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5th Oct, 4:43pm
rvotyrtsym:   I thought your father had a clit moorty....
5th Oct, 4:41pm
rvotyrtsym:    Ithought you're father had a clit..
5th Oct, 4:03pm
jhames34:   Im moorty's father and I'm very afraid.
5th Oct, 2:55pm
moorty:   im close to my fathers penis...I can taste it
5th Oct, 12:26pm
paladyr:   I'm so close to 1.0 ratio I can taste it
5th Oct, 9:01am
Quadzilla99:   ah nvm
5th Oct, 8:59am
Quadzilla99:   żDónde está eos
5th Oct, 12:32am
granpuba:   I'm glad Howard has the week off. I'm over a week behind on the show.
4th Oct, 8:01pm
jhames34:   Haitch Oh Doubleyou Ay Are Dee, Ess Tee Eeh Are Enn!
4th Oct, 8:00pm
MarkMartin:   That's the Stuttering John Vs. Crazy Cabbie fight... for the uninformed...
4th Oct, 7:58pm
scamartistry:   hey now, Jon Hein is not a perv, the man got 80 Blowjobs from 80 different girls. Give the man some credit, the man is a big time player
4th Oct, 7:55pm
MarkMartin:   I've been listening to shows from 2002. I'm up to May 31. "The Flunky vs the Junkie" Anyone know where I could find the E! show? I'd love to see it...
4th Oct, 7:53pm
ricktunes:   What's your problem..
4th Oct, 7:43pm
MarkMartin:   I kept reading it as... "The PETCOCK years".... Bwahahaha! I have Ronnie the Limo Driver on my mind. AKA "Minnie Driver"
4th Oct, 7:19pm
rvotyrtsym:   is sumdin the president of the john hein fan club ?
4th Oct, 7:12pm
sumdim:   @ROEU812: you're better off on private torrent sites, to many fakes/virus/scams for direct download sites IMO
4th Oct, 7:09pm
sumdim:   Not sure why, but jon hein always gave me the vipe he is a perv... in the Priest kind of way..
4th Oct, 5:39pm
desert420:   LOL Thanks TOE!
4th Oct, 5:37pm
desert420:   anyone cap todays "The Peacock years"?
4th Oct, 4:46pm
desert420:   12/20/10
4th Oct, 4:45pm
scamartistry:   when is History of Howardpart 4 comming out?
4th Oct, 4:23pm
Jin2124:   Another fucking week off? and he wants to work even less days and still get paid the same wages on his next contract? this old fuck is really just dialing it in these days, only HS can make satellite radio boring, mastertape theater is the best thing he puts out nowadays
4th Oct, 4:08pm
konshuss:   jon hein no longer had a future with their firm? how come?
4th Oct, 3:55pm
simon89:   Jon has been on the show since 2001.
4th Oct, 2:35pm
stansoltz:   @ ROEU812: or always have single link direct downloads
4th Oct, 2:21pm
outsideshot:   uhh Hein was a regular guest on the show whoring his website even before he joined the staff after Princeton Review informed him he no longer had a future with their firm.
4th Oct, 2:05pm
THA1icarus:   "usiphi203: crazy huh. he was on vacation around the same time last year and the year before." your making to mutch sense you must not be a fan of howard :-P
4th Oct, 2:03pm
ROEU812:   Does anyone know of a good FULL MOVIE DVDR rapidshare/megaupload site they can share ?
4th Oct, 1:55pm
desert420:   Because its howard
4th Oct, 1:47pm
ricktunes:   shits and giggles
4th Oct, 1:43pm
hangemhigh:   is it a whole week off again? what for this time?
4th Oct, 1:31pm
4th Oct, 12:57pm
nanoreefer:   @scamartistry Hein already wrote a jump the shark book. Just didn't whore it out on the show.
4th Oct, 11:13am
ping12:   Vacation week? damn. I hope no one buys Gary's book.
4th Oct, 10:47am
usiphi203:   crazy huh. he was on vacation around the same time last year and the year before.
4th Oct, 10:37am
freddy:   omg howard is the most vacationing jew in the world
4th Oct, 9:01am
usiphi203:   you don't like the clapping? haha
4th Oct, 8:47am
sflocco:   this special blows. Stern on NBC might've been good in the early 1980's but in 2010 it's completely cheesy.
4th Oct, 7:50am
usiphi203:   "THE PEACOCK YEARS THIS OCTOBER 4th – 8th " NBC from 1982-1985.
4th Oct, 7:48am
usiphi203:   yes
4th Oct, 6:26am
n00ne:   Is the show on vacation this week?
3rd Oct, 9:30pm
WesMantooth:   Jon Hein is a closeted serial killer. Has to be.
3rd Oct, 8:46pm
scamartistry:   So garys book is out, cant wait for Jon Hein to write a book!
3rd Oct, 8:14pm
ator1:   Nelson just mentioned Bababooey on The Simpsons.
3rd Oct, 6:18pm
jjones:   hah love that soundboard
3rd Oct, 4:28pm
lennynero:   looks like the majority of that site's been removed Used to be a great source to listen to bits
3rd Oct, 4:25pm
3rd Oct, 2:31pm
scamartistry:   Jon Hein - biggest creep ever?
3rd Oct, 1:30pm
infamous27:   anybody know where I can get htvod? There not coming up on torrentkeeper anymore
3rd Oct, 11:52am
deadluvva:   Any Modern Family fans here??? My new fave show by far. The last scene on Wed's episode with the paint can had me laughing till my sides hurt. Funny stuff
3rd Oct, 3:23am
EWtheReaper:   i love the new way EOS is lacin us with the stop shop is great....good lookin out EOS
2nd Oct, 11:41pm
thericochet:   Sour Shoes' Gary impression is fucking impressive
2nd Oct, 10:26pm
jhames34:   How long should I wait for the five grand, Ralph? Oh! God!
2nd Oct, 7:33pm
granpuba:   So how long will it take you to pay me the 5 grand?
2nd Oct, 6:42pm
scamartistry:   jon hein got 80 blowjobs...its for real!
2nd Oct, 11:28am
spicytripe:   Looking for John the Stutterer Crazy Train parody
1st Oct, 7:51pm
dawson:   I love niggers
1st Oct, 7:36pm
blazer5:   I am Dr. Remulak I am Dr. Remulak I am Dr. Remulak I am Dr. Remulak
1st Oct, 7:36pm
blazer5:   DrRemulak Can anyone finish the Tim Sabean quote : "I now have the tools that I need..."? That was the whole quote. Howard said something to Tim about giving Tim the authority to fire Bengi. and Tim responded "I now have the tools that I need..."?
1st Oct, 5:48pm
EWtheReaper:   i might be alittle late on this but there was a BabaBooey reference during a skit on SNL last saturday
1st Oct, 5:43pm
MarkMartin:   Baba Booey Baba Booey, Howard Stern's Penis!
1st Oct, 5:15pm
Noodlewad:   ty for 24k
1st Oct, 4:34pm
deadluvva:   Thanks stan for that article. Love Artie. Funny mother f 'er. Welll 'cept Beer League. Still the worst flic I have ever seen.
1st Oct, 1:56pm
desert420:   24k is up!
1st Oct, 1:07pm
desert420:   24k coming here shortly!
1st Oct, 12:52pm
DrRemulak:   Google alerts are good too.
1st Oct, 12:52pm
DrRemulak:   As it happened last weekend, and since it was brought up on the show, yes.
1st Oct, 12:39pm
stansoltz:   Artie Lange thrills audience again Last Updated: 12:19 AM, September 28, 2010 Howard Stern's troubled sidekick Artie Lange returned to stand-up with a triumphant, surprise appearance at the Comedy Cellar over the weekend -- his first since his grisly suicide attempt in January. "He had a great line when he opened the show," comic Craig Gass told The Post's Mandy Stadtmiller. "He said, 'Well, folks, I gotta say I am so glad that Fashion Week is over because I am [bleep]ing exhausted.' " The audience gave the schlumpy 42-year-old comedian a deafening ovation during the two midnight shows he played on Friday and Saturday, following Chris Tucker one night. Clearly moved, Lange told the thrilled audience, "Oh, you guys are going to bring a tear to my eye." While attendees say he didn't "do a Richard Pryor" and talk specifically about stabbing himself in the abdomen nine times with a kitchen knife, he did indirectly reference his nightmares. Comic Dan Naturman related, "He mentioned the fact that he had been in a psych ward for the past eight months and that he was playing Scrabble with one of the other patients. But the guy was so scary that whatever [dubious] word he spelled, Artie would say: [long pause] 'OK . . . let's count it up.' " And Gass said, "He had a good line about how a year ago he was going through withdrawal from heroin, and his agent came up with the great idea -- 'Hey . . . you should start Twittering!' " The Comedy Cellar crowd had no idea Lange was popping in, but Gass said that from the moment he got onstage, "You could feel, 'Wow, it's Artie.' From that first line, it immediately rolled into a great set. "You could see he looked like how he did when he first came on the Stern show in 2001. He's lost a lot of weight. Everyone is really cheering for him, as am I."
1st Oct, 12:38pm
stansoltz:   Did you guys know about this?
1st Oct, 12:25pm
WesMantooth:   Fringe is a bit wacky. You really have to follow it from the beginning. I did up until the beginning of Season 2 when the hot blond started going to a bowling alley caretaker for advice as to why she jumped into a parallel dimension. Yes, I am being serious. It was a shark-jumper for me.
1st Oct, 11:32am
DrRemulak:   XD "I'm parting the hairs."
1st Oct, 11:28am
lennynero:   " give Ray Stern a Sybian for Christmas."
1st Oct, 11:23am
DrRemulak:   Can anyone finish the Tim Sabean quote : "I now have the tools that I need..."?
1st Oct, 8:24am
sflocco:   Wow that Rachel Butera woman who did Underdog lady is a total heffer.
1st Oct, 5:36am
goodie2shoes:   geez, this looks like a horrible show. I kinda liked eric though
1st Oct, 2:58am
redwings20:   i dont get it, why was eric on the train tracks? how did he get there and why was he there?
1st Oct, 2:00am
chibchakan:   ETM on Fringe:
1st Oct, 1:59am
eos:   hangemhigh: Already queued to Newsleecher.
1st Oct, 1:57am
Carbon:   Fringe is a horrible show and I'm dl'ing it just to watch that little fucker's head explode.
1st Oct, 12:07am
hangemhigh:   the human centipede is out in hi def
30th Sep, 11:29pm
rvotyrtsym:   The show is on vacation next week/they're playing a nbc years special.The peacock years./For those who didn't already know.
30th Sep, 11:02pm
WesMantooth:   I saw Eric on Fringe. For what its worth, he didn't do that bad. But I could have seen anyone doing that part.
30th Sep, 10:33pm
lennynero:   that episode's up on TK.
30th Sep, 10:19pm
rvotyrtsym:   etm appearance on fringe was stupendous.
30th Sep, 9:50pm
thrillride:   Loved seeing ETM on fringe. Great stuff!!
30th Sep, 8:59pm
jhames34:   Good luck with the school stuff EOS, you are missed
30th Sep, 8:42pm
rvotyrtsym:   @johnnyjohnny,the etm episode of fringe is on fox a 9 pm est tonight.
30th Sep, 8:15pm
rickydarko:   any chance of a ronnie flood? please someone say they're already working on one =)
30th Sep, 8:04pm
eos:   I'm posting early this week. Just finishing the 29th, then it will be another couple hours or so.
30th Sep, 7:55pm
desert420:   EOS!!
30th Sep, 7:32pm
30th Sep, 7:32pm
eos:   Howard: "There he [Breuer] is.Look at him, he doesn't look high" Robin: Not at all. Howard: Not at all. What do I know?
30th Sep, 7:09pm
MarkMartin:   Bwahahaha!
30th Sep, 6:36pm
johnnyjohnny:   anyone get ETM video on fringe? isoed.
30th Sep, 6:32pm
scamartistry:   markmartin: I hate to say this, but I really think your priorities are a bit off
30th Sep, 6:05pm
MarkMartin:   i started a new job yesterday. WORKING FUCKING SUCKS! now i'm two days behind. Unemployement is the best way to listen to the whole show everyday!
30th Sep, 4:58pm
duke9555:   demonoid is the place today
30th Sep, 4:53pm
lennynero:   I wiped it up.
30th Sep, 4:22pm
provrorsbarn:   what happend to fetal sludge?
30th Sep, 4:03pm
lennynero:   mute your speakers:
30th Sep, 4:01pm
andrekaye:   no seeds on pirate bay... what uhhhhhhhhhhh is goings on muthafucka....
30th Sep, 4:00pm
moorty:   or is that ilegal here: if so i will deletre
30th Sep, 4:00pm
moorty:   if u cant wiaqt anymore like me....aaaaaaaaaag crack fucking tyaste wierd
30th Sep, 3:54pm
moorty:   ha ha
30th Sep, 3:52pm
lennynero:   moorty, you tpye li ke the fucking meth is eat ing ouyr brainy.
30th Sep, 3:52pm
soccermom56:   I'm blowing my mind up
30th Sep, 3:30pm
moorty:   hwere the fucking show i m eating my own shity here
30th Sep, 3:30pm
n00ne:   well...this blows
30th Sep, 3:22pm
goodie2shoes:   thnx, 002200
30th Sep, 3:22pm
30th Sep, 3:22pm
goodie2shoes:   ±)
30th Sep, 3:21pm
stevenpdx:   I hate John Hein because he's a pompous ass
30th Sep, 3:21pm
lovelybeth86:   you guys only love me, when its breast talk, and head haha!
30th Sep, 3:19pm
002200:   Howard's Tribute To Greg Giraldo. 09/30/10. 6:00am -- Bed Bug And News Story Discussions. 09/30/10. 6:15am
30th Sep, 3:17pm
goodie2shoes:   where's today's show?
30th Sep, 3:17pm
goodie2shoes:   greg giraldo died. did they bring it up on the show?
30th Sep, 3:09pm
ator1:   Play some Skynyrd, man!
30th Sep, 2:50pm
deadluvva:   welcome to the lenny show.............
30th Sep, 2:46pm
lennynero:   it's only available as a digital vinyl download.
30th Sep, 2:41pm
lennynero:   I put it up on K5 Records last year.
30th Sep, 1:55pm
paladyr:   where is the lennynero song parody pack, I'll download it
30th Sep, 1:54pm
lennynero:   I've been writing song parodies about it for years, paladyr.
30th Sep, 1:53pm
lennynero:   speaking of sucking the head, where's lovelybeth86?
30th Sep, 1:53pm
paladyr:   It kind of sounds like you've been thinking about that for a while.
30th Sep, 1:53pm
30th Sep, 1:53pm
lennynero:   I still want to put my weiner between her melons while she sucks the head.
30th Sep, 1:50pm
paladyr:   Yea Robin really lets her ignorance come out sometimes lol.
30th Sep, 1:46pm
lennynero:   I'm willing to bet we could convince Robin that Hybrids are powered by gas engines and pendulums.
30th Sep, 1:45pm
lennynero:   if the gyroscopes get overloaded, Segues have been known to take off and fly into the atmosphere.
30th Sep, 1:45pm
lennynero:   like UFO's.
30th Sep, 1:44pm
lennynero:   Robin: "...the's all powered by gyroscopes." Howard: "No Gas, No electric?" Robin: "no, all gyroscopes"
30th Sep, 1:43pm
lennynero:   Robin thinks the Wii is the only interactive game system. I'm assuming PS3 and 360 users just sit on the couch and watch.
30th Sep, 1:39pm
lennynero:   end of Oct, isn't it? The 22nd or around there?
30th Sep, 12:48pm
uNderdog101:   When was Gary supposed to go on Letterman?
30th Sep, 12:01pm
ator1:   The guy doing the John the Stutterer impression is AMAZING! The other people are great too, but that guy is just perfect.
30th Sep, 9:39am
lennynero:   ess nepkyin eyd is going to have a busy weekened. I wonder if Aertie will be there?
30th Sep, 9:21am
mangi11:   Greg Giraldo - another super talented dumbass, just like Artie.
30th Sep, 8:23am
scamartistry:   John Hein is a creeeeeeep!
30th Sep, 8:22am
duke9555:   vacation nxt wk / Howie has to re-charge the batteries and recover
30th Sep, 4:16am
thizzelle:   greg giraldo was great.. gonna go on a marathon of his comedy works........... he'll be missed
30th Sep, 4:14am
thizzelle:   gary should be host
30th Sep, 4:12am
thizzelle:   i agree jon hein sux. hes fuckin scary lookin
29th Sep, 11:58pm
Lemmi:   dont forget to read Gilbert twitter comment about Greg
29th Sep, 11:57pm
Lemmi:   looks like a spot has opened up for Jackie or Artie on the roasts now. we are gonna miss you Greg, you were a very funny man
29th Sep, 10:20pm
soccermom56:   Are they on vacation next week?
29th Sep, 9:21pm
scamartistry:   And btw, how come Howard doesnt bust his balls about the "80 BLOWJOBS". hahahah. Maybe its because he is a selfmade millionaire and that somehow lets him off the hook.Hate the guy
29th Sep, 9:20pm
scamartistry:   I cant be the only one who CANT STAND John Hein, especially his way of shorten peoples names like: Lis (Lisa) Gar (Gary) Ralphie (the worstT.Makes my backhair stand up!
29th Sep, 9:03pm
rvotyrtsym:   rub that clit c'mon,i love your pussy!
29th Sep, 8:26pm
redwings20:   what the hell happened to TK? no howard tv uploads in a long time
29th Sep, 8:13pm
jhames34:   Well said Lenny
29th Sep, 7:54pm
lennynero:   Roast in Peace, GG.
29th Sep, 7:45pm
lennynero:   SHOO SHOO RETARDED FLU!!!!!
29th Sep, 7:34pm
dawson:   It's a damn shame to see him go
29th Sep, 7:34pm
dawson:   Greg was one of the best.
29th Sep, 7:02pm
FJackie:   RIP Greg.
29th Sep, 7:01pm
FJackie:   Warning: Twatto cannot be unseen. Sorry arcterex.
29th Sep, 6:28pm
cmtwo:   RIP Greg Giraldo
29th Sep, 5:57pm
SpaceEdge:   it's now hitting the news sites TMZ has a story very sad
29th Sep, 5:52pm
jhames34:   Indeed, Rest in Peace Greg Giraldo.
29th Sep, 5:48pm
deadluvva:   And RIP Greg Giraldo if it is true...................
29th Sep, 5:04pm
29th Sep, 5:03pm
rvotyrtsym:   o&a/ ron and fez suck donkey dicks.Long live King Stern !!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Sep, 5:02pm
SpaceEdge:   sad
29th Sep, 5:02pm
SpaceEdge:   and according to Nick Dipalo and Jim Norton Greg Giraldo died today
29th Sep, 4:24pm
SpaceEdge:   that' wasn't O&A that was Ron and Fez who had someone lick Twatto that happend like 10+ years ago
29th Sep, 4:06pm
mooch624:   sandy kane is an o&a regular. they had someone lick that twatto.
29th Sep, 3:56pm
redwings20:   that twatto chick sounded like lynn samuels
29th Sep, 3:47pm
lovelybeth86:   I just looked at that twatto woman, and I think my eyes are burning! Toe, I hope all is well with you, we miss you!
29th Sep, 2:22pm
Mokito:   that twatto chick sounds like joan rivers at times
29th Sep, 2:03pm
jhames34:   We should form a "I'll Never See the Twatto" Club.
29th Sep, 2:01pm
THA1icarus:   @Mokito the tracker is down.... site is up I know...
29th Sep, 1:55pm
rvotyrtsym:   I don't want to see twatto!!!
29th Sep, 1:54pm
arcterex:   fjackie - jesus fucking hell, I didn't need to see that.....
29th Sep, 1:10pm
FJackie:   "Twatto."
29th Sep, 12:37pm
michaelall:   i have noticed some of the public trackers being a little shaky lately. of course i'm out in the boonies piggy-backing on someone's dsl with a long-range adapter, so my whole internet's been shaky lately. :P
29th Sep, 12:37pm
Mokito:   maybe the movie was filmed last year but he's still healthy enough to do stand up comedy but he cant handle the stern show & howard acts like artie doesnt exist
29th Sep, 11:59am
WesMantooth:   Pirate Bay is up, tha1icarus.
29th Sep, 11:53am
THA1icarus:    WTF is happening to bittorrent? Openbittorrent is down PirateBay closed WTF where can I get my quality Howard Stern from when EOS is not here?
29th Sep, 11:15am
jhames34:   There is no way I will ever google the following terms: "Sandy Kane" and "Twatto" :P
29th Sep, 10:43am
SpaceEdge:   ator1 google sandy kane twatto and you will be startled.
29th Sep, 9:17am
y2kfalcon:   TOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
29th Sep, 4:24am
ricktunes:   @ bellet: If you knew his background and how he fucked with our major cappers on tk, you wouldn't say that. It was discussed on tk for about a year so I'm not going to get back into it again.Thought most everyone knew already as it's known on many other sites also, but I guess not.
29th Sep, 1:23am
ator1:   The pics of Sandy Kane from today are pretty startling, to say the least.
29th Sep, 1:20am
ator1:   That movie that Artie is in was filmed last year.
29th Sep, 12:25am
SpaceEdge:   jim breuer on tomorrow according to his facebook page.
28th Sep, 11:25pm
Mokito:   poison gas.. lmao
28th Sep, 11:06pm
Mokito:   aw i cant find a 128k copy of today's show thanks for 64k hamhands
28th Sep, 10:33pm
Mokito:    how convenient howards doesnt know a thing about it wink wink
28th Sep, 10:32pm
Mokito:   WTF? artie is "healthy" enough to be starring in a new movie w/ richard christy but he cant do radio?
28th Sep, 10:04pm
hangemhigh:   so is lardie comin in or what?
28th Sep, 10:04pm
hangemhigh:   I listen to every minute of every show..howard is my god
28th Sep, 8:46pm
Quadzilla99:   I don't always listen to the Howard Stern Show, but when I do I prefer eos 128k rips. Stay thirsty my friends.
28th Sep, 8:10pm
michaelall:   guess i'm gonna test-drive vox today then. i didn't realise anyone had beef with WDM.
28th Sep, 8:03pm
bellet:   why do people hate some rippers? It's so gay
28th Sep, 7:37pm
ricktunes:   Can't tell you about about WDoucheM, nor could care..
28th Sep, 7:31pm
ricktunes:   vox is a new ripper. At first he had some problems with skips, but he's working on it.
28th Sep, 7:17pm
dawson:   BIG thanks to eos for helping out
28th Sep, 7:17pm
dawson:   I now have the file
28th Sep, 6:15pm
deadluvva:   As far as I know I'm shootin blanks.........
28th Sep, 6:06pm
michaelall:   anyone familiar with voxiso's edits?
28th Sep, 6:04pm
michaelall:   did WDM not do a 128k edit today? i can't find it anywhere and that's been my go-to since eos started classes
28th Sep, 5:18pm
rvotyrtsym:   @lovelybath85->Patience is a virtue!!!!!!!!!!
28th Sep, 4:53pm
lovelybeth86:   TOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28th Sep, 4:48pm
28th Sep, 4:47pm
dawson:   I'm stuck with only 15 megs to go
28th Sep, 4:47pm
dawson:   Reseed request: March 13, 2008 128k eos:
28th Sep, 4:41pm
jhames34:   I gave birth to the left half, dead gave birth to the right half
28th Sep, 4:39pm
ator1:    "I whip my diiiiick back and forth, I whip my diiiiick back and forth..."
28th Sep, 4:19pm
lovelybeth86:   Thats why Rick and I never address eachother here, we were trying to keep it private haha! Who gave birth to the baby?
28th Sep, 4:07pm
jhames34:   I hear rumours about you and I having a love child together deadluvva, you can't believe everything you hear just because we DID have a baby together
28th Sep, 4:06pm
jhames34:   Yeah guys, I only found that 'bestofellis' site about 3 weeks ago, lucky for me! Glad to share with y'all
28th Sep, 3:58pm
deadluvva:   rick and beth all up in this hizzy. I feel somethin goin on between the 2 of you. I heard things.
28th Sep, 3:51pm
lovelybeth86:   yea Jhames, that site is great! See this is why I love this place!
28th Sep, 2:55pm
ricktunes:   yeah, tru that 中
28th Sep, 2:41pm
SpaceEdge:   thanks for posting that best of ellis site I never knew he had a recap site
28th Sep, 2:24pm
jhames34:   WesMantooth, I'm pretty sure it was early August, when the tapes were being played on Stern as well. There's a 'marksfriggin-esque' site called that gives vague recaps of the show, if you realllly want to find it.
28th Sep, 1:49pm
outsideshot:   yesterday's show has to be in the list for the worst shows ever, doesn't it? whining like a little bitch about bedbugs for hours and hours...
28th Sep, 11:08am
DrRemulak:   Robin needs to read the news before going on the air. She read the Segway story this morning and she sounded retarded.
28th Sep, 8:39am
ricktunes:   Yucko didn't get to explain that yesterday. Gass knew what it was about, but was acting like he didn't.
28th Sep, 8:38am
ricktunes:   Craig Gass fucked hard with Yucko at a show about 10 months ago, pulled off his mask and a bunch of other stuff. It was real rude and Gass acted like a douchebag. Yucko talked about it on the syndicate in length. Yucko did nothing to make Gass do it, Gass was just being an asshole. That's what the beef is about.
28th Sep, 8:30am
ator1:   I'm on team Yucko. Craig Gass seems like a really slimey phoney.
28th Sep, 7:49am
ricktunes:   Howie with the hazmat suit..
28th Sep, 7:46am
sflocco:   anyone notice that craig gass brought up artie a couple times yeaterday and that Stern kept changing the subject? Notice the comment about how everyone gets thinner "once they leave the show". Artie is obviously done forever on that show.
28th Sep, 5:59am
ricktunes:   Artaay -->
28th Sep, 12:00am
WesMantooth:   @jhames34: That texting bit actually sounds pretty funny. When did they do that?
27th Sep, 8:32pm
jhames34:   Mayhem is house sitting for me tomorrow, hope everything goes okay!
27th Sep, 8:08pm
sotie99:   CAMELTOE... I need you!!!
27th Sep, 7:04pm
rvotyrtsym:   *said*
27th Sep, 7:03pm
rvotyrtsym:   ellis annoying accent makes his show unlistenable....ohh thats everyday haha! gary the retard say that last week on his internet show.
27th Sep, 6:40pm
lovelybeth86:   my fav time was when Mayhem/Ellis were making fun of Rawdog for getting beat up by his sister, ohh thats everyday haha! No Toe, so time for me to go! Thanks everyone for making this place great, and Johnnn where ever you are, I hope all is well with you hun!
27th Sep, 6:38pm
soccermom56:   Hello
27th Sep, 6:37pm
jhames34:   The first sentence that Ellis had to send his wife was "Why do you have to make my life so F$cking Difficult??"
27th Sep, 6:36pm
jhames34:   yaaayf or dead and beth! Remember the contest when they had to text their girlfriends random sentences from Mel Gibson's rant? :P good stuff
27th Sep, 5:31pm
deadluvva:   hand held high-----------big Ellis fan.
27th Sep, 5:17pm
rvotyrtsym:   anybody know if cameltoe is posting today ?
27th Sep, 5:04pm
lovelybeth86:   TOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27th Sep, 4:28pm
SpaceEdge:   yeah I don't listen either but from listening to other shows I've picked up that buba wants to fight everyone then when people make fun of him he tells the suits.
27th Sep, 4:27pm
lovelybeth86:   thanks Jhames! I dont like Bubba much either, I used to enjoy him but stopped listening after his renegotiation to work just the occasional Friday!
27th Sep, 4:20pm
jhames34:   I try to avoid Bubba like the plague, SpaceEdge, so I'm unaware of other incidenceseses of that kind of behavior. Bubba falls into the 'fail' section of my one rule of judging someone I don't know, and that is "If they are friends with Hulk Hogan, they aren't worth knowing."
27th Sep, 4:15pm
SpaceEdge:   isn't that Bubba's deal he talks mad shit about how he is going to beat up the other show hosts but then when those show hosts make fun of bubba he goes and tells Scott Greenstien or some other executive that people are picking on him ?
27th Sep, 4:14pm
jhames34:   Sorry for not telling you what happened to JohnnSmythe, Beth...I assume the reason you're not getting an answer thus far is that no one else knows either...Hopefully we shall get an answer to your question soon
27th Sep, 4:12pm
jhames34:   And the beef with Bubba wasn't fake, Bubba pulled some bs where Ellis was not allowed to mention Bubba or his show after Bubba had talked a buch of shit on Ellis, back before Ellis was "known" talent. That's a bitch move, to me.
27th Sep, 4:10pm
jhames34:   Ellis was rejected because Sal wasn't willing to attach nipple clamps to his penis. Simple as that. Just because you get rejected as a guest doesn't mean the reasoning is "we hate you." Ellis is great, though I'm currently in "too much ellis" mode.
27th Sep, 3:28pm
lovelybeth86:   I love the Ellis show, but I do understand that some people may not like the show! Toe, we speak your name! And what happened to JohnnSmythe? no one has answered me!
27th Sep, 2:02pm
Duckmanfoo:   Thanks for the update!
27th Sep, 2:02pm
Duckmanfoo:   OH, ok! That makes sense....
27th Sep, 1:58pm
cheez:   @Duck from EOS: Beginning September 20, I can no longer upload on Monday through Thursday. I will instead attempt to upload all of that week's shows on Friday. School is starting and classes take priority.
27th Sep, 1:52pm
THA1icarus:   Yeah I think Howard got everything out of Ellis in the 2 interviews he got with him. Also the fake beef with Bubba to get on the show has somthing to do with it.
27th Sep, 1:47pm
Duckmanfoo:   Is there and EOS edit today or is he still on his vacation?
27th Sep, 1:39pm
usiphi203:   I would take all of that over Jason Ellis. Yell yell yell, cuss cuss, cunt cunt. Yuck.
27th Sep, 1:38pm
SpaceEdge:   oh and Robin parroting things that Howard says
27th Sep, 1:37pm
SpaceEdge:   i'd take ellis over hours of shitty reality tv talk, book forwards, ass kiss callers, Lisa G and the fake news among other dumb things
27th Sep, 1:34pm
WesMantooth:   Well, Ellis is a hack, so that's probably why they rejected him....
27th Sep, 1:27pm
ricktunes:   They need the time slots for Greg Fitzsimmons ..
27th Sep, 1:21pm
SpaceEdge:   according to Jason Ellis they also rejected him
27th Sep, 1:21pm
SpaceEdge:   why would they reject Jackie, it's not like guests are beating down the door (I don't listen to the wrap up show so I haven't heard Gary's explanation)
27th Sep, 1:09pm
SaCo:   WDM file on TPB has 0 seeds for me and the person closest to 100% is @ 94.6% and not seedin =/
27th Sep, 12:49pm
Nathan:   thanks for the rip rick
27th Sep, 12:44pm
ricktunes:   Yeah, definitely. Thanks for the link, didn't see that yet, only yesterdays.
27th Sep, 12:39pm
FJackie:   He looks good.
27th Sep, 12:37pm
FJackie:   Great news. Here's a pic af Artie after the show:
27th Sep, 12:36pm
ricktunes:   And Gary says Arite called him last night to talk about doing the gig and talked about Greg Giraldo
27th Sep, 12:35pm
bellet:   WDM file is up on PB if you don't want to wait for a single file show
27th Sep, 12:31pm
ricktunes:   Gass confiming he was with Artie over weekend and Artie kicked ass on stage at The Comedy Cellaer on Saturday.
27th Sep, 12:18pm
ricktunes:   Interesting insight about Jackie being rejected to coming back on the show recently a few times, on the wrap up show.
27th Sep, 12:15pm
FJackie:   Thanks @ ricktunes.
27th Sep, 12:10pm
arcterex:   ator1 - on twitter Ralph said that GT has been cancelled
27th Sep, 3:05am
Zapper562:   The "Master Tape Theatre" that aired on Sunday, September 27th was a repeat of the original October 19th, 1999. It first aired as a "Master Tape Theatre" on March 29th, 2009.
26th Sep, 6:39pm
jhames34:   Urnamixalot likes underage biches and he cannot lie, and you fuckers best not denyyy! I think we can all agree that if a girl doesn't answer 'how old are you?" by saying "I'm THIS many, mister!" and holding up a number of didgets, then throw her back like a frigid sea bass!
26th Sep, 3:19pm
dawson:   @ desert420: Thanks for the offer, but I'm really after the Wrap Up Show from that day and for some reason the eos rip doesn't contain it
26th Sep, 3:11pm
desert420:   dawson i could reseed the eos 128 or 24 4/10/09 if you want.
26th Sep, 2:29pm
dawson:   I would REALLY appreciate it
26th Sep, 2:29pm
dawson:   Could somebody please reseed March 10, 2009 cameltoe recording:
26th Sep, 1:50pm
SpaceEdge:   looks like Greg is in the hospital
26th Sep, 12:46pm
FJackie:   Who knows, they may lock them all out if the problem is serious enough. That would be out of his control.
26th Sep, 12:44pm
FJackie:   Now we get to hear a two hour rant about DDT on Monday...that is, if he even shows up.
26th Sep, 12:43pm
FJackie:   Yeah, the report originated from the Jay Thomas show...Friday I think.
26th Sep, 7:49am
ator1:   Yesterday's Geektime was a re-run of a re-run. I think they've played the same show for the last three weeks. There was a report of the Sirius building being infested with bedbugs, so maybe that had something to do with it.
26th Sep, 5:53am
farmface:   So Greg Giraldo is in a coma?
26th Sep, 5:45am
Lemmi:   try weed killer ;)
26th Sep, 2:37am
urname12345:   underage camwhores? everyone loves underage bitches and if anyone says they dont, they are liars... and you fuckers best not deny...
26th Sep, 2:26am
urname12345:   4chan is only good for stickam raids
26th Sep, 2:25am
urname12345:   omg 4chan lolz
26th Sep, 2:24am
urname12345:   half of you niggers dont know chan/leet speak
26th Sep, 2:23am
urname12345:   amirit?
26th Sep, 2:22am
urname12345:   thats another thing, chan speak/leet etc
26th Sep, 2:22am
urname12345:   but plez spek chan speak, omg lolz
26th Sep, 2:21am
urname12345:   theres a mesh between old people and young people on teh internets, i thinks thats a mesh that hasnt been before
26th Sep, 2:19am
urname12345:   that 0_o shit retarted, please dont act like 15yr olds on teh internets
26th Sep, 2:04am
74transam:   O.o
26th Sep, 1:40am
urname12345:   and nigger fuck jew nigger fucks
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26th Sep, 1:36am
urname12345:   and nigger and faggot, who gives a shit... as george carlin says, its how you say it
26th Sep, 1:35am
urname12345:   right niggers?
26th Sep, 1:28am
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26th Sep, 1:26am
urname12345:   these rich fucks have NO clue with anything
26th Sep, 1:26am
urname12345:   also, he has no clue with anything he talks about sometimes, but robin is the worse, HOW can there be a news women and the news women gets the facts wrong
26th Sep, 1:20am
urname12345:   snork, *pig laugh*
26th Sep, 1:20am
urname12345:   *snork*
26th Sep, 1:20am
urname12345:   hey good thing that howie has a psych for 300 an hour
26th Sep, 1:18am
urname12345:   dude is totally fucked up, psych is a total fraud and charging like $300 an hour
26th Sep, 1:17am
urname12345:   whats up with the uh uh uh uh uhuh uhuh .... stuttering and snorting?
26th Sep, 1:16am
urname12345:   and fuck gay howies, psyc shit..... dude is totally fucked via psych.....
26th Sep, 1:07am
urname12345:   k5 is teh k5
25th Sep, 11:07pm
74transam:   and now i see it posted on tk. ?? thank you to fifibab for that. gay ralph tweeted that it was cancelled. fuck ralph!
25th Sep, 11:05pm
74transam:   geektime cancelled. i actually kinda liked it. =(
25th Sep, 10:34pm
eos:   hailsatan: Goldwave works for me. Audacity is also an option.
25th Sep, 8:09pm
hailsatan:   what program can I use so I can cut up Maroon 5 version of that Al Green song?
25th Sep, 5:52pm
lovelybeth86:   UGH, enough of this K5 stuff! I saw on TK that there was some info about JohnnSmythe on K5, where is that, and what happened? hes a great guy!
25th Sep, 3:59pm
jhames34:   qoa we have access to everything FROM the friday shows, so why would we want a watered down version of the week?
25th Sep, 11:21am
goa:   anyone have them?
25th Sep, 11:20am
goa:   why doesnt anyone post the fridays show?
25th Sep, 10:23am
MarkMartin:   Now checking for proper modulation...
25th Sep, 10:03am
scron1538:   can someone pm me one of the mod's link?
25th Sep, 10:02am
scron1538:   hello all
25th Sep, 10:01am
ator1:   shout-out to Anna Mull and Norma Stitz.
25th Sep, 9:22am
deadluvva:   shoutouts also to Heywood Jablowme, Mike Awkizard and Chris P Bacon
25th Sep, 3:09am
thizzelle:   shout out to sophonda cox and eileen ulick
25th Sep, 12:51am
bellet:   nice clip
24th Sep, 10:42pm
Lemmi:   haha thats awesome
24th Sep, 6:18pm
mangi11:   Eric almost breaks his neck when that hot chick walks by.
24th Sep, 5:47pm
desert420:   ack ack!
24th Sep, 5:41pm
rvotyrtsym:   eric the midget on fringe-
24th Sep, 5:31pm
slobjones:   WDM rips are plagued with dropouts. Not always, but when they're bad, they're BAD.
24th Sep, 2:46pm
robinsweetie:   it's a green type of tube
24th Sep, 2:15pm
DrRemulak:   It is required. It is required.
24th Sep, 2:00pm
MarkMartin:   Now checking for proper modulation...
24th Sep, 1:15pm
desert420:   Ill help out with seeding EOS once its finished. 24k will come soon!
24th Sep, 1:09pm
eos:   If I could figure out how to copy a file from one folder to another via command line in Linux, it would save a bit of time since TWUS are the same across both versions of the same day. I can only cut files at this time.
24th Sep, 1:06pm
eos:   Err, that should be 100mb/s, or 10MB/s. Only using 2MB/s just now...
24th Sep, 1:02pm
eos:   100% seed at the 'box. Go get 'em, kids.
24th Sep, 12:54pm
eos:   Remember, this will be seeding only from the seedbox, so 100MB/s is available.
24th Sep, 12:45pm
desert420:   YAY EOS! 24k will be up as soon as possible guys!
24th Sep, 12:43pm
poopdeck:   Hey now eos!
24th Sep, 12:19pm
prophecy500:   Great Job Eos,great job all rippers and thanks for the ups!!
24th Sep, 12:19pm
prophecy500:   Heeyyy Noooowww!!
24th Sep, 12:09pm
eos:   My caps are almost done.
24th Sep, 10:17am
DrRemulak:   Happy Harvest Moon!
24th Sep, 4:44am
ricktunes:   If anyone needs an account at torrent keeper you can pm me. You must have at least a 1.0 ratio or above.
24th Sep, 2:45am
ator1:   Noscript for Firefox is pretty good, too. It stops websites from automatically loading shit.
23rd Sep, 9:17pm
MarkMartin:   One of Howards favorite songs...
23rd Sep, 8:58pm
Lemmi:   shows you how long since the last sighting Ricktunes, no one knows who he is .. lol
23rd Sep, 6:45pm
rvotyrtsym:   Peerblock is another great program to have running when you're online.Blocks lot's of bullshit.>No more bullshit!<
23rd Sep, 5:53pm
SaCo:   my curent fav FF addons: Ad block plus- Ghostery (stop google from spying on u)-- Tree style tabs (install it and change your life)
23rd Sep, 5:39pm
ricktunes:   Oh shit a Captinmorgan sighting! What's up Captain..
23rd Sep, 5:16pm
rvotyrtsym:   Yes mokito,all firefox add-on's are free of charge.
23rd Sep, 5:07pm
Mokito:   utorrent is making my foobar2000 skip (shitty computer) thanks again
23rd Sep, 5:06pm
Mokito:   hey sflocco, thanks for the show - i will try to seed it later
23rd Sep, 4:57pm
Mokito:   is that firefox add on free? my admuncher trial expired
23rd Sep, 4:41pm
74transam:   hi. does anyone have geektime from this past sunday?
23rd Sep, 4:17pm
rvotyrtsym:   flashblock and quickjava are great add-on's also.
23rd Sep, 3:32pm
captinmorgan:   sup bitches
23rd Sep, 2:53pm
MarkMartin:   get the "Adblock Plus" Firefox add-on. It will change your life.
23rd Sep, 2:24pm
DrRemulak:   Install that and watch ads disappear!
23rd Sep, 2:24pm
DrRemulak:   sflocco:
23rd Sep, 2:19pm
sflocco:   Can someone please do something about that clicking sound up above
23rd Sep, 12:40pm
NaRaReally:   FJackie: Yes, that clicking is an ad with the Wheel of Fortune on it. It's very annoying. I even left this site & went to another site & the clicking was still going.
23rd Sep, 12:33pm
blacklight0:   markmartin get that bullshit outta here, i think we all heard the stupid song before
23rd Sep, 12:33pm
blacklight0:   and fjackie i feel ya, i HATE that shit
23rd Sep, 12:32pm
MarkMartin:   Fred played this yesterday, it's pretty damn good. Santana, India Arie, and Yo Yo Ma "While my guitar gently weeps" -
23rd Sep, 12:32pm
blacklight0:   please
23rd Sep, 12:32pm
blacklight0:   i second that
23rd Sep, 12:14pm
FJackie:   @sflocco - Yes, please.
23rd Sep, 11:44am
FJackie:   I hate ads that make sound. I come here and I'm hearing this annoying clicking sound and I'm like: 'What the fuck is that?' and it turns out it's a fucking facebook ad FFS.
23rd Sep, 11:19am
blacklight0:   dude that audio book better get posted, if not ill buy it and rip it>>>>> how much is his book gonna go for?
23rd Sep, 11:12am
blacklight0:   i know huh ator>>> i hate when dumb bitches come on purely for visulas>>>>> but lupe is actually funny in her own way, the accent and carefree attitude is hilarious>>>> no hourly goin on?
23rd Sep, 9:54am
sflocco:   I can post a 128k and 24k non cf version of today's show around 12:30 - 1 p.m. for anyone interested in getting the show early.
23rd Sep, 8:11am
ator1:   Little Lupe this morning. She's one of the few porn chicks who are actually entertaining on the radio.
23rd Sep, 2:15am
ricktunes:   i dink toe
23rd Sep, 1:31am
mucci416:   u think baba booey's audio book will get posted once its out??
22nd Sep, 3:23pm
jhames34:   EOS is the Nucky of Redskunk
22nd Sep, 2:02pm
poopdeck:   No I'm just reposting WDM's rips from tpb since some people can't access it for various reasons. WDM doesn't rip from satellite feed so the quality isn't as good as EoS' and it is noticable to me. So I'm posting the 128s when I can but EoS is still the master of that domain.
22nd Sep, 1:25pm
jhames34:   *waits*
22nd Sep, 1:16pm
MarkMartin:   For those who can't wait... today's show 9-22 is up on the pirate bay.
22nd Sep, 1:14pm
MarkMartin:   whoops.. eos won't post his rips till the end of the week
22nd Sep, 1:14pm
MarkMartin:   EOS started a new semester on the 20th. He said school is priority #1, so he won
22nd Sep, 12:54pm
weed89:   Soooo lost..missed somthing somewhere....looks like Poopdeck took over for eos??? well Thanks for all u Did Eos...and Poopdeck Thanks for all your doing.
22nd Sep, 12:48pm
weed89:   Thanks Desert420......Im all messed up looking for EOS's 128k barebones...and not finding them...was gone for a week...and am lost now
22nd Sep, 12:46pm
jhames34:   Can't say I blame you Doc ;)
22nd Sep, 12:36pm
MarkMartin:   I'd like to say hi to Dirty Jim.
22nd Sep, 12:09pm
DrRemulak:   jhames, I like your picture, but I think I'll stick with the Leyroy Neiman.
22nd Sep, 11:34am
29pK0dmk7p1:   sflocco: here is a note from eos: "Beginning September 20, I can no longer upload on Monday through Thursday. I will instead attempt to upload all of that week's shows on Friday. School is starting and classes take priority."
22nd Sep, 11:29am
robinsweetie:   Eaton Twatz, shout out to ya
22nd Sep, 10:51am
jhames34:   Doctor Remulak, have you decided whether you would like my reinterpretation of the cover to Baba Booey's upcoming "choose your own adventure" biography? it's free! Free, I tell you!
22nd Sep, 10:16am
DrRemulak:   To whatever caused Lawanna's phone connection to be cut off, THANK YOU! That was one annoying self centered biatch.
22nd Sep, 10:12am
jhames34:   Hell yeah usiphi! I also miss The clean and sober Artie we knew up until his last week on the show.
22nd Sep, 10:10am
sflocco:   Haven't been on here in a few days. Don't see any EOS posts. Is he away again?
22nd Sep, 10:09am
usiphi203:   I agree. This new negative and mean Howard sucks. I miss super positive and supportive Howard.
22nd Sep, 10:02am
jhames34:   Totally, howard has always been SO positive all the time over the past 30 years, and then suddenly this morning he turned negative for the first time ever! Someone get me my Gallagher mallet.
22nd Sep, 2:16am
werris:   He needs to realise he's not an idol who's advice other people need or follow.
22nd Sep, 2:16am
werris:   He hosts a radio show, says he's a spinner, but is going to advise others? That's very had to respect. Its no wonder he's at the shrink 7 days a week.
22nd Sep, 2:14am
werris:   And he was a real arsehole with the shit he had to say to Gary about his book. I could not be loyal to such a negative arsehole who demands complete surrender and devotion from his staff.
22nd Sep, 2:13am
werris:   Negativity is not good content.
22nd Sep, 2:13am
werris:   I can't believe how much Howard focused on Gary's book and appearance on Letterman today. I honestly think he's turned into a complete arsehole. I can't listen to the show anymore. I cannot believe how negative Howard has become. I listen to the Wrap up show and leave it at that.
22nd Sep, 1:49am
shanerr:   again
22nd Sep, 1:49am
shanerr:   go blackhawks
22nd Sep, 1:49am
shanerr: <---------- yase!
21st Sep, 11:03pm
lazylion: 64 cf
21st Sep, 10:20pm
jhames34:   Gallagher is only funny in alalogical form
21st Sep, 9:47pm
SpaceEdge:   hahah @ your Gallagher analogy
21st Sep, 9:14pm
jhames34:   Steve Zahn was on the show and every time I see him I resist an intense urge to smash my TV...I imagine Gallagher gets the same feeling while passing the melons at his local grocery store...I guess what I'm saying is I'm not a very big fan of Steve Zahn.
21st Sep, 9:11pm
jhames34:   Treme was the followup to The Wire...It was about New Orleans like 3 months after the Hurricane. While it was well written and some story elements were good, the show was insanely boring. the last half episode of the season finale was incredible though, but I dont' recommend sitting through 13 hours for the payoff.
21st Sep, 9:02pm
SpaceEdge:   Gawker is where I read it got picked up for a 2nd season
21st Sep, 9:00pm
SpaceEdge:   I watched Boardwalk Empire last night and I think they setup a good story, They already picked it up for a second season. Is Treme worth checking out?
21st Sep, 6:01pm
rvotyrtsym:   Hey deadluvva,do you mean pre season
21st Sep, 5:25pm
deadluvva:   Hockey [re season starts tonight. Maybe a team in Quebec City? Get that Habs rivalry back. Gimme a hell yeah. And a Go Habs Go
21st Sep, 3:43pm
lovelybeth86:   what is Treme Jhames?
21st Sep, 3:31pm
jhames34:   Boardwalk Empire blew me away, which I expected Treme to do...The only thing I loved about Treme was the intro song. Hard to follow "The Wire."
21st Sep, 3:04pm
lovelybeth86:   I finally caught all of Boardwalk Empire and it looks like its going to be great! But I havent seen the 20 min docutmentary on it, prior to the episode, so if anyone knows where to find it, id love to see it!
21st Sep, 3:04pm
lovelybeth86:   Toe, we speak your name!
21st Sep, 2:41pm
bellet:   poop the wdm rips sound just fine to me, but waiting for the toe rip
21st Sep, 2:40pm
bellet:   toe should have a rip arolund 5 or 6 very good rip
21st Sep, 2:27pm
paladyr:   there will be a better rip/edit later right?
21st Sep, 2:11pm
74transam:   does anybody have geek time from sunday?
21st Sep, 1:53pm
poopdeck:   ugg, wdm rips sound like shit but I guess it is better than nothing.
21st Sep, 1:47pm
MarkMartin:   Weed has been smoking too much!
21st Sep, 1:38pm
desert420:   9-19 was sunday weed lol
21st Sep, 1:26pm
jhames34:   Ey Dr REmulak, want my drawing of Baba Booey for free? :P
21st Sep, 1:06pm
weed89:   what happened to 09-19-10 eos barebones?? or any 09-19-10 show?? were they off monday?
21st Sep, 12:56pm
MarkMartin:   Thanks for the hourlies!!! or hourly's!!!
21st Sep, 12:15pm
DrRemulak:   Sweet. I just noticed that red gave me a ratio bump! I am now one of the cool kids. XD
21st Sep, 11:53am
DrRemulak:   Speaking of artwork, I'm buying a framed Stern Leroy Neiman lithograph today for $30.
21st Sep, 11:52am
DrRemulak:   Nice.
21st Sep, 4:58am
ator1:   On sfn they found out that Robin's artist boyfriend stole other peoples' artwork and is passing it off as his own.
21st Sep, 3:44am
blacklight0:   i wish howard would let people grill her on her inaccurate stupid comments, prove her bullshit wrong, just watching her break down and try to defend herself would be radio gold, of course howard would never allow it
21st Sep, 3:43am
blacklight0:   god robin is fucking ANNOYING
21st Sep, 1:27am
eos:   ator1: Almost?
20th Sep, 10:18pm
drpluto:   hola baby como estas
20th Sep, 10:09pm
ator1:   I wish they would stop with the TV bullshit. It ruins the radio show. Yeah, those chicks might be nice to look at, but we can't SEE THEM on the radio, and they're almost always boring as hell.
20th Sep, 9:08pm
pulpo:   7/29
20th Sep, 7:06pm
jhames34:   Hehehe no worries Mokito
20th Sep, 6:41pm
FJackie:   Miss Howard TV...It's like radio tin.
20th Sep, 5:44pm
shanerr:   for what its worth I dl'd the show at 11:45 today from heynowtorrents
20th Sep, 5:43pm
bellet:   Outsideshot I mentioned that too. It was so annoying
20th Sep, 5:30pm
Mokito:   next time though..
20th Sep, 5:29pm
Mokito:   i found it to be very helpful - your right jhames, i fucked up
20th Sep, 5:14pm
Locutus:   that f'ing spin ad sux ass
20th Sep, 4:38pm
jhames34:   NOW ya tell us Mokito :P Yeah it was pretty good!
20th Sep, 4:29pm
Mokito:   theres a 20 min documentary on hbo ondemand about nucky, i recommend watching it before the pilot
20th Sep, 4:26pm
Mokito:   i loved boardwalk empire, but im a sucker for mobsters
20th Sep, 4:01pm
outsideshot:   i dl'd the show through the link at hsdaily but that version of today's show was plagued with skips every couple minutes.
20th Sep, 3:15pm
MarkMartin:   You Waterpig!!!
20th Sep, 3:07pm
lovelybeth86:   I for one, like Benjy but I dont like the constant 1.5 hr diatribes about him! Did anyone catch Boardwalk Empire last night?
20th Sep, 3:05pm
SaCo:   Rhinosaucerus
20th Sep, 3:04pm
SaCo:   Howard puts up with ppl as long as they have a talent or he can generate content for his show. Howard knows benjy is messed up in his head but he is good at when he does...when he does make it in on time.
20th Sep, 2:53pm
bellet:   I think the best way to deal with Benjy is if he is late he sits in a back room and does his part on the show. Now talking about it he is not allowed in studio. He can be on time the next day and be in studio, but everytime he is late he sits in another room no debate on air about it.
20th Sep, 2:49pm
duke9555:   thx zeno8
20th Sep, 2:49pm
bellet:   I dled the one from that blog spot and it skips so much it's worhtless going to get the wdm one
20th Sep, 2:47pm
desert420:   Lovelybeth86 - Yes, Howard just needs to fire him already. Howard has givin benjy WAY to many chances!
20th Sep, 2:38pm
lovelybeth86:   hope everyone had a great day! is anyone else annoyed Howard apologized to Benjy today?
20th Sep, 2:32pm
lennynero:   man, some bitch just emailed me, 5mins before the end of her workday, to tell me that she's been unable to get to one of our tools all morning ("I haven't been working, so I blamed it on you."). The tools are up and running fine (I tested 'em!), so she most likely just fucked off all morning and had to send the email as a matter of record.
20th Sep, 1:42pm
Xeno8:   WDM rips are up on The Pirate Bay
20th Sep, 12:56pm
SirBlank:   Thank you, desert420!
20th Sep, 12:54pm
n00ne:   Oh, so no one's going to be uploading the show here today?
20th Sep, 12:52pm
MarkMartin:   Thanks Bro!
20th Sep, 12:39pm
MarkMartin:   Since EOS won't be upping till the end of the week... does anyone have a link to that site that posts the hourly segments? Isn't there a blog that posts the show?
20th Sep, 12:38pm
desert420:   So everyone knows I will be doing the 24k's at the end of the week just like EOS does the 128k's.
20th Sep, 12:34pm
usiphi203:   yes, they are live.
20th Sep, 12:32pm
n00ne:   was there a show today?
20th Sep, 11:48am
xvf22:   O&A .. yikes, I tried to listen.. so bad
20th Sep, 6:20am
dawson:   eos is a God
20th Sep, 12:08am
ricktunes:   thanks
19th Sep, 6:29pm
Zapper562:   The Master Tape Theatre that aired today (September 19th, 2010) is from January 26th, 1999 and was first aired as a Master Tape Theatre on March 15th, 2009. It features James Brown.
19th Sep, 3:56pm
urname12345:   pusssytorrents is open for registration
19th Sep, 3:42pm
jhames34:   Hykanthis, I think that he can't sell his photos because someone told the govvament that he was making money while on disability. so blame whoever ratted him out.
19th Sep, 2:55pm
Hykanthis:   wow i just tried to buy a ETM autographed pic for my little sister for her birthday he says no more pics how lame.
19th Sep, 2:41pm
Lemmi:   you mean the Zeppelin that stole song riffs?
19th Sep, 2:03pm
deadluvva:   Of course all that could be your opinion right? I have a friend who hates Zeppelin. Doesn't make it so.
19th Sep, 1:30pm
Quadzilla99:   Seriously though, I've tried to listen to them with an open mind several times when Howard pissed me off and they are just deadly boring. Its no wonder they've failed everywhere they've been.
19th Sep, 1:29pm
Quadzilla99:   Wow, an emoticon based response. How devastating.
19th Sep, 1:23pm
19th Sep, 1:19pm
Quadzilla99:   O & A sucks balls. They're about as funny as a prostate exam.
19th Sep, 12:19pm
deadluvva:   Go ahead and slam me......
19th Sep, 11:34am
deadluvva:   Listened to some recent O&A shows. Sept 16th show was a killer and hearin Jim Florentine sit in on Fri was hilarious.
19th Sep, 10:02am
deadluvva:   Hey lenny I will trade you my wife for that pussytorrent invite
19th Sep, 2:06am
12gage:   i have bitgamer, revolutiontt, ipt, damage, and torrentleech invites that I'll trade for a blackcat games invite. pm me if you're interrested
19th Sep, 12:23am
12gage:   I have invites to several trackers, I want to trade for a blackcate games invite
18th Sep, 3:21pm
lennynero:   I've got a couple pussytorrents invites if someone wants to trade for something cool. PM me if interested.
18th Sep, 1:46pm
lennynero:   I hate it that the local guys don't know the names of what they sell. I'd like to know what strain I'm smoking, but I don't think most these guys ever get the same shit twice.
18th Sep, 1:45pm
lennynero:   this is some *crazy* shit. I usually smoke a couple/three bowls a day, but I can stretch a bowl of this shit for 2-3 days.
18th Sep, 1:26pm
shanerr:   shit, wish my girl would only smoke 2 hits
18th Sep, 11:53am
lennynero:   Friday night was better than Thursday night. Thursday night the wife smoked more than she should (2 hits) and spent the next 4hrs "too high" and fighting off panic attacks. Last night was better...she knew to only take 1 hit
18th Sep, 11:52am
lennynero:   deadluvva, a node is a machine on a network. When you're connected to the internet, your computer is a "node on the internet network".
18th Sep, 8:35am
ator1:   Damn, talk about having a fucked up name:
18th Sep, 12:25am
tentent:   How many times has Jon Hein not turned on the microphone?
17th Sep, 5:48pm
deadluvva:   Fuck the nodes
17th Sep, 5:47pm
deadluvva:   Happy Fri night lenny. And what the fuck does node network mean???? Playin my guitars and havin a few Molsons. . No nodes.
17th Sep, 5:06pm
DrRemulak:   The didactic, the beautiful, the vivacious, Violet!
17th Sep, 4:48pm
rvotyrtsym:   I think benjy being late is just another bit.
17th Sep, 4:43pm
lennynero:   500,000 unique users, rather. Not so much network nodes.
17th Sep, 4:42pm
lennynero:   When you're one of 3 guys keeping a 500,000 node network running, people tend to look the other way if you happen to sleep in. Besides, most of us are on call 24/7, so when everyone comes in with a full 8hrs of sleep behind them, oftentimes we've not slept in 48hrs.
17th Sep, 4:41pm
lennynero:   I've *always* been late (9yrs late for my own funeral already), but I'd only catch flack when the board members caught wind. Usually the boss would explain that I wasn't a "normal, garden variety employee", and I'd continue to get away with it
17th Sep, 4:40pm
lennynero:   that Benjy thing was annoying. Nearly 2.5hrs of the entire show was dedicated to the same'ole'same'ole. At some point either Benjy needs to show up on time, get fired, or come to an agreement that he's talent and deserves a bit of slack.
17th Sep, 3:29pm
74transam:   OMG! ricktunes, that is AWESOME! I had totally forgotten about that
17th Sep, 3:27pm
lackobreath:   Cracks me up that Robin claims to be a huge tennis fan but can't pronounce Rafael Nadal
17th Sep, 3:09pm
AndySocial:   Having listened for so long I strongly feel his unstability is attributed to side effects from all the prescription medication but many young dimwitted kids bust his balls about it.
17th Sep, 3:07pm
AndySocial:   I've listen for decades so I'm biased but Fez has emotional problems due to medication he's on for the most part so at times he falls apart
17th Sep, 3:06pm
AndySocial:   deadluvva Ron and Fez are certainly not O&A clones, R?F actually have been in radio since the late 80's and O/A were kids then
17th Sep, 1:32pm
MarkMartin:   I guess Thursday was our last daily eos UP. He's starting school on the 20th, so he will post the whole week of shows at the end of the week. Thanks for everything eos!!! We will survive somehow!
17th Sep, 5:55am
ator1:   Thursday morning. Benji is such a fuckhead sometimes. Depace's dumb ass was trying to defend him on the wrap-up show.
17th Sep, 5:26am
provrorsbarn:   when did benji come in late? im a bit behind
17th Sep, 4:51am
werris:   1 hour 30 minutes...still talking about Benji.
17th Sep, 4:10am
werris:   1 hour 22 minutes...still talking about Benji...WTF?
17th Sep, 3:13am
werris:   Howard's jumped the shark...pole vaulted actually.
17th Sep, 3:13am
werris:   Fag
17th Sep, 3:13am
werris:   Howard not being able to get past Benji being late...priceless. Deep down he loves Benji being gives him an excuse to vent and go on about how much of a lovely person he is and how he can't sack
17th Sep, 2:22am
hangemhigh:   thanks eos..u da man
17th Sep, 1:00am
sflocco:   unfortunately benjy being late was the most compelling thing they talked about all week. This was the most boring week for me in quite awhile
16th Sep, 10:27pm
rvotyrtsym:   benjy has the mentality of a 10 year old.
16th Sep, 10:07pm
Mokito:   bronk being late was like the best thing to happen to the show this week
16th Sep, 7:25pm
Lemmi:   well eventually everyone can come up with funny stuff
16th Sep, 6:59pm
deadluvva:   the few bits I heard were funny as hell
16th Sep, 6:53pm
ator1:   O&A want so badly to be the next Howard, but it'll never happen. If they were any good, they wouldn't have lost every single FM station they were on.
16th Sep, 6:06pm
deadluvva:   Anyone ever listen to Ron and Fez? Any good? O&A clones? But hey I listened to an O&A greatest show and it was pretty funny. Cocks in a box. lolllll
16th Sep, 6:05pm
deadluvva:   you will when you get here..........
16th Sep, 5:47pm
deadluvva:   I don't GET topless!
16th Sep, 5:27pm
desert420:   Hey Now!
16th Sep, 5:24pm
DrRemulak:   This isn't Hot Rod magazine, pal!
16th Sep, 4:37pm
ricktunes:   T.O.P.L.E.S.S.
16th Sep, 2:42pm
DrRemulak:   True. XD
16th Sep, 2:29pm
lennynero:   hey, a Doctor's gotta prepare for surgery somehow!
16th Sep, 2:18pm
DrRemulak:    I'm 6 beers in at work and it's only 11am... I think I have a problem. A delicious problem!
16th Sep, 2:18pm
DrRemulak:   XD
16th Sep, 1:47pm
lennynero:   outages *everywhere*, and on top of that, my boss ripped my ass and made me sit with with a bunch of fags this morning. That'll learn me to be late again.
16th Sep, 1:46pm
lennynero:   jesus christ, the internet is on fucking *crack* today.
16th Sep, 1:46pm
lennynero:   heh, when I first setup my sirius account, my receivers were 2wks late arriving because the Fist H100 Keychains were on back-order. Glad I got mine, though!
16th Sep, 1:26pm
mugsy2323:   Shout out to ya Mike
16th Sep, 1:26pm
mugsy2323:   Qua Umsa Lageewan
16th Sep, 1:25pm
mugsy2323:   Where is Gilbert already?
16th Sep, 1:21pm
desert420:   24k coming now!
16th Sep, 1:17pm
megahurt:   Thanks eos.
16th Sep, 12:53pm
DrRemulak:   Yea, the Howard 100 logo. Its time for me to order one off eBay to put next to my pedobear stickers.
16th Sep, 12:41pm
prophecy500:   Heyyy Noooww!!
16th Sep, 12:37pm
desert420:   The Howard 100 logo?
16th Sep, 12:29pm
DrRemulak:   I just went out to get beer and the car I parked next to had a fist logo decal. Jealous!
16th Sep, 12:11pm
lennynero:   wow, nearly 1/5th of all North American internet traffic is being dropped, and it seems to be trending downward.
16th Sep, 12:09pm
DrRemulak:   Go stick another hairbrush up your ass.
16th Sep, 11:41am
ricktunes:   crickets..
16th Sep, 11:14am
ricktunes:   --> Gold!
16th Sep, 10:50am
ricktunes:   Anything else Robin..
16th Sep, 10:30am
DrRemulak:   Yesterday Benjy was hilarious on the Wrap Up Show. And now this...
16th Sep, 9:46am
lennynero:   Iamjohnnyl, it died when I posted the pr0n link ;)
15th Sep, 11:42pm
ARTIELANGE09:   I never negatively comment on the show BUT today was the worst show of the year in my opinion. Howard was sooo disinterested today and it just didn't seem to have any flow, kinda how the week is going
15th Sep, 11:24pm
Iamjohnnyl:   damn, lennynero mentions masturbation and the shoutbox shuts down for almost six hours. (according to the timestamps) He's got a gift.
15th Sep, 11:13pm
Iamjohnnyl:   too much information
15th Sep, 5:55pm
lennynero:   ya know, that comment looks so outta place since poopdeck deleted his comment. *shrug*
15th Sep, 5:54pm
lennynero:   I keep it because I masturbate. A lot.
15th Sep, 5:49pm
ricktunes:   yeah i know a lot of stand up comedians, sick crowd all around.
15th Sep, 5:46pm
lennynero:   It would seem that I am not tortured, fucked up, or had a shitty enough childhood to actually qualify as a comic.
15th Sep, 5:38pm
lennynero:   lol, thanks rick! I've actually done a couple of sets and did well, but comedy is a cutthroat business. I returned to that club a couple weeks later to hear a guy doing most of my material. Called him out while smoking in the parking lot and watched him actually leave in tears. Fickle bunch, comedians.
15th Sep, 5:37pm
lovelybeth86:   people store porno, I dont watch much but I always thought people just watched it online. anyways, TOE where are you?
15th Sep, 5:25pm
ricktunes:   heyyyohhh ..Lenny you got me rofl today. You got to add stand up to your expertise yo.
15th Sep, 5:23pm
ricktunes:   thx desert
15th Sep, 4:30pm
desert420:   24k's are up 14th and 15th!
15th Sep, 4:15pm
poopdeck:   no one is forcing you to download.
15th Sep, 4:14pm
poopdeck:   How do people not read what is in the torrent info and then comment?
15th Sep, 4:14pm
poopdeck:   haha.
15th Sep, 4:01pm
002200:   we call em Normies poodeck :P
15th Sep, 3:59pm
jhames34:   I'm telling Carl
15th Sep, 3:58pm
desert420:   24k 14th and 15th will be coming here in 15 minutes! Sorry guys for the delay!
15th Sep, 3:57pm
lennynero:   Note to self: posting pr0n links silences conversations.
15th Sep, 3:48pm
poopdeck:   I have a porn addiction for sure. I'm ruined with women. "Oh you don't like to be choked and a finger in your butt while I fuck you from behind? No facial? What kind of woman are you?" :P
15th Sep, 3:45pm
sflocco:   I think just about every straight male well aquainted with bit torrent has a huge porn collection. My girlfriend thinks I have an addiction to porn, but back before it was easily gotten for free in such abundance I never spent a dime buying it and had just a tiny collection of VHS tape porn that had been given to me over the years
15th Sep, 3:44pm
lennynero:   here, this will be down your alley, then: (not my account, just sharing)
15th Sep, 3:34pm
poopdeck:   hahah lennynero. X-Art or FTV stuff, while mostly softcore, is unreal. The girls are perfect! Literally perfect.
15th Sep, 3:31pm
lennynero:   I'm far from perfect, but I'll be damned if I'm going to steal porn of chicks that *aren't* perfect! I gotz standards, yo!
15th Sep, 3:13pm
poopdeck:   I like that you can see stuff. Everything isn't blurry which effectively airbrushes away all the natural/real/"imperfections." Makes me hard. I'm soaked through my Depends.
15th Sep, 3:11pm
poopdeck:   lennynero:ohh and you're so perfect?
15th Sep, 3:06pm
lennynero:   "ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaah, droppin fuckin loads on your ingrown ass hair.........ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!"
15th Sep, 3:06pm
lennynero:   I can't watch porn in HD. Nothing worse than seeing a festered ass hair on some *really* hot chick. Pop that shit, whore! Ever hear of tweezers?!?!?
15th Sep, 3:06pm
poopdeck:   lol 002200!!! Hoarders pr0n edition I would def. watch. When you watch HD porn it is a whole different level. Really cool IMHO.
15th Sep, 3:05pm
lennynero:   "002200 lives in a 2000sq ft home with pathways to the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. 002200 has an addiction. 002200 is a "porn hoarder" *cue dramatic Hoarders theme*
15th Sep, 2:41pm
002200:   I agree, 720p? pfffff. but yeah, you knw you have too much porn when you dont have enough time to watch it and "enjoy it" catch me on A&E Hoarders soon :I
15th Sep, 2:07pm
lennynero:   don't we all?
15th Sep, 2:01pm
poopdeck:   but then again I have issues.
15th Sep, 1:47pm
poopdeck:   yeah, I have probably at least 500+gb of porn. 720p HD porn. Only reason I keep it around is because I can.
15th Sep, 1:40pm
lennynero:   eos, he was talking about something called a "Flesh Drive", which is just a flash drive pre-filled with porn. But the way he was talking about it was like he'd never heard of the concept of storing files on a flash drive, even suggesting to Richard that he move his "entire porn collection to one of those Flesh Drive things". I'm willing to bet Richard has more porn than me, and mine *certainly* won't fit on any existing flash drives
15th Sep, 1:35pm
bobdylan:   he;ll do it
15th Sep, 1:35pm
bobdylan:   u-p-l-o-a-d
15th Sep, 1:27pm
poopdeck:   The show is posted when it is posted. Stop being bitches.
15th Sep, 1:10pm
ballman872:   wheres the show?
15th Sep, 1:07pm
Duckmanfoo:   Any clue what time todays 128 show will be posted?
15th Sep, 1:04pm
bobdylan:   you'll do it
15th Sep, 1:03pm
bobdylan:   e-o-s
15th Sep, 12:47pm
bobdylan:   done deal pal done deal
15th Sep, 12:47pm
poopdeck:   she sounds immature.
15th Sep, 12:34pm
DrRemulak:   When you get up here you'll do it.
15th Sep, 12:26pm
bobdylan:   you'll do it
15th Sep, 12:26pm
bobdylan:   t-o-p-l-e-s-s
15th Sep, 12:14pm
DrRemulak:   Damn.
15th Sep, 12:12pm
29pK0dmk7p1:   lennynero: i will follow your suggestions below when the eos files are uploaded today.
15th Sep, 12:09pm
eos: Just upgraded Charter.
15th Sep, 11:58am
DrRemulak:   It's like a SIM card... and Bluetooth!
15th Sep, 11:47am
eos:   lennynero: Did he say that this morning?
15th Sep, 10:45am
googs999:   thanks eos
15th Sep, 9:17am
lennynero:   "There's this new thing that's's about the size of a keychain, it plugs into your computer, and it has like 20hrs of porn on it." - Congrats, Howard, you've finally seen a flash drive.
15th Sep, 2:55am
eos:   My main rig is down AGAIN, so I'll be recording, editing, and sharing from the wife's machine. That means a delay of at least an hour after the show ends.
15th Sep, 1:41am
ator1:   *"ewwww" = disgust at the lameness of the joke, not the concept of a frying camel.
15th Sep, 1:38am
ator1:   Those Djs on ch.7 are REALLY bad. Yesterday, one of them was talking about the hottest day on record in one of them middle eastern countries. The punchline was, "It was so hot you could fry a camel on the sidewalk." Ewwww.
15th Sep, 1:33am
ator1:   The only other thing I listen to on Sirius is the 70's channel, and that can easily be replaced with mp3s of the same damn songs and no lame-ass DJs.
15th Sep, 12:12am
lennynero:   with all that said, Stern's contract agreements don't mean jack shit to me, and I'll download here as well as continue listening to bootleg streams on my iPhone. If he doesn't approve it, fuck'em.
15th Sep, 12:10am
lennynero:   just within the last few weeks, some judge ruled that a guy didn't have the right to resell a copy of AutoCAD (legit license and all), simply because AutoCAD had language in the EULA that stated it could not be resold, but rather must be destroyed when the customer was done with it. This "usage rights" and "fair use" bullshit has gone too far, and piracy will continue to flourish as long as companies have such shit end-user agreements.
15th Sep, 12:08am
lennynero:   if the RIAA had their way, you'd have to purchase the .mp3 to listen to on your portable player, even though you legally own the hard copy CD sitting in your shelf.
15th Sep, 12:06am
lennynero:   ofc, it's all the same to *us*. If we can't get it legit from the content providers in the media format we want, we'll either find it illegally or transcode/rip the media we already own. No one wants to admit it (aside from content owners), but there's *still* a huge legal battle going on as to whether you have the "right" to rip your CD's to .mp3.
15th Sep, 12:02am
lennynero:   believe it or not, if you own the CD, you do not own the rights to rebroadcast it, much in the same way that Sirius doesn't own the rights to rebroadcast content without Stern's approval. Stern won't give approval until Sirius pays him.
14th Sep, 11:59pm
lennynero:   yes, bellet, what's the difference between cassette tapes, CD's, and a low quality internet stream? Each one takes a license from the content owner to be used as a distribution medium. I mean, you *could* be right, it just *sounds* wrong ;)
14th Sep, 11:43pm
bellet:   it's not a another medium. It's still the same show same ads everything, what does it matter what device you hear it on. My understanding is that Howard tv had the right to 3rd party rights to use the show content, and because of that it effect being on the i-phone app.
14th Sep, 10:01pm
jhames34:   Cross and Lopez 100 and 101, coming January 9 2011
14th Sep, 7:05pm
lennynero:   The official response from Howard is that his Sirius deal did *NOT* stipulate mobile broadcasting rights, and he's not going to broadcast across another medium without reimbursement. (Internet radio *was* covered, but only via the official Sirius stream).
14th Sep, 7:01pm
lennynero:   bellet, why would HowardTV have any effect on where the Sirius radio show is heard? HowardTV is not Sirius, and have independent exclusive deals, I'm sure.
14th Sep, 6:49pm
deadluvva:   And is there a better pure rock drummer than Bonzo. Nope. Technically maybe. Power and heart nope
14th Sep, 6:48pm
deadluvva:   How ya doin rick ol friend
14th Sep, 6:45pm
ricktunes:   Taj Mahal ..good stuff
14th Sep, 6:44pm
ricktunes:   heyy noww
14th Sep, 6:40pm
deadluvva:   How ya doin rick???? Talkin music = rick.
14th Sep, 6:39pm
deadluvva:   11 years old I had fucking taste. 44 years old and still do. Today listened to Zep 3 and Taj Mahal. That makes a good day
14th Sep, 6:38pm
deadluvva:   Man that first VH album blew me away. Musta been 11 years old. On a vaction in Edmonton. Played it to death. Woaaaah Wooooah whoooooah Jamie's Cryin.........
14th Sep, 6:36pm
deadluvva:   "Yooooooow"-------------- Diamond Dave yell.......
14th Sep, 6:12pm
bellet:   I thought it was ondemand that was preventing any third parties from having Howard like the Iphone
14th Sep, 6:11pm
rvotyrtsym:   Diamond Dave 100 & Diamond Dave
14th Sep, 5:49pm
DrRemulak:   I hear Sirius is gearing up for Roth 100 and Roth 101.
14th Sep, 5:43pm
deadluvva:   And this great site, and utorrent and our Lord and Saviour of course
14th Sep, 5:42pm
deadluvva:   Thanks to toe and videotron that is
14th Sep, 5:42pm
deadluvva:   jump on the torrents early and the ratio thing is a breeze. I uploaded over 3.5 in about 2 hours. Yesssssh!
14th Sep, 4:40pm
Lemmi:   i remeber reading that $87 dollars per tape once before
14th Sep, 4:38pm
lennynero:   didn't post a source, as the source didn't post *their* source.
14th Sep, 4:36pm
Lemmi:   i thought stern wouldnt sign anything unless he has the rights/own his own shows after the channel 9 crap
14th Sep, 4:36pm
Lemmi:   ahh that sounds more like it
14th Sep, 4:35pm
lennynero:   ahhh, found a more up to date story -- "The shows cost Stern approximately $2 million, which equates to approximately $87 per hour of tape. Sirius has the rights to the tapes until the end of Stern's current contract with Sirius, and then all ownership rights will return to Stern"
14th Sep, 4:35pm
Lemmi:   heh just another cluster fuck stern has gotten into
14th Sep, 4:32pm
lennynero:   one could speculate that those licensing rights could be part of the reason Stern isn't on the iPhone app (mobile broadcast rights), since Sirius/Stern own everything else.
14th Sep, 4:31pm
lennynero:   seems most of it is still confidential, but here's a quote from a CBS article -- "Stern's new employer, Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., agreed to pay $2 million to CBS Radio in return for the rights to the classic recordings, according to a statement released by both sides." --
14th Sep, 4:20pm
Lemmi:   i might be wrong but i dont think sirius had anything to do with sterns old shows
14th Sep, 4:19pm
Lemmi:   or as a settlement cbs would give the shows back to stern for a price or something like that
14th Sep, 4:19pm
Lemmi:   i thought stern bought his old shows when cbs sued him after he left
14th Sep, 3:59pm
lennynero:   blacklight0, they can't handle traffic for the website, I seriously doubt they can handle multiple audio streams. The only hope we have is if Howard signs on with someone like Pandora, RadioIO, or akamai that have the existing infrastructure. There's also the issue that Howard *still* doesn't "own" his old shit, but rather Sirius came to a licensing agreement with CBS. It's possible that Sirius will retain that license even after Stern's gone.
14th Sep, 3:53pm
lennynero:   most private sites "require" (i.e. it's in the rules, but no way to enforce) that members disable PEX and DHT, anyway. Ignoring unencrypted peers means there's nothing for prying eyes to snoop.
14th Sep, 3:51pm
lennynero:   and before I catch shit, my clients have been setup this way for years without any issues, plus I don't have to worry about one of my private torrents showing up on another tracker, or getting leeched on by someone that's not part of RS/TK.
14th Sep, 3:51pm
lennynero:   only accept encrypted peers, that's a start. Disable any "open-peer" connections (disable DHT and PEX). That'll level things out a bit.
14th Sep, 1:42pm
29pK0dmk7p1:   ip addresses, i should have said
14th Sep, 1:42pm
29pK0dmk7p1:   seems to have started a few weeks ago. my bittorrent client has autobanned 18 ip's for repeatedly sending bad data for the eos 9-14 edit alone, and i haven't even finished downloading yet. given that there aren't that many downloaders, it makes me think the "poisoners" change ip addresses to try to get around filters. i download torrents from other sites and don't see anything remotely like what i've been seeing here lately.
14th Sep, 1:20pm
poopdeck:   i only download the eos edit though so nevermind.
14th Sep, 1:18pm
poopdeck:   I haven't noticed the slow speeds but I doubt it is someone poisoning the swarm unless it is some rival tracker that doesn't like the admins or something?
14th Sep, 12:58pm
29pK0dmk7p1:   eos: bad data coming from different ip's. no big deal ... just slows things down a bit. if sirius or somebody is paying some outfit to do this, it's a waste of money.
14th Sep, 12:20pm
megahurt:   Thanks eos.
14th Sep, 12:03pm
eos:   29pK0dmk7p1: That's odd for sure. It might be due to the seedbox, but that's hard to test, unless you could block that peer. is in the IP.
14th Sep, 11:59am
29pK0dmk7p1:   i'm talking about download. the most recently posted torrent (hamhands hours 1-5 has two seeders (out of 15) marked "anonymous" and one leecher (out of 11) with that name. could those be the culprits?
14th Sep, 11:58am
ricktunes:   If that means anything..
14th Sep, 11:55am
ricktunes:   I had 0 hashfails and 0 wasted data just now on upload.
14th Sep, 11:53am
29pK0dmk7p1:   @eos re: full edit slow download. i'm not limiting my incoming connection, buti have noticed slower downloads for weeks due to bad data being sent. surprised nobody else seems to have noticed this, unless their bittorent client doesn't give them a way to see it. i honestly think somebody is systematically trying to poison the torrents. Maybe it shows up more on the full edit b/c there are fewer downloaders. End of my paranoid rant, although i don't think i'm being paranoid.
14th Sep, 11:47am
eos:   Since I haven't actually listened to a show since December 2008, I only hear the opening and closing comments, and then the stuff coming back from a break. He seems to be most annoyed when ending the show, but to listen to the lame "HEYOOOOOOO" at every live read (plus, it's really all I ever hear) is most difficult for me. I can hear the phoning it in, or lack of enthusiasm.
14th Sep, 11:19am
bobdylan:   am i the only long time listener hearing the mailing it in factor?
14th Sep, 11:13am
bobdylan:   2 crappy shows down so far this week
14th Sep, 10:29am
eos:   Jesus. Howard AGAIN wondering "How can people have time to attend a taping of the Oprah show?" What an idiot. Every so often he incredulously asks how people can be "out" during normal working hours. Like, when HE is trying to get somewhere and they're slowing him down. That is a serious fucking ego.
13th Sep, 8:42pm
blacklight0:   hey if howard starts an online thing, do you think they'll archive all the past shows? im sure his mega servers can handle it right?
13th Sep, 8:40pm
blacklight0:   i got that joke from saved by the bell ha
13th Sep, 8:39pm
blacklight0:   bellet, just heard what you said< fuck robin pulling out the race card, but dont judge blacks by their worst specimen lol
13th Sep, 8:38pm
13th Sep, 8:31pm
eos:   Don't get used to it...
13th Sep, 8:21pm
Quadzilla99:   eos is back and all is right with the world
13th Sep, 8:18pm
zombievegas:   Welcome back EoS, and thanks!
13th Sep, 8:03pm
eos:   "Never in the history of niggerdom..." K.W.
13th Sep, 7:57pm
blacklight0:   dont get me wrong, fuck robin AND bellet lol
13th Sep, 7:57pm
blacklight0:   she was acting like a nigger bellet? lol one of the fans artie hopes isnt laughing at his racist jokes the wrong way lol.... bellet what a douche aha
13th Sep, 7:54pm
lennynero:   that self-righteous cuntfart of a bitch.
13th Sep, 7:38pm
bellet:   this happeend after she was already asked to leave because she was now cutting into someone elses time.
13th Sep, 7:37pm
bellet:   they had day passes not night
13th Sep, 7:21pm
lennynero:   bellet, did you miss the part that her group all had valid invitations?
13th Sep, 6:52pm
rvotyrtsym:   what is bellet talking about ?
13th Sep, 6:31pm
desert420:   Man you scared me there! Thought something was wrong with my box! So there was no cutting out on the 24k's?
13th Sep, 6:26pm
bellet:   Anyone find it odd that Robin had to play the nigger card at the end of her being kicked out. Maybe if the word was ever used it was because she was acting like a nigger by not leaving when she was first asked. What a nut job to play the race card when she does not get her way.
13th Sep, 5:49pm
lennynero:   s'why they pay me the big bucks, eos
13th Sep, 5:30pm
eos:   lennynero: That sorts correctly, so I'll keep it under advisement.
13th Sep, 5:26pm
13th Sep, 5:26pm
13th Sep, 5:24pm
DrRemulak:   Nevermind. I figured it out and it was on my end. Who even knew that you could copy a file that wasn't done downloading? Not me.
13th Sep, 5:22pm
DrRemulak:   Darn. I hope my $7 MP3 player isn't going bad...
13th Sep, 5:19pm
lennynero:   how about swapping the dashes and dots? "Stern-2010.09.20-24"
13th Sep, 5:14pm
eos:   No matter what, the sub-folders will be the same as now.
13th Sep, 5:14pm
eos:   The biggest upside to my Friday uploads will be the fucking outrageous speeds. I'll be sending the files to the seedbox, prior to uploading here. And it will be a single folder for all week, then a single upload for all eight versions. You guys will have to be on your fucking toes to only grab the versions and days you want. Still undecided on a naming convention for the folder though. Stern-2010-09-20.24 looks like ass.
13th Sep, 5:10pm
eos:   DrRemulak: I didn't think you were complaining. I just want the terminology to be correct.
13th Sep, 5:09pm
eos:   DrRemulak: No cut out for me. WMP
13th Sep, 5:09pm
DrRemulak:   eos: I know and I'm not complaining, just commenting. Maybe desert done smoked himself retarded. XD
13th Sep, 5:08pm
eos:   The segment starts at 2:06:50, for anyone else who wants to check.
13th Sep, 5:05pm
eos:   DrRemulak: Just to be clear, they're only my "source" files; desert transcodes them to 24k from the 128k I upload. I'll check it out and get back to you.
13th Sep, 5:02pm
DrRemulak:   Eos: Todays 24k barebones. I get 5-10 second skips very often. I use the player everyday with your files with zero issues, but it could be the player. Best example was right as Will the Farter came in the studio it cut out.
13th Sep, 4:57pm
eos:   bobdylan: Shortest this month, anyway.
13th Sep, 4:56pm
eos:   lovelybeth86: T O P L E S S.
13th Sep, 4:56pm
eos:   DrRemulak: More info please. Barebones or full edit? Time stamp(s)? Listening device(s)?
13th Sep, 4:55pm
eos:   bobdylan: Full edit was 4:23:00 and barebones was 3:42:00. Kinda short...
13th Sep, 4:55pm
deadluvva:   @y2kfalcon; lollllllll
13th Sep, 4:39pm
lennynero:   mmmm, oOTunes just released an update with scheduled recordings, sleep timer, and alarm clock. I woke up to the show's theme song on 101 at 08:00 this morning. God, I love technology.
13th Sep, 4:33pm
bobdylan:   hrmm am i nuts or was the show realllllly short today with nothing happening
13th Sep, 4:19pm
DrRemulak:   Todays 24k show is full of glitches. Now trying out the 128k version.
13th Sep, 3:52pm
lovelybeth86:   Welcome back EOS, thanks for all you do hun!
13th Sep, 3:33pm
fallsmatt:   THANKS EOS!
13th Sep, 3:32pm
mugsy2323:   welcome back eos
13th Sep, 3:30pm
hangemhigh:   Bless you eos..+
13th Sep, 3:17pm
y2kfalcon:   deadluvva: You mispelled "Stern". ;)
13th Sep, 2:52pm
deadluvva:   Clapton was God. Now he is just a sad, tired, boring, one-scale playing has been.
13th Sep, 2:51pm
poopdeck:   thanks EOS!
13th Sep, 2:36pm
desert420:   I had to crank my upload speed! LOL 10M/b total!
13th Sep, 2:36pm
eos:   Oh, to find old torrents not on the first page, simply click the category icon of what you are seeking. Then click the additional pages at the bottom to search farther back.
13th Sep, 2:35pm
eos:   desert420: Good trip, really just a few days away from home to relax with my dad and see some old friends. Also saw Machete. "Machete don't text."
13th Sep, 2:34pm
eos:   I adjusted my tracker to display 50 per page. A major hassle to figure it out, since I don't speak php...
13th Sep, 2:34pm
desert420:   EOS - How was your Trip?
13th Sep, 2:34pm
desert420:   You got it! NICE EOS!
13th Sep, 2:34pm
desert420:   24k's are up!
13th Sep, 2:33pm
eos:   Floodin' the front page. Oh yeah!
13th Sep, 1:35pm
desert420:   24k 7th - 13th will be up in 10 minutes!
13th Sep, 1:08pm
nanoreefer:   E
13th Sep, 1:08pm
nanoreefer:   O
13th Sep, 1:08pm
nanoreefer:   S
13th Sep, 1:07pm
nanoreefer:   R
13th Sep, 1:07pm
nanoreefer:   O
13th Sep, 1:07pm
nanoreefer:   C
13th Sep, 1:07pm
nanoreefer:   K
13th Sep, 1:07pm
nanoreefer:   S
13th Sep, 12:46pm
MarkMartin:   People say "Clapton is GOD"... I say "EOS is GOD!!!"
13th Sep, 12:44pm
desert420:   Doing 24k's for lastweek and today. Should be up here shortly.
13th Sep, 12:33pm
megahurt:   Thanks eos.
13th Sep, 12:15pm
Ginge:   Thanks a ton EOS
13th Sep, 11:48am
antd:   thanks, eos
13th Sep, 11:13am
eos:   The people grabbing the barebones finished quickly.
13th Sep, 11:13am
eos:   I think the people downloading the full edit are limiting their incoming connections. All six of last week's shows are on the seedbox,, yet it's been 20 minutes and they are still not shared. No big deal, just an observation.
13th Sep, 10:30am
damnhustle:    lovelybeth86, the album is called blue eyes meets bedstuy. you can listen to it here
13th Sep, 10:06am
shanerr:   lol@ ator1
13th Sep, 9:56am
sflocco:   I take it Artie didn't come in?
13th Sep, 9:55am
sflocco:   Glad your back EOS. My PC that I record on updated itself and rebooted in the middle of the night and knocked out my timer record. So had to start recording on the westcoast feed.
13th Sep, 9:18am
honeybee:   glad to see you back eos
13th Sep, 6:10am
duke9555:   bed
13th Sep, 5:25am
ator1:   You forgot the word, "bed" in your last post, duke9555.
13th Sep, 5:20am
djkikrome:   welcome back eos. Hope you've had a great time being gone. You definitely were missed around here. lol
13th Sep, 4:43am
duke9555:   Arties in today
13th Sep, 4:42am
duke9555:   u do enuff EOS
13th Sep, 3:44am
eos:   I recorded until 12:10 on the 8th, and the news was cut off. WTF? So, it's just TWUS on that day.
13th Sep, 3:00am
bellet:   yes it should be new
13th Sep, 2:01am
hangemhigh:   I'm looking for a program that will notify when I receive an email, any suggestion? not poppeeper. thanks
12th Sep, 11:02pm
jhames34:   And nowwww, the .popo's heeeere, and so I faceeee, the final murd'rinnnnn...okay, so Sal Governale I'm NOT.:P
12th Sep, 10:50pm
lovelybeth86:   I dont know where you can hear it Dead, but someone remixed Frank Sinatra songs with Biggie! Its actually a pretty great album, its on my bfs ipod! Im almost positive the show is live tomorrow Bob!
12th Sep, 10:47pm
Streaks:   chill
12th Sep, 10:29pm
12th Sep, 10:29pm
bobdylan:   ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!
12th Sep, 9:56pm
bobdylan:   is the show live tomorrow?
12th Sep, 9:32pm
Streaks:   im workin at the supermarket right now
12th Sep, 8:30pm
ator1:   It's been done before, but this site lets you download youtube videos as mp3s, and it works really well: If you can't find a song anywhere else, check it out.
12th Sep, 8:00pm
howard159:   nigga looooves sweetnin', don't he?
12th Sep, 7:03pm
jhames34:   what do you think of "Dead Wrong, Bigs with Eminem? Or his little rap in that Michael Jackson song? I just heard that one yesterday with my special lady friend, as Lebowski would call her
12th Sep, 7:01pm
jhames34:   I hope he didn't find peace, as he said he don't wanna go to heaven with the goody goodies :P jk
12th Sep, 7:00pm
EWtheReaper:   any chance of getting all of last week in 128?
12th Sep, 6:09pm
MarkMartin:   Any SEC Football Fans?!? WAR EAGLE!!!
12th Sep, 5:59pm
deadluvva:   that is the real deal hip-hop cd. He lived like he died. By the way the only cd to be released in his lifetime. Love Biggie. Hope he finally found peace
12th Sep, 5:32pm
jhames34:   hahaha yeah Deadluvva...the line is actually censored even on the OFFICIAL album, the record label even wouldn't let that line go :P but the unedited version is available
12th Sep, 5:28pm
Streaks:   Steelers!!
12th Sep, 5:19pm
deadluvva:   Freeleech Sasha Blonde site rip. She is soooooooooooooooooooooo f 'ing hot. IPtorrents baby.
12th Sep, 2:17pm
12gage:   Mrwirez pm your email
12th Sep, 2:11pm
12gage:   Mrwirez pm your email
12th Sep, 1:18pm
deadluvva:   You gave me one awhile ago redwings and I absol love that site. cough-------freeleech porn------cough
12th Sep, 12:55pm
redwings20:   i have iptorrents invites for anyone here with a solid ratio, PM me with ur email address.
12th Sep, 12:15pm
Mrwirez:   I lost my torrentleech membership... didn't login for 60 days.. any invites would be SWEET.. Thanks
12th Sep, 10:04am
12gage:   does anyone have blackcat games invite they could throw me? I was a member but lost my account when you were suppose to create a pincode by a certain date. I have invites I could trade, I love to share just looking for ps3 games now that it's jailbroke. PM me if you could help, thank you
12th Sep, 7:24am
deadluvva:   Thanks jhames for that line from Gimme Da Loot. I always wondered what he was singing and knew if it was censored it had to be hardcore. Ooooof.
12th Sep, 4:55am
werris:   He needs a rocket up his arse. Either do the show well, or retire and live of the memories.
12th Sep, 4:54am
werris:   I'll always love the actual show. I can't go a few days without hearing Eric the Midget. But if Stern really wants fans to follow him elsewhere again, and keep paying, he's going to have to come back completely refreshed. This current grump will not succeed at anything in the future. He's 56 and to say he's set in his ways would be an enormous understatement.
12th Sep, 4:52am
werris:   Quadzilla99: that shouldn't affect the quality of their views of the show. It's not as if people that don't listen to the show are shitting on it.
11th Sep, 11:05pm
11th Sep, 9:20pm
jhames34:   artie actually has the lyrics wrong in Gimme the Loot, there's a censored part where he fills it in as "I don't guve a fycj what you hearin'" but the original lyrics are something like "I don't give a fuck if you''re pregnant" That line alone is a goldmine for a bit
11th Sep, 8:58pm
Mokito:   lol, nevermind
11th Sep, 8:46pm
Mokito:   wait, what? why arent they on today?
11th Sep, 7:27pm
ator1:   Geektime anywhere?
11th Sep, 5:35pm
duke9555:   r they live monday/
11th Sep, 5:01pm
Zapper562:   I posted the 2010-09-08 and 2010-09-09 128 kbps shows, but I don't have a recording of the 2010-09-07 shows.
11th Sep, 10:54am
kefil:   sflocco we speak your name! Thanks for the great posts!
11th Sep, 10:19am
bluedevils:   Is 2010-09-07 - The Howard Stern Show, Wrap-Up - 128 kbps - getting posted?
11th Sep, 9:59am
deadluvva: ------- Artie doin Biggie. Love it!
11th Sep, 9:14am
deadluvva:   cause a nigga palyin pussy that's a nigga that's gettin screwed.................. BIG said that
11th Sep, 9:13am
deadluvva:   thanks to sflocco for those 64 k rips this week. YeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaa my friend
11th Sep, 7:02am
Aardsy:   Howard barely understands his tivo and cable box, so his talking about the future of technology for the show is very funny
11th Sep, 6:44am
Quadzilla99:   Who said people couldn't say what they want?
11th Sep, 6:02am
urname12345:   MOBB DEEP
11th Sep, 6:02am
urname12345:   also mobb deep.... mobb deep is THE SHIT
11th Sep, 6:00am
urname12345:   but i also love alice in chains, white zombie, soundgarden... ETC
11th Sep, 5:57am
urname12345:   bone thugs IS the best rap shit.......... fucking love bone thugs, also 2pac and biggie
11th Sep, 5:54am
urname12345:   doesnt matter if people pay for it, people can say what they want... and im preaching my free speach shit, you niggers best listen too some bone thugs.
11th Sep, 5:47am
Quadzilla99:   werris: Most of the people complaining in the shoutbox probably don't pay for Howard.
11th Sep, 4:51am
urname12345:   faggot
11th Sep, 4:44am
urname12345:   yea, howard is NOT high class paying thousands of dollars for a stupid mirrior and a gay iron man set up
11th Sep, 4:43am
urname12345:   FFS if your going to a psychiatrist for fucking 10 years and it hasnt done shit? wtf are you stupid? + like $500 an hour, what an idiot; plus all the people that rip him off "installing" / "repairing" stuff... what a total retard.
11th Sep, 4:38am
urname12345:   hey howie is totally fucked up with his trophy wife and psych sessions... what a bitch. his psych is a money grubbing jew like howard, and is loving that he makes $500 an hour and does shit but listen to howards repetitive "Theres something wrong with me, I dont feel for other people"
11th Sep, 2:38am
werris:   I can't believe how far up his arse Robyn and Fred are atm. Fred is so far up Howard's arse all you can see are his shoes sticking out...
11th Sep, 2:38am
djkikrome:   I'll have my tent and napsack, looking to setup camp on cameltoe or eos' yard, lenny.
11th Sep, 2:37am
werris:   The Russian girls segment was empty and tense for the other contestants. And Howard really did his nut over a stupid radio bit. That he doesn't have the capacity to remove himself from those types of situations, and reacted the way he did, shows a real lack of class. He's always the first person to laugh when someone has it in for someone else, but needs to be taken so seriously if he feels slighted.
11th Sep, 2:36am
werris:   I find it completely hypocritical that he values his audience so much, yet as soon as he hits rough water, the show goes to shit. I hate to be the first one to point it out to him, but that's not how you repay loyalty to long term listeners who are NOW PAYING to listen to his show. When it was on free to air radio it didn't he is happy to take the money and moan the morning away. It makes for extremely fucken boring listening.
10th Sep, 9:47pm
SpaceEdge:   lol
10th Sep, 9:07pm
lennynero:   Howard's moving exclusively to Bluetooth. We're all going to be forced to crowd within 30ft of our nearest show repeater.
10th Sep, 8:52pm
SpaceEdge:   don't worry there is this upcomming thing called a SIM Card, right now there is something called Bluetooth. I've got this all figured out Robin
10th Sep, 8:42pm
bobdylan:   KOAB should stick to goofing on Ronnie
10th Sep, 5:39pm
ricktunes:   Got's to have your Moen's..
10th Sep, 5:37pm
lennynero:   as KoAB was wondering how people were going to listen to Howard without a radio or Sirius unit, I was taking a shit and listening to the live show on my iPhone. Where there's a will....
10th Sep, 5:34pm
lennynero:   KoAB was all like, "what about people at the bus stop, n'shit?" -- TOTALLY missing the point of "Howard Everywhere"
10th Sep, 5:34pm
pulpo:   lennynero, that show is horrible and always sucks. mutt is the worst.
10th Sep, 5:22pm
lennynero:   Superfan Roundtable sucked ass. This "sim card baby" shit is just confusing people. KoAB and Maryanne were just talking in circles, and Mutt did a shitty job putting it into Laymen's terms.
10th Sep, 4:03pm
jhames34:   The answers lie before you, desert, Toe Rent Key Pur.
10th Sep, 3:59pm
desert420:   Dont want to be annoying but did anyone cap the Bob Schimmel thing?
10th Sep, 3:24pm
bluedevils:   any 128k rips this past week available?
10th Sep, 1:55pm
thericochet:   righteous
10th Sep, 1:42pm
Mokito:   i agree ric
10th Sep, 12:55pm
thericochet:   i still find it funny to watch the 60 Minutes interview right before he started on Sirius, at the very end he said something like "when you hire me, you hire a madman who will work 24 hours a day for you"...i guess that means kill 4 hours with pre-recorded shit and the same 15 recycled Sal & Richard calls. sorry, it's still my favorite form of entertainment, it's just sickening to hear how uninspired Howard is. i wonder how he'd be acting if that contract was incentive-based and not guaranteed.
10th Sep, 12:52pm
thericochet:   remember 5 to 10 years ago when Howard was saying how he had this grand vision for his presence on the web with video and lots of great things but "the technology just isn't there yet"...well it's been there for at least 3 or 4 years now and he hasn't done shit except put Jason in charge of uploading photos 12 hours after the show is over. fuckin a. and Howard TV doesn't count.
10th Sep, 10:46am
mindpie:   @ streaks: Thanks a million! finished downloading and will continue to seed...grateful for the help!
10th Sep, 8:16am
Streaks:   if anyone wants "unclean beaver" it is hopefully seeded on TK.
10th Sep, 1:03am
werris:   He's always been strange but he's out of control at the moment, and I bet 1 000 times more mental off air. I think he'll have a meltdown quite soon. The Brandano tirade is the perfect example. After all the visits to the psych he's even more fucked up than ever.
10th Sep, 12:35am
werris:   Howard is nuts atm. I give his marriage another 2 months max.
9th Sep, 10:20pm
mindpie:   thanks streaks...gotta love this place!
9th Sep, 10:13pm
Streaks:   i have that file it out tomorrow
9th Sep, 9:15pm
mindpie:   @djkikrome...that would be super cool! so far no one has re-seeded but I'll wait a bit longer. anything you have would be great!
9th Sep, 9:08pm
scump:   Lenny, agreed... anything that cuts off Robin is something great (I hate her almost as much as I hate King Of All Blacks). But the song cuts right through me and I can't take it. But yer right, I didn't see it that way.
9th Sep, 8:37pm
Streaks:   Official NFL start tonite ladies...for those who indulge
9th Sep, 8:32pm
shanerr:   got an invite to iptorrents if you want, ROEU812. theres def dex on there. pm me
9th Sep, 8:29pm
shanerr:   just got on heynowtorrents. very pumped about having more stern access. and they have freeleeches which is great for MTTs
9th Sep, 7:02pm
djkikrome:   @mindpie… I knew I had it but just finished checking against that link you gave me. Mine came from the NOID a long time ago. The file sizes don't match up with this torrent on here. Give it some time and check around with the original poster. If no one reseeds for you after a few days, I'll repost it on here with what I have if you want.
9th Sep, 6:26pm
jhames34:   uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...huh?
9th Sep, 5:50pm
redwings20:   what diagnosis did they give you??
9th Sep, 5:36pm
sotie99:   ROEU812: not a torrent site, direct downloads - need to use a download manager like jDownloader.
9th Sep, 5:31pm
deadluvva:   Any Modern Family fans here? Just discovered it and watched the first season and it is amazing!
9th Sep, 4:55pm
ROEU812:   anyone know of a good ddl or torrent site for full dvdr stuff? looking to complete my Dexter collection...if you have an inivation to one i sure could use one
9th Sep, 3:19pm
lifeofsin: shimmel tribute
9th Sep, 2:41pm
lennynero:   man, Howard went *off* on Brandano today
9th Sep, 2:30pm
xvf22:   Thanks for the up sflocco
9th Sep, 2:16pm
bggoth:   *internet provider's servers, that is :0
9th Sep, 2:15pm
bggoth:   so, the site will be in rough seas the next few days at least
9th Sep, 2:14pm
bggoth:   the tpb''s servers were raided yesterday
9th Sep, 2:11pm
xvf22:   you figure the WDM people would fall back to demonoid or something but no such luck
9th Sep, 2:10pm
bobdylan:   wtf is with pirates bay lately , its always giving that page not found
9th Sep, 2:08pm
xvf22:   TPB is borked as well .. urg..
9th Sep, 2:06pm
bobdylan:   EOS why have you forsaken us?!@?!!?@?@?!?!?!?
9th Sep, 2:05pm
desert420:   EOS is on Vacation again
9th Sep, 1:57pm
fallsmatt:   What happened to EOS?
9th Sep, 1:56pm
fallsmatt:   Thanks for your work, sflocco!!!
9th Sep, 1:55pm
fallsmatt:   Thanks for your work, sflocco!!!
9th Sep, 1:55pm
bobdylan:   is eos dead?
9th Sep, 1:48pm
sflocco:   working on the edit for today's show now as we speak. My account at heynowtorrents was disabled for some unknown reason. Not the first time. Every time I don't go on it for a few months my account get's disabled. I don't use it more because it's a tough place to keep a 1.0 ratio. It's obviously a tough place to keep an account period.
9th Sep, 1:13pm
xvf22:   Can't find todays anywhere sadly..
9th Sep, 12:26pm
sflocco:    if no one else posts today, I can have a copy of today's show up around 2 pm eastern
9th Sep, 11:55am
xvf22:   Ya, I love when he drowns her out.
9th Sep, 10:05am
lennynero:   yesterday she's all like, "oh god, I can't even talk it's so loud....UGH!"...cracked my shit right up
9th Sep, 10:04am
lennynero:   scump, re: Robin's new music, I *still* gut laugh every time it plays. Fred's been playing it *obnoxiously* loud the last few weeks, totally drowns her out....I love it!
9th Sep, 8:41am
FJackie:   Feeling good about the show right now. I'm no 'fair-weather fan', so this is what I hold on for.
9th Sep, 8:39am
FJackie:   We've been (my self included) putting down the show lately, but this week, I must say has been so far good. The Shimmel talks made me feel reflective. The Russian girls thing sounds like a good bit (I'm a day behind, so I'm just about to listen to it now). But when I heard that Artie was going to come in I felt...well, I just can't describe it. It felt good. The only thing that I didn't like was the hesitation to have him on. Don't ever hesititate with the great Artie Lange...just sit back and listen. There will be no dissapointments. Keep on pulling the nose up, Howard. I'm a fan for life.
9th Sep, 7:36am
werris:   When Bababooey took over today so Howard could participate in the Russian girl competition...the show sounded so much better and more positive than when Howard is MC. Howard has been useless for months now. Any change is better than Howard..even Babafoofiy
9th Sep, 7:33am
sflocco:   All these wack packers are boring. Jeff the drunk is boring. There are millions of Jeff the drunks. Just go to any bar here in Philly that opens at 7 a.m. Whoever is in there before noon, could be Jeff the Drunk.
9th Sep, 3:29am
thericochet:   i like hanzie because he doesn't try hard to get onto the show like Bobo or any of the real sycophants who just kiss ass. he beats those unfunny, uninteresting bong hit morons who used to get on every day for 3 years. even ETM is boring as fuck now, saying the same shit over and over while Howard just kills time, watching the clock. it's like Groundhog Day with that kid. strip club. won't fly. wants to get on tv. gets audition. wont audition. repeat.
9th Sep, 3:25am
ator1:   Did Hanzi find one of the hidden cameras? 7-C is just showing static now.
9th Sep, 2:07am
ping12:   Well I officially found the boringest character to ever appear on the show, 1000 times more boring than Beth. Hanzy. It goes to show that just because someone acts strange, it doesn't make them an interesting person. What a lame personality.
8th Sep, 11:04pm
mindpie:   @djkikrome! cheers, appreciate the help!
8th Sep, 11:04pm
scump:   gurgle gurgle is not funny..... quack quack is (was)..... robin's new music is intolerable.... i agree with ricochet although some DO get cycled out that were played non-stop (oprah windfrey negro woman from the south)
8th Sep, 10:28pm
thericochet:   i love Fred, but Howard should demand that the sound effects be cycled out every 8 weeks or so. not all of them, but most of them. hearing the same shit getting beaten to death over and over for weeks/months/years gets grating. Fred's obviously someone who needs that kind of directive, otherwise he stagnates
8th Sep, 10:23pm
djkikrome:   @mindpie… post the link to the page and I'll see if I have it still.
8th Sep, 10:19pm
lennynero:   dunno if anyone has mentioned it, but Lisa G did a report earlier that Artie would be back as a guest to talk about what happened in December of last year. The staff seemed pretty supportive, but they didn't get Howard or Robin's input.
8th Sep, 9:51pm
jhames34:   I completely agree with your insights on the Artie thing, Beth...I think Norm Macdonald said it best in a recent interview where he said that the best thing for Artie right now is to stay as far away from show biz as possible.
8th Sep, 9:50pm
lovelybeth86:   Thanks hun, if you find anything I would appreciate the info! Have a great evening!
8th Sep, 9:48pm
jhames34:   Henry Rollins put out an awesome album a while back supporting the West Memphis 3, all black flag covers by Rollins and his band, with vocals by Lemmy, Hank Williams III, Iggy Pop, and a bunch more.
8th Sep, 9:47pm
jhames34:   no luck so far beth, so far the closest I've found in torrent form was Howard mentioning it :P
8th Sep, 9:46pm
lovelybeth86:   And the thing with Artie is, I think they want him there, but when someone you love is that emotionally unstable, they dont want to risk him hurtin himself again! But im sure they would all love him back in the studio!
8th Sep, 9:45pm
lovelybeth86:   I tried Vannoys site, but ill ask here aswell. Does anyone know where I can find that show Eddie Vedder and Natalie maines did?
8th Sep, 9:08pm
jhames34:   Toe Rent Key Pur. That is the answer to all of your questions.
8th Sep, 7:42pm
mindpie:   sorry to butt in...anyone getting SQL errors when requesting a repost? i'm trying to request a repost of "unclean beaver" if anyone can lend a hand?
8th Sep, 7:09pm
redwings20:   i was in cheyenne, wyoming yesterday and i saw a dude wearing a baba booey t-shirt. just goes to show you the stern show is EVERYWHERE now with sirius.
8th Sep, 6:49pm
desert420:   YAY Artie!
8th Sep, 6:28pm
batwings:   @lifeofsin - I think the "With ART" indicates that there is album art (a pic of Howard) included in the mp3 ID portion of the file. I also just noticed a short show wrapup in the lyrics portion
8th Sep, 6:28pm
crash613:   did anyone ever post the bob shimmel tribute?
8th Sep, 6:24pm
sflocco:   Sounds like they really don't want him in there. They're certainly not speaking of him like he's still considered a co-worker. Artie's gone
8th Sep, 6:21pm
goodie2shoes:   yeah, good info
8th Sep, 6:01pm
rvotyrtsym:   what deadluvva said.
8th Sep, 4:44pm
deadluvva:   Nice Beth. Thanks
8th Sep, 4:03pm
lovelybeth86:   A Quick Artie Lange Update. 09/08/10. 8:00am Howard said Gary spoke to Artie and he wants to come in and tell them everything that happened. Howard said he's kind of curious about that. Robin wondered if that's a good thing. Howard said he has to hear what Gary has to say about that. Howard said he knows they're all curious but he wants to see the guy get better. Fred wondered if he's strong enough to do that. Howard said that's like that Sheryl Crowe song. They're going to have to discuss it amongst themselves to figure out if they want to have him come in to talk about what went on.
8th Sep, 4:01pm
lifeofsin:   come back soon eos hope all is good and to all the other rippers "a ba ba boey to you all "
8th Sep, 3:59pm
lifeofsin:   Just got out of my MAN CAVE whats going on is art coming back i see a fiule named news with ART ? what up people TALK TO ME
8th Sep, 3:51pm
lovelybeth86:   Cameltoes laptop is broke, and EOS is on vacation!
8th Sep, 3:50pm
lovelybeth86:   yay! Artie might be coming back! Toe thanks for all you do hun, hopefully you can get your computer issues sorted out, 143!
8th Sep, 3:44pm
bggoth:   EOS laptop broke..he'll be back when he fixes it or whteva
8th Sep, 3:28pm
THA1icarus:   I think he is on vacation......
8th Sep, 3:24pm
Tylegg:   EOS ok?
8th Sep, 3:15pm
8th Sep, 3:04pm
dawson:   I hope somebody puts a bullet in Robin's worthless fucking head
8th Sep, 2:44pm
michaelall:   out of town for the remainder of the week
8th Sep, 2:42pm
sotie99:   Just figured it out: trotw = the rest of the week.
8th Sep, 2:42pm
hangemhigh:   interested in a crime forum specializing in missing children? I reccomen-->
8th Sep, 2:38pm
hangemhigh:   out for trousertrout??
8th Sep, 2:33pm
sotie99:   michaelall: Sorry, I don't know your abbreviations. What is "oot for trotw" please?
8th Sep, 2:24pm
michaelall:   iirc eos is oot for trotw
8th Sep, 2:21pm
poopdeck:   freaking out! EOS!!
8th Sep, 2:12pm
michaelall:   is that prank call where the guys are calling gary the retard's home and cell phone at the same time on youtube or something? i'm almost positive my sister's husband has the same ringtone as GtR
8th Sep, 1:31pm
goodie2shoes:   I checked isohunt, demonoid and piratebay
8th Sep, 1:31pm
goodie2shoes:   damn, today's show is nowhere to be found
8th Sep, 1:22pm
bunjamin27:   is he just gonna be on vacation every other week? 4 days on 10 days off? wtf?
8th Sep, 12:58pm
FJackie:   @sflocco - Thank You.
8th Sep, 12:44pm
sflocco:   give me about 1/2 an hour or so and i'll do a commercial edit of today's show.
8th Sep, 12:43pm
Duckmanfoo:   I still have yesterdays to listen to. I was going to download to help the torrent and keep my ratio up!
8th Sep, 12:41pm
sflocco:   BTW schimmel special is at torrent keeper.
8th Sep, 12:39pm
sflocco:   I can upload a 64k version if Toe's still out of commission at the moment
8th Sep, 12:36pm
Duckmanfoo:   any status on today's show?!?!
8th Sep, 12:31pm
djkikrome:   This isn't the place where schimmel show gets uploaded, wanton.
8th Sep, 12:06pm
michaelall:   was connectable using my hosts' vzw usb modem, which they thought was unlimited but is actually capped at 5GB a month (!); now i'm on a network that is presumably far away from this house, but of course i cannot get connectable
8th Sep, 12:05pm
michaelall:   moving out to the fucking sticks fucking sucks
8th Sep, 12:03pm
Duckmanfoo:   will there be a show out today? if not i will turn off the computer and go about my day!
8th Sep, 11:52am
wantonsoup:   Can someone upload the Schimmel show from last night here please?
8th Sep, 11:42am
jhames34:   Marksfriggin says there's a 'quick artie update' today around 8 am
8th Sep, 10:39am
mugsy2323:   what happened to eos yesterday?
8th Sep, 9:55am
wantonsoup:   sotie99 - thanks... new to that torrent site so not sure how long it'll take for them to activate my account!
8th Sep, 8:54am
lazylion:   hs 2010-09-07 128 cf
8th Sep, 7:16am
Qubichi:   those hourly torrents not up anywhere huh?
8th Sep, 6:18am
8th Sep, 6:18am
werris:   torrentday
8th Sep, 4:38am
duke9555:   K-5
8th Sep, 4:02am
pablohoney:   Anyone know of a another torrent site,besides pirate,isohunt,reactor,etc..?
8th Sep, 1:21am
wantonsoup:   Does anyone have the Schimmel tribute show from tonight they could upload?
7th Sep, 11:11pm
lazylion:   uploading 128 CF show to MU now ...
7th Sep, 10:17pm
djkikrome:   I still have a MacClassic that runs fine. And an old Apple LaserWriter II 300DPI printer. Back in it's day that printer ran $6,000. Every mac stil runs fine. All have the latest system they could run until it just got to replacing computers for system updates and features, not for defects. Seeing system 8 sure brings back memories though. Man what an old era.
7th Sep, 10:15pm
djkikrome:   lol
7th Sep, 10:00pm
lennynero:   say it with me, "Linux is for pussies." Altogether now.... ""
7th Sep, 9:59pm
lennynero:   not to mention that it's the best way to Unix without spending days configuring FreeBSD to recognize your video and sound cards.
7th Sep, 9:59pm
lennynero:   anyway, all but one of my 9 macs were refurb, and most of them have lasted 5+yrs without a single issue (nor "clean install"...just continuous OS upgrades). It's not about being a fanboy, it's about having a machine that always works and lasts for *years* longer than you're used to.
7th Sep, 9:57pm
lennynero:   the *instant* the shrinkwrap is taken off a new machine, "refurb" or "used" are the only classifications it can have.
7th Sep, 9:56pm
lennynero:   Many refurbs are either Apple Store display units, loaner units (for premium customers getting their machine repaired), school "trials", and units that are returned during the 30 day "no fee return" (what we call the "30 day trial period). Very few are actually damaged or repaired units, and even then are still bench tested.
7th Sep, 9:55pm
lennynero:   another interesting fact about "new" vs. "refurb"- "New": 1 out of 100 units are tested on the line for booting only. If it boots, it passes. "Refurb": Repairs (if needed) are made and each unit is tested for 72 hours under "normal use scenarios" (i.e Automator scripts that open/close random shit), cleaned, packed, and shipped.
7th Sep, 9:52pm
lennynero:   preach it, brother.
7th Sep, 9:30pm
djkikrome:   I use parallel to run windoze because I have to have Quickbooks PC version for the built in payroll funtions. If it wasn't for Quickbooks, I wouldn't need xp at all. But it loads and runs faster on my macbook then it did on the other two PC laptops I was using before I bought the macbook.
7th Sep, 8:40pm
rvotyrtsym:   ok djkikrome, I willl have to check out parallel's software.
7th Sep, 8:28pm
djkikrome:   Pricey but when running windoze on these two machines using Parallel's Desktop software, I don't have any problems with crashes taking down my mac OS.
7th Sep, 8:26pm
djkikrome:   It's new to me. And full warranty. Great purchase considering the same items nonrefurb are about $1200 and $1500 each I think.
7th Sep, 8:25pm
bintoo:   I have todays show in 64kb , just not sure if I should upload it, never uploaded here before, is it permitted?
7th Sep, 7:33pm
rvotyrtsym:   @djkikrome,if it's a refurb,how is that a new iMac ?
7th Sep, 7:29pm
cameltoe:   that's nice there djkikrome. that is a good price for those but still a lot of money.
7th Sep, 7:22pm
djkikrome:   Macbook Pro was $1099 refurb with intel chip.
7th Sep, 7:22pm
djkikrome:   My new iMac and new Macbook Pro were both refurbs through apple store. EXELLENT quality I think because they still have full warranties. And with AppleCare purchase as extra, it's good for 3 years. My refurb iMac is 21.5" with intel chip for $999.
7th Sep, 6:39pm
cameltoe:   I need to get a backup laptop tho...I wonder if they have any sales on the macbook air
7th Sep, 6:37pm
cameltoe:   video card driver I meant not the card.
7th Sep, 6:35pm
cameltoe:   I unistalled the video card and installed a new one so maybe that will fix it but I still don't understand how that relates to processes shutting down on the pc so
7th Sep, 6:33pm
blazer5:   Toe these steps always cleans my system
7th Sep, 6:32pm
desert420:   Yea, Sounds like it may be a video card issue, or hybernation and turning off the hard drives is active.
7th Sep, 6:23pm
ROEU812:   toe, does it have a seperate video card ?
7th Sep, 6:20pm
duke9555:   one hope Toe has back-up mac hines
7th Sep, 6:17pm
lazylion:   sflocco , yes please
7th Sep, 6:14pm
cameltoe:   it's more of a mystery then that...the puter never really shuts down as in off or rebooting but everything stops like my recording and freezes. also the monitor just turns off.
7th Sep, 6:03pm
ROEU812:   overheating maybe,see if the power supply or cpu fans are running....just a thought
7th Sep, 6:03pm
desert420:   Camel - Sounds like maybe overheating or PSU is going out.
7th Sep, 6:01pm
cameltoe:   my pc just turns off on its own randomly...going through the steps now to find the issue with help from a friend.
7th Sep, 5:52pm
ROEU812:   and for you, i would send no charge!!!
7th Sep, 5:52pm
ROEU812:   what's the issue with the pc Toe? i got some extra pc parts ....laptop as well as tower
7th Sep, 5:49pm
ROEU812:   dead, I was always a Jaclyn Smith fan, that long flowing brunette hair !! she was sexy without being slutty
7th Sep, 5:24pm
deadluvva:   Best Charlie's Angel? Farrah. discuss...........................
7th Sep, 4:51pm
honeybee:   quick! im already on!
7th Sep, 4:38pm
fajv:   gilbert gottfried goofing on abe hirschfeld! lol!
7th Sep, 4:36pm
honeybee:   hey now torrents! waiting for admin too.
7th Sep, 4:27pm
SaCo:   thanks for the magnet link
7th Sep, 4:21pm
poopdeck:   same
7th Sep, 4:19pm
RenderedWave:   I am awaiting admin confirm from
7th Sep, 4:11pm
cameltoe:   right now is a bad the process of refinishing my basement so the funds are low.
7th Sep, 4:09pm
sflocco:   I can up a 64k non cf version of today's show if anyone's interested
7th Sep, 4:02pm
lennynero:   what's your budget, CT?
7th Sep, 3:59pm
wujekcity:   no problem cameltoe! we love u anyway for all that u do!
7th Sep, 3:59pm
wujekcity:   try the link from thoughtcrime..worked fine for me
7th Sep, 3:59pm
bellet:   i dled it from the piratebay fine.
7th Sep, 3:48pm
cameltoe:   well, I won't be able to post the 64k show today, sorry....I am having issues with my pc right now and can't figure out the problem. as soon as I do, I will post again. btw, anyone getting rid of a decent laptop?
7th Sep, 3:43pm
wujekcity:   ty thoughtcrime
7th Sep, 3:38pm
nanoreefer:   @bggoth Thanks for the tip! Worked like a charm.
7th Sep, 3:35pm
bggoth:   vuze: You can open them via File -> Open -> Location (Ctrl+L)
7th Sep, 3:35pm
7th Sep, 3:30pm
wujekcity:   i use vuze.,..does it work for that bggoth?
7th Sep, 3:18pm
Qubichi:   oh thx bggoth
7th Sep, 3:11pm
common:   I can download from heynowtorrents now
7th Sep, 3:09pm
bggoth:   d/l latest version of UTorrent; enable DHT; File>Add Torrent From URL and paste " magnet:?xt=urn:btih:YGT2JUNXOHPM2A6V5YOOKHI6KMH6SDV7"
7th Sep, 3:04pm
soccermom56:   I can now d/l there. it took a few minutes though.
7th Sep, 3:04pm
Qubichi:   bggoth what kind of a link is that? where am i supposed to start coping????
7th Sep, 3:01pm
illeffeqt:   when i signed up just now, there was nothing mentioned about approval. i could go straight to the torrents and download the show, it's almost finished.
7th Sep, 2:59pm
lennynero:   Users -
7th Sep, 2:56pm
bggoth:   here's Howard Stern - CF128K - 09-07-10 + Wrap Up [WDM] magnet:?xt=urn:btih:YGT2JUNXOHPM2A6V5YOOKHI6KMH6SDV7
7th Sep, 2:56pm
megahurt:   uggghhhh. they need to automate account approval like every other site on the internet.
7th Sep, 2:55pm
soccermom56:   I can't get the chat room to load
7th Sep, 2:54pm
soccermom56:   yeah, I just signed up too
7th Sep, 2:51pm
wujekcity:   we cant dl torrents till we get approval...does anyone know where the chatroom is there? it says ur apporval might be faster if u hang in the chat room..
7th Sep, 2:50pm
wujekcity:   looks like a pretty cool site though!
7th Sep, 2:50pm
wujekcity:   did the same thing common!
7th Sep, 2:49pm
common:   Signed up for heynowtorrents but you can't download anything until the admin gives your account rights
7th Sep, 2:48pm
arcterex:   common - demonoid did have a torrent up earlier, but it was deleted (still showing up on a search though).... TPB is down for me now
7th Sep, 2:47pm
common:   Dont bother with demonoid, nothing there since 9-1. Is EOS on vaca?
7th Sep, 2:46pm
soccermom56:   what is heynowtorrents? obviously, it sounds like a stern torrent site...
7th Sep, 2:44pm
wujekcity:   hey now torrents? lol
7th Sep, 2:42pm
wujekcity:   i wonder if my accoutn is still valid
7th Sep, 2:42pm
wujekcity:   i was a member there before..
7th Sep, 2:34pm
fallsmatt:   This site used to have the show up faster than anyone else. Is there anything we can do to help?
7th Sep, 2:24pm
Nannocrob:   wow, it took howard under 5 minutes into the schimmel death discussion to start self-aggrandizing, that's got to be a new record!
7th Sep, 2:22pm
fallsmatt:   Yeah Piratebay has not worked for me for 3 days now.
7th Sep, 2:19pm
sotie99:   It's up at heynowtorrents.
7th Sep, 2:18pm
SaCo:   p bay is not cominb up for me and their server got raided in europe
7th Sep, 1:50pm
darreyll:   its up on piratebay
7th Sep, 1:43pm
SaCo:   i wait till noon CST to look. since it makes it 1 EST there is usually a how up by then.
7th Sep, 1:23pm
arcterex:   bellet - normally it's up between 10 and 11 or so, depending on what the uploader is up to, etc etc.
7th Sep, 1:07pm
bellet:   how long for the show uplaod?
7th Sep, 1:00pm
fallsmatt:   I wish they would use Hillbilly Jack SOME! I mean he hasn't been on at all since the competition.
7th Sep, 12:59pm
arcterex:   fallsmatt - sweet, thanks
7th Sep, 12:52pm
Nannocrob:   @bonestock94 I'm sure once howard re-signs and starts working a three day week, his love for radio will be reinvigorated and the show will bounce back to its former glory : \
7th Sep, 12:45pm
fallsmatt:   There was a new show today.
7th Sep, 12:40pm
arcterex:   this another holiday week? Almost hope it is, so I can catch up on my podcasts...
7th Sep, 11:42am
FJackie:   Lambert show was pretty epic...not sure if that was after June though.
7th Sep, 10:33am
punkrok78:   iq show was good bonestock
7th Sep, 9:50am
FJackie:   Anyway, where does Hamhands hide thos hourlies? -Anyone?
7th Sep, 9:45am
FJackie:   @sunflower - That thing is seeded like a bitch. And with your stats I wouldn't be shouting out any requests.
7th Sep, 9:41am
FJackie:   Does anyone know where some hourlies are posted?
6th Sep, 9:55pm
sunflower:   please reseed todays booey! (PLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASEEE!!!)
6th Sep, 9:32pm
Lemmi:   @ bonestock94 -- just the 1 day that joe pesci (jim breuer) sat in the studio other than that you can ignore the rest
6th Sep, 9:13pm
bonestock94:   To my understanding nothing important has happened, right?
6th Sep, 9:12pm
bonestock94:   I've pretty much listened to every show since they came to sirius, but I stopped back in June. Should I really go back and catch up? I don't feel like it, the show's been so meh and annoying last I listened.
6th Sep, 8:05pm
bigcliff:   Favreau is smart enough to see Howie isn't the dick the media paints him and they have a mutual understanding they're both getting something out of it, that's the business of the Stern Show: you appear on the show and act this way or whatever and you get exposure to the media for 10 min to an hour.
6th Sep, 8:04pm
hangemhigh:   thank you rvotyrtsym
6th Sep, 8:03pm
ping12:   The Booey best are some of the worst bits from Howard's show. Booey screws up everything. I think it's so funny how Booey is releasing a book about his life. It goes to show that when you spend your whole day in the Howard Stern world, you start to think you are more important than you really are.
6th Sep, 8:00pm
bigcliff:   SpaceEdge, not to disagree again my friend but Howie had a little to do with the success, none that can be measured I guess. Those in show bidness, at least those who have a stake in anything, live by the adage "Any exposure is good exposure".
6th Sep, 5:29pm
eos:   I'm out of town the rest of the week. Yes, again.
6th Sep, 3:22pm
michaelall:   sweet, thanks toe
6th Sep, 2:43pm
rvotyrtsym:   @hangemhigh,yes live show tomorrow.
6th Sep, 2:37pm
hangemhigh:   live show tomorrow? :-\
6th Sep, 2:05pm
cameltoe:   I will put it up later...had some puter issues and I am still recording.
6th Sep, 2:01pm
michaelall:   is someone capping/uploading the booey best? ct, perhaps? i'd sure appreciate it.
6th Sep, 1:28pm
FJackie:   You gotta explain that question, man. FFS. That would be a double rainbow all the way answer your question- No. What on earth would lead you to even wonder that?...This week's MTT perhaps?
6th Sep, 1:19pm
rvotyrtsym:   @ping12 ??????????????????????
6th Sep, 11:43am
ping12:   Anyone know is Artie is in this week?
6th Sep, 11:31am
SpaceEdge:   while I agree with you that it's played up a little for the show but Favreau would still be successful without Stern. Howard had NOTHING to do with the success of the Iron man movies.
6th Sep, 11:16am
bigcliff:   Favreau is a huge Stern fan from way back and someone who needs & appreciates exposure of his work, put the two together and he's obviously smart enough to know it's just a little shtick mixed with a lot of business.
6th Sep, 11:03am
SpaceEdge:   and I agree with you urname Favreau should have told Howard to fuck off. It's not like Favreau has anything to loose.
6th Sep, 11:02am
SpaceEdge:   it's some best of gary picks
6th Sep, 10:43am
sflocco:   Is today's special new or is it a repeat of a previous special?
6th Sep, 10:38am
6th Sep, 9:55am
Indionchuck:   After 30+ years of service to you yahoos, hows about a little respect for the man and what he's brought to you.
6th Sep, 9:53am
Indionchuck:   come January,what will you guys have to bitch about.Go listen to Imus!!
6th Sep, 9:40am
derkschultz:   Waahhhh!! howard sucks, no one to listen to me but on a msg board, wah..... wah, hes rich, wah, iron man, wah
6th Sep, 5:38am
urname12345:   "its not good enough for my special $5,000 display that i paid mexicans to rip me off for"
6th Sep, 5:37am
urname12345:   and apparently howard doesnt comprehend what people say to him, john said what it was and howard shot it down like its a piece of shit, what an ungrateful asshole.
6th Sep, 5:35am
urname12345:   and what a fucking asshole about the iron man shit, if i were john favro i would say fuck you, your a douche bag im not sending you anything else if your going to basically call me cheap and an asshole.
6th Sep, 5:31am
urname12345:   talk about a total shit, have him on AI, WTF, umm he would be trashing AI if he was good ol howard, but hes just gay now and watches all the gayest shows on tv.
6th Sep, 5:29am
urname12345:   or has a show
6th Sep, 5:29am
urname12345:   howie has no clue about anything and is totally irrelevant with everything. do people even know he's still on air?
6th Sep, 5:28am
urname12345:   show needs a third person
6th Sep, 5:27am
urname12345:   yea seems that everyone is on the same page of "howard is a rich out of touch douche bag now" and i totally agree... sad that the show is not that good now with annoying robin and hamptons howie.
5th Sep, 11:02pm
lovelybeth86:   50 cent didnt steal his wife lol. But he did make a verse on the unofficial remix about playing the part of the guy who stole his girl. See here.
5th Sep, 8:49pm
macdaddy77:   " How do blind people know when to stop wiping their ass?" Robert Schimmel
5th Sep, 6:45pm
ator1:   I love that song, but I had no idea of it's backstory. I gotsta google that shit now.
5th Sep, 5:48pm
hangemhigh:   will there be a show tuesday?
5th Sep, 5:12pm
bellet:   Hpward ranting about the ce lo fuck you song and not even getting that 50cent stole his wife from him
5th Sep, 5:10pm
bellet:   if someone was kicking your dead body your not really resting in peace.
5th Sep, 12:24pm
Shadowplay:   It's a religious thing, obviously. A "here's hoping you're not going to burn in hell for all eternity" kind of thing... :
5th Sep, 11:13am
sflocco:   "Rest in Peace" is a curious phrase. What other way is there to rest when you're dead?
4th Sep, 11:42pm
ROEU812:   eos...when Stern talks about not caring about polo or how he tries to deny he has a "house" staff, or dones't have a bowling alley in his house....just stuff where he tries to act like he's still in touch with the "common"man
4th Sep, 11:28pm
Streaks:   james layin it down
4th Sep, 10:06pm
jhames34:   eos I think Hamptons Howie is ROEU812's poetic way of describing howard when he drones on and on about the Hamptons or other snobberdasheria that we little people will probably never experience
4th Sep, 10:05pm
jhames34:   Indeed, rest in peace Bob...lord knows you didn't LIVE in it.
4th Sep, 9:46pm
lackobreath:   R.I.P. Robert Schimmel
4th Sep, 9:42pm
eos:   ROEU812: What is "Hamptons Howie"?
4th Sep, 6:04pm
ator1:   Just for the record, I thought Artie was great for like the first five years. He was a funny motherfucker.
4th Sep, 5:59pm
ROEU812:   sometimes....and I mean SOMETIMES I actually go back to the music on my iPod and pause Stern...him and Robin get on that "Hamptons Howie" riff and it is insufferable...but I'm one of the ones who will listen to THE END no matter what
4th Sep, 5:33pm
Lemmi:   they keep asking me did anyone sit in the studio this week?
4th Sep, 5:33pm
Lemmi:   heh i have 2 buddies who quit listening because the shows are so boring with just howard and robins annoying voice talking
4th Sep, 4:22pm
tvmogull:   lmao, tough to argue that since Artie did make a ton of $$$ but you also can't argue that, since Artie's demise, the show has certainly gone south - especially the interviews. The proof is in the days when a 3rd person sits in ie George Takai or the Arquette weirdo.
4th Sep, 3:56pm
ator1:   Artie WAS proud of his heroin use. He brought it up all the time in a positive way, like it's cool or something. And I don't know any "everyman" who constantly brags about getting $80,000 a night for some shitty standup.
4th Sep, 2:55pm
tvmogull:   You Artie haters are nuts. All you have to do is notice how mundane EVERY interview Stern does these days. Sans Artie's "everyman" addition Stern has simply become exactly what he used to rail against - an overly rich, completely out of touch, hamptons frequenter who dumped his first wife for the trophy model.
4th Sep, 1:06pm
sflocco:   I think he was on life support and they finally pulled the plug. I got the feeling that Lisa G and stern were both holding that back when they were reporting it.
4th Sep, 12:41pm
dawson:   RIP
4th Sep, 12:41pm
dawson:   It's a damn shame what happened to Schimmel
4th Sep, 11:09am
deadluvva:   @ ator ; "He was so proud of his heroin use". Stupid statement of the year. It led him to trying to stab, STAB himself to death.. His heroine addiction drove him to that. Nothing proud there. Come on ator.
4th Sep, 11:07am
deadluvva:   what ROE said..............
4th Sep, 10:55am
ROEU812:   I,along with some here miss Artie. The interaction between him and some of the Wack Pack is classic, especially Gary and Wendy....say what you will about him, but he gave us moments of radio gold
4th Sep, 5:37am
norlight:   Shimmel reports are vague at the moment
4th Sep, 4:52am
Linsk:   RIP Robert Schimmel
4th Sep, 12:32am
lennynero:   eh, if anyone gives a shit, I'm on twitter now. @TheLennyNero. Some douchebag in South Korea has "LennyNero". Fuckstick.
3rd Sep, 6:21pm
Lemmi:   howard is a moron with this iron man head
3rd Sep, 5:08pm
Lemmi:   i miss artie saying "Bye Eric" "Bye"
3rd Sep, 4:21pm
deadluvva:   deadluvva nods his head for Artie
3rd Sep, 4:16pm
desert420:   split second comments* lol sorry
3rd Sep, 4:16pm
desert420:   Artie just had anger issues from his past. The drugs just fueled the fire. But I liked arties impresstions and slip second coments.
3rd Sep, 3:15pm
Sirtokesalot:   Joe Rogan was talking about Artie on his podcast. Only had good things to say
3rd Sep, 3:07pm
AndySocial:   Artie did change the show but my god he was such a baby throwing tantrums and acting like he had a drug problem.
3rd Sep, 2:31pm
ROEU812:   Anyone have any info on Toe, I could give a crap about the upload, I just wanna make sure he's ok.
3rd Sep, 2:03pm
desert420:   Im with you plau011! Artie makes the show alot better!
3rd Sep, 1:48pm
plau011:   Just listened to an old show from last year when Artie was still on. Sad how much the show has lost without him!
3rd Sep, 1:14pm
3rd Sep, 1:05pm
lovelybeth86:   Yea I hope Toe is okay!
3rd Sep, 12:34pm
Ghostwheel:   One of the main things that Richard & Sal started doing with their 'soundboard conversations with people on the phone' bits that bugged me was when they started adding clips after the person hung up...a good example of this is the one with Mr.T talking to the sleeping old lady, and when there's a dial tone at the end, they have T going 'Are you there? Hrrrrmmmm.' :/
3rd Sep, 10:04am
Amything:   I think its better to have a tiny bit of beth than nothing at all, a glimpse into their lives
3rd Sep, 7:38am
crash613:   yes there is.... when Sal and Richard do stupid phone calls where they play ethal and NO ONE FALLS FOR IT. it is beyond lame
3rd Sep, 6:09am
ping12:   Is there anything more painfully boring than when Howard interviews Beth on the show?
2nd Sep, 10:29pm
lennynero:   I just hope he's safe and well. Would hate to lose any of my RS breathren. Speaking of, where's that old smelly bastard, JohnnSmythe?
2nd Sep, 10:28pm
ROEU812:   that's what I was thinking lenny....
2nd Sep, 10:26pm
lennynero:   man, I hope Toe's alright. Not like him to be this late.
2nd Sep, 9:07pm
jhames34:   "I miss the days when sour shoes had hourlong specials and howard was there 4 days a week" someone's going to say some version of that sentence in a year I bet :P
2nd Sep, 6:15pm
lennynero:   "man, I miss the good ole days, back when girls rode the sybian and Underdog Lady had her own hour-long show...."
2nd Sep, 6:14pm
lennynero:   I'm looking forward to when he retires for good and I can come here and see all you bitches whining.
2nd Sep, 6:11pm
rvotyrtsym:   Where's mr. toe? I'm glad I recorded the show today.
2nd Sep, 6:06pm
n0thng2bdone:   looking forward to howard's music chan: hoobastank, washed up cindy lauper live cuts, bon jovi w/out of tune brass
2nd Sep, 5:31pm
lovelybeth86:   TOEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2nd Sep, 5:13pm
problum:   Do you guys remember years ago when Howard was talking about having a screener and then losing it? I don't recall the name of the movie, but Howard and the gang were just laughing about losing it, like it was no big deal. Howard eventually said that he probably destroyed it by accident (but everyone knew that was BS).
2nd Sep, 5:08pm
lennynero:   everyone that's ever worked a day in their life should be jealous of Glenn Beck. I mean, I'm jealous of Wendy for winning $750. Being jealous of retards that spew shit is not beneath me.
2nd Sep, 5:06pm
bellet:   It's kinda funny how jealous Howard is of Glenn Beck.
2nd Sep, 4:43pm
eos:   I'm tempted to go and listen to what is sure to be a completely frustrating and childish argument.
2nd Sep, 4:43pm
eos:   Howard is making one of those fallacy arguments. You can't prove the movie would have been less successful without his "involvement". So Howie can say that shit all day long and if you want to get snippy, he'll ask you to prove it. Ding!, you can't.
2nd Sep, 4:41pm
FJackie:   Sorry, I know no one cares. I'm kind of a comic geek, or just a geek in general I guess. I can get easily frustrated by the show these days.
2nd Sep, 4:36pm
FJackie:   BTW, why does he deserve anything at all? He acts like he had something to do with Iron Man's success. That movie would have done just as well without him.
2nd Sep, 4:36pm
FJackie:   I guess it splits in half instead of going over the head.
2nd Sep, 4:31pm
FJackie:   ...even though the not fitting over the head thing confuses me.
2nd Sep, 4:28pm
FJackie:   Is Howard blind? Ralph's helmet isn't even close. In 5 seconds of looking the two over I found over 10 differential details. Howard's helmet is 'set ready'. Ralph's is not.
2nd Sep, 4:15pm
xvf22:   redwings20 I just stream on my phone/online
2nd Sep, 4:15pm
xvf22:   Mokito you must not listen too closely.
2nd Sep, 4:07pm
engrey:   Mokito you must have forgot about a lot of January, all of february and most of March 'cause he was in Uber Dick mode back then
2nd Sep, 4:06pm
lennynero:   right there with ya, redwings20!
2nd Sep, 4:00pm
redwings20:   i had sirius before howard and i'll continue to have it after howard. i cant stand to listen to testicle radio. gotta have lithium and classic vinyl
2nd Sep, 3:50pm
sflocco:   It's a good thing I set both my Sirius subscriptions to expire in the first week of January.
2nd Sep, 3:37pm
macdaddy77:   I like the Barbones eos edit and Robin's big brown jugs.
2nd Sep, 3:25pm
lennynero:   "see that? That's one of the Macs that was actually used to render the CGI costume from Iron Man 2."
2nd Sep, 3:24pm
lennynero:   man, Howard had it all wrong on the Iron Man thing. He should have asked for one of the Macs that rendered a few frames of the costume.
2nd Sep, 2:57pm
2nd Sep, 2:34pm
mugsy2323:   F-Artie
2nd Sep, 2:28pm
doitlive:   Thanks to the Cappers - WE SPEAK YOUR NAME!
2nd Sep, 11:55am
desert420:   LOL wow, They need artie back on the show!
2nd Sep, 11:28am
lennynero:   wow, that must have been the rant that took down again.
2nd Sep, 11:13am
eos:   Great, another story about how the studios deny Howard screeners of new movies. *yawn*
2nd Sep, 9:25am
lennynero:   One of the few ways to retain "warmth" after death:
2nd Sep, 9:24am
lennynero:   I hate you all.
2nd Sep, 9:24am
lennynero:   I love you all.
2nd Sep, 4:02am
Mokito:   waaa
2nd Sep, 4:01am
Mokito:   and artie
2nd Sep, 4:01am
Mokito:   howard's been coasting since the artie incident, i miss the angry howard
2nd Sep, 2:03am
killabud:   any one know where i can find the rotten new years eve backstage tape? its over at torrentkeeper but no seeds
2nd Sep, 12:48am
DerekS:   can someone upload the sour shoes show?
1st Sep, 9:57pm
scump:   eos you fuggin rule!!!!!!!!!!
1st Sep, 8:52pm
howard159:   @fjackie... you're so right in your comments about hoping howard retires this time around. i'll stick around for the rest of this year, but even if he re-signs, or moves on to another project, i think i'll pass... especially if it involves robin. i just can't stand her anymore. i miss the howard stern show.
1st Sep, 8:42pm
eos:   TOWER. That rarely confuses even the most ignorant.
1st Sep, 6:40pm
rvotyrtsym:   @fjackie..bring in the hard
1st Sep, 6:27pm
FJackie:   @lennynero -"but most people get lost when you explain that a "hard drive" is *not* a PC case and the thing you plug the keyboard into." Sounds like you've worked with the public before. I used to tell people to just bring in their PC and not the keyboard, monitor or mouse - that we didn't need them. And they would say, "Oh you mean just bring in the hard drive?" and I would say "Yes, sir. Just the main PC". I never once had one of these customers bring me a hard drive.
1st Sep, 6:18pm
djkikrome:   Netflix on ATV will eliminate me having to put in the NetFlix DVD in the Wii each time I want to watch something.
1st Sep, 6:17pm
djkikrome:   Hey Lenny, that press event was sweet. With 2TB external on my iMac, I've been streaming my DVD library to family HDTV for some time now and it's awesome. New Touch with FaceTime is sweet too. No iPhone 4 service where I live so no iPhone to buy. But FaceTime on WiFi is just as good as the phone for me with who I talk to.
1st Sep, 6:13pm
lennynero:   or delete your PS3 Linux partition so you don't even bother attempting to bootleg Bluray game discs.
1st Sep, 5:48pm
lackobreath:   and then they rootkit you
1st Sep, 5:36pm
lennynero:   Microsoft can never get it right, Apple gets it right, but feeds it to you like a baby, and Sony gets it 1/2 right, decides they fucked it up, takes some of it away, then charges you for getting less than you signed on for. They're all out to fuck you some how or another.
1st Sep, 5:33pm
lennynero:   rvotyrtsym, Sony makes some nice stuff. I just don't like the way they look at their consumers. I get enough of that abuse from Apple.
1st Sep, 5:32pm
lennynero:   Apple will eventually get everyone there, if only a tidbit at a time. The new setup would work well for my parents. "Put everything on your iMac. Go to TV. Turn on TV. Turn on AppleTV. Watch stuff that you just put on your iMac."
1st Sep, 5:31pm
rvotyrtsym:   I bought a Sony X series walkman last far so good,a bit on the pricey side though.
1st Sep, 5:31pm
lennynero:   but most people get lost when you explain that a "hard drive" is *not* a PC case and the thing you plug the keyboard into.
1st Sep, 5:30pm
lennynero:   sure, setting up a home media network is easy, a machine or two here, a hard drive or two there, setup user accounts, sharing, work out the inevitable Windows networking issues (especially between versions), ad voila, a fully fledged media network that works on a full blown computer network.
1st Sep, 5:29pm
lennynero:   I have no idea, lovelybeth. The point is that the infrastructure is in place for future use. Apple has a tendency to baby users into things we know we want, we're just too afraid to use.
1st Sep, 4:58pm
deadluvva:   I love my Sony mp3 player. Nuff said
1st Sep, 4:35pm
rvotyrtsym:   i tunes
1st Sep, 4:01pm
Duckmanfoo:   ?
1st Sep, 3:53pm
lovelybeth86:   Lenny I just skimmed the webpage, but does that apply to streaming content, or just whats on their ipod?
1st Sep, 3:48pm
Duckmanfoo:   Any help or direction would be great. Thanks
1st Sep, 3:48pm
Duckmanfoo:   Where do I reference to get help with my upload ratio. I have made some changes to my computer and uTorrent and I cannot get any upload volume going on here. Several other torrent are uploading fine, is there something else I should know aboutt?
1st Sep, 3:46pm
Duckmanfoo:   Hey there!
1st Sep, 3:44pm
1st Sep, 3:42pm
lennynero:   judging from Apple's announcement today, Stern could have a potential audience of over 160 Million people, complete with stats/ratings and instant user feedback (iTunes "Ping").
1st Sep, 3:28pm
lovelybeth86:   love the show now, or hate it, I think we just all are going to hang in there to see the end! Toe, we speak your name!
1st Sep, 3:20pm
FJackie:   Thanks, I'm gonna go wash my pussy now.
1st Sep, 3:19pm
FJackie:   He won't retire, though. He'll do a show...somewhere, scheduled at 3 days a week or something. And I'll be there listening, I'm sure.
1st Sep, 3:17pm
FJackie:   I hope Howard retires. I can't let go of the show until he does. But man, it's really getting hard to listen to this shit.
1st Sep, 3:15pm
FJackie:   Howard's like a painting...again.
1st Sep, 2:25pm
CiarraRose:   thank you..thank you..thank you Eos...I speak your name
1st Sep, 2:15pm
eos:   weed89: It's not permanent. School starts 20 September and I'm not quite sure how the uploading schedule will be affected.
1st Sep, 2:12pm
prophecy500:   Heeey Nooowww!!
1st Sep, 1:50pm
weed89:   Thanks EOS Me likes this posting schedule of yours
1st Sep, 1:15pm
clvlndpunk:   thanks bondy,i don't have a login and they are full, but i'll keep checking.
1st Sep, 12:11pm
bondy79:   clvlndpunk: its on torrent keeper
1st Sep, 11:49am
bobdylan:   fitzsimmons is a homo , cant stand that asswipe
1st Sep, 10:21am
outsideshot:   Shuli is my hero. What a fucking stud. Gotta love the Undercover Jew!
1st Sep, 9:53am
clvlndpunk:   anybody know if the sour shoes special is posted anywhere?
1st Sep, 8:17am
turk:   How embarrassing was it that Greg Fitzsimmons had to take Howard's abuse? "Nobody cared about your book before I mentioned it on the air", etc.
1st Sep, 1:43am
pulpo:   thanks in advance
1st Sep, 1:43am
pulpo:   and if so, does anyone have an invite to the site
1st Sep, 1:43am
pulpo:   does ferrall get posted anywhere
31st Aug, 6:32pm
hangemhigh:   Quad: left side of the page under links..
31st Aug, 5:48pm
deadluvva:   Damn you desert!
31st Aug, 3:52pm
desert420:   24k will be up in 10 minutes! Sorry for delay!
31st Aug, 2:31pm
Quadzilla99:   There's a forum?
31st Aug, 1:56pm
hangemhigh:   I check ou the forums when this site is down
31st Aug, 1:55pm
hangemhigh:   I luv my bareboners..I do..I realy realy do
31st Aug, 1:19pm
ator1:   When I was about 4 or 5, I used to call the girl down the street a nigger, and then I'd run off. She wasn't even black, but like Philipino or something. I was a pretty fucked up kid.
31st Aug, 1:17pm
nanoreefer:   Thanks, eos!
31st Aug, 11:32am
outsideshot:   I'll always remember one time my little sister got in trouble. She was 5 and she and her bad little friend hid behind a car and when a black person walked past they'd say, "nigger." I guess they thought they were invisisble. Fucking dumbasses.
30th Aug, 8:07pm
moorty:   Ahhhh yes. So happy the vacation is over. Jesus I have a hard on
30th Aug, 8:05pm
Lemmi:   the ONLY time its been active is when the tracker was down for awhile many many years ago
30th Aug, 8:04pm
Lemmi:   i do
30th Aug, 7:06pm
DFadouchebag:   That place is dead
30th Aug, 7:06pm
DFadouchebag:   Does anybody go on the forums anymore?
30th Aug, 5:45pm
lackobreath:   someone should send benjy or sour shoes to the museum like yoko
30th Aug, 5:32pm
rvotyrtsym:   what deadluvva said......................
30th Aug, 5:20pm
deadluvva:   what beth said.............. and what audio said............. you are good people
30th Aug, 3:55pm
lovelybeth86:   heyy BA, how are you hun?
30th Aug, 3:54pm
bigaudio:   my favorite place on the web, with my favorite people ... Redskunk .... hey beth sweetheart muah
30th Aug, 3:51pm
n0thng2bdone:   @thericochet-the only thing howard likes that i agree with is gilbert
30th Aug, 3:49pm
lovelybeth86:   racially insensitive remarks made by anyone, white, black or teal is intolerable! Toe we speak your name!
30th Aug, 3:19pm
deadluvva:   @ ator----------- lollllllllll. Funny stuff my friend. Please report back with your findings
30th Aug, 2:53pm
jhames34:   blunts, that is Martin Landau in the highly overrated movie "Ed Wood." Landau's performance was the only thing good in it.
30th Aug, 1:40pm
prophecy500:   heeeyyyy noooowww!!
30th Aug, 1:31pm
greentea123:   Alway's great to see the posts up early!! Thank's eos & desert!!
30th Aug, 12:45pm
ator1:   urname, nobody's stopping yo from saying "nigger". If you feel so strongly about it, you should just go out and say it everywhere as loud as possible. Please report back with your findings.
30th Aug, 12:34pm
megahurt:   Thanks eos.
30th Aug, 11:54am
greentea123:   Suprise caller was Jerry Seinfeld - nice to hear him on the show again.
30th Aug, 11:14am
robinsweetie:   Durt Doudless!!
30th Aug, 11:08am
blacklight0:   oh no thats who hes talkin about lol
30th Aug, 11:08am
blacklight0:   boris karloff
30th Aug, 9:42am
AJB2010:   Seinfeld?
30th Aug, 9:06am
meitaintso:   Any word on the surprise caller?
30th Aug, 7:37am
slobjones:   EW now says Schimmel's manager has confirmed the story -
30th Aug, 7:34am
slobjones:   The Schimmel story has not been posted on any legitimate news outlet. TMZ is NOT a legitimate news outlet.
30th Aug, 7:10am
dusco:   Gary has a surprise caller calling in this morning howard just said and gary wont tell him who it is.. Be cool if its Artie.
30th Aug, 6:56am
blunts:   whos the guy that says uckyou how dare that asshole bring a towel you think it takes talent to play frankenstein
30th Aug, 4:17am
duke9555:   live 8-30-10
30th Aug, 3:59am
bellet:   I seem to remember them being back after the emmys
30th Aug, 3:55am
thericochet:   I've never found Schimmel funny, and I don't get Howard's fascination (him and Lampanelli really make me question Howard's taste sometimes), but I hope the guy pulls through.
29th Aug, 10:36pm
soccermom56:   Back live this week?
29th Aug, 10:35pm
soccermom56:   Schimmel is cursed. Funny guy, though.
29th Aug, 10:28pm
ARTIELANGE09:   That's horrible Lemmi
29th Aug, 5:03pm
Lemmi:   Robert Schimmel, is in serious condition from injuries following a car accident
29th Aug, 3:48pm
rvotyrtsym:   Gary probably is gay if its a genetic thing,his brother was a fruit.
29th Aug, 3:41pm
jhames34:   I love ya urname, but when you find yourself on Dr Laura and Mel Gibson's side on anything? It might be time to reassess your life:P
29th Aug, 3:38pm
fajv:   gary is the biggest homophobe i've ever heard. literally he is so scared of being gay that everytime he gives a guy a compliment he adds "not that i'm gay or anything". come out of the closet already
29th Aug, 3:27pm
Mxtra:   gary has a bad personality, gay qualities, and looks like a monkey man. how the hell did he get a wife is the real question?
29th Aug, 1:43pm
fajv:   i don't get why someone let gary write a book, he is actually known as the guy who always tells long boring stories
29th Aug, 1:24pm
thericochet:   Bababooey's book is only 256 pages long. You'd think he'd have at least 450 in him. I know publishers like to keep page count down, but 250 is ridiculous. It better be chock-full of Stern show shit that hasn't been aired. I doubt he'll burn any celebrity bridges though. Not yet anyway. The book should have been written after Howard retired so he could dish.
29th Aug, 10:45am
scump:   can't find Stuttering John's albums anywhere. Anyone know where to get them?
29th Aug, 10:17am
deadluvva:   you got ADD urname? How the hell did you go from goofin on people to "nigger"???
29th Aug, 9:42am
urname12345:   god loves everyone right?
29th Aug, 9:41am
urname12345:   i also hate people who think being a homosexual is bad, fuck off... i thought god loves everyone?
29th Aug, 9:38am
urname12345:   good one
29th Aug, 9:37am
urname12345:   yea i can say "N Word" but i cant say Nigger
29th Aug, 9:37am
urname12345:   im on lara and mel gibsons side
29th Aug, 9:36am
urname12345:   please suck my dick, i hate people who get offended by stupid words.
29th Aug, 9:35am
urname12345:   but i can say nigger if im black
29th Aug, 9:34am
urname12345:   its for white/black people... WTF i can say N word for im being white
29th Aug, 9:34am
urname12345:   fuck this, nigger is bullshit.... George Carlin said its how you use it
29th Aug, 9:32am
urname12345:   why is nigger a thing that only one race can say?
29th Aug, 9:32am
urname12345:   meaning black "aka nigger" is the joke
29th Aug, 9:31am
urname12345:   she says do what you do best
29th Aug, 9:31am
urname12345:   she goes to the bar
29th Aug, 9:31am
urname12345:   hey a woman wants to fuck a black guy
29th Aug, 9:30am
urname12345:   gilbert?
29th Aug, 9:29am
urname12345:   old shit is old
29th Aug, 9:29am
urname12345:   and fuck with people
29th Aug, 9:29am
deadluvva:   There is a woman at my work who has no, and I mean none, personality. I find that fascinating. I am constantly rippin on her and pumping her up and just try to get a reaction out of her. It makes my days fly by. I love fucking with people too urname. That Boots bit was hilarious. I hate seeing people taking themselves too seriously
29th Aug, 9:29am
urname12345:   yea i find fucking with people fun, lots of shit
29th Aug, 9:27am
urname12345:   its fun
29th Aug, 9:27am
urname12345:   troll stuff, check out 4chan/b/
29th Aug, 9:26am
deadluvva:   Just learnt something...........
29th Aug, 9:26am
urname12345:   i myself love fuckiing with people... its all for the lulz...
29th Aug, 9:22am
urname12345:   if you troll irl, you might get your ass kicked
29th Aug, 9:21am
urname12345:   and joey did a great job fucking with people, and this is what kids call "Trolling IRL"
29th Aug, 9:19am
urname12345:   In Real Life... IRL
29th Aug, 8:58am
deadluvva:   What does IRL mean urname???
29th Aug, 8:55am
urname12345:   anytime people want to troll and are successful IRL, is fucking awesome in my book
29th Aug, 8:43am
urname12345:   LULZ TROLL PEOPLE IRL
29th Aug, 8:42am
urname12345:   and fucking 10 points for joey, fuck these up tight douche bags... LULZ TROLL PROPLE
29th Aug, 8:39am
urname12345:   GOOBER
29th Aug, 8:34am
urname12345:   goober
29th Aug, 8:34am
urname12345:   fucking great, love it
29th Aug, 8:33am
urname12345:   hey goober
29th Aug, 8:32am
urname12345:   The general rule in the United States is that anyone may take photographs of whatever they want when they are in a public place or places where they have permission to take photographs. Absent a specific legal prohibition such as a statute or ordinance, you are legally entitled to take photographs. Examples of places that are traditionally considered public are streets, sidewalks, and public parks.
29th Aug, 8:32am
urname12345:   LOFAMO
29th Aug, 8:31am
urname12345:   excuse me old bag.
29th Aug, 7:59am
deadluvva:   nice outfit goober
29th Aug, 5:00am
urname12345:   goober
29th Aug, 5:00am
urname12345:   that vid is hilarious
28th Aug, 4:05pm
ricktunes:    bwhahaha..
28th Aug, 12:58pm
DrRemulak: Joey Boots strikes again!
28th Aug, 8:27am
sflocco:   Problum: That probably explains why they fired him in December 9th. I'm surprised that with the extra cash that they had they didn't bring more comedians in to guest in the chair like they did when Jackie left.
28th Aug, 1:25am
hangemhigh:   thanks lemmi...appreciate it..
28th Aug, 1:00am
WesMantooth:   @cameltoe: Nope.
27th Aug, 11:01pm
problum:   Speaking of vacation, are they coming back this Monday?
27th Aug, 10:59pm
problum:   Remember that Artie had a yearly contract, that was due to be renewed in December for this year/2010. He had talked about not signing it and getting out. He stabbed himself the weekend before the gang was coming back from vacation. There certainly is a lot to speculate about....
27th Aug, 10:46pm
ator1:   archyontop: according to this, that movie was filmed in June of 2009:
27th Aug, 10:14pm
Lemmi:   megan fox
27th Aug, 10:02pm
hangemhigh:   question: whats the name of that girl with the strange thumbs? real pretty got famous fast? anyone?
27th Aug, 6:58pm
ricktunes:   Oh my...
27th Aug, 5:34pm
deadluvva:   deadluvva + Molson = ooooof
27th Aug, 5:34pm
deadluvva:   A girl walks into a bar carrying a duck. The bartender says We Don't serve pigs here. The girl says It's not a pig. The bartender says I was talking to the duck. lolllllllllll deadluvva's fave joke.
27th Aug, 4:54pm
jhames34:   That's really good, thats really great, now who's on the phone with Ed, Lisa, and Fajvay?
27th Aug, 3:30pm
robinsweetie:   this is mother teresa, speaking from the bed
27th Aug, 3:14pm
cameltoe:   WesMantooth, are you the same "WesMantooth" on SFN?
27th Aug, 11:57am
fajv:   Roll call baby!!!!
27th Aug, 11:38am
petenicely:   I speak your name fajv
27th Aug, 2:00am
ricktunes:   Owen Wilson went back to making millions in a month or so also.
26th Aug, 11:42pm
bellet:   That chick from American Idol tried to kill herself and was back to work the next week.
26th Aug, 10:55pm
WesMantooth:   @sflocco: If that's the case, then that's another example of Howard and his people being disengenuous (sp) to the fans.
26th Aug, 5:50pm
fajv:   thehsdaily
26th Aug, 5:29pm
archyontop:   Well, maybe Artie is ok according to this: does anyone know if this was filmed this year?
26th Aug, 5:02pm
petenicely:   does anyone know the url of a blog that posts most of the H100 shows -- all I remember is it starts with http://the
26th Aug, 4:32pm
rvotyrtsym:   If you say so,sflocco
26th Aug, 4:28pm
sflocco:   I'm willing to bet that Artie was fired back in December and that they agreed to pay him the rest of his contract and not disrespect him and screw up his future by announcing that he was fired. I think when they said that management told him to stay home that was Howard's way of saying that they were finally fed up with his drug addict drama and in return for not coming back they would keep quiet about it and pay him out his contract. Artie's done with the show permanantly and probably done with show business until probably next year when Howard's contract with Sirius runs out.
26th Aug, 3:29pm
ricktunes:   @ fodasfodas, ..if your reading this, your account is re-enabled
26th Aug, 3:02pm
lovelybeth86:   Im reading SFN and people seem to think Artie is coming back, thats ridiculous! Anyways, since theres no legitimate offers, no toplessness haha! Thanks for this great little community!
26th Aug, 2:58pm
bonestock94:   Thanks, sounds like it's not even worth catching up on
26th Aug, 2:19pm
ator1:   King of all Blacks goofing on Big Black was always good stuff. KOAB kind of fizzled out on his own.
26th Aug, 1:44pm
ricktunes:   Gots to have your Moens yo..
26th Aug, 1:43pm
paladyr:   I'm so glad AA is no longer on lol. I couldn't stand him. King of all blacks is annoying too.
26th Aug, 1:25pm
FJackie:   @bonestock94 - The answer would be 'no'. All across the board.
26th Aug, 12:37pm
bonestock94:   I haven't listened since mid-June. Anything interesing happen in that time? Any news on Artie? New contract?
26th Aug, 7:18am
Quadzilla99:   When you get up here you'll do it
25th Aug, 10:52pm
skk:   when a lawyer calls gotta be somethin bad
25th Aug, 8:36pm
WesMantooth:   See now that's a paypal drive I can get behind!
25th Aug, 8:35pm
WesMantooth:   Topless? She's immature.
25th Aug, 7:08pm
Streaks:   lets get the collection basket out boys
25th Aug, 6:29pm
bobdylan:   t-o-p-l-e-s-s
25th Aug, 6:29pm
bobdylan:'ll do it
25th Aug, 6:10pm
rvotyrtsym:   Phrase of the day->(whip out your tits)
25th Aug, 5:53pm
jhames34:   when I seeee Beth toplesssss, time just fades awayyyy
25th Aug, 5:38pm
lovelybeth86:   and I love all you guys here!
25th Aug, 5:38pm
lovelybeth86:   okay Lenny is starting to wear me down, what do i get for being topless? haha!
25th Aug, 5:28pm
deadluvva:   I don't GET topless!
25th Aug, 5:26pm
lennynero:   not mine. I'm still sore about her not posting a topless pic.
25th Aug, 5:19pm
deadluvva:   You make all our weeks Beth. Awwwwwww.
25th Aug, 5:02pm
lovelybeth86:   Lovelybeth agrees with Jhames who agrees with deadluvva, who agreed with Jhames original statement! And BA im glad I could make your week hun haha!
25th Aug, 4:53pm
deadluvva:   jhames in the hizzy baby
25th Aug, 4:47pm
jhames34:   jhames34 agrees with deadluvva's agreement with jhames34
25th Aug, 4:40pm
deadluvva:   deadluvva agrees with Breuer sitting in a whole show as himself.
25th Aug, 4:07pm
bigaudio:   I agree with ricktunes, I liked when KC, Stuttering John and Grillo were getting abused/responding to abuse, those days were awesome, but the show is these days what it is, the show has constantly evolved over the years and this is where it is at today, and Howard can still make Fred nutso which is always fun
25th Aug, 4:04pm
bigaudio:   lovelybeth86: and I still love you BA haha! <<< this made my week
25th Aug, 2:04pm
jhames34:   You're probably right about the Artie contract thing, I hadn't even consider that.
25th Aug, 2:04pm
jhames34:   sflocco, I love Breuer as a WHOLE. What I didn't enjoy on the Thursday show was it limited Breuer's range, as would having him just be Lars or Brian Jonson etc. They should give him a *real* shot at sitting in for a whole show
25th Aug, 1:52pm
Mxtra:   the best of sirius kind of sucks. i just put 8-23 on my ipod and i ended up skipping past more than half of it. why is it fan made compilations are better than what the stern show puts out?.
25th Aug, 1:39pm
macdaddy77:   Who gives a shit? Who gives a fuck?
25th Aug, 10:31am
paladyr:   rick I agree, I love when they are making fun of each other. The bits are hit and miss. I love the phony phone calls too.
25th Aug, 10:19am
bobdylan:   how about the shit show?
25th Aug, 10:03am
shanerr:   these best of sirius shows look damn weak. always a good time for mastertape theater which btw im seeding a few of anyone have a favorite mastertape episode?
25th Aug, 8:43am
sflocco:   I thought Breuer was great the whole show as Pesci. They should have him cme in another day and do another character the whole show like Lars Ulrich or do a whole show of doing Brian Johnson from AC/DC. I think if they do re sign you'll start seeing some more people like they did when Jackie first left. THey're probably still paying Artie's contract which is probably why you don't see more of that now.
25th Aug, 12:03am
redwings20:   i loved breuer on the show thursday. it was awesome
24th Aug, 10:23pm
FJackie:   My seed (if you know what I mean) just kicked in. Thanks.
24th Aug, 10:20pm
FJackie:   About the Breuer/Pesci visit: It was painful at first when there was a one-on-one interview kind of feel. But when they settled into the show the act seemed to fit into everything more naturally it actually became quite good.
24th Aug, 10:12pm
FJackie:   hmmm - can't get a seed. Any help out there? I will seed to at least 2.0
24th Aug, 10:11pm
FJackie:   @ecashdub - Good Question. @dawson - Good Answer. Thanks - downloading now.
24th Aug, 8:51pm
cameltoe:   has anyone gotten the new Disturbed album yet?
24th Aug, 7:17pm
dawson:   @ecashdub My Gilbert pack contains every appearance from 1996-2008:
24th Aug, 6:48pm
Lemmi:   breuer was on 8-19 i think
24th Aug, 6:20pm
ecashdub:   him and artie during the news always killed
24th Aug, 6:20pm
ecashdub:   anyone know if there is a gilbert pack with all his sirius appearances?
24th Aug, 6:18pm
Nathan:   I liked breuer in the studio
24th Aug, 6:12pm
deadluvva:   What's the date of that Breuer/Pesci visit? I might actually give a new show a listen. Thanks
24th Aug, 5:31pm
Lemmi:   howard hasnt laughed that hard all year (during breuers last visit)
24th Aug, 5:29pm
Lemmi:   i started listening when Artie started visiting the jackie chair, and now listening to JUST robin and howard talking bores me to death, thats why i will take anyone else in the studio (even joe pesci in the studio all day)
24th Aug, 5:28pm
djkikrome:   When he would wake up a celebrity in the morning by surprise to ask about something, stuff like that really gave me a good laugh. Who else would have done crap like that? No one I've ever seen.
24th Aug, 5:26pm
djkikrome:   Agree about that rick, but some of the old stuff I really laughed about was just stuff that would come up while on air and it would just be instant and sudden and with everyone making jokes it was great. I miss when Howard would get pissed about something or want to know something and would get them on the air right then and there over the phone. Those moments were pretty damn funny.
24th Aug, 5:05pm
ricktunes:   I've been listening since the NBC days and always thought, and still do, that the best part of the show is not the bits (except for Billy West bits), it is them just kicking between each other and busting each other's ball. Ragging on Jackie for eons, and goofing on Gary. It was more fun to have KC, Stuttering John, and Grillo in there for me, than having Sal & Richard in, but that's what we have. Howard is still the best at making Fred go nuts etc.
24th Aug, 4:57pm
paladyr:   Maybe they were funnier when they happened because they were doing things that weren't supposed to be on the radio? Now it sounds like early teenage humor to me.
24th Aug, 4:53pm
paladyr:   I think the older shows sound terrible, homo cop was boring/unfunny to me (as an example). I prefer the more mature/adult show that has taken place on sirius.
24th Aug, 3:49pm
michaelall:   personally i'm not looking for a replacement show if the show goes off the air. right now i have m-th howard and fri deadpit, and i don't get to liten to as much music as i'd like to. if the show ends i'll just spend most of my time listening to music, y'know?
24th Aug, 3:10pm
djkikrome:   I like the show but can see where Mxtra is coming from. I never had Howard to listen to until he came to satellite and it's been great. But those MTT shows are funny as hell the way the show used to be. I can see how some would think now is lame to what once was. For me, what is now, is was better than any other option I have so I'm happy.
24th Aug, 2:36pm
scump:   mxtra, so in other words you're a casual listener. Ironic, huh?
24th Aug, 12:55pm
michaelall:   mxtra campaigning for the tl;dr award
24th Aug, 12:40pm
ator1:   O&A suck. Opie is one of the unfunniest douchebags ever, and Anthony is just a sad little racist. Norton is just annoying.
24th Aug, 3:21am
blacklight0:   Mxtra, your stupid
24th Aug, 2:55am
provrorsbarn:   i dont hink he cares
24th Aug, 2:09am
Mxtra:   howard really has no idea how out of the public eye he's become. he used to have lots of casual fans that saw him on E! or listened to him on the radio once in a while. now he has no casual fans. it's like he's fallen off the face of the Earth. he lives in such a bubble of ass kissers that he has no idea and thinks he's as relevant as ever. i've been a die hard since 1995 and this year, 2010, i stopped listening cuz I can't take it anymore. he's become so freakin lame. i only listen to best of's, masterpiece thearters, fan compilations of old shows. anything new is garbage and a waste of time. comedy completely left the howard stern show when Artie starting using heroine again hardcore. that was the end. everything howard does nowadays is like watching Jordan on the Wizards. it's pathetic. watching michael jordan play without ever dunking the ball. that's howard now. he never says anything funny.
24th Aug, 12:57am
Lemmi:   worked 7 years at one place and only got 1 week a year with 6 sick/personal days. the 7 year mark was where you got a 2nd week but the company folded before i got to take my vacation
24th Aug, 12:54am
darkfiber:   and Howard wants to work even less in his next contract (if he decides to continue on Sirius).
24th Aug, 12:22am
lennynero:   "on vacation again", lol. I get 8wks per year, and I didn't sign any multi-million dollar per year deals. At least Howard et. al. get to take theirs.
23rd Aug, 9:04pm
djkikrome:   100% agreed on that lem
23rd Aug, 8:10pm
Lemmi:   heh im not looking for an alternative radio show to listen to because when howard is done so am i.
23rd Aug, 8:05pm
Streaks:   love the guys on their webcams
23rd Aug, 7:48pm
desert420:   Man rick these guys are funny!
23rd Aug, 7:39pm
desert420:   HAHA Ricktunes that pic is awesome! lol
23rd Aug, 7:33pm
ricktunes:   strimp man
23rd Aug, 7:25pm
ricktunes:   ..ftw
23rd Aug, 7:23pm
Streaks:   marlon on the chip
23rd Aug, 7:21pm
Lemmi:   thanks djkikrome your a life saver and it should take about a day and a half
23rd Aug, 7:03pm
ecashdub:   super hilarious
23rd Aug, 7:02pm
ecashdub:   I am totally missing when him and Artie would laugh through Robin's news
23rd Aug, 7:02pm
ecashdub:   is there a pack out there that has the Sirus Gilbert apperances?
23rd Aug, 7:00pm
rvotyrtsym:   phrase of the day->(cackling nigger bitch)
23rd Aug, 6:50pm
djkikrome:   Hey lemmi, just started seeding for you and whoever else is trying to get it with you.
23rd Aug, 5:47pm
marlon22031:   and fuck that greasy gumba wop baa baa boey too!!
23rd Aug, 5:45pm
marlon22031:   on vacation again?????!!! are you fucking shitting me???!!!!! that fucking hooked nose jew and that cackling nigger bitch has seen the last of my money!!!! ( im black i can say nigger bitch) im done!! fuck them im canceling my howard tv too!!
23rd Aug, 5:43pm
Lemmi:   can anyone help with august 2004 torrent - - after this month i will only need 11 shows to complete my 2001 to 2005 collection
23rd Aug, 5:13pm
michaelall:   n/m, checked my arc...they replayed old mammary lanes this week last year, and did a 3-day week the week of labor dy
23rd Aug, 5:05pm
michaelall:   don't they usually take the week of labordaybor off, too? does anyone have last year's vacation schedule handy? it'd be weird if they were off a week, in for one week, and then off again the very next week. seems like they'd rather have two weeks solid of time off.
23rd Aug, 4:51pm
ricktunes:   never gets ... old
23rd Aug, 4:45pm
ricktunes:   中
23rd Aug, 4:35pm
provrorsbarn:   yeah its ellis for me this week
23rd Aug, 4:33pm
ricktunes:   Red Dragons!
23rd Aug, 4:17pm
lovelybeth86:   Ugh! I dont want to feed into the vacation bitch fest, but I thought they were live this week! Hopefully Jason Ellis isnt still sick! thanks everyone for makin this place great, and I still love you BA haha!
23rd Aug, 2:50pm
deadluvva:   Ummmm, I had 5 weeks and would love more.
23rd Aug, 2:22pm
fallsmatt:   I can't believe Robin said she needed a vacation! Has anyone else had as much time off this past summer??
23rd Aug, 2:20pm
fallsmatt:   for a decent replacement for the Stern Show, try the Adam Corolla podcast. He has virtually copied Howard's format, but it is decent.
23rd Aug, 1:56pm
finethen:   these days i often prefer O&A to stern. don't judge them by this week, though, because they usually switch off in the days before thaking vacation
23rd Aug, 1:55pm
poopdeck:   I hated the Joe Pesci thing. It would have been fine if they did it for the first hour tops, but I would much rather hear Jim's comedy and voice. It was exactly like a bad Saturday Day Night skit that keeps going on and on and on. And the audience awkwardly laughs cause it is so bad.
23rd Aug, 1:52pm
poopdeck:   I think howard will take some time off and then come back. I think he finally accepts that internet radio isn't bullshit.
23rd Aug, 1:49pm
redwings20:   top shelf ligga
23rd Aug, 1:43pm
ricktunes:   try Bubba
23rd Aug, 1:42pm
ricktunes:    thanks 74
23rd Aug, 1:41pm
paladyr:   Is O&A tolerable? I need to find a replacement in case stern doesn't come back.
23rd Aug, 12:59pm
74transam:   here's the "Rumors parody" clip where that little kid sang about n*#@*rs
23rd Aug, 12:28pm
goodie2shoes:   hmm, falling back on O&A i guess
23rd Aug, 11:48am
usiphi203:   It's right about the same schedule as years past. This year was a bit different due to Robin saving the world. But's it's basicly the same.
23rd Aug, 11:10am
lennynero:   pretty sure they've taken off around the same time my kids have started school for the last few years, though I could be wrong.
23rd Aug, 11:10am
lennynero:   hasn't their vacation schedule been the same since '06?
23rd Aug, 11:06am
desert420:   WOW Howards on Vacation again!! Damn! Where do i sign up for his schedule?
23rd Aug, 10:14am
blacklight0:   robin needs to die a fat bitch
23rd Aug, 9:11am
paladyr:   I don't think anyone on the stern show should say they "needed" this vacation.
23rd Aug, 9:10am
paladyr:   Robin: "Must need this vacation. Left home without my driver's license. Boo hoo."
23rd Aug, 7:30am
sflocco:   Wow, I guess they're off again. Would've been nice if they at least put on some new programming for the week. They did the best of Sirius one other time didn't they?
23rd Aug, 6:34am
Amything:   is the show off this week?
23rd Aug, 6:01am
Qubichi:   i was laughing my ass off provrorsbarn, i thought the opposite lol, imo one of the best of late...jim breuer's joe pesci impression started off slow then i was laughing hard
23rd Aug, 3:23am
ricktunes:   74transam, can you isolate that parody and up it to megaupload or rapidshare if you get a chance, would be much appreciated, thanks.
23rd Aug, 3:22am
ricktunes:   Amiright...
23rd Aug, 1:41am
provrorsbarn:   dauum just listened to the thursday was that horrible probably one or maybe the worst sirius show yet....whos with me? :P
22nd Aug, 8:10pm
74transam:   oh duh, looks like it was a repeat
22nd Aug, 7:45pm
74transam:   was there a geek time yesterday?
22nd Aug, 7:29pm
74transam:   fuck yeah! 11-03-04! kid singing "Rumors" parody
22nd Aug, 5:23pm
turk:   Listening to old shows with Artie and Howard obviously knew he had a problem, but didn't do anything about it because it made "good radio" in his mind. Howard is sick in the head and depraved.
22nd Aug, 12:50pm
Abudiwa:   wasn't ETM on superfan roundtable? did anyone get that? i'd love to hear it.
22nd Aug, 11:56am
Streaks:   My ratio will drop a bit so please forgive me
22nd Aug, 11:52am
Streaks:   I'm jumpin on soma those whole yr torrents. Nice to see them being kept alive. Thanks to Eos, Quad and all the seeders!
22nd Aug, 9:43am
LeechBot:   Quadzilla99: any chance of getting the 2007 torrent up?
22nd Aug, 6:47am
ator1:   He probably got tired of having to deal with Artie's constant drama toward the end.
22nd Aug, 2:40am
jdigz:   Yeah, so it seems Howard never really gave a shit about Artie, amirite?
21st Aug, 10:17pm
macdaddy77:   Let's fuck some whores!
21st Aug, 7:46pm
ricktunes:   yas, right in front of your nose, ...been there the 5 plus years you've been here
21st Aug, 7:13pm
cosmicevan:   is there a site where other stern101 shows are shared?
21st Aug, 6:46pm
johnnyjohnny:   found it. here it is
21st Aug, 5:10pm
johnnyjohnny:   anyone get the fast food show with john and jason?
21st Aug, 3:59pm
ricktunes:   @ 74transam ..bwhahah ..I want that song too
21st Aug, 3:58pm
ricktunes:   thanks Krome & Quad
21st Aug, 3:55pm
Quadzilla99:   There are whole year torrents that I'm currently seeding for the next few days if you're looking for anything old. You can just download the date you want. Copy and paste this:
21st Aug, 3:11pm
djkikrome:   I mainly download and seed stuff from here and MMA things only anymore. Just finished going thru the unseeded torrents page and added several more to help others out. My transfers jumped to 107 now and probably 90 of those are from here.
21st Aug, 3:10pm
djkikrome:   No prob Lemmi. I've tried to have a good collection like others in here. I just have drive space to keep the originals and torrents with them because my ratio was a problem before for me. But not much of a problem anymore.
21st Aug, 3:08pm
djkikrome:   no, you have to whine and bitch about whining and bitching.
21st Aug, 2:37pm
Lemmi:   @ djkikrome .. thanks for the help, im trying to replace my 90min cassettes with full shows, plus get the shows im missing from the early artie years
21st Aug, 2:23pm
bellet:   To be a superfan you gota whine and bitch about everything right?
21st Aug, 5:19am
djkikrome:   @ LEMMI… Have it and seeding it now. Thanks for making it easy to help you. If anyone else has a request, just try the same or PM me if I don't respond right away. I don't follow the history of the shout box.
21st Aug, 3:50am
74transam:   anybody remember which show had the song parody of Rumors where the little kid sang "Look at all these niggers..." They played it in 2004. Same year as the Wendy "power call"
21st Aug, 3:05am
Lemmi:   @djkikrome can you help with this one? --
21st Aug, 1:32am
Mxtra:   i know more than jerry oconnel. he's a horrible guest as well
20th Aug, 11:54pm
kmfdmfan13:   jerry oconnel is NOT a super fan
20th Aug, 11:10pm
djkikrome:   For anyone looking for old shows being seeded, if you'd provide a link to the specific d/l it makes it easier to share it again. I'm happy to help but I'm not searching for you or reading your mind on the bitrate you want.
20th Aug, 9:56pm
moorty:   Jerry O'Connell is such a douche
20th Aug, 9:04pm
michaelall:   urname12345, there's something to be said for editing
20th Aug, 5:36pm
bigaudio:   I wish I was 28 years younger so lovelybeth could reject me properly ... lol .... what a pretty and sweet lady she is ....
20th Aug, 5:28pm
20th Aug, 5:28pm
deadluvva:   Sorry deadluvva's had a few Molsons. He likes a drink every once in a blue moon.
20th Aug, 5:27pm
deadluvva:   shame. what a great word. Fits it perfectly.
20th Aug, 5:26pm
deadluvva:   The N word still gives me the chills. Man is that one ugly word. I find faggot bad too. Ugly words. Like abortion. shame. any others?
20th Aug, 1:28pm
paladyr:   I think it makes people sound retarded when they say it, even if it's a black person to a black person.
20th Aug, 1:27pm
paladyr:   true ator lol.
20th Aug, 1:06pm
ator1:   Seems like a majority of the people who are mad that they can't safely say the "n-word" in public are people who love to say it in private.
20th Aug, 10:25am
20th Aug, 8:41am
fajv:   wow urname
20th Aug, 8:30am
ricktunes:   werd
20th Aug, 7:16am
turk:   Breuer would have been so much better if he had just sit in as himself, occasionally throwing out an impression.
20th Aug, 5:37am
ricktunes:   That day still has seeds in all bitrates available. Use the search feature, that's what it's there for.
20th Aug, 4:18am
ramenpride:   Would anyone be able to upload the show from 1/13/10? Gilbert's latest visit.
20th Aug, 3:57am
urname12345:   *niggers
20th Aug, 3:57am
urname12345:   gotta love black people
20th Aug, 3:57am
urname12345:   so i have a 2 year old kid saying nigger and whatnot
20th Aug, 3:56am
urname12345:   my sister fucker a nigger and had a kid
20th Aug, 3:55am
urname12345:   oh ive got some more racist shit
20th Aug, 3:55am
urname12345:   nigger niggher nigger nigger
20th Aug, 3:54am
urname12345:   sorry to tell you faggots im not gay and put up with stupid shit "nigger" who the fuck cares
20th Aug, 3:53am
urname12345:   wtf so nigger is like laura said only for "black men"
20th Aug, 3:52am
urname12345:   this is fucking bullshit, you faggots want to suck dick, nigger is only bad if its used in when a "white guy" uses NIGGER
20th Aug, 3:50am
urname12345:   so black people can say nigger?
20th Aug, 3:50am
urname12345:   wtf, seriously is nigger a bad word?
20th Aug, 3:49am
urname12345:   theres no "nigga" shit or nigger shitr wtf, you faggots are soft, who gives a shit about nigger.... i agree with her, so we have every black person saying nigger but white people cant say that
20th Aug, 3:01am
ricktunes:   I feel ya nigga.. Duke's an OG from way back ..sippin' on Gin & Juice ..back up off that Endo Duke
20th Aug, 2:11am
duke9555:   niggaz be feelin me
20th Aug, 1:46am
bellet:   Jim's cool
20th Aug, 1:43am
ping12:   Jim Breuer is not a funny guy. Totally overrated. I don't know why Howard thinks he's so funny. Not only is not funny, I never know what the hell he's talking about.
20th Aug, 1:05am
urname12345:   or any of the "regular" callers... what bullshit
20th Aug, 1:04am
urname12345:   ive noticed also that howard picks up on the same callers week after week, that pisses me off. how about pick up some one else than that fucktard eric from hoboken
20th Aug, 12:56am
urname12345:   and Arquette sounded like an idiot, he gives people who smoke weed a bad reputation, he sounded like a retarded.
20th Aug, 12:52am
urname12345:   and hes a jackass that shows with the whole stupid shit with the forward, only reason he wants that is to sell books. who knows who fitz is? why else would he sell books if it wasn't for howard and hes trying to get him to write a forward wtf dude.
20th Aug, 12:49am
urname12345:   fitz is the fucking worse, not funny, and just fucking sucks ass
20th Aug, 12:49am
urname12345:   i think the show is better with someone else anyway, sick of robin... like george, i love george thats a good 3rd person but the bruer thing i dunno. and GTFO with shuli in the chair and fitzsimmons i hate fitz and dont like shuli
20th Aug, 12:46am
urname12345:   i didnt think it was that bad, it could have been worse... i didnt mind it after 2 hours or so
20th Aug, 12:06am
Lemmi:   all the way up to the news then he leaves. but you have to listen to the eric the midget segment Jim has some funny lines during that
19th Aug, 10:21pm
soccermom56:   I think that this is the first time in 20+ years that I've actually been unable to listen to the show due to a "guest". The Pesce imitator is killing me. How can they think this is a good idea. Does it continue for the whole show?
19th Aug, 8:11pm
DrRemulak:   Eric the rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful midget!
19th Aug, 4:10pm
rvotyrtsym:   eric the shitty penis/ eric the disrespectful piece of shit/ eric the annoying ass midget/ eric the Completey Unfunny Midget/ eric the gay actor/ eric the piece of shit/ eric the disrespectful piece of shit / eric the bed fucking dwarf/ eric the annoying ass midget / eric the Completey Unfunny Midget / eric the stupid bitch/ eric the gay actor / eric the shitcock/
19th Aug, 3:50pm
lennynero:   but hey, opinions are like assholes.
19th Aug, 3:50pm
lennynero:   just now getting to tune into the H100 replay. Bruer doesn't seem too annoying, but I've only been listening for about 20mins.
19th Aug, 3:47pm
michaelall:   i'm now 1:47:11 in, and i actually think this is growing on me. perhaps i judged too quickly.
19th Aug, 3:43pm
lovelybeth86:   *two nights ago
19th Aug, 3:41pm
lovelybeth86:   I was talking to Eric last night on my ps3 and he seemed to be upset he wasnt going to do it, I told him forget alienating celebrities Stuttering John is on the tonight show!
19th Aug, 3:03pm
paladyr:   I <3 eric the shitty actor, can't get enough of him. Bruer gets really old quick for me.
19th Aug, 3:02pm
xvf22:   Sorry, bit too much of the Pesci crap, just be Breur
19th Aug, 2:14pm
y2kfalcon:   Could be worse. They could have brought back the Roll Call.
19th Aug, 1:49pm
FJackie:   I liked the first caller who thought it was really him. I couldn't tell if second caller with the 'favorite scene' question was playing along or not. The first caller was definitely a moron though.
19th Aug, 1:46pm
prophecy500:   heyyy nooowww
19th Aug, 1:28pm
michaelall:   jesus if this goes on all show i'm jumping from my roof
19th Aug, 1:27pm
ping12:   37 minutes deep. Still hear Pesce. I don't have the courage to fast forward to the end to see if this horrible bit continues throughout the show.
19th Aug, 1:18pm
DrRemulak:   I thought Breuer was pretty good today. He had some funny lines.
19th Aug, 1:17pm
ping12:   I'm 26 minutes deep into the show and the Joe Pesce bit is still going on. I think Howard knows it's bombing but probably likes Brouer too much to stop it. I was really looking forward to today's show too. Too bad.
19th Aug, 12:58pm
FJackie:   I try not to fast forward through the show but this is fucking horrible.
19th Aug, 12:51pm
illeffeqt:   worst bit of the year.
19th Aug, 12:51pm
FJackie:   Breur as Pesci on Stern = Fail
19th Aug, 12:51pm
FJackie:    Breur as Breur on Stern = Win
19th Aug, 12:35pm
bellet:   I love the eric stuff.
19th Aug, 12:33pm
SaCo:   Rhinosaucerus
19th Aug, 12:25pm
weed89:   OHHH YEAH!!! EOS is B A C K
19th Aug, 12:20pm
arcterex:   hey now! thanks EOS!
19th Aug, 11:53am
desert420:   I'm here! Hope you have a good day off EOS! HEY NOW!!! The George Lupe sound bits are great!
19th Aug, 11:01am
eos:   I took the day off, so my edit should be ready at about 9:15 (12:15).
19th Aug, 9:54am
CiarraRose:   Big thanks for the hourlies and welcome back are a macheen!
19th Aug, 7:50am
ricktunes:   And Fred giving his oh, ooh, is painful also..
19th Aug, 7:48am
sflocco:   how much time are they going to spend on Eric the Midget. They must really be hard up for material to talk about for five hours. So boring it's painful. At least when I listen on my ipod I can fast forward this part.
19th Aug, 6:13am
ator1:   They have Breuer in pretending to be Pesci and I'm hoping the schtick ends soon. Oofah.
19th Aug, 2:43am
michaelall:   i just "liked" that on facebook. people are going to think i read tmz.
19th Aug, 12:58am
ricktunes:   bwhahhah
18th Aug, 10:26pm
rednimer:   here is the story on TMZ which has an audio clip of the part of the bit
18th Aug, 10:19pm
sflocco:   Hear Mutt talkng about how there are torrent sites stealing the show and the he reports it to Tim.
18th Aug, 6:33pm
SpaceEdge:   Howard was just on TMZ
18th Aug, 5:59pm
lennynero:   *puts his penis in eos' ear* WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!
18th Aug, 3:04pm
eos:   I didn't think you were picking a fight.
18th Aug, 2:59pm
DrRemulak:   Thanks for the 24k, EOS! You the man!
18th Aug, 2:39pm
Abudiwa:   my speed is kind of slow. i wasn't picking a fight, i thanked you for it even though i'm waiting for a lower bitrate. i'm listening to the hourlies until i get your prized barebones edit.
18th Aug, 2:38pm
Abudiwa:   i guess not enough if i care so much about the bitrate.
18th Aug, 2:37pm
eos:   Abudiwa: Then you have something wrong with ISP, ports, torrent client, etc. Both 128k versions are on a seedbox with 10MB/s of speed available.
18th Aug, 2:31pm
michaelall:   what do you do for a living?
18th Aug, 2:31pm
Abudiwa:   ick. 128ks take forever to download!
18th Aug, 1:24pm
nanoreefer:   @blacklight0: Hi Sal! lol
18th Aug, 12:15pm
arcterex:   @ricktunes - thanks for the hamhands upload!
18th Aug, 11:52am
blacklight0:   lol all the staff suck beth's ass too much... she's so tall her waist is still enormous lol... and who will deny that horse face? big ugly bitch lol
18th Aug, 11:37am
ricktunes:   nice vagine..
18th Aug, 11:30am
robinsweetie:   all round and muscular
18th Aug, 11:25am
SaCo:   Dat ass on Beth!
18th Aug, 7:45am
n0thng2bdone:   your comments on t he sound--no homo
18th Aug, 2:43am
FJackie:   Anyone have a link to an image of the 'artie doll'. I'd like to see it...I don't remember that bit for some reason.
18th Aug, 12:47am
lennynero:   n0thing, all of me is interesting, or were you pointing out a specific part?
17th Aug, 11:26pm
n0thng2bdone:   lenny: interesting
17th Aug, 11:25pm
n0thng2bdone:   kind of funny that her face is covered
17th Aug, 10:28pm
ator1:   Just saw the Beth pic. Great ass!
17th Aug, 9:15pm
fajv:   I mean that's just fantastic
17th Aug, 8:27pm
fajv:   that beth stern picture, oh my lord
17th Aug, 7:50pm
dawson:   eos is a God
17th Aug, 5:59pm
Aardsy:   nice to have you back, eos!
17th Aug, 5:58pm
lennynero:   actually, just smoked the resin from the bowl. I need to pick up some more tonight.
17th Aug, 5:56pm
rvotyrtsym:   lenny,forgot your psychiatric medications today fellow.
17th Aug, 5:56pm
ricktunes:   try vaccuming..
17th Aug, 5:42pm
lennynero:   I usually hear the audio issues before Howard mentions it (or starts screaming at Scott), and I've thought it was odd that he's not mentioned this "new sound".
17th Aug, 5:42pm
lennynero:   Are they using the new Ultimate Ears headphones? Something changed over the vacation that Howard either hasn't picked up on or isn't commenting about. I noticed it really bad with George...he could hear himself really well through the monitors, but sounded distant over the air.
17th Aug, 5:41pm
lennynero:   Robin's news today was the best example. Her music started *blaring*, which seemed normal, but all the mic levels were very clean and low. At some parts during the news she got really quiet, loud, quiet, etc. It seems to be more that they're not used to the new sound, rather than overzealous equipment settings (such as a limiter with a low soft-ceiling)
17th Aug, 5:38pm
lennynero:   gives the show, kinda sterile sound.
17th Aug, 5:38pm
lennynero:   The new compression they're using doesn't seem to help. Everything/one is very quiet and levels seem odd.
17th Aug, 5:37pm
lennynero:   poonster, I believe that's the idea. They may still put something together to "go out with a bang", but it really does seem like the show is winding down.
17th Aug, 5:12pm
paladyr:   What the hell are we going to listen to if he goes? I gotta kill time I work!
17th Aug, 5:07pm
poonster:   if the show continues the way it is he can go ahead and leave after his contract runs out and i won't care in the least,alot of others feel the same way as me.
17th Aug, 5:06pm
lovelybeth86:   well Lenny, maybe one day haha! Have a great night all, and wheres JohnnSmythe been? if you see him, send along my love too! Dead, Rick, Lenny, Bob, BA, Michael, p2g and everyone else I missed, thanks for making this place great!
17th Aug, 5:04pm
poonster:   wow I've been a huge Stern fan for over 15 years but the show is so boring lately and Howard has turned into a little bitch,,wha wha i don't want to write a forward to a book.all he does these days is bitch and moan about everything...
17th Aug, 5:03pm
lennynero:   alright, I'll bite.
17th Aug, 4:38pm
paladyr:   I'd put my ass up against beth's, who wants to see it?
17th Aug, 4:37pm
lennynero:   been trying to get you to for years, it seems, lovelybeth
17th Aug, 3:55pm
desert420:   LOL
17th Aug, 3:49pm
lovelybeth86:   fuck you Lenny haha!
17th Aug, 3:48pm
desert420:   Hey Now!
17th Aug, 3:40pm
lennynero:   I wish you did, too.
17th Aug, 3:33pm
lovelybeth86:   I wish I had an ass like Beths!
17th Aug, 3:22pm
lennynero:   I'd like to see how high I could bounce a quarter off Beth's ass.
17th Aug, 3:22pm
lennynero:   earlier seasons are pretty lame because most everyone is still in high school. The 4th season is prolly the best one to start with.
17th Aug, 3:20pm
lennynero:   well, Buffy's all over torrent sites and Netflix, so feel free to give it a try
17th Aug, 3:06pm
ricktunes:   You know Ralph has planted a hidden camera in that house and is saving the footage to get rich on when Howie retires
17th Aug, 3:05pm
ricktunes:   Beth's ass doesn't have an ouce of fat on it..
17th Aug, 3:05pm
ricktunes:   I did hear that show is good
17th Aug, 3:05pm
ricktunes:   snicker
17th Aug, 2:58pm
bobdylan:   buffy the hard on slayer
17th Aug, 2:56pm
lennynero:   Vampires? Check. Hot Chicks? Check. Ass kicking martial arts and weaponry? Check. Comedy? Check. Cheese? Check. That series has everything a growing boy needs!
17th Aug, 2:55pm
lennynero:   I *LOVE* Buffy. Mostly Willow, but I'm a huge Buffy geek.
17th Aug, 2:52pm
deadluvva:   Buffy lenny? Really?
17th Aug, 2:52pm
ricktunes:   Great Ass!
17th Aug, 2:41pm
lennynero:   after about 20mins I finally got it to load, snagged it and upped it for your viewing pleasure. I just wanna see it snap back after a good smacking ;)
17th Aug, 2:39pm
lennynero: <--- Beth O. pic from this morning ( has been mostly down since)
17th Aug, 2:26pm
common:   thanks be to god EOS!
17th Aug, 2:09pm
gmh13cb:   Thanks a ton eos --- love your ups!
17th Aug, 1:42pm
lennynero:   Comics on the iPhone and iPad rock! There's also this new format called "Motion Comic" that have been showing up as .mkv 720p files. I'm currently getting the Buffy Season 8 series, anyone interested??
17th Aug, 1:12pm
desert420:   Doing 24k now, be up in about 10 minutes
17th Aug, 1:08pm
MrMoney:   all glory to the E-O-S! *clap clap clap*
17th Aug, 1:02pm
jscoots1125:   Thank you Ricktunes and Eos for everything
17th Aug, 12:42pm
hangemhigh:   u da man eos, welcome back
17th Aug, 5:39am
ator1:   I don't really care about comic books, but it's fun to hear people geek out over them on geektime. They take that shit so seriously, it's crazy.
17th Aug, 2:08am
elovetree:   Sounds like a GREAT trip, EOS! (Big Neil Peart and Adam Jones fan, myself)
17th Aug, 1:42am
myaccount:   thanks for the post eos
17th Aug, 1:35am
ricktunes:   fiyah..
17th Aug, 12:47am
Iamjohnnyl:   i always wondered what was so great about first class. now i know. welcome back eos!!!
16th Aug, 11:47pm
djkikrome:   will there be a beaver post with those? wishful thinking.
16th Aug, 11:45pm
eos:   I'll post as soon as I can, barring no loss of power.
16th Aug, 11:45pm
eos:   Vacation was good. 2400+ miles driving, another 1200+ in the air. Four Rush concerts, too many calories, five (Brian Posehn, Mike Inez, Chad Smith, Randy Johnson, and I fucking TALKED to Adam Jones from Tool) celebrity sightings at the Los Angeles show. No delays at any point with either traffic or airports. First class upgrade on the flight home. Hot eastern European stew flashing her beaver at me. Good times.
16th Aug, 11:23pm
desert420:   EOS - How was your trip?
16th Aug, 11:23pm
desert420:   Hey EOS! You going to post tomorrow? If so ill be waiting! Thanks for the ups today!
16th Aug, 11:13pm
batwings:   Thanks EOS. We missed you last week. Did you have a good vacation?
16th Aug, 10:42pm
eos:   Converting to 24k now. ETA is six minutes.
16th Aug, 10:37pm
paladyr:   robin needs to quit with the shout outs wtf nobody cares!
16th Aug, 10:35pm
eos:   MonkeyBoy: I didn't think you were bitching.
16th Aug, 10:33pm
paladyr:   sex panther by odeon, 60% of the time it works every time
16th Aug, 10:18pm
16th Aug, 10:17pm
bobdylan:   BANNED!
16th Aug, 10:02pm
bobdylan:   i dunno sounded kinda bitchy to me.......
16th Aug, 9:42pm
MonkeyBoy:   Thanks eos...I love your edits...and I hope it didn't come across as bitching about it. Just that I like the small file size for my shitty DSL slow ass connection and my crappy little MP3....and the convience of having someone else do it. Thanks for all you do.
16th Aug, 9:40pm
eos:   MonkeyBoy: There is no special club that allows myself or desert420 to convert from 128k to 24k. Anyone can do it with dbPoweramp and a few minutes of your time. Try it.
16th Aug, 9:35pm
29pK0dmk7p1:   i shouldn't have said a ton. maybe five or six connections that keep changing i.p. addresses to get around torrent software ban. guess they created more havoc than usual b/c there were so few seeders/leechers due to late upload today.
16th Aug, 9:34pm
MonkeyBoy:   the torrent scene has been a bust the last couple of weeks...i had to resub my SuperNews account
16th Aug, 9:30pm
MonkeyBoy:   are 24k's a thing of the past?
16th Aug, 9:12pm
29pK0dmk7p1:   got a TON of people sending bad data with 8-16 eos edit. took a long time to get a good copy. looks like a deliberate systematic attack. anybody else seeing this? never had that happen here before.
16th Aug, 8:35pm
scump:   paladyr, touche, hahaha
16th Aug, 7:33pm
michaelall:   gary missed a couple of great opportunities during the wrap-up show today to say that fitzsimmons "gets the show"
16th Aug, 7:16pm
rvotyrtsym:   Howard will be putting the kibosh on geektime soon.
16th Aug, 7:02pm
AndySocial:   The only thing Ralph might ever say that's interesting we will have to wait for Howard to die...
16th Aug, 6:35pm
bmbr:   i suppose that's the internets way of telling me its not worth hearing
16th Aug, 6:31pm
bmbr:   and most of those demonoid links refuse to connect to peers :/
16th Aug, 6:31pm
bmbr:   and that fucking website of his is laughably bad
16th Aug, 6:30pm
bmbr:   yah ralph is a pretty lame geek
16th Aug, 5:44pm
lennynero:   I'd rather it just be Jon and Jason. Ralph is 85% wrong 99% of the time.
16th Aug, 5:43pm
lennynero:   geek time is intolerable with Ralph.
16th Aug, 4:56pm
bmbr:   thx
16th Aug, 4:53pm
SpaceEdge:   I wonder if Howard had any "White Trash Lettuce" on his breakfast sandwich this morning ?
16th Aug, 4:18pm
lovelybeth86:   Geek time is okay, but theres just too much comics/apple talk! Toe Toe Toe!
16th Aug, 4:13pm
goodie2shoes:   (never listend myself )
16th Aug, 4:13pm
goodie2shoes:   geek time:
16th Aug, 4:00pm
bmbr:   Anyone have an archive of the Geek Time shows? I've only ever heard one and would like to listen to some of em
16th Aug, 3:54pm
SaCo:   we say your names cheez
16th Aug, 3:53pm
Qubichi:   thanks spinback
16th Aug, 3:49pm
2Smooth:   thnx for the link cheez
16th Aug, 3:47pm
andrekaye:   was the show good today? I am addicted to the show but find not a lot goes on... Arquette was great last week and Takai was alright...
16th Aug, 3:43pm
stuey868:   Quebec too
16th Aug, 3:28pm
stevhorn:   I had Sirius for one year but gave up on it due mostly to interference and signal losses. There are many areas in Ontario where you lose the signal when you're driving.
16th Aug, 3:28pm
goodie2shoes:   thanks for the hotfile-link. I cant find anything yet on demonoid and pirate bay...
16th Aug, 3:28pm
bobdylan:   here's the deal
16th Aug, 3:27pm
lovelybeth86:   Toe, we speak your name!
16th Aug, 3:24pm
elovetree:   Thanks, spinback - that one worked!
16th Aug, 3:21pm
michaelall:   stevhorn you drive truck and don't have sirius? i'd absolutely have it if that were my profession.
16th Aug, 3:14pm
stevhorn:   Thanks for the hotfile link! I thought I was going to have to spent the next 16 hours trucking with only crappy radio and CDs to keep me company
16th Aug, 3:01pm
stansoltz:   thanx for the hotfile link. ...although megaupload is faster oh well, good enough
16th Aug, 2:57pm
16th Aug, 2:54pm
elovetree:   @cheez: Maybe my download didn't complete - but the file isn't showing up as a valid .zip.
16th Aug, 2:45pm
sams0n:   i just get the $25 for 180 gigs deal from , lasts me like 6 or 7 months as long as i dont download to much HD content.
16th Aug, 2:44pm
elovetree:   Thanks, cheez! It's funny how impatient technology has made me Those hourlies spoiled us!
16th Aug, 2:44pm
arcterex:   thanks cheez
16th Aug, 2:44pm
stansoltz:   can someone up it to megaupload or something?
16th Aug, 2:43pm
FJackie:   Cheez = Win, Thanks Dude.
16th Aug, 2:35pm
16th Aug, 2:29pm
WesMantooth:   There is a live show today, though?
16th Aug, 2:20pm
bellet:   the show ups are taking a while today
16th Aug, 2:10pm
ThoughtCrime:   F, Marry or Kill: your mom, dad and sister, go!
16th Aug, 1:51pm
wujekcity:   i dont fucking get it..pisses me off
16th Aug, 1:51pm
wujekcity:   i supposdely have newsgroups access..but everytime i try to set it up it doesnt work.
16th Aug, 1:26pm
sams0n:   if you have newsgroup access you can get it here:
16th Aug, 1:26pm
16th Aug, 1:14pm
goodie2shoes:   couldn't find one yet. i'm piratebay will have a rip soon
16th Aug, 1:06pm
wujekcity:   anyone have a link to todays show?
16th Aug, 12:31pm
SaCo:   Rhinosaucerus
16th Aug, 12:30pm
mhand:   eos u are awesome ! will u be uploading last weeks barebones 128 i cant listen to anthing else :P
16th Aug, 12:27pm
michaelall:   "boy, do i not give a shit about polo"
16th Aug, 11:39am
arcterex:   @eos - sucks, but no worries, many thanks for your hard work!
16th Aug, 11:37am
freddy:   what happened to all the early uploaders?
16th Aug, 11:04am
FJackie:   Yurtle wins the prize for the epic 'First'.
16th Aug, 11:03am
FJackie:   Cool link...go to page 264 and see where it all began.
16th Aug, 10:49am
FJackie:   Does anyone have a link for some hourlies FFS?
16th Aug, 10:49am
FJackie:    I don't know if ya'll know a Baltimore accent but I got it bad. I never noticed it until I moved away. When I would call back home I would really hear it come back into my voice. I lived in Phoenix for a while and besides the Mexicans I noticed no accent there. Now I'm in VA and I catch my self talking a little southern sometimes. An old girlfriend of mine was from Minnesota,...she said 'aboot'. Thanks for hearing my life story this morning.
16th Aug, 10:35am
eos:   Lost power at the house today, so my edit will be delayed.
16th Aug, 9:40am
paladyr:   do you pronounce couch cooch? haha
16th Aug, 9:38am
paladyr: That's how I pronounce about, and that's not how you do it. Sounds like aboat or aboot :p.
16th Aug, 8:33am
damnhustle:   damn, no first hours...
16th Aug, 8:08am
provrorsbarn:   they are live today right?
16th Aug, 2:27am
scump:   lol
15th Aug, 11:17pm
ricktunes:   what you talking aboot eh..
15th Aug, 10:24pm
deadluvva:   and yes, je parle francais
15th Aug, 10:23pm
deadluvva:   Made Montreal my home. Love the free spirits here.
15th Aug, 10:22pm
deadluvva:   Okay, Torana once or twice
15th Aug, 10:21pm
deadluvva:   Been a Canadian all my life. Travelled from coast to coast 3 times. Lived in 8 provinces. Never ever heard abute. Not once.
15th Aug, 6:57pm
Streaks:   and i have canadian buds who say "abute"
15th Aug, 6:34pm
Streaks:   like bein from Pittsburgh and sayin "dahntahn" or da stillers...each region has their own deal
15th Aug, 6:30pm
nycpolobear:   does anyone have geektime.
15th Aug, 6:10pm
Nathan:   blame strange brew
15th Aug, 6:06pm
scump:   admittedly we don't say Toronto, we say Torana....
15th Aug, 6:04pm
scump:   and ya I'm from Toronto. And I say about not aboot. Do you pronounce boot as bout or bute?
15th Aug, 6:03pm
scump:   "correctly" hahaha. I'm not correcting you, it's just funny how no one hears their own accents.
15th Aug, 4:21pm
paladyr:   scump i heard u say aboot on the call are u canadian? i say roof and about correctly, ur thinking of hillbillies :p
15th Aug, 4:16pm
dawson:   I can't stand that goofy shit.
15th Aug, 4:16pm
dawson:   Does any here like David Arquette on the show?
15th Aug, 2:04pm
Hykanthis:   Holy i'm a week behind i know he is just being a tard but you can not use ddt omg lets save the humans but let everything else die :P
15th Aug, 11:35am
scump:   paladyr, actually we say About and yanks say ABAT. However we say roof when u say ruff (maybe that's how you got the oot in aboot...?). I've never heared anyone say aboot. ;) Yet I notice yanks say At instead of out.
15th Aug, 5:38am
djkikrome:   sorry yioryos, i don't have it. Someone does though I'm sure. Sorry I couldn't help you out on that one.
14th Aug, 9:53pm
Streaks:   twas boring
14th Aug, 6:39pm
14th Aug, 4:50pm
Lemmi:   i fell asleep during it
14th Aug, 3:51pm
rvotyrtsym:   fajv, its not worth listening to.
14th Aug, 2:27pm
fajv:   where can i get george takeis america?
14th Aug, 12:05pm
deadluvva:   You just realize that danny? We've know that for years
14th Aug, 3:16am
dannydamone:   robin is such a douche!!!
13th Aug, 1:16pm
desert420:   Yea, I am getting a vacation but i like doing the edits so.... Oh well!
13th Aug, 12:22pm
ricktunes:   hey man, doing ok. Guess by default you're getting a vacation too deserve it too.
13th Aug, 11:58am
desert420:   Hey rick! Whats up?
13th Aug, 11:16am
ricktunes:   Shout out to fodasfodas ..fa fa fo hi
13th Aug, 11:14am
ricktunes:   Yayo ..all up in my naso ..yo
13th Aug, 5:30am
vaughny:   HEY NOW!
13th Aug, 4:36am
Quadzilla99:    no eos ups
13th Aug, 12:27am
djkikrome:   Glad to know you are alive still eos. Safe travels to you. sup toons.
12th Aug, 10:44pm
yioryos:   Request: Hi guys. Does anyone have the January 30, 1998 radio show? It was Howard's 44th Birthday Show. Unfortunately it;s missing from the monthly packs and it's a really good one - with David Bowie performing. Thanks!!
12th Aug, 10:15pm
soccermom56:   EOS, can you please sync your vacations with the show's?
12th Aug, 9:54pm
Streaks:   hurry up eos...the line to give u a blowjob is gettin longer
12th Aug, 9:50pm
eos:   Almost home. Another 200 miles in the car tomorrow, 2 hours in the plane, then 4 more in the car and I'll be home.
12th Aug, 8:47pm
Lemmi:   can anyone help seed this torrent? 46 hours later and im stuck at 62%
12th Aug, 7:53pm
ricktunes:   iny meany miney MOE ..don't make me do it
12th Aug, 7:52pm
12th Aug, 7:46pm
kradical:   can anyone reseed the complete eric the midget pack/
12th Aug, 6:50pm
ohsolemio:   thank uploaders and seeders it is
12th Aug, 6:30pm
deadluvva:   Hey my friends, toe is alllllll up in this shiznit. Nuff said
12th Aug, 5:12pm
antd:   in a zip
12th Aug, 5:11pm
antd:   Howard Stern AND Wrap Up CF64K - 08-12-10 [WDM]
12th Aug, 5:04pm
antd:   missing eos like a bitch
12th Aug, 4:56pm
antd:   thanks chibchakan
12th Aug, 4:55pm
bellet:   thanks Toe
12th Aug, 4:38pm
chibchakan:   Thanx CiarraRose
12th Aug, 4:27pm
CiarraRose:   @chibchakan I speak your name- you are the hottest upper we have ever had
12th Aug, 4:06pm
chibchakan:   Wrap Up - CF64K - 08-12-10 [WDM]
12th Aug, 4:06pm
chibchakan:   Howard Stern - CF64K - 08-12-10 [WDM]
12th Aug, 4:05pm
chibchakan:   Wrap Up - CF64K - 08-12-10 [WDM]
12th Aug, 4:04pm
chibchakan:   Howard Stern - CF64K - 08-12-10 [WDM]
12th Aug, 3:55pm
paladyr:   firefox did that too michaelall
12th Aug, 3:55pm
lovelybeth86:   Toe, we speak your name!
12th Aug, 3:48pm
michaelall:   wtf chrome blocking tpb?
12th Aug, 3:48pm
michaelall:   he's on vacation and we get him back next week. meantime grab wdm's rip from a public tracker and/or wait for toe here
12th Aug, 3:34pm
soccermom56:   where is EOS and how/when do we get him back??
12th Aug, 3:18pm
wujekcity:   ty sladester
12th Aug, 3:06pm
antd:   should be a few miliseconds
12th Aug, 3:05pm
Sladester: for 8/12 at 64k
12th Aug, 3:03pm
Sladester:   99.73 as well
12th Aug, 3:02pm
CiarraRose:   @michaelall ahh that explains it..i rarely venture into newsgroups..know i can get quality here - when this site is down i have a coronary
12th Aug, 3:02pm
FJackie:   btw It's not just you...mine was stuck @ 99.73 as well.
12th Aug, 3:00pm
FJackie:   @megahurt - You can still listen to it. There will just be a random blank space somewhere not even a millisecond long.
12th Aug, 2:46pm
megahurt:   Ugh. The Demonoid torrent is stuck at 99.73%. God, I miss eos.
12th Aug, 2:41pm
michaelall:   i don't think hamhands was upping his hourlies here. someone here was posting the hourlies hamhands posted to newsgroups. perhaps hamhands asked him to stop?
12th Aug, 2:32pm
Streaks:   virtual handy..heh
12th Aug, 2:29pm
antd:   is poop going to release?
12th Aug, 2:24pm
CiarraRose:   fwiw, i thanked Hamhands(hourly ups) too- I LOVED those! For those of us who work online and need the daily HS distraction its a I will up that thanks witha virtual handy ..please please please continue those hourlies
12th Aug, 2:20pm
paladyr:   listening to scump, love the canadian accent, aboot instead of about haha
12th Aug, 2:18pm
Streaks:   Rick...time to weed out more deadwood buddie
12th Aug, 2:16pm
lackobreath:   because hamhands is a beast
12th Aug, 2:16pm
lackobreath:   the hourlies continue on newsgroups as usual
12th Aug, 1:40pm
arcterex:   thanks common
12th Aug, 1:37pm
paladyr:   on the last day he upped I mean
12th Aug, 1:36pm
paladyr:   deadluvva I was the only one to thank the hourly guy fyi :P. It would also bring attention to the fact that we want people to thank the uppers so it's not just the time it takes to type thanks and hit submit
12th Aug, 1:19pm
focadima:   thanks for the link
12th Aug, 1:05pm
12th Aug, 1:02pm
FJackie:   and btw those ups are of the 'daily' show they're just put up in hourly increments, so...uh...what are you worried about there, b1tchx.
12th Aug, 1:00pm
FJackie:   And don't listen to b1tchx either buddy, you put 'em right here on the front page daily dizzle where they belong.
12th Aug, 12:59pm
FJackie:   HamHands, We love you and appreciate your efforts! Could we please have the hourlies back!?!?!
12th Aug, 12:57pm
FJackie:   I hope that's not the reason. I loved those hourlies. I shoulda written a comment on every up I guess.
12th Aug, 12:56pm
FJackie:   'he' = HamHands
12th Aug, 12:55pm
FJackie:   Why do you assume that he stop upping the hourlies due to lack of appreciation?
12th Aug, 12:44pm
antd:   amen, hangemhigh
12th Aug, 12:34pm
hangemhigh:   dear over eos, protect and bring him home safe..amen
12th Aug, 12:26pm
nanoreefer:   Those hourlies were great!
12th Aug, 12:07pm
poopdeck:   correction, the world is full of assholes
12th Aug, 12:06pm
poopdeck:   yeah internet is full of assholes.
12th Aug, 11:40am
deadluvva:   It is a simple, fucking Thanks people
12th Aug, 11:38am
deadluvva:   I know I am boring ( ) with all this Thanks stuff but it makes me sooooooooooo freakin sad the way kindness and politeness and appreciation are dying breeds. Not in deadluvva's life though.............
12th Aug, 11:36am
deadluvva:   1/2 a second to click the smile face that is waving
12th Aug, 11:36am
deadluvva:   4 seconds to write a "Thanks".
12th Aug, 11:25am
paladyr:   What about having a "thank you" button like the "like" button in FB? If it has the same effect might encourage more people to thank.
12th Aug, 10:52am
shanerr:   no more hourlies?
12th Aug, 10:52am
deadluvva:   The hourly rips seemed to have dried up. I guess the guy finally got tired of the lack of appreciation. And he had every right too........
12th Aug, 9:51am
b1tchx:   The hourly rips should be in "Howard Stern - Other", they aren't a "daily" rip
12th Aug, 9:51am
deadluvva:   Nice one scump. I like when asked if she liked it Robin said "No!"
12th Aug, 12:33am
bobdylan:   BANNED!
11th Aug, 10:31pm
ARTIELANGE09:   pardon me ricktunes*
11th Aug, 10:31pm
ARTIELANGE09:   ricktyunes ur too nice dude, somebody should be gone for good after that kind of disrespect brother!
11th Aug, 8:34pm
rvotyrtsym:   thanks scump
11th Aug, 8:10pm
scump:   I sent it to Richard and he played it for Howard. Then Howard credits Richard for it but I don't mind.
11th Aug, 8:09pm
11th Aug, 7:53pm
rvotyrtsym:   scump, post your(song parody)I'm sure we at redskunk would like to hear.
11th Aug, 7:29pm
scump:   Thanks rick!
11th Aug, 7:14pm
ricktunes:   congrats scumpster, noyce!
11th Aug, 7:11pm
scump:   Wisconsonsion
11th Aug, 7:10pm
scump:   michaelall, cheers bro thanks!
11th Aug, 7:09pm
scump:   acterex, no I don't do shoutouts. Howard hates that and so do I, haha. Although I do love Redskunk!!!!! Paladyr, I got on as soon as they started Robin's news at around 9:50. Lenny, thanks dude, so far I've got 3 calls through and Howard played my band (song parody) once. He yelled at me last time for my shitty phone connection.
11th Aug, 6:59pm
ricktunes:   @ fodasfodas: "I can go fuck myself"? This is the secong warning you have received for inappropriate actions here. You can now take a two week time out my friend.. Next one will put you at TPB .. Enjoy your time out
11th Aug, 6:44pm
michaelall:   (you understand)
11th Aug, 6:44pm
michaelall:   scump, just hear yr call! SHOUT OUT TO YA MAN
11th Aug, 6:08pm
fodasfodas:   It's funny..Howard bitching bout people don't call him for dinner..5 minutes before that he told George Tekai to go fuck himself with his dinner and broadway play..LOL..
11th Aug, 6:06pm
fodasfodas:   I think eos is frustrated...rick can go fuck himself...thx again Bob 8 )
11th Aug, 4:25pm
michaelall:   hello chris from arizona
11th Aug, 3:25pm
11th Aug, 3:25pm
bobdylan:   or should i call you ricktunivich?
11th Aug, 3:25pm
bobdylan:   sorry ricktunes
11th Aug, 3:23pm
bobdylan:   he told me that he was taking his burner and going home......oh and also that he's very very anti-semitic
11th Aug, 3:03pm
desert420:   You can also checkout info from EOS by clicking the name of EOS posts.
11th Aug, 3:02pm
desert420:   EOS Schedule - VACATION SCHEDULE: August 5 August 9-12 Beginning July 19, I will no longer upload the show minutes after it ends. I will begin to edit at 1:45pm Eastern, and upload directly upon completion.
11th Aug, 2:32pm
11th Aug, 2:32pm
bobdylan:   ....sorry
11th Aug, 2:32pm
bobdylan:   told me he doesnt like you guys anymore
11th Aug, 2:31pm
bobdylan:   he's gone
11th Aug, 2:23pm
Tylegg:   EOS say when hed be back?
11th Aug, 1:54pm
bobdylan:   didnt they force redskunk to stop hosting video content? this site used to host everything all at once
11th Aug, 1:53pm
bobdylan:   pffft they know about this place by now
11th Aug, 1:44pm
paladyr:   i wouldnt be shouting out to redskunk btw, dont think they wud b too happy about this place!
11th Aug, 1:43pm
ZigZagNuts:    Hey all, does anyone remember if HTV ever released the Vince McMahon interview?
11th Aug, 1:27pm
lennynero:   and scump, heard your call on the west coast feed. Nice to hear one of our own getting through
11th Aug, 1:26pm
lennynero:   wow, it's like the slums. Keep a steady supply of crack and heroin, you never see anyone. Cut off the supply and they start *spilling* into the shoutbox....errr, street.
11th Aug, 1:23pm
THA1icarus:   EOS is on vacation but it's nice to see you miss him
11th Aug, 1:19pm
greentea123:   No one ever has come close to eos - miss you man
11th Aug, 1:17pm
greentea123:   Redskunk has always been my favorite place for the Stern show, but without eos posting early everyday I'm worried!!
11th Aug, 1:16pm
bobdylan:   mon plaisir
11th Aug, 12:44pm
fodasfodas:   Thx bob
11th Aug, 12:33pm
bobdylan:   thats todays show
11th Aug, 12:30pm
antd:   poop might deliver
11th Aug, 12:29pm
fodasfodas:   Thanks faggot!
11th Aug, 12:28pm
11th Aug, 12:28pm
bobdylan:   here you go bitches
11th Aug, 12:10pm
blacklight0:   nothing
11th Aug, 12:09pm
blacklight0:   oh well< let me hit up demonoid
11th Aug, 12:06pm
fodasfodas:   it sure does look like it blacklight
11th Aug, 12:06pm
fodasfodas:   omg..we're fucked
11th Aug, 12:06pm
blacklight0:   for real man>>> shoulda made us feel special
11th Aug, 12:01pm
arcterex:   scump - you give your redskunk homies a shout out?
11th Aug, 12:00pm
blacklight0:   korea? south korea is like america compared to middle east! lol dumbass ralph
11th Aug, 11:57am
paladyr:   what time did u call in scump)
11th Aug, 11:39am
blacklight0:   looks like it fodas
11th Aug, 11:20am
wujekcity:   dtvjames not here today =(
11th Aug, 11:12am
hangemhigh:   no hourly? :-/
11th Aug, 10:51am
scump:   FINALLY I got to ask my question about Fred and Fred wasn't even in the fuckin room to answer. Ah well....
11th Aug, 10:45am
fodasfodas:   lol..abudiwa
11th Aug, 10:44am
fodasfodas:   now eos is on vacation and we're fucked?
11th Aug, 10:44am
Abudiwa:   hahahahaha
11th Aug, 10:44am
fodasfodas:   it was awsome getting it so early...thanks..
11th Aug, 10:43am
fodasfodas:   yeah..thats true.
11th Aug, 10:31am
deadluvva:   Maybe if any of you people had said Thanks..........................
11th Aug, 10:12am
fodasfodas:   wur da ham hands torrents
11th Aug, 8:51am
bensunny:   sucks - im here in korea waiting
11th Aug, 8:15am
dtvjames:   watching but I dont see them
11th Aug, 8:10am
bensunny:   any hourly spots up soon?
11th Aug, 6:43am
ator1:   Yeah, new today. Right now Howard's doing spontaneous broadway with George, and it's fucking hilarious. SPOILER ALERT: "My plan is to make a gun out of soup." "out of SOUP?" "There's no soap".
11th Aug, 2:46am
Allaxul: today's show new?
11th Aug, 2:46am
Allaxul:   i care about ratio
10th Aug, 9:13pm
dogbite:   thanks for the word Camel...I was going to give EOS a call, but couldn't find his number. And agreed dusco...great show today!
10th Aug, 5:27pm
desert420:   Thanks Camel!
10th Aug, 5:19pm
vanvark83:   eos is on vacation tvmogull
10th Aug, 5:03pm
tvmogull:   my apologies for rarely posting on here but what happened to the "barebones EOS" daily show torrents?
10th Aug, 4:49pm
dusco:   Today's show was one of the best in a while.
10th Aug, 3:51pm
lovelybeth86:   Toe, we speak your name!! And Lenny I would much rather cook, but unfortunately clients for my work dont want to come to my house for meetings haha!
10th Aug, 3:11pm
Abudiwa:   i am pleased then!
10th Aug, 2:29pm
lennynero:   man, oOTunes for the iPhone rocks. Keeps me covered til CT shows up with his magic 64k dust.
10th Aug, 2:27pm
lennynero:   obviously your complaints did not fall upon deaf ears.
10th Aug, 2:20pm
Abudiwa:   gave up complaining about it, that is.
10th Aug, 2:18pm
lennynero:   Abu, that's ricktunes' torch, my friend.
10th Aug, 2:17pm
Abudiwa:   does anyone care about ratio here? noone used to and i gave up.
10th Aug, 2:01pm
chaos40:   thanks uploaders!
10th Aug, 1:43pm
antd:   thnx, poop
10th Aug, 1:39pm
lennynero:   it's really the comment field, type "thanks!!!", apple-a, apple-c, apple-w, apple-v, apple-w, repeat (select all, copy, close window, paste, close window, etc)
10th Aug, 1:38pm
poopdeck:   128k wdm edit coming in 5 minutes.
10th Aug, 1:38pm
lennynero:   I usually post thanks and I don't even d/l them.
10th Aug, 1:36pm
michaelall:   did you guys hear that the washington post is almost bankrupt
10th Aug, 1:28pm
SaCo:   Listen to some Z-Ro or Trae da Truth
10th Aug, 1:05pm
n0thng2bdone:   maybe there should be a separate CAT for the hourlies. in the meantime i made a filter for my rss
10th Aug, 12:56pm
michaelall:   werris why do you hate america?
10th Aug, 12:35pm
desert420:   lol
10th Aug, 12:33pm
ricktunes:   for their hours of hard work and seeding and capping
10th Aug, 12:33pm
ricktunes:   takes 2 seconds to say thanks in the torrent
10th Aug, 12:27pm
CiarraRose:   rarely shout but just want to give a 'hey now' to the uploaders..especially the em thx
10th Aug, 12:05pm
lordtor:   thank you guys!
10th Aug, 11:44am
paladyr:   Hey I'm the 1 person, woohoo!!!!
10th Aug, 11:42am
ricktunes:   get ready to feel the burn..
10th Aug, 11:42am
arcterex:   ricktunes - gotta get our fix
10th Aug, 11:39am
deadluvva:   Makes me sad too rick. Go get 'em!
10th Aug, 11:37am
ricktunes:   like a 1000 dl'd yesterday and only 4 thank you's ..what is wrong with you people
10th Aug, 11:35am
ricktunes:   bout time to start checking those ratio's again.. the ban finger needs some working out again..
10th Aug, 11:34am
ricktunes:   170 people downloaded the hourlies already and only 1 f'ing thank you ..great bunch we got here..
10th Aug, 10:09am
paladyr:   I don't think werris was ever a fan lol.
10th Aug, 7:57am
deadluvva:   @ lenny ; "Sometimes we get lucky and get to see a NY 8 ride a giant vibrator" lolllllll my friend.
10th Aug, 1:36am
turk:   It's strange how Howard just glossed over the Robin going to Afghanistan thing, but spent days/weeks on the Guatemala thing when she first mentioned it.
10th Aug, 1:21am
nap:   well, i think he's pretty smart but thats mostly aside the lacking show into the ground
10th Aug, 1:19am
nap:   howards always been a whining, gay fuckwit werris man, where'hv u been?
10th Aug, 12:56am
lennynero:   werris, "I don't give a fuck what he does during the day or what his opinions are", that's *exactly* what people are paying to listen to. Sometimes we get lucky and get to see a NY 8 ride a giant vibrator.
10th Aug, 12:49am
werris:   He needs to understand he is an entertainer, I don't give a fuck what he does during the day or what his opinions are. People pay to listen to this shit. His arrogance is astounding atm and will be his downfall.
10th Aug, 12:49am
werris:   I miss Howard Stern...who is this whining, gay fuckwit who has taken his place? Its time for him to retire.
10th Aug, 12:25am
WesMantooth:   I miss Elegant Elliot.
9th Aug, 9:35pm
paladyr:   i can't help but think of when artie was in vegas taking phone calls and that girl calls in and says hey artie will you tell my bf happy birthday and he's like wtf hell no haha. He was so right, who gives a shit about this girl's bf haha.
9th Aug, 9:32pm
paladyr:   no sflocco
9th Aug, 8:33pm
ThoughtCrime:   yea, fuck the Game
9th Aug, 8:17pm
sflocco:   Is the Hamhands hourly rip commercial free?
9th Aug, 7:03pm
lennynero:   lovelybeth, you're always, "time to go out for dinner"....sorry, love, but my bitch gotta know how to cook. I can't have a side piece that can't cook a decent meal. Cest la Vie.
9th Aug, 6:59pm
lennynero:   and
9th Aug, 6:58pm
lennynero:   and deadluvva, the house next door to me has actually just been sold to white trash niggers. So you were close.
9th Aug, 6:57pm
lennynero:   fuck The Game. Check out some real talent at
9th Aug, 4:46pm
bobdylan:   it ruins it
9th Aug, 4:46pm
bobdylan:   please dont come in the shoutbox and talk about your bf
9th Aug, 4:25pm
lovelybeth86:   you too Dead! bye all!
9th Aug, 4:23pm
lovelybeth86:   I dotn know if anyone likes hiphop, but if you do, take a look at The Games new mixtape, my bf downloaded it and I actually really like it! Time to go out for dinner, have a great day everyone, esp my Lenny haha!
9th Aug, 4:22pm
deadluvva:   Come on lenny, say it, "The house next door to me's been sold to n........." lolllll
9th Aug, 4:05pm
lennynero:   once you buy a house...n'then ye own it n'ye can tell a muthafucka, hey, get away from muh damn house!
9th Aug, 3:59pm
rvotyrtsym:   You can say that again beth.
9th Aug, 3:38pm
lovelybeth86:   yay, live show today! Toe we speak your name! Thanks everyone for making this little community great.
9th Aug, 3:00pm
isosincere1:   Does anyone have any recommendations for getting the Howard TV shows?
9th Aug, 2:42pm
poopdeck:   It'll have to do for now
9th Aug, 2:42pm
poopdeck:   antd:the WDM 128 is about as close as it gets to barebones. Not as good as the eos but a far behind 2nd place for sure.
9th Aug, 2:37pm
antd:   will anyone do a barebones?
9th Aug, 2:36pm
antd:   oh gawd, no eos :-O
9th Aug, 2:35pm
isosincere1:   "you look like the last shit i took riiight! im going to rip out your larinx your pharinx and deficate down your troat!! thats Gangsta for shit down your neck riiight!"-----Elegan Elliot
9th Aug, 2:14pm
michaelall:   hopefully toe is doing his ups this week?
9th Aug, 2:12pm
poopdeck:   5 minutes
9th Aug, 2:05pm
SaCo:   MOAR ERIC DE MIDGET i love that little fella...his ego weighs more than him and his wheelchair
9th Aug, 2:02pm
poopdeck:   since tpb is shady shit
9th Aug, 2:02pm
poopdeck:   i'll put it up here
9th Aug, 1:57pm
duke9555:   good lookin out
9th Aug, 1:53pm
goodie2shoes:   me thought they were still on vacation. anyhoo -[WDM]
9th Aug, 1:52pm
dtvjames:   lol Robin stops show to give another "shout out"
9th Aug, 1:50pm
lennynero:   wow, Ronny had Dengue Fever?
9th Aug, 1:48pm
duke9555:   God help us all
9th Aug, 1:45pm
paladyr:   So no EOS this week, is someone else able to upload or are the hourlies all that will be available?
9th Aug, 1:43pm
Duckmanfoo:   Sweet! Out of curiosity, how long does the edit take? That way I can plan my day a little better. When Howard leaves, my life will be easier and awful all at the same time....
9th Aug, 1:37pm
desert420:   Just an FYI! EOS: VACATION SCHEDULE: August 5 August 9-12 Beginning July 19, I will no longer upload the show minutes after it ends. I will begin to edit at 1:45pm Eastern, and upload directly upon completion.
9th Aug, 1:19pm
Duckmanfoo:   Excellent question "megahurt"!
9th Aug, 1:08pm
megahurt:   Will we have eos rips today?
9th Aug, 1:03pm
ThoughtCrime:   @hangemhigh: you buy it or make it yourself?
9th Aug, 12:45pm
DrRemulak:   You better hope there's some fucking thorazine in that bag.
9th Aug, 12:12pm
Snick422:   dealuvva: any acid on this bike trip?
9th Aug, 11:33am
Shalimar:   i had to deal with family issues... work on the house... stupid neighbours.. and running out of BEER
9th Aug, 11:30am
deadluvva:   Pure heaven Shalimar. Pure heaven
9th Aug, 11:27am
Shalimar:   lol @ deadluvva... must have enjoyed that then I assume
9th Aug, 11:27am
hangemhigh:   dmt + wilderness = heaven
9th Aug, 11:21am
deadluvva:   Well said Shalimar. I guess part of the absolute quiet was that my wife stayed at the chalet mostof the time
9th Aug, 11:19am
dusco:   are they on vacation AGAIN this week?
9th Aug, 11:17am
Shalimar:   deadluvva: How often do you hear absolute quiet??? <-- piss off your gf/wife and you'll hear that for days ;p
9th Aug, 11:15am
deadluvva:   Hey ya skunkers. I am back from a week mountain biking and kayaking the Quebec wilderness. Man oh man is that good for the soul. How often do you hear absolute quiet??? Yep, I am back and better than ever
9th Aug, 10:39am
paladyr:   Nice! I remote into my home computer and use my rooted droid to tether sometimes :p.
9th Aug, 10:13am
stansoltz:   thanx. ha, I'm downloading at work too... i have to tether my blackberry because my corp firewall won't allow torrents... and the A/V deletes utorrent.exe when I connect to the LAN. thank God for tethering!
9th Aug, 9:54am
paladyr:   It will speed up in a sec I'm uploading today's show to myself at work.
9th Aug, 9:50am
stansoltz:   thanx. gonna grab that
9th Aug, 9:05am
paladyr:   I'm seeding the sal and richard public access pack
9th Aug, 8:57am
stansoltz:   can someone seed any prank call pack? please? they all seem dead
9th Aug, 7:29am
TAS65:   thericochet: Probably because he sounds more compelled by the outfits than the chicks.
9th Aug, 7:22am
ThoughtCrime:   so does anyone know if the show is live? and is George there?
9th Aug, 12:49am
thericochet:   dtv, random wackos are rare since Sirius is subscription-only unfortunately. same reason Phil Hendrie wouldn't work on satellite since he needs first timers constantly.
9th Aug, 12:45am
thericochet:   it's weird, considering it's a heterosexual statement at its core, but Howard sounds so fucking gay when he says "i love to see chicks in different outfits"...he says it a lot
8th Aug, 11:46pm
Lemmi:   try weed killer ;)
8th Aug, 11:41pm
shanerr:   weeds is looking pretty horrible
8th Aug, 10:37pm
dtvjames:   That fag Bobo and koa blacks asking about how he and Beth fuck all the time is getting old
8th Aug, 10:23pm
dtvjames:   Howard needs to take calls from 1st timers, sick of wack pack callers kissing ass to see who can stay on the air longest. When angry people call in and complain about the content of the show or fresh wackos call in its the best.
8th Aug, 10:16pm
SirBlank:   slugdub, if you scroll down, I answered you about Mr. Takei. ;)
8th Aug, 9:28pm
slugdub:   most would agree, although maybe they hate ralph more
8th Aug, 9:27pm
slugdub:   i just don't think highly of jason, he's the person i hate the most out of anyone on the entire staff
8th Aug, 9:27pm
slugdub:   yeah i guess you are right though, there was 2 surprises
8th Aug, 9:26pm
jhames34:   I get what you're for the Takei I'm not sure when he was last on...
8th Aug, 9:25pm
slugdub:   anyhow, george takei? anyone?
8th Aug, 9:17pm
slugdub:   leaving Richard as my only surprise, i swear i didn't think jason would place in the top 2
8th Aug, 9:17pm
slugdub:   I suspect Jason just doesn't have common sense and shit like that. He's book smart so can study for the SAT and do good, but he can't for the IQ test
8th Aug, 9:16pm
slugdub:   but as far as Gary vs Scott it was right about where the SAT and their computer IQ testing predicted
8th Aug, 9:16pm
slugdub:   well jason's was maybe a surprise based on SAT because he was the one with the 1300 right?
8th Aug, 9:15pm
jhames34:   really Slug? I'd say Jason's lowest of the top 3 was a surprise, as well as Richards' high score
8th Aug, 9:09pm
slugdub:   faiv the IQ show was great.. until the reveals. Will is full of shit there not 2 surprises, only 1
8th Aug, 9:09pm
jhames34:   sotie I am pretty sure they are back...I'd put money on it
8th Aug, 9:08pm
slugdub:   last time george takei was on live? i can't find the info anywhere
8th Aug, 9:08pm
slugdub:   anyone?
8th Aug, 8:25pm
sotie99:   Does anyone know if the show is back from vacation tomorrow?
8th Aug, 12:07am
michaelall:   there's at least two other clips of him on yt brocking out to various tunes
7th Aug, 11:46pm
michaelall:   drum n baby is unreal
7th Aug, 9:50pm
Lemmi:   can anyone help me out with 15 shows from 2005 i need? i was just going though my cdrs and 15 shows i cant rip off the cdrs
7th Aug, 6:59pm
ator1:   Just found this cool site that shows articles/pics from the past that try to guess at future technology:
7th Aug, 6:08pm
ricktunes:   Raver Baby --> too dope
7th Aug, 2:31pm
fajv:   listening to the first hour of the iq test reveal show, this is good fing stuff
7th Aug, 2:31pm
fajv:   i read that George is sitting in the coming week
7th Aug, 8:39am
michaelall:   TC - day 5 was just a best of the best-of week...i don't think anyone caps those, and i don't archive them anyway. thanks tho!
7th Aug, 7:41am
Grivier:   hey guys! does anyone know if the 20 year bababooey special in 128k, is floating out there somewhere? thanks
7th Aug, 3:55am
ricktunes:   Snick sighting yo ..hey now
7th Aug, 1:35am
ThoughtCrime:   *ah-hem* dry oatmeal
7th Aug, 1:24am
skk:   any chance of someone uploading all the weeks of GEORGE TAKEI?
6th Aug, 10:34pm
Snick422:   Weeds S06E01 leaked!
6th Aug, 9:38pm
ThoughtCrime:   @michaelall: I looked for day 5 on the net so you'd have the whole week, but it doesnt look like anyone has it, sorry bruh
6th Aug, 6:35pm
WesMantooth:   Trump is banned from the show? Since when?
6th Aug, 6:34pm
WesMantooth:   I miss George. He's such a sweet man.
6th Aug, 3:39pm
SirBlank:   slugdub try for george takei, I think that was his last appearance
6th Aug, 3:23pm
slugdub:   please if anyone can tell me, i tried mark's friggin and google couldn't find anything current
6th Aug, 3:22pm
slugdub:   when is the last week george takei was on?
6th Aug, 3:17pm
bigcliff:   michaelall, dude your kid likes Stern, that's cool.
6th Aug, 2:55pm
dannydamone:   how come day 4 never went up?
6th Aug, 2:48pm
michaelall:   hope CT is OK
6th Aug, 2:48pm
michaelall:   thanks TC for the probably sounds silly that i want the best-of/compilation weeks for my archive, but i'm trying to build an arc that goes as far back as possible for my kid, and i think these kind of weeks would make him check out the older shows
6th Aug, 12:19pm
ThoughtCrime:   youre welcome guys. and according to Marks Friggin, today was just a Best Of Gayest Week, so if we don't get it, we're not missing anything (except maybe different George clips between bits)
6th Aug, 11:13am
paladyr:   Thanks for the link thoughtcrime!
6th Aug, 6:39am
bigcliff:   Thanks ThoughtCrime
6th Aug, 2:58am
ThoughtCrime:   daddys gurls been a bahd guuuurl
6th Aug, 2:57am
6th Aug, 2:33am
ThoughtCrime:   I've got it, I'm uploading it somewhere, gimmie 15mins
6th Aug, 2:16am
ThoughtCrime:   say it!
6th Aug, 1:58am
hangemhigh:   now I know how a heroin addict feels...times 10..I'm jonesen for the power of howard, bad.
5th Aug, 10:49pm
SirBlank:   michaelall, according to there was a new show today
5th Aug, 10:48pm
dtvjames:   Dish DVRs probably the same.
5th Aug, 10:45pm
dtvjames:   Most are Seagate but some have been WD.
5th Aug, 10:44pm
dtvjames:   DirecTV DVRs have 160gb 3.5 HDD. So grab those old DVRs open them up and get your free back up drive thats most likely been sittin in the garage for years.
5th Aug, 10:35pm
ator1:   I hadn't heard anything about Trump being banned from the show.
5th Aug, 10:35pm
michaelall:   did gay week end yesterday? or is it just coincidental that neither the hourlies or the ct rip are up yet?
5th Aug, 10:26pm
turk:   Is anybody else glad that Donald Trump has been banned from the show? It's notorious that his buildings are some of the worst in NYC.
5th Aug, 10:11pm
lennynero:   I used to love Seagate, but after about 3yrs of repeated failures through the early 00's, I switched to WD. Use them exclusively in client/server builds and have only had 1 fail in almost 6yrs.
5th Aug, 7:00pm
n0thng2bdone:   oh, and that wd mybook drive is what i use for active torrents--thought for sure that one would die first but it didn't
5th Aug, 6:55pm
michaelall:   i actually tried the online backup that they advertise on the show once. in a year it had only backed up about 60% of that laptop's 160GB internal drive, and none of my external drives.
5th Aug, 6:11pm
Lemmi:   i had my first HD failure on the 4th of july this year, the drive was a WD 80gb HD and it lasted 7 years (3 of those years making tons of noises), i lost some pics and about 5 months of stern shows from this year
5th Aug, 4:23pm
rvotyrtsym:   article about sal governale ->
5th Aug, 4:15pm
n0thng2bdone:   and yeah, i def. think the largest manufacturers are price-fixing. supposedly happened with lcd panels recently
5th Aug, 4:13pm
n0thng2bdone:   the cheap ssd's don't have TRIM and shouldn't be considered
5th Aug, 4:12pm
n0thng2bdone:   some ppl go by the theory that 1 platter is better than two. i think at any given time the highest capacity drives are 2 platters, eventually it all goes on one platter. might be a reason to stay away from bleeding edge, which i think would be like 3tb now
5th Aug, 4:09pm
n0thng2bdone:   i thought wd had the best rep but recently i've read otherwise. who knows what to think. keep thinking of getting a nas and setting it up with raid, there are some cheap ones...
5th Aug, 4:07pm
n0thng2bdone:   for what it's worth: i have a 1tb wd mybook (cheap edition) that has never failed and i've had it for about 3 years i think. then i got a fantom drive 1tb drive off newegg (wd green drive inside)--that one failed, but i noticed before it died and saved all but a couple of gbs. rma'd it for a replacement a few months ago.
5th Aug, 3:23pm
arcterex:   paladyr - looks like it according to the sirius schedule
5th Aug, 3:09pm
paladyr:   Was there another gay special today? I'm all caught up!
5th Aug, 1:49pm
paladyr:   I have a bad feeling about artie, like he's being watched 24hrs a day and hates life.
5th Aug, 11:38am
stansoltz:   anyone have any news on artie? surely someone must have spotted him walking around somewhere, no?
5th Aug, 9:05am
paladyr:   or just run western digital's hard drive diagnostic tool once a month or something like that. You can download it from their website. You have a better shot at keeping your data if you catch the problem early.
5th Aug, 9:02am
paladyr:   I've also noticed the return rate is higher on the bigger drives, I think over 500gb... Just be on the lookout for explorer hanging, hard drive spinning too much, slow performance, clicking, etc.. As soon as you notice, use a hd testing tool to look for bad sectors. If you find any you need to RMA.
5th Aug, 8:04am
provrorsbarn:   all my stern stuff is in that baby
5th Aug, 8:03am
provrorsbarn:   crap i have WD 1 tb now im nervous
5th Aug, 5:29am
michaelall:   i have a 500GB HDD in my netbook. wasn't aware of speed issues with SSDs; that could be a dealbreaker.
5th Aug, 4:16am
ricktunes:   I've only owned two ext drives, both WD's and both are starting to fail ...FAIL
5th Aug, 4:15am
ricktunes:   lot's of science being dropped right there ..geek alert!
5th Aug, 1:47am
paladyr:   i havent jumped on the ssd bandwagon yet :p
5th Aug, 1:46am
paladyr:   i think there's a cheap version of ssd and an expensivee one, the exp one is really fast i think. reliability is def a concern with ssd, and cost for the better drives.
4th Aug, 11:40pm
lennynero:   but at least SSD's are a step forward in speed
4th Aug, 11:40pm
lennynero:   plus, there's a limitation in the way the architecture works. Something with the speed at which these gates can be switched. SSD's will soon top out as a result. We won't really see faster permanent storage until we get more involved in optical technologies (like holographic data storage).
4th Aug, 11:38pm
lennynero:   michaelall, SSD's have similar failure rates as moving discs. When you think about it, hard drives seldom fail at the disk level, but are more often caused by controller or motor error/failure. Since SSD's still use similar controllers (and interfaces), they're still prone to those types of failures.
4th Aug, 11:09pm
rednimer:   @michaelall, my netbook has a solid state drive, just a little 40gb'er, but does what i need. Not the fastest thing though. I think thats one of the biggest drawbacks to the solid state drives, too slow, and still not that cheap
4th Aug, 11:07pm
rednimer:   oh, its out isnt it....nope
4th Aug, 9:25pm
paladyr:   has anyone read beth's book?
4th Aug, 6:38pm
michaelall:   HDDs have moving parts and will, eventually, fail - it's not a question of "if" but a question of "when". i don't understand why it's 2010 and we're not all using solid state drives by now. i think the hardware manufacturers are conspiring to keep their cost artificially high, so we keep buying HDDs, they keep failing, and we keep buying more.
4th Aug, 6:09pm
archyontop:   ..boy those tags on amazon for Beths book are brutial! "rse faced gold digger"..."horse face"...."finally i am famous "..geez
4th Aug, 5:41pm
FJackie:   lol @ Eng Yidle.
4th Aug, 5:40pm
FJackie:   @Turk. I seriously doubt that he did that on Amazon...unless you're kidding, I don't know. And I wouldn't say that the Stern Show reviews here on the old shout box have been really stellar lately. So...what are you talking about?
4th Aug, 5:36pm
rvotyrtsym:   turk,I don't believe thats true.Howard is too much of a eng yidle.
4th Aug, 4:27pm
turk:   Howard paid people to give good reviews on his wife's book on Amazon. Is he paying out a few bucks for people to give him positive press here as well?
4th Aug, 4:11pm
paladyr:   This might be the site I remember, haven't looked at it in forever though:
4th Aug, 4:09pm
paladyr:   There used to be a hard drive reliability site where people would submit hard drive failures, WD had several lines with high failure rates. Some lines are more reliable than others. I've had 3 WDs fail in my 17yrs of owning pcs, no seagates or maxtors. I did buy a WD for my media center though, don't care if I have to RMA that.
4th Aug, 3:49pm
eos:   paladyr: How odd. WD has been perfect for me. 6+ years now.
4th Aug, 2:52pm
paladyr:   tnturner did you already try hooking it up as a slave drive?
4th Aug, 2:47pm
paladyr:   Seagate is my fav hard drive brand, I think they are unmatched in reliability! WD has been awful for me.
4th Aug, 2:47pm
paladyr:   I'm a database admin/programmer, other than building my own machines I don't mess with hardware :-/.
4th Aug, 2:41pm
Shalimar:   u don't work in IT then do you paladyr (hardware end esp)
4th Aug, 2:39pm
paladyr:   usually there are warning signs like the hard drive making clicking noises or spinning excessively.
4th Aug, 2:37pm
paladyr:   tnturner prob has a hardware failure in the drive, making it unreadable. I've never had a hard drive fail in a way software alone could recover it.
4th Aug, 1:46pm
shanerr:   thats fuckin cool of eos!
4th Aug, 1:24pm
arcterex:   tnturner - tried a disk recovery tool like spinrite? or is it beyond repair? You migh be able to get some back...
4th Aug, 11:31am
eos:   tnturner: I'd copy my archive onto a hard drive that you send me, if you pay for return shipping.
4th Aug, 11:29am
tnturner:   All were the 128K EOS too, ughhhh!!
4th Aug, 11:25am
tnturner:   Well, my day sucks. I just lost all my Stern archives. The whole Sirius era. Hard drive crashed
4th Aug, 11:16am
paladyr:   I'd hit it.
4th Aug, 9:23am
marlon22031:   Is it just me or Did Dr. Muggli ( From The IQ Test Show) look like Ralph Cirella??!!
4th Aug, 7:21am
skk:   any chance that someone can upload a george takei pack? those weeks were so funny
3rd Aug, 10:03pm
jhames34:   no, howard was :P I probably have the wording off a bit tho...yup, I just looked it up, it's actually "Lets talk to a little girl who's REALLY in love with John Cena, her name is Eric the Midget" from 10-11-2006
3rd Aug, 9:28pm
rvotyrtsym:   jhames,are you calling eric the midget a young lady?
3rd Aug, 9:12pm
jhames34:   And now, a young lady who REALLY loves John Cena...Eric the Midget, you're on the air.
3rd Aug, 7:18pm
ator1:   Here's that clip of Sal falling off a chair. It gets funnier each time I see it.
3rd Aug, 5:17pm
crash613:   @Rickjames.. Thanks
3rd Aug, 5:15pm
paladyr:   Does anyone know when his fringe appearance will air?
3rd Aug, 5:04pm
rvotyrtsym:   article about eric the midget->
3rd Aug, 4:37pm
desert420:   LOL
3rd Aug, 4:36pm
ricktunes:   simmer down there Mr. Mar..
3rd Aug, 3:54pm
Shalimar:   noooo but I dun wanna cease ricktunes
3rd Aug, 3:44pm
ricktunes:   If Eos was here he would say "Cease". I suggest you follow that..
3rd Aug, 2:26pm
michaelall:   the lady werris doth protest the "doth protest too much" line too much, methinks.
3rd Aug, 12:54pm
usiphi203:   no shit ROEU812. he just reconnected with a cousin by that name. it was the perfect call.
3rd Aug, 10:33am
ROEU812:   Just finished the Baba-Booey 20 year special...I Love Billy pranking Gary with "Barbara Booey" LOL
3rd Aug, 9:51am
dtvjames:   Oh, theres the Ralph test in the MTT
3rd Aug, 9:51am
paladyr:   I feel like everyone taking a lie detector test and betting on it is common bit property. It's such an obvious idea that anyone can do it and no one can claim it for their own.
3rd Aug, 8:10am
dtvjames:   Have they ever given Ralph a gay lie detector test ?
3rd Aug, 6:19am
werris:   You always get some wanker with the "doth protest too much" line too. Go learn another fucken line you think no one has heard that one before FFS???
3rd Aug, 3:41am
ricktunes:   @ crash613: Hamhands didn't come into the studio and record a special, no. Hamhands is the name of a user who rips the show and posts each hour between breaks to the newsgroups which dtvjames is grabbing and posting here ..get it.
3rd Aug, 1:44am
michaelall:   nttawwt
3rd Aug, 1:44am
michaelall:   the lady werris doth protest too much, methinks.
3rd Aug, 12:15am
bellet:   looks like someone takes it in the ass
3rd Aug, 12:11am
werris:   Fucken gay week....FFS.
3rd Aug, 12:11am
werris:   He's starting to remind me of Vito from the Sopranos...
3rd Aug, 12:10am
werris:   WTF has gay got to do with the fucken Howard Stern show?
3rd Aug, 12:09am
werris:   He's a fag!
3rd Aug, 12:09am
werris:   A fucken gay week?
3rd Aug, 12:09am
werris:   WTF is with all the gay shit? FFS.
3rd Aug, 12:09am
bellet:   Now howard can see that he even rips off bits without knowing it
3rd Aug, 12:08am
bellet:   anyone watch Fantasy Factory on MTV? The did the IQ bit last season. everyone on the staff took the test and they bet on the results.
2nd Aug, 8:41pm
crash613:   thanks dtvjames. was it just a special or something? he came in to the studio and recorded a show or something, i take it?
2nd Aug, 8:21pm
michaelall:   (that's what she said)
2nd Aug, 8:20pm
michaelall:   sweet, just saw it go up
2nd Aug, 8:09pm
dtvjames:   crash613: HamHands Hourlies are quick uploads usually upped an hour after broadcast. so you can get the 6:00 hour at 7:00. if your behind it would make sense to get the eos or cameltoe cap instead
2nd Aug, 7:55pm
cameltoe:   mechaelall, I will be capping this week...electric went out today, so I am still recording. should be up later tonight.
2nd Aug, 7:49pm
michaelall:   (and don't really feel like sewing together all those hourlies :P)
2nd Aug, 7:49pm
michaelall:   anyone know if CT is capping this week? i usually rely on him for the vacation specials
2nd Aug, 7:34pm
Lemmi:   scroll down and you will see the booey special
2nd Aug, 7:25pm
derkschultz:   dont see the booey special up, it would be great if someone gave me a link.
2nd Aug, 7:07pm
crash613:   ok cut me a break here for asking... i am way behind due to a vacation and such... but what is all this HamHand hour X stuff all about? for the past 2 weeks this stuff has been up here. what is that all about. I am only on 7/15/2010 and it hasn't been mentioned yet
2nd Aug, 6:47pm
poopdeck:   Never heard so many people bitch about a source of entertainment. I hate musicals. I've never gone to a musical and told everyone how much it sucks and then show up the next day to do it all over again. You people are loos'n it.
2nd Aug, 6:45pm
archyontop:   ..being a 10 year listener, I agree..the show isnt the same anymore, but I still listen to every minute everyday...I miss that 3rd opinion n the show (ARTIE!!)
2nd Aug, 6:45pm
poopdeck:   i thought it was funny.
2nd Aug, 5:50pm
sumdim:   Yeah the IQ bit was lame.. pretty much knew most scores just by knowing the people on the show. And they spent 2 damn days on it lol
2nd Aug, 5:16pm
turk:   The IQ bit was boring, because nobody that anybody actually CARED ABOUT took the test. Howard and Robin are too rich and lazy to risk knowing their IQ scores for good radio. I was surprised that Gary took the test, becuase I thought he was also in the Howard/Robin camp.
2nd Aug, 5:07pm
rvotyrtsym:   I thought the IQ test bit was a bit boring,and not funny.
2nd Aug, 4:23pm
paladyr:   The IQ bit was definitely the best bit in a long time. I miss when Richard and Sal were more involved.
2nd Aug, 4:22pm
desert420:   Thanks for the Booey special rick!
2nd Aug, 4:22pm
paladyr:   I was under the impression people don't know how much vacation he gets or when he takes them. I'm only made aware when he isn't on live lol. I'm just saying I sympathize.
2nd Aug, 3:33pm
8ace:   I've been listening to Stern since about 2002. He can take as many vacations as he wants. Our complaints aren't going make any difference. I'm an 8 year listener and i don't care because I get the show fir free and I'll be the first to admit it's not a great show anymore. Great bits like the IQ test are few and far between. Robin just repeats things, which is more annoying than she was 8 years ago, when she just repeated things then. I thought the show would be fine for a few years yet. It's not. I still D/L and listen. Just in case.
2nd Aug, 3:21pm
jhames34:   With all due respect paladyr, I disagree. The people who pay for stern KNOW how much vacation he gets, so why do they have a right to be a little upset with something they know when they sign up paladyr?
2nd Aug, 3:19pm
jhames34:   Indeed greentea! that is a TON of entertainment.
2nd Aug, 3:18pm
usiphi203:   I believe marksfriggin has his past vacation schedules.
2nd Aug, 3:14pm
ricktunes:   --> bababooey special
2nd Aug, 2:52pm
prophecy500:   Heeeey Noooowww!!
2nd Aug, 2:38pm
ricktunes:   ------> Know More Bullshit!
2nd Aug, 2:03pm
michaelall:   they'll be off the week of labordaybor but then there's not another lengthy vacation until thanksgiving week, iirc
2nd Aug, 1:56pm
greentea123:   He should be back live next week, but be prepared for another week off later in August!!
2nd Aug, 1:52pm
turk:   He doesn't announce vacations, because he knows that would make him look bad given how often they take weeks off. I like the vacations, because the Best Of shows are better than the current show.
2nd Aug, 1:50pm
dannydamone:   is he off next week too then?
2nd Aug, 1:49pm
ator1:    I'd love to see the making-of Supertwink documentary that they were talking about.
2nd Aug, 1:47pm
greentea123:   For the record: Howard does 162 live shows per year, at 5 hours per day = 810 hours yearly. Thats a lot of talkin!!!
2nd Aug, 1:47pm
paladyr:   The people who pay for stern definitely have a right to be a little upset with all the vacations.
2nd Aug, 1:45pm
michaelall:   be happy for what we get, when we get it. it's not like there aren't millions of records, films, and books that you need to check out
2nd Aug, 1:44pm
michaelall:   you guys complain too much
2nd Aug, 1:42pm
paladyr:   Was the 29th's wrap up show worth listening to?
2nd Aug, 1:26pm
archyontop:   ..yea, like what the big deal..on thursdays sign off .."next week we are on vacation, but tune into the best of..whatever..!!" why be so deceiving??<---agrees with usiphi203
2nd Aug, 1:13pm
Shalimar:   WesMantooth: At least Bubba tells you when he has Best Of. <-- indeed!
2nd Aug, 12:39pm
WesMantooth:   At least Bubba tells you when he has Best Of.
2nd Aug, 12:28pm
usiphi203:   He did it on TWUS. I agree, I hate the secret stuff, it's very FM radio.
2nd Aug, 12:20pm
marlon22031:   soccermom56 are you serious? Did he really say that? Wow! they fucking suck lol! Im so glad i dont pay for it anymore. I should cancel my subcription to Howard TV also!
2nd Aug, 11:59am
soccermom56:   Gary flat out lied about being on vacation this week. There was a mention of vacation this week and then he said "oh wait, vacations not next week".
2nd Aug, 11:47am
usiphi203:   I got tired of paying and stopped. I still get the show, now for free. Take whatever they want off, I'm not paying for. Thanks to those who do.
2nd Aug, 11:46am
usiphi203:   I beleive they have been taking the 1st week of Aug forever. No surprise.
2nd Aug, 11:32am
marlon22031:   how many times is gonna have joan rivers and his d list celeb friends ie mark mcgrath jillian barbarie etc on the show
2nd Aug, 11:32am
marlon22031:   Lets face it if it werent for bits like the staft IQ etc no one would tune in at all to the show. he cant get a decent guest to save his life
2nd Aug, 11:30am
marlon22031:   If he's gonna shit on the fans with all of these un announced vacations then he should just retire and go away. His heart doesnt appear to be in it anymore.
2nd Aug, 11:23am
minimoose:   i'll take what i can get, it's better than what that one caller said where he should sign again and take the entire summer off!
2nd Aug, 11:23am
minimoose:   ithought i heard stern say something about an upcoming vacation but figured this week was too soon
2nd Aug, 11:20am
marlon22031:   this is why i dowload them now. Howard and the gang are taking thier fans loyalty for granted
2nd Aug, 11:19am
marlon22031:   im fucking complaining ! this is rediculous! Im tired of people kissing their asses and pretending this is ok. This is the reason why i canceled my subsciption
2nd Aug, 10:58am
paladyr:   If I could I would take as much vacation as they do, maybe more lol.
2nd Aug, 10:54am
fallsmatt:   Didnt you guys think they would be live this week?
2nd Aug, 10:54am
fallsmatt:   wow that is alot of vacation time!
2nd Aug, 9:54am
minimoose:   how are they on vacation again? i'm not complaining , but i thought they were just on vacation for 2 weeks
2nd Aug, 9:23am
paladyr:   is anyone on that can upload the baba booey special?
2nd Aug, 8:55am
usiphi203:   No live show. Vacation. "Gayest week ever
2nd Aug, 6:16am
WesMantooth:   Live show today, right?
1st Aug, 7:29pm
kingdaddy187:   no invites here i believe
1st Aug, 7:00pm
eyeofnone:   is there a way to get invites here by any chance?
1st Aug, 11:37am
deadluvva:   back at ya rvo
31st Jul, 9:01pm
rvotyrtsym:   shout out to deadluvva.
31st Jul, 9:00pm
rvotyrtsym:   >rvo is starting to feel the effects of 3 g very potent liberty cap's/ lots of blueing.45 min in.I might eat another g in 3 hours.hehehehe
31st Jul, 8:47pm
freddy:   hahahahah i love stern!!!!!
31st Jul, 6:42pm
deadluvva:   shout out to rick always
31st Jul, 6:38pm
deadluvva:   look for awhile at that chincat sunflower proud.......................
31st Jul, 6:37pm
deadluvva:   do something other than testing that bed all day......
31st Jul, 6:10pm
ricktunes:   try vaccuming..
31st Jul, 5:42pm
ricktunes:   oh boy..
31st Jul, 2:56pm
rgenius25:   Does anyone have the THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF 'BABA BOOEY'
31st Jul, 12:07pm
macdaddy77:   I'm club fucking footed your asswipe.
31st Jul, 9:41am
deadluvva:   hello hello
31st Jul, 9:11am
deadluvva:   Tha bababooey special was absol hilarious. Good job to whoever put it together. Those songs are classics.
30th Jul, 11:06pm
jhames34:   Shalimar, you can retire on like 10 bucks? :O
30th Jul, 7:30pm
ricktunes:   /me slaps Shalimar with a cold fish
30th Jul, 4:56pm
chibchakan:   Vote for Howard:
30th Jul, 1:40pm
Shalimar:   besides I'll harass CT regardless
30th Jul, 1:40pm
Shalimar:   downtime? argh!!!!! Nooooooooo /me needs the show to listen while I work demmit >:P
30th Jul, 1:37pm
greentea123:   Howard's vacations may suck, but it gives our hard working cappers a break as well. Enjoy some downtime guys!!
30th Jul, 10:48am
Shalimar:   if i had $1 for every vacation they get i'd retire ;p
30th Jul, 10:38am
Shalimar:   it's already up on tk
30th Jul, 10:26am
fightuptight:   anyone uploading the BaBaBooey Special?
29th Jul, 10:03pm
Lemmi:   realwomenhaveflatstomachs
29th Jul, 6:43pm
rvotyrtsym:   Hey eos,wats up dude.Have a great vacation.They're playing some kind of faggy special next week. I heard the homo promo this morning.
29th Jul, 5:17pm
lennynero:   s'why I'm so into lovelybeth....her curves...mmm. Well, they're good enough for a black man, so 'nuff said
29th Jul, 4:56pm
greentea123:   I agree lenny women were women in the 50s and 60s. I watch a lot of old Gunsmoke episodes and the actresses were very hot!!
29th Jul, 4:53pm
greentea123:   Thanks lenny for the info on Rachel - will check it out!!
29th Jul, 4:23pm
lovelybeth86:   yay, everyone likes me haha! thanks all, thats really sweet, you guys all make this such a great place to come too, thanks everyone for their contributions!
29th Jul, 4:17pm
lovelybeth86:   well I love your stuff BA, and I do d/l it sometimes, just not all the time hun! And you are among the many great contributors here, so thanks!
29th Jul, 4:09pm
lennynero:   Look at the Betty's of the 50's and 60's. Women had "pooch", but not "gut". Real women have curves.
29th Jul, 4:08pm
lennynero:   she's got a "classic figure". Miss those days...when women were *built*. Niiiicely, right in the middle. Now women are either too fat or too skinny.
29th Jul, 4:07pm
lennynero:   some pretty nice pics under Photos on as well.
29th Jul, 3:59pm
lennynero: <--- about as close as we're gonna get for now
29th Jul, 3:57pm
lennynero:   I'm pretty sure he did, which spawned the discussion that led to her saying "they're the 2 extra cast members of the show"
29th Jul, 3:44pm
greentea123:   Howard had her in the other day and never asked to see those beauties...
29th Jul, 3:41pm
greentea123:   Hard to believe Richie Wilson is getting her!!
29th Jul, 3:40pm
lennynero:   God, I wish. She's soooo fine (except the nose)
29th Jul, 3:39pm
greentea123:   Are we ever gonna see Rachel naked anywhere??
29th Jul, 3:38pm
greentea123:   True lenny, they should just pull his fat ass off that show...
29th Jul, 3:37pm
lennynero:   honestly, I never look at anything other than Rachel Fine's fine ass tits on that show. If not for Jon and the clips, I could actually rub one out to completion in those glorious 15mins.
29th Jul, 3:35pm
greentea123:   Is Jon Hein any better, Jesus, I can't stand him on the Bonus Show!!
29th Jul, 3:34pm
lennynero:   Although, I'd like to hear Kathy Griffin go off on Ralph.
29th Jul, 3:34pm
lennynero:   To be honest, I really liked GeekTime, but had to quit listening because it makes me want to punch babies everytime Ralph takes the cock out of his mouth to speak. Goddamn I hate that ass pirate.
29th Jul, 3:33pm
lennynero:   Any geek worth his salt can make a living out of shit we'd be doing anyway. Ralph's just a glorified hair stylist nerd. Jon Hein makes GeekTime a good show, Ralph just slows it down.
29th Jul, 3:32pm
lennynero:   Ralph's a fag. I hate that berry-faced motherfucker. Gives *real* geeks a bad name.
29th Jul, 3:21pm
greentea123:   Can't see Ralph paying anyone...
29th Jul, 3:20pm
greentea123:   Anyone believe all those IQ bets will be paid??
29th Jul, 3:17pm
greentea123:   Sounded like a bunch of kids on the last day of school!!
29th Jul, 3:16pm
greentea123:   Jesus, Fred was over the top with the laughing today!!
29th Jul, 3:15pm
greentea123:   It's obvious they are off next week - everyone was so giddy today!! So much fake laughing...
29th Jul, 2:55pm
paladyr:   The problem was created by man it can be solved my man
29th Jul, 2:42pm
eos:   rvotyrtsym: YAY! I'm on vacation Monday, so I wasn't going to post til late afternoon anyway.
29th Jul, 1:52pm
rvotyrtsym:   No new show's next week.It's vacation time again.
29th Jul, 1:51pm
macdaddy77:   How about The Shit Show !
29th Jul, 1:15pm
paladyr:   Thx for the info eos and all the hard work!
29th Jul, 12:37pm
shanerr:   yup. u guys are awesome. thanks!
29th Jul, 12:14pm
deadluvva:   Along with all the others who upload shows................
29th Jul, 12:14pm
deadluvva:   That's honest of ya paladyr. Nice to hear. We owe it to the uploaders to show them our Thanks and appreciation. Non of them have to do it. Eos, toe, dtv, Kingbru, they are all freakin amazing.
29th Jul, 12:06pm
eos:   I tried cross fading a couple weeks back, but the way the breaks are done cross fading doesn't work on all of them. So I stopped doing it at all.
29th Jul, 12:05pm
eos:   paladyr: I use dBpowerAMP for conversion when I do convert. It's not that much work. About an hour a day for me. I edit for myself and share the results here. That's a major reason why I rarely change the process affecting the results. I like the results, so if someone doesn't they are welcome to procure their fix in another way. I personally don't receive any donations, other than a free Sirius radio and account. Of course it's only sued for the show...
29th Jul, 11:42am
paladyr:   I didn't know the uppers cared honestly. I certainly appreciate and will post thanks from now on. I can imagine how much work is involved in the recording and editing. Do they get any of the donation money?
29th Jul, 11:39am
deadluvva:   If I can play devil's advocate paladyr why the lack of comments aka Thanks?
29th Jul, 10:35am
paladyr:   What software is used to convert the 128k to 24k?
29th Jul, 10:30am
paladyr:   Thanks for trying to help. It's working great now so I'm not going to mess with it. Just wanted to explain that my ratio wasn't a result of lack of effort., but rather a technical problem.
29th Jul, 10:21am
Shalimar:   i use an older version here... u might want to test that one your sys (both can be installed easily but not run @ the same time)
29th Jul, 10:16am
paladyr:   uTorrent 2.0.2
29th Jul, 10:06am
Shalimar:   which client version?
29th Jul, 10:04am
paladyr:   I use peerblock. My isp is time warner. I'm a database administrator/programmer so I'm no n00b.
29th Jul, 10:03am
paladyr:   Well I can tell you that my ratio is MUCH higher now with encryption off and allowing legacy connections. There is NO comparison. I struggled to get a 1 ratio that way and now average 6-7 on the 24k and 3 on the 128.
29th Jul, 10:02am
Shalimar:   q.. who is your isp?
29th Jul, 10:02am
Shalimar:   your single best protection for torrents (IMO) is peerblock
29th Jul, 10:02am
paladyr:   In a few months my ratio should be above 1. It's been climbing ever since I disabled encryption much to my dismay.
29th Jul, 10:01am
Shalimar:   most everyone has forced encryption on actually.. and that does not kill uploading at all
29th Jul, 9:59am
paladyr:   Yea I know I would need work. For the longest time I had utorrent set to forcing encryption and disallowing legacy connections, which killed my uploading. I'm surprised so many people use torrents without encryption.
29th Jul, 9:53am
Shalimar:   /me yawnz.. mornings are EVIL
29th Jul, 9:50am
deadluvva:   well with your ratio and your number of Thanks paladyr I would not even ask......................................
29th Jul, 9:25am
bobdylan:   yea bigaudio id really like to bang her pretty hard also
29th Jul, 8:59am
paladyr:   What exactly is torrentkeeper?
28th Jul, 11:48pm
symantech:   i'm wuatamalan
28th Jul, 7:54pm
jhames34:   I think it might be impossible NOT to like Beth, BA instant likeability factor
28th Jul, 7:04pm
ohsolemio:   thank uploaders and seeders it is
28th Jul, 6:42pm
bigaudio:   lovelybeth always says thanks in the comments for my uploads even though she doesn't download them .... because she is a sweetheart .... she is a wonderful young lady who I admire and I am so grateful she is a member of this site
28th Jul, 6:12pm
slugdub:   lol sendspace. hiya rick. good memory.
28th Jul, 5:41pm
robinsweetie:   hey moe i'm getting dizzy....what's hashish?
28th Jul, 5:30pm
honeybee:   something to do with her trip to guatamala..a funeral procession went by her as she was video blogging i think. something like that.
28th Jul, 5:20pm
ricktunes:   Blast from the past ..slugdub! The OG SendSpace PR man ..Heeyy Nooww! How goes it..
28th Jul, 5:16pm
slugdub:   can someone please tell me the origins of robin's new theme music? I must have missed when that happened
28th Jul, 5:09pm
ricktunes:   In the mean time, here's the --> bababooey special
28th Jul, 5:09pm
ricktunes:   That being said, if you want an account there, you can pm me and I'll get you one. If you don't have a 1.0 ratio or better, don't ask. And if you have zero comments of thanks in your time here, start showing some appreciation to our great uploaders and ask when you've done that.
28th Jul, 5:09pm
ricktunes:   The bababooey special is on our sister site, tk. The three people that asked for it have been here over four years. There's been a link to tk right here on the home page all that time and you never joined?? Now it's closed ..good job
28th Jul, 4:52pm
lovelybeth86:   Travis, its on TK hun! my toes? I hate feet ugh!
28th Jul, 4:44pm
travisev:   would love and appreciate an upload of the bababooey special
28th Jul, 4:43pm
travisev:   eric the shitty actor
28th Jul, 4:43pm
28th Jul, 4:31pm
28th Jul, 4:27pm
lennynero:   lovelybeth, you may be club footed, but how do your toes look? ;)
28th Jul, 4:27pm
rvotyrtsym:   I'm fucking club footed ya' ass wipe!
28th Jul, 4:18pm
lovelybeth86:   im club fuckin footed!
28th Jul, 4:17pm
lovelybeth86:   Lenny, Toe has apologized to me profusely, and will no longer accept bribes on your behalf haha! Thanks everyone for making this little Stern community great!
28th Jul, 4:16pm
paladyr:   Have they done a best of eric the midget show? I can't remember.
28th Jul, 3:55pm
rvotyrtsym:   Eric the annoying midget.
28th Jul, 3:37pm
paladyr:   Eric the retarded midget
28th Jul, 3:31pm
lennynero:   wow, I'm getting more bang for my buck! Only paid CT to delay *yesterday* to piss off lovelybeth86
28th Jul, 3:12pm
DrRemulak:   Eric the shittty penis.
28th Jul, 2:51pm
ator1:   Eric the shitcock.
28th Jul, 2:22pm
paladyr:   If anyone could seed I would really appreciate it. It's 24 hours of eric. I tried using the send seed request but i got an sql error.
28th Jul, 2:10pm
Shalimar:   hey prop ;p
28th Jul, 1:57pm
prophecy500:   Heyyy Nowww!!!
28th Jul, 1:54pm
dtvjames:   there is a link to hr 4/5 in hour 3 comments
28th Jul, 1:41pm
dtvjames:   np
28th Jul, 1:39pm
greentea123:   dtvjames: Thanks again for the hourlies - keep em coming!!
28th Jul, 1:05pm
dtvjames:   I dont even know where to get "pirated" content.
28th Jul, 12:51pm
michaelall:   if itunes cared about "pirated" content, apple wouldn't have sold seventy fucking trillion ipods and iphones :P
28th Jul, 12:10pm
desert420:   Weird, Long show today! Sorry again guys for the delay yesterday! How goes it EOS?
28th Jul, 12:07pm
eos:   Shit. I almost stopped the wrapup recording, but decided to monitor the input anyway. Good thing, cause the news was still going...
28th Jul, 11:32am
eos:   Weird break schedule today. From the timestamps: Second to last break ends at 2.41.43 and the show ends at 4.19.25. Almost 1:40:00...
28th Jul, 11:24am
dtvjames:   Would you jerk off in a car with other guys if Tabitha Stevens said "Whip it out if you want to."?
28th Jul, 10:51am
FJackie:   Cant't wait to hear from 'Gook-ear Stern' today.
28th Jul, 10:15am
dtvjames:   HamHands capped H101 so part 1 didnt come till hour 4. the first 3 were Ferrall
28th Jul, 9:30am
damnhustle:   part1? 6 to 7am?
28th Jul, 7:53am
anonymous:   can someone upload the booey special
28th Jul, 2:30am
desert420:   Hey guys sorry about the VERY LATE 24k! No computer or phone all day! Posting now!
28th Jul, 12:56am
travisev:   any chance of a post of the bababooey special?
28th Jul, 12:42am
eos:   iTunes shouldn't care where the content came from. Mine doesn't, anyway.
28th Jul, 12:39am
thericochet:   i wish Lisa Lampanelli would die. if only so Howard wouldn't have her on the show again. i'm a month behind on shows and am listening to about a comedown from Spade & Rock and then Lampanelli in the segment immediately following. that's like eating filet mignon with a shit smoothie chaser. glad i can fast forward thanks to the awesome rippers and uppers in the HS 'net community.
28th Jul, 12:07am
Hykanthis:   Ok thank you Eos an Lenny i wasn't sure about itunes being a dick because the content is pirated thanks again
27th Jul, 11:38pm
lennynero:   I even use "Smart Playlists", so when I drag the show from the iTunes library to the phone, it automatically adds it to a "Stern" playlist on the iPhone.
27th Jul, 11:37pm
lennynero:   CT goes as far as including the rundown and album art, which shows up on the iPhone when you play the file.
27th Jul, 11:37pm
lennynero:   Hykanthis, drag and drop the .mp3 to iTunes, plug in your phone, drag and drop the mp3 from your iTunes library to the iPhone.
27th Jul, 11:37pm
eos:   Your iPhone will connect to iTunes and transfer whatever is in iTunes to whatever device you connect to your computer.
27th Jul, 10:49pm
Hykanthis:   Hey can anyone help i'm getting a iphone tomorrow the 3gs can i still put my shows from here on there does anyone do this ? thanks
27th Jul, 8:19pm
Shalimar:   /me looks around... and sees nothing but dead space :P
27th Jul, 5:39pm
lennynero:   man, I'm on CamelToe's torrent like cameltoe is on Mariah Carey's crotch. Thanks homie!
27th Jul, 5:16pm
lennynero:   sorry, lovelybeth. I paid him $50 to wait until after 18:00, mostly just to piss you off. Guess you'll think twice before standing me up for those pics again, won't you?!?!?!?!?!
27th Jul, 5:16pm
rvotyrtsym:   @lovelybeth86->Patience is a virtue.
27th Jul, 5:15pm
lennynero:   fucking christ, I just saw someone spell "accept" as "acsept". I give up. I'm moving to Mars.
27th Jul, 5:05pm
lovelybeth86:   I thought it would be more of the origin, not songs, thanks hun! Damn you Toe, I said 5pm, and its not right to keep your best fan waiting haha!
27th Jul, 4:44pm
jhames34:   oy vey, from what I can tell they didn't even play a clip of the first Booey mention...I did skip around a bit so maybe I missed it...but at least the songs are funny
27th Jul, 4:42pm
lennynero:   thanks greentea123, I'm sure he'll appreciate your efforts
27th Jul, 4:41pm
jhames34:   Okay, 20 minutes into the special and it's nothing but shortened versions of great booey songs...time to fast forward
27th Jul, 4:27pm
jhames34:   hi beth, listening to it right now...5 minutes in and all it is so far is a montage of booey songs...oh here comes the "bob a. Booey" prank call,..I'll keep you posted on my OH so important opinions
27th Jul, 3:57pm
greentea123:   Don't want to lose the hourlies!!!
27th Jul, 3:56pm
greentea123:   lenny: Got it, have posted to the comments as well!!
27th Jul, 3:56pm
lovelybeth86:   How was that Bababooey special? anyone?
27th Jul, 3:52pm
Abudiwa:   workin like a fool. had 'another place' so i downloaded from rs at work. couldn't torrent. got laid off recently so now i'm back to torrents.
27th Jul, 3:51pm
ricktunes:   Hey Now Abudiwa ..long time no see, how goes it
27th Jul, 3:34pm
Abudiwa:   cool. thanks eos. you never get enough acolades!
27th Jul, 3:25pm
eos:   Abudiwa: As soon as possible.
27th Jul, 3:19pm
Abudiwa:   when does the 24kcf typically get posted? i haven't been here in awhile.
27th Jul, 2:11pm
27th Jul, 2:07pm
lennynero:   guys, I'm sure dtvjames appreciates the thanks, but please leave them in the torrent comments as well so they don't get lost in the shoutbox. He was just asking a couple days ago if he should or shouldn't upload them.
27th Jul, 1:49pm
Steeloc15:   AJB2010, Covino and Rich host a show on Sirus Stars Too (formally Maxim Radio.) The show is great but my schedule no longer permits me to catch it. I was hoping someone would know of a place where I could find it but it looks like I have no such luck. You should give it a listen though. Good stuff.
27th Jul, 1:39pm
doitlive:   Thanks for the fix fellas. We appreciate your work!
27th Jul, 12:56pm
damnhustle:   yea thank u dtvjames, we speak your name. ive been waiting for my daily fix, no one else has it but REDSKUNK!
27th Jul, 12:44pm
greentea123:   Thanks dtvjames for the hourly posts - great for us that need the show early
27th Jul, 12:21pm
SaCo:   im going to fuck you like a wild wanimal it is
27th Jul, 12:02pm
AJB2010:   Looks like I missed a shoutbox fight
27th Jul, 10:24am
Shalimar:   hey red... rt,,, and others still mysteriously missing (even more than me)
27th Jul, 5:34am
thizzelle:   Oooh, you're all angry now! You know what, you fuckin deserved it!
27th Jul, 5:33am
thizzelle:   What?if you hang up, I'm coming over there.
27th Jul, 1:37am
ricktunes:   a rednimer sighting ..hey now
27th Jul, 12:56am
michaelall:   wait, what's happening to vannoy?
26th Jul, 11:57pm
lennynero:   and hola red! Where ya been?
26th Jul, 11:55pm
lennynero:   Nathan, wtf was I bitching about?
26th Jul, 11:46pm
rednimer:   whats up bitches
26th Jul, 11:18pm
ator1:   Uh huh huh huh... Loaf.
26th Jul, 5:26pm
Mokito:   nirvana fans im currently seeing & seeding [DVD] Nirvana - Nevermind (Classic Albums) on dnoid i highly recommend it!
26th Jul, 5:04pm
Nathan:   in that guys defense that link does have pictures of vaginas
26th Jul, 4:58pm
eos:   What is the deal with blogs and all of the links being repeated? At this rate, before Boxing Day every fourth word will be a link.
26th Jul, 4:57pm
jhames34:   Indeed TonyLee, indeeeeeeed...if you haven't seen any of the new botchamanias, you MUST just for the new's like the intro to WWE programming, with all the quick clips, only with great moments like "superdragon" and Sheik saying "Fack!" etc
26th Jul, 4:41pm
rvotyrtsym:   vagina plumping->
26th Jul, 4:31pm
lovelybeth86:   hes not whining, hes right!
26th Jul, 4:30pm
duke9555:   i'll miss vannnoy
26th Jul, 4:30pm
Mokito:   lol
26th Jul, 4:29pm
Mokito:   wonton soup
26th Jul, 4:28pm
Mokito:   tiki tai mein
26th Jul, 4:27pm
Nathan:   lenny
26th Jul, 4:16pm
lovelybeth86:   whos whining?
26th Jul, 3:59pm
Nathan:   god damn you whine alot
26th Jul, 3:57pm
lennynero:   ugh, well, there's a first for everything
26th Jul, 3:46pm
lovelybeth86:   Lenny, its because I faked them, sorry hun haha!
26th Jul, 3:43pm
straightup:   Can I tell you my favorite Matt Dillon story real quick?
26th Jul, 3:23pm
lennynero:   and yet you never thanked me for those 9 orgasms I gave you last week. Feh, I see how you are.
26th Jul, 3:15pm
lovelybeth86:   I always leave thanks for torrents I d/l, but even though I dont ill occasionally leave one in a torrent I didnt because i apreciate all the effort these guys do. Youre right Lenny, its a shame! Toe, we miss you!
26th Jul, 2:26pm
greentea123:   Nice to see the show posted early today!! Thanks eos & desert
26th Jul, 2:16pm
lennynero:   it bears mentioning again, I just left "thanks" on 7 torrents (hourly's). It took less than 10secs. Just sayin.
26th Jul, 2:09pm
Abudiwa:   eos you rule!
26th Jul, 1:36pm
002200:   thanks eos
26th Jul, 1:21pm
Shalimar:   ahhh bliss.... the evil MIL is finally gone home!!!!!
26th Jul, 1:15pm
SaCo:   stay on your grind EOS!
26th Jul, 12:43pm
desert420:   Dang EOS! Caught me off guard here! LOL Posting 24k here shortly!
26th Jul, 12:35pm
michaelall:   nice1 eos
26th Jul, 12:31pm
eos:   Slow day at work, so I was able to edit.
26th Jul, 12:19pm
poopdeck:   thanks eos
26th Jul, 11:56am
robinsweetie:   would you like me to recite my poem on the air?
26th Jul, 11:40am
dtvjames:   FJackie,murderboy: np
26th Jul, 11:29am
murderboy:   hourlies are the BEST. thanks so much, dtvjames.
26th Jul, 11:24am
FJackie:   "thericochet: has Gilbert been on since Artie tried to pull an Elliot Smith?" - I love Elliot Smith yet I never made the Artie/Elliot connection. Well played, sir.
26th Jul, 11:24am
FJackie:   Thanks for adding the hourlies, dtvjames.
26th Jul, 11:17am
AJB2010:   LOL yes....
26th Jul, 11:11am
dtvjames:   that roomate needs a cock in his ass
26th Jul, 11:06am
dtvjames:   yeah what a prick
26th Jul, 11:01am
AJB2010:   I feel wasted now...long weekend. ETM is his normal self again.
26th Jul, 10:51am
deadluvva:   Listened to 2 shows from Wasted Week. What a great special. Classic Stern.
26th Jul, 10:26am
AJB2010:   Who are Covino and Rich?
26th Jul, 2:27am
Steeloc15:   Does anyone know if someone caps the Covino and Rich Show? feel free to PM me.
25th Jul, 9:16pm
Shalimar:   MIL's are f'ing EVIL dammit...... *grrrrr*
25th Jul, 8:14pm
thericochet:   has Gilbert been on since Artie tried to pull an Elliot Smith?
25th Jul, 7:24pm
TonyLeeIs:   jhames34: that's the greatest wrestling clip ever.
25th Jul, 4:29pm
jhames34:   Su-per-dra-gon! Clap clap clap clap clap
25th Jul, 11:39am
Shalimar:   pm sent dl ;p
25th Jul, 11:10am
deadluvva:   Seriously Shalimar, what the hell are you talking about??? Enough with this code shit.
25th Jul, 10:52am
Shalimar:   argh.. well NYC is quite possibly the worst possible place for what I have in mind LOL... Murphy is lovin me lately ;p
25th Jul, 4:44am
thizzelle:   stumbled upon this,, sry if its been mentioned..says 6/28.. scroll down a lil for the vid
25th Jul, 4:42am
25th Jul, 4:37am
thizzelle:   wheres gilbert? its been way too long.. now im cravin it.
25th Jul, 2:55am
ricktunes:   NYC Shalimar..
25th Jul, 1:46am
michaelall:   50,000 people used to live there. now it's a ghost town.
25th Jul, 12:54am
thericochet:   or replace Shatner with Stamos, although those are mostly phone calls
25th Jul, 12:54am
thericochet:   does anyone else feel like the celebrity guest rotation seems like Joan Rivers...Kathy Griffin...William Shatner....Joan Rivers...Kathy Griffin...William Shatner...Joan Rivers..etc.
24th Jul, 10:24pm
Shalimar:   hmm hey ricktunes... where r u located? (w/evil grin @ potential recruit) :P
24th Jul, 10:23pm
Shalimar:   as for RS I have not heard squat from him in a while... he didn't even return a phone call da bugger
24th Jul, 10:23pm
Shalimar:   well rt u did not help mask my super secret identity at all... or change my other nick muhahahahaa but thats ok.. once i hvae a US henchman I will rulez da world :P
24th Jul, 8:41pm
howard159:   Do you feel that the United States should remain in the United Nations?
24th Jul, 8:20pm
ricktunes:   See or speak to redskunker up there in Canaduh eh? It's been a minute for him around these parts.
24th Jul, 8:19pm
ricktunes:   Shalimar, you're giving up your secret identity yo. You're gonna lose those super powers ..bwahaha
24th Jul, 8:17pm
ricktunes:   Don't worry, it didn't go unnoticed..
24th Jul, 7:58pm
michaelall:   blacklight0: a thousand shouts, not one worth reading
24th Jul, 6:50pm
Shalimar:   noooo not u DL... u r canadian eh? therefore cannot help w/this :P
24th Jul, 6:36pm
deadluvva:   Ummmm, yeah..............
24th Jul, 5:36pm
Shalimar:   /me polls all TK & RS members to findout who lives in Vermont, NH, Maine, Montana or Idaho and are semi-near the CDN/US border demmit ;p
24th Jul, 5:33pm
Shalimar:   lol @ deadluvva u r canadian.. u can no help :P
24th Jul, 5:25pm
deadluvva:   And Shalimar, I'll take history of Egypt for 1000 please..............
24th Jul, 5:24pm
deadluvva:   I'm massaging my breasts. Mmmmmmyeah
24th Jul, 5:07pm
Shalimar:   now recruiting helper in the US demmit... check comments on my torrents on TK :P
24th Jul, 12:39pm
ROEU812:   Vodka straight upppppp THANK YOUUUUUUU !!
23rd Jul, 7:44pm
jhames34:   Yeah, I'm a walking talking alarm clock of laughter. Well, except when I suck :P
23rd Jul, 6:24pm
deadluvva:   jhames wakin deadluvva up and makin him lollllll. Shout out to rvo as well. YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaa RVO
23rd Jul, 6:03pm
jhames34:   Its STILL REAL TO ME DAMN IT!!!
23rd Jul, 5:17pm
rvotyrtsym:   deadluvva taking a nap,i need one myself.
23rd Jul, 4:45pm
23rd Jul, 4:26pm
blacklight0:   yeah, but i akways am, so i guess im normal
23rd Jul, 4:26pm
Amything:   are you high?
23rd Jul, 4:26pm
Amything:   sssshiiiieeet
23rd Jul, 4:25pm
blacklight0:   i dont dislike ANYONE on the show, what the fuck are you talking about?
23rd Jul, 4:25pm
blacklight0:   hey! i have a beer belly too, very hairy
23rd Jul, 4:24pm
Amything:   just curious, who else dont you like on the show?
23rd Jul, 4:21pm
blacklight0:   i think artie is a pathetic piece of shit, fat loser big spoiled baby that never grew up and stayed with his addictions, then couldnt handle work or stress< fuck him
23rd Jul, 4:21pm
blacklight0:   yeah names can be deceiving, not that it matters, but im not black
23rd Jul, 4:20pm
blacklight0:   its either he is very racist, or like he says, he has friends that he must make laugh
23rd Jul, 4:20pm
Amything:   hehe I'm an almost 40 years old male with a hairy beer belly
23rd Jul, 4:19pm
blacklight0:   dumb bitfch lol
23rd Jul, 4:19pm
Amything:   I think I would probably aggree that he has some racist in him anyway
23rd Jul, 4:19pm
blacklight0:   and i guess your name is amy and your a thing lol
23rd Jul, 4:18pm
Amything:   dude and your nick along with that comment
23rd Jul, 4:17pm
blacklight0:   oh i must be black cuz i said artie was racist lol
23rd Jul, 4:16pm
blacklight0:   my lungs are bitch
23rd Jul, 4:16pm
Amything:   are you black blacklight0?
23rd Jul, 4:15pm
blacklight0:   fuck artie, let his stupid unfunny racist ass rot in hell, that fat fucking suicidal baby gorilla
23rd Jul, 4:03pm
Amything:   Artie come back please! He reads this right?
23rd Jul, 1:27pm
michaelall:   also also: i'd like to see elliot back on the show. riiiiiiiiiiight
23rd Jul, 1:26pm
michaelall:   also: i appreciate everyone's efforts w/r/t capping, editing, and uploading. eos does my preferred edit, but if something comes up for him i know cameltoe is an acceptable backup. the hourlies are nice to have when i'm caught up, which is almost never, but should be a boon to people that shout in here "where's ___'s edit?! it's already __:__pm!"
23rd Jul, 1:22pm
michaelall:   wait, did jessi slaughter finally pop up on the show's radar? i'm still on wednesday's wrap-up show. i never thought it'd cross over, but after the GMA appearance i guess anything goes.
23rd Jul, 12:19pm
23rd Jul, 9:36am
robinsweetie:   go stick a hairbrush up your ass
23rd Jul, 9:24am
DrRemulak:   You are a carcinoma victim!
23rd Jul, 12:19am
SpaceEdge:   I have a very short video clip of Elliot arguing with Ron Bennington back when it was Ron and Ron in Florida
22nd Jul, 6:21pm
bellet:   andy I heard him too back then but he was in Miami on the ron and ron show
22nd Jul, 5:34pm
ator1:   Elliot was so damn annoying. He'd just repeat the same stupid insults over and over at the top of his lungs. That shit got old real fast.
22nd Jul, 5:08pm
jhames34:   Oh freddy freddy freddy...Bob Saget is a surrealist director, in the vein of David didn't REALLY think Dirty Work was about a couple goofy guys who open a revenge for hire business did you?? Read between the lines....the popcorn machine represented the cancer as it spread, and the performance of Don Giovanni represented Their coming to terms with their Chinese friend's death...
22nd Jul, 4:27pm
AndySocial:   I remember Elliot Often on the Ron & Ron show in the 80's way before he knew of Stern but Tampa Bay knew him!!
22nd Jul, 3:02pm
rvotyrtsym:   Here's a article about that fruit Elegant Elliot Offen->
22nd Jul, 2:58pm
ROEU812:   so again, just as lenny said.. "thanks to all the cappers, editors, and uppers. You guys make my day better, easier, and you all rock!"
22nd Jul, 2:57pm
ROEU812:   I second your remarks lenny..and EOS , brother you don't have to explain yourself, your a GOD on this site....if it wasn't for people like you and cameltoe my day would be spent chasing crap uploads on Pirate Bay
22nd Jul, 2:50pm
eos:   I'm on permanent delay. It's been too much stress trying to edit and work at the same time. I'll have to reassess again when school starts up in late September.
22nd Jul, 2:49pm
eos:   dtvjames: Uhh, there is no "coming back to 9:15".
22nd Jul, 2:39pm
dtvjames:   thanks lenny and eos, I'll post till eos comes back to 9:15
22nd Jul, 2:37pm
lennynero:   with that said, thanks to all the cappers, editors, and uppers. You guys make my day better, easier, and you all rock!
22nd Jul, 2:36pm
lennynero:   next, I just posted thanks to all 7 of them in less than like 10secs. Seems some ppl can't even post thanks to *1* post. An hour of editing, your bandwidth, and effort to create and upload the torrent isn't worth 1 second of some of these ungrateful motherfucker's time.
22nd Jul, 2:35pm
lennynero:   first off, for those that bitch about the show taking too many vacations, not running long enough, etc, those 7 1hr segments posted should shut them up.
22nd Jul, 2:34pm
lennynero:   excellent
22nd Jul, 2:34pm
eos:   dtvjames: Do what you want, man. I have no control over what you do.
22nd Jul, 2:30pm
eos:   It skips the opening comedy bit. About 110 seconds cut off. I'd have to grab hour two to see an edit. Oh, there's no editing. The levels are very close to mine. I'd say it's a good substitute to my efforts.
22nd Jul, 2:28pm
ROEU812:   that Weirdo's Dad was even funnier !
22nd Jul, 2:28pm
ROEU812:   "I'll Pop A Glock in Your Mouth and Make a Brain Slushie" ....LOL
22nd Jul, 2:27pm
dtvjames:   eos: tell me pull the plug and i wont upload it anymore.
22nd Jul, 2:18pm
eos:   Grabbing hour one so I can put forth my opinion.
22nd Jul, 2:12pm
lennynero:   I wouldn't know. I'm a Cameltoe loyalist. Though I appreciate everyone's efforts.
22nd Jul, 2:12pm
lennynero:   ah ha! Trumped by eos!
22nd Jul, 2:03pm
eos:   deadluvva: Maybe the quality is shit.
22nd Jul, 1:58pm
lennynero:   bunch of Eric the Midgets around here, huh, dead?
22nd Jul, 1:32pm
deadluvva:   Almost zero thanks for Hamhands hourly uploads. Sad. What do you think of that Hamhands???
22nd Jul, 1:25pm
prophecy500:   Heyyy Nowww!!!
22nd Jul, 12:43pm
Damkaer:   Cheers you Sternimaniaces ..... I am loaded and it's 18.45 my time.... cheers
22nd Jul, 12:26pm
eos:   Those two are a hoot! Stern: "Gonna get an update from Medicated Pete, that's fun." Robin: "Medicated Pete's around?" Stern: "Medicated Pete's gonna stop in and give us an update."
22nd Jul, 11:22am
freddy:   hey!!!!!! jhames35 thats not the premise of dirty work!!!!
22nd Jul, 9:34am
dtvjames:   yeah she was a drag
22nd Jul, 9:31am
outsideshot:   Actually well past time.
22nd Jul, 9:31am
outsideshot:   It's time to revoke the Miss HS title from that annoying bitch Andrea.
22nd Jul, 5:31am
ricktunes:   Calling Doctor Howard ..Doctor Fine ...inney minney minney MOE ..quiet you Numbskulls, I'm Broadcasting
21st Jul, 11:14pm
jhames34:   Iamjohnnyl: Artie was the sidekick on the stern show from 2001 to 2009...some people say that his suicide attempt was due to not wanting to wake up early, while others believe it was his inability to get off heroin...He was also on the first two seasons of MadTV, and co starred in the Norm MacDonald masterpiece "Dirty Work," a movie about two guys who run a laundomat for their terminally ill chinese friend
21st Jul, 11:01pm
y2j9090:   Does anyone have the Mrs. Robinson robin parody song? I tried to find it on youtube but epic fail...
21st Jul, 10:35pm
Lemmi:   Artie is the guy who tried to kill himself because he had 1 more year of getting up early, rather than quit the Stern show
21st Jul, 10:29pm
Iamjohnnyl:   who's artie?
21st Jul, 10:05pm
jhames34:   I think I'm going to answer every time I see someone say 'who's artie' from now on :P
21st Jul, 10:05pm
jhames34:   AndySocial: Artie is a reference to Artie Lange, a comedian who was hired by the Stern show to replace Jackie Martling. He was on the show from late 2001 to late 2009.
21st Jul, 9:26pm
eos:   Oh look; people have differing opinions. Good times.
21st Jul, 9:16pm
ricktunes:   noyce
21st Jul, 9:08pm
Lemmi:   but when artie joined stern, i jumped ship from Drew and Mike to Stern just for Artie
21st Jul, 9:07pm
Lemmi:   the only reason i started listening to stern was because Artie joined the show, i also love the fact that stern couldnt beat the local guys in detroit
21st Jul, 8:31pm
sflocco:   Artie's scratchy substance abused voice hasn't been entertaining since 2006. Good riddence.
21st Jul, 6:20pm
AndySocial:   who's artie?
21st Jul, 6:07pm
dtvjames:   its almost like mel gibson is sitting in this week
21st Jul, 6:03pm
Lemmi:   the funny part is during one of those old shows artie said "this will end badly" talking about him leaving the show
21st Jul, 5:59pm
Lemmi:   i agree they need artie but thats not going to happen, i would take any smartass at this point
21st Jul, 5:56pm
michaelall:   they don't need just any 3rd voice; they need fucking artie.
21st Jul, 5:55pm
michaelall:   i assumed they trickled down from newsgroups to the blog-type sites, i've just never bothered with the newsgroups cos i haven't used them since 1995 and there didn't seem to be much delay
21st Jul, 5:40pm
Lemmi:   they so need a 3rd voice in that studio
21st Jul, 5:39pm
Lemmi:   im finding it harder and harder to listen to the new shows after going back to listen to shows from apr/may 2005 during their last vacation
21st Jul, 4:17pm
michaelall:   he must've posted them elsewhere, i didn't see them on the HS daily. unless they're in that .zip that's there now, but that didn't show up until the end of the show. really a non-issue for me anyway since i'm always behind
21st Jul, 4:06pm
lovelybeth86:   Michael I just checked and Rosebud posted the hourlies today! Toe I love you haha!
21st Jul, 3:21pm
rvotyrtsym:   @goodie2shoes,no no no no no
21st Jul, 3:12pm
goodie2shoes:   just get the wdm from piratebay for the quick fix
21st Jul, 3:04pm
cleetis:   hourlies?
21st Jul, 3:03pm
dtvjames:   7th is mostly howard 100 news with ralph howard and lisa g
21st Jul, 2:54pm
Nathan:   todays show was 7 hours long?!?!
21st Jul, 12:24pm
Shalimar:   hey prop ;p
21st Jul, 11:46am
prophecy500:   Heyyyy Noooww!!!
20th Jul, 9:27pm
Shalimar:   Well no one here from any of the states mentioned? Bah u suck :P Muhahahahaha
20th Jul, 9:24pm
pgbucs:   anyone have a download link for the MTT from 06/06/2010? I missed that one and don't see a torrent for it. Thanks in advance.
20th Jul, 9:07pm
hangemhigh:   eos, you're the last of a dying breed...thanks big guy
20th Jul, 7:23pm
SaCo:   ator1: Rhinosaucerus
20th Jul, 5:31pm
jhames34:   Great freddy, I think it's only like 4 dollars as well
20th Jul, 5:20pm
20th Jul, 5:16pm
lennynero:   "What light through yonder window breaks? Tis the East, and I can see Russia from my front porch."
20th Jul, 4:54pm
macdaddy77:   Noise, noise, noise, smokin' weed, smokin' weed, doin' coke, drinkin' beers. Pack o' wraps and a Barebones DL my good man, it's time to kick back, drink some beers, smoke some weed and listen to Howie.
20th Jul, 4:48pm
lennynero:   I love Robin.
20th Jul, 4:34pm
Code66:   thanks eos
20th Jul, 3:17pm
robinsweetie:   if i see you coming in the store i promise i will punch you in the mouth
20th Jul, 2:35pm
antd:   *awaits eos' release*
20th Jul, 1:55pm
SaCo:   You know whats going up in this economy?! not my dick..its gold!
20th Jul, 1:27pm
freddy:   gaiman is awesome so ill check it out
20th Jul, 1:27pm
freddy:    "Judenhass is an astonishing piece of work. Painful and real and unflinching. I don't remember the last comic I read that made me cry, but this did." Neil Gaiman
20th Jul, 12:48pm
freddy:   Rhinosaucerus indeed ator, Rhinosaucerus indeed
20th Jul, 12:34pm
ator1:   Rhinosaucerus
20th Jul, 12:20pm
bellet:   to many people wine about race gets old.
20th Jul, 12:14pm
jhames34:   If you want to read something interesting, check out the graphic novel "Judenhass," it's nothing but quotes from very famous people through history disparaging the Jews...very sad
20th Jul, 11:59am
freddy:   During his lengthy radio interview, Hutton Gibson, 85, said Jews were out to create "one world religion and one world government" and outlined a conspiracy theory involving Jewish bankers, the US Federal Reserve and the Vatican, among others.
20th Jul, 11:57am
freddy:   howard was going nuts about it, havent heard him that fired up in a while
20th Jul, 11:56am
freddy:   yeah, i hadnt heard that
20th Jul, 9:41am
jhames34:   explains a lot, ey freddy?
20th Jul, 8:56am
freddy:   mel gibsons father is a holocaust denier????
20th Jul, 6:07am
Kap:   anyone have a live howard stream???
19th Jul, 4:47pm
lovelybeth86:   hey, someone uploaded the Artie pack,I was going to do it but didnt get approved until today! anyways check it out, its a great compilation! Toe we speak your name!
19th Jul, 4:22pm
fallsmatt:   Thanks for the reply, EOS. As for me, I download from here as a last resort, because of the ratio thing. I just can't seem to get my ration to .500 no matter what.\
19th Jul, 4:01pm
eos:   fallsmatt: Yeah, it's been falling for some time. People move on, shit like that.
19th Jul, 4:00pm
eos:   I realized I can load a torrent to the 'box, I've done that now.
19th Jul, 3:57pm
fallsmatt:   EOS - THANKS! btw, is the number of daily downloads decreasing as time goes on?
19th Jul, 3:52pm
desert420:   antd - Yea its just the title. The torrent and the mp3 is correct. EOS - Once i have them downloaded ill help you out with seeding.
19th Jul, 3:47pm
antd:   it says 15th instead of 19th. so my rss didnt dl it :P
19th Jul, 3:47pm
antd:   eos i think you made a mistake in the title of the barebones today
19th Jul, 3:46pm
antd:   woohoo
19th Jul, 3:46pm
jjenks187:   woooo thanks eos
19th Jul, 3:46pm
eos:   Oh, and no tags. Tag it yourself; a bunch of you probably already do.
19th Jul, 3:45pm
Code66:   thanks eos! your 128's are the best part of my day!
19th Jul, 3:44pm
eos:   No seedbox, and only 250kb/s from a single seed. All kinds of shit going down at eos HQ.
19th Jul, 3:35pm
eos:   Mine are on the way. Just a couple more minutes.
19th Jul, 3:30pm
freddy:   all the uppers are smoking weed today
19th Jul, 3:25pm
poopdeck:   so put it up
19th Jul, 3:21pm
SaCo:   HOWARD STERN - CF64K - 07-19-10 + WRAPUP [WDM]
19th Jul, 3:21pm
SaCo:   Any one gonna put up the WDM upload? got it off TPB
19th Jul, 3:02pm
fallsmatt:   There was a show today, I just think its taking a while to get it upped here.
19th Jul, 3:00pm
fallsmatt:   Hey Lenny... still there?
19th Jul, 2:48pm
michaelall:   chicks in the south gunt-laugh.
19th Jul, 2:29pm
lennynero:   btw, oOTunes for the iPhone/iPod/iPad rocks.
19th Jul, 2:29pm
lennynero:   yea, Bobby DuVall was in studio.
19th Jul, 2:27pm
daylightd:   Is there no show today?
19th Jul, 2:27pm
lennynero:   michaelall, that just made me gut laugh. Thanks for that.
19th Jul, 2:23pm
poopdeck:   yeah every time I've been to south I see hot chicks on the beach and everywhere else is morbidly obese people
19th Jul, 2:20pm
lennynero:   and michaelall, *married* women in the south don't take care of themselves (s'all the fried food).
19th Jul, 2:19pm
poopdeck:   yeah EOS should work for stern in the archive department.
19th Jul, 2:19pm
michaelall:   yeah bellet. i totally lived in a trailer park. well played.
19th Jul, 2:19pm
lennynero:   FJackie, I am indeed a *great* catch ;)
19th Jul, 2:11pm
THA1icarus:   thank for the update I was wondering... But your edit is well worth the wait....!!!!!
19th Jul, 1:59pm
poopdeck:   Hey now! And a lovely monday shmega dildos to you all.
19th Jul, 1:52pm
eos:   FJackie: That is today. Starting to edit now.
19th Jul, 1:36pm
Mokito:   show hasnt been particularly good either
19th Jul, 1:35pm
Mokito:   were like crack fiends lol - eos we need our fix!
19th Jul, 1:05pm
bellet:   michael where did you live a trailer park? the girls in the south take good care of themselves
19th Jul, 12:57pm
fajv:   shuli on the wrap up show working hard for that artie chair!
19th Jul, 12:50pm
michaelall:   lenny now you're just baiting. i've lived in the south. the girls weren't anything to write home about. they don't take good enough care of themselves.
19th Jul, 12:49pm
hangemhigh:   I know..perfect for morning jogging
19th Jul, 11:46am
robinsweetie:   i was wondering the same thing too, hangemhigh. i see you asking on *.tk as well . i miss my rosebud hourlies
19th Jul, 11:33am
hangemhigh:   the show uped in hour segments
19th Jul, 11:03am
FJackie:   eos - If I remember correctly, you said that the show would be going up around 2-ish (est) as oppossed to the 12:15 slot that we're used to. If so, when do those changes go into effect?
19th Jul, 10:36am
eos:   hangemhigh: What is an hourly upload?
19th Jul, 10:23am
deadluvva:   @FJackie
19th Jul, 9:52am
hangemhigh:   so theres no more hourly uploads?
19th Jul, 9:34am
FJackie:   urname and guys must be some catch.
19th Jul, 12:06am
lennynero:   Florida chicks can be hot, but they're most all fucking nuts. I've yet to see a northern east coast chick as hot as the typical southern girl. HowardTV needs to come south of the Mason/Dixon to find some girls.
19th Jul, 12:04am
lennynero:   but even NYers will admit, "a new york 9 is a LA 4". Girls in the south are *crazy* hot. A LA 9 is a southern 5. A 10 in the south will make your east coast dick jump off, smack you in the face, and move in with your cousin in Alabama.
19th Jul, 12:02am
lennynero:   I'm not in LA. I fucking hate LA.
18th Jul, 7:50pm
mistake:   looking for the mother's day special. Anybody know where I can get it?
18th Jul, 6:45pm
michaelall:   re: billy joel's kid. i'd hit it. but i have no standards and want her to spend money on me.
18th Jul, 3:24pm
bigaudio:   if anyone has any old memory sticks, DDR 333, and doesn't need them/use them anymore, please PM me, i'm in great need
18th Jul, 4:23am
urname12345:   jesus christ and im only 22 and all i see are hawt teens and mid 20's broads... you need to lower your standards lenny, not every broad is hollywood plastic stupid blondes.
18th Jul, 4:18am
urname12345:   she cant be worse than this...
18th Jul, 4:16am
urname12345:   and if shes "ugly" and so god awful disgusting that you think she is, what is the octomom and like that fat old bitch on american idol?
18th Jul, 4:13am
urname12345:   i think you people are use to perfect stupid cunts in hollywood... i really dont think shes that "ugly".
18th Jul, 4:12am
urname12345:   shes not fat...
18th Jul, 4:10am
urname12345:   either way id still bang her and shes not even near ugly (i think, she has nice eyes and hair)... you must live in LA or something, she looks like a normal broad to me.
18th Jul, 1:48am
urname12345:   wow lenny you really dont like her
18th Jul, 1:43am
lennynero:   urname, lipstick on a pig, my friend.
17th Jul, 11:44pm
RenderedWave:   @eos - no stress, all good, thanks for all the ups
17th Jul, 11:25pm
urname12345:   heres the song she performed, 128k edited from EOS 128k...
17th Jul, 11:12pm
urname12345:   lenny---> ......
17th Jul, 9:44pm
Quadzilla99:   lol, Ronnie's type of girl:
17th Jul, 6:26pm
deadluvva:   love ya rvo
17th Jul, 4:24pm
rvotyrtsym:   We know shes ugly lenny.
17th Jul, 4:00pm
lennynero:   "there are other pics where she doesn't look that bad" -- Were they taken with a magic camera? Was there a fatter, uglier girl standing next to her?
17th Jul, 1:51pm
honeybee:   i thought her song was cute. but im a chick.
17th Jul, 12:12pm
Hykanthis:   Tacos are meant to be eatin no no no no matter how much hot sauce is on them,
17th Jul, 6:15am
Quadzilla99:   I'd bang her as well tbh.
17th Jul, 4:51am
provrorsbarn:   jason has a real talent for taking shitty pictures....I would bang her
17th Jul, 1:54am
urname12345:   theres other pics of her where she doesnt look that bad
17th Jul, 1:54am
ROEU812:   YIKES !! I agree with you on that one lenny !
17th Jul, 1:53am
urname12345:   id bang her
17th Jul, 1:35am
lennynero: <---- I'm just fucking astounded.
17th Jul, 1:35am
lennynero:   I wouldn't wish her on my worst enemy.
17th Jul, 1:34am
lennynero:   man, I hate to say it, because I love Billy Joel, but Alexa Ray is motherfucking uuuuuugggggggllllllllyyyyyy. Goddamn, she didn't get *any* of her mother's good looks. She looks like the offspring of a blender full of Billy Joel, Larry King, and Judy Tenuda.
16th Jul, 7:29pm
eos:   Just fucking retire so I can retire too.
16th Jul, 4:34pm
16th Jul, 9:47am
Bluntz:   Sounds like beginning july 19th someone is gonna start dropping the ball.
16th Jul, 6:55am
Amything:   aww I miss Artie so much now with these Mel calls, he would be awesome
16th Jul, 12:05am
jerseydope:   Howard probably thought harvey pekar would go over his "target audience's" head when he started aiming for the bottom of the barrel
15th Jul, 7:03pm
jhames34:   Heck, Paul Giamaitti PLAYED Pekar AND Pig Virus, so that's close enough :P
15th Jul, 7:02pm
jhames34:   Maybe he thought Pekar wasn't a high-profile enough guest? Also I'm sure Howard is a fan of a lot of people that wouldn't be guests on the show...
15th Jul, 6:57pm
michaelall:   does anyone know why harvey pekar was never on the show? howard was a fan and my roommate says that he used to do any press he was offered
15th Jul, 6:52pm
jhames34:   W Ennnnnnn BC
15th Jul, 5:59pm
ator1:   Classic Gary-sleeping-on-the-plane animation:
15th Jul, 5:46pm
deadluvva:   oh yeah. And onions and garlic. Always those 2. That and olive oil and I could die happy. Well, add some parm reg cheese. Mmmmmmmmm
15th Jul, 5:42pm
deadluvva:   You also make this place great Beth. Buy a bunch of cilantro and a ton of lemons and limes for me. I could not live without those 3. Take care.
15th Jul, 4:55pm
lovelybeth86:   Ive had onion baji once, it wasnt that bad, onions in flour deep fried right? and its good to hear you are well! BA, hey hun havent seen you around that often, hope all is well with you too! Well time to go meet my sister for dinner, if anyones in Toronto, come jopin us at the Movenpick marche beside the Hockey Hall of Fame haha! take care all, and thanks for making this place great!
15th Jul, 4:52pm
bigaudio:   hiya lovely beth sweetie!!
15th Jul, 4:52pm
bigaudio:   <<< just another shoutbox asswipe
15th Jul, 4:50pm
deadluvva:   well Beth. Thanks. Makin a batch of onion baji. Indian food. Mmmmmmmmmm
15th Jul, 4:02pm
lovelybeth86:   hey Dead, how are you hun?
15th Jul, 4:02pm
lovelybeth86:   ugh, this application process takes forever. I just want to upload one thing!
15th Jul, 4:02pm
deadluvva:   what Beth says
15th Jul, 4:00pm
lovelybeth86:   Toe, we speak your name!!
15th Jul, 3:01pm
ROEU812:   "Boff, I need Juice"...still makes me cackle !!
15th Jul, 3:01pm
ROEU812:   just got finished with the Gary Sleeping incident....GREAT RADIO I hate the fact that Gary thinks he's too famous now to be "turned in" for sleeping. Yeah what Scott/ Doug did was douchey..but still RADIO GOLD
15th Jul, 2:58pm
goodie2shoes:   I love your work Eos, and I will keep downloading your stuff for my archives
15th Jul, 2:55pm
michaelall:   except for mondays i'm always like a day behind on the show anyway, eos; i personally hadn't commented cos it'll barely affect me (as long as i remain out west) and i'm just thankful for yr edits, even when they come "late".
15th Jul, 2:21pm
deadluvva:   with a story that riveting cool09 I too am wondering why they are not reading your e's
15th Jul, 1:57pm
cool09:   Howard (and JD) never use my emails! I give them lots of stories wrt Late Night TV and other current events. ie. Brooke Shields appeared on Chelsea lately in May and she looked just like a Tranny! She had these monstrous legs in fishnets with manly square jaw. Unbelievable.
15th Jul, 1:37pm
greentea123:   eos: We have been spoiled here on the Skunk
15th Jul, 1:35pm
greentea123:   eos: Sorry to hear about the delay
15th Jul, 12:26pm
FJackie:   I can wait a couple extra hours for greatness. It'll hurt...but I'll wait none the less.
15th Jul, 12:25pm
15th Jul, 12:07pm
eos:   Since no one has commented yet, I want to be sure everyone sees this: Beginning July 19, I will no longer upload the show minutes after it ends. I will begin to edit at 1:45pm Eastern, and upload directly upon completion.
15th Jul, 11:36am
goodie2shoes:   Stupid JD should have picked all 4
15th Jul, 9:23am
robinsweetie:    I’m warning you with peace and love. I have too much to do. So no more fan mail. Thank you, thank you. And no objects to be signed. Nothing. Anyway, peace and love, peace and love.
15th Jul, 2:17am
lennynero:   well, I guess I love you too, Streaks!
15th Jul, 2:17am
lennynero:   thanks, thizzelle! And #4, without a doubt!
14th Jul, 11:47pm
urname12345:   those mel gibson tapes are hilarious
14th Jul, 8:16pm
Streaks:   love ya lenny!
14th Jul, 8:08pm
Streaks:   #4
14th Jul, 7:17pm
michaelall:   i still wish they'd fix the damn thing tho. biggest radio personality in history and his website doesn't work.
14th Jul, 7:17pm
michaelall:   damn thank thizzelle!
14th Jul, 7:14pm
thizzelle: ---- 4th
14th Jul, 7:14pm
thizzelle: ----- 3rd
14th Jul, 7:13pm
thizzelle: --- 2nd
14th Jul, 7:13pm
thizzelle: 1st girl
14th Jul, 7:11pm
lennynero:   I don't even know turk, so I don't have any reason to be angry with him. Just good fun. Now, you never told me how you feel about laundry?
14th Jul, 7:10pm
lennynero:   beth, love, there's no fighting here. It's the internet. People can't throw punches on the internet.
14th Jul, 6:47pm
michaelall:   man the official HS site is totally fucked and because i'm a day behind i cannot follow along really sucks for the JD speed dating segment
14th Jul, 6:00pm
Yurtle:   it's sexual tension
14th Jul, 5:59pm
SaCo:   not right now busy proving someone wrong on the internet.
14th Jul, 5:26pm
rvotyrtsym:   Does anyone know why turk wants to pummel lenny? I think turk is in love with lenny.
14th Jul, 4:02pm
desert420:   EOS - Its cool man! No big deal.
14th Jul, 4:01pm
eos:   I thought they were both done. Sorry, everyone.
14th Jul, 4:00pm
eos:   desert420: WTF?
14th Jul, 3:53pm
lovelybeth86:   how long is the poll for, so I can upload something?
14th Jul, 3:53pm
lovelybeth86:   ugh, why is it every forum on the internet is full of fighting and arguing? play nice everyone, lets keep this little community great!
14th Jul, 3:50pm
deadluvva:   It's never a real day till lenny brings up retards
14th Jul, 3:46pm
desert420:   EOS - Can you seed reg edit please? There is no seeders so i cant finish the download
14th Jul, 3:28pm
eos:   Cease.
14th Jul, 3:03pm
lennynero:   wait.....turk, you're Sarah Palin's down syndrome son, aren't you? I FUCKING KNEW IT! ;)
14th Jul, 2:55pm
lennynero:   did you come up with that all on your own, turk, or did you have to ask your retarded brother for help?
14th Jul, 2:52pm
turk:   Pummel Party, in other words.
14th Jul, 2:51pm
turk:   And by "party", I mean beating you senseless.
14th Jul, 2:50pm
turk:   lennynero, ask your mom to come out to play and we'll have a party.
14th Jul, 2:46pm
greentea123:   Hope we didn't piss off desert - we need our 24k!
14th Jul, 2:04pm
pessimizer:   Yurtle, that can't be true.
14th Jul, 1:56pm
pessimizer:   chew him down
14th Jul, 1:55pm
Mokito:   sunday's paper
14th Jul, 1:55pm
Mokito:   does anyone have a pic of the ny post cover that calls lebron james a jackass?
14th Jul, 1:48pm
robinsweetie:   oh kwa tan zin wan, kwa ji wan
14th Jul, 1:42pm
Yurtle:   Up until last year I thought I needed to pry off the little plastic ring on the milk jug with a spoon before I could twist off the cap. Turns out if you twist the cap the little ring breaks away on its own.