Finally the shoutbox works for me. Thank you redminer, eos and everyone!
13th Dec, 9:02pm
ernielogman:   is anyone else unable to listen to McCartney on Sirius Online?
13th Dec, 7:44pm
outsideshot:   opai, that's for you.
13th Dec, 7:11pm
ricktunes:   Anyone who wants an account at tk and has a 1.0 ratio or above and a minimum of 20 comments, pm me for an account. If you have less than 20 comments, start thanking the uploaders. If you're a VIP the comments requirement will be waived. Dry Oatmeal..
13th Dec, 6:33pm
scump:   I want to thank ALL the rippers & uppers for the last 5 years of hard work and thanking in advance for the next 5!!!! I rely on you heavily so again... thank you!!!!
13th Dec, 6:28pm
rvotyrtsym:   robin is purportedly going to the christmas party with ass napkin ed/according to a rumor website I just visted.
13th Dec, 6:16pm
outsideshot:   news flash - robin has changed her plans and will be going to howard's holiday party. I'm so fucking relieved.
13th Dec, 5:26pm
opai:   thanks @jhames34, outsideshot,NaRaReally.
13th Dec, 5:00pm
lennynero:   let's up the ante. I say we moan your names during orgasm.
13th Dec, 4:41pm
SaCo:   we say your names
13th Dec, 2:51pm
lennynero:   eos, I have no idea, but I'd assume that AC does require more than just a cable run.
13th Dec, 2:14pm
13th Dec, 1:51pm
chibchakan:   Paul McCartney On SNL (Howard was talking about it this morning):
13th Dec, 1:47pm
13th Dec, 1:22pm
eos:   Here is the correct 24k Wrap Up Show download
13th Dec, 1:13pm
desert420:   24k barebones also has the wrong Wrap Up Show in it. Posting link to correct one here shortly.
13th Dec, 1:13pm
eos:   Usually before 2pm eastern.
13th Dec, 1:09pm
mk21:   when does the 64k usually get posted? i think it's cameltoes
13th Dec, 1:07pm
eos:   The regular edit has the correct wrapup. Correct wrapup for today if you only grabbed the barebones edit: Download.
13th Dec, 1:03pm
eos:   I copied the wrong WUS file into the barebones dir. Uploading now to mediafire.
13th Dec, 1:01pm
greentea123:   I've always been a huge fan of the 24k files...
13th Dec, 12:59pm
greentea123:   Nice to see today's show posted so early!!
13th Dec, 12:20pm
eos:   lennynero: 120VAC. New outlets in the office. Our builder skimped (aka following state building code) and put eight outlets (the max allowed) on a single 15 amp breaker. Well, through those eight outlets is carried three 700 watt computers, two lcd monitors and an lcd hdtv. No worries until we bought the laser printer...
13th Dec, 12:18pm
cheez:   thnx, green.
13th Dec, 12:11pm
lennynero:   eos, ethernet, video, coax? What kinda run? We do ethernet runs all the time. As long as you use plenum (fire resistant) CAT5e/6, you should be fine.
13th Dec, 11:56am
eos:   Electrical contractor tells me I don't need a permit for two new home runs. If he's wrong, that's a bad omen for the actual work, but if he's lying, that's even worse...
13th Dec, 11:32am
MonkeyBoy:   Thanks eos. Happy Holidays.
13th Dec, 10:58am
eos:   I'll be posting the last four daily shows, plus the HoHS IV as soon as possible each day.
13th Dec, 10:26am
NaRaReally:   Thanks green!
13th Dec, 10:15am
green:   np man, HamHands auto-post comming from H101 so hourlies R late
13th Dec, 10:11am
nintendomas:   thx green
13th Dec, 10:09am
NaRaReally:   Not sure if you can get them here without membership, but.
13th Dec, 10:08am
outsideshot:   opai you can try demonoid or
13th Dec, 9:38am
usiphi203:   yes
13th Dec, 9:14am
hsbtls:   is it a live show today
13th Dec, 8:26am
usiphi203:   I have Insight cable, we are getting multiroom dvr's in the next few months, pretty kickass.
12th Dec, 8:16pm
jhames34:   Toe. Rent. Key. Pur.
12th Dec, 7:28pm
lennynero:   correct you are, green. I was discounting 1080p. Several markets (including mine) still don't have it.
12th Dec, 7:17pm
opai:   anyone know where I could find old Geek Time eps. (aside from google :P ) thx
12th Dec, 5:30pm
eos:   I remember realizing I had this capability and was just blown away. Now, it's just like meh. But still cool!
12th Dec, 5:29pm
eos:   Source switching receivers are really cool. All video sources go into that unit, then a single hdmi cable out of it to the tv. The hdmi out contains all video and audio signals within. So much cleaner and easier to setup than individual cables frome ach source to the tv. The trick is finding a switching receiver that has enough inputs for your current stuff, plus enough for (possible) future purchases.
12th Dec, 5:23pm
green:   Directv has 1080P only with HDMI making it more essential these days, We were doing lots of service calls just to change out old Component Cables that do max 1080I or 720P
12th Dec, 5:15pm
green:   HDMI is not overkill on cable box, cannot do 1080P without HDMI
12th Dec, 3:22pm
outsideshot:   anyone think there's a chance Howard Tv emigrates to Netflix? They're buying up content like mad and HTV would be huge for them.
12th Dec, 3:20pm
outsideshot:   uh oh, trouble in the middle east!
12th Dec, 3:00pm
lennynero:   thanks dude, no problem
12th Dec, 1:15pm
deadluvva:   That is basically what I ended up doing. Thanks lenny for your advice. You are my fave geek/nerd/dork/the-guy-we-all-look-to-for-help
12th Dec, 12:40pm
lennynero:   ofc, given the choice, always use HDMI on everything that allows it and let the Receiver do the switching, etc.
12th Dec, 12:40pm
lennynero:   as for going into your receiver, if you don't have HDMI in on your stereo, you'll only get Dobly Digital or DTS, not the higher bitrate audio streams the BR can offer. Not a big deal unless you're dealing with a true 5, 7, or 11.1 system.
12th Dec, 12:38pm
lennynero:   dead, it's a matter of bitrate, etc. HD satellite and cable boxes do video at VBR between 3-15Mb/s. OTA (antenna) up to 20Mb/s per main channel, Bluray ~45Mb/s. You can use lower quality outputs for your cable box (i.e. HDMI can be overkill), but always use HDMI on your BR player.
12th Dec, 12:35pm
lennynero:   I always get component/composite confused.
12th Dec, 11:53am
deadluvva:   I just wanna watch some hi-def NFL and Zeppelin at the Royal Albert Hall
12th Dec, 11:52am
deadluvva:   I usually love putting things together but this is pretty overwhelming. And trying to hook all my components up to my stereo receiver as well. Ooooof.
12th Dec, 11:51am
deadluvva:   Well my wife is already out buying another HDMI cable and is not answering her cell. Thanks for all your help guys. Much appreciated. That said, several youtube videos suggest the HDMI cable over the composite cables. You seem to disagree lenny. Since I will have the HDMI cable it will do the trick no? Thanks again.
12th Dec, 11:44am
eos:   lennynero: I think you gave two different options there. You said use component (R-G-B-Y-R) and also use composite. I say use component on the cable box.
12th Dec, 11:19am
lennynero:   if you need more cables, you can't go wrong with Don't pay $50+ for HDMI at best buy when you can get the same exact cable for $10 or less on monoprice.
12th Dec, 11:18am
lennynero:   deadluvva, I don't know what "HD Box" is. If it's your cable box, use the R-G-B-Y-R cables on it. Since the majority of HD content coming thru your cable box is 5-15Mb bitrate, the composite cables will be fine. Your BR player, however, can stream video bitrates up to 45Mb/s, so using the HDMI cable here makes more sense.
12th Dec, 11:15am
jmmclls:   3D was tried and failed once...will it fail again this time too?
12th Dec, 11:00am
lennynero:   3D TV, I'm assuming?
12th Dec, 9:14am
deadluvva:   TV/Blueray question; just bought our first flat screen tv (Sony) and a blue ray and I only bought one HDMI cable to go from the tv to the HD video box. Am I to undertsand that I need another one for the bluray to the TV? The bluray came with those standard red,white and yellow connectors but in the book it says using them will only give me standard viewing. No HD. Any help would be much appreciated
12th Dec, 7:43am
deadluvva:   Why would ANYONE want to follow Robin on twitter???? If you've gotten to that point maybe you should go out for a walk and get some fresh air. Oooooof
12th Dec, 2:00am
eos:   outsideshot: Next are you gonna tell us there's trouble in the middle east?
12th Dec, 12:52am
bellet:   I bet 50 has a nice pad to watch movies. I don't like watching him in movies though.
12th Dec, 12:06am
outsideshot:   news flash - there's a lot of stupid shit on you tube
11th Dec, 9:54pm
lennynero:   who would voluntarily watch a movie with 50 Cent?
11th Dec, 9:30pm
hangemhigh:   thanks big guy..just watched the movie "gun" with filthy cent..don't bother.
11th Dec, 8:52pm
11th Dec, 7:15pm
hangemhigh:   hello hello whats robin's handle on twitter? thank you
11th Dec, 6:22pm
rvotyrtsym:   lenny thinks artie is in bad place......duh...... what a retard......
11th Dec, 12:07pm
killerparm:   can anyone tell me where to find the last celebrity superfan roundtable torrent?
11th Dec, 10:21am
SpaceEdge:   on Jay Thomas's Friday morning H101 show they were both talking like Shuli is going to be the new guy in studio
11th Dec, 10:06am
NaRaReally:   Does anyone know if they aired the Sal prank on Howard TV?
10th Dec, 10:31pm
lennynero:   at the end of the day, you *know* Artie is actually in a bad place when calling in sick means 9 x 1/2" deep self-inflicted stab wounds.
10th Dec, 10:30pm
lennynero:   jhames34 got me crackin up!
10th Dec, 9:43pm
jhames34:   artie came back 5 months and 29 days ago bonestock, the show has never been better...
10th Dec, 9:37pm
bonestock94:   Hey guys. havent listened to the new shows in 6 months. Do they ever discuss artie visiting, or at all?
10th Dec, 9:29pm
jhames34:   I don't feel like going to work on Monday...hmmm...what to do, what to do...EUREKA!!! A sharp object!!!
10th Dec, 9:10pm
sternfan1388:   unfortunately, they may very well not replace him. They kinda hinted at that when howard said the show will go on , and that he could do the show by himself. If thats the case its going to be mostly unlistenable.
10th Dec, 8:42pm
Lemmi:   everyone knows artie stabbed himself only to get out of going back to work. i say put gary to work finding people to sit in on the show like they did back in 2001
10th Dec, 8:37pm
green:   those guys been suckin each others dicks so long they will never part
10th Dec, 8:36pm
green:    that will never happen
10th Dec, 8:09pm
lennynero:   Breaking News: Opie and Anthony have parted ways. Anthony to take over the infamous "Artie Chair" in late January.
10th Dec, 7:20pm
sternfan1388:   yesterday was a better show...but once the smoke clears soon itll be back to bitching about about gettign up for 3 days a week. i hope they make some kinda announcement about whether or not they will replace artie
10th Dec, 7:20pm
harlingtoxad:   After a year I don't feel it's disrespectful to have guests sit in the Artie Chair for a few days
10th Dec, 6:45pm
outsideshot:   someone yesterday said the show hasn't been funny since Artie left and I agree somewhat...BUT the prank on Sal yesterday was worth the price of the last 3 months. F'ing priceless.
10th Dec, 6:44pm
outsideshot:   Naaah, that's Ronny's line.
10th Dec, 6:12pm
SpaceEdge:   I'm sure Gary will also ask people "What do yo do for a living"
10th Dec, 4:42pm
rvotyrtsym:   bigfoot or maybe crackhead bob would be an awesome replacement for the so called artie chair...
10th Dec, 4:41pm
crash613:   that is funny SpaceEdge... i can see the words "it is what it is " coming out of that horse tooth jackass
10th Dec, 4:29pm
outsideshot:   John Hein in the Artie chair? Please say it isn't so!
10th Dec, 3:48pm
usiphi203:   got my nielsen ratings packet today. I'll try and figure out this whole youtube bs and post the contens of the package.
10th Dec, 3:32pm
opai:   I think it will be a Tue-Thrs. type thing. He has mentioned how it sucks to go to bed early on Sun for Monday.
10th Dec, 2:56pm
NaRaReally:   That's what I said SpaceEdge. He'll start by doing Thursdays & then after 3 weeks or so, he'll do Mondays through Wednesdays. I'm sure a big part of him coming back was the fact that he'll only have to do a few days a week. I'm also sure he'll ge more vacation time as well. The good news is I'll have more free time.
10th Dec, 1:49pm
SpaceEdge:   kinda like we will take a few Fridays off here and there turned into every friday off , just my opinion
10th Dec, 1:49pm
SpaceEdge:   Flexible schedual probably = when I come back in January I'm not going to tell you exactly what flexiable is I'll just do 3 shows a week won't mention it at all and when people ask about it on the wrap up show Gary will say "It is what it is"
10th Dec, 11:50am
usiphi203:   From SFN:"DETAILS - He's decided he want's to continue working in radio - Howard says he's not done @ Sirius. There is still more work to do adding he's still hungry to be successful & has eye of the tiger. - He says he's signed a 5 year deal & continuing at SirusXM!!! - iPhone APP! He says he will be added to all the SiriusXM phone apps - Howard says he got a very fair deal but won't go into money. - The show will still start at 6am and run to 10am or later as it does now. - for now it's still 4 days a week but at some point that's going to change. He says they've given him a new more flexible schedule. - there will still be 2 channels - Howard says he hopes everyone else & all the other shows get picked up but no word yet. Everyone cuts their own deal. - Howard says he'll talk to Mel about the possibility of podcast downloads of the show for Sirius subscribers adding that this contract has lots of flexibility. - No word yet on the TV deal
10th Dec, 11:49am
usiphi203:   He has a flexable schedule.
10th Dec, 11:48am
lennynero:   Quadzilla99, no.
10th Dec, 11:47am
lennynero:   sflocco, he said he didn't know how many days, so I'm assuming there's some flexibility.
10th Dec, 11:43am
usiphi203:   Yes, History of Howard Stern starts the week after. Dec 16th will be the last day before the break.
10th Dec, 10:49am
crash613:   anyone know if the show is live next week?
10th Dec, 7:44am
Quadzilla99:   Is someone going to sit in the Artie chair?
10th Dec, 5:36am
sflocco:   Was anything mentioned yesterday about how many days a wekk they'll be working in this new contract?
10th Dec, 2:39am
lennynero:   More news at the top of the hou....ah fuck it, g'night!
10th Dec, 2:38am
lennynero:   Sad news in the Stern Universe today - We've just learned that Ivy Supersonic, best known for being one of Benjy Bronk's "Harem Grrrls", threw herself off the GW Bridge upon hearing the Sal Prank and believing Howard's retirement to be true.
10th Dec, 2:35am
lennynero:   In related news, Bob Levy is rumored to be on his way to Rural Arkansas to "get drunk and cry with that crazy niggah". Rumors can't be confirmed because Bob's cell phone died shortly after he crossed the "Arizoner" border.
10th Dec, 2:33am
lennynero:   Breaking News 2: Miserable Men has been renewed! New member, Eric The Midget Actor, signs on as an ISDN-connected show member for roughly $8,000 per show. Eric reports that it is a shitty agreement, and wishes everyone would just shut the fuck up and leave him alone. It's not like anyone on Sirius has ever done anything for him before, and they can fuck right off.
10th Dec, 2:28am
lennynero:   Sour Shoes has commented, in his creepy little girl voice, "I'm very happy to have a regular job at Sirius. Don't you think my pigtails are cute?"
10th Dec, 2:27am
lennynero:   Breaking News: Sour Shoes signed to 1yr, $120,000 contract to replace Riley Martin. No comment from Riley's camp other than, "sasafrassascatch", a large belch, and something resembling the word "motherfucker".
10th Dec, 2:19am
EWtheReaper:   now that Howard is goin to be around for another 5yrs they need to fill the Artie chair....u dont relieze how much is lackin until a comdian sits in for the news or somethng else....i think Adam Carrolla or Shuli would be great
10th Dec, 2:07am
hangemhigh:   yo..whats up with the real snick? anyone know?
10th Dec, 12:59am
NaRaReally:   LOL at lenny!
10th Dec, 12:51am
TAS65:   Who dis?
9th Dec, 11:46pm
ricktunes:   Lenny ..killin' it again ..I even oder mines Moens off dat phone
9th Dec, 10:45pm
outsideshot:   i hear she's a comedic genius
9th Dec, 10:44pm
outsideshot:   Will Artie's sister take over the Artie chair?
9th Dec, 10:23pm
lennynero:   KoAB: "I ordaz all my shitz offa da phone, man, dat HVO phone is da shit, N'ain't neva seen nothin like it 'fo." If I weren't white, I'd use the n-word.
9th Dec, 9:26pm
sternfan1388:   What they need is some masculine energy back into the show. Artie balanced that out well. The longer they are without someone in Artie's seat the more awful it will get. Without someone else, its just an endless loop of howard bitching and robin agreeing with everything. They need some fresh energy.
9th Dec, 9:24pm
9th Dec, 9:17pm
LeechBot:   I've also said the show is all Howard's talent, so no Jackie or no Artie makes no difference. I take that back: the show has been less funny this year. Maybe entertaining, but I don't laugh nearly as much, and I think funny is the most important thing. With Howard's talent, lots of people could add that missing role, but they need someone else in there who can ad lib an outrageous line when Howard starts getting a serious tone, and who can go overboard when Howard's being a little funny. Billy West was great, and so was Artie, and even Jackie was enough. Breuer would be too much for daily use. Maybe a regular rotation of Breuer-type sit-ins. But it's been a year that I've been laughing a lot less. They need to get back to being very funny.
9th Dec, 9:10pm
LeechBot:   I've been saying it for a long time: there's no way Howard, at 57, could give up the heavyweight (and especially *respected* by celebs) position in the entertainment world that he's built up. I mean, look how wonderful he now looks for his daughters, etc. A long way from hiding in his basement in Long Island. No way he gives that up before he's 64-65, so there's at least another 3-year contract coming in 2015.
9th Dec, 8:14pm
lennynero:   after being a part of this community for several years, I can honestly say that I don't think I could ever fill in as a capper. I admire the guys for what they do, especially considering the unbelievable amount of bullshit they put up with.
9th Dec, 8:13pm
lennynero:   fajv, DVD's are outdated as well, but without the established platform, it's hard to break into new technologies. I'm hoping Sirius follows Netflix's lead and migrates from satellite (DVD) to streaming on just about any capable device.
9th Dec, 7:47pm
ROEU812:   just saw where Mark from Marksfriggin is not interested in continuing.....
9th Dec, 7:24pm
sternfan1388:   Why does everyone suddenly think that artie is coming back? He quit a year ago and he hasn't even CALLED in. And if he did come in it wouldnt be the same because they ain't going to rag on a guy who is on suicide watch. They desperately need someone in his spot though.
9th Dec, 6:10pm
rvotyrtsym:   Artie will be back on the show next week and or next year<-----wishfull thinking indeed....
9th Dec, 4:50pm
outsideshot:   bellet, I think you're just jealous, Did she need to use Jimmy Florentine for something? Not.
9th Dec, 4:46pm
eos:   Christ. The announcement was drawn out for over 30 minutes. He would get ready to say it, then Robin would ask if he wanted anyone else in the room, etc.
9th Dec, 4:17pm
eos:   eyeofnone: "Done deal, Pal."
9th Dec, 4:16pm
eos:   WesMantooth: I was wondering the same. Are the staff now going to be Sirius employees, or stay Howard's employees? I say Howard's, or else it would be one less thing to kvetch about, and we can't have that, now can we?
9th Dec, 4:16pm
eyeofnone:   Hey eos, I know you've been tiring of the show and capping. We've PM'd briefly about quality and encoders. I'd be happy to take over if you wanted to discuss options, looking to get a new computer & sound card before Jan 1.
9th Dec, 4:15pm
jjones:   yeah eos.. YOU gonna re-sign?? ;D
9th Dec, 3:59pm
002200:   calling it now, 3 day week shows. Mon-Wed.
9th Dec, 2:55pm
straightup:   You are gay *and* faggot.
9th Dec, 2:53pm
Lemmi:   they better save some money, to pay ANYONE to sit in arties chair, or its going to be the same boring show from the last year continued for 5 more
9th Dec, 2:44pm
WesMantooth:   Now is the 400 million for 5 years is money for the channel's budget, right?
9th Dec, 2:06pm
lifeofsin:   yes yes yes 5 more years I home the skunk will be here through it all. I love the skunk
9th Dec, 1:48pm
9th Dec, 1:41pm
desert420:   lol
9th Dec, 1:41pm
desert420:   I side with csm812!
9th Dec, 1:37pm
csm812:   eos please re-sign for another 5 yrs.
9th Dec, 1:28pm
SpaceEdge:   when you get to howard's level of money does it even matter anymore ?
9th Dec, 1:19pm
bigaudio:   5 more years, at around $80,000,000.00 in cash per year ... not a bad gig, eh?
9th Dec, 12:51pm
9th Dec, 12:49pm
chit:   Guess they really banned me then, my ratio was too low. I tried to tell em how good my ratio is here but that didnt mean much. Fuck.
9th Dec, 12:37pm
desert420:   Chit - Works here also.
9th Dec, 12:34pm
eos:   chit: It's loading for me.
9th Dec, 12:30pm
chit:   Was TorrentKeeper shut down? Or am I the only one who can't access the site?
9th Dec, 12:14pm
green:   lol, I think if redtube is in your history. I dont type it, its in my favorites
9th Dec, 12:09pm
DrRemulak:   Survey time! When you go to type in the URL bar, does redtube autofill first?
9th Dec, 12:02pm
DrRemulak:   Now that 100/101 are on Android, I'm getting the internet package fo sho.
9th Dec, 12:01pm
DrRemulak:   Yea! Keep giving us free shit!
9th Dec, 11:51am
CanuckzColtz:   EOS you need to keep editing and sharing !! we need that to live !! LOL
9th Dec, 11:50am
fajv:   its awesome that howard re-signed but i really think its a shit move, sattelite radio is already outdated
9th Dec, 11:42am
arcterex:   Woo! Course, now I have another 5 years of 5 hours of media a day.... was almost looking forward to having my days free again!
9th Dec, 11:33am
nintendomas:   Haverhill Massachusetts
9th Dec, 11:32am
rvotyrtsym:   Howard Stern Re-Signs with Sirius XM>>>>
9th Dec, 11:20am
lennynero:   "Someone, anyone, gimme a channnnce! We're all supastah's"
9th Dec, 11:19am
lennynero:   ahhhhhhhhahhahahahahahahaha! Fucking Sal...holy shit that's funny!
9th Dec, 10:52am
NaRaReally:   Listening to Howard's announcement now. So, how soon until he goes from 4 days a week to 3? Less than a month, like he did going from 5 days to 4?
9th Dec, 10:21am
9th Dec, 10:17am
eos:   I'll have to decide if I can continue editing and sharing.
9th Dec, 10:01am
NaRaReally:   Not everything, just Robin.
9th Dec, 9:54am
lennynero:   oh how I wished he'd cancelled, just so I could have seen all you bitches crying. 5 More years of you guys hating everything about the show. Joy, joy.
9th Dec, 9:52am
NaRaReally:   Think Howard will have Artie on before his contract runs out in 2015?
9th Dec, 9:51am
NaRaReally:   Thanks green!
9th Dec, 9:35am
Yomikemono:   Thanks green!
9th Dec, 9:11am
shanerr:   was kinda hoping they'd do something besides staying at sirius
9th Dec, 8:21am
MarkMartin:   LONG LIVE THE SKUNK!!!
9th Dec, 8:20am
9th Dec, 7:14am
bonghitrobb:   Nice 5 more years of HSS, smiling like a cheshire cat!
9th Dec, 6:40am
ator1:   YEAH!!! Five more years of Howard at Sirius!
9th Dec, 12:43am
bellet:   Robin does not notice you unless your more famous than her, or she needs to use you.
8th Dec, 11:38pm
hangemhigh:   wheres the real snickster been lately?
8th Dec, 10:00pm
lennynero:   I concur.
8th Dec, 8:32pm
jhames34:   also, I have a feeling usiphi203 was NOT about to say THAT! :O
8th Dec, 8:31pm
jhames34:   Robin is the only 75 year old (you KNOW she's 75, right? ) with boobs worth seeing. Well, besides that Mae Young from the WWE. I often wonder why seeing her topless didn't make me stop watching wrestling, yet Hulk Hogan's return to wrestling did...hmmmm...
8th Dec, 6:50pm
rvotyrtsym:   robin should wip out those giant negro tits on the last show....that would be entertaining indeed....
8th Dec, 6:37pm
usiphi203:   I was just about to say that
8th Dec, 6:06pm
outsideshot:   I think she fancies herself more knowledgeable about current issues than Howard. It's hard to disagree. Howard prefers to stay ignorant and make snap judgments. Robin seems to have had an awakening sometime after Howard's and her's unwavering support for the Iraq war.
8th Dec, 5:58pm
usiphi203:   I was just about to say that
8th Dec, 5:57pm
harlingtoxad:   Robin isn't uniquely ignorant. She just pretends to know about a wider variety of topics than Howard because of the nature of reading 20 news items every day.
8th Dec, 5:56pm
outsideshot:   Oprah: "I'm not a lesbian and I don't even like to eat pussy." She is, however, a walrus.
8th Dec, 5:44pm
outsideshot:   You can say a lot of things about Robin but ignorant and fool aren't 2 of those things.
8th Dec, 5:21pm
NaRaReally:   @outsideshot There's a difference between appreciating Robin & liking her. I appreciate what she does for the show (basically taking the other side of everything Howard says lately & looking like a stuck up fool) but disliking everything about her otherwise (being a stuck up ignorant fool).
8th Dec, 3:52pm
lennynero:   One could also interpret that article as saying, "Oprah Winfrey, Nascar, the NFL, and many others will be taking a pay cut in order for the Sirius/Howard Stern contract renewal."
8th Dec, 3:51pm
lennynero: <--- Reuters article.
8th Dec, 3:51pm
lennynero:   Howard appologized this morning because the article took a few liberties. The guy (Frear) was never actually quoted saying those things, but rather the reporter editorialized and implied that he did.
8th Dec, 2:16pm
prophecy500:   Heeeey Nooowww!!!
8th Dec, 1:16pm
8th Dec, 1:04pm
usiphi203:   haha, pretty cool.
8th Dec, 1:04pm
green:   that was 5 years ago. things change alot in 5 yrs
8th Dec, 1:03pm
green:   there was a switch on the front and if you were the one watching you push your button in, your wife and kids also have a button so they know who in the house is watchin
8th Dec, 1:00pm
usiphi203:   Thanks for the info. A package is supposed to show up in a few days. It's hard to find info on it. Kinda cool I guess. I'm gonna sink any "with the stars show".
8th Dec, 12:59pm
8th Dec, 12:58pm
green:   Ive installed DTV for some Nielsen households, they open up the back of each tv and put in a box with a antenna. its been about 5 yrs since ive seen one
8th Dec, 12:42pm
usiphi203:   Anyone out there a Nielsen household? Just got a letter saying I was picked.
8th Dec, 12:29pm
SaCo:   howard is not doing the haggleing even if he is jewish...its all Don B.
8th Dec, 12:28pm
SaCo:   no we didn't...nasa is coming under fire for releasing that article.....just being technical :P
8th Dec, 12:27pm
outsideshot:   naah, he aplogized because yesterday he went off on the guy. I'll bet his phone has been ringing off the hook with hate calls and it's probably a minor miracle that Frear made it home alive.
8th Dec, 12:24pm
outsideshot:   well SaCo, since we found out last week that alien life forms do exist, I'm not sure how to respond.
8th Dec, 12:14pm
mellowmanpat:   If Howard is apoligizing I think that means that he is still haggling with them
8th Dec, 12:13pm
mellowmanpat:   I love the guy but I think at this point in time a paper route is too much for Artie to handle let alone a show
8th Dec, 12:07pm
SaCo:   outside i believe in aliens more than i believe in those over the top rumors
8th Dec, 11:52am
outsideshot:   if you have access to the k2 tracker I hear every once in while Howard's going to do an underground show and put it up there
8th Dec, 11:51am
outsideshot:   can't wait to hear today's show. 6:00 am Howard Apologizes To CFO Frear
8th Dec, 11:50am
mellowmanpat:   still would love to hear from Artie before he leaves
8th Dec, 11:48am
outsideshot:   yes he is.
8th Dec, 11:46am
mellowmanpat:   I have been out of the mix for awhile is stern retiring?
8th Dec, 11:19am
outsideshot:   you can't be a stern show fan and not appreciate Robin. It's not possible, ya fucking douchebags.
8th Dec, 10:32am
green:   np guys
8th Dec, 10:29am
murderboy:   It's totally true. I don't like anything - that's for sure. 'Cept for green. I like green - a lot. Thanks.
8th Dec, 10:15am
NaRaReally:   Thanks green!
8th Dec, 9:48am
green:   I like Schultz® Insect Spray (1041) because it got rid of the spidermites on my weed plants
8th Dec, 9:43am
lennynero:   once again, no one here likes anything.
8th Dec, 8:43am
nintendomas:   thx green
8th Dec, 12:56am
NaRaReally:   I never liked Robin, even years ago. And now adays, she's even less tollerable. There were 2 days that Robin was sick & didn't do the show. They were the two best shows ever!
8th Dec, 12:18am
hangemhigh:   OMG!! thank you eos!..
7th Dec, 11:08pm
lennynero:   Robin's damned near 60. I'm sure she's got enough cash to live for the next 15-20yrs.
7th Dec, 10:11pm
macdaddy77:   woo hoo... love those daily BAREBONES!
7th Dec, 7:17pm
7th Dec, 7:00pm
green:   Robin doesnt have to do anything if the show ends. I dont think shes worried about being relevant, shes just having fun in her own world.
7th Dec, 6:16pm
rvotyrtsym:   where may i find that shitty internet coooking show/is it not
7th Dec, 6:13pm
thericochet:   Robin is just as talentless as Oprah or any of the other vapid daytime talk show hosts, so I'm sure she'd find something. That's the sad thing about it.
7th Dec, 5:15pm
ROEU812:   she can show us how to do a SHITTY internet cooking show !
7th Dec, 5:15pm
ROEU812:   what dead said !! LOL
7th Dec, 5:10pm
deadluvva:   Stern retires and Robin is never heard from again. She has zero talents. None. Not one.
7th Dec, 4:38pm
eos:   crash613: I doubt very little that happens anymore is NOT a ploy for attention.
7th Dec, 4:36pm
bellet:   No, your not the only one who found it lame. I think that was way Howard like it becaue it was a wierd cry for attention.
7th Dec, 4:35pm
bellet:   It's clear nobody is looking for Robin Shee had to go to Youtube to pimp her veggie cooking stuff.
7th Dec, 4:19pm
crash613:   am i the only one that found the dennis rodman blowjob to be a week and despriate ploy for attention....just lame
7th Dec, 2:27pm
SaCo:   Howard told vinny in 6 months he was gonna make an announcment for TV and all "those fuckers" better be prepared. cant wait : ] I think robin is trying hard to be relevant cause who is going to want her after the show is done.
7th Dec, 1:08pm
7th Dec, 12:08pm
7th Dec, 11:37am
ROEU812:   Thanks green !
7th Dec, 11:03am
SaCo:   @ turk i hope 2...When howard is being passive he is such a bitch
7th Dec, 10:32am
7th Dec, 10:30am
green:   nintendomas: np
7th Dec, 10:28am
nintendomas:   thx green for the 64k
7th Dec, 10:27am
green:   dvdr =
7th Dec, 7:40am
ROEU812:   anyone have a good site (torrent or ddl) for FULL ntsc dvdr's ? Thanks....
7th Dec, 6:05am
fajv:   Hey look everybody, it's that guy who laughs at everything!
7th Dec, 2:53am
turk:   I hope it turns out George didn't bring bed bugs into studio and he moves into a hotel. I don't want a week of Howard brow-beating him and being passive-aggressive towards him.
7th Dec, 2:23am
ZigZagNuts:    Hey all, BABA BOOEY on the JIMMY FALLON Show iS up for download at
7th Dec, 1:30am
thericochet:   i can't believe George thought Sour Shoes was Ringo...hilarious
7th Dec, 12:45am
bellet:   ya Joey needs to shut the fuck up. I do think Will had an advantage others didn't think to take advantage of. I think Will got the highest score because he did his best to understand the test before he took it.
6th Dec, 11:54pm
green:   Then Langfart accusing people of shit with no reliable source was lame
6th Dec, 11:52pm
green:   Lame callers today like Joey Boots begging Howard to send George home because of the bed bugs. What does it effect Joey? Why does he care?
6th Dec, 9:20pm
thericochet:   holy fuck Howard hasn't been able to get 4 words out without Robin interrupting him ever since Artie's been gone. she's filled his interruption vacuum.
6th Dec, 5:11pm
MrMoney:   just watch the last episode... they left some good stuff for next season,
6th Dec, 4:52pm
hangemhigh:   and what ever happened to the hand gernade he clipped to his belt in the tank? never used it.
6th Dec, 4:44pm
ROEU812:   I've been wondering about what lovelybeth pondered about the Army since episode one with the abandoned tank escape !
6th Dec, 4:41pm
eos:   Alright, I guess.
6th Dec, 4:39pm
ROEU812:   I'll back lovelybeth on that eos...not a spoiler at all !
6th Dec, 4:31pm
lovelybeth86:   sorry hun, but its really not relevant to the story its more implied! Just a question I have about the show. Thanks for all you do though, between you and Toe you make this place great!
6th Dec, 4:19pm
eos:   lovelybeth86: Sure looks like a spoiler...
6th Dec, 4:19pm
eos:   Sorry about the unexpected upload without an explanation. Finals are this week, so I can make time to edit around studying. Tomorrow may not be uploaded until the afternoon, Wed will not be for sure, Thursday, probably not.
6th Dec, 4:03pm
ROEU812:   I thought that too lovelybeth...
6th Dec, 3:49pm
hangemhigh:   OMG!! Bless you eos!
6th Dec, 3:06pm
lovelybeth86:   yea the last episode of Walking Dead wasnt great, but I like the show. I just dont understand how Zombies could wipe out an army!
6th Dec, 1:56pm
green:   "If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, wouldn't it be a Merry Christmas?" - Don Meredith
6th Dec, 1:52pm
green:   RIP "Dandy Don" The coolest Cowboy of all time!
6th Dec, 1:35pm
6th Dec, 1:33pm
FJackie:   thanks @ chibchakan,
6th Dec, 1:29pm
SpaceEdge:   I think i'll give it another shot, I see people raving about it all over the net.
6th Dec, 1:19pm
Aardsy:   a Monday update? Thanks, eos!
6th Dec, 1:03pm
SaCo:   oh myyyyyy
6th Dec, 12:57pm
eos:   SpaceEdge: My wife enjoys the show, and hates all horror. This one has enough of non-horror to keep her interested.
6th Dec, 12:55pm
SpaceEdge:   Should I start watching that show? I started the first eppisode on my DVR but paused it halfway through and never finished it.
6th Dec, 12:46pm
ROEU812:   No spoilers eos, I promise !
6th Dec, 12:40pm
6th Dec, 12:31pm
eos:   Please no spoliers.
6th Dec, 12:26pm
ROEU812:   Anyone watch the season finale of The Walking Dead ? I thought it was a bit of a let down
6th Dec, 12:24pm
megahurt:   Thanks eos.
6th Dec, 7:34am
lushdog:   love the weekly packages, thanks alot uppers
6th Dec, 5:01am
jstern:   I kind of like that iSuck png, because it like paints a mental picture, rather than going into details about why someone would feel the way they do.
6th Dec, 3:22am
eos:   That hasn't been true for a very long time, Howard...
5th Dec, 10:18pm
hangemhigh:   I sometimes leave the news early but no reports by robin on kids missing. howard did complain recently about the harshness of the news saying " it was a comedy show"
5th Dec, 9:31pm
lennynero:   thanks Wes. I just call them as I see 'em. However, I'm very often wrong.
5th Dec, 9:01pm
WesMantooth:   I'm swooning over lennynero's rant. It's so rant-a-licious . . . and most of all logical.
5th Dec, 7:48pm
slaytanic54:   @fajv Thanks a lot man, appreciate it
5th Dec, 4:09pm
Zapper562:   Today's "Master Tape Theatre" is a repeat. The original show is from March 15th, 1994. It first aired as a "Master Tape Theatre" on June 7th, 2009.
5th Dec, 1:57pm
crash613:    hey can anyone who is current on the show tell me if Howard (or Robin in the news) comments on the 3 kids abducted in Michigan by thieir father? He then "tried" to kill him self after? thanks.
5th Dec, 1:46pm
green:   lol@ lennynero: "no one here likes anything."
5th Dec, 8:27am
fajv:   slaytanic54
5th Dec, 3:21am
slaytanic54:   Anyone have 04/30/2007 edition of HS or know where to find it?
5th Dec, 1:22am
ricktunes:   yes ator1, it's on tk. I don't see an account on tk with this user name. Do you want an account there. The 12/4 Geek time is there. I've asked before in here if anyone wants an act over there to pm. You're almost at a 1.0 ratio so you're ok. Be nice to see more than 5 thank you's to the uploaders in your 5 plus years here but whatever. Let me know.
5th Dec, 1:21am
lennynero:   no one here likes anything.
4th Dec, 11:07pm
jmmclls:   you like fast cars
4th Dec, 11:07pm
jmmclls:   check tk
4th Dec, 6:49pm
ator1:   Anybody have a link for today's (11-4) Geektime? I even wrote myself a note last night so I'd remember it was on today, and still forgot.
4th Dec, 4:23pm
desert420:   Lemmi - LOL Your Welcome
4th Dec, 3:42pm
lennynero:   <---- bullshit king.
3rd Dec, 10:19pm
Lemmi:   thanks desert420, so much bullshit in the shoutbox you might miss a thanks :P
3rd Dec, 7:49pm
green:   lenny skip ahead to about about 6 minutes in the video
3rd Dec, 7:26pm
green:   The Oxygen he breaths would not help your weed grow. Its better he breaths it an converts it to Carbon dioxide.
3rd Dec, 6:08pm
lennynero:   hola dead
3rd Dec, 5:19pm
deadluvva:   meeeeeeeowwww
3rd Dec, 3:32pm
lennynero:   and urname, I've deduced from your name, time of use (after mom goes to bed), grammar and spelling, and flawed logic of your rants that you are no older than 15. As such, I kinda feel like I'm beating on a retard. You can hate me all you want, but I doubt I'll humor your fucking idiotic points of view from now on. You'll be easier to cope with once your voice changes and your nuts drop. Until then, fuck off and have a nice day.
3rd Dec, 3:26pm
lennynero:   and if you believe in Karma, you're prone to spend a buck for a legit track for every 5 bootleg tracks you d/l. Anymore I buy most my music from Amazon mp3 and only d/l bootlegs of stuff I can't legally buy.
3rd Dec, 3:25pm
lennynero:   Eminem can sell 2Mil CD's at $15 each and he'll get (usually) no more than 20% of total sales. He can sell singles on iTunes for $1/each and get $0.70 of *each sale*. Considering that the majority of consumers buy singles, he stands to make more money by selling 4-8 singles at less than $10 than by selling the entire album for $15 and getting a *much* smaller percentage of the sales. The music industry is still alive today *because* of iTunes (and Amazon mp3). You need no other proof than to look at the history of TLC. Bad deal got them less than 2 cents per album sold. They were bankrupt with an album in the Top 5.
3rd Dec, 3:22pm
lennynero:   urname: Your logic is greatly flawed, and your defense is that the opposing view is a "fanboi". It's very similar to the right wing losing an argument and closing with the defense of "the other guy's just a liberal hippy". Back up your argument. If it's valid it'll hold regardless of who or what your opposition believes.
3rd Dec, 3:20pm
lennynero:   but then you've got guys like urname that will find a negative about the price drop ("see, they couldn't sell it and had to lower the price!") and will continue to pirate it until there's nothing left to pirate.
3rd Dec, 3:19pm
lennynero:   case in point: Some of us d/l and archive Bubba's shows and bits, and wouldn't dream of owning a Bubba boxset at $400. Drop the price to $150-$200 and we're more prone to buy it out of Karma.
3rd Dec, 3:18pm
lennynero:   piracy is great, but if it's all we have there will be nothing new to steal. You have to have a balance. This is something that app devs are starting to realize. You're always going to have pirates, and they're going to steal no matter what. But even a pirate will be satisfied with a demo that consists of 50% of the final product, and possibly even purchase said product when it's offered at a deep discount (.99 cent sale on a $5 app).
3rd Dec, 3:16pm
lennynero:   urname: I find it ironic that you claim that stealing content (piracy) is actually better for content creators than a service that pays them (50-70%) for creating the content.
3rd Dec, 3:15pm
lennynero:   green: spoken like a true PC user.
3rd Dec, 3:15pm
lennynero:   iTunes is a bloated piece of old code that is in desperate need of being rewritten from the ground up. It needs to fork. There needs to be iTunes for music, then the iMedia Store for movies, books, music, apps, etc. iTunes needs to go back to its database driven MP3 player roots.
3rd Dec, 3:10pm
3rd Dec, 12:28pm
bellet:   had a few sneaker pimps cds back in the day
3rd Dec, 11:51am
desert420:   24k will be posted within the next 20 minutes!
3rd Dec, 10:40am
weed89:   Hate Itunes...But must admit I Love My IPOD----not sure that is a arguement tho'
3rd Dec, 2:22am
urname12345:   anyone like sneaker pimps?
3rd Dec, 12:22am
urname12345:   please someone argue against me other than mac fanboi lenny
3rd Dec, 12:21am
urname12345:   bitch and complain, itunes is more to worrie about than 'free shit'
3rd Dec, 12:20am
urname12345:   so itunes is making 50cents a dl.... what is the acuall artist making?
3rd Dec, 12:18am
urname12345:   oh, FUCK apple...
3rd Dec, 12:17am
urname12345:   HELLO, do people not realize that?!?!
3rd Dec, 12:17am
urname12345:   no artists are making money because of itunes....
3rd Dec, 12:16am
urname12345:   so, people who think piracy is destroying everything is bullshit, because itunes is making ALL the money
3rd Dec, 12:15am
urname12345:   OMG, doesnt itunes make like a billion dollars with downloads
3rd Dec, 12:14am
urname12345:   dumb fuck howard has the same as you dumb fuck people who rip there CD's and think its piracy
3rd Dec, 12:13am
urname12345:   lenny, what do you think about howard bitching about piracy?
3rd Dec, 12:13am
lennynero:   anyway, I'm off to fuck my hot wife now that my Mac mini is finished playing the Bluray rip of BTTF2 in 1080p on my 65" TV. Have a great night, urname. Tell urmom I said hi.
3rd Dec, 12:12am
urname12345:   i hate all your gay faggotry for mac
3rd Dec, 12:12am
lennynero:   urname, I also don't buy the Ploystation 3d or OxBox 360 because the real deals are too expensive. Don't smoke cheap weed, and don't buy shitty computers.
3rd Dec, 12:11am
urname12345:   i dont drink soda...
3rd Dec, 12:08am
lennynero:   or flush my toilet.
3rd Dec, 12:08am
lennynero:   it's not that I hate you because you have stupid opinions. I hate you because you breathe oxygen and drink water that could be better used to help grow my weed.
3rd Dec, 12:07am
lennynero:   I buy what I like. Do you buy soft drinks you don't enjoy?
3rd Dec, 12:07am
lennynero:   and I hate your stupid face. Fucking deal with it. I have to.
3rd Dec, 12:06am
urname12345:   you buy like $1300 computers?
3rd Dec, 12:06am
lennynero:   Howard doesn't go to therapy for the treatment, he goes for the validation that he's a fucking basketcase.
3rd Dec, 12:05am
urname12345:   anyway i still hate apple and your faggotry with apple
3rd Dec, 12:05am
lennynero:   he's a whinebag, self-centered, perfectionist attention whore. Great qualities for the radio, but they tend to do little for one's personal life.
3rd Dec, 12:05am
urname12345:   yea my mom is sooooooooooo HAWT
3rd Dec, 12:04am
urname12345:   ditto
3rd Dec, 12:04am
lennynero:   Howard is fucked in the head. He knows it, everyone that knows him knows it, and no amount of therapy in the world is going to "fix" him. Psychotherapy doesn't *fix* you, it just helps.
3rd Dec, 12:02am
lennynero:   I'm more of a fanboi of your mom than I am of anything.
3rd Dec, 12:02am
lennynero:   yes, urname. I do. I also find it funny that a man that's been in psychotherapy for 15yrs gets offended when one of his employees mentions that his mentally ill mother helped prepare him for his work with Howard.
3rd Dec, 12:00am
urname12345:   big words, dude your the mac fanboi around here...
2nd Dec, 11:59pm
lennynero:   soccermom, you launch the file from utorrent anytime you want to listen to it? It reverts because it copies it in as a new (duplicate) file. Just use iTunes to play them.
2nd Dec, 11:58pm
urname12345:   oh and f apple
2nd Dec, 11:58pm
urname12345:   dude, lenny do you listen to the show?
2nd Dec, 11:57pm
lennynero:   urname, they don't tell you how to feel so much as they help you understand what it is your feeling, why, and how to control or cope. Not everyone is born with the knowledge or capability of recognizing their emotions and where they come from.
2nd Dec, 11:56pm
lennynero:   does anyone else think this auto mechanic stuff is bullshit? *PAY* someone to work on something you can't fix yourself? HA!
2nd Dec, 11:53pm
2nd Dec, 11:48pm
urname12345:   offtopic, i just got a 23' LCD monitor shit is huuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggeeeeeee
2nd Dec, 11:46pm
urname12345:   are you fucking stupid? your paying someone to tell you how to feel?
2nd Dec, 11:42pm
urname12345:   howard is totally fucked.... he needs someone to tell him what to feel?!?!??! WTF??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!!!!?!?!!??!?!
2nd Dec, 11:41pm
urname12345:   and the psych puts gay shit in his head
2nd Dec, 11:40pm
urname12345:   OMG, never knew thoughts in your head maybe might be good
2nd Dec, 11:40pm
urname12345:   +the $500 an hour he's charging; howard sounds creepy with his bulllshit pschy shit,..... HOLY FUCK be your self
2nd Dec, 11:38pm
urname12345:   listen to him, do you think a psych has done any good? he complains he's "nuts" etc etc
2nd Dec, 11:23pm
outsideshot:   why do you think this "psychiatrist" bullshit is a fraud and is total bullshit?
2nd Dec, 11:16pm
urname12345:   GO EAGLES
2nd Dec, 11:15pm
2nd Dec, 11:12pm
urname12345:   "im going to bleed this guy for every penny" LOL
2nd Dec, 11:11pm
urname12345:   what i hear shit is bleeding over and WTF going to a bullshit "psych" shit is fucking retarded... but howard thinks what his "psych" tells him is good
2nd Dec, 11:10pm
urname12345:   does anyone think this "psychiatrist" bullshit is a fraud and is total bullshit?
2nd Dec, 7:52pm
outsideshot:   that was one fugly skirt Beth had on at the Friar's Club. Damn, I thought she had better taste.
2nd Dec, 7:39pm
eos:   In related news: I love horchata.
2nd Dec, 7:36pm
eos:   At least I have Ozzy's version of Paranoid from the early 80s with Randy Rhoads on guitar. He hits a pinch harmonic about 30 seconds in and bends it up a couple steps with his whammy bar. Awesome!
2nd Dec, 7:34pm
eos:   I just want to know what happens after the christmas break. This old fashioned attachment he has to not telling his fans anything (if that's truly what is going on; I can't imagine a contract would not be finalized, this late in the old contract) is totally fucking childish.
2nd Dec, 3:59pm
2nd Dec, 3:33pm
rvotyrtsym:   Stern not going to itunes/apple.That's just more internet rumor bullshit........
2nd Dec, 3:30pm
2nd Dec, 3:09pm
elovetree:   I've found you have to copy the file used for the torrent to another folder - then use that file in iTunes. The torrent file will keep overriding the 'remember position' change.
2nd Dec, 2:54pm
002200:   I'm sure Steve J is a Fan. :P
2nd Dec, 2:25pm
soccermom56:   wow, a rumor on the internet...what else is new?
2nd Dec, 2:18pm
bellet:   ya I searched and came up with nothing of any real value on Stern going to Itunes.
2nd Dec, 1:54pm
soccermom56:   lenny, I've been doing the "remember position" trick for awhile, but lately, when I click on "open file" from utorrent, it opens in ITunes (like it's supposed to), but it reverts back to the beginning of the track. Any ideas why?
2nd Dec, 1:34pm
nanoreefer:   Howard Stern: Podcaster. Who'd of thunk it?
2nd Dec, 12:58pm
urname12345:   i fucking hate apple
2nd Dec, 12:57pm
urname12345:   wow thats a lot of money for three years
2nd Dec, 1:53am
lennynero:   Handy tip for iTunes users: In iTunes 10 you can right-click on any track and "Get Info". From there, click on the Options tab and check-off "Remember Position" and change the option to "Yes". Do that for all your Stern shows and your iPhone/iPod will remember your playback position through reboots, sync's, etc. No more scrubbing to figure out where you left off when you plugged your device in to sync!
2nd Dec, 1:42am
lennynero:   bluedevils, PM ricktunes, he should be able to help you out.
2nd Dec, 12:52am
bluedevils:   disregard found the staff link
2nd Dec, 12:51am
bluedevils:   who are the mods to send messages to about connections and ratios?
1st Dec, 11:00pm
inelegy:   Looks like Howard stayed up past his bedtime tonight:
1st Dec, 9:14pm
weed89:   HELLO...can anyone HEAR me?? am I the only one still here??........oh yea...F* Artie
1st Dec, 9:12pm
weed89:   what DO I do now with my Life????<<is it worth even breathing anymore?? this is even more traumatic than when my pet Grub Worm died ohhhhh the Pain of it all
1st Dec, 8:56pm
weed89:   @Jhames34- Thanks for the info....this sux...but he would have prolly' been on vacation anyway NOW what are we all going to do??? :/
1st Dec, 8:51pm
weed89:   so, I guess came back 29th ...then did 30th, and the first....posting this so anyone else dosent have to go search too
1st Dec, 8:47pm
weed89:   thanks will look...but do not understand why no one will just answer the question...again thanks for the link
1st Dec, 8:15pm
weed89:   Damm...So, what was the LAST day of the show live?? someone Please
1st Dec, 6:55pm
jhames34:   I think Jackie's going to replace Bubba with "Artie's Cutting Edge"
1st Dec, 5:16pm
jstern:   It's kind of cool having a guest at 6am in the morning.
1st Dec, 4:58pm
crash613:   if so.. what day? it happened Thanksgiving day.. and they are still searching now.
1st Dec, 4:57pm
crash613:   hey can anyone who is current on the show tell me if Howard (or Robin in the news) comments on the 3 kids abducted in Michigan by thieir father? He then "tried" to kill him self after? thanks
1st Dec, 4:36pm
lennynero:   wow, last I heard it was going to be Jackie 100 and 101. 24/7 Joke Hunt, Best of Joke Hunt, Joke Hunt's greatest gue...jokes, and the Joke Hunt 100 News.
1st Dec, 4:30pm
rvotyrtsym:   lol jhames34
1st Dec, 4:19pm
jhames34:   Yeah I can't wait for the history of dr. Laura in 3 weeks! "I swore to my self, I was NOT gonna go for the jugular, I was gonna hold back EVERY. Effing. Thing."
1st Dec, 4:02pm
rvotyrtsym:   @jhames34,I thought dr.laura was taking over those channnels/n word 100 and n word 101
1st Dec, 3:06pm
jhames34:   sorry to break it to you Weed, but the show already ended, The channel has been replaced by Rosie 100 and Rosie 101
1st Dec, 1:40pm
1st Dec, 12:45pm
weed89:   im a week behind...are they back live yet?? was it the 29th??
1st Dec, 12:29pm
1st Dec, 11:50am
stansoltz:   Dec 1 2010 show 128K
1st Dec, 1:35am
ernielogman:   it's there now
1st Dec, 1:07am
ator1:   It was STP, so he was probably talking about Scott Weilland being on heroin. Also, I didn't see any mention of herpes when I looked at Benjy's wiki page yesterday, so I wasn't aware of the wording of the incident. I was assuming that it stated that he has herpes, like as a fact.
1st Dec, 12:43am
ernielogman:   ator, it isn't even that the wikipedia page says he has herpes. It only says that he caused controversy on the show about denying having herpes, which is true. He may have been doing it to get attention, but editing the wikipedia page shows that he was seriously paranoid about the discussion alone causing him problems. Meanwhile, he caused the problems himself by prolonging the discussion!
1st Dec, 12:36am
ernielogman:   yeah crash, and now Benjy is still busy trying to change the herpes info (he appears to have given up on changing his birth year for the moment). His main account "Archhow" was just blocked sometime earlier today for good. It's frickin' awesome.
1st Dec, 12:20am
steveoh:   Did anyone catch what sounded like Howard talking right before the intro song came on about someone being on heroin again? Not his theme song but the one they played as a lead in to it. I wonder if it was from the original recording or if it was live today.
30th Nov, 9:31pm
crash613:   it couldn't happen to a nice douche bag
30th Nov, 5:19pm
rvotyrtsym:   benjy probably acquired the herpes from some skank he met on craigs list.
30th Nov, 4:48pm
ator1:   (for trying)
30th Nov, 4:47pm
ator1:   The herpes accusation is pretty fucked up, so I don't blame Percy, er uh, Benjy from trying to fix it.
30th Nov, 3:41pm
crash613:   @ernielogman. i see it is there now.. it wasn't when i loked yesterday.. i even did a search for the word "herpes"
30th Nov, 2:45pm
SpaceEdge:   Benjy needs to get a life, siting there editing his wikipedia page
30th Nov, 1:03pm
green:   np guys
30th Nov, 12:59pm
FJackie:   Thanks green.
30th Nov, 12:29pm
ernielogman:   it's totally factual, which is why Benjy's TWO usernames on wikipedia are currently blocked from editing due to his constant removal of that whole paragraph
30th Nov, 12:28pm
ernielogman:   @Crash: check the next to last paragraph of "Joining Stern" - "On August 18, 2009, controversy engulfed Benjy again when a debate arose over whether or not he had contracted herpes due to his frequent sexual encounters thru craigslist personal ads. Bronk denied having herpes and offered to take a test for the STD provided everyone on the show's staff also took the test. [5]"
30th Nov, 12:25pm
overt:   Thanks green, you're a mensch.
30th Nov, 9:31am
shanerr:   at one point it said that he eats troughs of food
30th Nov, 9:29am
shanerr:   @crash613 the herpes thing is among the items that keep being edited and re-posted
30th Nov, 4:48am
lennynero:   man, someone should edit together a montage of all the times Howard has said "I'm insane", "I'm out of my mind, don't even ask", "I'm fucking crazy", etc. Submit it as proof that Gary's mental mom prepped him to work with Howard.
30th Nov, 2:34am
crash613:   haven't listened to the wrap up show yet.. hopefully they called bullshit on it
30th Nov, 2:34am
crash613:   i'm a bit behind... just listening to the 11/18 show. Did howard really not comment or anything about that chick that came in who is supposidily a virgin and was auctioning her virginity? Please don't tell me he bought into that . I could smell a lie a mile away.
30th Nov, 2:32am
crash613:   that is very funny,,, but no mention of his herpes on wikipedia
29th Nov, 11:49pm
ernielogman:   it almost makes me want to call in to taunt him about it
29th Nov, 11:36pm
ernielogman:   Benjy Bronk wikipedia update - Benjy's 2nd sock puppet has been blocked by editors from further editing for 1 week. His next attempt to remove his herpes storyline will result in that user being banned from wikipedia. GREAT SUCCESS!
29th Nov, 10:29pm
shanerr:   the joe rogan experience is great
29th Nov, 10:28pm
shanerr:   Wow best of 2010 is looking grim. I dont think I could stand to listen to any of those
29th Nov, 7:54pm
jhames34:   most likely rvo tho I hope he goes back to terrestrial so it can suck again!
29th Nov, 6:50pm
ator1:   I'm sorry for any confusion, I meant that isohunt is blocked in the US, the full site anyway. That movie is really good, btw.
29th Nov, 6:42pm
rvotyrtsym:   Don't worry jhames34. Stern's not leaving sirius/xm. He will be back live on 1-3-11 at 6:00 am
29th Nov, 6:17pm
jhames34:   eos, I have a feeling that Howard has a very different situation than what he had with Terrestrial. I believe he's leaving and not allowed to say where he's leaving for, if in fact he IS leaving.
29th Nov, 6:11pm
SpaceEdge:   I saw the Whites documentary the other night after Joe Rogan talked about it on his podcast those are some fucked up people
29th Nov, 4:44pm
29th Nov, 4:37pm
rvotyrtsym:   >get that movie over on btjunkie<
29th Nov, 1:50pm
elovetree:   The Wild and Wonderful Whites is on Netflix, avail. for streaming, too.
29th Nov, 1:26pm
WesMantooth:   Wait why was the documentary banned in the US? Is it that bad?
29th Nov, 11:20am
Spinback:   Cool! Pig Virus is on the HSS today.
29th Nov, 10:18am
hangemhigh:   thanks green, you saved my life
29th Nov, 10:11am
green:   np
29th Nov, 10:06am
robinsweetie:   gracias greens! smegadildos
29th Nov, 8:07am
29th Nov, 8:07am
29th Nov, 6:09am
ator1:   New show today.
29th Nov, 4:41am
ator1:   I found it at isohunt (via anonymouse because it's supposed to be blocked in the US)
29th Nov, 4:30am
Qubichi:   what site has it
29th Nov, 4:30am
Qubichi:   you're kidding? been wanting to watch that big time
29th Nov, 4:22am
ator1:   The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia is out on torrents. It's about Jesco White's family and produced by Johnny Knoxville.
29th Nov, 2:42am
Qubichi:   show going to be live today?
29th Nov, 2:27am
eos:   Should be twelve shows left, right? Is the general consensus that Howard will announce his next move during the final show of this year?
29th Nov, 1:04am
ernielogman:   Benjy wikipedia update: one of Benjy's sock puppets has been blocked from editing, indefinitely. VICTORY!!!! hahaha the wikipedia page still says he has herpes, despite his attempts to remove it.
28th Nov, 11:45pm
ator1:   It's 52 minutes "in length". HIYOOOO!!
28th Nov, 11:44pm
ator1:   Somebody posted a link to the smallest penis contest on reddit:
28th Nov, 7:48pm
Zapper562:   This week's "Master Tape Theatre" is a repeat of the original November 5th, 1996 show. It first aired as a "Master Tape Theatre" on May 31st, 2009.
28th Nov, 6:59pm
jhames34:   this week I believe Dr Drew and Wendy Williams are guests. Break out the lighters and beef jerky folks!
28th Nov, 10:21am
elovetree:   @ricktunes thanks so much! I really appreciate it - and all the other uploads you've provided as well!
28th Nov, 3:35am
ricktunes:   @elovetree: My folder with the original files I upped is in an old external. Here's 7 of the files, including Brent's session, with slightly different file names, but same files. Didn't wanted to rename and my seeding is slow with only 1 peer, so take this direct download link --> Meet The Shrink - Mega Pack
27th Nov, 9:46pm
jhames34:   Cookiepuss and Frankenstein conquer the world
27th Nov, 9:14pm
elovetree:   (thanks in advance! was listening to old shows today and learned of Brent Hatley's session I missed somehow the first time around - would like to hear it)
27th Nov, 9:14pm
elovetree:   Hey all - hoping someone could help seed the Meet the Shrink Mega Pack:
27th Nov, 7:56pm
ator1:   I'm in the baffroom.. where I.. where I take a shit!
27th Nov, 1:30pm
deadluvva:   How ya doin rvo?
27th Nov, 1:30pm
deadluvva:   First snow of the year here in Montreal. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......
27th Nov, 2:12am
CanuckzColtz:   thanks EOS !
26th Nov, 9:12pm
thericochet:   be prouuuuuuuud, don't despaaaaair
26th Nov, 7:08pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ deadluvva,I feel the same way about you guys in Canada... btw, me do love me some roasted turkey gravy...
25th Nov, 11:43pm
eos:   CanuckzColtz: Not this time.
25th Nov, 11:08pm
cameltoe:   @RealGilbert(Gilbert Gottfried tweet): Remember to tune in to Artie Lange's holiday classic, "It's A Wonderful Knife". #sternshow
25th Nov, 5:35pm
Streaks:   Happy Thanksgiving asswipes...Cheers!
25th Nov, 5:29pm
deadluvva:   Yep Happy Thanksgiving to our friends to the south. I am thankful to have you guys next to us. I like this part of the world. Have some gravy for me
25th Nov, 5:05pm
jhames34:   Indeed, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here! Lets give thanks for the uppers!
25th Nov, 3:15pm
ROEU812:   Happy Thanksgiving to all my Redskunk family that celebrate !
25th Nov, 11:38am
CanuckzColtz:   EOS : are you goin to post this wks shows ??
25th Nov, 1:37am
hangemhigh:   thanks uploaders..I mean it
25th Nov, 1:34am
25th Nov, 1:34am
urname12345:   robin has an online cooking show, starts december 1st... LOL
25th Nov, 1:24am
Carbon:   I'm pretty sure this is it. They'd have 3 weeks and 12 shows by my count, which seems to match up with the number of shows they've mentioned on the air.
24th Nov, 8:19pm
jhames34:   eos I'm not Pete Rose so I won't bet on me :P
24th Nov, 7:09pm
24th Nov, 7:09pm
eos:   jhames34: I bet there's one more vacation before December 16.
24th Nov, 5:10pm
jhames34:   I'm pretty sure this was their final vacation until the end of the contract, if you consider the end of their contract to be mid december at least...
24th Nov, 5:09pm
jhames34:   no beth, I download my ellis directly from demonoid but noticed they took down ellism8@blogspot. They took them downbefore when they were called ellismate@blogspot too...
24th Nov, 4:46pm
ator1:   Do a Google image search of "Lois Griffin", and turn off the safesearch mode. That shit's crazy.
24th Nov, 3:03pm
googs999:   "If the dress is short enough you'll see cameltoe" -howard stern 11.18.10
24th Nov, 2:51pm
lovelybeth86:   anyone know what happened to ellism8?
24th Nov, 1:54pm
prophecy500:   Heeeyyyy Nooooowww!!Wanted to wish every skunker,Mods and members alike a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!
24th Nov, 1:51am
lennynero:   thanks, weed89.
23rd Nov, 10:16pm
weed89:   good advice...torrent 101..I have never used his client so was unable to offer much advice
23rd Nov, 9:35pm
lennynero:   also, instead of using random ports (the default on a lot of clients), manually set a port in your client and poke the hole in your router to allow outside connections.
23rd Nov, 9:34pm
lennynero:   mistake, disable PEX and DHT in your client, stop the torrent, reset your router/modem, then restart the torrent(s)
23rd Nov, 9:17pm
weed89:   when is the next live show? anyone know? gonna' guess they will be on vacation again.
23rd Nov, 9:16pm
weed89:   @Mistake- everyons syas "not connectable" Is a site BUG..perhaps you should try Utorrent?..or no one is seeding what you are trying to grab.
23rd Nov, 8:40pm
mistake:   can someone send me a PM if they can help? I have about 3 weeks of shows that won't DL, but they are being seeded. Azureus is only having problems with torrents from this site. I can download from other sites. My account says "Connectable: No", but I just donated so I'm not sure why I can't download. Trying to find the files I need elsewhere has been a pain.
23rd Nov, 7:01pm
jhames34:   Im on a road trip in the deep south, and I just saw a repair shop called Gawain and Percival's Auto Repair. I stopped in and the guy behind the counter was named Lancelot.
23rd Nov, 6:38pm
lennynero:   I'm sure it is, rvotyrtsym. King Arthur and his knights were from Southern Alabama.
23rd Nov, 4:15pm
rvotyrtsym:    love benjys hillbilly middle name (Percival) That's deep south
23rd Nov, 9:53am
ernielogman: then click on "view history" and check out the last 4 edits - Benjy is going by the nickname Oonaphi (among others)
23rd Nov, 9:52am
ernielogman:   too funny, Benjy is engaged in an edit war on wikipedia about his herpes
23rd Nov, 7:16am
fajv:   Who gives a shit about what bobo has to say, let alone his iq?
23rd Nov, 5:02am
fajv:   Gilbert is the man
22nd Nov, 11:36pm
pwalshj:   He is indeed bi-coastal but based on his prior comments on the show he tends to arrive a week early and then do the show the following week. BRAAAAAAAAD. ;)
22nd Nov, 11:31pm
kid333:   Is there any way to get some re seeds on the last part of 2005 rips I would really like to hear them?
22nd Nov, 8:53pm
ator1:   I think George mentioned that he's bi-coastal He also has a place in NY.
22nd Nov, 5:51pm
rvotyrtsym:   @sillywalker,george takei is going to blow howard on the last show of the year.oh my!
22nd Nov, 5:18pm
pwalshj:   @sillywalker: My bandmate spotted George Takei in NYC last night so he might be in.
22nd Nov, 3:41pm
jhames34:   Hahaha that's why I love Gilbert
22nd Nov, 3:20pm
cameltoe:   RealGilbert(twitter):I asked Artie Lange if he would write a foreword for my book. He said, "I'd rather stab myself." #sternshow
22nd Nov, 2:44pm
sillywalker:   anyone know if we will see George Takei in December?
22nd Nov, 2:28pm
usiphi203:   yep, and JD was on Zoloft.
22nd Nov, 2:14pm
bellet:   lexapro I think
22nd Nov, 2:02pm
symantech:   does anyone remember the name of jason's 'confidence pills' that makes him function normally? plz help
22nd Nov, 12:58pm
JesusFood:   i peed all over myself today thankfully i have live o&a while i clean myself up
22nd Nov, 11:03am
petenicely:   Thanks for the MTT! Any 2000-2005 MTTs for the vacation would be MUCH appreciated.
22nd Nov, 9:19am
usiphi203:   Best of 2010
22nd Nov, 9:12am
stansoltz:   is today live or rerun?
22nd Nov, 8:41am
moorty:   no fajv. your all alone. Does it hurt your a hole with all that pent up shit?
22nd Nov, 8:30am
usiphi203:   I enjoyed the interview but I know maybe 3 songs by him. I'm 30 and from the midwest. I thik I'm too young and too far removed from the North East. Same with Springsteen.
22nd Nov, 5:45am
fajv:   anyone else who doesn't give a shit about billy joel?
21st Nov, 11:11pm
ernielogman:   Just click "edit" and tpye whatever message you want to him.
21st Nov, 11:11pm
ernielogman:   Feel free to leave comments on how he shouldn't be changing his birth year and changing his article to make himself seem more important. It's great fun.
21st Nov, 11:10pm
ernielogman:   and also:
21st Nov, 11:10pm
21st Nov, 11:10pm
21st Nov, 11:10pm
ernielogman:   hey guys, Benjy Bronk has 2 sock puppets on wikipedia. You can talk to him on these pages:
21st Nov, 7:38pm
Bargsbeer:   Does any have a copy of Todays "Master Tape Theatre" they can upload? Thanks
21st Nov, 5:33pm
Zapper562:   Today's "Master Tape Theatre" is from February 10th, 1993. It first aired as a "Master Tape Theatre" on May 24th, 2009.
21st Nov, 5:22pm
jhames34:   Ernie Logman has a huge log, mannnnnn,
21st Nov, 4:18pm
ernielogman:   thank you
21st Nov, 11:19am
shanerr:   ernie sounding like a young steve langford up in this. noice
21st Nov, 9:04am
dawson:   eos is a God
21st Nov, 4:55am
werris:   Hey Bindi come swin around my sting ray CHOWWWW!
21st Nov, 4:54am
werris:   Ag gh gh gh CHOWWWW!
21st Nov, 4:53am
werris:   Yes.
21st Nov, 4:53am
werris:   What are you a homo? CHOWWWWWWWWWW!!!
21st Nov, 4:14am
ator1:   Next week is best of 2010. And fuck Levy.
21st Nov, 3:05am
ricktunes:   yeah mistake, this was only mentioned no less than 100 times in the shoutbox, and now that it was brought uo, try thanking the uploaders more than "once" in your close to six years here. That's a disgrace.
21st Nov, 1:48am
EWtheReaper:   the quality isnt perfect, but its listenable
21st Nov, 1:47am
EWtheReaper:   here is a link in case u guys want to hear the Roast....its funny aside from Levy
21st Nov, 1:36am
EWtheReaper:   Levy just sounds like a really bitter douche
21st Nov, 1:30am
EWtheReaper:   just finished listenin to the Jim Florentine roast, and RevBob Levy is STILL takin shots at Howard!!
21st Nov, 12:31am
ernielogman:   Benjy Bronk continues to edit his own wikipedia page to hide his true age, this time he's posing as user "Archhow". A quick look at Archhow's contributions show they're all edits to Benjy's page.
20th Nov, 11:26pm
sflocco:   Anyone know what they're having on in place of the show next week since they're off?
20th Nov, 7:23pm
howard159:   oops... accout = account
20th Nov, 7:21pm
howard159:   everyone's accout says that. try improving your ratio and thanking uploaders once in a while.
20th Nov, 6:57pm
mistake:   my account says "Connectable: No" I can't figure out what's wrong. been trying to DL a few weeks worth of shows and can't. any suggestions?
20th Nov, 5:34pm
20th Nov, 3:34pm
green: ..........not mine but check out this m.k, stem
20th Nov, 3:33pm
SaCo:   big chocolate juggs
20th Nov, 3:30pm
SaCo:   very nice green!
20th Nov, 3:25pm
green:   My new "Master Kush" clones, see the candy stripe in the stem
20th Nov, 3:24pm
20th Nov, 11:47am
geof:   nvm I just read the chat history
20th Nov, 11:42am
geof:   Hey guys I havent listen for like a year do we have artie news?
20th Nov, 1:55am
lennynero:   thank you bellet ;)
20th Nov, 12:19am
bellet:   It was* were*
20th Nov, 12:18am
bellet:   I t sorta funny that robin out pitched gary, but man where her arms flappin in the wind when she was talkin
19th Nov, 11:43pm
Lemmi:   i wouldnt touch the quivers now but back during the channel 9 days i would
19th Nov, 9:51pm
petenicely:   He's moved on to O & A. It's now the O & A & ETM Show.
19th Nov, 8:22pm
crash613:   really brings the show to a slamming halt
19th Nov, 8:21pm
crash613:   i'm a bit behind ... just listening to the nov 11 show. Is it just me or are they talking to that/about that fucking midget more now than before they were "done with him"
19th Nov, 7:48pm
petenicely:   What will you be listening to when the show is off?
19th Nov, 7:14pm
ator1:   my faucets is moen.
19th Nov, 3:57pm
desert420:   24k will be up here in about 10 minutes!
19th Nov, 3:39pm
symantech:   laughed my balls off when ophelia threw a strike last night
19th Nov, 2:59pm
shanerr:   the sex position lying on side? yes.
19th Nov, 2:47pm
stansoltz:   still listening to Nov 11 show... what's this side position that Howard was talking about? the sex position lying on side?
19th Nov, 2:42pm
eos:   Somehow, the files (both versions) for the 16th did not completely upload to the seedbox. I'll have to seed from home for a bit until it can complete, then there will be full speeds.
19th Nov, 2:10pm
pulpo:   hi all, if someone can help. i am looking for the classic koab vs angry black phone call with the "nigga, i live around jews." surprisingly its hard to narrow down exactly what date that is using google.
19th Nov, 1:42pm
lennynero:   ...and I bet that pussy's in pristine shape. No kids, seldom used....dare I say, that's a 50+ woman I'd bone until my dick bled.
19th Nov, 1:35pm
jhames34:   Lemmi, saggy drooping stretchmarked messes are what makes the world go round
19th Nov, 1:06pm
lennynero:   maybe, but they move like the ocean. Sooooooft.
19th Nov, 12:39pm
Lemmi:   i bet those are nasty saggy drooping stretchmarked mess
19th Nov, 12:09pm
lennynero:   re-watch that clip, but this time don't take your eyes off her cleavage.
19th Nov, 12:09pm
lennynero:   what's incredible is watching her tits move like a waterbed mattress. Mmmmmmm, I wonder if they give chocolate milk?
19th Nov, 10:44am
fajv:   LOL!
19th Nov, 10:32am
19th Nov, 6:25am
eyeofnone:   Robin's pitch on Kimmel is incredible.
19th Nov, 4:16am
ator1:   Gary on CurrentTV:
19th Nov, 2:24am
lennynero:   weed89: you should also disable PEX and DHT in your client.
19th Nov, 2:22am
lennynero:   weed, you can't tell if you're seeding by the upload speed displayed in your client?
19th Nov, 12:39am
bababooee:   omg Robyn just threw a strike on kimmel
19th Nov, 12:29am
SaCo:   i got sum invites to IPT (i do) pm me (it is)... offer a trade if ya have anything (it is)
18th Nov, 11:15pm
weed89: do you know IF what I downloaded IS seeding here? the toolbar does not anyone know?,,cant rely on my utorrent..need other method
18th Nov, 7:02pm
starla:   CLEAR THE HALL
18th Nov, 4:06pm
jhames34:   Oh lenny, you say that like they can't BOTH be entertaining
18th Nov, 3:53pm
jhames34:   I love Democratecy.
18th Nov, 2:51pm
green:   agreed they did suck ass
18th Nov, 1:59pm
18th Nov, 1:47pm
weed89:   the Invite to IPT has been given offer is gone.
18th Nov, 1:03pm
lennynero:   wow, what a telling conversation. "The interviews with the incredibly talented, one of a kind artists sucked ass! Bring back the turkey-body midget and the fat heroin addict that tried to kill himself...AND MORE FART JOKES!!!"
18th Nov, 11:59am
ator1:   Murderboy, you just had a period! Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
18th Nov, 11:51am
murderboy:   .
18th Nov, 5:59am
hangemhigh:   jz.. harrable interview...bring back the midget
18th Nov, 5:11am
weed89:   now back to *F* Artie.....someone give him a pair of scissors
18th Nov, 5:09am
weed89:   what redskunk is to HOWARD...IPTorrents is to FILES//MOVIES//GAMES
18th Nov, 4:15am
weed89:   I Also have 1 Invite to offer the first person "WITH A GOOD Ratio" to IPTorrent.. Just PM me WITH a Valid Gmail address << only good ratios need apply"
18th Nov, 4:12am
weed89:   Hooo Haaaa...Just reminding you all HOW great EOS is....*F* Jackie heheh
18th Nov, 4:03am
urname12345:   i agree the jay-z and billy joel interviews sucked, why is billy joel so amazing anyway??... sick of howards bullshit psych evaluations of every guest... loved gilbert today.
18th Nov, 3:20am
DireWolf:   definately need someone in the artie chair to off set robins bullshit
18th Nov, 2:54am
werris:   Stern is nothing without Artie. I dont' give a fuck what he thinks he had to put up with from Artie. Without Artie the show is dead. Robin is so far up Howards arse now all u can see it a little pair of red shoes. Fred is stuck in front of her.
18th Nov, 2:52am
werris:   Howard's interviews with Jay Z and Billy Joel were both pathetic. He's gone very fucken strange. He's completely lost any interview mojo he had. Thanks fuck Gilbert was in today.
17th Nov, 10:37pm
eyeofnone:   Artie already expressed interest in coming into to tell his side of the story months ago and Howard vetoed it on the air weeks ago.
17th Nov, 10:09pm
lennynero:   ewe must be a republicane.
17th Nov, 10:09pm
lennynero:   weed, you are righte!
17th Nov, 8:37pm
Lemmi:   when chris rock says there should be someone in arties chair, that says alot, but ofcourse howard just ignored that comment
17th Nov, 8:20pm
weed89:   going out on a LIMB here...gonna' guess everyone of U artie fans are Also a Democrate!! bet I am right!
17th Nov, 8:18pm
weed89:   *F* Artie- buy a ticket and go SEE him if you like that Shit so much...I listen to HOWARD STERN no intrest in the "ARTIE SHOW"
17th Nov, 7:50pm
jhames34:   Well come on, Artie is a valuable guest to save, and it's Artie's story to tell. Last show on Sirius, or First show on wherever-they-go-if-they-go.
17th Nov, 7:41pm
bellet:   i am annoyed at how they drag fans alone with this Artie bullshit. Either have him on or tell us he was fired and when . Explain what is going on don't cover up and string fans along.
17th Nov, 7:07pm
jhames34:   cool don't forget, Artie called the show trying to get booked on the show a month or so back, not exactly avoiding the show like the plague...
17th Nov, 6:41pm
cool09:   Artie has been avoiding the show like the plague and Howard hasn't even spoken to him since at least Feb or March. WTF is Howard's deal? Guess Artie's too vulnerable to appear on the show right now.
17th Nov, 6:37pm
cool09:   I have the 06-02-09 show I think. Also have first time Gilbert appears in 2010 (Jan.) and Howard asks him if he heard about Artie and all Gilbert does is laugh.
17th Nov, 6:25pm
DireWolf:   does anyone have the show from 6-2-09 the las time i think gilbert sat in on the news with artie?
17th Nov, 5:53pm
jhames34:   I speculate that rvotyrtsym's speculations are speculatastically special aka I agree with him.
17th Nov, 5:52pm
rvotyrtsym:   @lovlybeth/artie stuff ? Artie will be back to sit in on a few shows next year.(total speculation)
17th Nov, 4:48pm
stevenpdx:   sflocco is right. Artie will never be back because he was fired for his nuttiness and he represents too big a liability for Sirius. Howard has obviously severed his relationship with Artie (never talks about him, never gets together) but he's taking the high road and not trashing him,
17th Nov, 4:26pm
jhames34:   What are you a person who engages in sexual relations with his or her own gender? OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
17th Nov, 4:20pm
lovelybeth86:   All this Artie stuff is all speculation. I feel like everyone else, that it would be nice to hear from him again, but I wont speculate!
17th Nov, 2:37pm
shanerr:   up at heynow
17th Nov, 2:33pm
outsideshot:   i'm club fucking footed, ye asswipe
17th Nov, 2:12pm
jhames34:   What's that? No thanks, I'm Redskunk loyal. What a bunch of instant gratification needin' sums of binches.
17th Nov, 1:50pm
chibchakan:   The Wrap-Up Show 11-17-10 CF 24K:
17th Nov, 1:48pm
chibchakan:   Howard Stern Show 11-17-10 CF 64K:
17th Nov, 1:41pm
weed89:   EOS..I sent you a PM...when you get a moment would appreciate your reply Thnx..BAREBONES RULE !!
17th Nov, 1:27pm
weed89:   **-F**- Artie!!
17th Nov, 1:25pm
weed89:   Whoo Haa All
17th Nov, 11:39am
NaRaReally:   Thanks again green!
17th Nov, 9:17am
sflocco:   Artie isn't allowed back because he was fired last December. Howard severed his relationship with him. He's taking the high road by saying nice things about him so that he's not the cause of him not working again, but the show is done with his drug addict drama.
17th Nov, 9:08am
usiphi203:   Just my guess. Sirius doesn't want Artie anywhere near their building. I bet they see him as an extreme liability. Let's not forget, he did attack two staffers. He's very unstable. I love and miss Artie though.
17th Nov, 7:33am
provrorsbarn:   If hes ever to return to the show......It would probably be the last week at sirius...or maybe first week at the "new place" if howard doesnt retire
17th Nov, 7:18am
fajv:   Why isnt Artie allowed back on the show? Is Howard putting the kill on it? Management? Gary said on-air that he personally has asked to come in and explain what happened, which is what 99% of fans are longing for before this contract is up! He made the show so fucking great and this is his thanks?
17th Nov, 5:33am
lovelybeth86:   oh ok, havent listened to the Tuesday show yet, I was surprised. Thanks ator!
17th Nov, 5:19am
ator1:   They used some Artie drops to "call in".
17th Nov, 5:17am
lovelybeth86:   @werris, Artie called in recently? or you mean an old show? thanks everybody for making this place great!
17th Nov, 5:11am
ator1:   "Fuck that bitch, Vinny." "Oh shit! I'm fuckin her. I'm fuckin this bitch."
17th Nov, 2:10am
FJackie:   np
17th Nov, 2:01am
darkloud:   thanx i was close
17th Nov, 12:46am
17th Nov, 12:26am
darkloud:   what was the name of the porn site they talked about the other day ? something like share your clips ?
16th Nov, 9:36pm
thizzelle:   nice home movies reference! love that show
16th Nov, 8:42pm
jhames34:   Dont put redskunk in your nose PUT them in there do not PUT them in there
16th Nov, 7:19pm
Mrwirez:   Does anyone PLEASE- have a torrentleech invite they could spare? I was in a wreck and laid up. I guess I was out too long and my account became inactive and disabled.
16th Nov, 2:03pm
usiphi203:   Sorry about the link not being clickable, not sure why. Here's the video that Howard was talking about.
16th Nov, 1:07pm
chibchakan:   Howard Stern Show 11-16-10 nCF 64K:
16th Nov, 10:19am
lennynero:   heh, useless knowledge: Howard et. al. talking about Yolanda Be Cool -- Yolanda (or HunnyBunny) was the chick that held up the cafe with her boyfriend in Pulp Fiction. "Tell that bitch be cool!". Can't believe I knew that.
16th Nov, 10:09am
green:   ɯǝlqoɹԀ oN
16th Nov, 10:00am
NaRaReally:   Same here! Thanks green!
16th Nov, 9:34am
murderboy:   thanks a ton, green. my day just kicked off a lot more smoothly.
16th Nov, 5:57am
werris:   God I miss Artie (listening to his "call in" today). I truly hope he's OK..
16th Nov, 4:36am
mikegyro:   I can't connect to the tracker. getting a 404
16th Nov, 4:31am
mikegyro:   This is driving me crazy, I've checked my ports and they're open, yet I can't get into any of the torrents. I thought that was why.
16th Nov, 2:22am
Qubichi:   @bellet, so true, i saw gary on jimmy and it was amusing buts that about it, the pitch at city field was funnier because of artie's merciless badgering of gary
16th Nov, 1:12am
lennynero:   mike, if you're referring to your "connections status" on the website, it doesn't mean anything. It says that for everyone.
16th Nov, 12:26am
mikegyro:   what does it mean, i'm not connectable?
15th Nov, 5:29pm
rvotyrtsym:   crier à M. deadluvva,mon ami
15th Nov, 4:36pm
deadluvva:   Look at rvo and his french. Oui Oui mon ami.
15th Nov, 4:08pm
rvotyrtsym:   eric le nain suce crottin de cheval
15th Nov, 3:35pm
arcterex:   @bellet - thanks
15th Nov, 3:30pm
bellet:   the pitching talk with Gary is so tired. Howard acting like this is a big deal.
15th Nov, 3:19pm
SaCo:   @mk21 they post em on demonoid.
15th Nov, 1:31pm
bellet:   64K commfree
15th Nov, 1:31pm
15th Nov, 1:30pm
15th Nov, 1:13pm
mk21:   does anyone know where they post wdm besides pirate bay?
15th Nov, 12:53pm
chibchakan:   Howard Stern Show 11-15-10 nCF 64k:
15th Nov, 12:30pm
stansoltz:   128K
15th Nov, 12:27pm
SaCo:   demonoid has a 128k rip up
15th Nov, 11:23am
15th Nov, 11:19am
naasson:   thanks green!
15th Nov, 10:16am
NaRaReally:   Thanks again green!
15th Nov, 9:18am
murderboy:   WooHOO - I love hourlies!
14th Nov, 7:08pm
jhames34:   I think we already know it ator, it's zero...point...naaaah, too easy =p
14th Nov, 6:59pm
ator1:   I hope we get to find out Eric the shitcock's IQ one way or another.
14th Nov, 5:02pm
jhames34:   Yes Johnny, this week is another round of IQ tests...also Gilbert is coming in soon!
14th Nov, 4:41pm
Zapper562:   The "Master Tape Theatre" that's airing today (Sunday, November 14th, 2010) is a repeat. The original show is from March 5th, 2002. It first aired as a "Master Tape" on May 17th, 2009.
14th Nov, 4:22pm
johnnyjohnny:   are we live tomorrow?
14th Nov, 3:26pm
ricktunes:   well there you go..
14th Nov, 3:18pm
ator1:   Also, MP3Gain is a great little program for batch-normalizing the audio levels of your mp3s. It works pretty fast and it's free.
14th Nov, 3:07pm
ator1:   Just found this site, which is similar to Dirpy. Just paste the youtube address into the bar and tell it what format you want it in. Nice!
14th Nov, 3:04pm
ator1:   I got a program that converts flv to mp3, but it would just be cool to do it easier. was great for that, and pretty fast, but they closed recently.
14th Nov, 2:10pm
ricktunes:   actor1, on the right side it says converter registration where it says capability to convert to mp3 files. Looks like you have to hit the get registration number and enter it. I've never used it as I already have multiple app's that can extract just the audio to whatever kind of audio file I want. There's so many free or patched ones out there. Google or try your local torrent site invluding one as simple as demonnoid.
14th Nov, 12:50pm
fajv:   that record producer guy that howard was going to hook robin up with had the greatest laugh, i loved that shit
14th Nov, 8:56am
deadluvva:   She can't beat that Hogan daughter. Yikes
14th Nov, 3:10am
thericochet:   i can't believe how much howard goes on and on about how "hot" denise richards is. she's got the face of a tranny.
13th Nov, 11:23pm
ator1:   I got downloadhelper for firefox and it works great to download the flv, but I don't see any option to saye it as mp3.
13th Nov, 7:04pm
ROEU812:   yeah dead, what rick said
13th Nov, 3:24pm
chibchakan:   @Hykanthis,
13th Nov, 1:22pm
ricktunes:   Firefox _> Download helper add on _> done
13th Nov, 12:41pm
deadluvva:   youtubedownloader any good?
13th Nov, 12:36pm
deadluvva:   anyone know a good free program that allows you to d'load youtube vids into mp3 or wav files? I can't seem to get anyvideoconverter to work anymore. It always fails. Thanks
13th Nov, 11:30am
lennynero: <---- best.shirt.ever.
13th Nov, 11:28am
lennynero:   not to mention, an Operating System is not something I would trust coming from some "team" of people that claim to make it "better". There's no way to know what kinda backdoors, data loggers, etc are injected into it.
13th Nov, 11:18am
lennynero:   ah. Nope. It's inherently unstable enough as it is, I don't want to run something that someone has hacked all to shit to "improve".
13th Nov, 11:07am
ROEU812:   Windows 7 Fire is a totally customized version of Windows 7 Pro, SCREAMING FAST ...It's a Rockers Team build...
13th Nov, 11:05am
lennynero:   but when you make a living off removing viruses, malware, etc. you tend to use something a little more stable in your personal life
13th Nov, 11:04am
lennynero:   FWIW, I'm not exclusively Mac. My kids both have Win 7 Ultimate boxen in their rooms, and I use XP, Ubuntu, and Win7 in VM's on my MacBook when needed.
13th Nov, 11:03am
lennynero:   whassat?
13th Nov, 10:57am
ROEU812:   lenny, speaking of shit that works, has anyone tried the RT Windows 7 Fire ? Holy Crap it's awesome !!
13th Nov, 10:56am
lennynero:   I also prefer Ford over Chevy and FreeBSD over Linux.
13th Nov, 10:55am
lennynero:   I prefer OS X over Windows, Xbox over Wii and PS3, and iPhone over Android/BBerry. I've owned them all and I have my preferences. YMMV.
13th Nov, 10:55am
lennynero:   green, again, I'll explain. I'm Pro Good, Anti-Bad. Not a "fanboi" of anything other than shit that works.
13th Nov, 9:09am
green:   Surprised you have a Xbox since its not on a apple platform
13th Nov, 1:39am
lennynero:   if one buys something for the family, the other tries to one-up her. They compete, we benefit. It's a win/win.
13th Nov, 1:38am
lennynero:   I love Mother / Mother-In-Law competition.
13th Nov, 1:37am
lennynero:   picked up a Kinect today. Some really cool shit.
12th Nov, 9:26pm
Hykanthis:   Anyone remember the name of the Vinnie Paz song they played ????
12th Nov, 7:54pm
jhames34:   I agree ator, that was definitely when it stopped "working" for the little midget. Okay everyone is recommending Mars Attacks, I'll DVR it and NOT delete it without watching it this time :P
12th Nov, 7:26pm
WesMantooth:   Mars Attacks is HYSTERICAL!!! Definitely watch it.
12th Nov, 6:47pm
deadluvva:   God bless this site. And tk. and bmt. YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
12th Nov, 6:47pm
deadluvva:   Friday night and deadluvva's knee deep in beers. Love y'all. Specially rick. Look for awhile at the Chinacat proud...........
12th Nov, 6:26pm
v1ru5:   WOrking fine, thanks again.
12th Nov, 6:22pm
v1ru5:   ricktunes I didn't know that. thanks very much.
12th Nov, 5:01pm
ricktunes:   v1ru5, why are you not able to log in to tk. I again just logged in there with you account just fine. As I told you in the pm, you are still trying to log into your old account. That account is gone. I gave you the new details of your new account. It is a new user name and I gave you the password, which is simply your user name here. You can't register anew account user name of your choice. I gave you an old inactive account as regy's are closed. What are you not understanding?
12th Nov, 4:50pm
v1ru5:   For whatever reason I can't get into torrentkkeeper. Is there any place else I can get Jay Thomas?
12th Nov, 1:12pm
ROEU812:   If anyone with a DVD CLUB invite wants to trade for a Demonoid invite please pm ...or if anyone has a DVD CLUB invite to
12th Nov, 8:19am
usiphi203:   just my 2 cents, everything with Fratto and ETM is a gimmick. They both are working the show for air time and plugs. The whole ETM and the the rental car proved that.
12th Nov, 8:17am
usiphi203:   Here's the youtube. Gary makes another epic pitch.
12th Nov, 2:18am
ZigZagNuts:    Hey all, BABA BOOEY on the KImmEL Show iS up for download at Enjoy!!
12th Nov, 12:02am
lennynero:   everyone dies alone, but miserable people usually push everyone away to ensure that they do.
12th Nov, 12:00am
lennynero:   ator1, of course, it could all be a gimmick, but Fratto's written off Eric a couple of times. Remember when he kept calling Johnny at night and waking his baby? Remember how many gigs Johnny got him that Eric turned down? For a while, the only thing Johnny could get Eric to do was go to the Bunny Ranch. Eric's a fuckhead that's nearly on his deathbed. He lives a miserable existence and will most likely start pissing off more and more people the closer to death he gets.
11th Nov, 11:58pm
lennynero:   I fucking love that movie.
11th Nov, 11:45pm
ator1:   Mars Attacks is definitely worth watching at least once. And Eric was a lot better before he got tied up with Fratto. After that, you could smell Fratto all over every new Eric angle.
11th Nov, 10:41pm
jhames34:   IS Mars Attacks any good really Lenny? I dvr'ed it and then deleted it because i'm iffy about it
11th Nov, 10:07pm
lennynero:   I won't be sad if he goes away. If I want to hear his annoying little voice I'll watch Mars Attacks. MUUUUCH better entertainment value.
11th Nov, 7:51pm
SaCo:   eric the little shit is the best thing on that show...look at how yall hate on the lil fucker so much thats what makes him great on the show.
11th Nov, 7:51pm
SaCo:   @ green i want green stuff in my mail to vaporize
11th Nov, 7:06pm
ohsolemio:   thank uploaders and seeders it is
11th Nov, 6:17pm
ator1:   Zero. Point. Zero.
11th Nov, 5:32pm
jhames34:   better yet, DONT fuck eric the midget! Why reward the little exploding bastard!! Christ, he sucks so bad, that when he set up a meet and greet at a Sacramento Monarchs game, I heard he had a low turnout...I can't remember how many tickets he sold, off the top of my head...anyone remember that number??
11th Nov, 4:23pm
rvotyrtsym:   fuck eric the midget....he's a ungrateful pile of horse shit...ack ack
11th Nov, 12:38pm
11th Nov, 12:16pm
11th Nov, 11:15am
lennynero:   eos, he had a few Larry King moments the other day (Lubbin? Lubin?).
11th Nov, 10:41am
eos:   The wife says Howard's live commercial reads make him sound like Paul Harvey. I bet he would love to hear that...
11th Nov, 10:35am
green:   np
11th Nov, 10:20am
NaRaReally:   Thanks again green!
11th Nov, 9:51am
green:   No mail today.........Dammit waiting on some Ebay stuff
11th Nov, 9:04am
lennynero:   "if Marty Kleible, aka, "Marty the Midget", can be famous, then so can !" WRONG! Marty didn't turn down gigs because he doesn't like being called a midget.
11th Nov, 9:03am
lennynero:   ETM is why abortion should always be legal.
11th Nov, 9:02am
lennynero:   man, I used to love ETM, but this last stint....what a fucking little waste of a load.
11th Nov, 7:31am
Cap419:   101 is working
11th Nov, 7:31am
Cap419:   howard 100 stream anyway
11th Nov, 7:31am
Cap419:   grrrrr stream is dead
11th Nov, 2:17am
eos:   lennynero: Wouldn't that involve me leaving my quiet, little, redneck, podunk, white-trash town?
11th Nov, 1:04am
lennynero:   eos, you should apply for Stern Show media intern when they get to their next gig.
11th Nov, 12:30am
eos:   ricktunes hit the nail on the head, yo. Last full show I heard was December of 2008. I spent about seven months after that editing Loveline tapes/shows, then school started. Giddy up.
10th Nov, 11:10pm
ricktunes:   He's editing, so only hears the intros and outros from the commercial breaks,so the man who makes the barebones, actually hears more of Sal & Richards retarted phony phone calls than anyone else ..hehe. We love you eos!
10th Nov, 10:47pm
boyoscar:   eos, peace and love...why are you hearing only "intros and outros" and what does that mean? 16 shows left is what I keep thinking about...
10th Nov, 10:22pm
lennynero:   we love you, eos. Thanks for all you do!
10th Nov, 9:48pm
eos:   Man, I am SO tired of only hearing the outros and intros of the show. Howard's "announcer" schtick is not funny, nor is it fun. Maybe when I'm not so busy, I can actually listen to the show again.
10th Nov, 7:32pm
lennynero:   it's been on TK since release day.
10th Nov, 6:45pm
Stiever:   They Call Me Baba Booey - the audiobook - is out there and available as torrents.
10th Nov, 5:06pm
macdaddy77:   When I hear Bender I hear Hank the Angry Dwarf
10th Nov, 5:04pm
rvotyrtsym:   I dionose lenny has schizophrenia...
10th Nov, 4:43pm
lennynero:   sometimes I hear Ronnie, close my eyes, and imagine Bender (from Futurama) with Ronnie's voice.
10th Nov, 1:01pm
stansoltz:   64K 128K wrap up 64K wrap up 128K
10th Nov, 12:54pm
v1ru5:   Thanks chibchakan.
10th Nov, 12:12pm
chibchakan:   Howard Stern Radio Show 11-10-10 32k nCF Rosebud:
10th Nov, 11:52am
cheez:   Thnx, green.
10th Nov, 11:28am
NaRaReally:   Thanks green!
10th Nov, 10:51am
green:   np
10th Nov, 10:51am
FJackie:   @green: Thank You.
10th Nov, 9:57am
remisser:   Can someone put 11-08 (mondays show) on rapidshare? thanks.
10th Nov, 9:45am
NaRaReally:   I love that Howard called Robin out on doing her bullshit nutrition stories in the news.
9th Nov, 9:47pm
jhames34:   Man I think Sal totally showed his cards today on the Wrap-Up show...he said that he wet the bed a lot growing up and his mother would come in screaming at now he's angry at women and wants to pee on them...Freud, eatcher heart out!
9th Nov, 7:56pm
bellet:   robin is shady. she did say she did 26 or 27 miles once and made sure to leave out the fact she walked most if not all of it. Whated people to think she ran it all.
9th Nov, 7:52pm
ROEU812:   Thanks for looking eos !!! You Da Man !
9th Nov, 5:55pm
jhames34:   I find that hard to believe Lenny, if not for the simple fact that ronnie would use it against her the next time they're bagging on her
9th Nov, 3:45pm
lennynero:   it's rumored that she snuck out the back door of that bagel shop and was driven closer to the finish line by no other than Ronnie the Limo Driver.
9th Nov, 1:06pm
usiphi203:   it sure sounds fishy as hell
9th Nov, 12:52pm
lennynero:   Natural Selection is failing.
9th Nov, 12:51pm
lennynero:   How can I not be jaded when there are people *that* dumb walking undetected among the rest of us?
9th Nov, 12:51pm
9th Nov, 12:40pm
honeybee:   bagelgate lol
9th Nov, 12:36pm
ellaks:   Robin, what a cheater?
9th Nov, 11:21am
chibchakan:   Howard Stern Radio Show 11-09-10 32k nCF Rosebud:
9th Nov, 11:12am
lennynero:   "mah goodneff"
9th Nov, 11:08am
v1ru5:   ricktunes, I tried again and I still can,t get in. I don't think my IP has changed.
9th Nov, 11:00am
stansoltz:   oh, I see... all the posters on the wall are artie's posters. Wow, that sucks for him
9th Nov, 10:59am
stansoltz:   how do you know this is Artie's shore house?
9th Nov, 10:48am
SaCo:   i love to hate eric the midget. keep that little fucker on. i find it so entertainging that howard gets a bug up his ass with that stubborn little fuck
9th Nov, 10:40am
ricktunes:   I tested the IP you have now and it is not blocked. Are you using a different one to try to log into TK?
9th Nov, 10:39am
ricktunes:   v1ru5, I just logged in with the info I gave you with no problem, try again.
9th Nov, 10:12am
v1ru5:   ricktunes, I tried loging in and I am still denied.
9th Nov, 10:07am
v1ru5:   thank you ricktunes
9th Nov, 10:06am
legend73:   Cap419, pm to me please sir?
9th Nov, 9:57am
eos:   ROEU812: I can only find PAL.
9th Nov, 8:12am
Cap419:   thank you green I found a site
9th Nov, 7:39am
green:   Cap419: pm
9th Nov, 6:23am
Cap419:   ?
9th Nov, 6:18am
Cap419:   holllow?
9th Nov, 6:10am
9th Nov, 5:31am
Cap419:   anyone know where i can find a live stream of the show that ISNT
9th Nov, 12:22am
ROEU812:   Hey guys, I know there are some audiophiles in here and I was wondering if anyone can help me find Queen Live At Wembley NTSC DVDR(Not a rip) in either torrent, rapidshare or megaupload? Having a hell of a time finding NTSC..
8th Nov, 10:58pm
DragonFire:   I've been waiting almost 8 years for the staff to finally wisen up to the midget and tell him how it is. Today was great.
8th Nov, 10:55pm
outsideshot:   if you have a good ratio and want an invite to shoot me a pm
8th Nov, 8:01pm
jhames34:   they call him bawfff, bawfff booey
8th Nov, 6:44pm
rvotyrtsym:   eric le nain est un attardé ingrat !
8th Nov, 6:42pm
lennynero:   *my* iPad gets porn fine, but that's probably because I'm ~20yrs younger than him and understand the internet.
8th Nov, 6:41pm
lennynero:   Howard can't get porn on his iPad using youtube and it's pissing him off. He hates the iPad because youtube doesn't allow porn.
8th Nov, 6:14pm
lennynero:   I R.
8th Nov, 4:57pm
jhames34:   u r jugmental gerk lenney
8th Nov, 4:01pm
lennynero:   and a large portion of those people will scream about, "yer in Amurka nao! Spake Angglish!"
8th Nov, 3:51pm
lennynero:   bellet, I have a hardon for grammar because public school is FREE. 13yrs of free learning and people still can't spell or use the right words.
8th Nov, 1:59pm
SaCo:   PRT crew has a 128k rip up on demonoid.
8th Nov, 1:43pm
ricktunes:   v1ru5, then I don't know why your account was deleted. Well you have another one now.
8th Nov, 1:39pm
NaRaReally:   I've been trying to get Hour 4 for awhile now. It keeps saying unavailable.
8th Nov, 1:36pm
v1ru5:   ricktunes, I was on TT everyday for Jay Thomas and I always seeded.
8th Nov, 1:11pm
Qubichi:   oh thx lol i was trying to load them into utorrent my bad
8th Nov, 12:59pm
chibchakan:   @Qubichi, Copy & paste the URL into the browser address bar
8th Nov, 12:58pm
8th Nov, 12:55pm
Qubichi:   how exactly do you load those url's green is posting, im having trouble. thx
8th Nov, 12:28pm
bellet:   why*
8th Nov, 12:27pm
bellet:   Way the hardon for correct grammer? Fast food or any food can be just fine if your not a pig about it.
8th Nov, 11:54am
green:   sǝ!ɥɔunɯ ɯɯɯɯ-----------------pooɟʇsɐɟ ǝɯos ǝɯ sǝʞ!l I
8th Nov, 11:08am
usiphi203:   The twinkie diet seems to work. All you have to do is burn more cal than you consume. Not that hard.
8th Nov, 11:00am
lennynero:   there, their, they're, where, were, idea, ideal...these are simple words that most native English speakers do not understand.
8th Nov, 10:59am
lennynero:   this fucktard just called in the wrap-up show to say that "Robin has no ideal" about how to raise kids, etc. and therefore the 'fast food is unhealthy' story is bullshit.
8th Nov, 9:59am
hangemhigh:   my soul for an hourly upload...thanks uploaders, bless you
8th Nov, 1:24am
ator1:   Anyone know what that one clip is from, where a guy goes "fuck that chick, lenny." and a black guy goes "oh shit!! I'm fuckin' her! I'm fuckin' this chick!"?
8th Nov, 12:18am
ricktunes:   rub that clit..
8th Nov, 12:17am
ricktunes:   Same for you v1ru5..
8th Nov, 12:14am
lennynero:   ricktunes, you keep talking like that and I'ma hump your leg.
8th Nov, 12:11am
ricktunes:   sniper104, check your pm, account sent..
7th Nov, 11:32pm
ricktunes:   sniper104, I said to pm me. Do you want one or should I read your mind..
7th Nov, 11:31pm
ricktunes:   v1ru5, there's no account for you with that user name, which means I deleted your account for not logging in for like 5 months or more or banned you and deleted you for heavy leeching. Seeing as how you have a decent ratio here, it was probably inactivity.
7th Nov, 8:10pm
v1ru5:   the same ricktunes
7th Nov, 7:38pm
jhames34:   Maybe they don't want potential assassins to register there sniper...if that is, in fact, your real name!
7th Nov, 7:34pm
sniper104:   yeah, it wont let me register there....
7th Nov, 5:13pm
jhames34:   Toe Rent Key Purrrrr ftw!
7th Nov, 4:47pm
ricktunes:   If you want an account there I can give you one. You must have a 1.0 ratio or above, if so, pm me.
7th Nov, 4:46pm
ricktunes:   For the people who constantly ask about where can I get these misc H101 shows and other related Howard stuff, they are posted on tk our sister site.
7th Nov, 4:45pm
ricktunes:   Posting links to stuff on tk is not necessary. If they were on tk already they'd know that and tk is closed for new registrations.
7th Nov, 4:44pm
ricktunes:   What's your user name on tk v1ru5?
7th Nov, 4:18pm
shockingmary: they call me bababooey
7th Nov, 4:12pm
mucci416:   found one on demonoid but im not a member..looking for a public torrent
7th Nov, 4:10pm
sniper104:   Im also looking for a torrent for the audio book.
7th Nov, 4:09pm
mucci416:   anyone find a torrent for the audio book?
7th Nov, 3:11pm
Zapper562:   Today's (November 7th) "Master Tape Theatre" is a repeat of the July 30th, 1990 show that first aired on May 10th, 2009.
7th Nov, 12:49pm
v1ru5:   it,s not letting me log in ricktunes
7th Nov, 8:10am
Qubichi:   Jay Thomas?!?!?! i will say though, that Kevin Bacon interview was hilarious
7th Nov, 1:26am
ricktunes:   The same place they've been for the 4 years you've been here ...right under your nose.
7th Nov, 1:01am
v1ru5:   where can I find Jay Thomas torrents?
6th Nov, 11:13pm
urname12345:   IDE is sooooo 10 years ago
6th Nov, 11:12pm
urname12345:   i just bought this,
6th Nov, 11:10pm
urname12345:   IDE drive? go sata...
6th Nov, 1:14am
green: I use this external hdd case
5th Nov, 10:51pm
sflocco:   After listening to the entire audio book of they call me bababooey, I gotta give it a thums up. Didn't think I'd like it. Didn't think his story could possibly be interesting but it was good. If you download it for free, I'd definitely recommend it
5th Nov, 10:33pm
hangemhigh:   do not get a seagate malfunctioned and its only 3 or 4 months old. They will only replace it but I must send it back in electrostatic wrap and a computer printed out return address, the slimeballs!
5th Nov, 9:22pm
eos:   cameltoe: Do you need it spun up 100% of the time?
5th Nov, 3:47pm
ZigZagNuts:    Hey all, BABA BOOEY on the Today Show iS up for download at!
5th Nov, 2:25pm
5th Nov, 2:25pm
jjones:   <indian accent> howard is not goin' anywhere.. where can he go? </indian accent>
5th Nov, 2:21pm
cameltoe:   can anyone recommend a good, but reasonably priced external HDD case?...I have a wd2tb drive btw.
5th Nov, 1:44pm
desert420:   EOS! Good to see you here. I have a strong feeling his not going to resign with sirius.
5th Nov, 1:08pm
eos:   History of Howard Stern: Act IV. Coming December 20.
5th Nov, 10:45am
cool09:   Who's going to Robin's marathon kickoff party with expensive wine and champagne for $150? Sure, that sounds bizarro land.
5th Nov, 7:24am
Amything:   Am I right there is no invitation system? Was hoping to get a friend on here.
4th Nov, 6:15pm
outsideshot:   from matthew yglesias' blog: Like Kevin Drum I think the 46% of the vote secured by the marijuana legalization initiative in California is a pretty good number. And it makes me bullish on the near-term future of pot legalization out west if people draw the right lessons from the 2010 experience. First and foremost among them would be that you need to schedule this vote to coincide with a general election when young people will vote. The theory that putting Prop 19 on the ballot would drive youth turnout up was cute, and perhaps even worth trying, but as best we can tell absolutely nothing changes the fact that young people don’t vote in midterms.
4th Nov, 5:59pm
rvotyrtsym:   She was raped by a baboon at the bronx zoo...
4th Nov, 5:27pm
AndySocial:   Obviously Baba's mom 's mental issue was else did she give birth to a ma ma monkey
4th Nov, 5:13pm
rvotyrtsym:   SaCo,most likely she was bipolar.Garys oversized teeth and bad breath drove her to a mental breakdown...
4th Nov, 4:55pm
mariuscioane:   The Jim Norton Show with Gary Dell'Abate
4th Nov, 4:16pm
SaCo:   he said his mom had mental issues but do they ever say what exactly she had? was she a schizo?
4th Nov, 3:55pm
lennynero:   the post-Situation interview with JD was *soooo* much better than the actual Situation interview.
4th Nov, 3:35pm
lennynero:   tis on TK.
4th Nov, 3:35pm
lennynero:   I doubt I'll listen to it, but I'm seeding it for those that want it.
4th Nov, 3:34pm
sflocco:   Listened to the first half of Gary's audio book. It's on Demonoid. Pretty decent book except for when he goes into whole chapters about what music he liked, but the stuff about his family and all the different communications internships and who they were with and what he did was fairly interesting. I would never buy the book, but it's okay for a free listen.
4th Nov, 3:30pm
lennynero:   our talented editors here should enter the audiobook contest
4th Nov, 3:23pm
turk:   I like Gary more after the IQ test, because he's pompous and full of himself now on the wrap-up show. More entertaining.
4th Nov, 3:09pm
lennynero:   ha! And they say *I'm* a dick.
4th Nov, 2:29pm
rvotyrtsym:   @cap419
4th Nov, 12:09pm
4th Nov, 10:50am
jhames34:   Yeah SaCo, can anyone tell me how to turn on my Sirius? :P
4th Nov, 9:48am
SaCo:   cap are you looking for a live stream of the in like what sirius is?
4th Nov, 9:48am
SaCo:   Howard "find me a new midget to work with"
4th Nov, 9:48am
SaCo:   i like when ralph presses a button on his phone and it makes a tone...he will be off running his dick sucker and then BEEP.. cracks me up
4th Nov, 6:27am
Cap419:   looking for a live stream can someone hook me up
4th Nov, 6:26am
Cap419:   kdjsfsd
4th Nov, 6:26am
Cap419:   anyone here
4th Nov, 12:00am
WesMantooth:   Artie is selling his house?!?! WTF?!?!
3rd Nov, 11:33pm
thericochet:   i wanna choke ralph every time he calls up with that ultra-fake laugh. he's been doing that laugh ever since Howard banned him from his houses, trying to kiss up as much as possible since he's not in the inner circle anymore.
3rd Nov, 10:27pm
jhames34:   oh man I'm falling asleep listening to Bababoooeys audiobook...I love Booey but man!
3rd Nov, 9:49pm
outsideshot:   if anybody with a decent ratio needs an invite to torrent site pm me, esp if you have an invite from any other decent torrent site.
3rd Nov, 7:43pm
jhames34:   Dark Vader.
3rd Nov, 7:07pm
ohsolemio:   cmon gringo, you know it makes sense, legalize it already!
3rd Nov, 4:53pm
AndySocial:   growing up in a hick town I got busted by the cops, they took my weed and let me go. Leson learned DO NOT TRUST anyone with your weed
3rd Nov, 4:46pm
AndySocial:   it will always be difficult to legalize the weed because they make much more money with it illegal.
3rd Nov, 3:13pm
SaCo:   vaporize
3rd Nov, 2:26pm
lennynero:   something like 47% voted yes. Half of California clearly wants legal weed.
3rd Nov, 2:22pm
lennynero:   we lost by less than 300,000 votes out of nearly 8Mil cast.
3rd Nov, 2:02pm
lennynero:   still, 3.4Mil people is nothing to sneeze at.
3rd Nov, 11:44am
3rd Nov, 10:37am
green:   it a sad day
3rd Nov, 8:45am
ricktunes:   Unfortunately, Prop 19 has not passed. I know. Prop 19 results were probably negative because all of California's potheads got lost on the way to the poll...or were confused about where they needed to vote...or were just sitting in their homes, smoking the illegal joint hoping that the rest of the state would pass the measure needed to make their illegal drug of
3rd Nov, 3:49am
Zapper562:   Artie's house for sale:
2nd Nov, 11:45pm
MrMoney:   EOS ups every thursday afternoon/friday ... hes busy with school, so he does it once a week
2nd Nov, 11:05pm
disisgustavo:   man what happened to eos barebones edits? He was a gentlemans man. I cant fucking stand these stupid bumper and the worst songs ive ever ever heard.
2nd Nov, 10:13pm
green:   thericochet: you da man!
2nd Nov, 9:42pm
thericochet:   voted yes on 19 today
2nd Nov, 8:38pm
SpaceEdge:   Jim Florentine Roast listen live link is on the bottom of the site
2nd Nov, 7:32pm
Mokito:   solid valve kit btw, bye for now
2nd Nov, 7:26pm
Mokito:   volcano vaporizer >
2nd Nov, 7:23pm
74transam:   testing
2nd Nov, 4:59pm
green:    If you live in Ca. and your voting no watch this
2nd Nov, 4:33pm
lennynero:   5yrs ago I said we were still 10yrs from legalization. I still stand by that...within the next 5yrs it'll be legal and taxable in at least 15 states.
2nd Nov, 4:31pm
lennynero:   and FWIW, thanks to Obama, the DEA no longer busts dispensaries.
2nd Nov, 4:31pm
rvotyrtsym:   eff the federalies/
2nd Nov, 4:29pm
lennynero:   california is always the test subject. If 19 passes and helps turn around Cali's economy, the federal laws will ease up, allowing other states to "cash in".
2nd Nov, 4:28pm
lennynero:   they said the same about med. mj. 14 states later, here we are.
2nd Nov, 3:18pm
soccermom56:   Even if prop 19 passes, it's never going to survive. Federal law already criminalizes it . Fed law trumps State law. That's the one thing that I learned in law school
2nd Nov, 3:16pm
ricktunes:   --> hey 19..
2nd Nov, 3:04pm
green:   Its like Christmas I cant wait to see if prop19 passes here in Cali. I prob will not sleep tonight
2nd Nov, 3:01pm
green:   Thanks
2nd Nov, 3:01pm
12gage:   does any know where to get Sirius Fight Club downloads?
2nd Nov, 2:30pm
ricktunes:   ok done
2nd Nov, 2:11pm
green:   ricktunes: pm
2nd Nov, 2:02pm
ricktunes:   Oh ok, yeah I totally remember you. But why'd you stop using the dtvjames account?
2nd Nov, 1:51pm
green:   anyways I didnot knock the redskunk tracker, I knocked the public trackers
2nd Nov, 1:47pm
green:   Im not into the archiving files part of it, Id rather have the show early
2nd Nov, 1:45pm
green:   so to be honest I havent needed it lately
2nd Nov, 1:44pm
green:   well to be honest this used to be the place to get the show before anywhere else, now eos gots a life and its everywhere else before here, I put in for uploader a month ago to upload hamhands 4am cali time like I used to when i was dtvjames
2nd Nov, 1:34pm
ricktunes:   Why did you join this site green if you're not going to use it? ...
2nd Nov, 1:04pm
green:   why would you use a public tracker instead of ddl ?
2nd Nov, 12:38pm
SaCo:   WDM file is up on demonoid so it must be on the piratebay also
2nd Nov, 12:22pm
green:   Yes on 19 today Ca.
2nd Nov, 12:20pm
green: WUS
2nd Nov, 12:16pm
green: November 02, 2010 128k
2nd Nov, 12:00pm
usiphi203:   I think she said he was in the music business.
2nd Nov, 11:44am
SaCo:   i think the british check who calls into the wrapup shopw is posh spice... she said if they saw a pic of her they would know who her husband is... just a (high) theroy 8-)
1st Nov, 10:35pm
SpaceEdge:   not just do a see ya later then never come back but I think he will stay on maybe for a couple of more years, at least I hope he does.
1st Nov, 10:34pm
SpaceEdge:   Very true rvotyrtsym, hopefully if he is leaving for good he tells the listeners
1st Nov, 10:13pm
1st Nov, 7:19pm
twostep2382:   hi, is there any place to go for the 10-8-10 celebrity superfan roundtable torrent? Thanks
1st Nov, 7:18pm
shockingmary:   todays show
1st Nov, 7:04pm
jhames34:   ator1, any update on the biopic starring Russell Crowe as Bill Hicks? Train Wreck in the making for sure...
1st Nov, 6:16pm
ator1:   American: The Bill Hicks story is on torrents now. Doesn't officialy come out in the US til March '11.
1st Nov, 5:16pm
lovelybeth86:   wel I guess since they negotiated O&As contract last minute, Howar4ds will be also. Altho I claim ignorance to anything O&A, I just saw they were still on. Anyways lets hope for the best! thanks everyone for making this place great, and Toe we speak your name!
1st Nov, 4:49pm
rvotyrtsym:   @space/we will know for sure on 1-3-11
1st Nov, 3:59pm
Gonetripping:   thanks uploaders
1st Nov, 2:49pm
hangemhigh:   thanks green
1st Nov, 2:40pm
SpaceEdge:   Should find out soon about Howard's future Mel said something would be announced by the next quater conference call
1st Nov, 2:05pm
honeybee:   thanks green
1st Nov, 1:54pm
SaCo:   ty green. also PRT has a rip up on demonoid as well
1st Nov, 1:09pm
green: November 01, 2010 128k
1st Nov, 12:27pm
honeybee:   howdy
1st Nov, 12:20pm
Qubichi: week) live?
1st Nov, 11:24am
SaCo:   live showwwwww
1st Nov, 8:07am
hangemhigh:   outsourced is surprizingly good
31st Oct, 6:05pm
n0thng2bdone:   i've received word on "the definitive future of the show": it will continue its hook-nose dive into oblivion
31st Oct, 5:26pm
ator1:   Found a site called sternarchives recently. It's great for finding old shows. They should have the 911 one.
31st Oct, 5:20pm
ator1:   Leslie looks coked up in those videos.
30th Oct, 11:02pm
yioryos:   Hi everyone, MTV has uploaded a headbangers ball episode from 1987 with Howard and Leslie West hosting!! Can anyone please rip these 11 video clips? I couldnt figure out how to do it:
30th Oct, 7:17pm
eos:   bratwurst: I would not be surprised if he treats the last show of this year like he treats the last show before vacation. "See you next time!"
30th Oct, 6:51pm
rvotyrtsym:   @redwings20/PM sent.
30th Oct, 6:50pm
bratwurst:   anyone have a guess on what date we will learn the definitive future of the show?
30th Oct, 3:54pm
jhames34:   They fast!
30th Oct, 2:46am
FJackie:   @redwings20 - I sent you a PM.
30th Oct, 12:49am
redwings20:   ive got invites to iptorrents, PM me if u have a 1+ ratio.
29th Oct, 10:50pm
ROEU812:   Oh-oh....
29th Oct, 9:46pm
jhames34:   no other websites exist in2fitness. Redskunk is the way and the light.
29th Oct, 9:40pm
in2fitness:   does anyone know if the best of the week show is upped on any other sites?
29th Oct, 9:28pm
dylananddead:   I haven't heard the 9/11/2001 show and would like to download it. Any chance of anyone upping it?
29th Oct, 9:17pm
jhames34:   What is Night Court? I'll take Insanely Inane 80's Comedy for 200, Alex.
29th Oct, 8:17pm
lennynero:   <john_astin>...but I'm feeling *muuuch* better now.</john_aston>
29th Oct, 8:16pm
lennynero:   you know how people just fill their brains with random knowledge that you'd never expect to use in life? This is one of those times that I actually got to use it.
29th Oct, 8:15pm
lennynero:   jack of all trades, master of none.
29th Oct, 7:30pm
ROEU812:   Thanks lenny ....
29th Oct, 6:47pm
lennynero:   try
29th Oct, 6:08pm
ROEU812:   anyone know of a site where one could get dvd covers for porn movies? tried all the usual places mega-search
29th Oct, 5:44pm
desert420:   24k is up!
29th Oct, 5:05pm
lennynero:   been that way for about 4 months now. Maybe The Howard Stern Streaming Network is just what we need to boost EDGE/3g/Wifi streaming to mobile devices.
29th Oct, 5:04pm
lennynero:   and FWIW, I cancelled one of my receivers because the iPhone pretty much has my bases covered. Between Sirius, Pandora, oOTunes, TWiT, and the iPod app, I'm never without something to listen to, and I've found that it's just as enjoyable streaming Sirius over the iPhone app as it is using the Satellite receiver.
29th Oct, 5:03pm
lennynero:   cool09, he's not having goodbye shows because he's not saying goodbye. The T-Radio thing was a big deal because they had been on it for decades and were leaving it behind "forever". Moving from Sirius to 'net isn't near as big of a deal because they've only had 5yrs on Satellite.
29th Oct, 4:48pm
lennynero:   ROEU812/eos, the movie (of the same name) is better than the show.
29th Oct, 3:59pm
drpluto:   Anyone know what year of the show had the Gange tape incident? The one where he sent a porn tape to Howard's daughter's teacher? I gotta hear that.
29th Oct, 3:32pm
SirBlank:   Thank you, desert420!
29th Oct, 3:26pm
desert420:   24k will be up here shortly!
29th Oct, 1:40pm
cool09:   The Apprentice was very good last night. Lots of yelling in the boardroom. Trump really gave it to one girl who kept pointing her finger at people. Sourshoes rules! "But I!!! Never saw something that big!"
29th Oct, 1:36pm
cool09:   Can't believe Stern is not having any Goodbye Shows. He has to have Beetlejuice, John the Stutterer, etc. on before he leaves to say goodbye. They are 1000x better guests than Jay Thomas, etc.
29th Oct, 1:31pm
eos:   I watched ep01, have not been back yet.
29th Oct, 1:28pm
ROEU812:   anyone watching Outsourced ? I find it mildy amusing...
29th Oct, 12:24pm
lennynero:   incidently, that's how every Led Zeppelin song was written.
29th Oct, 12:24pm
lennynero: <---- blast from the past!
29th Oct, 12:22pm
lennynero:   DePace is a republican (er, "businessman"), which means he can easily justify over charging for a $10 C-clamp.
28th Oct, 11:33pm
ator1:   Also, any nearby flat surface is FREE!
28th Oct, 11:32pm
ator1:   Why would anyone would buy the video caddy for $70, when they can get a magnetic gorillapod for $25?
28th Oct, 11:14pm
jmmclls:   you like fast cars
28th Oct, 9:38pm
opai:   yep. Ava should have won.
28th Oct, 9:18pm
lennynero:   sadly, she reminds me of several girls I went to school with. That Ava chick tho...jesus christ, what a fucking cum bucket.
28th Oct, 9:18pm
lennynero:   I can't even watch Bree's pron since the Bubba incident. That shit was a *riot*, and showed that trailer trash whore's true colors.
28th Oct, 8:27pm
Lemmi:   what a joke ava devine should have won just for her movies, bree won just because she is beautiful and has been on the show alot
28th Oct, 7:42pm
opai:   np lenny, glad to help when I can.
28th Oct, 6:18pm
lennynero: <--- 2 seeders, pretty sure I'm 50% of that
28th Oct, 6:17pm
lennynero:   FWIW, I'm actually still seeding that.
28th Oct, 6:16pm
lennynero:   opai, I for one would like to thank you for pulling that CD from your archives. We're blessed to have Stern Hoarders as a part of this community (plus, you saved me the upstream bandwidth)
28th Oct, 5:56pm
deadluvva:   Bam and Novak were sooooooooooooooo freakin funny.
28th Oct, 5:11pm
opai:   @grouch, here you go.
28th Oct, 4:45pm
deadluvva:   That might be my fave all time call. That and I don't GET topless. And I've soaked thru my Depends.
28th Oct, 4:44pm
rvotyrtsym:   " I'm telling carl "
28th Oct, 3:59pm
mugsy2323:   Karloff?
28th Oct, 3:42pm
lennynero:   DePace is such a douche. He's one of those guys that says, "that's easy, I could do that", but never will.
28th Oct, 2:16pm
SaCo:   whoa i come here late and there is a torrent for todays show..thanks ham hands!
28th Oct, 2:00pm
grouchman83:   Thanks Opai! let me know!
28th Oct, 1:58pm
NaRaReally:   I wish I was a whore. I'd be rich instead of broke.
28th Oct, 1:52pm
lennynero:   Freudian slip, NaRaReally?
28th Oct, 1:51pm
lennynero:   Robin: "Well, I did see Paranormal in 3D" -- No you didn't.
28th Oct, 1:45pm
opai:   @grouch, I got a copy. I think from newsgroup days. i'll send msg or pm once I have it ul
28th Oct, 1:25pm
grouchman83:   Does anyone have crucified by the FCC? I lost my copy
28th Oct, 1:20pm
NaRaReally:   I'd also like to say that a whore is indeed someone who has sex for money. It should have been called "The World's Niggest Slut" contest.
28th Oct, 1:10pm
NaRaReally:   Christ, the worst times are when Howard brings in hot girls. To have a whole contest around them is utterly mind-numbingly boring.
28th Oct, 12:24pm
lennynero:   WTF is wrong with Richie? If I was given the chance, I'd give up fucking all your mothers just to fuck Rachel Fine.
28th Oct, 12:07pm
lennynero:   Dear Howard: a "mobile site" is a website that is formatted to fit on a small screen, such as a tablet or smartphone. NOT a website that streams your radio show. Old. Man. Moment.
28th Oct, 11:57am
lennynero:   I'm gonna gut ya as a pig
28th Oct, 8:58am
werris:   I smell like a rotten egg
28th Oct, 8:58am
27th Oct, 11:55pm
Lemmi:   Lenny, i would like to see bill o'reilly, micheal powell, star jones, ellen degeneress, basicly just the people who hate howard or howard rips on alot
27th Oct, 11:50pm
n0thng2bdone:   never really checked out sfn. love all the hamptons hate. those are my ppl
27th Oct, 10:21pm
drpluto:   Judge was actually not so great.
27th Oct, 10:21pm
drpluto:   mike judge and seth have both been guests
27th Oct, 10:20pm
drpluto:   yeah, the best shows have not guests. Wack packers are always cool. I don't mind guests if they are new. The only repeats I dig are Gilbert and William Shatner, for some reason.
27th Oct, 9:58pm
lennynero:   I think Mike Judge, Parker & Stone, and Seth McFarland would all be great guests. Especially Parker & Stone. I'd love to get the Howard interview on all the Muhammed bullshit.
27th Oct, 9:57pm
lennynero:   I don't care what guests they have in, as long as one of them is Artie. I want to hear *Artie's* story. Sadly, it'll prolly be 94% bullshit, but I want to hear it anyway.
27th Oct, 9:57pm
lennynero:   thank you, ator1, and I agree
27th Oct, 9:53pm
ator1:   To be honest, I like it when there are no guests and they're just talking about whatever.
27th Oct, 9:51pm
ator1:   I'd love for them to have Mike Judge on again, but Gary said they turned him down a couple of times now. Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Dave Willis..
27th Oct, 9:43pm
lennynero:   "I think Shit Fuck Staintard from the MMA would be a good guest" (Wrong, no one cares). "I think that hot chick from that one movie would be a good guest" (yea, we just had her....twice). "I think Dave Must...." (shut the fuck up before I rape you with your chihuahua).
27th Oct, 9:42pm
lennynero:   not a single one of you motherfuckers has suggested a guest other than Dave Mustaine. Let's finish out the remaing 22-23 shows with Dave Mustaine as the only fucking guest. Name some good guests, you whiney fuckheads. Stop being part of the problem and start making suggestions to fix it
27th Oct, 9:40pm
27th Oct, 9:35pm
lennynero:   hi Fred.
27th Oct, 9:34pm
lennynero:   ya know what, they don't make cars like they used to, all TV's are made by communists, and the internet is just "too big". Crawl back into your time capsule and SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP.
27th Oct, 9:34pm
lennynero:   jesus christ, do us all a favor and just stop listening. If I'm not spewing geek shit in this shoutbox it just fills up with whiney bitches that don't feel like they're getting their (free) money's worth. STFU and go back to O&A, you fucking whining whores.
27th Oct, 9:16pm
jhames34:   Let's dance, everybody! Sheik! Rattle and Roll!!
27th Oct, 6:40pm
SaCo:   @ Green....I agree when Howard starts reading into it like a Psych it gets really annoying.
27th Oct, 6:29pm
ping12:   The interview with hat lady who is Charlie Sheen's ex wife was hands down the boringest interview I have heard on Stern in years. I have no idea who she is, I could care less. She is just a boring lady. With 20 shows left, I figured that every show would be a homerun, but that hasn't been the case
27th Oct, 2:13pm
green:   Howard focused too much on Mike Ditkas father whippin him. The Psychiatric shit is so lame.
27th Oct, 1:19pm
lennynero:   "I will sheik your foundations" -- c'mon, let's leave sheiky baby outta this
27th Oct, 1:19pm
lennynero:   bellet, in 10yrs? I doubt it. There's lots of bands that are older than 10yrs that I still think are shit
27th Oct, 12:55pm
green:   Howard Stern - CF128K - 10-27-10 [WDM]
27th Oct, 9:42am
jhames34:   If there are men, in MY wifes room, WHEN I get there, I will SHAKE your foundations.
27th Oct, 9:17am
sflocco:   There's still Frostwire and MP3rocket
27th Oct, 9:17am
27th Oct, 8:14am
ROEU812:   So a U.S. Federal court shut down Limewire...yup that'll stop all the music sharing..LOL
27th Oct, 3:07am
bellet:   late reply but lenny they are nto bad live the sound was nto great. Yes they are better on cd, but I still enjoy them live. In 10 years you will think they are good.
27th Oct, 2:59am
werris:   you see
27th Oct, 2:59am
werris:   and things of that nature
27th Oct, 2:59am
werris:   Ah shout out to you Mike
27th Oct, 2:01am
ricktunes:   Talkin' bout .. Hey Now!
27th Oct, 2:01am
ricktunes:   Aiko Aiko..
26th Oct, 11:11pm
lennynero:   I only knew how to beat the shit out of it.
26th Oct, 10:24pm
jhames34:   what happened to the dick you had BEFORE high school? :P
26th Oct, 10:00pm
lennynero:   I gotta get in where I can fit in, foo. Been slingin this dick since back in high school.
26th Oct, 9:31pm
jhames34:   damn Lenny, you're one fast moving family...sexing...guy or something
26th Oct, 7:44pm
lennynero:   Imma "nail" yer mom "in the head" later. Tell her I might be late, stopping at your sister's on my way over.
26th Oct, 7:29pm
rvotyrtsym:   mr.deadluvva"hit the nail on the head".
26th Oct, 7:27pm
lennynero:   baba letterman --
26th Oct, 7:23pm
lennynero:   *geek. Recognize, foo.
26th Oct, 7:22pm
lennynero:   nod.
26th Oct, 7:16pm
deadluvva:   lenny = dork.
26th Oct, 7:03pm
lennynero:   dick.
26th Oct, 5:38pm
rvotyrtsym:   That's kool lenny/i'm just sitting here enjoying a bowl of blueberry kush/
26th Oct, 5:33pm
lennynero:   *their, too.
26th Oct, 5:32pm
lennynero:   TMI? Sorry if I'm giving too much info to those that need to save thier accounts by learning how to work.
26th Oct, 5:32pm
lennynero:   also, I a few days a month I download and see from Hotel WiFi. I can't be convinced that Hotel WiFi is faster than most home connections (trust me, it's *not* "high-speed"), and yet my seeds still manage to get above a .50 ratio.
26th Oct, 5:29pm
rvotyrtsym:   @lenny/uh,TMI.............
26th Oct, 5:12pm
lennynero:   actually, I should say I seed *most* stuff to 2.5.
26th Oct, 5:09pm
lennynero:   I seed all my shit to a 2.50 ratio. Sometimes it takes weeks. Stuff that *I* upload and seed stays in my client for 3-6 months before I remove it, and often reaches a ratio of 3.00+. It's really not that hard to seed back 1/4 to 1/2 of what you take. If your OCD prevents you from letting torrents sit and seed, seek couseling.
26th Oct, 5:05pm
ricktunes:   @stansoltz - it's .50
26th Oct, 4:56pm
lennynero:   green, I'll remember that next time someone asks for a specific show that no longer has seeders.
26th Oct, 4:18pm
green:   archives are useless waste of storage. we needed archives before we had internet. whats the point when i can download any show you have in your archives in about 3 mins.
26th Oct, 2:43pm
googs999:   love my oOTunes
26th Oct, 2:38pm
lennynero:   oOTunes on iPhone has bootleg live streams. I get to wake up 4 mornings a week to the opening theme song (love the oOTunes Alarm feature!), so I don't mind waiting for CT's post for my archives.
26th Oct, 2:37pm
lennynero:   lol, jhames
26th Oct, 2:36pm
stansoltz:   64K
26th Oct, 2:34pm
stansoltz:   WDM Howard Stern Show – October 26, 2010
26th Oct, 2:27pm
jhames34:   Ya gang of disloyal nincompoops! Redskunk is the way and the light! All praise the power and the glory that is Redskunk!
26th Oct, 2:20pm
bababooee:   nvm, its all good
26th Oct, 2:18pm
bababooee:   damn says deleted again
26th Oct, 2:10pm
SaCo:   its back on demonoid....just got the file on my audio player...yall have a good one!
26th Oct, 2:07pm
lennynero:   the torrent only requires the swarm of peers, not the tracker. Especially if DHT or PeerExchange is enabled (for users here, it should *NOT* be).
26th Oct, 2:05pm
SaCo:   hrm the file was taken off demonoid now but im downloading with 62 seeders 70 peers
26th Oct, 2:05pm
lennynero:   strange. It was probably deleted by the owner or a moderator. Wish there was some way to tell. ;)
26th Oct, 2:02pm
SaCo:   i dont know whats going on i was able to download the torrent from demonoid but when i click to see file details i get this.....Torrent not found The torrent you requested was deleted by its owner or a moderator.
26th Oct, 2:00pm
SaCo:   PRT crew has it on demonoid already
26th Oct, 1:57pm
bababooee:   hate to ask, but any chance 10/26 is coming soon?
26th Oct, 1:46pm
lennynero:   bellet, so you're saying they suck that bad all the time? Seriously, the lead singer sings like a strained retard.
26th Oct, 1:35pm
bellet:   stan just seed what you take your net is not that capped
26th Oct, 1:35pm
bellet:   They sounded good on SNL, didn't wait to see KOL on Letterman. The new cd is as good as all their others though. I bet Howard never hears it unless they get a top 5 single out of it.
26th Oct, 1:04pm
lennynero:   I love you, ricktunes!
26th Oct, 12:18pm
NaRaReally:   @lennynero You are not alone in your opinion. They were horrible last night.
26th Oct, 11:56am
stansoltz:   @ricktunes... u talking about this site? If so, what's the ratio we need? I'm living at my parents while my house is under construction and they have a low teir/cap internet so I can't seed really until Dec 15th
26th Oct, 11:03am
green: Gary on Letterman
26th Oct, 10:26am
jhames34:   Dice is the future, maaaaannnn
26th Oct, 9:06am
ricktunes:   The site is now lighter by 75 members. If you recieved a ratio warning pm from me and decided to ignore it, sweep week is in effect. Donations are not required but if it's the only option to bring your stats up to site requirements the math.
26th Oct, 12:35am
bigaudio:   saw mo-mo-monkey on Letterman, those choppers are as hideous as ever ...........
25th Oct, 10:50pm
lennynero:   I must be the only person in the world that thinks the lead singer of Kings of Leon sounds like a constipated retard trying to take a shit.
25th Oct, 10:44pm
lennynero:   going on day 6 of a "dry spell". There's a 99% chance that I'm going to hurt someone's feelings.
25th Oct, 10:44pm
lennynero:   School - It does a brain good.
25th Oct, 9:21pm
rvotyrtsym:   The damn show with yucko is comming to syndicate too.
25th Oct, 8:13pm
ricktunes:   "THE BEETLE JUICE SHOW" uncensored debuting next month. ..Who me
25th Oct, 8:12pm
ricktunes:   Elegant Elliot Offen debuts tonight 10 pm >> ...Right
25th Oct, 7:44pm
fucdemas:   anyone know if hey now torrents has a chat room? my account is disabled and support email is not being answered
25th Oct, 5:04pm
lennynero:   you guys broke the webhost with your foul body odor. Go. Shower. Now.
25th Oct, 4:26pm
chibchakan:   Scott just got another strike, he's doing well
25th Oct, 4:25pm
chibchakan:   Especially on SFN, someone from the PBA is on there.
25th Oct, 4:24pm
chibchakan:   If you find the stream, don't share it
25th Oct, 4:24pm
chibchakan:   Check
25th Oct, 3:40pm
rvotyrtsym:   @chibchakan,BlackCloudFans was removed due to copyright infringement.
25th Oct, 3:14pm
Noodlewad:   TY for the fast 24k ricktunes
25th Oct, 3:12pm
WesMantooth:   Ustream is down.
25th Oct, 3:11pm
WesMantooth:   WOW! Mary Dell'Abate is HOT. Why the hell did she marry Bababooey? lol
25th Oct, 2:56pm
chibchakan:   Watch Scott Salem Bowl @
25th Oct, 2:45pm
lennynero:   I've seen it countless times. A user becomes obsolete and gets replaced by a simple program.
25th Oct, 2:40pm
SaCo:   freaky!? doono wut happened there.
25th Oct, 2:25pm
lennynero:   someone has replaced SaCo with a small shell script.
25th Oct, 2:17pm
25th Oct, 1:36pm
WesMantooth:   I'm kinda pissed that Sirius may break up the channels.
25th Oct, 1:33pm
SaCo:   lets time I said hey...and one time I said now...then I put them together
25th Oct, 1:11pm
Noodlewad:   TY for the fast 24k ricktunes
25th Oct, 12:11pm
bggoth:   tnx stan, thats gud
25th Oct, 11:48am
stansoltz:   Howard Stern Show – October 25, 2010 WDM: 128K
25th Oct, 11:23am
googs999:   i just caught up after months behind and figured with my luck this week theyd be off...glad to be wrong
25th Oct, 11:22am
googs999:   much thanks
25th Oct, 11:13am
chibchakan:   @ googs999, Today was live. Dennis Rodman, Chuck Zito & Diamond Dallas Page were guests.
25th Oct, 11:00am
googs999:   was today a live show?
25th Oct, 12:39am
thericochet:   quite frankly
24th Oct, 10:20pm
dawson:   You're the best, eos. Thanks.
24th Oct, 9:50pm
Iamjohnnyl:   thanks EOS. hope desert420 is ok after being sick last week.
24th Oct, 6:43pm
SirBlank:   thank you!
24th Oct, 6:19pm
eos:   I'm converting the 128k to 24k and will upload shortly.
24th Oct, 6:06pm
24th Oct, 8:27am
scamartistry:   Answer: Jon Hein looks exactly like a pedophile
24th Oct, 8:27am
scamartistry:   Hint: It Starts with a J, ends with Hein
24th Oct, 8:26am
scamartistry:   sunday quiz time: What staff member looks most like a pedophile??
23rd Oct, 10:08pm
thericochet:   here's a really clear stream, i hope it holds up through the lesnar fight
23rd Oct, 9:57pm
lennynero:   "so, tell me, Dave, what was it like recording that one song where you play guitar and 'talk-sing'?" -- 'Well, it was just like all the others.' -- "....ooook....."
23rd Oct, 9:28pm
jhames34:   wujek I sent you a link to the PPV
23rd Oct, 8:57pm
thericochet: is a good starting place
23rd Oct, 8:56pm
ator1:   I've seen Dave Mustaine interviewd elsewhere, and it's kind of weak. He's all born-again and drug-free now, and he's still an arrogant ass.
23rd Oct, 5:42pm
wujekcity:   does anyoen konw where to find a link to watch the mma fights for free tonight? i know if there is a link someoen here would know where
23rd Oct, 4:58pm
thericochet:   Howard somehow found a way to make a more boring segment than the porn star interviews....Ms. Howard TV interviews. what a bunch of blatant, self-promoting boring shit. so glad I can fast forward thanks to the cappers.
23rd Oct, 1:50pm
lennynero:   anyway, just droppping in. Laters.
23rd Oct, 1:49pm
lennynero:   If he ends up anywhere. The GenPop doesn't care about Artie. The only reason *we* care is because we lived through it by proxy.
23rd Oct, 1:49pm
lennynero:   at the end of the day, if Howard's not on the air Artie will end up on Letterman. Not much of a bargaining chip.
23rd Oct, 1:48pm
lennynero:   turk, you think Artie's guest appearance is what Howard is holding over Sirius' head? I think you're placing too much value on Artie. "If you don't re-sign my contract for what I'm asking, I'll take this interview with a suicidal, overweight commedian elsewhere!"
23rd Oct, 1:14pm
green:    Scott Bowling link.
23rd Oct, 6:10am
turk:   Lenny, from the other day.. Howard won't let Artie come back on, but he will toy with it. That's the bargaining chip. He won't let Artie really come back on, until perhaps.. he gets the salary he wants to re-sign.
23rd Oct, 2:41am
WesMantooth:   Lenny, I thought the Thea interview was hilarious. I like her dynamic with Robin. Calls her out on her BS.
22nd Oct, 8:10pm
jmmclls:   fuck everyone
22nd Oct, 7:21pm
lennynero:   in the immortal words of Cartman, fuck you guys, I'm going home.
22nd Oct, 7:21pm
lennynero:   have MacBook, will travel.
22nd Oct, 7:06pm
rvotyrtsym:   lennynero up in the shoutbox 24/7..............
22nd Oct, 5:57pm
Lemmi:   i would also like to hear Dave Mustaine interviewed
22nd Oct, 5:55pm
Lemmi:   and artie was the only reason i started listening to stern
22nd Oct, 5:55pm
Lemmi:   and i knew artie had drug problems before he ever appeared on stern :P
22nd Oct, 5:54pm
Lemmi:   all those people you named Lenny, except for Showtime ive heard of before ever listening to one stern show :P
22nd Oct, 4:45pm
lennynero:   or Crackhead Bob, "guy did so much meth that he's now a babbling idiot."
22nd Oct, 4:45pm
lennynero:   yea, right up there with "guy did so much meth he had a stroke and now has a stutter."
22nd Oct, 3:47pm
jhames34:   YAWWWNNNNNN Lenny! :p that's the most boring description of a guest everrrr! :p Just the fact that she got her start in the WWE as a non wrestling character is entertaining enough for me :P
22nd Oct, 3:46pm
lennynero:   entertaining to trainwreck in 18 seconds flat. I'm like Jay Thomas.
22nd Oct, 3:44pm
lennynero:   sometimes, as Thea pointed out, a "brutal rape" can be at the hands of someone you thought you loved and trusted.
22nd Oct, 3:43pm
lennynero:   I was conceived in the 70's on the kitchen floor with a gun held to my mother's head. Not a fucking Camaro.
22nd Oct, 3:43pm
lennynero:   and honestly, I thought the Thea Vidale interview was entertaining. She's an overweight black lesbian comedian that nearly got her clit cut off with a machete. You're telling me that shit isn't interesting?
22nd Oct, 3:42pm
bigcliff:   Don't knock the 85 Camaro, you might have been conceived in one
22nd Oct, 3:40pm
lennynero:   acha, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!
22nd Oct, 3:38pm
jhames34:   Gilbert Gottfried would be a great guest, I wonder if he's ever been on the Stern show? =p
22nd Oct, 3:29pm
lennynero:   ironically enough, most of you prolly sit in that Camaro and listen to old WNBC Stern shows.
22nd Oct, 3:27pm
lennynero:   I give less of a shit about Megadeth or Metallica than I do about Thea Vidale. I know I'ma catch shit for saying that, but my come back is simply, "go sit in your '85 Camaro and leave me alone."
22nd Oct, 3:25pm
lennynero:   so, again, I ask you all, WHO WOULD BE A GREAT GUEST? (and I swear to god, if you suggest Dave Mustaine I'm going to fist your sister's ass)
22nd Oct, 3:25pm
jhames34:   Showtime is definitely better than all the contestants in that "new wack packer" contest, that much is for sure
22nd Oct, 3:24pm
lennynero:   had anyone actually *heard* James Brown in an interview? Sure, we knew his music, but where else could we have gotten those interviews? We knew OJ from football, but would we have the "it happens" quote if not for Stern? I think some of you motherfuckers forget what he's brought to our lives, and instead just choose to live in the past. Would we give a shit if Green Day were back on the show? Nope. Great guests that Stern "broke out", but we'll be damned if we let that shit continue to happen, huh?
22nd Oct, 3:22pm
lennynero:   not to mention, who the fuck was Jerry Seinfeld before Stern? Who the fuck was that Spit on your Grave chick? Who the fuck was Artie Lange or Norm McDonald? Who the fuck was Tom Arnold?
22nd Oct, 3:21pm
lennynero:   and remember, we didn't know who Green Day, Foo Fighters, Showtime, etc without Stern. I've never heard of Showtime either, but he's my new favorite wack packer now.
22nd Oct, 3:20pm
lennynero:   and I agree with you. I've posted the question here *several* times, "Who do you guys think would be a good guest"
22nd Oct, 3:20pm
lennynero:   my mom has one of those....she calls it her "squirrel" because my daughter thought it was a dead squirrel when she was 3-4 years old
22nd Oct, 3:19pm
lennynero:   jhames34, she said "it's not a weave", which means it's a clip-on (re: the zipper). Either way it's still fake hair
22nd Oct, 1:46pm
jhames34:   Thea was on the show last year as well. Y'all are crazy, you all act like Stern's interviews are fuckin' up yer christmas
22nd Oct, 1:45pm
jhames34:   in one of the clips they played on the show she admits she has a weave lenny. She also says that her message is to 'just be yourself' which is not hypocritical at all when you're wearing fake hair.
22nd Oct, 1:23pm
lennynero:   "I whip my weave back and forth, I whip my weave back and forth...."
22nd Oct, 1:23pm
lennynero:   what's funny is if you watched Chris Rock's documentary, "Good Hair", you'd know that black people don't have long, straight hair. So technically Willow is whipping someone else's hair back and forth.
22nd Oct, 1:22pm
lennynero:   green: *whip* my hair
22nd Oct, 12:45pm
green:   I never heard of her (Thea) before. I never heard of Willow Smith till Howard. Whats that mean anyways "wet my hair back and forth" I guess white guys dont have to wet there hair back and forth so I dont know
22nd Oct, 12:07pm
lennynero: is available.
22nd Oct, 12:05pm
lennynero:   heh, you guys should start your own website or something ;)
22nd Oct, 11:32am
sflocco:   Who is Thea Vidale? What waste of radio time. Did they owe someone a favor that they had this no one no talent on yesterday?
22nd Oct, 5:15am
ping12:   Billy Joel was so much more interesting than the Jack ass guys. Nothing is more boring that a bunch of drunk jerks talking about beating each other up and treating women like crap.
22nd Oct, 12:10am
lennynero:   Tracy Jordan (Morgan) was right! Jolt Cola is no more!!!!!
21st Oct, 11:58pm
lennynero:   ofc, that's the problem with being a bad pirate. You bad pirate. ;)
21st Oct, 11:55pm
lennynero:   anti-everything software protects against malware/spyware/adware/viruses, but they don't protect you against XP security exploits. If you're not installing the XP security and Defender updates, you're only 1/2 protected. Like a broken rubber.
21st Oct, 11:55pm
green:   anyone know where to get current HighTimes torrents
21st Oct, 11:53pm
lennynero:   yea, eos, XP doesn't do multi-core too well.
21st Oct, 11:52pm
lennynero:   hangemhigh, not updating a computer on broadband is about as risky to that computer as fucking a tranny without a rubber.
21st Oct, 11:49pm
eos:   If I do build a quad core system, then I'll move to Windows 7 64 bit, just like the OS on my lappy.
21st Oct, 11:49pm
eos:   I'll be getting Windows 'x' around 2014. Unless I get into a quad core system, which is possible at some point next year.
21st Oct, 11:46pm
DerekS:   green: thanks buddy, you rock!
21st Oct, 11:45pm
eos:   Got the dates right on this week's shows. Oops....
21st Oct, 11:32pm
eos:   Yeah, I just bought XP licenses in 2007, so I'm not ready to upgrade yet.
21st Oct, 11:27pm
green:   DerekS: pm
21st Oct, 11:18pm
DerekS:   Anyone have the sour shoes show?
21st Oct, 11:18pm
hangemhigh:   I don't update ..I'll risk it to keep my beloved XP
21st Oct, 10:13pm
lennynero:   ofc, none of those things are an issue for OS X >
21st Oct, 10:06pm
lennynero:   ofc, I can't speak for eos, but I'm sure it's because he already owns a legit XP license and doesn't want to deal with bios hacks, bootloaders, or WGA work-arounds.
21st Oct, 10:05pm
lennynero:   when you send a client a $180,000 workstation/laptop upgrade proposal, they don't tend to want to spend cash on temporary solutions
21st Oct, 10:05pm
lennynero:   again, *I* run Macs exclusively. It's these goddamned client machines that run Windows. We're about to roll out a very expensive hardware upgrade for most of them (mostly all new desktops and laptops), so I'm not going to have them spending $$ on an OS they're only going to run for a few months.
21st Oct, 10:03pm
lennynero:   SaCo, because it's a *client machine*. If the client already owns an XP license and doesn't want to pay $140 for a Win7 license to run on a machine that won't support Aero, I'm going to install XP.
21st Oct, 8:57pm
SaCo:   why yall installin xp when its not longer supported by MS and win 7 is out??? even if you dont pay for your OS win 7 is out and so are those "patches"
21st Oct, 8:26pm
jhames34:   Thea Vidale was the broad who played Shelton Benjamin's mom on WWE btw, don't know if they mention that on the stern show
21st Oct, 7:16pm
eos:   I'm assembling a new pc for the wife this weekend, so I have XP updates to look forward to.
21st Oct, 6:30pm
rvotyrtsym:   any version of internet explorer is a bloody piece of crap.(I use firefox or seamonkey)
21st Oct, 6:28pm
lennynero:   s'all I use. This is a client's machine I'm working on ATM
21st Oct, 6:20pm
MarkMartin:   buy a mac.
21st Oct, 6:11pm
lennynero:   updated to IE8, and Windows still has to install an IE6 Security Update. *shrug*
21st Oct, 6:09pm
lennynero:   goddamn, fresh install of XP w/SP3, and yet it had 156 updates right off the bat.
21st Oct, 6:07pm
lennynero:   "I'mmmamama down for comimimiming uppp ttttthere"
21st Oct, 6:07pm
lennynero:   "yea, mumumumuman.
21st Oct, 6:05pm
lennynero:   ha! "womenenenenenwomen."
21st Oct, 5:55pm
lennynero:   holy shit, this Showtime guy is cracking me up!
21st Oct, 5:35pm
lennynero:   just upped American: The Bill Hicks Story to TK. ENJOY!
21st Oct, 5:31pm
green:   he started a fire in gamestop now the whole mall is burning
21st Oct, 5:30pm
green:   thug set mall on fire in sacramento
21st Oct, 5:14pm
lennynero:   this whole bully thing is funny to me. Bullies are only bullies if they don't get their fucking teeth kicked in. S'why I teach my kids to find the bully outside of school and treat them like cheese on a grater. A little nose skin left on the pavement has a habit of cracking a bully's outer shell.
21st Oct, 5:05pm
21st Oct, 4:49pm
lennynero:   that grannie annie interview...jesus christ, I'll take a pass on that HTVOD episode. The audio gave me the dry heaves.
21st Oct, 4:46pm
lennynero:   seems lately that the shows are a modified replay of 2006.
21st Oct, 4:45pm
lennynero:   Thea Vidale is funny, but she's not a very good guest. Aside from the clit + machete story, we've heard most of it before.
21st Oct, 4:45pm
lennynero:   I liked the Billy Joel interview, but I'd rather hear him in studio. Guess it's my age.
21st Oct, 4:44pm
lennynero:   some of the interviews he has scheduled for January are non-existent.
21st Oct, 4:44pm
lennynero:   just wait until he talks to the guest tomorrow, man, talk about a borefest!
21st Oct, 4:09pm
21st Oct, 3:49pm
green:   well then wait till you hear how long he talked to that black bitch today (Extreme Borefest).
21st Oct, 3:46pm
rvotyrtsym:   That billy joel interview was a borefest.Thank god for fast foward..his faggy music blows.
21st Oct, 3:05pm
soccermom56:   Howard would have Artie on in a second if he thought that he was healthy enough.
21st Oct, 3:05pm
soccermom56:   I think that he ran her over in a car
21st Oct, 2:49pm
stansoltz:   refresh my memory, what happened with the Elliot Offen killed a lady story?
21st Oct, 2:48pm
soccermom56:   Anyone know if George Takei voiced a character in an episode of The Clone Wars? I'm watching it now and either this is him or someone doing an awesome imitation.
21st Oct, 2:40pm
jhames34:   The stern show isn't always about funny. Funny and Compelling are the two elements that get you on the stern show
21st Oct, 2:28pm
hangemhigh:   howard does not want artie on the show...for the same reason he doesn't have elliot on..its not funny. elliot killed a lady walking down the street, artie's story is to depressing and unfunny. Neither will be back.
21st Oct, 2:04pm
lennynero:   the only other alternatives are dial-up or high-latency 512k satellite broadband. In some of those areas they're lucky to even have a 2-wire phone line.
21st Oct, 2:03pm
lennynero:   which is already the case in many rural areas. I've got family that live in the boondocks that use AirCards exclusively for 'net access. Anywhere between 128k to 3Mb over cell.
21st Oct, 2:02pm
lennynero:   and you've got companies like ClearWire that have managed to squeeze 100Mb/s speeds out of LTE (4g) wireless networks. We'll soon have faster bandwidth in our cars and on our phones than we have at home.
21st Oct, 2:01pm
lennynero:   right now Pandora would be a good fit, as they've partnered with auto companies to install "Pandora compatible" radios. With cell and wireless broadband so prevalant, satellite is kinda the old dinosaur.
21st Oct, 2:00pm
lennynero:   as for his contract renewal, you can bet your ass Howard has something lined up as contingency should the Sirius talks fall through. Sirius doesn't want to lose him, but the stock has actually gone up since his contract limbo. They're going to ride that shit for as long as they can. Investors don't want the added expense of another contract, but Sirius needs the exclusive content. There's a good chance they'll do something similar to what they've done with Bubba...a partial contract that allows Howard to simultaneously run his own network.
21st Oct, 1:58pm
lennynero:   there's a lot of "theatre of the mind" with radio shows. What we hear as fans is not always how things really are. I'm sure Howard, et al. are chomping at the bits to interview Artie, and I'm sure they've prolly spoken, but until Howard "lifts the veil", it's all going to be speculation on our part.
21st Oct, 1:57pm
lennynero:   "as always", ha! Jhames34, I'm the voice of insanity. I fein logic and reason.
21st Oct, 12:52pm
jhames34:   As always Lenny, yer the voice of reason. I could see Artie being on the final show, kind of like Jackie was on the last show on CBS
21st Oct, 11:50am
lennynero:   I can't imagine Artie would give the first interview to anyone other than Howard.
21st Oct, 11:34am
green:   I fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fuckin love art-art-art-artie ma-ma-ma-man. right-right-right on!
21st Oct, 11:30am
mellowmanpat:   If Conan wants to come out strong I think it would be great- a little stand up and a sit down interview, EVERYONE wants to hear his story
21st Oct, 11:30am
lennynero:   turk, by that logic he shouldn't have any guests, commercial breaks, music, or news. It would just be Howard talking all day with everyone else's mic potted down.
21st Oct, 11:20am
jhames34:   artie was not allowed on Conan's tonight show.
21st Oct, 11:18am
mellowmanpat:   Artie should go on Conan his first week at TBS would be huge
21st Oct, 10:54am
koah:   You rock!
21st Oct, 10:41am
NaRaReally:   koah, check your messages.
21st Oct, 9:41am
koah:   Can anyone share a direct download link from yesterdays show? I'm traveling and my torrents seem to be hosed on this connection. Much appreciated.
21st Oct, 5:22am
turk:   I doubt Howard will have Artie back before he leaves. That would take the attention away from him, therefore away from his "bargaining chip" with Sirius.
21st Oct, 12:09am
lennynero:   I've got *no* idea why Apple's not doing more with USB3. I'm sure Lord Jobs knows what's best for all of use....oooo, koolaid! I love koolaid! ;)
21st Oct, 12:08am
lennynero:   and maxlor, firewire hasn't been around for a while. FW800 was kinda DOA, and now USB3 is putting that shit to sleep.
21st Oct, 12:08am
lennynero:   cameltoe, whatcha looking for?
20th Oct, 11:54pm
jhames34: is a great sight about apples, toe! Also check out for more fruit related goodness. (I know nothing about anything anyone would want to know, and only someone who knows nothing pretends to know something about something they know nothing about:P )
20th Oct, 11:48pm
maxlor314:   New macbook air: why no firewire?
20th Oct, 11:43pm
cameltoe:   anyone know of any real good app sites?
20th Oct, 5:15pm
jjones:   Anyone have a SCC '48 hour birthday invite' they wouldn't mind sharing? Always keep a 1++ ratio on all sites.. PM pls
20th Oct, 3:25pm
SpaceEdge:   ok cool I jailbroke when limera1n came out. Game Center has some potential one thing it lacks which they should add is a way to message your friends.
20th Oct, 2:34pm
lennynero:   SpaceEdge, I'll add you after I (eventually) upgrade my iPhone to 4.1. PwnageTool 4.1 is out today, so I plan on upgrading after CoB today.
20th Oct, 2:32pm
lennynero:   Mmmmmm, new MacBook Air. Sexy.
20th Oct, 2:18pm
SpaceEdge:   re Oprah they aren't paying her to do radio shows they are paying for her name and brand same with Emeinem, Martha Stewart and all the other big names on Sirius/XM
20th Oct, 2:17pm
SpaceEdge:   Do any of you guys use Game Center on your iPhone, iPod Touch (iPad coming soon) if so add me there SpaceEdge
20th Oct, 1:41pm
lennynero:   that's her XM contract, btw.
20th Oct, 1:37pm
lennynero:   ha! Her contract calls for 1/2 hour on the air, 39 weeks a year
20th Oct, 1:31pm
lennynero:   Oprah does, what, 48 shows a year?
20th Oct, 1:31pm
lennynero:   am I the only one that really doesn't give a shit about their vacation time? I figure after nearly 30yrs they've earned it. Especially when you consider how often Dave, Jay, Oprah, etc take off.
20th Oct, 1:26pm
NaRaReally:   Yeah, just heard 29 shows left. That's 7 & a half weeks of shows. 3 & a half weeks of vacation. Lenny is right. He'll take Thanksgiving week & then the last 2 weeks of the year.
20th Oct, 1:21pm
green:   lol
20th Oct, 1:20pm
lennynero:   your mom and your dad.
20th Oct, 1:19pm
green:   took down links in support of HamHands
20th Oct, 1:18pm
prophecy500:   hmm, the wrap up link provided is giving me errors anyone else??
20th Oct, 1:04pm
green:   Name 2 guys that talk alot about what I dont care about?
20th Oct, 1:03pm
lennynero:   if that link fails, go to and click on the grey "back to the mac" logo on the bottom left of the page
20th Oct, 1:02pm
lennynero:   Apple's "Back to the Mac" keynote live stream (for those that are interested) --
20th Oct, 12:48pm
prophecy500:   Heeeey Nooowww!!!
20th Oct, 11:36am
lennynero:   so they've got nearly 7 weeks to go. They'll take off for T-day and Xmas, plus vacation.
20th Oct, 11:34am
lennynero:   *29 shows left.
20th Oct, 11:18am
NaRaReally:   If it's true that Howard only has 20 shows left, that means he has 5 weeks of shows to do. It also means he has 6 weels left of vacation. If that's true, it's re-goddamn-diculous.
20th Oct, 7:14am
poper:   this is funny blue and bigfoot
20th Oct, 1:50am
ator1:   Monday's wrap up show was great, with Sal reminiscing about the booths, etc.
20th Oct, 12:13am
Lemmi:   heh lenny i should have mentioned i was listening to mondays show, i still have to listen to last weeks shows also, im finding that shows from 2001 to 2005 are alot better than this year
19th Oct, 11:16pm
ator1:   Only like 20 shows to go... That's crazy.
19th Oct, 10:57pm
Iamjohnnyl:   THANKS DESERT!!!
19th Oct, 10:25pm
lennynero:   sittin in a tree?
19th Oct, 9:56pm
green:   lennynero and mike walker.
19th Oct, 9:23pm
lennynero:   which, FWIW, is going to be the same issue on any other touch based devices. I haven't seen if the Playbook has the common Blackberry "clitoris", but if it's touch exclusive Howard's hopes of ICC on it are dashed as well.
19th Oct, 9:21pm
lennynero:   not saying that Howard should know how to jailbreak and install Frash on his iPad, but rather should maybe consider the input scheme as being the major problem, not the lack of Flash itself.
19th Oct, 9:20pm
lennynero:   Performance issues aside, most Flash apps don't understand touch input, so while the app will run without much issue, you can't do much aside from looking at it.
19th Oct, 9:19pm
lennynero:   Howard on the iPad's lack of flash is pretty uninformed. I can run Flash on my iPad (via Frash). It's *not* an enjoyable experience. I think Howard's forgetting that most Flash apps are written with a mouse and keyboard in mind, not a touchscreen.
19th Oct, 9:17pm
lennynero:   Lemmi, Benjy was out today. Usually he *does* slide corrections to Howard, either verbally or via note.
19th Oct, 8:43pm
Lemmi:   how come when howard gets a fact wrong its always robin looking on the internet and correcting howard? i would think that would be benjis job, yet another reason to boot his ass. i hope he doesnt make it to the internet show
19th Oct, 8:40pm
19th Oct, 8:03pm
ator1:   Howard pronounces radiator as "rad-e-ator".
19th Oct, 8:00pm
lennynero:   Mexicans also pronounce "Chicago" as "Chee Cargo". Of course, Howard did take a call from a guy in "Virginier" today. Mouths are funny.
19th Oct, 7:57pm
jhames34:   Touche SpaceEdge
19th Oct, 7:57pm
ator1:   The Mexican people in the movie pronounce it "ma-CHET-ay". I don't know why Robin says it that way, though. She also shoots coffee into her ass, so who knows?
19th Oct, 7:57pm
jhames34:   I'll be sure to inform my mom, Lenny. She's gonna be crushed, man
19th Oct, 7:57pm
SpaceEdge:   lol at Robin judging those hens on the View for walking out, didn't she do the same thing when people were making fun of her "charities"
19th Oct, 7:45pm
lennynero:   jhames34, for the record, I would NOT fuck a treasure troll.
19th Oct, 7:39pm
jhames34:   Ebert gave I Spit on your Grave zero point zero...I want to turn that into a jaw joke. I'll go with...hmmm...oh! That's how many teeth he has left! haW haW :|
19th Oct, 7:36pm
jhames34:   Lenny you say treasure troll like it's a BAD thing! :O
19th Oct, 6:44pm
lennynero:   Robin and her "meanwhile" reminds me of Justice League cartoons when I was a kid. I think Pablo Francisco used to do a bit using that voice.
19th Oct, 4:44pm
lennynero:   I *loved* the original -- "I ken't cum, I ken't cum!!" had me cracking up for years
19th Oct, 4:43pm
lennynero:   and why do people think Christine O'Donnell is hot? Jesus, she looks like a treasure troll without the hair.
19th Oct, 4:43pm
rvotyrtsym:   I Spit On Your Grave is a so so movie.Not as good as the '78 original...........
19th Oct, 4:42pm
lennynero:   dawson, it's not like I want to watch it for the artistic merit. I want to see that hot chick 1/2 naked.
19th Oct, 4:42pm
lennynero:   ha! Fuck her, it *is* "mahshetee" -- machete |məˈ sh etē| <-- dictionary FTW!
19th Oct, 4:41pm
lennynero:   speaking of Machete, Robin's emphasis on the "ch" makes me laugh. Maybe it's just me, I was always taught that it was pronounced "mah-shet-ee", but Robin et. al say "Ma-chet-ee"
19th Oct, 4:38pm
dawson:   Ebert gave I Spit on Your Grave... zero... point... zero:
19th Oct, 4:38pm
lennynero:   nod. Just saying, I had Machete before he did, was wondering why ISoYG hasn't hit the usual sites yet.
19th Oct, 4:31pm
bggoth:   Howard got a copy cause he's got "connections" , u know a good chunk of the show is make believe anyway (:
19th Oct, 4:30pm
lennynero:   FoxNews: "Do we really need 4G?" -- No, let's all be complacent with the bandwidth we have. Innovation is for communists. Fuck Fox News.
19th Oct, 4:11pm
lennynero:   anyone have a screener for the new version of I Spit On Your Grave? Haven't been able to find one, and Howard made it sound like he got it from "a friend of a friend".
19th Oct, 3:54pm
blacklight0:   demonoid back up
19th Oct, 3:45pm
bmbr:   thx (as always), cameltoe
19th Oct, 3:03pm
skk:   good idea, good idea
19th Oct, 2:58pm
bggoth:   @skk what u should is, install VLC Player and u can start playing the file pretty much immediately. VLC will catch up as u keep downloading the .mp3 file
19th Oct, 2:56pm
skk:   downloading a 250mb mp3 at 80k/s FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
19th Oct, 2:50pm
Tylegg:   you have a link for the WUS green?
19th Oct, 2:46pm
bggoth:   There r SO many public places to up the show, i dont get why people upload to demonoid exclusively
19th Oct, 2:45pm
bggoth:   Thanks so much green! ^^
19th Oct, 2:39pm
common:   @nanoreefer yah hear ya there. I was on the site earlier but its down now
19th Oct, 2:29pm
nanoreefer:   @common demonoid has been much quicker lately. That is, if they are still in business. There site is down this morning.
19th Oct, 2:29pm
desert420:   All last week 24k is up. Sorry guys for the delay.
19th Oct, 2:19pm
jhames34:   Redskunk is the way and the light. There is no other daily show besides here.
19th Oct, 2:01pm
common:   Sweet thanks.
19th Oct, 1:55pm
common:   So were is a good place to get the daily show besides here?
19th Oct, 1:23pm
jhames34:   Still, SpaceEdge, Howard had let a good space of time go and then brought artie up AGAIN on his own.
19th Oct, 12:42pm
lennynero:   I missed it this morning, did they say they re-signed and had to let some people go, or was that rhetorical?
19th Oct, 11:11am
lennynero:   I think it's a timing thing. We can speculate all we want, but if there's one thing that's for sure, we know very, very little of what's not "on-air". Negotiations? Artie? Guest bookings? We seldom hear of any of these things until they're "done". Artie and Howard may have already spoken, Gary's prolly already got him booked, and one day in the next 2 months we'll get a "surprise visit" by Artie.
19th Oct, 9:14am
ROEU812:   I mean, I get the whole "It's Artie's Deal" thing..but Howie having ULTIMATE control for the show should have never let it go on that long....just my 2 cents...
19th Oct, 9:13am
ROEU812:   Don't you think Howard might be afraid he might come off as a douche getting into the Artie Story...I mean whatever you might think Howie DID use his addiction as "bits" sometimes..and I think he might be afraid of Artie bringing that up
19th Oct, 7:40am
ping12:   They just come off as jerks actually.
19th Oct, 3:20am
ping12:   three guys from jackass in two weeks, each one more boring than the next
19th Oct, 1:33am
bellet:   Keeping Artie in a corner because he might fuck up again is no way to live life.
19th Oct, 1:04am
eyeofnone:   Artie is ready. Howard mentioned that Artie told Gary he wanted to come back on the show and give his side months ago. Howard just doesn't think Artie knows when he's ready... I don't see how that could ever change.
18th Oct, 11:18pm
lennynero:   I'm kinda with Howard on this one. I want to know more about Artie (everything, actually), but not until he's ready. It's his story to tell. Knowing that he's alive and working to get healthy is going to have to be enough until then.
18th Oct, 11:09pm
SpaceEdge:   thats after Nick brought him up
18th Oct, 8:44pm
staggered:   Did the week of Oct 11-14 ever come down in 24k? Thanks
18th Oct, 8:22pm
drpluto:   It's the Howard Stern Interview Show!
18th Oct, 7:43pm
jhames34:   For those who say Howard never talks about Artie unless someone else brings him up, today he asked DiPaolo about Artie.
18th Oct, 6:45pm
outsideshot:   I want someone to do the black man handshake on my prick
18th Oct, 6:21pm
lennynero:   I give up. I'll be hanging in the closet if you need me. Complete with pantyhose, lipstick, and clown nose, dick in hand.
18th Oct, 6:20pm
lennynero:   fuck me, I can't type *or* spell today.
18th Oct, 6:20pm
lennynero:   poonster, you don't get to the top with hard work. You get there by picking the bones of the dead bodyies of your enimies. THIS.......IS........AMURKA! ;)
18th Oct, 6:06pm
poonster:   HOWARD is such an ass with his WW2 info,he got on Sweden for staying nuetral but thats what America was doing,america let millions die while they sat back and made money off the war (selling firehoses) to Britain making money from misery..War profitearig,the USA came into the war when it was nearly over and the russians were on their way to Destroy the US got involved only to sucure oil and war secrets,,,,typical America..come in when the jobs nearly done then claim they won the war all by themselves. f the USA
18th Oct, 5:51pm
lovelybeth86:   hope everyone had a great weekend, and thanks to everyone for making this little community great!
18th Oct, 5:50pm
lovelybeth86:   hey Dead and Bob Dylan, 4-0 hahahahahahahahahahaha!
18th Oct, 5:49pm
bmbr:   oh well ;)
18th Oct, 5:48pm
bmbr:   lennynero: yer totally right, i completely forgot to redl the torrent file
18th Oct, 5:30pm
desert420:   WOW guys been REALLY sick! 24k will be up here shorty of next week.
18th Oct, 5:25pm
lennynero:   all hail the google.
18th Oct, 5:25pm
lennynero:   *narcissistic
18th Oct, 5:24pm
lennynero:   wow, chalk that up as another word I can't spell.....high.
18th Oct, 5:23pm
lennynero:   she's such a narcisitic cunt that it's fun to hear her fuck up. Small victories.
18th Oct, 5:22pm
lennynero:   man, I loved hearing Robin stammer through the news this morning.
18th Oct, 5:22pm
lennynero:   however, I've also had that happen immediately after uploading a torrent, only for it to clear itself up after 10-15mins.
18th Oct, 5:21pm
lennynero:   basically, create the .torrent file, upload it to the tracker, delete it from your hard drive, download the torrent you just uploaded, and load it into your client.
18th Oct, 5:21pm
Allaxul:   oh ya i just scrolled down and saw him heh
18th Oct, 5:21pm
lennynero:   bmbr, are you using the torrent you created, or the torrent you downloaded (after you uploaded it) from the tracker?
18th Oct, 5:19pm
lennynero:   Allaxul, he's back in school. Posts are once a week as week-packs.
18th Oct, 5:13pm
rvotyrtsym:   Welcome back cameltoe,I appreciate your effort's.
18th Oct, 4:33pm
18th Oct, 4:24pm
bmbr:   sorry guys
18th Oct, 4:23pm
bmbr:   i havent uploaded in forfuckinever, so maybe it got reset?
18th Oct, 4:22pm
bmbr:   i just recreated it on my local machine using transmission and its getting the same error which leads me to believe its somethin about my account :/
18th Oct, 4:19pm
bmbr:   (with an e)
18th Oct, 4:19pm
bmbr:   i have repeatedly, as well as used diff clients and ensured iptables is off.. i think its somethin about how i created it? i just btmakemetafile dir_name/
18th Oct, 4:18pm
green:   gets tracker update that way
18th Oct, 4:16pm
green:   bmbr stop and start torrent
18th Oct, 4:10pm
bmbr:   (because thats why my torrent aint connectin yo)
18th Oct, 4:09pm
bmbr:   admittedly it's been a while since ive uploaded, but wtf does Failure reason "unregistered torrent pass" mean
18th Oct, 3:59pm
mugsy2323:   Karloff?
18th Oct, 3:58pm
bmbr:   im grabbin from demonoid now, ill post here if its not up by the time im done
18th Oct, 3:30pm
jhames34:   I spit on your Demonoid.
18th Oct, 3:22pm
Xeno8:   Today's show is up on Demonoid
18th Oct, 2:54pm
moorty: show today?
18th Oct, 2:51pm
bmbr:   not yet, stansoltz
18th Oct, 2:19pm
stansoltz:   anyone know if that spit on your grave 2010 movie is available on torrents / ddl
18th Oct, 2:18pm
scamartistry:   jon Hein is my favourie radio guy ever!
18th Oct, 2:12pm
common:   where can I get todays show?
18th Oct, 1:32pm
ricktunes:   Shoutout to Earthdog..
18th Oct, 1:31pm
ricktunes:   Zolar now mods at Alki David's site,
18th Oct, 1:30pm
ricktunes:   "Zohar", ..that would be Zolar Glen, only one of the most famous wackpackers from back in the day. He was at every Vegas show going nutz, and was in one of the top most famous E episodes ever. He went on the date with Jade and her lebian sister Taylor. He also is one of the best prank callers out there. Zolarvision yo, .